May 21st, 2013

We now know what the next generation Xbox will look like and have a bit of an inkling about how it will operate. So what will the console gaming landscape look like once three new systems are out in the wild?

If you remember back to the first few years of last generation, a huge number of Nintendo gamers identified themselves as ‘PS-Wii’ or ‘Wii-60’ gamers. Having all three consoles early on was necessary for very few people as the experience between the two HD systems in terms of gaming was fairly negligible. If you had one or the other you were sorted. Just choose the one that has the exclusives that speak more to you.

Following the reveal of Xbox One, it’s looking increasingly like Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo are going in three distinct directions. This muddies things up a bit.


The way I see the future going, if you’re really into the cutting edge of console gaming innovation you’re going to want a PS4. If you’re invested in the Nintendo ecosystem and you want to keep up with the interesting and imaginative gameplay and experiences that come with it (and off-TV Smash Bros tournaments) you’ll need a Wii U. Microsoft said nothing during their hour-long reveal that makes it sound like Xbox One will encroach on either of these areas. So why would you want to buy one?

To be clear, Microsoft has said much of their game-related info will be coming at E3, but the game-related discussion from the hardware reveal event is still interesting.

We know how the new Xbox will revolutionise the way you watch TV and manage your various visual and aural entertainments. We’ve even seen how the new Xbox will provide new TV, with Xbox Entertainment producing original and exclusive television content including a Halo episodic series and what looks like it could be a TV show mixed with a game from Remedy called Quantum Break.


But what will they bring to gaming? Sony spent a lot of time in their reveal explaining the tools their new hardware provides to developers. Meanwhile Microsoft said their first party studios will be putting out 15 games in the first year, eight of which will be brand new franchises.

This is good, but will they be games you will want the box for? How will the device deliver experiences I can’t get elsewhere? Frankly, as awesome as Halo is, I don’t even think 343 Industries is going to deliver a shooter for Xbox One that truly feels like an experience I can’t get elsewhere in games like Destiny.

There of course will be games on Xbox One. Lots of games. The question at hand is will the box’s new features change games in a meaningful way so that they’re superior to the games we’ll be able to get on Xbox 360, Wii U or PlayStation 4? It looks like the proposition Microsoft is making above all else is that you’ll be able to integrate your other entertainments with your games. A game might play the same on Xbox One and Wii U, but on Xbox you’ll be able to play it while Skype calling a friend or streaming content to your Surface tablet.

It’s early days, but at the moment it almost seems as though Microsoft isn’t prepared to push forward with gaming at all. Instead they’ve developed a system designed to connect all your loungeroom devices and services together in new and innovative ways, and then they’ve taken those systems and looked at how they could be applied to games as an afterthought. Just take a look at how they chose to represent the home screen of their new device compared to the other two companies:





We all know Nintendo has gone to great lengths to separate itself from the ‘hardware wars’ discussion, marching off in its own direction with both Wii and Wii U while Sony and Microsoft battle it out in more traditional spaces. By the looks of it Microsoft is looking to do a similar thing with Xbox One. But while Nintendo has kept gaming front and center of their innovations including Miiverse, motion control and the gamepad, Microsoft is doing the reverse by gamifying television, movies and entertainment more broadly.

So what about an answer to the question posed near the start of this article: why would you want to buy an Xbox One? Obviously since the system was only very recently revealed we can’t have a full answer yet. By the looks of it though this will be the one system of the three that you might be interested in even if you’re not into games. If you watch a lot of TV, if you’re a big sports fan, if you love the big blockbuster ‘Hollywood’ video games but don’t really get much deeper than that and would like all your entertainment to come from one box, this console is shaping up to be perfect for you.

Sony’s starting to look really good as the home of indie games, boutique games and a game-enthusiast community for the next generation of consoles, and Microsoft’s starting to look as though they’re fine with conceding that. Nintendo has everything they need to carve out their own niche in this space and make sure every hardcore console game fan needs at least a Wii U and a Playstation 4, and that devoted Nintendo fans can be happy owning only a Wii U and not feel like they’re missing anything.

It seems kind of weird to say it, but so far Microsoft hasn’t said or shown anything that indicates Xbox One is a threat to Wii U in terms of its ability to satisfy gamers over the next few years. But this is assuming Nintendo can deliver on its promises of a faster and sustained rate of game releases post E3, a better relationship with indies as well as big third parties and continued refinements of their social and second-screen innovations.

Was there anything in Microsoft’s Xbox One reveal that spoke to you as a Nintendo fan or as a gamer?

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  • Wii U is the ONLY console this gen with backwards compatibility. Good thing too, because Nintendo games are games I want to play over and over again.

    • AkaLink77

      yup even portable wise nintendo has kept it backwards compatible.

      But about X-box one being a threat… i feel as though it is more concentrating on entertainment media rather than games. Its like, a technology school focusing on the study of books. And as far as power (and as much as i hate to talk about it), the XB1 is impressive in that category but is it worth the cost? Bad enough the xb1 wont have backwards cap. [including no used games without a fee] making thousands of fans feel betrayed, once again they think its about power making the system look like a world war tank and probably making the price already over 300$… : /

      • NintendoMan

        Maybe that’s why the Wii U/Nintendo 3DS isn’t as powerful as the PS4/Xbox One/Vita. Because they keep it backward-compatible. Don’t say I don’t like Nintendo because I said it isn’t as powerful. I love everything Nintendo and hate anything other than that.

        • Silent

          Nintendo doesnt focus on power because they realize that if I dont have fun with my friends, graphics is as important as sh*t.

          • NintendoMan

            I know. That’s what I like about them. Unfortunately, some people don’t understand that and I don’t know why.

          • jay

            Who says the Wii U doesn’t have power?

          • Silent

            It does, but It is not focused on power as far as I know. They gamble on Innovation because there is a point where you cant enhance graphics anymore or the development costs turn out to be too high.

          • true marketer right there

          • Guest

            Not necessarily, there are people who’s this is their area of expertise. Im really just using my brain and some logic.

          • Jeffery02

            I have had this argument with a friend. I told him that there will be a point in which hardware will not need to become more powerful. He told me that the PS4’s graphics are WAY better than the PS3’s and that there are things that can be improved on like the “grass of Assassin’s Creed”. I don’t think he got my point. I’m happy to see that I am not the only one who understands that though.

          • Silent

            Seriously, if your friend worries about the grass in a game, then hes not a gamer, hes a butthurt a-hole. He needs to fix his problems, which turn out to be A LOT.

          • Jeffery02

            Don’t get me wrong, he’s a smart guy. I just really wonder about him sometimes. I feel that it’s because I am a Nintendo fan that he feels the need to be anti-Nintendo, and I don’t know why he feels the need to do that. Lol! I think he thinks I am an obsessed fanboy like some Apple fans that are out there and he feels the need to knock me down a peg or 2 without realizing that I don’t follow Nintendo blindly.

          • Elem187

            Diminishing returns is starting to set in… Next next gen, I don’t think there be a very big difference in graphical fidelity between the 3 even if there is a huge power difference of 4-8x difference… well thats if there is still a console market then….. I mean even this jump from PS3 to PS4 is by far the smallest leap in fidelity in console industry history. The only thing I noticed about nextgen is its added tesselation and the resolution went from sub-hd to full hd… not exactly the massive jump we had when we went from 480p to 720p last gen.

          • True but remember this is the beginning of the Next Gen consoles, alot can change over the span of 1 or 2 years after a consoles launch. Look at the current gen, while yeah in the beginning it was a huge leap but look at how much it has changed. People should look at the beginning of a consoles launch with the thought ” this is the beginning” and not think that just because it does not blow away current gen graphics that it won’t eventually a few years down the road.

          • Ben Kapferer

            You could really tell that developers were struggling to get their games to fit onto 360 and PS3 in the final couple years, though. This resulted in things like puny maps and gaudy bloom effects (to try to hide the fact that things haven’t really improved visually). It’s about time a new console generation came about!

          • DemonRoach

            16 PPL

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Its clearly more powerful than the XBox, PS2 and the Wii. But not as strong as PS3 and XBox360 is.


          • bluegazer6643

            Wii U is actually about the same as PS3 and 360. But then again its at the beginning of its lifespan and developers are still learning better ways to develope for it. By the end of the Wii U’s lifespan it will look MUCH better then the 360 and PS3.

          • Drubie87

            What? That developer said the CPU is slightly less powerful than the 360 and PS3’s CPU but “had the capability of having much better graphics” (clearly because the GPU is way more advanced). Plus it has like four to eight times the RAM.

            I don’t see how that equals “not as strong”.

          • DemonRoach

            If you’re friends are between 5-12, you’re right.

          • Silent

            My friends go up to 17 years of age, and we still play melee or even the original smash bros. Who cares about the graphics when you are having fun? Thats what you cannot understand therefore you prefer to troll in a website instead of having fun with friends, if you have any.

          • ICHI

            I’m 32 and at least twice a year friends who have moved away will be back home, we crack out GoldenEye and the n64 for a night of excellent multiplayer before heading out to the pub πŸ™‚

          • Elem187

            Thats exactly what I think of most fangirls… I’m 33, and i really do not understand the hate Nintendo gets from Sony/Microsoft die hards… Ok great, you don’t like Nintendo. As a PC gamer I think the PS4/Xbox1 are complete and utter shiite, but I’m not going to go trolling up articles all over the internet about ps4/nextbox…. I have better things to do with my time.

        • Elem187

          Technically Nintendo could have just made a beefy box that software emulated Wii games… but it would have pushed the price well above $500 USD…. If people were complaining about the $300 price point, then $500 would have really made them squeal…. if PS4/xbox1 are above $500 USD, I don’t see them selling gangbusters… just an initial xmas bump and then lulls for the first year.

        • Ben Kapferer

          Backwards compatibility depends on architecture, not power.

      • yeah… My wii u is played daily, and I never once question my purchase. Power != fun. Power == power. fun == fun.

        • gimpcell

          I questioned it for a bit. Then the gamepad slapped me on the face and said, “be loyal, bit@h. So yes, I dont question my purchase anymore.

          • Gamepad love has me bad

        • Johny

          yeah.. since i got monster hunter, i’ve played on average 8-10 hours a day… im not kidding… i have the game for like.. a month and a half now, and i have over 300 hours of gameplay. this game was a big reason i didnt think twice to get a wii u. and if thats the LAST game i’ll get on wii u, thats good enough for me πŸ™‚
          but OMG cant wait for Bayonetta 2 (also BIG reason for wii u), retro’s game, 3d mario game, zelda, ssb4, and so many more..
          who ever said wii u has no games? x) it has more you’d ever want.. and it gets ALL the big games from ubisoft (watch_dogs looks amazing btw), the annual cod from Activision (which i gotta say after i watched the xbox one conference, is the first cod in years that interests me) if you want those fps’s…. damn i’ve never questioned my purchase:) wii u for the win

          • WiiU has so many good games already

          • Johny

            true. before lego city and monster hunter i played ALOT of ZombiU (one of my favourite games). also loved ninja gaiden and ac3 (even tho people say its not as good). haven’t played other 360 ports besides darksiders

          • how is darksiders? Is it very long?

          • Johny

            i havent finished it yet… but yeah its pretty long. and the mixture of adventuring and rpg elements are very well put together. the “dungeons” are cleverly done … and alot of stuff remiind you of zelda lol πŸ™‚ and the combat is very good.
            not to mention you can get it VERY cheap at the moment.

          • hrm… I’m quite interested

          • Johny

            but it still IS just a 360 port… so yeah.. its obvious its not really optimised well for wii u . therefore you’ll notice some framerate drops. but nothing really severe πŸ™‚ its just annoying

          • hrm… interesting… Thanks!

      • DemonRoach

        Sad thing is, the Wii Library is one of the worst game libraries out there.

        • Johny

          which is not true at all? why do people say wii has a bad game library? … for me, i’d say it has one of BEST game libraries… i nowhere had CLOSE as great experience with games on 360 or ps3 than i had on wii.

        • dubYA

          Yeah right. It only features many of the best selling, best reviewed games of all time. Sure there’s probably more shovelware on the Wii than the other platforms, but that’s only due to its runaway success. You can’t dismiss the fact that the Wii is home to some real gems like SMG 1 & 2, Zelda: TP & SS, SSBB, Metroid Prime Trilogy, MH3G, Muramasa, Mad World, No More Heroes 1 & 2, and many more.

          Quality over quantity!

        • ludist210

          Sorry, what? I’ve got over 40 physical Wii games and a lot more downloaded. Not the best console, but it did have a solid library (unless you wanted yet another Call of Dudebros).

    • ronin4life

      It is also 100% used game compatible, and no game requires online to function(besides mmos)

      • Pamm!!

        I think PS4 does not require online activation, does it?

        I wouldn’t really mind though, if it’s like steam, where you activate it once and are still able to play it offline anywhere as long as you’ve got it installed/the disc in your drive.

        • ronin4life

          Not confirmed, which is why I didn’t say “wiiu is the only…”

          But with EA supporting the console, I personally do think ps4 will be pretty identical to XOne in these respects… or else EA is shooting themselves in the foot.

      • amen!

    • Revolution5268

      you know why? because these stupid companies put a lot of more power and they sacrifice the one thing that will piss loyal cosumers, backwards comparable. companies never learn and you can tell right away that the WII U WILL WIN THIS GEN!!!!!!!!!!!

      • It’s set up to. They just have to blow everyone away with their directs and they’ve got it made

        • jay

          Only Nintendo can blow it this gen. The ball’s in their court now.

          • Elem187

            Nintendo just needs to bring their awesome exclusives to E3…. Also their idea of having all of their playable demos at Bestbuy kiosks is absolutely brilliant. I cannot WAIT to play the new 3D Mario.

      • I think of it this way… A console should be an affordable alternative to PC/Computer gaming and when a new one comes out it should play the games on the console that came before it at the very least.

        At $500 and no backwards compatibility both Sony and Microsoft lost what it is to be a console. I have a HTPC built for $350 that has a decent quad core APU and by adding a mid range graphics card for about $300 it will play games at 1080p/60FPS just like these consoles do. It has media sharing and a blue ray drive and is connected to all my media on my Home Server and has better internet and other capabilities.

        • Elem187

          Correct. We PC gamers always have backwards compatibility built in…. we can still play games we purchased in 2001 on systems we just bought today… And to play games before moving to 32bit OS (Windows XP) we have to emulate 16 bit DOS games.

          $500 by the end of the year or early next year, will buy you a system thats on par or faster than the PS4.

        • Im not siding with PS4 but in technical terms the PS4 will be backwards compatible. But it is not a good backwards ccompatible for a few reason’s 1: As far as we know you will have to re-purchase a digital copy of each game which im guessing will be full price or if anything only slightly discounted.
          2: It will require you to stream it to your PS4 much like Onlive which Onlive requires a really good internet connection in order to stream the quality of graphics of the PS3.
          3: You wont be able to use already owned physical copy’s of Ps3 games.
          4: Requiring a good Internet to get backwards compatibility will be impossible/useless for a majority of people.

          So all in all people are right it doesn’t hold a candle to Wii U when it comes to backwards compatibility and requiring an Internet connection, re-purchase of games, no physical games and requiring a strong internet connection doesn’t compare to Wii U’s backwards compatibility.

          • Backwards compatibility does not include if you have to repurchase those games. Now if Sony has some program to verify you purchased a physical copy allowing you to get the PS4 compatible version for free or for a very small cost then that would be great but IMO backwards compatibility means playing the games on at least the previous generation console right off the disc you bought or downloaded version.

            The Wii U does this even with virtual console even though you have the option to pay a small fee to upgrade your previous purchases to the Wii U menu for features like gamepad play and MiiVerse interaction. It should be noted you do not need to do this though as you can boot into the Wii menu and play the games at no extra cost.

          • I agree backwards compatible is when you can play right off the disc/ Download.

      • Robknoxious1

        I’ll say one thing, if this Xbox One is as expensive as rumors seem to suggest the this article’s title will definitely be true. It won’t be competing with Wii u – it will be in big trouble.

    • Levi Johansen

      They explain why they do not have backwards compability with this: “Games are played and forgotten in weeks/months anyway, so why bother?”

      Not with Nintendo though, I still play the games from the 80’s and 90’s on the NES and SNES – the ones I don’t have I play on VC!! πŸ˜€

      • is that seriously their statement? go f*ck yourself, microsoft.

        • Levi Johansen

          I don’t know who actually said it and I cannot seem find it again.

          They are however completely wrong. Nintendo games are of course much more replayable than any other games, but games on PS and Xbox have also a lasting appeal.

          To thiis day I play GTA San Andreas and GTA Vice City every now and then. If I didn’t still have a PS2, then I would have to buy the games again on the PS4 because it has no backwards compability. I’m not gonna get a PS4 though…

          They might pretent to have a good reason for it, but the actual reason is that they’ll make more money by making people buy their games twice. And people will buy them again, because they are very good. Graphics are not everything, if they were, then there would be no market in older games – which there clearly is.

        • Nintendude789

          Xbox One features:

          Halo TV show
          ”Xbox go home!”

          One is focusing too much on TV and that what makes it a fail. PS4 and Wii U are into games.

          • funny thing is, Wii U can do all that DVR stuff too. The thing that’s different is that they just didnt make it the FOCUS OF THE DAMN CONSOLE

      • Mochlum

        That’s not the best way to advertise games, Microsoft.

        “You’ll never play our games again! BUYOURTHHINGSNOWPLEASE.”

        • gimpcell

          That last part was hard to read.

          Buy your things snow please.

          Buy our things snow please.

          and then i understood it

      • Quicksilver88

        You know they might have a point with their system because when I load old xbox games they look bland an uninspired….yet I just finished playing Baten Katos on GC for the first time and am going to go play Mario Sunshine and Eternal Darkness again next….

        • Levi Johansen

          The game industry is like the movie industry and the music industry.
          New things are added all the time, but the old classics are still as good as they ever were and there is NO reason to throw them aside.

          And like those industries there will always be more gems in the past then the present.

          I mostly play older games, because I naturally have more of that than new ones.

          • Quicksilver88

            I sort of play a mix, but I will admit I really like older games on handhelds. VC on 3DS and PS1 classics on PSP/Vita get a lot of my time. I have gone back and replayed or finished many ps1 RPGs on Sony handhelds because it is just a better format for me to be able to put in the big hours needed to play a FF or other big RPG. On Nintendo systems, I love the old jump and run platformers so can never get enough of games like Castlevania, Mario, Metriod series. That is why I want GC classics on WiiU VC with off TV play….that would be great as I would just have a lot more oppertunity to play in that format than on the big screen. I am a multitask gamer and like to be watching sports or news while I play. Also whoever reverse engineered to gamepad said they see no reason it couldn’t be tweaked by Nintendo to play over wifi remotely….imagine that remote play where you take the gamepad, jump on wifi and stream over the internet from you WiiU….now if Nintendo gets to that with a firmware update in the future it would just totally bitch slap Sony as to remote play with them you will have to purchase a ps4 and a vita which is an expensive combination.

      • Elem187

        But on Xbox1, you can play all your Xbox1 games on a device that looks like an overgrown VCR!

        • Levi Johansen

          Yeah, that’s pretty nostalgic…

          However, I still have my VCR and a bunch of VHS tapes, so I’m gonna stay away from the Xbox1… πŸ˜€

    • Derek D’Arcy

      lol i got like 12 wii games off ebay for 50 , between that the virtual console its own games , im kept busy. even do i get told the wii u has no games

      • everyone says that and I’m like “Dude, I’m NEVER bored with my Wii U”

    • shoeses47

      I’ll admit, the backwards compatibility is one of the few appealing things about the Wii U right now. Atleast they did that right… -_-

      • they did a lot of things right, in my opinion.

      • jay

        That’s good now they need to bring Gamecube to VC and it’ll be the ultimate Nintendo Machine!!

        • Quicksilver88

          I second, third, and fourth that request I want GC so bad on VC with off TV play…..I always wanted GC portable and gamepad play would be the next best thing

        • MetroidZero

          Yes. Ok, don’t slap me, but I have never played Metroid Prime 1 or 2. Gamecube VC would be great.

    • juancamiloarq

      Nintendo is forever, my friend.

      • Nintendo keeps us all together πŸ™‚

        • Jeffery02


        • DragonSilths

          Allthough the whole Youtube ID match is a crack in the armor, the fanbase and Nintendos relationship that is.

          • youtube what?

          • DragonSilths

            ID? Nintendo making money of Nintendo LPers…

          • eh… I think it’s fair, actually. LPers should know the dangers of working with copywritten material. They agreed when they signed up to youtube, and while it can suck, I think it may be time for some to get another job. If they have enough time to play those games and upload videos and generate revenue, they definitely have enough time and talent to get a well paying job elsewhere. Not saying it’s an illegitimate job. If you wanna be a youtube star, more power to you. It’s actually kinda cool that you CAN make a living off of it.

    • Lunatic

      I don’t think I’d WANT backwards compatibility on the other systems. The Wii had 512MB of space for saves, and didn’t have a system to update games. It’s incredibly easy to keep things backwards compatible when your games don’t require updates and take up barely any room with save data.

      The XBox and PS3 have bigger games with the potential for HUGE saves (think Fallout 3 and Skyrim), and updates and DLC can take gigabytes of space on their own. I probably used up a good majority of my 360’s 120GB drive with games, saves, DLC and updates. If I bought a One and transferred my data over, I’ll have wasted some HUGE chunk of my new hard drive, which is significant, considering the apparent need to install One games fully on the device to play.

      • when you say the wii didn’t have big games and I think of monster hunter tri or galaxy or skyward sword I kinda shake my head and die inside.

    • Elem187

      Xbox1 shot themselves with this fee based used/rental games….
      To be fair, I think Sony will follow suit. Their responses so far on this sounded like Obama ducking that reporters question last week on the IRS scandal…..

      If Sony isn’t doing anything near the xbox1’s draconian used/rental fees, then they would come out and say it and scream it from the rooftops. Their responses to date give me a 99% certainty they are doing their own version of punishment of second hand/rental gamers…. anyone who thinks Sony wont do their own is pretty much in denial at this point because there is no reason to give a politician type of answer on this question.

      • I think they MOST shot themselves with “you must be online once a day”

    • wiiucompl

      – x86 architecture (by used OS) is vulnerable (viruses, trojans, botnet?) – we sometimes use our credits cards with consoles, right? OS for XboxOne will be some Windows-core version with new UI i think?
      – Xbox One Kinect will not be able to detach (home monitoring ?)
      – Lack of intimacy play on the new MS console ( large room recommended, TV always ON)
      – lack of backward compatibility – games and accessories
      – the price will be probably high

      For best quality games I prefer DIY version of One for now – Upgrated PC.

      Future Xbox One and PS4 owners – Please just test Wii U before you spend money consciously for next-genes from Sony or Microsoft. πŸ™‚

      • good points πŸ™‚ and I agree. almost everyone who I have try a wii u INSTANTLY has a better opinion of it

    • ICHI

      Still wish my WiiU played my GameCube games, I suppose they have to draw the line somewhere.

      • prolly gonna be VC. But I cant think of any console that jumped two gens in backwards compatibility PS3 MAYBE did, but most of them didnt do PS2, so I mean, its sorta weird. But this gen, none of them have ANY back compat except nintendo, so I think we made off pretty well :3

  • greengecko007

    “and that devoted Nintendo fans can be happy owning only a Wii U and not feel like they’re missing anything.”

    If only that were the case. Consoles will always have exclusives. Not every game will be available on the Wii U. You will not be getting Sony or Microsoft 1st party games with only a Wii U, and you will not get every 3rd party game either with the support Nintendo has right now.

  • Potemkin

    I just want a WiiU with the power of the PS4 (raw power and 3rd party support) and that would be a perfect console!

    While I wait for it to happen, I will buy the closest thing to perfection πŸ™‚

    • Pamm!!

      well, that would PS4|WiiU as combination as far as I can tell for now.

      If it’s true, that the XBox One’s focussing on multimedia and not gaming like Sony wants its console to do, then I’ll skip that Microsoft console just as I did with the other two.

      • Potemkin

        Pretty much. Never been a fan of Xbox and never understood the hype behind it when it only had Halo :/

        • DragonSilths

          Xbox had Bungie, whether you like Halo or not is irrelevant. But no denying Bungie was a bunch of VERY talent devs, nice guys who cared about their fans. They were Microsofts Retro Studios…they treated them like shit and now Bungie is with Activision, Imagine Nintendo losing Retro…without Bungie Microsoft lost their way lol.

    • D.M.T

      Power doesn’t equal perfection but Wii U’s innovation + 3rd party support IS perfection.

      But hey enjoy the PS4 in the near future πŸ™‚ I don’t have a problem with having a Sony fan here on Wii U Daily just as long as you don’t troll us like some idiots here

      • Potemkin

        Don’t worry, I am a former Nintendo fan. Just retired from it 6 years ago.

        • NintendoMan

          Now’s the perfect time to jump back in! In 3D! LOL.
          3DS far surpasses Vita in greatness. Don’t forget that.

          • Potemkin

            Won’t deny that the 3DS looks very appealing to me. I want to play Pokemon X/Y and the Phoenix Wright games, but I don’t have the time to invest it in a portable system other than my phone πŸ™

        • Dominic Coradazzi

          Well time to come out of retirement; the Wii has passed

        • Silent

          I love to say this so:

  • To be honest… I’m actually quite interested in the Xbox One. It won’t replace my PS4 or Wii U anytime soon but it does have some interesting stuff about it.
    Update –
    Why do I have so many dislikes yet I stated clearly that IF I get the Xbox One, it wouldn’t replace my Wii U or PS4 which I have PREORDER and will be getting it on day one.

    • ezquimacore

      so you have the ps4?

  • Sulama TraorΓ©

    As a Nintendo fan, imma be 100% honest. The Xbox One impressed me with Kinect, the loading times, and the 3 operating systems. However, without backwards compatibility, no high-end exclusives, and a console the size of a fricken dvd/vcr combo, I think that they are going to face some trouble out the gate. Oh and don’t forget how much it will probably cost…

    • DragonSilths

      3 operating systems is a huge issue. Combining into 1 should have been done, maybe they rushed it, maybe they suck at programming? maybe they just dont care. What happens if 1 of the OS’s fail or die? Your screwed. My Wii U’s OS died, cost me $194.25 to get it fixed, something like the RROD comes back and all 3 OS’s die on you? Have fun paying the full price of the system to get it fixed lol. 1 console should have 1 OS.

  • Ray01x

    Basically, The Xbox One is for the Casuals. . .

    • Meow meow

      lol the wii u is for hardcore?

      • Ace J


      • AkaLink77

        either hardcore or just people who want to play good games. (future wise)

        • DragonSilths

          Hardcore games are apparently any game NOT on a Nintendo system lol.

      • NintendoMan

        Yes. With games like ZombiU and Call of Duty: Black Ops II? Definitely.

        • Sonic the Hedgehog

          And Injustice… that shit is AWESOME.

          • NintendoMan

            Sonic, how do you know what Injustice is? It’s not even a SEGAβ„’ game.

        • Clel

          Yes! I force my 5 year old son to play ZombiU every night before bed; it’s very helpful for his development.

          • Dominic Coradazzi

            …I’m slightly concerned about the deterioration of your son
            give him some kirby, zelda, and mario early on and as his mind develops (age 11+) start introducing darker and/or conceptually more difficult games like Fire Emblem and Metroid
            or at least that’s how I’d raise my kid

          • Adrian

            Don’t be weak, I beat FF3 at age 7 and was playing through Myth and Quake II by age 10. Kids have gotta learn to handle that stuff young!

          • gimpcell

            What are you talking about? My son watches Child’s Play and enjoys it. His favorite part is wen Chucky attacks the babysitter. son, “look, she died. hahahahaha!” They will be fine! =p

          • NintendoMan

            He shouldn’t be playing that. It’s rated Mature 17+.

          • gimpcell

            or with adult supervision. supervision- vision superior to normal vision. usually is enabled after a shot of whiskey or a six pack of Guinness.

          • Clel

            Just so that you can rest assured, I’d like to let you know that my above comment was only a joke.

          • Silent

            I wouldnt play with the M-Rated content with a 5 year old. You have to think of your child’s psychological development which is very important. Also, It reminds me of myself, the first M rated game I played was Castlevania 64 at the age of 7 but I didnt understand either the dialog or that it was a game that involved blood and gory. Try to introduce the darker concepts at the age of 13 or 14 minimum. Do not only think only of videogames but also your child’s life as a successful person. Im sure you are not planning on letting your child play videogames and not get a job.

          • Clel

            It was a joke. But thanks for your concern.

        • Ony

          In fact, Call of Duty is getting casual :/

          Truth is, people say “hardcore = game for adult and blood”. I think hardcore is more like “you play that game until you die of hunger, until you finish the littlest shit of the game. I WILL FIND THAT LAST BLUE COIN 5465048 HOURS FOR THAT LAST STAR SO I CAN BE TRUELY PROUD TO HAVE FINISHED THAT GAME”.
          Something like that.

      • WiiU is not really hardcore either (unlike what Nintendo had in mind for WiiU) but it’s more focussed to gaming then Xbox One. The only (real)hardcore system this gen seems to be PS4 even though so far I’m not impressed by PS4 nor by WiiU.

        But Xbox One not sure what to think of that multimedia device, can the Xbox One also remote control your webcam…? Could be awkward, glad I don’t even have a webcam. Okay the webcam joke is lame sorry about that πŸ™‚

        • NintendoMan

          Yes it is. With games like ZombiU and Call of Duty: Black Ops II? Definitely.

          • I disagree on that I’m sorry but cod is not a hardcore game imo, zombiu? Yes counts as one. But cod imo is not hardcore game but a little of fun to frag your friends localy or online like timesplitters, goldeneye and perfect dark, sorry but in my 30+ years of gaming cod does not come close to a hardcore game, for me hardcore games are games like Monster Hunter, Final Fantasy, Mega Man etc.

            In other words games which are either very long storywise(Final Fantasy), lot of replay value (Mega Man) or time consuming to keep improving your character (like in monster hunter for example)
            Don’t get me wrong though, as above is my perspective of hardcore games as well as the perspective of my irl friends.

          • Pamm!!

            well, if you define “hardcore” like that the WiiU IS the most hardcore console as stupid as it may sound (and it DOES sound stupid, you can’t completely denie that).

            With games like X, FireEmblem X Shin Megami, heck even Windwaker HD and Pikmin3 could go as HC games if you look for length/replay value. At least if they implement the idea of replaying single days properly in Pikmin.

            Also the new Zelda and (3D) Mario games seem to be way bigger, if you believe everything we know so far about those titles. But since it’s Nintendo I would assume they won’t say something like that if they wouldn’t work their asses off with those two games

          • Don’t know how else to explain it, to tired for that at the moment after a workday of 13 hours but yeah CoD hardcore? Not as I see it, let’s be honest even gta is more hardcore then cod, sorry but cod is not hardcore gaming.

            Destiny, watchdogs are probably a better example for hardcore gaming, a fps mostly played for the multiplayer in my eyes is a game to have fun with when playing with friends with or against eachother same can be said for Mario kart and smash brothers albeit that mariokart and smash brothers are more “children” friendly then cod and battlefield. But games like that I will not define as hardcore games.

          • Adrian

            I’ve never used the word “hardcore” to describe either a game or a gamer. To me a game can be many things: long, hard, tedious, short, easy, stupid, mindless, time consuming, etc. A gamer is just a person who plays games. A hardcore gamer doesn’t exist IMO. If they did exist, the best word to describe them would probably be “loser”. Sadly.

          • Quicksilver88

            I like that but their is such a thing as an old school gamer…lol. I say that because i am old school as I have been playing since the dawn of gaming……35 years as a gamer and I can still kick the youngins ass in fighting games….cat like reflexes honed by years of play….to me hardcore is a game that is difficult and grinding and scares off the faint of heart like monster hunter or demon souls but yeah the term is over or mis used.

          • Adrian

            I’ve been playing for 20 years! Haha, you have 15 years on me. Demon souls and dark souls were both tight. I’m not interested in monster hunter, looks way too time consuming.

          • Quicksilver88

            If you liked those two you would probably really like Monster Hunter series. I am not much into grinders unless they have a good story like some of the jrpg from Altus or Square/Enix. All those extra years mean is I am old (not that old @43 and gaming has kept me young at heart). I started in the arcades in the late 70s…..hated space invaders and pong, Mario Bros, DonkeyKong, Galaga and Joust were my early favorites that I could play all day on a few dollars. Got my first console at 11 which was the Atari 2600. It was a huge decision wether to go with it or the Magnavox Oddesy II or Intellivision. The other two died off quick while the 2600 was the king until NES took over in the mid 80s so I made the right choice, thank god for activision as they made great games for the 2600 but everything else was mostly poo….though Atari had a few good one like Warlords and Indy500, and late in its life the MS Pacman was very close to arcade quality. Truly it amazes me that gaming and tech has come so far in my lifetime, but I do miss the days when the arcades ruled the day…..other than at the mini golf center or a truck stop you just don’t see arcade gaming much anymore which is sad, I guess kids can play their portables now when at the grocery store with Mom, but I wore out a Hogan Heroes (early Nintendo lightgun game) game at the local Kroger.

          • Adrian

            I hear Monster Hunter has no real story though. The problem is, I’m sure I’d enjoy it because I do love character building. But honestly, I don’t want to waste 300+ hours on a game that won’t give me a satisfying story. Plus I dislike RPGs that have major elements dependent on multiplayer (I hear Monster Hunter is like this).

          • Quicksilver88

            Well true in that it has little plot and also true in that it is most fun to play multiplayer. People tend to play offline to build up their character and equipment but then go online to team up and beat the big bosses together……one thing that is cool is the cross play and game save exchange with 3DS allowing you to play on the road, but I wish they had done some type of bundle or pricing promotion like Sony has been doing with its ps3/vita cross play titles.

          • DragonSilths

            For me a “Hardcore” game is a game that can withstand time itself and be forever a classic for decades. Ocarina Of Time for example. Mario 64, Super Mario Bros 1-3, Smash Bros, Metroid Prime Trilogy, The Legend Of Zelda (NES), those are “Hardcore” games in my honest opinion.

          • DragonSilths

            Smash Bros on N64 was what defined hardcore games. Smash Bros is hardcore, anyone who doesnt like Smash Bros ISNT A GAMER PERIOD.

          • When and where did I say that I don’t like smash brothers? I have said nowhere in my comments that I don’t like smash brothers, fact is I love smash brothers. Excellent and fun game but for me to play with friends, not so much fun when playing it solo after the game has been beaten with all characters (including unlockable chars)

          • DragonSilths

            I didnt say you didnt like it…My statement was just a general statement to everyone.

          • Ah sorry then it’s my bad, I misunderstood your comment so my sincere apology.

        • Jeffery02

          The Wii U has a hardcore audience. I’ll admit that the Wii U left the PS4 and Xbox One with an opportunity to ruin the hardcore games of the Wii U, but they both botched it.

          Better graphics? That does NOT make a more hardcore game. Super Metroid, Battletoads, Contra, Sonic(Genesis), Shinubi, many early Mario games, and LoZ were all hardcore games. Even the most “hardcore” game nowadays kind of holds your hand. The best modern hardcore games I can think of is Shadow of the Colossus, Ico, and maybe Metal Gear Solid. ZombiU is part of the way to being hardcore as well.

          Being difficult does not make the game hardcore either though. CoD with more enemies that have more health does not make it hardcore. A hardcore game has to make you think! It has to improve your skills! You have to HAVE skill to beat it. You need to know what to do and when as a gamer. What really does that anymore? If a game tells you where to go and what path to take and all you have to do is go there, then that’s not really hardcore. Games don’t need to be hardcore to be fun, but they need to be in depth, difficult, and challenging to be hardcore.

      • SoulSilverZero

        Then what is the PS4 for?

        • gimpcell

          The blacks.

          • gimpcell

            I know. I know.


          Blu Ray and Netflix!

  • NintendoMan

    The Xbox One is a set-top box. It’s like a Roku, actually. It has a controller which plays games, but is primarily a set-top box. Microsoft is officially out of the console market.

  • Nintendo4life

    The xbox did look good but you are right they talk more on other things than they did with games if i want skype i will use my PC and if i want to watch netflix and more i will use the wii u now i will say ps4 is more towards gaming than xbox is

  • Haven’t watched the reveal but from what I hear and read here and from my facebook friends (of which one owns 2 games stores) it seems like I haven’t missed anything, and the choice for me will be probably WiiU and PS4. No need/interest on Xbox One. But I’ll make a definite decision after E3. First to come should/will be WiiU and later PS4 depending on the retail price for “when” it’ll come.

    • it was boring but the console itself and the new Kinect and controller looked good though.

  • CeCeLife_s

    Wii U & PS4> Xbox One (Supports VCR tapes) Fully supported by EA LOL
    THIS is going to be a fun e3!

  • Sulama TraorΓ©

    And the controller is ugly too.

  • I’m looking to own one other console this generation after the Wii U, and so far I’m liking the Xbox One. Assuming that demo was accurate, the task switching will be super fast, and I for one am really interested in finally having all my entertainment all in one place. But 3 operating systems, multitasking, and that kind of speed? The processing power and RAM in this thing are going to make this a $500 machine at launch at least, and I think it will be a long time before either the PS4 or Xbox One start seeing a significant number of games that their predecessors aren’t also getting. Oh, and no backwards compatibility? I’ll contend myself with my Wii U until Xbox One becomes worthwhile.

  • di g

    i felt like it was a waste of time to see this conference i mean it all could have waited till E3 but hey whatever. i think its plain to see now that each of the big 3 is doing things way different than the other and that really there is no hardware war to choose which is the best console. i think this generation is going to show what is really important to have in a console and what people are really looking for a tv/cable box, a game system, or a multimedia platform. i mean what is really important in the gaming industry… the GAMES and i think the only one that really has been true to that has been nintendo. thats why they have been in the business for a long time and thats why they will continue to be because they focus on games and different ways to play the game.

  • Justis Bistawros

    I love the wii u and have always been a fan of nintendo now with microsofts xbox one and playstations ps4 i hope that microsoft and playstation know that nintendo saved gaming and they should be thankful go on microsoft and playstation and prove yourselves but remember that nintendo saved you.

  • Wii U is a beautiful console that captures innovation, creativity, and yet manages to keep the most memorable moments ANY gamer has ever experienced! Cant play on the tv? No problem! Play endlessly in the comfort of your bed and hunt monsters with friends for 100s of hours. Relive past adventures with its Virtual Console (hopefully gamecube and N64 games come out for Mario Kart Double Dash and Super Mario 64!). Mostly, play while letting the HD visuals lay lucidly on your eyes, making you gaze in wonder at the awesomeness of video games. Wii U.

  • Nintedward

    Nintendo just does their own thing , they kinda always have.

    They have exited the typical console ”generation” that’s why everyone is arguing back and forth.
    Wiiu , PS4 , Xbox are all 8th gen. BUT PS4 and Xbox one are typical and Wiiu is none typical.

    It’s both a good and a bad thing for Wiiu. But I love the console I know that much and am just waiting for the EPIC games , as usual.

  • NintendoMan

    I think because of no backwards compatibility or used games that are playable on the PS4 and One that Wii U sales will increase because people who were waiting to get a “hardcore” gaming console (Wii and Wii U ARE HARDCORE) will eventually become impatient waiting for the price drop and (maybe) Virtual Console-like service and ultimately buy a Wii U and realize how awesome it is.

  • D.M.T

    It seems like Microsoft could lose next-gen. They have made a lot of mistakes:

    1. First mistake was the name. Xbox One is a terrible name compared to PS4 and even worse than the name Wii U. You shouldn’t name your 3rd console Xbox One. People will be confused and will rather buy a PS4.

    2. Another mistake is that Microsoft is no longer focused on games. Say whatever you want about Wii U but at least Wii U’s main focus is games. Microsoft wants to own your living room now and that’s unnecessary and not impressive.

    3. Another mistake is how you will be forced to install the game to be able to play it. You cannot borrow a game to your friend because he will have to pay Microsoft to be able to install the game into his Xbox One. If you buy a used game, you have to pay for the game and pay to install the game.

    4. Fourth mistake is that online is still not free lol. Wii U and PS4 have free online.

    I don’t see how Microsoft can win next gen with these 4 mistakes they made but I will not judge or underestimate them. Let’s see if they can somehow convince people to buy their new console

    • Sonic the Hedgehog

      Yep… even in ps4daily I’ve read that Sony’s #1 focus is in games…. bad gen for Microsoft.

    • Clel

      They’re lucky though, because if this turns out to be a screw-up, Bill Gates can bail them out.

    • disqus_dT0z6VMj5P

      Installing the game is a plus. You don’t have to wait to play the games and you can play without the disc after it installs. Also Microsoft said selling used games will still exist. Not saying your opinions are wrong, just correcting some points. Also I don’t think the name will cause more problems than the name Wii U

      • Quicksilver88

        They are saying you can play used games but they are not saying there won’t be some type of re-activation fee. I have bot heardyou won’t need the disc because x360 allows game install but still does an AP (anti piracy) check the first few minutes after you launch the game. If they don’t require the disc it will be because they are doing online DRM regularly to make sure your game is validated. Look Microsoft got owned by c4E and dvd drive hacking on the x360 and they are determined to not let this happen again…this may please devs but is not particularly consumer friendly…only time will tell if it hurts them

        • ByteManNeo

          Microsoft exec confirmed that in order to play a used game, the fee for re-activation will be the price the original owner paid for the game. So you pay twice. The used price at the second-hand store, and the new price at home.

          And I thought On-disc DLC was bad…

          • Quicksilver88

            I think Microsoft is really painting themselves into a corner here and is obviously out to change their market position entirely. Gaming will obviously be a secondary position for them and ‘set top’ box of the future is where they see themselves. I think this strategy may be viable in the USA but it will never fly worldwide and they will never move 70mil units with this strategy. Also when you look at the processing power and ram, it will not really all be available for gaming purposes as a good portion of it will be dedicated to all this other funtionality. Considering Nintendo and Sony both have no problem with used games and also do not have an online requirement this really sets Microsoft apart and will likely be more of a detriment. I give them credit in that the vision is futuristic and ultimately may previal and pave the way for other similiar products, I just think like all new conecepts it will take time win market acceptance. I just have too many devices (including a very nice MPC) that do the same things so for me I just want game consoles that focus on gaming!

      • D.M.T

        Installing the game is a plus yes but you cannot borrow games from a friend because you will have to pay to install it. Selling used games exist but if you BUY a used game, you have to pay to install it as well. You didnt correct me, you just repeated what i said

    • DragonSilths

      EB Games/Gamestops will suffer a huge blow since they cant sell used Xbox One games. Forgot if PS4 can play used PS4 games? Either way 1/3 of the money stores like Gamestop makes is gone. They will be glad they have Used Nintendo games still lol.

  • JB

    Another well written article, Tim. I totally agree with you. Each company is bringing something different to the table. I’m still on the fence about Microsoft’s DRM plans, but I’d be lying if I said that the Xbox One’s entertainment intergration doesn’t intrigue me.

    I already have my 8th generation plans:

    As it stands now, I’ll be a Wii U/PS4 guy at first, I’ll add the One once I find out a little more.

    If Xbox Live subscriptions stay the same price, I’ll get a One and renew it for another year or so. In regards to tying everything together entertainment wise, MS does that well and looks like they are going all in with it this go around. Oh and there’s Halo.

    With Sony focusing more on games this coming generation, the PS4 will more than likely see signifcantly more playing time than the PS3 did. Hopefully the PS4 is just as great of a DLNA server as the PS3 was (It’s really the only thing I use it for, besides blu rays currently)

    The Wii U… it’s already getting massive amounts of playing time and use now, The off-tv experience is unparalleled. It’s backwards compatiable with the Wii. The Miiverse community is awesome. The VC collection is getting bigger. Hopefully Nintendo will get some stronger 3rd party support to supplemnent their awesome 1st party titles… because rest assured, more likely than not on multi-plat titles I will for sure pick up the Wii U version. Then there’s TVii, hopefully they’ll add the DVR integration. I have a TiVo Premiere, so if they add TiVo stream capabilities I’ll be set!

  • butikka

    I must say that Xbox One is ugly as hell. Not very promising console. hahah.

    • NkoSekirei

      not even backward compatibility as well

    • Man

      It is quite unappealing. When I first saw it, I though it was fake because what kind of design is that? But then, I learned it was real…

  • thanos1984

    How om earth are they goimg to sell this thing outside USA?

    • Rob Lucci

      They wont.

  • Xbox One is definitely the mainstream product. You have major sports (NFL, FIFA, NBA, etc), Hollywood style TV (Halo series), and bombastic, over-the-top games (COD: Ghosts). But what about the games? The international market? I didn’t see much appeal for the Asian market, and even though Microsoft has E3 a few weeks away, what they showed off right now was nothing noticeably different from what you can experience on the PS4 or Wii U.

    It’s definitely too early to tell how the Xbox One will match up. But with so much information still being withheld, the PS4/Wii U are more desireable choices then the Xbox One right now.

    • Mc Robins

      I personally loved everything about the Xbox, And they know they failed in other markets why not target the one that they were most successful in?

      • I think the problem is that we are in an age where one audience isn’t enough anymore. With Microsoft’s ambitions and their giant move into different markets (sport partnerships, TV series, etc,), I think the more you have on board, the better. We can see the issues Nintendo has right now when it comes to lacking major 3rd party support from companies like EA, which they can still turn around. But you may be right with Microsoft. We’ll just have to wait and see.

    • Quicksilver88

      Hahahahahaha….you said Asia and Xbox in the same sentence. They have been an epic fail in japan and Asia for two generations and soon to be three.

  • Jeffrey Debris

    “Xbox One, go home!”

    That’s pretty much all that stuck to me while I was watching the presentation. I already had a fear that this new Xbox would be more about entertainment than anything else, but it so far I’m fearing that they’ve put games on the 2nd place. If I were to buy a console besides my Wii U at the moment I’m leaning towards the PS4 a lot more.

    E3 is the only thing that can change my opinion now. I want to see a massive line-up of games that I want to play. Then I’ll decide what to get next to my Wii U for this generation.

  • dxcvs

    PS4 and Xbox One have no games!!!!

  • barwiifan

    I am so glad that Xbox is practically out of the gaming business. I’m personally a Nintendo fan and I have been made fun of about being one. Nobody I know cares about the PS4, so pretty much my friends are now going to buy a Wii U. YES!!! I’m happy because now I can play the same system that my friends have! Now I won’t be alone anymore. I used to before I heard this news because I couldn’t play Xbox online with my friends since I didn’t have an Xbox. And don’t forget about the cool part of telling your friends, ”I told you so!” Wii U all the way! No more Xbox!

    • NkoSekirei

      ok dude dont start a flame war dude we should all respect each other even if were on different consoles

      • barwiifan

        Yeah I know, but now I won’t get made fun of anymore is pretty much my point.

    • Talesgirl015

      Yeah right, I have said it before and I will say it again.. The Wii U is going to continue to go down hill and if Nintendo are not careful it will bring them down with it.the PS4 is going to sell HUGE and it’s going to sell immediately

      • Quicksilver88

        And what evidence do you have of this…..that Nintendo sold 250 mil units in the last gen with DS and Wii? That Nintendo manages their money better than the other companies and has a huge war chest? That Nintendo has more multi million selling games than everyone else combined? What is your evidence…please tell me. Animal crossing for 3DS is released in Japan only and already sold close to 4 million units. When Pokemon x&y comes out it will sell like crack… people haven’t even seen the good WiiU stuff Nintendo will surely deliver and haven’t seen anything on ps4 or X1 but are so sure their grafx will smoke WiiU… are ignorant. Even sony and Microsofts own people and industry analysts are saying the next gen systems are not making that big of a leap. By years end WiiU will have many good titles, Nintendo exclusives and a price point under $300. Wanna bet who sells more unit this xmas….I will take your bet and give you odds!

        • DragonSilths

          Agree with everything you said except one thing. Wii U wont be getting a price cut. If anything the basic model will just disappear. Reggie said himself before Wii U came out in an interview. “People who wait for a price cut on Wii U before they pick it up, will be waiting quite a long time.” Wii went 3 years without a price cut, expect 3-4 years before Wii U gets one. It will already be far cheaper then the PS4 and Xbox One, plus Nintendo is taking a $50 loss per system. They wont drop the price. If people have the money for the PS4 or Xbox One, theres no excuse for not getting a Wii U. Some people are cheap greedy bastards.

          • Quicksilver88

            Maybe…….I say this because the price drop on the 3DS from $250 to $169 did wonders for it….of course the 3DS was sort of overpriced and there is a better arguement to be made that the WiiU is a decent value for what you pay. I mean if you want a WiiU now for heavens sakes go out to Target (in the US) and you can get a basic for $240 which is a steal. For another $60 you can get a 500gb laptop USB HD and you will be all set. Already many launch titles can be had used for under $30 so you can get some good content to play as well. I would actually prefer to see a new Pro bundle for this Xmas season. They are not going to include a killer new app, but how about a pro with Nintendoland preloaded, a pro controller, and another game (maybe Lego City with white and NFS MW with black) all for $350. That would be a real value and with this Nintendo could help push some of the better 3rd party games that didn’t sell as well as they should have. Nintendo really needs to get more proactive in helping 3rd parties on the WiiU both thru marketing and bundling. Every Nintendo direct should have a section dedicated to upcoming 3rd party releases so they get some love as well. I have to believe millions of people (between Nintendo fans, 3DS and WiiU owners) are viewing the directs and it should be more than just a showcase of what Nintendo is offering. Now that the other companies strategies are coming into view the battle for sales will really begin this holiday. I still think Nintendo has a great chance to do well this generation as the WiiU is a fine machine and is still best positioned in price and features to win the casual gamer crowd and all the haters likely haven’t really ever tried one because the gamepad is very cool and provides both excellent control options and overall funcitonality. I really enjoy browsing on it and using eShop and watching videos, Tvi, and it should be good for things like skype and facebook/twitter as well.

      • DragonSilths

        PS3 was strike 1, with its EXPENSIVE PRICE TAG AND NO PROFITS FOR 5 YEARS TILL 2011, Vita was strike 2, WITH IT BEING EXPENSIVE AGAIN AND FAILING CAUSE ITS ALL PS3 PORTS. PS4 will be strike 3. EXPENSIVE AGAIN. You know what happens after strike 3 right? YOUR OUT! Sony needs to go back to what brought them to the dance meaning PS1 and PS2. NOT BEING ALL ABOUT POWER AND GRAPHICS, be equal on terms of power and graphics, focus on great games like bringing back SPYRO, and KRASH BANDICOOT.

    • DragonSilths

      U were never truly alone dude. We Nintendo fans are 1 harmonious family.

      • barwiifan

        Thanks Rey Hardy, what you said is actually 100% true.

        • DragonSilths

          No probs.

  • CΓ©sar Antonio Arias Velarde

    Xbox One supported by EA, has pre-owned disc fees and im assuming it will keep charging for xbox live, so… You want to play a new game every month? You have to spend $100 every single month.

  • Arthur Jarret

    These are… weird times…

    I’m seriously hoping PS and Xbox will bomb. Not as a nintendo-fan. I like the other consoles too. I just really want EA to roll over and die, so those awesome franchises like magic carpet, dungeon keeper and legend of kyrandia will finally be free.

    Star wars should go directly to bioware and a reformed factor 5.

    • Talesgirl015

      Well your not a gamer that’s for sure

      • gimpcell

        I thought I told you to stay in your cage. How dare you show your face online.

      • Arthur Jarret

        Take my cool collectible versions out of the shrink-wrap?

        Of course I don’t play games!

      • Man

        Ew, why are you here?

  • Diengo

    Before i had doubts if it was right that I bought the WiiU and got more doubts after many games (Such as Battlefield, Crysis) got canceled. But now since the Ps4 and XboxOne are revealed, im actually glad that i bought the WiiU, because except the Graphics there are no improvements in the gaming experience for Ps4 and XboxOne…

  • From what I read so far I am sticking with my original plan and investing about $300 into a decent video card for my QuadCore HTPC and using that as my other gaming platform. It will be more than enough to do 1080P gaming at 60FPS on my TV.

    I am not much into the Microsoft or Sony exclusives anyway so the new consoles offer me nothing over what my PC can do for the most part. I can already use Media Center on my HTPC just as easily as in XBOX. The voice commands sound great but I have found that using my current Kinect and other voice technology related to TV and media viewing is that it picks up words spoken in the TV shows and movies and activates randomly if they hit on a similar word to the voice control commands.

    Besides if I go PC gaming I do not have to worry about losing out on past games made for PC because they will work for the most part unlike if I go with the new Sony/Microsoft consoles I have to keep my old console laying around which is just inconvenient. If I am going to have to switch to a console trying to be a PC I may as well just go PC.

    • Quicksilver88

      I like your thinking….i have an awesome media pc in my basement, run hdmi and usb cables up to my media room and get the best of everything…web, media, hdtv dvr, blue ray/dvd, current gaming, classic gaming, emulators, social networking, apps. I buy game machines as well but for the exclusives so I have WiiU and will get ps4 in 2014 but for me X1 just seems redundant.

  • Mad Scientist Link

    What does it mean no backward compatibility? Just can’t play 360 or it can’t have a virtual console type system? I’m confused

    • 00EpicGamer00

      “Backwards compatibility” is when a current/new console can play games from an older console, like Wii U can play Wii games, Wii can play gamecube games, 3DS can play DS games etc.

      There saying that the Xboxone (terrible name, lol) will NOT have backwards compatibility (it wont play Xbox 360 games)

      Hope this helped πŸ™‚

      • Mad Scientist Link

        I was being confused by articles saying Nintendo is gambling on its visual console to save it. So i thought maybe xbox one would have none of it. Thanks for clearing that up

  • ICHI

    15 Games is pretty small for the first year isn’t it?!!? How long does it take to make a game on XBOXone………. Now the name, it doesn’t bother me I couldn’t care less if they called it the XHOLEone or if the PS4 was renamed the PSflaps, but raising a much brought up discussion of nintendo’s naming system, if average people (who want these entertainment hubs) get confused about Wii and WiiU, then how about XBOX to XBOX360 then going back to XBOXone? It sounds like it’s an older model, or a rehash like sony did with the Playstation when they released the tiny bagel toaster edition????!!!!!
    I like good competition between the console companies they drive innovation in one or another (not usually MS) and I’m sure the XBOXone will do well, but these people who want the media hubs don’t watch E3 so they should have done the games now. A few months back I said with WiiU not selling well yet the year headstart wouldn’t matter as much and with Sony not in great financial shape, and not a lot of people showing faith in the company after seeing their way of dealing with the VITA, it was Microsofts to lose this year and they might have just made the beginnings of a monster fumble.
    Could this be the end of proprietary gaming consoles? Was the last generation too long? Have the truly hardcore have moved to PC tourneys? Are casuals simply happy with their phones or tablets? Why are we the geeks left in the middle holding our dicks while no-one makes us any games πŸ™

  • I love your article and share your thoughts.

  • Clel

    In the Paradise of the Lost Worlds, the Gamers of the Gardens all owned Sony and Nintendo equipment. The Xbox One–also known as the Xbox last–was dead, for it had wandered far off into the wilderness, where the strange beasts of the wilderness ripped it to pieces.

    And that was the last day anyone suffered.

  • MonsterHunter387

    I played a drinking game where every time they would say “revolutionize” or “cutting edge”, I would take a shot. If they focused more on apps, I would chug a beer

  • El Tio Gamboyo

    Nintendo this is your chance, show us the magic of the wii u console before the xbox one and ps4 release.

    • NkoSekirei

      nintendo got some big games up their sleeve especially wat retros working on which will blow everyone away

  • Kamille


  • Johny

    i was expecting more of that conference as i was watching.. .to me, it started with:
    “blah blah… immersive way to use TV… blah blah..sports…some more sports.. some more tv..”
    then they continued showing the controller and the console specs (by the way i LOVE the controller by how it looks… really looks VERY good.. and 360 was so good before even)…
    and then they finished with more TV.. and more sports.. ALOT of sports and some contract or something with a football sports team or something -.-
    so yeah… for me who MOST of all hates sports games and resent them into the depths of his very cold soul… i was not impressed… not to mention i hate watching sports… that conference was just really bad impression for me (except for the controller… i love the controller).. they didnt show much games aside from new cod …showed some specs.. and the rest was TV TV TV and SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS.

    • phaedruss

      “for me who MOST of all hates sports games and resent them into the depths of his very cold soul”

      Very nicely said.

  • Duh

  • Inzanoflex

    wait… this is wiiu daily or xboxone daily, whats wrong with you people!!!!!

  • phaedruss

    “cutting edge of console gaming innovation you’re going to want a PS4.” You mean graphics.

  • dasapolis

    I can’t really see the need for an Xbox One. I have a PC that can do most of those things, and I can do the rest with my TV. Everyone has a PC nowadays, and I wouldn’t pay 500$ to Skype through my console.

  • John Raybell

    um Tim Biggs mr PS4 fan, why is this here at this website? wiiudaily has hit a new low for the day. WTF. come here for wiiu news get xbox one news. who would have thought lol

  • Sam

    Nintendo is the best. Enough said.

    • Sonic the Hedgehog

      If it were the 90’s I would tear you to shreds…. but yeah!

      • Sam

        Well your games are on Nintendo systems now and they are better than the PS3 and 360 versions. πŸ™‚

        • Sonic the Hedgehog

          Combined, you forgot to add!

  • You know it really makes me mad what Microsoft has started doing with Xbox. First us 360 owners get less and less exclusive games each year(Gears and Halo don’t count) while Microsoft shoves apps down our throats left and right it’s getting annoying and it seems they have no plans on changing with Xbox One. It really makes me mad because I wanted the new Xbox to put an even stronger emphasis on games than 360 did while still having app support, but it seems Microsoft wants to piss off it’s supporters so you know what SCREW OFF MICROSOFT! you aint getting my money for some stupid box that plays a few games I can’t get anywhere else and does basically the same damn thing as a Roku Box!

    My thoughts, Wii U-PC gaming(maybe PS4 as well) Microsoft will not get a damn dime from me unless they show me something I must have!

  • EA can sink with MS as ONE. It’s a Titanic for a console and will hit the iceberg soon. Pay fees for used games and the TV + social online bullshit is not gonna float, not even swim.

    Microsoft has just made its worst error after Win8 and it’s taking EA down with it and rightly deserved so, for both of them.

  • discuss

    I think you are wrong. The XBOX ONE can do everything while the Wii U can only play games. There is nothing wrong with that except that the XBOX ONE seems to be technically much more advanced to play games then the Wii U. Conbine this with the systems architecture and it’s easy to see the XBOX ONE will get a lot more games then the Wii U. And considering games Nintendo has been a real disappointment so far.

    When talking about innovation Nintendo has a second screen while XBOX has voice/movement controll and the illumiroom. I first thought a second screen would be cool. However after using it I found it more of an annoyance. I don’t have a big tv just to be looking at a small screen all the time. This is just my personal opinion so stay nice Nintendo knights.

    The Wii U is my 4th and last Nintendo console. Nintendo is stuck in the past. I regret buying it even more after seeing this video.

    • Agent721

      Funny, for me, I have a completly difference experience. I love the Wii U, much more than the Wii. I feel like a kid again, and at 36, thats quite the trick. Either way, gaming is big enough for ALL our tastes.

  • Talesgirl015

    Dear Tim Biggs , you sir are a clueless fanboy please see the facts.Once PS4 and Xbox one come out, the Wii U is going to fail miserably. Not only that it’s funny how you claim Microsoft next gen console is not a competitor despite them stealing casual gamers away from the Big N with Xbox Kinect…

    • Agent721

      Talesgirl- Nintendo stock is up 22% since the PS4 was announced. As oppossed to constantly calling everyone a fanboy who happens to like the Wii U, Id realize the world is huge and not everyone shares your view. I have bought 3 360s in the past gen, and I can tell you I much prefer the Wii U, lack of games & all, over my time with the 360. I also own a PS3, and again, it hasnt seen much use since the Wii U came out. The tablet is great, the system is a lot of fun, and every single person Ive let try the system loves it. People enjoy different things and your habits are not mine. Drop the fanboy nonsense, it simply means you have nothing else to support your view.

    • jay

      “you sir are a clueless fanboy”

      The irony of this bitch.

    • Quicksilver88

      They are not stealing anyone….Kinnect was roundly considered a POS by everyone but little kids and never got a true killer app….so hey lets just bundle it and force it on people because otherwise they would not purchase it. Casual gamers left the Wii for smartphones and tablets and are not going to buy a $500+ console that requires a seperate subscription fee so they can play angry birds and just dance. Given that WiiU will be less than $300 by the time these consoles hit and still supports peoples wiimotes and balance boards it will again become the home for casual gamers. To be honest X1 looks more like a tech nerds wet dream which some mit like but many will find cumbersome or overwhelming.

    • Cerus98

      You sir are a waste of DNA.

      Is there zero moderation of posts here or what? This site is slowly being taken over by the inflammatory trolls every day. There are new ones pooping up every day. “Competitor” sites are looking better every day.

    • Petri
    • Man

      Oh, you’re still here….. πŸ™

  • John Andalora

    You could cut it in a million ways, but most people are it like this:
    All of them are video game consoles, so choose one and accept it.
    Do you want:
    A) console that wants to be the only electronic device connected to the TV?
    B) console that wants its main focus on quick games
    C) console with different control style and games for fans


  • Agent721

    And by the way, who is looking to change their tv experience? Do we really need MSFT version of cable? As many wall street analysts are saying today, this tv deal may not be interesting to anyone. As one analyst said, MSFT may have bit off much more than it can chew. Unless HBO is going to give Game of Thrones for free to the One, you can bet the cost of content will not change.

  • JeanPaul

    If anything ps and xbox are the same thing… while nintendo is the only company doing something different… Sony and microsoft are on earth while nintendo is on cybertron… that’s why microsoft and sony can easily replace each other but none can replace nintendo and vice versa.

  • Lophs

    Isn’t already established that the Wii U already third place? AKA less in 40,000 units in April in North America. Whatever market Nintendo is aiming for, its is obviously not even in the same postal code.

    • There are no games out worth buying right now for the Wii U, why would anyone buy a new system during that period? Things change with time, the economy and consumer interest in unpredictable, the 3ds launch was a great example. Terrible sales, but now look at it.

    • Adrian

      Wii U is in first place. Xbox One and PS4 have zero units. Uhm, Duh? Wait about a year, then we will have a better picture on how the three will compete. 2 years would be even better.

  • John Raybell HAHA So EA is after all making games for Wiiu lol 1

  • Vinicius

    Did I Read PS4 and “Innovation” in the same phrase? Come on!

  • Guest
  • NintendoMan

    Maybe now that the other two consoles are revealed, people will realize how much better the Wii U is and get that.

  • ok the xbox one is definitely an all entertainment console without new innovation. unless you like three in one entertainment (TV, Sports, & Video Games) you won’t invest in something that expensive. if you’re into tv, you can get a cable box, sports: a special channel for it, high quality video games: custom pc. Wii U is an innovated product with satisfying first-party games like smash brothers, zelda, mario, etc. Wii U has just created their own niche and the xbox one is not at all a threat to the Wii U.

  • To be honest I don’t think Xbox One will convince a lot of current gen gamers to buy it, as I think a lot of them will just stick with ps3/ xbox 360.

  • Orange Lada

    Without backward compatibility, Xbox and PS4 are going to be on the losing end for a few years. Have a PS3, and won’t go to PS4 for many years, given my library.

  • Guest

    See, Nintendo is fixing things. To John Kinsley:

  • steinhauershawn

    The Wii U will win cause the Cheaper and Weaker system always won. NES won over Master System, SNES won over Neo Geo, PS1 won over N64, PS2 won over Xbox, Wii won over HD-Twin, All of Nintendo’s weak handhelds won over the competitor. and now Wii-U will win over the “Entry level Gaming PC”-Twins.

  • Shelim Uddin

    I think the wii u will be fine once first party games come through and i will defitnetly purchase it when that happens but i dont think id buy the wii u for third party games like cod ghosts (if it does release for wii u). Nintendo need to get 3rd party support asap and some new special ips!

  • howling_wolf1334:[

    The best thing from Nintendo: Quality games, backward compatibility & innovative ways to play games…
    The bad thing: … I dont know… LOL…
    I leave it at your free opinion!!!

    • DragonSilths

      Game delays. PIKMIN 3 AND WONDERFUL 101!!! RAWR!!!!! Thats Nintendos weakness lol

    • Revolution5268

      games delay is the only thing negative, if you are a Nintendo fan you should know this, in then end the game end up game of the year!!!!

  • Leo

    What exactly is “cutting edge of console gaming innovation” from the PS4? Last time i check it, innovation meant new gameplay, creative ideas and modern experiences. As far as i know the PS4 is ANOTHER machine designed for graphic freaks. Is that “cutting edge of console gaming innovation”? Not in my book.

  • Erik

    So basically…its like another computer in a traditional sense? Streaming content, Skyping while playing, Going on Facebook… Still paying for BOTH online AND social media? Hahahaha I love my Wii U even if it doesnt have any games yet and i STILL play my old school games (Smash Bros, Star Fox, etc) and im loving every bit and moment of it πŸ™‚

  • Ninknowing

    this just shows that ps4 and xbox one blew it this year, Nintendo Wii U has all of their exclusives including sega now XD, plus most of the big name 3rd party games, nintendo won this war guys its all but over…

  • I hope hardcore xbox players will come join the wii u side when we get third party games when they know the wii u is so much cheaper and the graphics can only go so far. Wii U is next gen & a perfect console.

  • Cap9

    Why is this writer speaking as thou the xbox one didn’t amaze in the graphics department? I’m a wii u fan and owner but I’m not afraid to say that the xbox one has revealed itself as a total threat to the wii u, considering that ps4 is in the ring as well. I mean, that is if people were to get two consoles, a lot of hardcore gamers would probably want to get ps4 and xbox one cuz both are sure to have mature games. Lets be honest, Nintendo is known for it’s teen rated franchises which are amazing but there’s a new generation of gamers that just arnt interested in them, and to make matters worse, wii u has been out for 6 months and has yet to amaze us with a new game. We got a bunch of games that were on 360 before, we got a new Mario which was dope, but we’ve been left dry for a long time and because of that wii u is in desperate need of a revival, one that I hope those upcoming Nintendo directs can bring, along with the e3 showcase. Xbox one, in my opinion is looking like it will beat ps4 once again. I’m sure it’s just as powerful, and they know how to do online gaming well. Wii U will hopefully be supported by 3rd part developers. EA turning it’s back on Nintendo does not look good. But I hope actual next gen releases make the Wii U more popular.

    • Xbox One and PS4 will likely have the same mature games for the most part. Why would you need both? The difference between them is exclusives (which obviously Microsoft hasn’t shown off yet but judging from the back end of last gen I’m going to give that to Sony), how they treat indie and boutique games (same again), and of course the supporting features the console brings with it, all of which were game-focused at Sony’s event and none of which were game-focused at Microsoft’s.

      The reason I didn’t mention graphics is because I don’t really care. The only gameplay we saw was Ghosts and it was certainly not something the PS4 won’t be able to do. I need to see what Microsoft is planning to do with the power, not just that they have it.

      As for Wii U, it’s looking like it’s easily going to win in a competition for which console will have the most experiences that simply don’t exist anywhere else. That’s why I have one.

  • DemonRoach

    LOL. Nintendo needs to run back to Japan where it belongs.

    • Silent

      Let Mr.President do the talking.

    • NintendoMan

      Where Microsoft is failing to sell their consoles, also.

      • DemonRoach

        Good. Let them keep their child rape manga.s

        • NintendoMan

  • Xavier Lopez Chabelo

    You like it or not…. True NEXT GEN IS HERE!!!

    IGNORE THIS COMMENT: I wanted to upload a funny picture but something went wrong.

  • HypocritesRROD

    Microsoft should have named this console “xbox RROD”.

  • Xavier Lopez Chabelo

    You like it or not…. True NEXT GEN IS HERE!!!

    • gimpcell

      That was seriously my favorite moment of the entire presentation. I was wondering if a bird will move if i launch a grenade at it.

    • wampdog29

      Yeah… didn’t fish already do this in Mario 64???? lol

      • NintendoMan

        Actually, they also followed you sometimes, too.

    • #DealWithIt… Kidding

      I watched the reveal but did they really say that?! If they did: Who says that, that’s not a selling point!

      • Xavier Lopez Chabelo

        They said that, go to Call of Duty YouTube channel, go to behind scenes or something, they said that on the conference

  • Xavier Lopez Chabelo

    This has been one heck of a day. In a matter of about 10 hours, ALL the internet hate has gone from the Wii U straight over to the Xbox One.

    Like it should be.

    • as a former xbox fan i agree. feels like the gaming worlds just done a 180 flip

  • Arobin10

    Microsoft is basically forcing users into digital distribution. Why keep creating discs when you only need them to install them on the hard drive. They are trying to move away from discs all together. I don’t like this.

  • Petri

    Dont know if xbox is competing with anything anymore.
    Maybe One is competing with 360, unless they discontinue 360.
    I think PS3 at least will be there for years.

  • HypocritesRROD

    Xbox One? I’d rather get the HTC One. In fact i’ll be buying the HTC One. Xbox One, no… RROD.

  • Jan

    The problem here is convincing people to develop games for the WiiU. No one really care about specs (maybe some child…). The Xbox One and the PS4 may go in completely opposite directions but they bring most of the big third parties with them.

    I still waiting a good reason to buy a WiiU (being a huge Zelda fan) but until now the console is empty as my wallet :3

    • #DealWithIt… Kidding

      This is not true. A lot of people care about specs, that’s why they build gaming pc’s and whatnot or get a console to play cod in “hd”. The wii U, while a huge improvement from the wii it is only so much more powerful than the ps3/xbox360. This is a big deal and could even be looked at as a rip off, Nintendo promised POWER and we only got so much power. It’s like asking someone if they want an hd tv for $500 or a similar model for $800. I hope I’m making sense.

      When the games finally pour in the wii u’s community will increase significantly, so again it’s all up to Nintendo to bring customers in resulting on developers wanting a share. I expect next holiday season will bring much more success for the Wii U as long as it doesn’t get completely washed away by the ps4/xbox1 release.

  • KnowIedgeiswhatsup

    I should be tell you all how much you guy’s are blind and paid agents and what not but meh. I’m done trolling with all of you.

    • Petri

      Good, you were not even that good at it.

    • Silent


      • Petri

        And then you check his profile, and realize this is the same troll that tried to imitate Donaald, when he switched his name.

        • Silent

          Yeah, I remember ol’ dumb donaald

          • Petri

            I wonder if he’s changing his name again, this same shit “I’m done with trolling” happened, when he changed to this knowledge…

        • KnowIedgeiswhatsup

          You’ve got the wrong guy…

    • Man

      Oh thank the lord! Now you can actually do something good for your life for once!

  • DragonSilths

    Revolutionizes TV? TV’s were made for you to sit your ass down infront of it and watch it, thats it.

  • Louie

    Am I the only one who lost hope when I heard the name, XBOX ONE?
    It may be just me, but its a stupid name seeing that this is actually the 3rd Xbox…

    • Johny

      Wii U has kinda stupid name too to be honest :/
      but yeah… xbox one will cause quite some confusion, since alot of people i know call the original xbox “xbox one”

      • Louie

        yeah Nintendo should have come up with a better name, seeing as the Wii U ended up confusing people, but I’ve grown to like it… kinda

        • Johny

          yeah… im starting to “kinda” like it too.. but it would be better for EVERYONE if the name did a better job distincting nintendo’s 8th gen system from the system from the previous generation (being wii )

    • NintendoMan

      A conversation when trying to explain the Xbox One.

      Have you heard of the Xbox One?

      Yeah, it released in 2000. Why?

      No, I mean the new one, the third one.


      You know… Xbox One… announced on May 21.

      That doesn’t make any sense.

      • Louie

        That is exactly what came into my mind when I first heard the name

  • Destructonator101

    No no no no.
    Wii U and PS4= AWESOME
    Xbox one= A VCR.

  • Guest
    • Sam


    • Revolution5268


    • wampdog29

      Awesome, but this doesn’t even have the third exclusive sonic title on there as well as Super Mario Bros U (unless the Luigi DLC was taking its place).

  • Sam

    Is it just me or does the XBOX one look huge.

  • blancogocycling

    It’s easy everybody should have a nintendoconsole just for the first party titles. For third party titles and grand graphics you should/can buy a ps4 or xbox1 to go with your wiiU. Then if you’re not an American you can only buy a PS4. Al those (nice) TV features are not available in the rest of the world.

    p.s. Xbox one looks like a black painted NES

  • ludist210

    I don’t have plans to be another two-console home this generation (not counting the 3DS since it’s a portable), but if I do…it won’t be with the XBox One. This is sounding less and less like a gaming machine (which is why I purchase consoles) and more and more like an entertainment hub.

  • Lunatic

    Why is everyone acting like EVERYTHING about this system is media and there are no improvements that could improve gaming? Aside from the MASSIVE power increase from the previous XBox, this one COMES with an improved Kinect. The Kinect and PSMove didn’t catch on as well as the Wii Remote because it didn’t come with all systems, so developers couldn’t count on the user having it and they didn’t want to develop games for such a narrow audience as “people with both a 360 and a Kinect”. Now that it comes with it, they can incorporate improved movement controls and voice commands into ANY game for the system, which kinda radically changes things up.

    • NintendoMan

      It didn’t catch on because people realized that Microsoft and Sony aren’t innovative and copy almost everything Nintendo does.

  • Ducked

    Xbox One only appealed to american gamers. Making such a big deal about Madden and Skype. The Xbox One will be a even bigger fail in Japan then the previous consoles, being extremely social and wanting to know everything about you, Japanese people aren’t going to want that. I don’t want that.

    The way I see it so far, its PS4 vs Wii U. Like the article said in a way. We all know PS4 and Xbox One will be the power consoles, but it comes down to games, and the way I see it is the Xbox One just knocked themselves out the console wars.

    Long live Nintendo and Sony!

    • Xavier Lopez Chabelo

      In the US will be an instant sucess, but in the rest of the world…..

      • Ducked

        Yeah, most americans forget there not the only country

  • John Madsen

    couldn’t have said it better myself with no backwards compatibility on the xdumb one they locked out there customers and with the ps4 working on backwards compatibility through streaming services and the wii u caring about its customers i feel the ps4 and wii u are the way to go

  • Len Johnson

    So are you going to spend 500 on a DVR box. Or do you kept your Wii U and wait on the games that are going to come?

  • Mad Scientist Link

    So they’ll have to convince people that Xbox One is worth adding $60 (live fee) a year to your satellite/cable plan just to be able to have controllers-less functions?

  • Justin Grandon

    so, in other words, the “xbox one” is the same as the “xbox 360” but with better graphics and you can’t use the system without internet or play used games? The entertainment media content looks exactly the same with a few more features added. is this console really going to be worth $350+? Specially in today’s economy…. At least, the Wii U showed something different on it’s plate… I think I’ll wait 3 YEARS, let all the bugs get out like the “360” and watch the price drop.

    • Adrian

      That’s what I’m doing for PS4, but I can’t say for sure I will give XBOX One a buy ever.

  • vickybat

    Wii-u is the only odd one out here!

  • Realism

    sony and microsoft will once again stay on top and the wii u is doing worst than the wii in sales mario is only fun for so long

    • NintendoMan

      You didn’t watch the Xbox One announcement, did you? I don’t know if it will fail, but it will definitely be behind PS4 and Wii U in terms of sales and how game-focused it is.

      EDIT: I just realized, there are no games! Only 6 (I think)!

  • NintendoMan

    Xbox One’s competitors are as follows:

    1) VCR
    2) Roku 3
    3) Apple TV
    4) Google TV
    5) Poop

  • Sean Mahana

    I have learned over the years that backwards compatibility is a good thing but also a bad thing. You can easily miss out on new and exciting games by always playing your older games but it goes both ways. You KNOW what games you’ve had fun with so you play them and its hard to experiment with games cause of prices these days. I have an xbox 360. I have fun with my xbox 360. I like being able to sit down and play with a controller without having to swing my arms around (call me traditional). I once thought about how cool it would be for a holodeck(star trek) where I could go in and experience my games first hand and be the person who ruled the world I was in. Later, however, I was told about what I would do when my body got tired and then it hit me, I play games to relieve my stress after a long day. I dont wanna work all day then have to work to play my games. I wanna have fun and relax. I choose the traditional way and leave the new stuff for the next gen kiddos out there! πŸ™‚ Good luck to all 3 consoles but I’ll most likely get an xbox one. But that being said, doesn’t mean that the wii u sucks or is inferior, neither the ps4. They are all good systems in their own right and I can’t wait to see what happens years down the line!

  • MrGeraaf

    So here it is…. i was expecting more and a better case! Looks boring imho.

    It seems to be a very good thing for publishers, with the used game activation,

    most people wil get the xbox1 anyway.. so yaaay Microsoft & greedy Publishers,

    i hope you have wet dreams. (and ofcourse, fail!)

    Xbox One Reveal in Under 2 Minutes

    For me its only WiiU, as i am getting old and cannot frag anymore hours infront of a PC, my arse falls asleep πŸ™‚

    • NintendoMan

      Nintendo met with some retailers to explain their strategy to them. Here’s an inside meeting with Best Buy:

      N: We heard you’re selling our stuff for a discount.
      BB: That’s right.
      N: Well, we’re here to tell you you can only do that with our GAMES. Especially Wii ones.
      BB: Why Wii? Why not Wii U?
      N: Listen closely: (whispers) we’ve got spies in both Sony and Microsoft. Our sources say that both competing consoles will not have backwards compatibility and we want YOU to advertise that. Then, once both consoles are out, people will realize that we have the better deal. Multiple platforms for the price of one (Virtual Console).
      BB: What do WE get if we listen to you?
      N: Hmm… I got it! YOU can be the exclusive provider for all E3 demos. If you didn’t know, this year we’re making it for the people.
      BB: All right, it’s a deal.

  • Larry Howell

    This really bites for gamers, and it’s because MS no longer considers the gamer as it’s target audience for the Xbox brand. Pure speculation, but it seems to me that they too too much in losses on the 360 (geared purely to gamers), and want to create a system that will recoup their costs as quickly as possible by turning it into an all-inclusive living room entertainment system, which would provide them with several opportunities to bring in $ through various applications and services. The Wii U and PS4 are consoles that offer additional services when gamers want to take a break from gaming, but it seems like the Xbox One is a mass entertainment device that also plays games for the gamers who want it. I’m sure that’s not the case, but that’s how MS presented it, and that’s a brick to the nuts for the gamers who helped build the brand.

    • NintendoMan

      Actually, the 360 WASN’T purely for gamers. (I think, I don’t own one) they had child-friendly games (Kinectimals) and movies.

      • Larry Howell

        Those are still games. And gamers can be of any age. Movie streaming functionality was added at a later date. It is still a console designed purely for gamers, even if there have been additions made over time.

  • cade butler

    So If I have a smart TV , PC & Wii U…..I am increasingly happy . Apart from shiny graphics ( do not maketh the game ) I have all the advantages of the Xbox 1 & can use my Wii games , controllers & virtual console games I spent $$ on . Happy

    • NintendoMan

      Except for motion and voice control. *Gasp* What will we do without Kinect in our homes?!? Maybe that’s Microsoft’s strategy…

  • Weraru

    Apparently it’s not a competitor of anything. Nobody likes this console so far. They all just call it the Cablebox One.

  • #DealWithIt… Kidding

    I used to have the xbox 1 but then i upgraded to a blue ray dvd player.

  • Goheels999

    Most importantly, the Wii U looks to be the ONLY console for kids. Xbox One and PS4 are not prominently featuring any kid friendly titles. With that, the lack of backward compatibility and restrictive used game sales, I am EXTREMELY glad I bought the kids a Wii U! Games started off for KIDS and that should be a major focus. The others are selling affordable high end gaming PCs.

  • Ben Kapferer

    After hearing about the Xbox One event, it seems like Wii U doesn’t have so much to worry about after all.

  • This message is to all the trolls and Nintendo haters out there. Now that the XBOX One and PS4 have been revealed I have this to say:

    Nintendo releases a console that offers a pretty substantial graphical improvement over it’s last generation, retains backwards compatibility with games AND controllers/accessories from the previous generation both physical and digital, offers an OPTIONAL upgrade to the digital (virtual console) games so it can be played in the new console menu and have access to the new console features such as off screen play and social network integration, includes media features such as Web Browsing, Netflix, Hulu, youtube and more, and keeps the price in an affordable range and it is Nintendo that has lost touch with the gamers???

  • XEri0x11

    Looks like M$ just hit the crapper!

  • ICHI

    Just been reading the comments section on CVG about the fee Microsoft are charging to install games on other accounts, so you can’t even rent or lend games for the XBOXone and on top of that indie devas are worried as they have removed the indie section of the marketplace putting them in with the AAA games which means they will fall under the same rules and prices. So many people jumping to PS4 over there its almost not funny……If MS weren’t a dickish company like EA I would feel sorry for them

  • Sam
  • Tom

    I don’t necessarily think the ps4 is astoundingly revolutionary, the controller seems a bit gimmicky and it’s a repetitive formula at best. Yes the graphics will be shiny ,and yes it will be a powerful machine, but game wise it’s lacking very badly.

    Honestly, this would be a time for Steam to get a home console, as although I am a huge Nintendo fan, it seems a simple gaming console with a good online gaming structure would win in this generation. The Wii U is too early to tell, being a system that requires so much development per game and is very unique. LoL at the picture below by the way.

    The xbox one is.. meh.. I will buy it only if I have to.. if the games I love, minus like maybe halo, come to this new console and it’s the only way to go, I may do it. but at this point fallout and skyrim and halo are the sole reasons I even still have a 360.

  • Guest

    Reactions to Xboxone.

  • Kirbyomega

    While the Wii U has some pretty awesome features, I would definitely would want to be able to Wii U Chat while at the same time fighting goombas in NSMBU. It seems like this is what Microsoft wanted to do with Skyping and playing games at the same time, which seems like a really cool feature.

    • JA GOOZE

      they have xbox party chat for that, but i do see your point and would also love a chat feature.




    also yup