Apr 29th, 2013



The Virtual Console service that launched this week for Wii U is certainly evolved and refined from its Wii ancestor, if not radically changed.

Eight titles are available at launch in North America:

  • Balloon Fight
  • Punch Out!!
  • Kirby’s Adventure
  • Donkey Kong Jr.
  • Excitebike
  • Ice Climber
  • F-Zero
  • Super Mario World

The list reads more or less the same for Europe and Australia, less Balloon Fight and Kirby but with the addition of Mario’s Super Picross.

A spot pass notification from Nintendo hints at future titles including the already-confirmed Pac-Man and Super Metroid as well as games from the Mega Man series (surprise), the Super Mario Bros series (double surprise), and the Street Fighter series (meaning a Street Fighter II game for SNES. Damn them forever they don’t skip that World Warrior trash and go straight to Turbo), also vaguely confirming Gameboy Advance and Nintendo 64 games for future release.

It’s certainly a light launch, especially in light of Japan’s epic lineup which includes seven Super Nintendo titles, but there’s enough there to whet your appetite at least.

Games are displayed in 1080p (although with black borders to force a 4:3 ratio of course) and they look great in all their pixelated glory. Of particular note is that every game I’ve downloaded so far appears to be running at 60 Hz, which is amazingly good news for everybody in PAL territories who’ve had to put up with the borders and slower speed of the 50 Hz versions for so long, especially after the recent scare of 50 Hz Kirby and Balloon Fight on Wii U. Super Mario World in particular benefits from the bump in smoothness. Let’s hope future releases keep up the trend.

In terms of the emulation options, all the features you’d expect to see are there and not much else. Exiting the game with the home button will automatically suspend your progress so you can jump straight back in next time. If you need a little extra assurance for those hardcore old NES games that don’t allow saving, you can create a restore point at any time. You can easily load that save point back up if you lose too many lives or decide you can do better. Usual bits and bobs like the digital manual are also present.

Something the whole package seems to be lacking is an integrated link to each game’s Miiverse community. If you’re playing Donkey Kong Jr and something fun occurs to you, you actually have to back out to the home menu, wait for the Miiverse app to load and post your quip / doodle / screenshot there before returning to your game. How hard would it have been to put a ‘post to Miiverse’ link in the Virtual Console menu? It definitely seems like a missed opportunity to capitalise on one of the main appeals Wii U Virtual Console has over the Wii version.

Despite that misstep the Miiverse communities are obviously a very welcome feature. The ability to quickly and easily leaf through what other people are saying about your favourite old Super Nintendo game, or to trade codes, secrets and hidden easter eggs through screenshots, legitimately adds a social layer to these experiences and will doubtless become an exciting element of each new VC release.



In short, the Wii U Virtual Console supports any control configuration you could reasonably want to use. Each controller is fully mappable, which is very welcome if you want to play an NES game with the gamepad, classic controller or pro controller. I don’t know about you but I always feel as though Y should be 1 and B should be 2, as opposed to B being 1 and A being 2, so playing with the uneditable Wii VC controls was pretty painful. Now you can easily go in and set it up exactly as you’d like. You can even set a button to bring up the VC menu in case the gamepad is out of reach.

Speaking of the gamepad, the games look great on the smaller screen, if a little less defined. At first play I thought I detected a bit of input lag when playing purely on the gamepad, but after some experimentation I think it’s a result of the slightly spongier buttons the controller has compared to the Wii remote or pro controller.

All in all if somebody’s using the TV and you want to play F-Zero you should try putting the gamepad somewhere close-by on its stand and using it as a tiny TV while you play with the pro controller. The gamepad buttons are serviceable enough if it’s all you have or you want to play in bed though.


Ordinarily it’s a bit presumptuous to take cost into account when reviewing a product, since it’s really the individual gamer’s call as to what constitutes value. In this case it’s worth a look though, since it isn’t immediately clear what exactly you’re paying for. Nintendo already has all the game ROMs sitting around in their servers, so that costs virtually nothing. They need to develop an emulator for each console that will run on Wii U, which is a once-off cost. They need to curate some promo images, a manual and a Miiverse community for each game, which supposedly takes a little manpower. So what are they asking each gamer to pay for the privilege of access to these games?

coinsWell to take an example, across all the territories Super Mario World on Wii U’s Virtual Console will cost you around 10 per cent of what it costs to get a brand new ultra-AAA game (think Grand Theft Auto V). World is priced at $7.99 in the US, $10.40 in Australia and €7.99 / £5.49 in Europe. Admittedly this seems pretty high. You’ll get an 80 per cent discount if you already own the game for Wii — in which case I’d say the addition of Miiverse and off-TV play is worth it if you plan on going back to the game at some point in the future — but you might need to weigh up exactly how much each game means to you if you have to pay the full price, since it’s easy to imagine the cost will stack up quickly.

If I was to make one point in defense of Nintendo’s pricing decision (apart from the fact that they’re free to ask whatever they want for access to games they own), I’d say the company is protecting the integrity and perceived worth of a library they’re very proud of and respectful toward. These games may be small and simple compared to the blockbusters coming out today, and they may bring no fresh experiences to the table, but the last thing Nintendo wants to see is their cherished back-catalogue regarded with the popcorn-like mindset we might bring to a 99 cent iOS game. In the end they’re not charging you what it cost them to produce the game plus a profit, they’re charging you what they feel the experience should cost you.

So if you disagree with the pricing very strongly I urge you to vote with your wallet and not buy any of the Virtual Console games. I wouldn’t hold your breath for a price drop though. At this point I strongly suspect Nintendo would prefer to sell 10,000 copies at $8 than 40,000 at $2.

Final thoughts

If you’re happy to fork out the asking price for each title, the Wii U Virtual Console is definitely the most convenient, pretty and feature-rich way to legitimately enjoy these old games.

On that note, to the first person who jumps into the comments and writes something to the effect of “oh great Nintendo releases the same bunch of gaems they’ve released 20 time already I can’t wait to play them never haw haw haw”: congratulations on being the awesomest, funniest and most original person among us. Thank you sincerely for expressing your sage-like wisdom and unveiling truths previously unseeable to us mere mortals.

In seriousness, that person would be missing the point. Nobody’s expecting anything new or revolutionary from this service. It’s a way to play old games you can’t get enough of, want to return to, or missed the last few times around. It enhances without subtracting by instituting save states, off-TV play and a dedicated forum in which to discuss and boast about your favourite games with like-minded players. It delivers exactly what it means to deliver, and as time goes on the Virtual Console will absolutely become a bullet-point feature of the Wii U, whether or not you agree with me that that’s something we should be pleased about.

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  • Link Slayer

    I think the games are way over priced. And more importantly there just ain’t enough!

    • Jack5221

      I have to disagree with that. I got Ballon Fight, F-Zero, Punch Out, and Kirby for 30 cents each. Kirby is still 30 cents and when Super Metroid, Yoshi, and Donkey Kong come out they will also be 30 cents. Take advantage of the promotion.

      • AAAkabob

        The point is that those prices will never happen again.

        • Jack5221

          Exactly, so take advantage of the promotion while its still going on. I know for a fact that Super Metroid is going to be popular, getting that for 30 cents is a win – win for everyone.

      • Link Slayer

        I’m not talking about the 30 cent ones man im talking about the other ones. and why cant they put out games like chrono trigger and final fantasy 3 the games they are putting out are not selling games. I dont understand why Nintendo dont want my money. I have got all the ones for 30 cents those are great deals!

        • Magnus Eriksson

          They do this BECAUSE they want your money. Now a lot of people will buy Excitebike and Iceclimbers because they dont have many other option. This way Nintendo can sell more at a whole.

    • Nintedward

      Not at all overpriced. You get off tv play , Miiverse integration with screenshots and restore points. It makes these old games feel modern and relevant again.

      The Wiiu virtual console is 10 times better than the Wii’s in that sense. And it will be awesome watching it fill up with games and using the Wiiu’s unique features to enjoy them even more than ever!

      (Edit – this article is extremely well written , the last paragraph in particular)

      • Link Slayer

        you have a point i would just like to see some games that I have trouble finding or care about like Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, and Lttp. Or even some Mega Man games. I do think the 30 cent games are a great deal

        • Nintedward

          Exactly. Just think about this – You get stuck on Lttp or CT right , and you take a screenshot on Wiiu and post a comment asking for help. That is insanely awesome when you think about it , right ? Miiverse is seriously amazing in that sense.

          Then you have off tv play which is just %$^&ing awesome and I use 50% of the time with my Wiiu , whether taking a dump or playing under my bed sheets. 🙂

          • José Abraham Cervantes Posadas

            But the features of Miiverse, Screenshots, Save Points etc. not mean a particular work on each game… I also want more for my money…

          • Nintedward

            It is what it is. Nintendo isn’t forcing people to buy these VC games , I’m just gratefull I have the choice to play my favorite retro games with Off tv play and miiverse (sounds like a broken record)

          • José Abraham Cervantes Posadas

            My point is: We are the clients, we have the rights to expect more from Nintendo, we can be Nfans and also expect more from our money (and also that can help to sell more consoles, better services), but every opinion is important 🙂

          • Andrew W Garttmeyer

            I really do not think I would use Miiverse to ask for help for a game I was stuck in. Youtube is so much easier, or google.

            I really would like trophies, or just one trophy saying I completed the game. Than, in years time I could look back and see what games I had completed and the fun memories I had searching for that secret item that got me a trophy. meh, I know I am in the minority, but it is important to me.

          • Nintedward

            Wrong. Youtube is not easier. You can post a screenshot in Miiverse within seconds it’s up.

            Miiverse is just awesome , not just for help but for other things also. It’s like a portfolio of your Wiiu memories sharable with all your friends.
            You can look back on the comments you made , draw an awesome picture etc etc.

            Miiverse is the best gaming network out there so far.

          • Link Slayer

            i ubsurdly agree man. I love Miiverse. Having that Miiverse intergration to games I really want like that on VC that would be so great.

          • Nintedward

            Exactly, just being able to screenshot funny moments of games and have all your friend list laugh , give you a yeah and reply etc is incredible , it really is.

    • Peanut Smith

      Depends on the game, I gotta call the writer’s credibility into account if he thinks Super Mario World is Small, Simple, and doesn’t bring anything fresh to the table. It’s one of the best games ever made reguardless of it’s age

      • fireheartis1

        The writer was making fun of people who say that crap. He wasn’t saying it himself bro.

    • Nintendofreak

      not really try to find that same game on a ebay n tell me if its overpriced

      • That is a very good point… I guess what people need to realize while emulators and ROMs may be free to get illegally it doesn’t mean some of the classic games are cheap to get through legal channels.

        • Wayne Beck

          ROMs also tend to be unstable. There is nothing worse than playing through 30 hours of a classic RPG only to hit a point where the ROM fails and continues to fail no matter how many times you reset it.

          • Yes I know. I am running a dolphin emulator and ripped all the games I had for GameCube using the original discs and dumped them into the emulator. Some run fine with minor glitches but many have audio and graphical glitches. From reading in the forums and such it seems that is the norm. NES and SNES roms are more easily emulated but still unless one can prove they still own the original game then it is definitely illegal.

    • CharmanderRulz

      I don’t like the way they price them based on how old the console is. Think how deep and more worth the cash Kirby (NES) is over Balloon Fight (NES). If they pumped out games like Summon Knight, Chrono Triger, Mario World and Super Metroid (just some good old games I thought off or where coming out) then they could even double the price but I don’t find things like Balloon Fight or Ice Climber that playable after you all it has to offer in level one. The odd £1 ($1.50) game sale would help. PS Awesome 30p sale Nintendo!

      • Adam Fox

        doing it by game value is pointless…Nintendo has pretty much had a flat-rate by console since the Wii was released……the flat-rate price ensures pretty much anyone can afford it….otherwise it’d be better off to hunt down the cartridges for the game

        • CharmanderRulz

          yes valuing a game by it’s “game value” sure sounds pointless… and the amount of time they have been doing something doesn’t affect how good of a choice it was. For example changing the verbs and nouns of what you said: “EA has pretty much had bad DRM and in game cash grabs since far too long” so using that logic EA made a good move. You have to understand 1) some gen 10 games will be worse than gen 3 or 4 games and 2) I wanted cheaper games “£1 ($1.50) game sale” PS even if Chrono Trigger was the price of the Wii U the cartridge would still cost more!

      • Link Slayer

        O i wold pay 10 to 20 for chrono trigger or lttp or some final fantasy games

        • Adrian

          I’m waiting for those FF games!

        • CharmanderRulz

          I think games like Chrono Trigger would be worth the $500 – $1,000 cartridge price they go for now but $8 is too much for some of the games that couldn’t age any better than the lesser liked SEGA Classics collection CD mini games. I would get games I’m not that interested in if it had a good sale on.

    • fireheartis1

      Wait a minute you think $5.00 and $8.00 of enhanced version of an older game is over priced. Man what an dork man if you try to buy the cartridge on eBay guess what your paying the same thing, and there is no enhancements to the games what so ever. They look awful on HD televisions and you can’t play them without the TV either. I know because I play my Genesis on an HD TV and although the fun is still there the graphics look weird. I need to invest in an SD TV to get the graphics the way they were. Man sometimes you people trip me out with this crap. $5.00 and $8.00 will not break your bank account bro. Heck to could by at least 6 of those games and spend just as much as you do on one brand new game. Geez people grow up and learn some economics already.

      • Link Slayer

        have you ever hurd of a yard sale i could get these games 50 cents a piece

        • José Abraham Cervantes Posadas

          Some people dont want a better service from Nintendo :/, i like Nintendo but I expect more from them!

      • Link Slayer

        Im not knocking them man I just want good games. Games that are harder to find. A linke to the past would be nice Chrono Trigger and some Final Fantasys. and the 30 cent ones are nice but i really think all the titles on there should be 30 cents to a dollar and not go up. Ill send 10 dollars for LttP and Chrono Trigger

    • HSN1

      “World is priced at $7.99 in the US, $10.40 in Australia and €7.99 / £5.49 in Europe”

      And that’s where I ask myself if anyone in the video game industry in general ever went to economics class

      • CharmanderRulz

        The USA $ and the € have a close average value but I’m just glad they didn’t group the € and £ with the € price despite the pound (£) being worth more like they used to.

        • HSN1

          Well, it’s about 2€ difference out of an 8€ product, so there is some difference…

          • CharmanderRulz

            You are looking the the transfer rate of a individual time and checking one product’s price can be very in accurate for obvious reasons. Remember that the difference will change witch is why I used an “average value” instead of saying a “difference”

    • Denvy

      Overpriced? But you complain there aren’t enough overpriced games for you to pay too much for?

      • tronic307

        The food is terrible—and such small portions!

    • Robert Anderson


  • DK_Hadouken

    I’m just itching for the Virtual Console’s library to grow more on the Wii U. I think they’re perfectly priced. Why? Because these are not mobile game Apps. They’re full blown classic hardcore games that never get old.

    • Totally agree. More concerning to me than the price is the selection. In a perfect world Nintendo will look at what’s available on Wii VC, re-release the games that would most benefit from off-TV play and miiverse communities, then focus on getting out some of the gems that never made it to the VC at all.

      • DK_Hadouken

        All in due time.

  • AAAkabob

    Of course they’d prefer 100,000 at $8, rather than 40,000 at $2…who wouldn’t =d

    And fixed, just a lil funny error Ithought I’d help w/

    • Adrian

      That was supposed to be $10,000. haha I noticed that misplaced comma as well.

    • Luis Gonzalez

      I agree here. This games should be in the $1 to $2 range. $5 to $10 it’s too much for old games.

      • Adrian

        $5 to $10 is appropriate for classics and masterpieces. But way too much for old games in general.

    • Haha, whoops. That comma’s definitely in the wrong place.

    • Fixed. Thanks for that 🙂

    • Ford Crews

      But that isn’t what will happen, they will sell 40k at 8, instead of 150k at $2

  • Jack5221

    I for one am very happy with the VC. I don’t think the games are over priced at all either. They’re all under 10 dollars so for that Im happy with Ice Climbers and Super Mario World.

  • Adrian

    Price aside (which sucks for collecting game, but is fine for grabbing classics you are interested in). I am curious about what happens for MULTIPLAYER? I’ve never played a multiplayer VC game. Can I have Gamepad be controller1, and Wii U Pro Controller be controller 2? What *controller* options do you have for second (or third or fourth) player?

    • Hey Adrian. There is an option in the VC menu to set the gamepad to player 1,2,3 or 4. The other connected controllers will fill the player spaces in the order they’re connected. So for example in Super Mario World if you connect the gamepad and a pro controller they will both default to player 1, but you can switch the gamepad to player 2. I assume when we have N64 games it will work the same way.

      • Jason Carroll

        I struggled with that last night. I turned on my pro controller after starting SMW, and it automatically put the pro controller to player 2. I switched the gamepad to player 2, but couldn’t find a way to switch the pro controller…kind of frustrating.

        • Yeah the way the gamepad interacts with the other controllers (or rather the way it doesn’t) is really weird. I think they kept a lot of the Wii programming for the controllers so they could use the old Wii remotes. You can’t designate a player number for the controllers, you can only set their order via the home menu. So if you have a remote and a pro controller you can decide which is 1 and which is 2, but you can’t make them 3 and 4. If you only have a pro controller, it will always be 1. So to play 2 player you have to set the gamepad to 2.

      • Adrian

        Ahh, OK cool. Thank you!

    • AAAkabob

      Yep you’d be able to use compatible controllers for multiplayer

  • Michael Dierlam

    I wish they would use VC to sell more consoles rather than trying to squeeze every cent they can out of the classics. Why not offer 5 free VC games to new buyers of the console during a particular month? If Nintendo actually promoted it, I think it could stir up some buyers looking to recapture some of their childhood memories.

    • I know that if you have a club nintendo account that they occasionally offer VC game and other digital content downloads for the price of the coins you earn by buying games in the first place. Still I think shaving a couple dollars off the cost will sell more quantity and make it more appealing to more people.

  • Don’t most games on the Wii U lack an integrated link straight to Miiverse? Just curious, I don’t use Miiverse a whole lot.

    As long as there are a couple of games coming out on the Wii U VC weekly, then I’ll be satisfied. Once that is covered, I’m ready for other improvements to the VC.

    • With retail games it’s up to the developer. They can integrate Miiverse however they like. So in New Super Mario Bros U you’ll be prompted to write a post if you accomplish something cool. In Nintendo Land there’s an option to post from the results page after every event. Obviously it couldn’t be integrated like this in the ROM of an old game, but having a quick post option in the VC menu seems like it would have been a nice and easy touch.

      I totally agree though, they don’t need to be assigning resources to take care of such minor issues right now :P.

      • Good to know, thanks!

  • Now you know why the Wii U is failing. Who needs to waste money on these when all you need are emus? You get all of the games and they look better. You also save a lot!

    • Adrian

      We can just ignore the fact that those are completely illegal and copyright infringement.

      • That’s right, we ignore it.

        • Adrian

          Haha, exactly. You are here advocating to do something illegal that is tantamount to stealing.

          You may as well be saying “PS3? Why buy it? you can just break into your friend’s place and steal theirs.” Shoot why pay for anything, when you can just steal it?

        • tronic307

          I had a game copier for the SNES, and guess what? I still bought the games I really liked. It was sweet to get leaked betas months early, though.

        • jay

          You support stealing yet wanna work for the gaming industry?!!


    • Nintedward

      Why eat at a fancy restaurant when you can go and Hunt , gut , and cook it yourself ? Because the restaurant is comtorble , convenient , tasty and you like the people who work there.

      Off tv play , official Miiverse communities , Restore points. 3 Major reasons why Wiiu virtual console is by far and out , the definitive way to enjoy Retro gaming.

      • I like this metaphor. Nicely done.

        • Nintedward

          Cheers 😉

      • Nintendofreak

        i dont like the people at restaurants i just go there for the food

        • Nintedward

          You don’t have any Restaurant where you like the people ? i have a few like that , in particular an awesome turkish restaurant.

        • Adrian

          I also could care less about how nice my waiter or server is. I want the food, not the conversation or forced politeness.

    • Emus? You go farm your flightless birds all you like, I’m playing Mario.

      • DK_Hadouken

        Well played.

      • JB

        Why in the world did I laugh so hard at your comment? Awesome! You sir, get a gold star!

    • DK_Hadouken

      When I was younger I had to sell my old games and console to pay a portion for my new games and console. I also got the new console and games when the priced was dropped significantly because my Mother thought it was a rip-off to pay for the original price. I was stuck with Mario, Link, DK and Samus. So I was lucky to get anything.

      So, I guess I waste money on games that I’ve missed the chance to play from the most reliable source and don’t have the original console it was for anymore to play the ones I have played.

      Regarding emulators: “FREE” is not always the right price.

      • In this case – it’s the BEST price! Not only that, you save a ton of space in your house. You get the emu and the 360 controller – you are on it!

        • DK_Hadouken

          You’re telling me to play Classic Nintendo games with a 360 control scheme? That is wrong on so many levels.

          Nintendo Classic Games = Nintendo Controls
          Sony Classic Games = Sony Controls
          Xbox Classic… Oh wait! I almost said Xbox has class.

          By-the-way, Emus bite.

          • Well that’s how you do it, I prefer not to have a million and one outdated systems lying around. Emus are great – there is no need to wait form Nintendo to roll the games out and charge you!

          • dubYA

            Enough about emus already! I want to know how you feel about ostriches!

          • Zuxs13

            Yeah they are great except they are illegal.

          • Ben Kapferer

            Have you listened to any video game music on YouTube lately? Because that’s also illegal.

          • Zuxs13

            Listening to music on YouTube is not illegal. Posting a full version of it with out permission is though its against copy right laws. You listening to it is no different then listening to it on the radio. You only make an illegal action if you copy that music.

          • Ben Kapferer

            “Posting a full version of [music] with out permission” is how almost all music on YouTube is uploaded.

            Besides, you are saying that the person posting/copying the music is performing an illegal action, yet you hold the audience of emulated games for responsibility instead of the person who copied and uploaded the ROM files.

          • Zuxs13

            Um that’s because that’s the law. Downloading emulators is illegal, I never stated the people providing them were not performing an illegal act, because they are too.

            You are not performing an illegal by streaming YouTube, otherwise the site would have been shut down. Duh. If you download and save the video/and or redistribution it you are now performing the illegal act.

            Copyright laws are behind the times. But they allow one digital copy of something you may already own. So if you still posses an original copy of an nes game than you are allowed a back up digital copy. But playing that on any device not intended for its use. Ie a PC is illegal.

          • Ben Kapferer

            Actually, there is a legal grey-area concerning emulators. I don’t see how a reverse-engineered emulator would itself be breaking any laws, provided that it shares no code with the system it’s emulating (and the person using the emulator uses a BIOS they extracted themselves from a system they own). And there’s the legal back-up concept you brought up.

            I think it’s obtaining ROM and BIOS files of games and systems you don’t own (such as downloading them from “ROM archive” sites) that’s illegal.

            I know Nintendo claims on their site that emulators are illegal, but I think they’re fudging the truth a little to protect sales (like how they say you can’t get your games and applications back after your 3DS breaks, even though some people have done so).

          • Zuxs13

            right so its still illegal as this guy say it,” who needs these games when all you need are emus” How many people out there can make a legitimate copy of a 30 year old NES cart and put it onto a PC? its not exactly easy to do, so most Down Load the game code from some one else which is an illegal act.

            If you want to have these games again and you no longer have the original then buy it. If you dont like the price either wait for a sale, use your Club Nintendo coins to get it, or don’t buy it. Its that simple.

          • Ben Kapferer

            You say most people use emulation for “Down Load the game code from some one else [sic]”, so that makes (all) emulation in general illegal? Isn’t that stereotyping?

            Also, Virtual Console is emulation by definition.

          • Zuxs13

            I didnt say anything of that sort.

            Yes VC is emulation, which is done by the company with the copy rights or done with the Company with those rights. And even this isn’t perfect, as often many games have been pulled down due to many other copy right laws.

        • Okay, now you’re supporting piracy?

          • I don’t consider emus piracy since these are products that had not been offered by the authors. Besides, how do we know that Nintendo is not using Emus and the ROMS made by others?

          • Kirzan

            There are terms of use attached to the use of Emulators and ROMs. They all come with different rules as well. But it might still be possible to 100% legally use ROMs.

            It’s kind of like movie copies. If you already own it, and if you’re not making money with it (redistributing), you can do whatever you want with it.

            Some exceptions (I think) are like ePSXe’s CPU file. It’s required by the emulator, but it’s an official Sony file which isn’t legal to use, I think…

            It is, however, 100% piracy to just download an EMU and a ROM you don’t physically own and play them indefinitely. I say indefinitely because, unless it changed, you COULD legally play a ROM you didn’t own for 24 hours after acquiring the file. But since the recession and the massive boom in video games, all of these rules may have changed… For the worst.

        • jay


          He advises to play NINTENDO games on a 360

          What a troll!

    • Jack5221

      Lol… Yeah, THIS, the virtual console is the reason the Wii U is “failing”. Wii U isent failing, low sales numbers with profits does not equal failure. The reason for low sales is the lack of 1st party games. Remember when 3DS came out? Remember when Xbox 360 came out? Remember when PS3 came out? They ALL had low sales numbers similar to Wii U. Why? Because of the lack of 1st party games. As more games came out, the sales increased more and more. If you seriously think that the virtual console, which was just released, is the reason for low sales numbers then you’re an idiot.

      • jay

        He’s obviously a little kid. He never understands mature conversation.

    • fireheartis1

      Now we know why your trolling is failing Ignoranceiswhatsup. You fail to see that emulators are illegal most of the time and carry a heft fine if your caught using them. Plus emulators never get anything right. Sorry bro but the ignorance is strong with you, and ignorance leads to stupidity.

    • I see you on every Nintendo post you just like to troll Nintendo don’t listen to this guy he obviously has something against Nintendo…..

    • jay

      This is the fucking moron that said he was gonna send his resume to Nintendo.

      Yet his pirate ass is supporting emulation.


  • Adrian

    So how do we petition Nintendo to make a VC folder for our Wii U “desktop”?

    • CharmanderRulz

      Before Miiverse complaints got the Wii U more memory but now we got a
      Luigi’s community, 60HZ virtual console games (Kirby was made at 50HZ),
      EarthBound, the chance to talk to the game makers such as the people
      that over worked them self’s to make Toki Tori, speed upgades, monster
      hunter features and more so I suggest Miiverse.

  • incoherent1

    One thing I’d like to see is a better UI for organizing VC games. Rather than each taking up an icon on the home page, it’d be nice if you had one icon for VC, then have the option to list by console / A-Z / etc. within that, or alternatively maybe you could create folders a la iOS. For people who buy a lot of VC games, their home screen is going to get cluttered very quickly as the library grows, but maybe this is something Nintendo plans to address down the line!

    • HvemFormetMeningeneDine

      3DS has folders, hope they come to WII U.

      • tronic307

        +1! I think I’ve already used up two pages out of what, six?

      • Kirzan

        Probably… When there are more than 8 games.

      • Kermit Johnson

        3DS folders are a godsend for me. You know how many games I have–a crap ton. Having folders for the WiiU would be nice, especially when I get more Virtual Console games for it.

    • DK_Hadouken

      I agree. The Virtual Console needs it’s own section like the Wii.

    • Jack5221

      Yea I’d like that too. I honestly thought that the update would bring us like an App called Virtual Console where all our old school titles would be located as opposed to a section in the eShop labeled “Virtual Console”

    • Exactly what I was thinking. I Wish the VC had its own app rather than have each game use one slot on the home screen.

      • Magnus Eriksson

        Or some sort of folder system if N is going to launch all other systems from Wii and GBA and perhaps GCN

  • Justin Lee

    Don’t they have emulators on pc to play these types of games?

    • Yes they do… The problem is there is legality and emulators are not always perfect. Many games may work flawlessly but some have glitches and defects to the point of being unplayable. I have the dolphin emulator for GameCube/Wii and using utilities to rip the GameCube discs I have made some of them playable on my HTPC but many of them are very buggy when it comes to sound and graphic glitches. I only ripped the discs I own from when I had a gamecube which still may be illegal.

      I do agree with some of the opinion here that the games may be priced a bit high. I understand that some development goes into making these games work with the emulator but $8 for a SNES game is a few bucks too high.

    • fireheartis1

      Emulators are illegal dude and they all should be shut down. I would gladly pay $5.00 and $8.00 dollars for a game brought out by the company that made them then play an emulator that really doesn’t get the feel of the game right. Screw piracy bro I’d rather do it the legal way.

    • jay

      GET A JOB loser. It’s only 8 bucks.

  • CanesterJr

    Soooo are Wii getting GTAV???

    • CharmanderRulz

      some high ups at Nintendo publicly say they want it on Wii U and there where odd delays on GTAV around this time but none of this is prof. I say we have about a 40% chance of getting it mostly considering how long GTA games take to make and how early on the game platforms are chosen.

    • tronic307

      I don’t think that would sell that great even if Nintendo published it themselves. The market for Nintendo consoles and GTA games doesn’t overlap that much. While I wouldn’t rule it out 100%, don’t expect it to sell like gangbusters.

  • Tim van Broekhoven

    Stupid Nintendo… Releasing the same games over and over again. Come with something new!

    • Winner!

    • Willgord

      Excellent troll-impression! Now, do fanboy!

    • Tim van Broekhoven

      Hahahahaha of course it was sarcasm you… Slim mens

  • Ugslick

    I think something like $5 per would be very reasonable, that said I dont yet have a Wii U and am very sad to be missing out on those $0.30 promotions, especially for Super Metroid which Ive never played, but I have a few games on Wii VC, which I can presumably upgrade at a discount, like Super Mario World (WOOHOO). 🙂
    I guess there are perks and disadvantages to being an early adopter, and Nintendo likes to reward those who buy their consoles. Especially now in the digital age with more and more promotions and the accessibility of the eShop. I will be picking one up soon! Hopefully, but priorities come in the way (sigh) for now…

  • Austin Troth

    I hope n64 games uprender to 720p at least! The n64 games on the wii looked great and I would love to see them even better

    • The SNES games are displayed at 1080p and look super sharp. I’m sure the N64 games will be the same. We can all be even more freaked out that Smash Bros actually looked that terrible 😛

      • DemonRoach

        No, they are displayed at 480i. Just because the game is run through a 1080 signal doesn’t mean the game is rendered at 1080.

        • Yeah, I get they’re not upscaled. But they look much nicer than the Wii VC games do when the system forces itself down to outputting a 480p signal.

          • Nintendofan

            I’m pretty sure it’s also because the Wii cable was shit, I never had a clear picture. My old psOne with RGB cable had a sharper picture.

        • Zuxs13

          Technically your TV is actually displaying them in what ever your TV’s native resolution is. Your TV will actually up convert them and add in the missing pixels. But it doesn’t change the games resolution being out put to the TV. (IE a 1080 res TV doesn’t shut off a bunch of its pixels to display a 480 image) hats why some TV’s cost more than others, their TV algorithms to convert images and processors are better.

        • tronic307

          There were very few 480i games on the SNES. You couldn’t have scaling and rotation at 480i plus the color palette would get halved. If you wanted 60fps back then, you had to drop down to 240 lines. Most SNES games were 240p. The Wii can display the games at the original 240p resolution when set to 480i, but the Wii U can’t go that low.

  • Jake

    You can get a 20 year old game for $8. Or get Pushmo for less or a mobile game that is less the $3

    • dubYA

      Super Mario World > Pushmo > almost every mobile game ever made

      • Jake

        The walking dead: the is much better. $15 is worth the price.

        • tronic307

          If that’s supposed to be a Yoda impression, I think you overdid it.

  • Peter Rogers

    Can i just say..and dony bite my head off fanboys coz i own a wii u and have had every nintendo home console. If these videos ive been seeing for the new xbox illumiroom are for real….WOW. Im seriously thinking about getting one. Cant wait till E3. Ive never had an xbox. Its always been nintendo 1st, playstation 2nd. But i think my 2nd choice of console cud well be the new xbox if they pull this illumiroom off.

  • DemonRoach

    1. Horrible Pricing 2. No video filter options 3. Poor Selection.

    • jay

      Pricing is actually cheap. I would pay 10 bucks for these classics.

      Go back to playing $1 angry turds 🙁

      • DemonRoach

        I wouldn’t I paid 10 bucks for them 20 years ago when they were 10 years old then.

  • Adrian

    Wii U Virtual Console’s good points
    Ability to play old, great games on your HD tv
    Ability to play on the gamepad
    Multiplayer with the Wii U Pro Controller
    Ability to map controls
    Save states

  • tronic307

    NES Pac-Man? That’s wack, man!

  • Jim

    I will throw my money at nintendo once they publish n64 games on the VC

  • tronic307

    Dear Nintendo,
    Please don’t hold back A Link to the Past to tie in with the 3DS sequel; we want to replay it NOW!!!

  • Kyle Berger

    is the frame rate Hz divided by 2? or is it something else?

  • Ducked

    I love the Wii U virtual console. I’d love to see a Nintendo 64 Virtual console next.

  • We need the original starfox and starfox 2 plz!

  • jerry

    LOL poor nintendo slurpers!!!you get a lame virtual cack store while the new xbox gets IIIUMIROOM!!!!
    All you nintendo fans who said microsoft copies nintendo get real this new feature of the xbox 720 is pure awesome and with it will easily destroy the ps4 and under powered cack wiiu!!!

    • tronic307

      Let’s see Microsoft turn IllumiRoom into an actual product that doesn’t cost at least as much as the console itself.

    • and that, my friends, is the happiness of a MS fan who is finally having the joy of seeing something from his beloved company that isn’t a complete rip-off of Nintendo’s inovations. Congrats, dude! You’re feeling now what Nintendo fans felt since 80’s LOL

      • jay

        I’ve noticed this from sony/ms fanboys.

        Problem is ms BUYS their “innovations”

        Kinect? Created by a third party. It was originally called Zcam and developed for the Wii. Nintendo didn’t wanna steal another persons idea so they rejected the project. ms then payed tons of money and took the tech for themselves.

        Halo? Originally created by Apple. ms pulled out tons of money and bought the franchise for themselves.

        Nintendo is made of artists and engineers.
        ms is made of business men.

        Doubt me?

        Then LOOK IT UP…

        • Kirzan

          LOOK UP IN PROGRESS… Analyzing… Analyzing…

          – Bungie made Marathon.

          – ZCam is a technology, not something that was supposed to come out as “ZCam”. The Wii Remote is guilty of the same crime as they used someone else’s technology: Infrared.

          – As far as I know, SCE and Microsoft Games Studios are also full of artists and engineers.

          You seem to confuse “innovation” with “different control scheme”. Innovation is when something releases with an entirely new, never seen before, concept. Having to point the controller to aim as opposed to using a stick, isn’t innovation. Most, if not all, first party Nintendo games have followed the same identical format since it’s first iteration. You are blinded by fanboyism if you fail to see Zelda’s repeating patterns. Even more if you think applying the RPG template with SMB skins is innovation. Even more if you think turning Metroid into a First Person Shooter is innovation.

          Control schemes most gamers dislike using =/= innovation. This applies to all platforms and all of their control scheme failures.

          Here’s another example of something you might think is innovative, yet isn’t:

          Super Mario Galaxy. SMB slapped onto Super Stardust HD’s format. Stardust may not be the first game to use platforming on a sphere, but it still came out before. Therefore in this example, assuming no other game used this kind of camera and gameplay mechanics, Stardust is “slightly innovative”, or at least more so than Galaxy.

    • jay

      Microsoft has copied Nintendo since the original Xbox.

      How ignorant are you?

      and whats a “cack wii u”.

  • Krzysztof Bobkowski

    Over priced ? Have you guys seen FF4 in AppStore ? £11 !!! That’s what I call over priced.

    • Gabe Hoffman

      Or how about that horrid Pokemon knock off with $100 in app purchases

  • John Andalora

    I own most of them for their respective systems.
    So, unfortunately, the VC launch doesn’t hold much for me.

  • Nintendofan

    I like how ppl claim that the VC games are better than pc emulators because they have off screen TV play, restore points and miiverse integration.

    Off screen TV play = unhook your computer, your handheld android handheld console or whatever from tv.

    Restore points = usually called save states, and does the exact same thing, except you have 10. Even the ps2 era emulators can do that, though some games glitch up, but the old emus never do that. The Wii VC has one, while Wii U has two – big upgrade, huh? The Snes 9 emulator for the Wii probably had 10.

    Miiverse integration = gamefaqs forum, way faster if you get stuck, since you’re never the first to have encounter that problem! I even do that on the Wii U. For now Miiverse is hopeless since it’s a one thread concept – every question goes unnoticed in the stream of silly drawings of bunnies and posts like “Dear Bowser, etc…”.

    I doubt I will be buying that many VC games, since I already bought the blockbusters on the Wii and played the rest to death as a child. I would love see Super Mario Allstars on VC, but that’s probably never going to happen. Also, I would have liked a few options for filters and to stretch the screen from the original ratio to 16:9 – I’d rather have a stretched picture than burn-ins on my plasma tv.

    That said, I hope people will continue to play the old classics

  • TrueWiiMaster

    Did anyone else think the audio was way too quiet on Super Mario World? Whether through the TV (I can turn it up here, but I have to go much higher than I should) or with headphones on the Gamepad it’s just too quiet.

    And I agree completely on the prices. Sure, Nintendo’s made tons of money on these games by now, more than covering their original costs, but that doesn’t mean the games are worth less. Speaking for myself, I know that if the NES games were a buck a pop, I’d buy tons of them and give only a few the attention they deserve. Nintendo’s old games don’t deserve app prices, nor do they deserve to be treated as throwaways.

    • I agree on the sound level. Full volume on the gamepad is way too quiet. I think about the gamepad across the board though.

  • William

    I’ll wait till they put some n64 games or amazing games from nes or snes at an special price (battle toads is amazing too) definitely i would pay a rasonable price to play for example mario party 3 and play it again with my brothers in my hd tv :3

  • Pikachief

    I only ever wanted 2 things from virtual console

    1. Online Matchmaking / Online Co-op for multiplayer games (Gauntlet Legends on N64 online!)

    2. Turok 2: Seeds of Evil

    Now I know the 1st is just wishful thinking, but I really just want to play Turok 2 with decent controls. The game’s current controls are just terrible and its my favorite FPS!

    • Mark Thom

      Turok 2 YEA!!!! now u talking

  • brian murphy

    full screen support on tv and controller and id be happy

    • Really? Would you prefer they stretched or cropped? Either option seems pretty gross to me.

  • William Cole

    Why hasn’t Nintendo made concrete plans on Gamecube and Gameboy advance games on Wii U? They should at least show it or upload one game at least for Gamecube and Gameboy. Same with 3DS, they gave 10 free GBA games to ambassadors, why not just upload those ten at least. I really don’t get Nintendo. Playstation Store is killer, they give you what you want. Nintendo needs to take note of this.

    I tell you what though. If Nintendo allows all Wii U games to be mapped to a pro controller then they should release an SKU without a controller which makes up over half the cost of Wii U and replace it with more space and 2 pro controllers for those who want more space. The Pro should be able to navigate through the Wii U main GUI too. Nintendo is just being stubborn right now. One thing I will say is that Sony isn’t as stubborn as Nintendo. Japanese developers are stubborn as it is but Nintendo takes the cake. They won’t even take scripts that Mother 3 translators offered for free.

    Allowing Gamecube and Dreamcast games on Wii U would be a great thing for Wii U. I just wish Nintendo could embrace their older software a lot more.

  • José Abraham Cervantes Posadas

    I hate the launch lineup of the Virtual Console, I am a Nfan, but, I dont feel very pleased to pay to Nintendo again and again and again for the same games on different consoles, I really want a merged Virtual Console with Wii U and 3DS, I want low prices to games like Ice Climber and Donkey Kong Jr., I want soon games like Sonic the Hedgehog, Street Fighter Alpha 2, Arcade Games, games that actually other consoles offer, but I want to have it on my Nintendo console, no in the others. I am no a Nintendo hater, but I want more from Nintendo.

  • jay

    “On that note, to the first person who jumps into the comments and writes something to the effect of “oh great Nintendo releases the same bunch of gaems they’ve released 20 time already I can’t wait to play them never haw haw haw”: congratulations on being the awesomest, funniest and most original person among us. Thank you sincerely for expressing your sage-like wisdom and unveiling truths previously unseeable to us mere mortals.”

    This paragraph reminded me of that immature knowledgeiswhatsup kid lol

  • discuss

    The pricing is to high for such old games (which I already completed). If I want to play them again I’ll use an emulator.

  • Kirzan

    Well… Updated today. Hadn’t really been keeping up on the news, but, I seriously expected more than 3 new games with the VC. I also seriously expected at least one game per older platform, and 1 game of each genre…

    It’s not like they didn’t have time. So far, as far as development of the console itself, they’ve had 1 major update aside from the launch update which was a clear fail and doesn’t really count as “something to improve the user’s experience”.

    6 months and all we get is Ice Climbers, Excitebike and SMW… I can live with SMW, it has on-going progress and content. But Ice Climbers and Excitebike really are just quick fix games like Balloon Fight in which you’d have to be the hardest core fan to sink dozens of hours in anymore. And yeah, I am excluding the already released 30 years anniversary promotional games, because they weren’t really part of the VC package.

    Where are the RPGs? Am I not aware of a conflict with SquareEnix? Add Mario 64, Metroid Prime, any Mario Kart game, any Final Fantasy game, and Paper Mario/Super Mario RPG to that list and it would have been KILLER!

    Opportunities to wow the entire player base (not only hardcore fans who buy everything Nintendo releases) will eventually stop coming. They keep pushing and pushing and I’m just really scared of E3 2013, and how it might yet be just another missed opportunity.

  • Sabrina Müller

    why so damn expensive? why so perky to pay again and give a 80% sale?
    “At this point I strongly suspect Nintendo would prefer to sell 10,000 copies at $8 than 40,000 at $2.”
    i would say nintendo sells 1,000 copies at $8 by absolute fanboys than 40,000 at $2 by general customer.
    virtual console is not more than a better emulator. nintendo has absolute no costs and try to get a hight price for a totally old game. its the same price of a hd-indie-game, which the customer not already owns for snes or wii.

    • Why should the price go down just because the game’s been released before? You say the games are the same, just with better emulation, but you want the price to go down? Why?

      • Sabrina Müller

        why do i get a raspberry pi at 40$ ? but a 286 cost 1000$ ?
        the development of the game is already paid. there is no effort nintendo has. why having few sales from few customers than many sales with different games and different customers. iphone apps sells 10.000-100.000 times more than virtual console games.
        few people only buy 1-2 virtual console games. = 16$. why not 8×2$ from 10 times more customers?

  • Andrew Forza

    i must not have figured it out yet, but how do you just turn the screen off of the gamepad? i like using it to play just fine i don’t like the screen in my hands distracting me though if it is just the same image wasting the battery

  • Magnus Eriksson

    To expensive and too few games. Should have been a continuation on the library from Wii and the games should have been something like: NES: 3$ SNES: 5$ N64: 8$ GCN: 10$. This is just pure greed no matter what this articles author seems to think.

  • RonnieMexico

    dez gamez bring back memories when I waz a young lil mexican boy….crip walkin down da street….beating up gringos 4 da hell of it…ahhh memoriez…latez

  • Nobody

    This would be great as long as they put up more Nintendo 64 games up there. Those are so hard to emulate, that I would be more than happy to pay for those games. Majora’s Mask on the GamePad would be pretty awesome.

  • Seth S. Scott

    Wish I didnt have to transfer all my Wii data over to my Wii U to get the discount.

  • All of the features are great, but they are lacking so many games for the service they shouldn’t be.