Dec 17th, 2012

Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto said in a recent interview that he’s interested in using some of his old ideas for the GameCube and GameBoy Advance with the Wii U. The GameCube and GBA offered a connectivity where the player had two screens — pretty much like the current Wii U setup with the GamePad (only much more basic, of course).

Wii U GameCube GBAMiyamoto says that back then, it was unlikely for players to have both consoles, so developers couldn’t count on an extra screen. With the new Wii U, all that changes. When asked whether it’s likely we’ll see those ideas realized on the Wii U, Miyamoto told Game Master magazine:

“I think it is very likely. I cannot tell specifically what ideas I used to have at the time which might be realized this time around. But as you might recall, at one of the E3 shows several years ago we showcased a game of Pac-Man Versus, which was a really interesting game. Unfortunately however it was rather hard for everyone to own four GBAs at the same time.”

“But at that time still it was not very easy or accepted. [Now, with Wii U], it’s not just creators outside the company are finding fascinating possibilities to be able to realize a game dream come true.”

The GameCube and GameBoy Advance link was a very novel idea in gaming in 2002-2003, linking two consoles and offering a secondary screen experience at a time when smartphones and tablets were nowhere to be seen.

Miyamoto is currently working on polishing Pikmin 3, which will released on the Wii U in March 2013. After that, we’re pretty sure he’ll go on to work on the new Wii U Zelda game.

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  • aleksandar antonijevic

    I have seen the light. This is an awesome idea !

  • Perhaps 3ds – wiiu connectivity like they did back then with Zelda 4 swords and Pokemon stadium I see endless possibilities with that idea.

    • Someone1516

      Or like with Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles. I wasted quite a few hours on that game and I’ve wanted a game like that on one of the newer consoles for a while but no one has done so. Maybe we can get something like that with the new systems.

      and as a side note the later FF:CC wannabes that came on the Wii was no where near as good as the GC’s FF:CC

      • I can only agree with you on that indeed, FF:cc on the Gc was great, the later wannabe’s failed drastically. I personally had high hopes for FF:cc the Crystal bearer on the wii, but was greatly dissapointed, played the game tops 3 hours or so, putted it away and never touched it again.

        • RoXas

          I loved Crystal Bearers xD

    • 3 screens lol

      • Kirbyomega

        I think 4 screens would be a little too much..

      • hehe could work, you’ll only need three 3DS’s to play Zelda Four Swords instead of 4. For caves, houses etc. p1 gamepad, p2, p3 and p4  a 3DS . Doesn’t sound that weird, on the GC you had 5 screens, 4 GBA’s and the tv screen 😉

        Owh wait, 3DS has 2 screens right… Hmm maybe then it is somewhat of an overkill, you’ll have 8 screens then 0_o

    • Monster Hunter will do it. Let’s hope others follow.

  • Dennis Joachimsthaler

    With the past GBA-Gamecube connection it actually didn’t stream any video – rather it gave the GBA the game binary data and then communicated with it. Trivia: The GBA-GameCube connection looks rather simple as there didn’t seem to be many things transfered this way. Just what input there is on the GBA and some data as to what should move on the screen (contrary to the video of things moving). With that assumption someone would be wrong. There’s actually LOTS of blank data transfering which makes emulating that connection very hard (Dolphin tried, it actually works SOMEWHAT, but slow in four swords!)

  • Immallama22

    Hmm, good to hear but… This isn’t exactly brand new news XD You’re a little late..,

  • TrueWiiMaster

    I would love to see Pac-Man VS. U released as an shop exclusive.  The original was surprisingly fun.

  • Fred

    Zelda Four Swords Adventures ROCKED. My wife and I used to play that one together with our GameCube connected to our GameBoy Advances

  • AlienFanatic

    Argh.  Looks like I might have to pick up a 3DS eventually after all.  With all of the KILLER virtual console titles, the upcoming Luigi’s Mansion game, and this…my wallet might just evaporate.

  • FariasJBL

    What’s up with the URL? It says “wii-u-review-scores-are-average-compared-to-other-console-launches/”

  • Michael Workman

    I read the title, and I was like, “NO!” cuz I thought we were done with the whole buying extra crap so you’re handheld console can connect to your home console. But then I actually read the article, and I was like, “Oh, this could be alright.”

  • Diogo Zacharias

    Guys it will still a game for the WII U itself, not for the WII U+3DS. The WII U offers the possibilit they wanted a long time before with a secondary screen its just that. They will not be will not be putting a WII U+3DS game on the market, but a WII U game that will take adventage of the secondary screen.

  • technologiq

    Make it similar to SmartGlass and allow people to BYOD.  If you’re catering to iOS and Android devices, chances are HUGE they’d have that extra screen.

  • Chris Traill

    I have doubts that it was entirely Miyamoto’s idea.  If anything it was an idea heavily influenced by the NeoGeo Pocket Color – SEGA Dreamcast link cable connectivity.  I feel that needs to be pointed out as many people seem to go crazy when something is copied from Nintendo.

  • David Vorren

    i hope ganondorf is in the new zelda game