Apr 17th, 2013

With sales of 3DS software much improved this year over last, and with particular growth in the area of digital downloads, Nintendo may be looking to take some of the lessons learnt from their successful handheld and apply them to Wii U.

Like Wii U, 3DS was heavily criticized over a slow rate of game releases in the months after launch. It’s an issue that Nintendo of America’s Reggie Fils-Aime is all too familiar with.

reggie-interview“What I would say about Wii U – and what Mr. Iwata has said – is that the pace of launches has been slower than we hoped,” Reggie told gamesindustry.biz. “But as we prepare for E3, the pace of launches for Wii U is going to dramatically increase”.

In the same interview Reggie shed some light on the success 3DS has seen with its eShop, the digital download service that directly lay the foundation for a subsequent service on Wii U.

“We have 15 Nintendo-published titles available, both physically and digitally (on 3DS),” Reggie said.

“So far in 2013, of those 15 available in this format, 11 percent of sales have come through full digital downloads of those games.”

It’s an impressive number made more impressive when you consider several of those games – including Ocarina of Time, were released digitally after they were already available in stores for some time and most Nintendo fans already owned them.

It’s obvious there’s a huge market for digital download first-party games. Fire Emblem Awakening in particular has sold around 80,000 digital copies, making up one third of the game’s total sales figures.

Remember it wasn’t until after some stellar post-launch games for 3DS in late 2011 and early 2012 including Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7 and Resident Evil Revelations, that sales of the system turned right around to make it dominant in its market. The constant promotion and incentive of the eShop has kept interest high too, as evidenced by the growing sales figures.

No doubt Nintendo has a mind to reproduce both these measures for its home console. And since today’s amazing 3DS-centric Nintendo Direct broadcast has cleared away as few of the expected handheld E3 announcements, it’s looking like this June could see a big push to turn Wii U’s fortunes around.

How do you feel about getting Wii U titles digitally?

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  • Nintendofreak

    i feel like we should get the phantom hourglass, spirits tracks, and the new link to the past sequel on the wiiu also

    • routerbad

      And cannibalize sales of those games from the 3DS? Why?

      • Nintendofreak

        because i don’t have a 3ds and i love the legend of zelda

        • routerbad

          Which means if you really want to play them you would have to…. You see where Nintendo would be going with this? The idea is to generate sales of the platform, even to people who own a Wii U.

      • Fred

        You can’t go and buy Phantom Hourglass on DS so they wouldn’t be cannibalizing anything

        • routerbad

          Talking about 3DS –> Wii U. He never mentioned wanting them on the DS, If they released them on both the 3DS and Wii U it would not provide more incentive to have both. Also, aLTTP2 (or whatever they end up calling it) is a 3DS game specifically, and it would make no sense to release it on Wii U, the idea being to release games on 3DS so you want to buy a 3DS.

    • Iwata mentioned that GBA games would be coming to the virtual console, so there’s hope for some of those Zelda games.

      • Ace J

        PH & ST are DS games

      • Only a few are true gamers

        True and with link to the past 2 it will sell even more but you have alot of people made for not getting mm but i saw this coming ..more people seem to want link to the past 2 than mm

    • Silent


  • going to be great. cant wait

  • Zombie_Andrew

    Can’t wait for the flood of Wii U games, but my Wallet already hates Nintendo and that’s with not many games

    • NkoSekirei

      do u want rush games that will flop on reviews after wat happen to alien colonial marines cause that poorly done game sparked outrage against gearbox and nintendo knows wat their doing and i expect that they will unleash a flood of awsome games at e3 so ill wait til then and even want to see new trailers for monolith new game/could be xenoblade 2

      • NkoSekirei

        Also guys legend of zelda link to the past remake has been confirmed for the 3DS im so excited

        • Lord Carlisle

          It’s not a remake, it’s an entirely new game.

          • ChiwawaBoi

            it reminds me of phantom hourglass, and spirit tracks. well, you know. except for the 3d part.

          • Tecpedz94

            Ya im guessing its a sequel.

          • Tobias Naustdal

            i hope ya replaces yeah in the future… seems managabal.

          • Tecpedz94

            I dont get the point of you’re comment i know yeah is spelled like that but ya is shorter and mostly accepted by everyone so im guessing its fine i dont get why it has to be replaced in the future but okay lol…. :p

        • Jon

          not quite a remake, it is a new story taking place in the same world

        • lonewolf88

          nope its link to the past 2

      • Zombie_Andrew

        Um I wasn’t commenting on wanting games early and rushed :S

      • LonDonE247

        did u realy just compare Nintendo the gods of gaming to a puny i hit wonder company like gearbox?? LMAO

    • NatT96™

      I agree, the console will of course have plenty future first party games, but my wallet keeps telling me that it wants to be opened to more. I bought the Wii U to experience something new and so far I have heard announcments of Nintendo making games for Nintendo. That’s when I get worried about the 3rd party support. I hope that Nintendo breaks out of there traditional boundaries and notice that there fans want to spend there money a little bit more wise…I think Nintendo should not rub only first party games in our faces, are wallets want more 3rd party content.

      • Elem187

        Why do people keep bringing up 3rd party support? who gives a crap about third party support. Nintendo’s own 1st and 2nd party output will be more than enough titles….. Get a PC to enjoy 3rd party support (also the largest list of exclusives of any system)

        • NatT96™

          Sir, I can not do that because a lot of cash was put into the Wii U. Also PC’s require too much hardware modification and part implimentation. We are in a tough economy.

  • Denvy

    Wii U titles digitally? No thanks. As long as there is a physical copy out there, I will pass on digital Wii U releases. If it’s only offered as such, I really have no choice.

    • Is there a reason why? I have downloaded a couple games from the eShop that would normally come on disc and while it took a while to download the 5 – 8GB of each of those games I kind of like having instant access to them in the Wii U menu.

      I know there is this whole thing about the games being tied to the console but I know from experience with my brother and a friend that had their Wii Us become non functional within the 30 day return period and both times Nintendo was able to reassociate their Nintendo ID to the new console and they got their Wii transferred content and new purchased digital content back with a phone call to Nintendo.

      I have mine on a USB hard drive which I periodically make an image of to back up the content.

      • Adrian

        I just can’t get into it. Unless there is an incentive to getting digital it really isn’t worth it to me. I’ve been doing discs and cartidges for 20+ years now, and I’ve never had any significant issues. Besides, it just reminds me that I shouldn’t be a lazy bum knowing that I actually have to move a few feet to change discs. But aside from that, why digital? So you can store it on an unreliable HDD? So you don’t have to stand up? So you are screwed out of all of your games if your HDD breaks and/or you don’t have an internet connection available? I see no real benefit to digital content except for consumers getting potentially screwed. They really need to give their digital titles heavy discount if they ever want people like me to even consider them.

        • Zuxs13

          There is an incentive o buying digital.


          • Adrian

            a 10% (store credit) rebate program…I guuuuuuessss that counts. But still. not enough for me. I generally buy used anyways. Haha. Something has to be pretty freakin hot to make me want to buy it new, (like skyrim or dark souls). I just got Xenoblade used from gamestop last week…but I probably won’t get to it till 2014 with all the games I have that I haven’t gone through yet.

          • Zuxs13

            Yeah it maybe only be 10% but it is something. I dont buy digital for the big titles I buy only new cause I want to support the people who make the games, that way they can make more,

            How did you get Xenobaldes use its selling for over $60-70 on amazone used and $200 brand new!!

          • Fred

            I want to know how you got Xenoblade too I went to Game Stop looking for it last week and they told me there isn’t a single copy new or used in any store in the country

          • Adrian

            I stalked Gamestops xenoblade webpage for a month 2 times a day checking for used copies in stores. I finally got lucky after a month (like I said) and picked it up when somebody traded it in. It cost me like 50 bucks after discounts (used my bros power up card).

          • Fred

            Thanks I guess I’ll have to keep checking. Although I’m considering signing up for game fly so I can just rent it

          • Reese Dietrich

            Xenoblade wasn’t even that good.. I had it for a while and I din’t enjoy it.. The fighting mechanics were really weird.. IMO Pandoras Tower was way more fun.. Just cause it was very Twilight Princess-y

          • Fred

            I’m the opposite, I refuse to buy used if I can avoid it. I figure GameStop didn’t make the games and if I buy used they are the ONLY ones making money. I want my money going to the game developers so that they’ll have incentive to make more great games.

            When you buy through the eShop all the money goes to video game producers and none goes to Walmart/Best Buy

        • I see your points. I guess that is why I make a periodic backup of the hard drive to my server storage. I too prefer discs for the most part and the games I did buy were discounted by at least $10 compared to the store copy. I too see myself mostly buying disc versions of games.

          All that being said there is the benefit of having the games you want to play right on hand though.

          • Nobody

            The biggest thing is protecting the disc drive. If only consoles like the PS2 did digital downloads of retail games, it wouldn’t have been plagued with disc read errors.

            And it’s one of the big reasons why the Wii U won’t be doing DVD/Bluray.

          • Ben Kapferer

            I thought the reason for Wii U not having DVD/Blu-ray playback was the licensing costs for the media formats.

            It doesn’t make that much sense to not have movie disc playback because of “protecting the disc drive” when game discs are expected to be played on the Wii U a lot.

          • Nobody

            No, that isn’t it. You can mod a Wii so it can play DVD movies, but it will wear down the drive though. And that’s the big reason why Nintendo actively disables DVD/Bluray playback.

            I see digital downloads as a way to justify not allowing DVD/Bluray playback. Also, Netflix and Hulu sort of have became the big thing in movies and TV shows.

          • Ben Kapferer

            And Wii games don’t wear down the drive?

        • Wayne Beck

          I don’t really prefer either format, but I should at least point out that, even if your HDD gets fried, you can re download digital games. If your disk gets scratched, your out of luck.

          • Adrian

            But my discs never get scratched 🙂

        • Guest

          Don’t forget the digital promotion not a direct discount, but it is an indirect discount. I buy ALL my Wii U games digitally!

        • HotInEER

          I agree, or say you don’t like a game, or are tired of playing it, you can trade it in for something new at Gamestop, or you want to play at a friends house, you can’t.

        • I totally agree. I like to collect discs and cases, wouldn’t buy anything digital unless it had a HEAVY discount.

      • Denvy

        Portability mainly. Take it to friends houses. let family borrow games. Reselling games as well if I don’t care to play them again.

      • Orange Lada

        Reason for not taking digital is simple.

        Physical disks usually cost less, and they have resale and trade-in value too. Nintendo doesn’t get it … yet.

    • Elem187

      The only games I will buy digitally are games I know I can play forever…. So mostly a 3D Mario, Zelda, Fire Emblem, Metroid…. hopefully a Luigi’s Mansion 😉

  • Zuxs13

    I hope they have a Wii u Nintendo direct next month to help build momentum going into E3. If I was Nintendo i would share Wind Waker news right after MS’s “press confrence” possibly happening next month, Take some wind out if their sails (no pun intended ).

    • Matt Cameron

      Since you spelled sales as “sails”, its obvious the pun was actually intended.. just saying.. 😉

      • Zuxs13

        ok ok you caught me

  • Tom Hoskins

    Until the digital prices compare with retail I’ll stay clear. £50 pounds for a game is £10-12 more than they are online and in some stores when released. Yes there is the reward system, but 10% does not make the difference.

    That being said the major gripe for me is not being able to sell digital copies once done with the game…

    • Tom Hoskins

      Steam have the right idea with all the sales, but then again. Most PC games have a one user only system in place so I cannot sell on physical copies as I can with console games.

    • jeffp3456

      totally agree, digital copies should be cheaper!!

  • Colin Tosh

    I think most of us know releases sent sales up Tim 😉

    The trolls here just don’t get it. Nintendo’s games are incredibly strong and people on the outside world are just waiting for the big guns to come out. Funny fact right here. Nintendo’s games are not only some of the best sellers in the industry they sell more then Sony. Nintendo’s games are system sellers and when they show sales will rise.

    • jeffp3456

      Agree, N games are almost anachronisms, they have great replay-ability there is always something you missed the first time, they have amazing attention to detail and possibly too much quality. When was the last time you played a game from Bethesda or EA that didn’t didn’t require a 3 month wait for the mega patch which made the game really playable. Sim City anyone.

  • Matthew McFarland

    Personally I hate CDs. It’s the worst digital media storage out there. Easily scratched and static helps drag particles to it and if not caught can get in your system whatever it is and on the lens that reads it. Downfall to not have in the physical copy? I can’t sell it. But I don’t sell my games so I’m fine. Also small children have influenced the way i feel about this drastically!

    • Zuxs13

      Its a good thing they don’ use CD’s any more for games.

  • Michael

    Okay, some problems with his statements today:

    “The pace of launches has been slower than we hoped”

    – Your hope means nothing, you both run the company, the pace of game releases was under your CONTROL, not your “hope”. The Wii U isn’t an independent organism, it takes outstanding investment to make sure these games are made in a timely manner. Now, I cannot wait until the AAA 1st party games arrive, and I’m sure they’ll be fantastic, but it’s inexcusable that AT LEAST SOME could have been here already for the launch. I may seem over critical, but Nintendo has a TON of money stashed away, a dip into just a fraction of that could have ensured that these games got super efficient manpower.

    “But as we prepare for E3, the pace of launches for Wii U is going to dramatically increase”

    – Huh? What? E3 is in less than 2 months, are you saying that there will be Wii U games launching in between now and then? I don’t think so….Now he probably meant that at E3 we’ll be seeing an increase of titles “announced” and launch dates “announced”. But hell, Wii U owners and the general consumers are tired of “announcements”, we want the games NOW! Even when they do announce their awesome games, we’re not going to even get them until August, or later, most likely December. That’s a long ass time away, and I really wish there was something MAJOR releasing this June/July that we could all enjoy during our summer break.

    • Laud

      Michael, the console was just launched.

      There are going to be a ton of announcements for a console that has just launched, that’s how it’s supposed to be. >_>

      If you’re tired of announcements I don’t know what to tell you, go buy a console where games aren’t being developed for it?

      I for one don’t mind if the games come out at a later date because I want the games to be good and not rushed.

      The way you want these games to be released you sound like Activision.

      • Michael

        It’s more complicated like that, I’m definitely NOT saying that all of their games in their current pipeline should have been released already.

        I personally think the launch DAY library was very good but the launch period in general was very lacking of some blockbuster Nintendo titles. Pikmin 3 should have been ready for the launch window AS THEY INDICATED! Period.

        Think of it this way, I’m still waiting for the awe moment of “Wow, this game is what the next gen Nintendo looks like, awesome!”.

        • Laud

          The console hasn’t even begun it’s marketing, just have a little bit more patience.

          If you aren’t convinced after E3 I’ll buy you a Nintendo Eshop prepaid card lol.

          • Adrian

            That’s a big promise. How can I get you to buy me one of those?

          • Laud

            Sorry I’m not made of money else I’d give one to everyone. 😛

          • Michael

            I’m a huge Nintendo fan. I know the games are coming, and I know they’ll be fantastic. But I’m also a business major in college, I look at things from all different angles. It is in no way “okay” that Nintendo lost this extra headstart to get as much sales as they can.

            You mention how it hasn’t even begun it’s marketing? Why? Why is that? It is not a good decision to have not have had good marketing by now. Maybe it’s because they haven’t had enough system sellers? Well then they should have ensured that their development for those should have been super efficient and on time, with all the quality we know and love

          • Laud

            I think they haven’t started marketing because they have no competition.

            A lot of the games that are in development have been in development for a long time and they still aren’t finished. Development times and cost are increasing with every generation, don’t you get that?

            It isn’t like before where you could code an NES game in a month or two.

          • iPedro1000

            They did get a head start. When the PS4 and n’xBox come out, the WiiU will have a year’s worth of games in its library, all the bugs out of the way and an optimized experience.

            In the meantime, every new console has growing pains so the PS4 and n’xBox will be dealing with bugs, figuring out what its users want the user experience to be like and they’ll have launch titles, not the year long headstart Nintendo has.

            Would it have been a good idea for Nintendo to push a console that has no established library, and bugs to work out while there are no competitors in the market yet? Nintendo didn’t think so. So they’re pulling their punches, saving their marketing budget and preserving the WiiU novelty by not exhaustively promoting it before it even gets to go head to head with its upcoming competitors.

            They put little to no marketing into the WiiU — their **flagship** product. Is it because Nintendo has no money to invest in marketing? Is it because they’re new at this gaming industry thing?

            Cool off and use some analytical thinking: The WiiU’s real launch is going to be after E3. Just watch.

            If you remember anything from my post, remember this: Console wars are a marathon, not a sprint.

          • Michael

            You have very good points, but there are still consequences of releasing the console early in order to “test the waters”. One of which being that the retailers are losing faith and slashing the price. Another is that game developers what see it this way and will toss wii u aside.

          • Chad

            i have to go on Michael’s side. they definatly needed more investment in the launch of it. their terrible atrocious sales figures is poof of a bad launch. If the Wii u was doing good, i would take your side on this but in February there were only 55,000 units sold! maybe the launch wasn’t the problem, but there is something nintendo is lacking that they need to figure out what they did wrong or they are in deep trouble

    • Magnus Eriksson

      Agree with this post.

    • jeffp3456

      Adding people to a development project generally results in extending the release date, not the other way around. Nintendo’s focus on quality is both rare and welcome, IMO.

    • Zuxs13

      You can’t just “throw” money at a game to make it come out faster, (otherwise they would just be EA) There is still a level of quality they want to achieve. There have been plenty of games to play for the first 4-5 months of a consoles life.

      They should have had VC available sooner since many of those games have already been converted to play on the similar architecture of the Wii.

      What more do you want them to do, they are giving away Dev Kits for free, holding devlopment training sesions for game makers, and offering them free game engines. Plus its the beginning of the year, there is always a slow volume of games or every thing this time of year, there’s even slow movie releases this time of year, people are in a post holiday slump until May usually.

      • Michael

        Money could have bought quality too. They could use it to hire more people, not just anyone, but very good people. Money could have been used to train them in the very best way, money could have expanded a single games resources and development, I promise you that they could have and should have had another big hit first party game by now.

    • Tom Hoskins

      I know what you’re saying, but even Pachter said he wouldn’t question Nintendo’s software strategy. That speaks volumes to me!

    • Quicksilver88

      I think we will see games thru the spring and summer but fall will be the big push. I mean we know pikman, rayman, Ac4, new batman, bayonetta2, w101, zelda WW HD, watchdogs all coming out by years end. Injustice just hit, Dues EX coming, batman lego 2 coming…..Inmmarch we had legos, mhu, nfsmw….I mean it is picking up and eShop has been getting Indy announcements everyday!

  • John Smith

    It wasn’t until after uper Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7
    and Resident Evil Revelations came to the 3DS, that sales of the system turned right
    around to make it dominant in its market.”

    And Iwata says there will be a new Super mario 3D game and a mario kart game on the wii u….

  • ludist210

    I prefer my games digitally, if only because of space in my apartment. I have six digital retail titles and four discs for Wii U (will have a fifth when Revelations launches in May because I found it $10 cheaper than the eShop price).

  • Peter Rogers

    Because your a weapon

  • uPadWatcher

    My patience for new games coming to the Wii U is already at a fever pitch. In the next two months, Nintendo, indys and third party publishers and developers will deliver MORE for the Wii U at E3.

  • Ducked

    Digital? Nope. I prefer having a cover, a disc, and a nice instruction manual.

  • Pedro Natera

    physical copy always the day gaming requires to be digital I am done

    • Jimmy D. Fugate

      Me too.

  • Ray01x

    Well, just like always, I can’t wait for E3! :3

  • Tom Hoskins

    Lots of people are seemingly inpatient, for me I’m happy to let Nintendo do it their way forever more.

    I’m not flushed with cash to spend on gaming, so I now a days I get games well after release (thankfully after the Aliens debacle) to get them for about 40-50% less than release price. Damn, I’m still trekking through Xenoblade chronicles which I started last October (am now 40hrs in). I have played several other games in the mean time (Zombiu, Super Mario U and Assassins creed 3). But am happy to wait playing older and much cheaper games until mariokart, zelda etc. come out.

    From what I gather I still have another 40 hrs to go on Xenoblade! Hopefully I’ll have it complete by the time Monolith’s X is released (hopefully this year). If i have to wait longer I’ll buy Lego city or tomb raider or need for speed most wanted u, or many other games.

    Having said all that, I do intend on getting GTA V and Watchdogs straight away when released!!!

  • The Clockwork Being

    Dramatically increase, hell no. The word is exponentially increase. What most people are waiting for is 1st party exclusives right? Well the success in sales will start after E3 and will only end at the Wii U’s lifetime, which is 7 years. Plus we saw what Nintendo does with DLC right. New Super Luigi U is a completly new game.Just imagine the same situation with the rest of their popular titles. Super Smash plus free character DLCs, Completely new story mode times 5. Lets see that with Zelda with more side quests DLC that will be free seing what they are doing with Super Luigi U. DAMN Nintendo will be taking money out of my wallet.

  • david jarman


  • Robknoxious1

    “Remember it wasn’t until after some stellar post-launch games for 3DS in late 2011 and early 2012…. that sales of the system turned right around to make it dominant in its market.” You have to remember though that 3DS had no serious competition. The big N has always dominated in the handheld arena.

    While I’m confident that Wii U will do just fine, it faces much stiffer competition in the home console space. But yes, more quality software will help tons.

  • ExtremeAzure98

    Well this is certainly good news. Up until the middle of last month – The Wii U has practically been in hibernation mode, with a light trickle of decent eShop releases, the only sort of -activity- it’s got.

    I expected them to be quite with the system, but things have been frankly to quite. Virtually no marketing, and very little chatter. But I have a strong feeling it was all to have a big blow-out at E3, well knowing their rivals would be there – both introducing their own new systems (with Microsoft REALLY introducing their new system). RETRO’s current project(s), has been carefully cloaked under a thick black veil for a while now. So, it’s only fair to think that it’ll be unveiled at E3.

  • The thing I hate about digital is, when companies get made at you are they keep amending their contracts (and force you to agree), they can take your purchases away or restrict your use. I would advise people to NOT buy digital, at least on games and movies.

    • Guest

      Fag you still suck

    • Jeffery02

      For once I have to agree with you. This isn’t only true for Nintendo. It also applies to Steam, PSN, XBL, and the Apple App Store. Digital is fine, but don’t rely on it. Be sure to get games that you wouldn’t mind losing and not being able to sell back.

      I also have to say that you shouldn’t buy retail Nintendo games digitally until they fix the purchases per system instead of per TRANSFERABLE account. I love you Nintendo, but that’s the ONE thing I cannot back you up on.

    • ggg

      Karma’s a mean bitch.
      You say something smart, and you get down voted.
      And its not only the things you’ve said, but how you presented them.

      • That’s not karma, that the bias that I have been talking about. All they do is lie and attack when you go against them. If they acted like this when it came time to design systems and make games, then they could haves something. Instead, they prefer to make weak systems and repetitive games, while having the image of innocence.

    • Arthur Jarret

      I agree with you. If I have an option, I will always buy retail. It’s not fixed to an account system, I can migrate it without problems to another console and I actually own the disc with the software on it to use as I want (within legal limits) – I can even lend it to a friend who wants to try before he buys it himself.

      If I don’t like it, I can return it to the store. Digital services get discontinued – it’s why I hate EA’s system of always online games – if the server shuts down you lose your game. Digital is a rental system, you rent the game for an unknown amount of time and pay the full retail price for it.

      I only buy digital only games digital… still doubting to get code of princess (DL only in europe, hoping for a late retail release for some reason…)

  • discuss

    Downloaded games can’t be resold. For this reason I do not intend to download anything expansive.

    • Orange Lada

      And they usually cost $20 more than at retail too … it is nutty.

      • discuss

        There is also a certain charm to look at your game collection. You can’t do that when it’s digital.

        • Arthur Jarret

          Yep, I only got one wall in my game room full so far with DVD racks, three more walls to go… digital would kill my ambition of having 1000 games on each wall.

        • ggg

          My steam collection is over 100 games, still I value my 7 game Wii U collection more.

  • Archiq09

    digital game oki but not all games just him with 20$ and less…

  • Orange Lada

    Reggie – Do us all (including yourself) a favour and provide discounting on digital downloads that is equivalent to pricing at retail for a disc (which I get RESALE value for). If there is no resale of a digital download, there is NO reason it should sell for more than the physical disk, sold at retail.

    It is insane that I am regularly being asked to pay $20 more for the digital download, particularly when this will also impact Nintendo’s bottom line as retailers take their share, physical disks cost money, and sales are reduced due to trade-ins.

  • David

    All we want is games and a faster, easier online gaming experience. Cross-game voice chat, parties, notifications, etc.

    • Jon

      voice chat…. not so much, depends on the game, last thing I wanna hear is young kids crying when they die or raging about something. the rest though, yeah 🙂

      • David Tims

        well cross game voice chat is so you can chat with your mates while playing different games..which the xbox/ps3 already have. I would love it on my wii U, but in saying that, none of my friends own a wii U haha

        • Arthur Jarret

          PS3 doesn’t have cross game chat…

        • Jon

          yeah, I can actually see that being useful, I was more just picturing on games that I would play and I’d hear these kids yelling and screaming to the point where I’d just turn it off 😛

  • jjmesa14

    I’ve started to purchase digital games on my 3DS because its convenient by not having to make a trip to the store and I don’t have to haul around the games when I travel. I have yet to download a Wii U digital game because there isn’t much incentive for me to. If I want to go over to a friends house and he has a Wii U I could just take the games with me. If I digitally download them I would have to take the whole system. Just doesn’t make much sense for me to digitally download games on the Wii U.

    What would be cool is if you could download your digital game onto another system (such as Apple). However, with dedicated game systems its financially unrealistic because of the revenue games bring in. In Apple’s case the games only cost about $1-$10.

    • Jon

      yeah, the problem with downloading games to a friends console is one person will buy the game and then download it for all his friends.

  • Mickey Mouse

    “How do you feel about getting Wii U titles digitally?”, how do I feel? They’re too bloody expensive! When I first heard that most retail titles were going to be available digitally also I said to myself that I’ll go all digital. But I had a nagging feeling Nintendo would screw it up somehow, and right enough they did with the pricing strategy. I know they are only charging the RRP, and retailers undercut each other on physical copies, but price is the only barrier that’s stopping me from going ALL digital. Until the pricing strategy improves I will continue to buy my retail titles on cartridge and disc.

  • Quicksilver88

    Nintendo is not alone in the messed up digital download pricing for full releases. Sony and Microsoft not much better. The problem is publishers and console manufactures are hesitant to under cut their retail partners. So yes considering there is no cost of production, distribution, or middle man cut digital games could and should be considerably cheaper…..but a move like that would be a slap in the face to retailers who they count on to sell systems and accessories. At least Nintendo did something with Deluxe digital promo. I have two recommendations. One would be after an initial launch window of say 90 days then drop the digital price 20-30%. Usually within an few months retailers are starting to discount or have sold out of non big name titles. Second is do more promo give aways like say buy full price title and get some eShop or even VC title for free. Also I like what Sony has been doing with their first part titles and that is cross buy. I got Sly for ps3 at retail for $30 and Vita download for free. Guacamelee both versions for $15. Nintendo has the number 1 handheld and should be working on promos like this for Wii-u 3ds. I mean how about MH both versions for $70 or same with Lego city. This would drive more digital sales. I am a collector and will always buy full releases on media…digital is fine for digital only releases like VC and Indy but its discs and carts all the way for my major purchases!

  • DemonRoach

    lol its all nintendo published crap. Nobody else is publishing for them nubs.

    • Jimmy D. Fugate

      Ubisoft, Warner Bros. Interactive, Atlus, Square Enix, Capcom, Disney, Climax Studios, Retro Studios, SEGA, Activision and Topware Interactive. Try again, I dare you.

      • Arthur Jarret

        Retro IS Nintendo-owned, like monolith soft – and don’t publish their own games.

        Otherwise, nice list: Missing a lot – like Level 5, Konami, Tecmo Koei, Namco bandai (just from the top of my head)

        From the major publishers, Nintendo 3DS/WiiU only seems to be missing rockstar (but we got some decent support for Wii with Bully, and DS with Chinatown wars – so it’s just a matter of time) and EA, for obvious reasons.

  • pokemonmastershadow

    Fire Emblem Awakening only has such huge digital sales is because it was released digital two days earlier than at stores!

  • Spawn


  • Geoffrey Tasker

    fire emblem sold that many digital copies because when the game was supposed to come out they only released the digital version and pushed back the physical one by a week, it was smart but as a nintendo man who prefers physical ownership that was annoying

  • rkristian83

    Ok, anyone who can solve my problem? I bought an external drive for my Wii U. Seagate backup (1tb) didn’t get enough power from the usb drive, so had to buy a y-cable. When I try downloading the two games i bought they both stop at 30% and the Wii U freezes, have to pull the plug to get it turned off. I’ve tried downloading the games a million times now, but it just freezes. HELP! 🙁 want to play the games i bought.

  • C.S. Bailey

    On the 3DS front, they need to give us a way to store the saves separately from the games themselves. One bad SD card crapped out on me right after I got FE:A. Didn’t have enough time to get back to where I was, and lost my chance to re-download the free DLC.

  • Although online downloads are the wave of the future, I have to pass on it for now. Why? Because I can’t take it to a friends house to play, unless I pack up the whole system…I don’t think so. We like to lend each other games…this would put an end to sharing unless they come up with a share game digitally like the kindle fire. And charging me the same price as retail with no box and disc is ludicrous. They want the entire cut they didn’t get by going through retail, although most people know retail only gets around ten percent which isn’t much, but noway will I pay these huge prices for digital that permanently glues itself to one system. No thanks. Make them launch at thirty bucks, with digital trade options, then we can talk!

  • peter griffin

    if they just did digital games a little cheaper , say 20% ( from £50 to £40 or £40 to £32) the sales would be way better, i mean they don’t have to pay for production of cases and disks, or give retailers a cut. surely they can give us the savings, the loyal customers. most of the time i can get the game MUCH cheaper at a local gamestation than on the digital download section. which is just ridiculous.