May 26th, 2012 publishUpdated   Jul 22nd, 2012, 9:34 pm

Wii U operating system
The Wii U operating system is set to be the biggest ever seen on a home gaming console, according to a far fledged rumor. According to a tipster with access to Wii U developers and those familiar with the console, the Wii U operating system will take up as much as 512 MB of RAM, which is unheard of in the console world. Presently, the Xbox 360 Dashboard and the PS3 OS take only about 30-50 MB of RAM. That’s about 10% of the total system memory. While Nintendo has “reserved” this huge amount of RAM, it’s not an indication that the final Wii U operating system will use that much, but it’s likely that they want to be on the safe side. We can’t imagine such a large OS layer running in the background — a game console OS is not like Windows, it doesn’t have to run a whole bunch of background tasks and features, so no matter how you cut it, 512 MB sounds excessive.

According to the source, Nintendo isn’t sure about the size of the operating system, so to be on the safe side, they have reserved 512 MB of RAM from the overall system RAM for the OS alone. This is 512 MB that developers with the latest Wii U dev kits, version 4, have not been able to use for their software. 512 MB is the total amount of memory the Xbox 360 and PS3 have, and since the Wii U is said to be only 50% more powerful than those console, to reserve 512 MB just for the OS is ludicrous. You can run a full Windows installation on 512 MB.

Related rumors have suggested that Wii U developers have had 1 GB of memory to use, which could indicate that the total Wii U RAM amount is 1.5 GB. However, none of this has been confirmed nor has there been presented any real evidence.

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  • saria sage of the forest

    More memory means you can save lots more data and exclusives features such as vitural console and apps so you really don,t have to worry about your memory filling up I already have over 20 via vitural consoles games games downloaded on my wii luckly I have an sd card.

    • alienfish

      They’re talking memory- RAM – not storage like hard disk space or flash memory. If people are talking computers and they mention the word ‘memory’ it will mean how much information the system can use at any given time. An example would be like running all 20 of your virtual console games at once. You can’t, because the Wii doesn’t have that much memory. Xbox 360 games can be huge and consume multiple 8GB discs, but they still only take up memory when they are played and an 8GB game on a 360 but you will basically only be experiencing 512MB maximum at once. Anyway, look it up if you aren’t understanding me.

    • Weslley

      No. It surely does not mean so. The memory is not for storage. It is main memory. It is used for keep things while they are running. To save data there is another rumor about cloud storage. And to save VC games, we have a mistery.

      • random access memory

        They’re not talking about anything related to space (this is something besides the hard kid)…. This is random access memory..

  • Buzzeh

    Wow my old 2003 PC had 512MB of ram and with my good processor it ran really great! Imagen 512MB for the Wii U OS, that would be amazing!! But I really doubt that will be true though.

  • Buzzeh

    Btw, iPod Touch 4G has 256 RAM, IPhone 4S has 512MB

    So it sounding good for Wii U ;D

  • Hafid

    Impressive !!!
    Really …
    Nintendo come back for me !!! Bought already …

  • omar

    512 is way too much. why would 1/3 of the total ram be used for the OS? the 360 dashboard is nice and that is 10-30mb? what could the wii u os possibly do? if 512 is for the os then it should have 2.5 gb total to have a solid 2 gb for devs to use.

    • Smurfman256

      I agree. A half gig OS on a CONSOLE? No way. 50MB maybe, but definately not 512. altough 2.5GB of totaly RAM would be quite beastly.

      • Samuel

        Why would developers need a whole 2gb of RAM???

        • James

          For multitasking purposes. With that much ram not accessible to games and dedicated just for the system, you could -let’s say- browse the Internet on one tablet controller while another tablet controller is playing a game. There is a HUGE multitasking capability with that much ram.

          The original rumor stated that a developer claimed that there were 512 mb that he found that he could not access, so he naturally presumed a big chunk of it would be for the OS. I don’t think he said all of it would be for the OS directly, he just assumed the OS would be pretty big because of it.

          I personally hope this is true. If 512 mb is saved for the OS alone, 2+ gigabytes are completely plausible for developer access. That would make for very good looking games.

        • gabe

          They don’t need it, it just makes developing easier.

      • Wildman

        Keep that 2.5GB of RAM close. I think the Wii U actually has that much.

  • Meelow

    Yeah I read this rumor a few days ago, this is really impressive.


    “and since the Wii U is said to be only 50% more powerful than those console”

    This rumor is so old, the rumor was stating this about the underclocked dev kit at E3 2011, the Wii U is much more powerful now.

  • david6

    Seems like it will have a state of art o.s., very nice. Glad thei using their own version room for unique construct.

  • swic11

    I read this rumor a few days ago, with a “leak from a Ubisoft developer”…… The rumor also went on to say, that they are dedicating 512MB to the operating system because that’s what it needs right now, but after launch and the life of the console, Nintendo will tweak it every so often to use less and less (like a patch or xbox live update).

    Either way, hopefully Nintendo has its head out of its butt, and it making a user friends OS for us. I got sick of the Wii one in about two days. Xbox’s interface is nice, but I’m sure Nintendo will come up with something better.

  • nathant16

    I know wii u daily loves us, but heres my take. Quote from Ares,; Nintendo can give us: os, cpu, gpu, engines and games,and whatever we desire. But we cannot have name change or console/controller design, because may have already massed produced for 2012 not heeding requests after last year, in other words no money to chance sudden redesign. But every site on subject commenters beg for design and rebranding. For instance it can take manufacturer up to a year before release to meet demand. So most likely expect a turbo engine in a generic white box branded ‘wii’. And also would explain keeping lid shut on open discussion of the matter.

  • Swic11

    Why does it matter so much what the console looks like. Sure I would rather have something else, but im over it, and you should work on that too. And what in the hell is wrong with the controller? I think that you should just be happy that old timed Nintendo is finally going to move forward with technology and have a great system. The controller is going to change gaming, I’m too excited for an assassins creed m ap that I don’t have to pause the game for, an inventory s Yates that I don’t have to pause for, and the simple idea of the wii u Tokyo city street demo thing is awesome. I don’t get your beef Nathan and David. If you don’t like it, then don’t buy it, but stop Bitching about it.

  • david6

    Shutup, were allowed to say what we want its a free country, dont have to hate us. And not just us, discussion in noon on wii u news everybody said they wanted new design name change. Then site dissapeared. But wont give it to us, just like they wont give us japanese titles. And i said i want stickers and paint markers to tag machine. Maybe redesign but its just a surprise?but im going crazy and want to see what it looks like. But even if they redesign i still want stickers. And Swic is not my friend.

    • david6

      And people are talking about design. On xbox ps4 get to look at designs and talk about them. Last time when wii came out we talked about designs and saw diffetent pictures. But now were not allowed to. And you guys just say you like everything, your not real, just like the robot cant be like us. But at e3 people will say for real what they like or dont like. And if we like everything accept design then why? And honestly the controller is too big and no one wants to look at it and t.v. we just want a normal cheap controller. But their too far vested in it all, and teginald fil aimes will get fired for hating all the fans since gamescom lasy year. And were bored. Blah :p

      • alienfish


        [ ] everyone else

        Get it?

      • dojo

        i like the controller its a little big that the only thing i think may be an issue

  • Saria sage of the forest

    Swic11 calm down they just want share there opinion about the,memory space rumor on the wii,u

  • Saria sage of the forest

    Agreed swic11and messing with david6 and nathan16 isnt the best complamation for them show some niceness towards them please

    • titan4

      Yah, there she is. saria what would you name the wii u if you could choose any nane, and what color would you want it to be? 🙂

      • titan4

        Name* (these touch keyboards)

      • david6

        And we already knew about os and everything else, they keep repeating same issues, we never get to talk about what everyone wants to talk about and thats final design.

        • david6

          As for memory we know its a good os, and there will be a harddrive, and cloud store and interface, and ibm power7 cpu, 1g 7000 radion series gpu? And unreal engine4 and gamer card and and and and, BUT what about final box design, and naming. Cause if its GeNeRiC, then no one wants it. And that is something you cant modeprate at gamestop or walmart. :p

  • reddsite

    O.k., moderators asleep, get this. With the help of a souped up “fairy god parents”, we may be tricked, punked. This very difficult leak,(as nintendo is on gag order). Appeased, it may be project cafe is still alive lauphing, mocking, working on very unique concept designs for console and color. Even found stated reginal fil in push for advancement, (ride of wave,new theory). And the original name they may have reverence from last year no sign of abandonment. Nintendo Stream, fitting and genius. ★★★★ nintendo gets the mark . 😉 and if we had more than 4 stars one extra would be for secrecy.

  • swic11

    they are sharing their opinion as I am sharing mine. I think that its stupid to worry about something such as console design. SURE i would love something that looks more “badass” but the look of the machine shouldn’t really matter, its whats under the hood that counts. I’m not trying to be mean, I don’t think that I am being mean, I am just stating MY opinion on the matter. Yes console design can matter on a small scale, but David and Nathan will own a Wii U anyway, and they call everyone else puppets? The hypocrisy is just starting to get annoying.

    • david6

      Well didnt you hear were not mad anymore “Nintendo Stream” might still be alive. 🙂

      • nathant16

        Dont get your hopes up yet, Nintendo was marked by a lead, but it may have been an sketchy source. But I hope project cafe is still alive in their own evolved way, that must be what their hiding.

  • Chris

    I think (and hope) they might be using a block system where you can download, lets say Mario for the NES and it costs over 830 blocks of memory whilst the console has 6000 blocks on memory, you can then download the app or virtual console game onto your system and it would make it easier to see how much space you have left.

    Though Nintnedo might have something different in mind

  • Miks

    All you people saying ”Nintendo must be stupid to use half their RAM for the OS.” you should think a little. Nintendo’s console makers aren’t stupid, they know that RAM is really important, except for the Wii, they had really powerful consoles back in the SNES, N64, GameCube days. I bet that there’s going to be more than just 1GB of RAM, and if half of it is going to be dedicated to the OS, it sure as hell wouldn’t be ”half of the RAM”, just think about it, that would be one of the stupidest things to do by a console manufacturer. Just use logic, and think about the tech that the old Nintendo consoles had, if they are going back to the hardcore gamers, they sure as hell will bring a powerful machine.

    • Wildman

      Plus Nintendo always uses the fast access RAM.
      I believe that there will be 2.5GB of RAM in the Wii U.

  • AndyC

    *The PS3 had 512Mhz GPU, not 512Ghz LOL. It’s too damn hot >_<

  • SkarZ0_o

    is part of that 512 memory for the tablet aswell?

  • Capta8n N

    First things first, Nintendo will not be changing the Name of Wii-U. It is final ! They jut put out the official logo and Facebook page this week so there is really no way they would go through all that to change it a week later.

    As for the design of the console, it looks fine. Now we are judging consoles by their looks? It looks like a bigger Wii, so I don’t see the problem. Want it to look more bad a$$, wait for an envitable Black color. The only thing I hope they change is the sync button in front, it should be behind the cover door. Other than that, it doesn’t need a new design, its just a box.

    Sometimes I wonder what’s wrong with this generation of gamers. Whatever Nintendo does its wrong. The name Wii-U, people complain…..the new controller, its to big, people complain, 512MB dedicated to the OS, that’s too much……third party support, I can get them on current consoles……eliminating friend codes with Nintendo Network, welcome to online Nintendo…….this is all I ever see from gamers. Just random crap to always downplay Nintendo, and it just annoying at this point. If Nintendo doesn’t do it for you, shut up and go play your 360,PS3 or Iphone. Its time put the Nintendo haterade away and just enjoy what they are doing in gaming!

    • Skozo

      Amen, A f-cken men.

    • TheMaddMan

      I know, I told one of my friend and he said to not buy any nintendo crap.

    • dojo

      every one just pissed there not as good as nintendo