May 30th, 2012 publishUpdated   Jul 22nd, 2012, 9:33 pm

Wii U controllers
There has been some going back and forth on whether the Nintendo Wii U would support two tablet controllers at once. We’ve heard from developers a while ago that the Wii U controller takes up considerable processing power and therefore two of them would be unlikely. Then Nintendo said that theoretically, the Wii U could support two controllers, but that they company is only planning on supporting one.

New rumors (via NeoGAF) now suggest that the latest version of the Wii U dev kit includes dual controller ports for the Wii U tablet controller. While the retail version of the controller will be wireless, the dev kits have wired versions. According to the rumor, the second controller port isn’t usable by developers, but its presence suggests that at some point in the future, a second Wii U controller might be possible. Since the controllers do take up some system resources, developers would have to keep this in mind when creating games that support dual controllers. Another thing to consider is that the tablet controller is much more expensive and advanced than regular video game controllers. Nintendo currently sells the Wiimote at around $30, the Wii U controller could easily cost twice that, perhaps even more.

When it was showcased at E3, the Wii U was playable with one Wii U controller and up to 4 other Wiimotes at the same time. Nintendo revealed mini games where up to 5 players (one tablet + 4 Wiimotes) could play at the same time, either together or in splitscreen. A recent leak showed that a new version of the controller with dual analog sticks, a larger size, and a slightly larger screen as well. You can find a comparison between the old and the new controller here. If dual tablet controllers are possible, we expect Nintendo to announce it at E3, perhaps with other Wii U hardware announcements.

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  • DeadEmo

    com on now you guys did look on FB and seen what nintendo said

  • swic11

    This would be great news. I cant imagine playing a FPS or something similar with multiplayer and having a friend not use the tablet controller if I get to use one. I feel like it could be an unfair advantage.

    • SomePerson

      Maybe for FPS games they can leave the tablet screen blank and just use the available buttons.

      • swic11

        I’d rather have a map when it applies. That way my TV isnt loaded up with a bunch of stuff like that.

  • F

    I really do hope that it will do two controllers! I can just imagine playing a game like Dead or Alive on the Wii U, and a second tablet controller for multiplayer would make for some pretty awesome fights. I know Dead or Alive hasn’t been confirmed for Wii U, but Nintendo’s E3 presentation is only 6 days away, and it can’t hurt to dream, can it? đŸ™‚

  • uPadWatcher

    At least it would be a grand idea to have two uPads simultaneously for shooters, sports, beat-em-ups, etc.

    • swic11

      exactly, some games I really feel like there can be an edge if you have the controller with the screen. and btw, has Nintendo actually named the controller officially?

  • BillG

    I don’t see the need for two controllers, the “U” in Wii U stands for “you”, e.g. the core gamer.

    • EvanescentHero

      Having only one controller limits the potential uses of the new controller to a single person, which seems like (a) a bad idea on Nintendo’s part, (b) a pain to design games around–especially hardcore, multiplayer games, which is what Nintendo needs and wants–and (c) not a lot of fun, considering people would have to swap off using it. Besides, what if it’s a multiplayer game and you want to stream gameplay to the controller? The Wii U NEEDS to support at least two tablets. Four would be best, but the strain streaming displays to four different screens would put on the console–especially while running 60 fps 1080p–makes it seem unlikely. There’s really no way the console won’t support at least two tablets at a time.

  • Swic11

    I know what the U stands for, but what’s the controller called?

    • nathant16

      I think it’s called U-Pad. (Why not verify our seperate emails and members instead of moderating everyone. This doesnt seem like a forum anymore or freedom of opinion.)

      • david6

        Yah, and my messages always disapear now. We stopped being annoying, we just like to be able to say stuff too. Other sites like gamespot let people say what they want, like day before yesterday a guy wrote like 5 pages long and over again and people were like over thousand messages and people can talk and say what they want. This site isnt fun or fair anymore. Were nintendo fans, but other sites are meaner than me and hate wii u really bad. I just dont like the way it looks, but im bad. :p

    • Smurfman256

      Technically, it doesn’t have an official name until next tuesday. Several names have been floating around as placehoders such as WiiPad, UPad, DRM, and what Nintendo was using last year (The New Controller [which is rather confusing to the layman IMO]).

      • F

        DRM? What does that stand for?

    • Billy Yeldell

      game paid 

  • david6

    Etch-n-sketch haha you thought i left

  • swic11

    I am all for being able to say what you want/think, but I think it gets to the annoying part when all you do is repeat it, I know your opinions by now lol.

  • andrewjcole

    No games to support this yet! I wonder when/if one will come out soon.