Apr 23rd, 2012 publishUpdated   Apr 30th, 2012, 6:24 pm

Metroid Wii U

Graphic artist Sietse Visser gives us here his thoughts on how Nintendo’s biggest franchises on the Wii U might look. He created a few Wii U game concepts and mockups, one of which you can find above. The concept shows how Metroid Prime might look on the new console and how the Wii U controller might be utilized. We have two more concepts, from Mario Kart and Pikmin 3, after the break.

Pikmin 3 Wii U

Mario Kart Wii U
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  • BlueFalcon

    This is great. I could really imagine that.

  • awsome mario kart is a hella good game but i know a better game super smash bros wii u is going to make a big ass hit maybe even more than brawl or melee

  • James

    Very cool!

  • theodore


  • gr8_monst3r

    I just can’t wait….
    Imagine that you are using fox an your final smash is arwing, and you turn the new controller in 360 degrees to hit your opponents. That would be awesome 😀

    • alienfish

      Actually I’m hoping for a gimmick free Smash Bros. experience. The day I have to stand playing Smash Bros. is the day I quit playing Nintendo games. I’m okay with maybe a few minigames that would involve something like that, but I’m talking main gameplay must be free of BS. That said, I’m all for a shooting game that incorporates this to some extent. If nothing else, I want a new zapper that fits the new controller on it which would act as my sniper scope or ADS. Being able to glance back and forth between ADS and normal view would bring that much more realism since that would be something a person would do in real life.

      If a developer, especially Nintendo, is going to make a game that fully incorporates the new controller’s bells and whistles then they better make sure that any and all uses make the game either easier to play or more realistic to play. I do think they should do something about the number of landmaster tanks they allow into the next Smash game though. One maybe, but Fox should be able to call in the Great Fox for an OP airstrike or something. That would be weird on the inevitable Great Fox stage, but maybe something even more special could happen on that stage like a ROB appearance? Anyway, done ranting.

    • yeah buddy

  • alienfish

    Ha! Nintendo will never let us take pictures of ourselves for online play. There would be way too much dick flying in my face. I guess it could be possible using the facial recognition software they have to avoid naughty pictures being displayed.

    Another Metroid fps would be godsend on a new and powerful console. I think it would be cool if they took a different direction though, and made something different than what Prime brought to the mix. A new story along with mega graphics and some deep online multiplayer would be so freaking cool for the Metroid series.

    I really don’t know what the hell Miyamoto is going to do with Pikmin 3, but I think it’s going to be absolutely mind-bending. That touch screen controller has some huge potential for this game and I hope they take full advantage of it. Also, they need to expand the universe a little bit and add in the ability to travel to other planets with your pikmin to scour for items. Another completely unique gameplay mechanic would be nice too since the game ends up being really simple and actually kind of shallow when it comes right down to it.

    There really is a lot to look forward to with this new console. This is gonna be AWESOME!!!

    • They already do the picture thing on 3DS…

      • alienfish

        I know they have face recognition, but which game published by Nintendo lets you use a photo online? Star Fox 64 3D allows users to display their face, but it’s realtime, making it much harder for someone to play the game and point the camera anywhere inappropriate (can’t remember if it’s online though).

      • alienfish

        If nothing else they could use a flagging system and look at player’s account pics if they were flagged.

  • Wildman

    Metroid… yes.

    Oh, I just can’t wait for E3!!

  • Indoctrination

    Oh yes!!!

    • what is better……………metroid or f-zero

      • Dan7el(Wii U day one purchase)

        Metroid… Actually what I want is a new Metroid that comes after Metroid Fusion(GBA) that plays similar to prime but is totally different in the timeline. Metroid 5 Please. Oh … 1080p metroid+ new controller with dual analog circle pads equals Best Metroid game ever!!!

        • alienfish

          ^ Yes.

      • James

        Metroid Prime

        • mkdhdh

          Metroid if they do jiggly animation for her boobs when in cutscenes :p lol :p no metroid if it uses dual analof because i played metroid prime corruption on wii and i didnt like it because i suck with wiimote on every shooting game i ever played and you couldnt use gcn or classic so i just stopped playing after5 or 6 missions

          • alienfish

            Too bad, that’s a good game. I always thought the Pointer/control stick setup was better and made aiming even more precise than dual analog. It’s one of the few control schemes that can contend with PC aiming as far as accuracy goes.

          • mkdhdh

            yeah but if i play with aiming i cant sit down. so i have to stand up that’s why i dont like it. and it was a good game i know but i’m more accurate with sticks

      • Sandstorm McDowell

        Two dif genres buddy two diff genres, Metroid is a side scroller/First person shooter, F-zero is a racing game….did u just jump on the Nintendo fanboy team? It’s ok we r more welcoming the those Microsoft bastards lol

  • Sandstorm McDowell

    METROID=HALO….xcept it doesn’t suck the story is better, the mechanics slay halo and samus could kick master cheif’s a$$ any day…..so I guess it’s nothing like Halo lol

    • mkdhdh

      hmmm metroid and halo combined would be porn for SF lovers lol master chief and samus f***ing :p but all metroid needs is more control possibilitys like being able to aim or use the gyrometer thing or use sticks and a great multiplayer i mean i would love to see a metroid multiplayer. that’d be epic. oh and split screen would be awesome.

      • SomePerson

        Of course though master chief would be doing it with his helmet on

        • mkdhdh

          hahahahha ;p you can leave your hat on!! ;p (and if you dont get it ITS A SONG) 🙂

      • EponaVsCrimsonLoftwing

        They’d probably do a gamepad screen and tv screen combo for co-op

  • boogie

    I’m all for Metroid but I would like to see other games too like Luigi’s Mansion 2, or a DK Wii U title. The company and fans alike need to expand their horizons beyond S.F and Metroid

  • Gamecube FOREVER

    I’m not even halfway through Metroid Prime and it’s already one of my favorite games and looking at the picture…. E3 NEEDS TO COME EARLEY

  • Sietse Visser

    Actually, the Mariokart idea i had was: “lan-party fun online”. On the controller screen you’d see “friends” in realtime (webcam-idea), so you can see their reaction, when you hit them with your koopa-shells . It would be playing just like you were sitting together on the coach.

    Thnx for sharing!