Oct 29th, 2012

The official Nintendo Magazine got their hands on a Wii U console, and luckily, they brought a camera with them. The video shows the Wii U console and GamePad controller in lots of close up shots, and finally, it’s compared with the original Wii and the GameCube as well. You can see that while the Wii U is about the same width and height as the Wii, it’s considerably longer. Full video below.

Be sure to also check out the previous Wii U vs Wii size comparison.

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  • Jon

    I’m SO happy someone made this video. I haven’t been able to find specific measurements on how big it is and this really helped. My gaming setup is super tight as it is with a Wii, 360, PS3, N64, and NES all sitting on essentially the same shelf so I’ve been trying to make room early.

    This probably means the Wii will have to go under the bed for a while.

    • RoboticLink

      You are right, it is very important to show the size of the machine.

      • AKA-Link77

        Yah! and like how they emphisised the fact that it is NOT a portable. Have u seen the comments on the wii u trailer? Most are trolls but some have very stupid assumtions to wat Wii U is.

    • Bicentennial_Pidgeon

      Cause, you know, it has a whopping great screen on it.

    • WiiUFan745

      You know what? You would’ve been SO happy hours ago if you checked My Nintendo News. Wii U Daily posts things later than all other Wii U news websites I’ve come around. To make it worse, they don’t even make up for it. If it’s not even LESS news than other Wii U websites, it’s the same ol’ thing… Just saying. This isn’t to diss WiiUDaily or anyone; it’s just so that you’re pleased with interesting Wii U news hours or days early.

      • WTF Wii U Daily

        I just posted about the same dam issue I have with this site. Before I scrolled down to read the comments. I really enjoy the site but Copy and Paste journalism is not respected. Come on take pride in yourself, your work, U!

    • NavyBlueYoshi

      Mii too, luckily I got to try it last week and got exact measurements, the booth peeps were like: What is this person doing? O_o
      I now say to you the words of the great Ike:
      Prepare yourself

      • Grodus

        This was even funnier for me because Ike is my main in brawl. So I see that all the time.
        I’m playing the Wii U with, friends, and in Zelda Battle Quest, I will fight for them.

    • ridley vs. samus

      two retro consoles? nice! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • mr potato

      no snes or gamecube?

      • Starfoxguy

        the white console was a Gamecube.

        • Thepokemonmaster

          Gamecube. Memories ๐Ÿ˜€ I had that Silver gamecube, (that GC was silver right?)

    • Chris

      My game set up is basically just a N64, PS3 and Wii… you got a better setup than me ๐Ÿ™

    • wiiuland

      but wii can play nes and n64

    • Watch_Dog

      Originally I thought the video was going to compare the Wii U to PS3 and Xbox 360. Then I thought it’d compare all of Nintendo’s consoles in terms of Specifications. I really wasn’t expecting size. In the end still interesting.

      I hope when the Wii U arrives, that someone does a Specifications Comparison Video or Chart of Wii U, PS3 and Xbox 360, and the same of the rest of the Next-Gen Consoles.

    • DURPAdurpa

      Why would you need to keep your wii. The wii u can play your old games, and you can transfer any purchases you’ve made on it, so there really isn’t much point in keeping it

  • WiiUhyper

    Cool, I already know all this though…

    • Boing


      I also feel that way whenever there’s a new story on here.
      It feels like they have to copy the story from another site which they copied from another site that copied it from another and so on, by the time it’s on here its becomed old news to me.

    • Wozaha

      You made the video? :O

  • NintendoMan :D

    Thats *sniff* so beautiful. :’D

  • Nintendo is da best

    Wait a sec did I hear him say motion sensors? Does he mean like wii Remote sensor? or a kinect style thing.

    • sergiosms

      he means like a wii remote sensor

    • Shankovich

      Wii remote, i.e. integrated circuits that detect motion

    • kone

      This site is stupid your thumbing down people for opinions and questions. if this is what a nintendo community is like then im gonna avoid online like the black death.

      • Nintendude

        Because they can just look up the answer with a few clicks and/or finger strokes.

    • zonda777

      He meant the built in gryroscope.

  • Ryu No Hadouken

    It’s bigger cause it has to house all that power! Nintendo, FTW!!!!!!

    • NintendoMan :D

      “You do not know the power of the dark side Luke”

    • Wii (want) U (r momey)!

      Which Power? There is no Pkwer inside of it! The Wii U is just WEAK, the only reason it is “more” powerful is just the more modern parts the rest is just WAY TOO EXPENSIVE for the specs!

      • NintendoMan :D

        The Wii U has 2GB of RAM and the XBox and PS3 only have 1/2GB of RAM. How is it not powerful? I downvoted your comment just so you know.

      • deSSy2724

        We dont know? you are saying its weak and even if we dont know the full specs? idiot, ofc its not a “powerhouse” when comparing it to 1500-3000 $ PC or something like that but it is obiviously more powerful than current gen (atleast, i think the Wii U GPU is way more powrful than current gen PS3 and Xbox 360).

    • Grodus

      Sine I’m in an Ike mood:

      Aether way is fine with me! (as in whether it’s bigger, the same as, or smaller than the Wii.)

  • Keath

    GAH! id never hold my wii u that high off the ground. Im glad i preordered the deluxe edition its sooo beautiful! but i still love that cube on top twas so portable and durable. Great video hope people take the time to watch it all.

  • Elite

    Posted this on the forums earlier today. Good comparison. Still wish Nintendo mag was sticking around.

    • Nintedward .

      ONM UK isn’t going anywhere. At least I hope it isn’t :(. I have Years and years worth of issues – it’s an amazingly entertaining magazine.

      N-gamer the unnoficial magazine is shutting down – *whispers* ”their reviews are dogshit- They gave ocarina of time 3d like 82% , I mean seriously…. Who the Fuk gives that game 82% ?”

      • Wii (want) U (r momey)!

        You’re right 82% is UNFAIR because…..

        it is WAY TOO MUCH for that shitty game!

        • Wii (want) U (r momey)!

          Epic bash Bro I gave you a thumbs up!

          • Nintendude

            Why are you talking to yourself?

          • Grodus

            I like how he didn’t bother to change his user name, and his 1st comment doesn’t have any thumbs up.

          • Roedburn

            and 11 thumbs down isn’t enough for your shitty comment

      • BloopbopBeepbop

        People who believe that a remake of one the most iconic games of all time should be on a console, not a handheld.

        • Nintedward

          Naaaaaah. Ocarina of time 3d is the best version of the game with master quest built in all in 3d with enhanced graphics , gyroscope features etc etc.

          It’s a 9.5/10 at least. ONM gave it 98% accordingly.

      • Elite

        I wonder if its just in the USA then. I remember hearing this on ign a while back.

      • Kev

        82% rating does not offend me as an Oot fan or an adult. It would actually be a logical rating if websites didn’t exaggerate the number perfect or near perfect scores they so easily hand out.

  • Grove Street N****

    i can’t wait, to bad that i haave 12 days more to wait lolz ๐Ÿ™

    • NintendoMan :D

      The earliest release is Nov. 18 which is 19 dayz away. Sorrr to rain on your parade.

      • Grove Street N****

        ehm its coming out on Nov. 30 for me, so i guess its right, i have 12 days more to wait then americans, thats what i meant……


      they thumbed you down because sheep don’t understand what you are talking about.

      instead of thinking for themselves and say maybe he mean’s the 30th,the monkey’s will just thumb you down because the first monkey did it.

      it’s something i call the ”bonobo effect”.



      they thumbed you down because sheep donโ€™t understand what you are talking about.

      instead of thinking for themselves and say maybe he meanโ€™s the 30th,the monkeyโ€™s will just thumb you down because the first monkey did it.

      itโ€™s something i call the โ€bonobo effectโ€.


  • BananaPwnz

    Nintendo will always be number 1! They always manage to develop new and fun ways to play video games that no ever company has done before. Just look at the Nintendo DS, and the Wii! They are both SO unique, and now the Wii u comes into play. I personally cant wait, Nintendo FTW!

    • wawawaLoop

      I wouldn’t exactly say the Virtual Boy and the Power Glove were “fun”.

  • Jc

    Time can’t go by fast enough. Nov.18 is just around the corner but it feels like forever.

  • Andrew Holliger

    Really well made video, a great watch for anyone looking to learn a little more about the console!!!

  • Firebro


  • SteampunkJedi (3DS FC: 5284-2360-9145)

    I never realized how big the GameCube was. And the Wii U is pretty small.

    • Swic11

      I disagree, if you we’re to put the Wii U in a cubular type box, it would probably be close to the same size.

      • Linskarmo (3DS FC: 5284-2360-9145)

        Good point. It just looked bigger to me.
        (I’m the same person, I just changed my name to my 3DS one.)

      • Lazara the Last

        Nintendo actually played with the thoughts of making รฅ cube of the WiiU

    • Elite

      Well i actually found it quite small back when i have all the last gen systems. Being xbox, ps2, and gamecube. The gamecube was so small i could take it anywhere and i even had a small screen that was attached to the gamecube.

  • Master of Awesomeness


  • MEH

    WOW!!!!! it bigger then the wii OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! big deal

  • Nintendo Power (Wii U FTW)

    Damn the Wii U is long but the Gamecube is a…..Well a Cube Shape

  • Name

    This is amazing. The WII U will be the best consol ever

  • Hello


    • NintendoMan :D

      hello hello

  • Angus Young

    Gamecube rules!!

  • Name

    Got to love wii u size comparisons

  • Gamechemist8

    Fantastic new looks at the Wii U. Definitely gonna buy one hopefully around Christmas

  • sergiosms

    WOW. I love this overview

    • Nintedward .

      That’s English people for ya ๐Ÿ˜‰ – Excuse the patriotism americans *dips biscuit in tea*

      • ridley vs. samus


        said the american in a bad british accent ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Roedburn

        I admire patriotism, in fact I would expect that from people. It’s when they start needlessly insulting other countries (like Nintendoodoo) that I have a problem.

        • Nintedward

          Definitely. that shit is just racism :).

  • DJ

    The Wii is one small packed gorgeous console. It’s unfortunate that the Wii U had to be bigger to contain its pure awesomeness.

  • Falcon PAWTCH!!!

    Amazing..I really want tp get my hands on that controller ๐Ÿ˜€

  • nintendofreak

    i knw dis is off topic and everything but does somebody know something about the wiiu os cuz if its goonna use 1 gb of ram then dat would mean that it would be capable of playing aps u knw like angry birds n shit….n i would love dat since i hate apple n i have a shiity phone

    • Draco Breach

      The final size of the OS is not known, at least as memory serves. If I’m wrong, I’m sure somebody will correct me. [We do know/I remember] that developer kits make 1GB of RAM inaccessible.

      The 1GB of system RAM is inaccessible to applications. The remaining 1GB of resource RAM is managed by the [probably] GPGPU for the main and background apps.

  • Shankovich

    Thank goodness it’s a bit bigger, I was so concerned of thermal management. Again, your engineers are Gods Nintendo

  • Mid-core Gamer

    I found it strange that they compared them to the GameCube, I found it even stranger that the they used the one with the Resident Evil 4 logo.

    I think that this and the commercial for the Wii U for UK are great ways to show people just what the Wii U is and is capable of.

  • ssb4 3dsFC3007 8585 6950


    • ;)

      No, you are ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • ssb4 3dsFC3007 8585 6950

        why thank U! oh wait, are u a boy or girl?

  • Starfoxguy

    I thought the GamePad was gonna be huge but after seeing it next to the 3ds xl I have a new look at how big it is.

  • ThisGuy

    I would be really cool if you could use a 3ds as an extra remote

    • ssb4 3dsFC3007 8585 6950

      u can but there arent any games that currently support that setup.

  • Maverick-Hunter

    Wii u is still smaller than ps3 slim edition ๐Ÿ˜›

  • rjm420247

    Nov. 18 is almost within reach! Can’t wait!

  • marioU

    has hurricane sandy destroyed a bunch of Wii U in all stores on east coast? sad news

    • NintendoMan :D

      I’m pretty sure that if they are inside a building, in a room, probably in some strong steel cage like at most Best Buys, in a box, tucked inside layers of shipping protection material (foam), that it won’t get destroyed.Oh, and knowing Nintendo its probably super durable like the GameCube.

    • Hey, Jerkoff

      Yeah, that sad news is that the fact the Wii U stores were destroyed, not the fact that people died, the tunnels and subway in NYC are totally f’d up, and parts of Jersey and Long Island are underwater.

      • NintendoMan :D

        My grandparents live in New Jersey and they only lost power once or twice but the storm hit them dead on so I’m happy that they’re OK but confused that they didn’t have a lot of damage.

  • NoPUNintendo

    I’m not entirely sure how to fit this console near my PS3 fat slim and super slim Xbox360 Wii Gamecube N64 Ps2 Ps1 NES Sega Dreamcast Sega Genesis SNES. But at least I now have time to prepare.

    • NintendoMan :D

      That’s easy, just duck tape it to the wall. Duck tape solves EVERYTHING ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Burnannator

    uhhh sexy

  • Swic11

    Ok so I have made a point not to play the Wii U until I unpack my own. Today I went to BestBuy and saw the Wii U demo station, I walked up to it with every intention of not touching but I couldn’t help myself. I took the gamepad in my hands and pressed all of the buttons and it feels fantastic! I didn’t play a game though! I just handled the controller. My only complaint about the controller are the trigger buttons just being a typical button opposed to analog triggers, I’m personal confused to see how racing games with work.

    • kone

      Only way i can see racing games work is by using tilt forward and back with controler to go and brake and also use controler to stear

    • lakersfan

      I noticed that and was a bit dissapointed as well but i will day they fell really good for button triggers. Maybe we will have a wheel fir the gamepad that’s mounted on a stand gt5 style for the gamepad, using its motion sensors for steering. That would be cool. :^D

    • Neonridr

      yeah, I wish they had stuck with analog triggers, it would have worked so much better. I mean if Gamecube games come to the VC, how are they going to map the controls for games where pressing the trigger partway did one thing, while pressing it all the way down did something else? They are now going to have to use two buttons to do the job of one.

  • NoPUNintendo

    Gee. I sure wish my wallet and all my money somehow fell into Nintendos pockets and they shared 75% of my income. If only dreams came true.

  • LP

    Wow, didn’t realize up until now how “big” it is… I thought (perhaps without reason) that the Wii U was maybe smaller than the Wii. It still has a good size. However I really think it’s gonna look better vertically. Good vid, thanks.

  • Ayane

    Thought it might be a specs comparison video. That’s okay, I can wait.

    This is pretty awesome too, I

  • Dan

    Cool Wii U logo effect there, I hope thats a start up

  • Draco Breach

    Nineteen days simply cannot pass quickly enough.

  • Hard Core Nintendo Gamer1865

    Man this vid was awesomeโ€ my jaw dropped when i saw the shinyness of the Wii U ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Also i like the model 1 Black Wii which can play Gamecube games, man now that was a wii but sadly i own a white wii cuz i got mine at launch in 2006, and now it stopped reading disks, now i have to wait 18 more days to play my Wii games but i have a โ€œGCNโ€ so i can just play my GCN games on my gamecube. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Wii U is gonna be epic! and it’s the beast that’s gonna kill and slauter the 360, PS3, 720 and PS4โ€ ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • CRT_hater777

    Should’ve used a white one

  • Phases

    I can’t stand to watch this with that terrible background music. Arg, how distracting!

  • TheBaconator

    Lol it’s soo long and black. xD

  • TheBaconator

    No puns intended sickos lol. But seriously though every day I regret not preordering. Looks like I have to wait til christmas. Come on Santa ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Sammie

    I posted something about this on the previous article asking Wii U daily to credit me if they use it. My post awaited moderation and never went through. Not cool.

  • ninjabake

    Didn’t know the wii u wad that much bigger than wii. Pleasant surprise tho.

    • ninjabake


  • Neonridr

    Also, the days seem to be dragging so slowly now. I end up jumping from nintendo site to nintendo site to try to get any new bits of information, but it’s all the same on every site, and now information has seemed to slow to a crawl and we are just over 2 1/2 weeks away until release. I really wish November 18th would get here already. I also really hope my EB Games store (Gamestop for you Americans) will do a midnight launch so I don’t have to wait an extra 12 hours to get my system on the Sunday.


    Legend…wait for it…dairy, legend

  • nintendoododo

    is wiiu gandgeld?

    • Roedburn

      If your going to speak English then learn to speak it properly.

    • Grodus

      Oppum gandgeld style!

      • Roedburn

        Pretty much.

  • srpg2ishere

    I already knew that the Wii U was bigger than the Wii but when I went to GameStop and actually saw It I was like “Damn! The Wii U is big as Hell!!” ๐Ÿ˜€ Probably because it has all that awesome power!I’m so glad I lay awayed the deluxe. I also tried it out at GameStop on the Rayman Legends demo and It was just TOO fantastic! ๐Ÿ˜‰ The controller was just GOD AWESOMELY comfortable and the demo was EPIC! I can rest assured knowing that Rayman Legends will difinitely be one of my games in my Wii U inventory!

  • srpg2ishere

    Nintendo: With nintendo tvii, you can watch tv on your gamepad, in your kitchen, in the living room, while your taking a shit, or even while your doing it!!!
    Me: Cool.

  • dude

    Wii u is long

  • dude


  • Great Aether

    So the wii u is longer than the wii? Cool.

  • harley dawber

    my set up is a wii, ps3, gamecube, 2 n64’s for some reason (most likely so i can choose xD), snes, nes, dreamcast, sega saturn model 2, megadrive, master system, atari 2600 and a sinclair spectrum, yes im genuinly OCD and yes i have 6 scart/plug and rf extentions at the back of my tv xD

    • Great Aether

      My setup is a Wii U and a PC.

      • Grodus

        Nice name. I love Ike.

  • Great Aether

    Ugh.. Who put this picture on my account get it off!!!

  • The Velvet Squirrel Pounder

    “even while your doing it!!!”

    …..With your one free hand.

  • NesToWiiU

    Please don’t fool us into thinking we’re comparing specs to rub in people’s faces on how the Wii U isn’t a Wii with a new controller.

  • Austin

    man the WIIU is so sexy

  • Deli us

    They could’ve at least wiped all the marching powder off the machine before they made the video

  • Madmagican

    It looks so sleek and shiny o.O …I really need to find some means of getting a Wii U cuz I missed the pre-order

  • Kev

    Was that the old wii or the new slim version?

  • Grodus

    Ike said:

    If you’re upset about the fact it’s bigger, well, you’ll get no sympathy from me.

    • Great Aether


  • ProWiiU

    Is the person who made this video High on crack? nobody has mentioned the filmer’s poor video-taping skills..

  • JJJ

    SO SHINY!!! 0__0

  • Crapcake

    wow all my friends said the fearless is a handheld what the crap is wrong with them

    • NintendoMan :D

      They’ve probably only seen the GamePad. Someone else I know said that it’s just a portable Wii. Plus he’s a Nintendo hater.