May 31st, 2013

Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida recently confirmed that remote-play via PS Vita will be mandatory for PlayStation 4 games. While this has prompted many predictable and boring discussions about who ripped off who and which company is responsible for what, Nintendo fans in particular should be thinking about what this means for the nature of third party cross-platform development in the coming years.


Like Wii before it, one of the roadblocks to developers including Wii U in their multi-platform releases is the unique controller. The remote and nunchuck were the only controllers packed in with Wii, and the gamepad is the only controller packed in with Wii U, so naturally Nintendo needs developers to make their games take advantage of those devices.

After this move from Sony, every single PS4 developer will have to consider the logistics of streaming their game to a smaller, touch-enabled screen, as well as the possibility of running optional supporting gameplay features on the smaller device. Figuring that out means one less step between their game and Wii U compatibility, which means more third party games for Nintendo’s console.

We could have seen a similar thing last generation when, encouraged by Nintendo’s success with Wii, Sony introduced the Move controller for PlayStation 3. As we all know however, the fact that Move was expensive and not bundled in with the hardware meant that pretty much only Sony made interesting games that used it, and the device kind of faded away.

This time the playing field is more even. Every Wii U owner has a gamepad and every PlayStation 4 game (except those that use special PS4-only peripherals like the PSEye) will need to have Vita stream functionality.

The only way Sony could shift the Wii U and PlayStation 4 closer to input parity would be to lower the price of Move controllers or pack one right in the box with the PS4.


Of course there are deep differences between Sony’s upcoming device and Wii U.

There’s platform-specific functionality like Miiverse to consider for one thing (although current third-party games have done well at showing us how easy it is to ignore that feature altogether), plus PS4’s architecture is shaping up to be simpler and obviously more powerful than that of Wii U. It remains to be seen, but I think this will be less of a problem than we might be lead to believe.

Not only have we repeatedly heard about Wii U’s yet-to-be-realised processing capabilities, but the huge casual install base generated during the last generation means third parties will be developing for 360 and PS3 as well as PS4 and Xbox One for at least the next few years. In many cases this means developers will need to design PlayStation 4 games with off-tv play and scalability in mind, which bodes well for Wii U owners who would like some third party love.

What do you think? Will the need to support off-TV play on Sony’s device encourage developers to make games for both PS4 and Wii U, or are the differences between the consoles so great that devs will have to pick a side?

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  • Kenshin0011

    It’s going to take a lot of time for the Vita/PS4 functionality to really catch on because the combo is very expensive. The Vita hasn’t sold too well so far, so not many own it, and the initial spending to just get a PS4 initially won’t leave a lot of room to buy Vitas. So then devs won’t focus too much on specific functionality because most people won’t have it. Most will only offer remote play.

    So the good I think it does for the Wii U is acclimate that the remote play feature IS a good thing. It’s like Sony will be like, “Vita and PS4 dual screen is awesome, you gotta experience it!”. And then Nintendo will be like, “It is awesome, right? So then come play it on the Wii U where it’s core to its functionality, much cheaper, and dedicated”.

    • Peter Henson

      I have a feeling the PS4 will come with a Vita in the box.

      • Kenshin0011

        Is that a joke?

        • Kevin Sepulveda

          Lmao I hope it is.

        • Peter Henson

          How can they release a console that needs a vita – without one!! Think sensibly

          • Cerus98

            It doesn’t need the vita. It’s an extra feature games have to support but you don’t need the vita to play the games like you do the gamepad. Perhaps YOU should think sensibly.

          • Peter Henson

            What a hostile yet thought provoking response.

          • Nintendo4life

            He speaks truth…U mad?

          • D.M.T

            It doesn’t need a Vita dude. It’s not like you won’t be able to play PS4 games without a Vita lol

          • Nintedward

            lol It’s only remote play , they’re not saying Vita X PS4 will have Dual screen functionality on every game like Wiiu does.

            Developers won’t waste their time doing dual screen Vita games because its two seperate devices , Wiiu is one with super low latency.

            Good for Vita X PS4 owners , Off screen play is a revolution in gaming for me.

            Vita has more latency than Wiiu to the point where it may be noticable – Wiiu has absolutely none that is noticable. Also Wiiu gamepad is imperious compared to vita which has awful little sticks , and a stupid (just being serious) laptop touch pad on the back…

          • Chris Hamilton

            how do you know the ps4 vita combo will have more latency? Since the ps4 will be doing the streaming ,you have no way of knowing.
            yes the ps3 vita combo has more latency, but the ps3 and ps4 are different machines, so unless you’re psychic you should keep your assumptions to yourself

          • Jeffery02

            Have you ever tried to stream things over the internet? The Vita will work by connecting online, locating the PS4’s IP, and then connecting to it. Even if the PS4 has enough hardware to compensate, either the Vita or the Wi-Fi signal probably won’t.

            The GamePad on the other hand, where it can’t work far away, connects straight to the system. Now people could use this Vita and PS4 combo at home where it WOULD connect straight to the system, but let’s be realistic. How many people will really do that?

            The Vita needs to change the control scheme, the methods of some inputs, and won’t look NEARLY as beautiful as a full HD TV. The only time I’d ever use the Vita and PS4 Remote Play is when I am on the go, and that will always have a latency issue. Especially if you have a 3G Vita that you decide to REALLY play on the go.

          • Chris Hamilton

            actually remote play has two modes to connect 1. Is through the internet so you can remote play from anywhere. 2. Is local connection (through bluetooth) as to cut down on latency

            and as for how many people would use method 2. Idk ,how many people use the off tv feature on the wii you. You make it sound like a second screen is cool when nintendo does it, but sucks when sony does it.

          • Jeffery02

            The thing is though that the control scheme is EXACTLY the same on GamePad alone as it is with the GamePad and TV combo. The Vita is missing 4 buttons, has an added touch-screen, and the touch pad is on the back where as it is on the front of the PS4 controller. Plus it will ONLY be off-TV play while the GamePad is completely relevant even if you are using the TV.

            Btw, I mentioned in my comment that the Vita can connect straight to the PS4 when you are home, so it was nice to know that you thoroughly read my post. Anyway IMHO though, I would much rather use a PS4 controller to comfortably play a PS4 game in full 1080p (or whatever is the new Sony standard) than to have to figure out the altered controls of the off-TV mode on the Vita at a lower resolution and on a tiny screen.

            I would only want to deal with the Vita and PS4 off-TV play when I am not at home and don’t have physical access to the PS4, in which case there WILL be latency. Just because there should be no latency at home doesn’t mean that it’s a relevant feature IN GENERAL when at home.

            Now I’m sure some people will try and love the feature, but I’m talking generally. There are always extremes on both sides of the bell curve but I am talking about the middle majority, in which case this is what I think.

          • Chris Hamilton

            I did read your whole message, witch is why I answered the question “how many people would use that feature”.

            ok first the vita uses the four corners of the touchscreen for the missing buttons. Second there are already games that use the vita in ways other than ONLY off tv play.and last this article is about the hope that 3rd party devs use second screen functions as they will be used by 2 systems instead of just the wii u.its not ment to be a ps4/vita vs wii u.

          • Jeffery02

            Well if it uses the 4 corners for the buttons, then what about the touch pad? Moving from the front touch pad to the back would be a difficult transition I think.

            My point isn’t that it can’t happen though. My point is that the controls are still different. Using the PSP’s thumb nub as a replacement for L2 and R2 for original PS games was annoying already. Throw in the missing L2, R2, L3, and R3 as well as the moved touch pad and lower resolution screen (PSP had a higher resolution than the PSOne) and I think I would rather stick with the PS4 controller that I know I will be more comfortable with for the PS4 games.

            Also, since developers cannot expect PS4 owners to own a Vita, most (not all) will only support the off-TV play and only because this ONE feature is mandatory. Any extra 2nd screen features will be limited because no developer will make the Vita a mandatory part of their PS4 game. The Wii U GamePad on the other hand comes with EVERY Wii U and thus games like Zombi U and Lego City Undercover can happen. No PS4 game will have the 2nd screen features the the Wii U games CAN have.

          • Chris Hamilton

            you do know that the back touch pad doesn’t need to be used right?also resolution doesn’t really matter as its being streamed not to mention the wii u gamepad is even lower resolution than the vita
            and if 3rd party devs only use off tv play features, then thats bad news for nintendo not sony.(if they don’t use 2nd screen then the game probably won’t even be released on wii u)

            and once again there are already games that use the vita in the way you say will never happen (look into the remote play features of little big planet)
            3rd party devs might not jump on board 2nd screen gameplay (once again that means they probably won’t be porting their games to the wii u either) but sony 1st part devs will most likely make use of all the features that the wii u does

            oh and 1 more thing, just because you don’t like off tv play doesn’t make it a useless feature. There are plenty of reasons to use that feature.(someone else is watching tv or you want to game in bed, or if you just too damn lazy to sit up lol)

          • Chris Hamilton

            1 last thing because I’m sick of going back and forth trying to convince you that this is a good thing for both sony and nintendo.
            games like zombieu can easily have 2 control sceme options. 1 that uses two screens and one that puts the radar in the corner of the tv

          • Jeffery02

            The PS4 controller has a touch pad, so how else are you going to emulate that if the touch screen is being used for the 4 missing buttons? Also, I never said that the Vita cannot be used for more than off-TV play. I said that the extra features will be more limited because no developer will make it part of the core game experience.

            As far as Zombi U is concerned, to heck with the radar. What about entering a code while watching your back or having to organize your bag when a zombie can show up and kill you at any time. You cannot get that on a TV only game. If you were only on the TV then you need to do that stuff with a cursor AND you can see behind you like you had eyes in the back of your head. It would COMPLETELY take away from the suspense that only the 2 screens can give you.

            On another note, almost every third party game that supports the Move doesn’t utilize it as well as the Wii did despite being more accurate because they cannot assume that the player will have the Move. Only Sony really made actual Move games and they flopped because the Move wasn’t a very common product in consumer homes since it was an optional enhancement.

            I ALSO never said that the off-TV play is useless and at one point I even said that there will be people that will enjoy it and swear by it. But on the other hand, if you HAVE a PS4 AND Vita, then you will probably have it hooked up to a separate TV anyway. Any kid/teen that has both will PROBABLY have their own TV. Any adult most likely WILL have their own TV. If you have the money for both, then off-TV MAY just not be worth it for you WHEN AT HOME. On the go though, it could be an amazing feature which goes back to the only point I was making, there WILL be some latency.

            You also need to understand that I admit/admitted that there is an except to everything. It is NOT a useless feature, nor did I ever say that it WAS a useless feature. The whole point I was making is that there will be a latency issue and you are giving me ‘what if’ situations. Well what if the PS4 printed money and the what if off-TV play gave you immortality? ‘What if’s mean nothing in debate because anything a ‘what if’ can bring can require such specific conditions that it is no longer a valid point.

            I don’t think you ever understood my point and you are acting like this is a binary discussion. This isn’t black and white. This is grey, I always said it was grey, and it will always be some shade of grey. This all started with the latency issue and all my point was is that off-TV play is MORE valuable AWAY from home than it is AT home for MOST people. You make it sound like I said it is a totally useless feature, and I’m sorry if that’s what you took away from it, but that is not EVER what I said.

          • Chris Hamilton

            lol no way I’m gonna read all that, but this article and my point is about 3rd party devs making games for BOTH systems, so I guess they wouldn’t use the ps4 track pad as the wii doesn’t have one,also you did ask “who would really use it that way” refering to off tv play.
            lets face it you use arguments like who would want to play on a small screen with low resolution even though the gamepad has a lower resolution than the vita.
            and last for zombiu your argument holds no wzter there either as you could just make the inventory/code input device take up the whole screen then it would pretty much be the same
            and p.s. STOP YELLING AT ME

          • Jeffery02

            I said who would really use it AT HOME. On the go it will be amazing. MOST of the use of it will be when people aren’t home and in THAT case there will be latency. The latency is the only thing I was arguing. It was that only thing I was ever arguing, everything else derived from that.

            I was also talking about the different control scheme of the Vita and PS4, not the Wii U and Vita or PS4. I do think that the GamePad though would be able to have the PS4 control scheme must better than the Vita, but that’s besides the point and also only an opinion, so let’s leave it at that.

            As far as your Zombi U thing, then how would you watch your back AT ALL if you’re using the entire screen for only the key pad or inventory. The whole point of Zombi U is to have something take your attention AWAY from the TV to add suspense, not blind yourself completely from it. Having a 1 screen experience on Zombi U will NEVER have the same effect as a 2 screen experience.

            My last 2 points here are 1) I was never yelling at you. When I used all caps, I was only trying to emphasize that particular word or words and 2) the lower resolution on the GamePad IS a con. But just because the GamePad has that con doesn’t mean I cannot bring it up on the Vita.

            I use off-TV for Virtual Console games all the time, but games like Trine 2 and Call of Duty I much more prefer on the TV. It’s having that experience that tells me that the Vita will have the same problems. I was arguing TV play at home vs off-TV play at home, NOT Wii U vs Vita/PS4.

            – Summary –
            At home = on-TV play better = less off-TV play
            On the go = off-TV play better = some latency
            This in a nutshell, there will be usually be latency

          • Almondo Joseph Chioino

            this argument is starting to remind me of the UN. Chris, just make like the US and “walk out”. (from America, love my country. just had to say it lol)

            your so narrow-minded its not even funny. if zombiu had the mechanics of let say…. ES; Oblivion when lock picking, it would RUIN the game for me, and others that like the game im sure. that game is fucking creepy as hell when youre searching through shit and you have to constantly look down and up to see if something is “waking up” somewhere you around you that you couldnt see, or a zombie is coming out of the shadows. im starting to wonder if you’ve even played the game before. ANYONE who liked zombiu even a shred would hate if Ubisoft took that mechanic away. and dont even try to say looking up and down is annoying, time to work out those traps a little more, thank zombiu for that. same goes for those people who bitch about the controller being too heavy. youve got to be fucking kidding me. thing is light as a sheet of paper

          • Chris Hamilton

            yes I have played and enjoyed zombiu, but I’m not the one being narrow minded. I just pointed out that it and other games could have 2 control schemes and still work fine. Actually I think that the opposite of being narrow minded

            I’ll explain the concept. Say developer X is making a game .Sony is hoping for dev X to make use of vita as a second screen (they could use some killer games like zombiu to help sell some vita’s).So if dev X decides to make use of the second screen right from the start, then that game is now one step closer and more likely to get ported over to the wii u .

          • Almondo Joseph Chioino

            that would ruin a lot of the horror aspect of the game thats for sure. using a pro controller instead of the gamepad. that game NEEDS the gamepad, it adds a lot to the anxiety thats for sure.

          • Chris Hamilton

            “Idk ,how many people use the off tv feature on the wii you.”

            I would say quite a bit. Also the game pad is an extension of the console meaning features of the game are displayed and controlled independently from what is on the TV. I use the Gamepad even when I playing a game with the pro controller for some games that give extras and more info using the gamepad screen.

            I also play a lot of VC and other games off screen when the wife is watching one of her crappy shows. I do prefer the bigger TV for the 3D titles though as it is much bigger and easier to play on.

          • Chris Hamilton

            yes bob that was my point, it was jeffery that was saying no one would use the off tv play. And the vita can also display features independent of what is on the tv (little big planet2 did this before the wii u was even released so I would bet money that sony 1st party stuff will explore this further
            my whole point is this is a win win situation ,not a sony vs nintendo situation

          • Sorry I misunderstood you… I think anyone in a relationship or in a situation where the TV is shared or used by more than person would find the off-screen play beneficial

          • Jeffery02

            I never said that it WAS a Sony vs Nintendo debate. It is a win win for them, I agree. The only thing I argued is about the latency. THAT’S IT! I never said that no one would use the feature and I never said that it is a bad feature either. Only that it is MORE valuable on the go than at home, and that on the go there WILL be a latency issue. You think this is a Nintendo vs Sony debate when that was never my intention from the start.

          • … You really are an idiot aren’t you?…. You don’t need a Vita to play on the PS4.

          • Adrian

            He isn’t an idiot, he had a misunderstanding. Maybe you should all get over yourselves and stop being dicks.

          • greengecko007

            But this is serious stuff man. Video game topics are a matter of life and death. How would society progress without the elitist attitudes of so many gamers?

            Sarcastic response-

      • JWHO

        That would cost like 1000$ easy!!!!

        • Chris Hamilton

          no way sony will include a vita with the ps4 (except for bundles), but really? $1000 do you really think the ps4 will cost $750 lol

          • Jeffery02

            Knowing Sony I wouldn’t be surprised. I really hope not though.

          • Almondo Joseph Chioino

            more like $999.99 derp derp

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            I think the ps4 will cost at least $600.

          • Nintendo4life

            Add vita with it and yeah id say more of $700

      • wober2

        I bet there will be bundles, but I also think they will just have the ps4. It is not necessary to have a ps vita to play the ps4, they are just mandating it to increase their vita sales. If they didnt why would developers even bother/spend development time.

      • Chris Aita

        It isn’t a required feature to play PS4 games, however it sounds like developers need to use it. I can see SONY making a elite/deluxe bundle fore PS4 that includes a PSVita to show that the handheld is still relevant. I personally think its a cool device and has lots of potential, but the games are lacking.

      • Paul Gbel

        I think thats a smart move myself and a great selling point but they have to be careful on price.

        Spec £400 for PS4 and £180 ish for vita, is a big ask and that’s before you add in and extra controller that most gamers want and a few games

      • Nintendo4life

        Yeah and make it 700 to 750 yeah who is dumb enough to pay that

        • Forget that, who is dumb enough to bundle that? That’s why Nintendo never bundles their handhelds with their consoles.

          • Nintendo4life

            very true and what most haters don’t get is the price sony lists for the stuff..Vita and im quessing even the ps4 from what i have heard will be around 500 so Nah Who wants to pay for a 500 dollar out dated PC console when if i want the best looks for a game i will do with my PC But Wii U gives us games that are fun and I am so ready for a Zelda HD game

      • Nintendo4life

        Yep and will make it around 700 dollars..Who would really pay that?

    • Ken Seymour

      the one problem is the vita doesn’t have 4 shoulder buttons like a ps4 controller, and yes it has a touch sensitive back, but that just isn’t the same. Point, Nintendo.

      • Johny

        ^That! .. i really sounds cumbersome to be in sony’s boots now.

      • Link Slayer

        Vita version 2 at e3 you watch sony will suprise us!

        • QuizmasterBos

          A new model of the Vita isn’t going to help boost sales. The problem is that the library of the Vita is very small and there aren’t really any system seller in there.

          Making a “Vita 2.0” would be the dumbest move to make for Sony as it will:
          – Cost more money to make, ensuring losses at the end of the fiscal year
          – Not boost sales as there are no games, just a new model

          – Piss off those who bought a version 1.0 and then find out this one is better

          Trust me, a good system isn’t based off power, but off games and original uses of the sytem it runs on.

          • Frank

            Case in point, the PS2 and Wii best selling consoles of the sixth and seventh generations respectively

          • kinghenroc187

            correction wii best selling console ever over 500million sold ps2 was 155million… now dont talk about the 3ds that sold over 1.2 billion and still going thats all console from playstation1 all the way on to now combined and thats just a handheld system and the ds alone sold over 500million do the math nintendo is number one

          • Assassinated23

            I don’t know where you’re getting your statistics from, but they are completely wrong.

          • brian murphy

            lol if the 3ds reached a billion sales every website would be bragging about it when it came to sales hell it only sold 31.09 million world wide back in march of 2013 and with nintendo bringing out alot of new games for the 3ds im sure it could double in sales but no console will ever break the billion mark they wont make that many

          • Aamir Islam

            What? The Wii sold 90 million, the PS2 sold 155 Million, the PS1 sold 100 million, the 3DS sold 30 million and the DS sold about 157 million. Where are you getting your facts from? And how on earth does this have 5 thumbs up?

          • Nintendo4life

            Correction Wii 105 million now ….3ds 40 million

          • Aamir Islam

            Well that’s still FAR off from what the troll up there said

          • Sora Morp

            wii sold less than 500milion. Where’d you get that from

          • Elem187

            no, the wii is 100 million… the ps2 outsold it by 50%.

            …. a powerhouse console might stroke the ego of some entitled stuck up gamers, but it rarely wins the sales race.

          • Link Slayer

            i know everything you said. But i think they may have two package deals one with a Vita and one Without. And there was a romour that Sony was going to come out with a Vita with HDMI output. But I can see them making one with clickable butttons and two triggers but also the touch screen can make up for the loss of buttons but wont be as good. I dont know anyways… Since i dont have a vita anymore I wouldnt mind getting another Vita if all the PS4 games were on it and that would solve the game problem. I dont care about handheld games as much if i can play my console games on the go thats so freakin awesome. The sick PS4 games on my Vita. It would be like a portable Wii U with more power and I would’t have to bring the whole system with me to play console games on the go. Sorry but that sounds so awesome. Handhelds have been striving to have console quality games on the fly now you will actuly get to play console games on your handheld.

          • QuizmasterBos

            Let’s answer this in parts (Massive wall of text alert):

            Randy:i know everything you said. But i think they may have two package deals one with a Vita and one Without.

            Quiz: Unless Sony brings a ton of games to the Vita at E3, then they’d basically be forced to. But I don’t think it is likely for Sony to package a complete other product with their system.

            Randy:But I can see them making one with clickable butttons and two triggers
            but also the touch screen can make up for the loss of buttons but wont
            be as good.

            Quiz: Wait. The Vita’s buttons can’t be clicked?! That makes no sense, you must’ve misspelled that. Either way, the Vita is a pretty big system already, having to put on even more buttons would make the handheld too unwieldy; not very useful to take with you. I think Sony is just going to leave the buttons as is, developers would need to find a way to optimize their key usage.

            Randy: Since i dont have a vita anymore I wouldnt mind getting another Vita if
            all the PS4 games were on it and that would solve the game problem. I
            dont care about handheld games as much if i can play my console games on
            the go thats so freakin awesome. The sick PS4 games on my Vita

            Quiz: You really wouldn’t mind having to spend money on a Vita AGAIN, just to be able to play PS4 games? That’s a lot of money used just to play a few more games.

            Also, you state that you don’t like handhelds as much as consoles, yet then say that you like the ability of playing your games on the go, isn’t that a complete opposite?

            And I don’t see how being able to play a couple of PS4 games on a smaller screen makes up for the hundreds of dollars lost on the dual system.

            Randy: It would be like a portable Wii U with more power and I would’t have to bring the whole system with me to play console games on the go. Sorry but that sounds so awesome.

            Quiz: Actually, it wouldn’t be like a portable Wii U, it would just be like a handheld. And the PS Vita retains its power, just because it plays PS4 games now doesn’t mean that the system gets a faster CPU or improved GPU. It just means you can play PS4 games on a smaller screen wherever you are.

            Randy: Handhelds have been striving to have console quality games on the fly now you will actuly get to play console games on your handheld.

            Quiz: Excuse me?! How is a game being on a console automatically better than being on a handheld? Handheld games aren’t “worse” than console games. Many of my favorite games are on handheld: Mario and Luigi, The World Ends With You, various of the Castlevania games on GBA and DS.

            And again, it sounds like you are thinking the handheld’s innards power up when they play PS4 games; they do not.
            Or am I wrong here?

          • Link Slayer

            shut up dude! I dont have to bring the whole damn Wii U console to play Wii U games on the go and the tablet is not so portable. The Vita would actuly serve as a PS4 on the go. You didnt get anything I said and then looked like a foolish bully dick head in the process. Go Troll elswhere!!!

          • Elem187

            latency man.. latency. The only games you can play with extreme latency is dudebro games.

        • Elem187

          Their original vita is a flop, putting out another version will just sink more money into this failed product.
          Adding vita play with the PS4 is a last ditch effort to sell some before eventually discontinuing it… I’m curious about the latency on the Vita/PS4 streaming play… if its only going through the local wireless home network it will have extreme lag.

          • Link Slayer

            I’m worried about that myself but is a good dream to have.

          • Link Slayer

            Labron James is a flop!

    • Archiq09

      Plus wiiu has 2 more Buttons to vita on controller…

      • bizzy gie

        And the analogue sticks aren’t clickable.

        • Flakers

          THAT is true, I am very interested how developers will utilize the Vita´s button layout/possiblities while used for the remote play feature.

          By the way, I have a PS VIta and a Wii U, Truth be told I love them both and wish both a good and successful future

          • Chris Hamilton

            I own both too so you should already know that the vita uses touchscreen virtual buttons to make up for the lack of physical buttons

          • Flakers

            that´s true, I knew about that

            still… maybe they use them touchscreens wrong.
            In MGS3 on Vita I always accidentally stabbed whatever was in front of me, since the knife was used by swiping the back touchscreen at a spot where my hands usually are resting

          • Nintendo4life

            Yeah but vita is crap..I own one and there are no real good games for it…Just saying

          • Flakers

            that depends on what kind of games you like to play, in general I don´t think “Vita has no games!” is valid anymore.

            There are tons of games, many are not that good, granted

            But then again, many are pretty good. But it all depends on the consumers taste.

            Kinda like “Wii U has no games”, I don´t own a 360 or PS3 and so I have never had the chance to play Darksiders II, Assassins Creed, Tekken or Deus Ex and so forth. What the Wii U is lacking are Nintendo developed games. But that will be taken care of soon enough aswell

          • Aamir Islam

            But I laughed when CNET said the ps vita was better because it had more games…….psp games…..

          • Nintendo4life

            True but i have played some of the games on it and it was not even close to cool as the 3ds has been but nintendo has always been the better company

          • brian murphy

            you can change your buttons but the back touch screen acts like L1 L2 and R1 R2 i already use the vita on my ps3 and if your ps3 is modded all games can use remote play it wont block you

        • thedeciderU

          ouch… wonder what they’ll do

      • mikel334u2

        but the vita has a touchpad on the back and a multitouch screen…

    • wiiucompl

      The concept of both solutions is extremely different. Better to avoid showing next to each Wii U GamePad and Vita.

      The Vita best description is “quasi” controler.
      Just like you said. GamePad is a dedicated and bundled with the Wii U. Sony copies and it’s clumsy.

      • AJ Chioino

        i cant believe sony. ALWAYS copying nintendo.

        • Mario

          I’ll never understand why that company doesn’t have their own ideas.

    • CapnCrumbles436

      PS4 Doesn’t come with a second screen out of box. Sales for the Vita remain low at 1/6 those of the 3DS. Developers will not use this tech. Nuff said.

      • Nintendo4life


    • Sperling

      I have to agree. Plus it’s way more ergonomic, just look at it, playing on the vita it’s a pain in the ass. I mean, not really a big problem if you are outside and you need a portable game, but to play on your main console, I think it’s pretty lame, the buttons are small, the screen It’s not as big, the back butons are not as easy to acess, probably the list goes on.

      This is one thing that will make Nintendo look better. And will make a oposite statement against all those in the press that said “I don’t get the gamepad; that’s just a DS home console; etc..”.

  • fireheartis1

    I seriously think it’s going to be an even playing field from here on out. The PS4 may be a little bit more powerful than the Wii U, but I don’t think it’s by the huge margin everyone says it is. We’ll have to see in the future though because PS4 isn’t even released yet.

    • Guest No. 3

      I’m pretty positive that it is really close in power actually. All the arguements on specs come down to “which model of this XXXX is overall better?”

    • Jeffery02

      I won’t be surprised if the PS4 can much better calculate in-game physics and have a lot more of the game loaded in faster RAM than the Wii U, but the fact of the matter is that neither should matter from the view of a gamer. It gives the developers more room to work with and in turn means that they can get lazy and forgo optimization (just to be clear, NOT a good idea IMHO).

      I also believe that the Wii U’s GPU (which is what the Wii U REALLY relies on) is much more advanced than people give it credit for. There is NO reason why the Wii U games cannot look better, be at a higher fps, and output higher HD than the PS3 and 360 counterparts. Developers are just too lazy to optimize their games for the ENTIRELY DIFFERENT ARCHITECTURE of the Wii U.

      If PS2 games can run slow at times when ported to the PS3, then the Wii U needs to be forgiven for developers half-ass porting PS3 and 360 games to the Wii U. That’s my view point and all in all I am agreeing with you.

    • Nintendo4life

      Even? It is not even close.

  • RyuNoHadouken

    This is a great thing and an interesting look at how Sony’s configuration will ultimately lead to more Wii U games…Wii U is a niche console and offers a very unique gaming experience…I believe Sony and Nintendo will benefit greatly from this. Could Sony and Nintendo possibly be making power moves behing the scenes? Maybe, maybe not…guess we’ll have to wait and see 🙂

  • Peter Henson

    I also have a feeling that exclusives such as ‘Lego City Undercover’ will soon become non exclusives.

    • Fred

      Lego City Undercover was published by Nintendo so it will stay exclusive because Nintendo isn’t going to let them port it.

    • D.M.T

      Is that a bad feeling you have or you’re hoping that it will become non-exclusive? I’m tired of people hoping that the few exclusives Wii U has become non-exclusive. Every console needs exclusives.

    • Those Nintendo easter eggs will surely make sense on the consoles from Sony and Microsoft…

    • Only if those exclusives are not published by Nintendo and at this point there are only a few that are 3rd party developed/published exclusives.

    • I think we’ll definitely see games jumping from PS4 to Wii U, but no way will we see them jumping the other way. Games like Lego City actually require the gamepad. Nobody will be dumb enough to put out a PS4 port that actually requires a Vita.

      • crocodileman94

        Also, Lego City is filled with Super Mario references.

      • Ice Climbers

        It could be possible for some games to jump from Wii U to PS4. Rayman Legends jumped to 360/PS3, so anything is possible. Though the Wii U version will still be the best.

  • Desend

    Does this mean that you’re pretty much going to have to own a vita to get the full experience for the PS4? That’s pressing a couple hundred extra dollars onto the consumer on top of the cost of whatever the PS4 is going to be. I don’t see this being a good thing for Sony.

    • No, it means if you want to enjoy a PS4 game in bed when the PS4 is in the living room, you can do so if you own a Vita. It’s very much an accessory and not a necessity.

      • Desend

        Ahhh so this wont add features, just remote. Kinda groovy

      • Nintendo4life

        Yeah but who would want to the scene is to small but with wii U the screen is way bigger

  • JWHO

    (Off Topic i know) Come E3 spot lights on PS and Nintendo to see what they can pull out there sleeves. With nintendo showing there big games on a Pre E3 Direct i cant wait to see what they show when E3 starts and if Sony is true to their word and every studio they have is working on a project. ITS GUNNA BE A SHOOT OUT!!!!

  • Dylan Groot

    OMG this again. Vita doesnt come with a PS4, Wii U gamepad does come with a Wii U. Devs wil tailor Wii U games to Wii U gamepad because everybody has one, they wont tailor them to Vita because not everybody has one. How difficult is this to understand? Until the moment Vita comes free with every PS4, Wii U has the monopoly on second screen gameplay.

    • MTGSWE

      Yeah right. Then Sony will literally bleed money if Vita comes free with every console. Or they will have to price Ps4 way higher!

      • Petri

        I could see myself buying ps4+vita, if it was 500 to 550€
        But ps4 alone will be something like that so…

        • MTGSWE

          I will buy a ps4 depending on the exclusives that’s not FPS. I’m not a huge fan of FPS games 😛

          • Jeffery02

            There’s Ratchet and Clank, God of War, Twisted Metal, Jak and Daxter, Sly Cooper, PlayStation All Stars, Little Big Planet, Infamous and so on. Most of these SHOULD see a PS4 release down the road, and some are already confirmed (Infamous).

            I will NOT got a PS4 early on, but once there are games that I want for it, and the price is reasonable, there will be a PS4 sitting right next to my Wii U just like my PS3 is now. By the time the library is worth it, they may even have a cheaper “slim” model with all the bugs worked out. As long as Sony doesn’t have any stupid used-game-blocking function and has something to compensate the lack of backwards compatibility.

            Back to the point though, I only get consoles based on exclusives (sorry Xbox) because basing a console off of “raw processing power” is stupid. I have every PlayStation (except the Vita) and every Nintendo console (Except the NES and Virtual Boy), and they all have served me well. Sorry about this though, just ranting a little bit. 😛

          • MTGSWE

            Nah no problem about ranting. PS4 Has my interest actually

          • Jeffery02

            If there is one thing that Nintendo has, it’s amazing IPs and first party games! I always get Nintendo hardware day one because I KNOW that great exclusives are coming and will be in bulk down the road. I realize that’s a little unfair to other hardware, but Nintendo has never let me down. There’s always at least one game from Nintendo every other month that I want to play.

            The Vita for example only has ONE exclusive that I want to play the whole time it’s been out. Every other game I want to play on it is also on the PS3, so the Vita is an example of me being let down, which is why I don’t have it, YET.

            Nintendo = being there for me from beginning to end even if we don’t get a lot at once and PlayStation = slow start but will get there eventually. Thus I get Nintendo hardware day one and PlayStation hardware much later.

            Add on the fact that Nintendo hardware is generally more stable day one, than other hardware, means I believe that I am (like you) just being a true open-minded gamer and not a Nintendo fan-boy, although I do have my moments of fan-boyism.

          • MTGSWE

            Yes. I also always trust nintendo for games.

            I have the same argument about Vita. I don’t want to play ports from ps3 on it. I want it to have it’s own games. I want it to do good, but Sony are not cutting it with the support for it sadly. That’s why I have not bought it.

            This gen I’m going WiiU/PS4 combo if everything turns out well

            This actually reminded me that I bought a N64 from a guy on an auction shop. Next week I will be playing F-zero X for the first time ever.

          • Almondo Joseph Chioino

            same here man. plus being one of the early adopters is nice as well, being able to be apart of all the changes of a console from day one, and learning the ropes before others is a plus in my books. but again, N’s IP’s are pretty much a given, i know i will enjoy them.

          • Cameron

            You sir, just described my entire opinion of the current console wars. The most important aspect of a console is being able to have fun with it, not processing power (which I doubt that many people who use that as an argument know how it’s power is divided). I often think people forgot you can have fun with older, weaker systems like the N64 and original PS, and it’s really a little sad.

          • Nintendo4life

            Im going to wait 3 or 4 years before i even think of get a ps4..The Wii U just has better games than what the ps4 has to offer and im not paying 600 dollars for one My PC and Wii U do well enough

      • manowaffles

        It would be like selling their system at a loss for the first few years despite being the most expensive console on the market….Wait a minute.

        • MTGSWE

          Yeah you right! That certainly rings a bell. 😛

        • Paul Gbel

          it should what it took Sony 6 years or something to turn a profit from Ps3, don’t think it wants to go there again but if they prove themselves at E3 they might not need to.

          • manowaffles

            They may not have the option to based on the recent shake-up at Sony. That said, history does love repetition.

      • Alex

        That would cost like around $700-$800 because Vita cost $250-$300 and PS4 might cost like around $500.

    • Paul Gbel

      No they make it attractive to buy both at launch of ps4 maybe take a big hit on the vita to get more out there making it worth while for devs to support it. then claw back loses later on

  • Cerus98

    I think there are a lot of big assumptions in this article that are at times, completely off base. You’re assuming the gamepad is the sole reason for low 3rd party support. You’re also assuming that developers were just told about the PS4 mandate for a console that releases in six months give or take and that developers can design games in that short time frame instead of the year or two it usually takes.

    It’s a better assumption that we are just now hearing about it but developers have known about it for a while. Remote play in the vita is far different than the gamepad on the Wii U that isn’t just about off TV play. A little bit of tech can enable steaming of a game to a second screen. But it’s a far different thing to include unique interaction with said game in that second screen.

    • D.M.T

      Does the Vita even have a touchscreen? I know it has a touchpad on the back but not a touchscreen right? If it doesn’t then you can’t compare it to the Gamepad.

      • The Vita has a capacitive touchscreen.

        • D.M.T

          Ok but it’s still sad that they have to do this to sell more Vitas. Vita is not supposed to be a portable PS4. I mean think about this for a second, a handheld (Vita) will now compete with a controller (Gamepad) instead of competing with another handheld (3DS). Vita is no competition to the 3DS so it has to compete with a controller now.

          • Not necessarily a valid comparison. The Gamepad complements the Wii U. The Vita, with this tidbit of news, complements PS3/PS4 and is a standalone device.

          • D.M.T

            You basically repeated what I said dude…

          • I never mentioned the Vita, a standalone device, competing against a console controller.

          • D.M.T

            No you didn’t but I did. Vita, a standalone device is looking to compete with a console controller instead of the 3DS. Sony wants people to buy Vitas so they can play PS4 games on it. They should just release more games for it and drop the price of the Vita.

          • Ice Climbers

            Exactly. And if developers start to use the 3DS for second screen features on Wii U games (and cross-platform play in games like Monster Hunter and Smash Bros), then the Vita is screwed.
            Hell, developers could even go beyond a second screen experience and have a third screen experience using the 3DS and GamePad. Or second screen using those only, no TV.

      • Cerus98

        It does and its also multi-touch. Something the Wii U haters criticized the gamepad for lacking.

  • D.M.T

    Maybe Sony didn’t copy Nintendo since Vita was released first but they are doing this to compete with Nintendo’s Wii U and to sell more Vitas.

    This proves that Sony cares about everything that Nintendo does and want to do it as well but “better”. This is funny because Nintendo of America President Reggie said ones in an interview that Nintendo doesn’t care about what Sony does with their consoles.

    This seems as a good thing but 3rd party developers will still have an excuse not to put games on Wii U. I can see one of the excuse being that Wii U only has 1GB of RAM while PS4 has 7GB of RAM for games.

    The only way Wii U can get strong support from 3rd parties is if Wii U destroys PS4 in sales or if the games sell better on Wii U.

    • WIIU305

      You have to remember that Gameboy’s were out first before Vita, so who copied who? Also Nintendo was a gaming company before Sony, so the question again is who copied who? Just saying. 🙂

      • D.M.T

        I know what you’re saying and I agree 100% but I didn’t want to call Sony a copy cat because some Sony fans here will get butt hurt perhaps. Sony loves to do everything Nintendo does but “better” (in their mind). The funny thing is, is that it’s not better than what Nintendo offers.

        • WIIU305

          This is true, people have to remember that Nintendo has been a gaming company only for a long time. I remember when my dad got his ass chewed from my mom in 1986 for buying us a NES. I have been a fan since. I owned every console system to date including my lovely Wii U deluxe. The other two have their success here and there, but in know way should be compared to Nintendo. This is Nintendo’s only business and they do in my opinion a damn fine job at it. I could care less for the other two fanboy consoles out there.

    • boynhisblobs

      Being that current consoles 0 ram, the 2GB of ram in the Wii U goes a long way. We currently don’t have console games that use 8GB of ram and even PC games nothing really requires that much. IF you have that much RAM on your PC, your game is running smooth but its more because you’re also running Photoshop and C++ programs, not just for gaming.

      When your home console is not running major programs like those, you don’t really need it yet. We’ll see what games utilize all that RAM, but as of now 2GB on the Wii U is really all any developer needs to make a great game. The extra 6GB is bragging rights, really.

      • D.M.T

        I agree but I have to correct you on something. Current gen consoles don’t have 0 RAM, they have about 250 or 500MB of RAM. Also Wii U has 1GB for games and the other one for the Operating System. I hope Nintendo allows devs to use 1.5 GB instead of just 1. I don’t think the OS will need 1GB

      • Cerus98

        Exactly. It’s too bad most people don’t realize this. Even top of the line PC games don’t come close to needing or using 8 gigs of ram. The extra ram gaming PCs have has always been about multitasking and far more memory intensive operations.

    • 1GB of RAM is actually pretty good for a console to use in games while 7GB of RAM is over kill.

      Still PS4 and Wii U will both do well but Xbox Done will fall flat on its face.

    • manowaffles

      You do realize that Nintendo has been experimenting with this type of double screen technology since the Gamecube was connected to up to 4 Gameboy Advance systems.

      Personally, I loved Pac-Man Vs. as being the best use of that feature, but there were nearly as many Gamecube games supporting that feature as there are PS3 games supporting Vita connectivity.

      That’s not to mention that the Wii was compatible with the DS, and Wii U is compatible with both the DS & 3DS.

      • D.M.T

        Dude…you’re telling me things I already know. I just didn’t want to call Sony a copy cat to avoid Sony fans from getting butt hurt. Nintendo came up with the idea first I know.

    • Guest No. 3

      RAM is more for multi-tasking then it is for gaming.

    • kinghenroc187

      you on crack right? you are retarded show me please tell me where can i go see 7gb for games tellllllllll me where?????????????? you forgot about recording your games cd dvd blue ray player being on the web wile game is on my niggggga i know you on crack a 7 gb game of ram would cost you 1,000 to 5,000 dollars dont ever troll again you surpassed trolling ps360 games are 256mb although the systems are 512mb 7gb really i feel like smacking you 512mb standerd for this gen ps4 wii u xbox one1.6gb max on its last year…

      • Andreas Sunde

        Just thought you might wannaknowwhy you were downvoted. It’s because your grammar is shit.

  • Only thing is, its optional.

    • thedeciderU

      ahh, gotcha. my fault for not reading through all the comments and taking a look for myself.

  • thedeciderU

    the cost alone could bury sony – what are they doing?! i want to enjoy ps4 dev support for years to come if i purchase one!

    • Its optional. Developers don’t have to make use of the Vita but Sony is basically encouraging them to use the feature.

      Also, how is this going to bury them? If it did it should have buried Nintendo ages ago, look how well they are doing with the Wii U. People want to believe Nintendo came up with the idea first but really Sony had the idea on the PS3 with the PSP being used as a controller and a second screen but it never really worked properly since the PSP was basically a PS2 in a handheld.

      I love Nintendo but they don’t always create things, they revolutionize the way we play games. Motion controlled gaming was thought up way before the Wii during the Atari era with very basic switches and a little steel ball. Wii U Gamepad is basically a more advanced version of the remote play feature that Sony made for the PSP and PS3 like I said. Nintendo and Sony basically improve the gaming experience… Microsoft is completely different on the other hand. One being the Kinect which is actually just two Eye Toys stuck together and the PlayStation Eye for PS3 is STILL miles better and that used a really shit camera. Kinect 2 is no better.

      Sony won’t have any trouble with money thanks to Microsoft fucking up with the Xbox Done reveal.

      • thedeciderU

        just hoping sony will be okay too; i’m looking forward to their upcoming offerings.

        nintendo wiiu = good value at a reasonable price.

        sony ps4 = a lot of money up front for something good + vita = even more money up front (if you want the full experience).

        i’m dying to know what the sony and xbox price points will be for the new consoles. hopefully they will tell all at e3.

        • Well the good thing is that the PS4 doesn’t need the PSVita unlike how the Xbox Done needs the Kinect inorder to actually play the system.

        • manowaffles

          Don’t get your hopes too high. We may not learn pricing till a month or two before launches.

          The Wii U price wasn’t known until September.

          • thedeciderU

            true true. plus, if they are ridiculously high people will have way more time to bitch about them and change their mind about getting a new console. but, you’re right. the price reveal will most likely be this fall.

      • D.M.T

        I need to correct you one thing don’t get me wrong. Gameboy Advance could be used as a second screen for the GameCube and that was way before PSP could be connected to PS3. Nintendo came up with that idea first actually.

        • Nintedward

          You could argue that Pokemon stadium 1 and 2 on N64 was the first to merge Handheld games with console games into one experience!

          (Pokemon stadium with Gold and silver <3 best fun ever as a kid…)

          • manowaffles

            But that wasn’t offering a 2nd screen experience like GBA-GC, Wii U, and PS3/4-Vita.

        • One problem, you can’t use the GBA as a controller for the GC, while the PSP acted like a PS3 controller

          • D.M.T

            Because GBA had less buttons than the GC controller or else it would have been possible. PSP is like a portable PS3 which is why it was possible.

          • The PSP was more of a portable PS2, not PS3. Nintendo only gave the ability to play little mini games on the GBA while the PSP had the ability to play PS3 games on the PSP screen which sadly didn’t work until the PS Vita so really again the Sony didn’t really copy Nintendo.

            Also, the Vita is just an option, you don’t really need to have a PS Vita inorder to play on the PS4

      • Nintendofreak

        dont forget the horrible powerpad..which was then made into a camera which then got known as kinect

      • manowaffles

        1st: Gamecube to Gameboy Advance cross-play came first.

        2nd: Kinect is actually more like Sega’s Activator from the Genesis.

        • jay

          Kinect was not made by ms. It was bought by them. Halo wasn’t made by ms either. It was Apple’s IP until ms decided to buy it and take full credit like they do everything.

          • greengecko007

            lolwut? Halo was made by Bungie, a developing team that was bought by Microsoft to develop for them. Take full credit for everything? Oh, you mean like any other company?

        • greengecko007

          There is no Gamecube to Gameboy Advance cross play. All the gameboy player did was attach to the Gamecube and blow the Gameboy Advance games up on the big screen for you to play. You were still playing just a Gameboy Advance game. There was no “crossing”.

  • Cameron

    I’m really getting sick of the whole PS4 vs Wii U stuff already. I get that unless the Xbox One really turns itself around the PS4 is the U’s main competition, but it’s a lot like comparing apples and pears. They are both really similar, but what it boils down to is personal preference. Hopefully the optional Vita support will encourage indie devs and other 3rd parties to port to the Wii U, but I don’t see it as a game changer for either side. This is just Sony trying to boost Vita sales more than anything, and due to the amount of kickstarter games promising Wii U ports I’m not to worried on upcoming indie games to the console. It might bring over some big 3rd parties, but not ones like Square or EA who will still refuse to port to the U.

    • manowaffles

      There are more politics in the EA decision than there are practical road-blocks. They’re just grumpy cause Nintendo won’t play with their Origins system.

    • D.M.T

      Square Enix is actually making games for Wii U, they are not like EA.

      • Guest No. 3

        I forgot about that Square rumor! Gosh, that’s another game I’m going to end up wanting really badly. Pikmin 3 might have to get the backshelf for awhile. O_O

    • greengecko007

      This generation is PS4 + Wii U. Not PS4 vs Wii U. But fanboys, on both sides, want to argue that their system is so much more superior. I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s an apples to oranges comparison though. They’re both game consoles that look great so far. Comparing the new Xbox to the PS4 or Wii U seems more like an apples to oranges concept.

      • Darkstalkers1990

        Yet, really don’t know anything about the PS4. My combo is Xbox 360 and Wii U, soon to be WiiU/One. Nintendo for its awesome 1st party exclusives, and Microsoft for online.

        • greengecko007

          If you’re interested at all in the PS4 there is a sister site to this called PS4daily. It looks really good from the news there. The new Xbox seems to be the odd one out of the bunch this generation, trying to be an all in one entertainment system, not that their’s anything wrong with that. It just makes it harder to compare to say the PS4 or Wii U.

  • Ismael Ototo

    Well, doesn’t Sony get tired of reproducing Nintendo’s ideas? It didn’t work with PlayStation Move, it won’t work with Vita. Wii U is much cheaper and it doesn’t require an expensive separate device in order to get remote play. The Wii Remote, Nunchuk and Pro Controller are also cheaper, so if you want any of these accesories (in case you don’t have them), you’ll just have to save some money for a while. Also, if we’re talking about Cross play, Wii U has it, AND IN 3D.

    • Guest No. 3

      Partially copying, partially trying to keep up with the competition.

    • greengecko007

      Sony’s remote play has been around since before the Wii U was even an idea.

      • To be fair the Wii U idea was around shortly after the original Wii was released. The move was a direct copy/reaction to the Wii but the Vita is similar and just a competing feature to the Wii U which is fine.

        • greengecko007

          To be fair, it’s quite annoying how the die hard Nintendo fanboys think that all Sony does is copy Nintendo (not saying that you do).

          The remote play on the PS3 was shown before the PS3 even launched. Which is obviously sooner than an unknown amount of time after the Wii launch. The move controller was entirely a reaction to the success of the Wii, not a copy of it. The controller is used in different ways, and was also never really pushed for the console. Besides, it’s not like Nintendo invented motion controls anyways.

      • David Sil

        Nintendo had remote play on the original gameboy and the gameboy advance…

        • greengecko007

          Please tell me more about how any Nintendo console ever has been able to stream live video game footage from a console game to a gameboy and allowed you to play the full game without a TV. Oh that’s right… there isn’t one.

          • Ismael Ototo

            We’re talking about how Nintendo came up with the idea of remote play long before Sony implemented it. Of course no GameBoy would ever be capable of doing that, ’cause it’s a 4th generation handheld console.

            But you’re right about something. Many of us constantly attack Sony with no reasons. I have actually enjoyed games on every console, but I’ve come to love Nintendo. Still, Sony has its thing.

      • Ismael Ototo

        Cross play betwen home consoles and handhelds is a concept Nintendo developed long before Sony even launched its PSP, let alone Vita (remember The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures?).

  • Mad Scientist Link

    PS4- $400-500 (estimate)
    PS VIta $249-299
    Total =$649-799
    Wii U-$299-350 (which already has gamepad)
    3DS- $149-199
    Total- $448-549

    The Wii U can do by itself what PS needs its console and handheld for the same thing…

    • The prime difference is – the Wii U has flopped and won’t be around long, while the PS4 will be around for ten years. Even if the Wii U sold, it would only be around for four years, which is a waste of money.

      • Doug

        You’re an idiot troll. F off.

      • Mad Scientist Link

        even so (i doubt that will happen) if you buy the WiiU/3DS you’ll still have enough money to buy their next systems…

      • jay

        Believing sony’s bullshit again?

        The PS3 was supposed to be stable for 10 years what’s up with the?

        The Vita hasn’t flopped? The PS4’s install base is 0. I would consider that before opening my mouth.

        Not only has Wii U outsold both the 360/ps3 during the same time in their lifecycles, But it managed to do so in a time where $1 and free games are a reality on everyones phone. They managed to to so in a a terrible economy compared to 2005/2006.

        Watch the following video if your ignorant ass hasn’t already:

        To everyone else: The guy in the video makes an impression of knowledgeiswhatsup and other “mature” losers in the beginning.

        • Guest No. 3

          I love that video! XD

        • Man I can’t wait for the PS4 to sell 5M by Christmas so you guys can finally retire that tired old line about what the PS3 and 360 sold in the same period! It is actually worse that the Wii U only sold what it sold since it is cheaper.

          • Its funny how you try so hard to prove your point yet you don’t have many facts to back up your argument.

          • Why would he want to bother with a little thing like facts. I am sure he was around saying the original Wii wouldn’t sell as well as it did and now says that no one every played it and it gathered dust so the sales were not legit.

            Maybe the PS4 will sell better than the Wii U in it’s lifetime but the Wii U will be successful despite the lies and bullshit delivered by trolls.

            Also anyone find it funny how he was all about XBOX and now has flipped to Playstation???

          • jay

            He NEVER has facts. This idiot thinks Mario has not been selling the last decade. He thinks GTA outsells Mario, He thinks the ps3 outsold the Wii(face palm).

            And when you give him the facts he changes the subject to how the Wii U sucks.

          • Cameron

            Weren’t you an Xbox One supporter a couple weeks ago? Why now the switch to PS?

            Also, you must have a really boring, dead-end life to just come on here and troll for no frickin’ reason, aside from that you just hate Nintendo.
            What do you accomplish by posting here? You’re just insulting the system to people who already have one or plan to get one, you’re not convincing anybody not to buy a Wii U.

            In fact the only thing you are doing is making a fool of yourself.

          • Almondo Joseph Chioino

            dude hops on whatever band wagon that lets him on. such a waste of flesh. go hang yourself, NOknowledge. hang yourself with the power plug of your ps3. im sure it can hold your scrawny ass considering how much calories you burn by sucking off Sony reps every day.

          • Almondo Joseph Chioino

            NOM NOM NOM

          • jay

            Notice how he dodges the facts?

      • jcnba28

        LOL! You should be a comedian!

      • NkoSekirei

        the only person that flop here is u troll go flop back to ur pond fishsticks

  • Johny

    the only thing i see is sony and nintendo communities merging and uniting more and more and rip off on xbox one.

    • Guest

      Really? Everyone is copying the xbox one now? Go educate yourself.

      • Johny

        i said ripp off ON xbox one… meaning like… bash the xbox one. as in Rip on somebody.

  • ancientgamer

    i wonder if sony will ever stop riding nintendo’s coat tails and just come up and release something that nintendo hasn’t done yet, while i dont blame them for using nintendo for ideas, it would be nice to see sony take a risk on something that has yet to be proven to work.

  • Paul Gbel

    if they bundle the vita with the PS4 I think both consoles will do very well if the price is right. Xbox Stay Home, Here PS Vita bring my games from PS4 with you off to work I go on the bus whilst the Xbox one stays home waiting for the one and only command (Honest) Xbox ON that never comes.

  • Holyfire

    Funny, Vita is also a high price device that won’t ship with PS4. That doesn’t bode well for it’s functionality as a remote device. And quite a small screen for ‘Off-TV’ play so to speak

  • BlindedSunlight

    This is great for Sony and the PS4. To all the morons saying Vita hasn’t sold well, look at Japan numbers after the price drop.

    The fact that PS4 is coming and is the most powerful console along with easy to develop for architecture and the fact that the PS Vita is simply the best gaming handheld which also will be able to play almost every PS4 game means this is an easy win combination. No I don’t have my Vita yet, but after the price drop and after I purchase my PS4 it is easily on my list to replace my ipod touch.

    I didn’t realize what PSP could do back in the day when I got an ipod classic. I’m not making the same mistake this time. PS Vita is far better than ipod touch.

    • Ice Climbers

      Keep in mind though that the Vita is failing outside of Japan. Not to mention that the 3DS is selling fantastically in Japan and decently elsewhere. 3DS already has a massive lead on the Vita. Then there’s October, which will result in 3DS sales SKYROCKETING worldwide thanks to Pokemon X/Y.

      • BlindedSunlight

        Oh Nintendo has the handheld market, I am not saying Vita even has a shot at toppling the 3DS. Kids just like handhelds more. Adults have a lot of smartphones and most don’t want to sport video game stuff at work. Me I don’t mind but I’m not like most people.

        Also I said the Vita is doing great in “Japan” after the price drop. The combination of a price drop in all other markets and PS4 functionality will give this thing huge sales.

  • beerkin

    HAHAHAHA!!!! A Vita at the least will put you out 300. The PS4 can’t be any less than 500……800 bucks to upgrade. The Wii U is gonna kill it this generation. Who wants to spend that kind of money?!?!?!?!


    Well then that means…

    One less thing unique about the Wii U.
    One more thing Sony copied Nintendo on.
    One more reason why people will skip the Wii U.

    I feel sad now. 🙁

    • Guest No. 3

      Yeah, sure, people that want to pay $250 extra bucks will skip and buy a PS4 and Vita for around $700. Yeah… I think the $350 Deluxe Wii U makes more sense for the logical.

    • D.M.T

      No one will buy a Vita just to play PS4 games, that’s retarded and a huge waste of money. People won’t skip Wii U for this reason, it makes no sense.

  • This means nothing for Wii U games. PS4 and Wii U have different ARCHITECTURE, cross play will do nothing to change that. Vita will not be able to emulate what Wii U does because 1) GamePad comes with EVERY Wii U and is 100% made for the system and 2)Vita is expensive and irrelevant and Sony hasn’t shown any real interest in selling it.

    Forcing developers to adopt Vita cross play for a severely niche market (people who will buy PS4 and have a Vita or will buy one as well) This is just a marketing attempt to get PS4 mentioned with Wii U functionality. No one cares.

  • ItzameyaToad

    Heres the deal, it WILL not have as large amount of developers developing for the PS Vita as the people developing for the Wii U. I say this because I can almost bet that Sony will not bundle the Vita with the PS4. At least for another 2 years until price to produce the Vita comes down. At that point developers will not really have intrest in doing so seeing as a large amount of PS4’s will already be purchased. If it is included then yes I could see some benefit from it but Sony will have to either 1 take a big loss and include a Vita in every PS4 box or 2 have the price of both systems combined which would probably be at least $500 up. The fact is is unless Sony packs in a Vita with every PS4 we will see the same thing that happened with the Kinect and Move where devs saw no benifit of making games for something that a large majority of 360/PS3 owners don’t own.

    • oontz

      Did you even read the article? It’s mandatory that all games have the ability to stream to the vita, the vita isn’t required to play the game. This is huge. It gives the users the choice, if they want to just game on the tv then buy a ps4 if you also want to stream in your local wifi the buy a vita.

      • ItzameyaToad

        But it wont have the effect that the author implies it will. It is a fact that this “Mandate” will create shitty streaming features at the most seeing as publishers/developers don’t want to support something that there is no garauntee that there efforts will be justified. Now what I was saying is if Sony wants quality streaming of games and if they want devs/publishers to actually abide by this “mandate” they need to include in some way shape or form PS Vita consoles or at least make owning a Vita more affordable. Fact is they can slap “mandates” on stuff all they want but in the end the Devs wont push the feature to be the same Quality as the Wii U if they are not reassured that there effort has a crowd which with the sales of the Vita so far it doesn’t.

        • oontz

          Wow you aren’t too bright. It’s a streaming service. It’s not the same as the wii u. What are you not understanding? The ps4 is going to stream the video and audio to the vita. That’s all. It’s not going to offer the same gameplay possibilities as wii u. Ps4 games will be made to work either on the tv or the vita. Not together like the wii u. It’s the same as any other number of streaming devices on the market today.

          • ItzameyaToad

            Hahaha why does everyone on here have to insult people to get there point across shows how mature you are. I was simply saying this “streaming” service won’t be supported as much as Sony will want unless devs see a good reason to make there games have the ability to stream to the Vita.

  • Phoenix Maybe

    It’s funny how both of Nintendo’s main rivals have indirectly benefited the Wii U. What’s that, Patcher? The Wii U is dead? I think not.

  • Squid

    Price wise, the Wii U is the better buy. But it really depends on what you like. If you love great graphics you can go for PS4 even though Wii U has pretty sweet graphics. They are both systems with great “Personalities” they are different and are Both great.
    However Wii U is my only planned system to play as of now.

  • Will the Vita be able to interact with the game on the TV anything like the game pad does for the Wii U? Meaning can it have it’s own unique display when playing a game for game extras or controls or is it strictly for off-screen play?

    I also assume that you would need to be on local WiFi to stream PS4 games or will you be able to take them out on the road with the PS4 at home?? If you could do that then that would be pretty cool.

    • that guy

      the wii u was made so that the transfer of data would be instant between the two screens (latency is only 1/60 of a second) so i don’t think sony can just make an OS that would enable their two separate pieces of hardware to interact at that speed.if they desired the same functionality as the gamepad they would have to make the PS4 different in hardware.

  • Surging

    the whole dual screen thing is a big question mark on DRM and game prices, we are fighting DRM begging sony, and if we are successful then what the developers will want more money for the games its a lose lose situation, but it’s still better than DRM i suppose

  • AJ Chioino

    buying a ps4 most likely. passing up on a vita though. 3ds is all i need as far as handhelds go. all this “gimmick” is showing me is that sony is continuing to copy nintendo in every way possible.

    • oontz

      I will buy a ps4 and a vita. My favorite part of wiiu is off screen play but the limited range is shit. Vita off screen will use my local wi fi which means anywhere in my house I can play ps4 games. This is huge! Love it

      • Smashninja22

        Where’d you get that from? The connection is only between the Ps4 and the Vita, It only works in the same room.

  • Fishy

    So gratifying to see how, despite all the Nintendo hate, the other consoles follow them lockstep. Truly pitiful worms.

    • david daniel wharton camacho

      as i say… sony cough play station “move” cough and cough now this? cough cough Sony are full of !=·”!%!”$·$%· :3 i hate most sony fans from my school

      • david daniel wharton camacho

        oh and dont say that im just a fanboy, remember when sony said 3ds was for kids, and how ps vita was for grown ups? well… thats when i started hating them :3

  • Arthur Jarret

    I think it’ll hurt PS4 games due to scalability. A beautifully detailled cinematic game will require glowing borders on important objects due to the slight possibility of someone playing on a small screen…

    I’d rather have developers focus on asynchronous gameplay for wii U than just copying the remote play function of the ps4 version.

  • John Andalora

    Differences which might complicate the concern:
    1) Primary functionality.
    The PS Vita is simply meant to be able to play the game when people are not in front of the TV, and while it can control the game on the console, it’s not going to really have any other outside functionality. Sony wouldn’t logically require any games to have connection to the touchscreen on the back of the PS Vita, as it would simply turn players off of having to spend over $200 for one game. so, the functionality of the Vita with the PS4 is simply meant to take the game on the go. Meanwhile, the WII U gamepad is meant to have a bigger connection to the TV, and can’t leave a certain distance from the console. Off-TV game is possible, but you need the connection to the console for it to work. The touchpad is also typically integrated to be a massive control hub. While it doesn’t have to be, I wouldn’t expect too many unique gameplay options or alternatives for the new hardware unless the game was designed around it.
    Wii U and Vita have different primary functions which might have people choosing one over the other, either because they don’t have the money for both or just don’t want to use both.

    2) Purpose
    This may be similar to functions, but it is still a concern. The Vita is an add on that one would pay for, while the controller is included with the console. So, developers will primarily focus on the controller, and transfer that into the Vita. Meanwhile, the Wii U controller is meant to be a part of the gameplay, and is the center of attention on the console. It’s the thing that comes in the box. Most people making a game for the Wii U feel as though they need to add some functionality with the screen, which takes a lot more time and effort than just working for the controller. While third parties could make games for the pro controller only for ports, I’d think it’d have weak reception since it would require people to pay $50 on top of a $60 game.
    3) Graphics
    I’m not trying to advertise the PS4 graphics or hate on the Wii U, but in the past there were a good deal of third party games that were not added onto the Wii because the graphics were lower, and cooking data for other kinds of hardware could reduce how the game functions (like LA Noire with facial features).
    So, I’m not exactly sure that 3rd party developers are really going to change their minds on this. And, if they do make multi-platform games, don’t expect too much out of it besides off-TV play or a graphic on the bottom that tells people to look at the TV.

    • smashbrolink

      I think that “on the go” is a very loose term as far as the PS4-to-Vita goes.
      I don’t believe for an instant that the Vita will actually allow players to stream the game from the PS4 straight to the Vita and then take it a long ways away from the system while continuing to play it, and I also do not believe that Sony is going to realistically be capable of making Vita versions of all PS4 games. The Vita is powerful, but it’s not a PS4, no matter how they try to spin it.

      I am also still of the opinion that the higher cost of the Vita means that it isn’t really going to endear players into getting it, so even if remote play is a feature thanks to the Vita, if that’s all it does, then it won’t really appeal to consumers in the same way that the built-around-the-system game pad of the Wii U will.

      Despite this, however, I think we can all agree that Sony is a highly, HIGHLY competitive company, and if they get it into their heads that they could hurt Wii U sales by forcing developers to incorporate remote play into all of their games just to make the Wii U’s same remote play functionality look like less of a big deal, I firmly believe that they would do it.

      In the end, I feel that doing this was a bad move on Sony’s part, but if it helps drive sales even a little for Sony, and ends up benefiting scalability of games from third party devs enough to make them view Wii U in a good light, then so much the better for both sides of the coin.

      • John Andalora

        What PS Vita does now that is probably going to be used in PS4.

        They probably won’t be making Vita versions of things, but simply be having some form of connection and gameplay with it.

        I don’t think Vita will appeal to too many either, but I think that people aren’t going to consider the Wii U as the alternative. A Wii U still costs more than a Vita, and chances are that Vita support isn’t going to change people’s minds off of the PS4. Vita support probably won’t take off, but the appeal for the Wii U won’t go up because of this.

        I also think that whether or not Vita works, it’s not going to change the perspective people have on the Wii U’s functionality and abilities. People will probably not make the correlation between the two.

  • Nintendo4life

    Once again Sony copies Nintendo to a point and i love how some say vita is the better handheld and when it is know that is a lie..3ds 40 million sold..Vita not even close to 3 million in a year…Sorry people vita is as much of a failure as it’s move..I wonder how long ps4 will last?..Just saying

    • howling_wolf1334:[

      I know you’re just saying, but the point is this: Vita is better than 3DS in hardware, but what makes better the 3DS is its software, I think there are more and with better quality videogames for 3DS than for Vita…
      I think is better than Nintendo and Sony make together a superconsole than just wish that PS4 die… I would like to see that!!! Then, the XBone would not be a match against this super console with supergames!!! But, is too much to ask for it, I think… jej…

      • Nintendo4life

        I will agree the hardware is nice but i agree but sony and nintendo together…That would only be a pipe dream

      • greengecko007

        The problem with the Vita isn’t that it doesn’t have good games, it’s that those good games aren’t Mario and Pokemon. Those games alone drive up Nintendo’s handhelds in sales. The PS Vita, in my opinion, isn’t targeting a large portion of Sony’s current audience. I’m a major Sony and Nintendo fan, but I don’t see Nintendo ever getting beat in handhelds.

    • Jeffery02

      Vita = better hardware = nothing that matters

      3DS = better games = better console

      • Nintendo4life

        Agree with that but I just want some SMB 4 and im all set

    • brianc6234

      Just because the 3DS has sold more doesn’t make it better. A lot of dumb people buy crap.

      • Nintendo4life

        Hahaha You keep thinking that man..Again 40 million …I quess in your eyes 40 million people bought crap and lets see not even 3 million for the vita..Cool hardware..but not worth the price and no games…Yeah we nintendo buyers are real dumb…Facepalm!

        • extermin8or2

          Vita has no games is bullshit, vita has sold more than 3 million… the sales aren’t amazing but most of Nintendo’s sales came after they went and sold at loss-something they don’t usually do..

          • Nintendo4life

            Wrong has not sold even close and if vita want to even sell why don’t they do a same type of price cut..Vita hardware is cool but no good games it’s done for..Just saying

          • extermin8or2

            The vita has certainly sold more than 3 million… (although not more than 5, probably not more than 4 even but sony haven’t given any figures in awhile). The reason sony haven’t cut the price yet is simple they don’t want to sell at a massive loss. The 3DS was selling at a slight profit/breaking even at launch, when they dropped the price Nintendo were taking quite a hit on the device in an attempt to build up a user base of software buyers. The vita sony already announced require 1 mem card or game to be bought and they make a profit. Thlt’s why-I expect a price cut at E3 seeing as it should be cheaper to manufacture now. Also I haven’t owned this many handheld games since the days of my gba; and i’ve only had the device a year people sayign there are no games are talking shit I can personally vouch for Soul Sarafice, sly cooper 4,mortal kombat, nfs mw, uncharted, gravity rush, Rayman origins, AC liberations and I suspect there are more but those are the ones I own and can say they are good-oh and LBP that’s awesome too. Theres rayman legends to come, and killzone vita and whatever these several dozen games to be announced at E3/gamescom are. The no games thing is simply incorrect-just sony didn’t advertise the device as they ought to have, nor enough :/

          • Nintendo4life

            Again..Nope it didn’t..But again 3ds rules will 40 million and vita..Not so much…U mad?

      • Nintendo4life

        Hate to tell you man but 40 million sold is not crap…less than 3 million vita’s thats whats sad

      • Funny because the opposite argument has been made for the 3.5million or so Wii Us sold in the last 6-7 months. Because it has not sold 10 million already it is considered crap but I think it is a great system.

      • Silent

        Intelligent people bought the 3ds over the vita because they saw how worthwhile the 3ds can be. Not everyone is dumb.

  • brianc6234

    I don’t see this helping the Wii U. They just don’t have to make games for the Wii U.

  • plsburydoughboy

    I think PS4 architecture being simpler than the Wii U’s is a technical matter, not one we can easily comment on. Heck, even the developers can’t agree about this.

    We do know that both x86 and PowerPC have been around forever, so neither will be as hard to develop for compared to the Core, for example. Of course, utilizing PS4’s abilities to the maximum will take more effort in spite of the ease with using a familiar architectural standard like x86, so it may end up being harder, possible more expensive, than learning to optimize the Wii U and its bespoke parts. And then again, they have a similar GPGPU setup.

    As you can see, there’s just too much to think about, even for the layman, but we’ll find out what they’re capable of when the games finally come out.

  • John Madsen

    funny because the processor wouldn’t work the vita is a stripped down ps3 processor the ps4 is a amd intel processor it would be like plugging a ps3 into a ps4

    • steinhauershawn

      PSP Vita has nothing to do with PS3. It us more like a modified Apple iDevice with more resource’s assigned for Gaming purposes than multitasking . PS3 is Cell+NVidia. Vita is ARM Cortex=PowerVR just like Apple iOS iDevices. PS4 and Xbox Ones are modified desktop Computers.

      • Scott Walters

        The Xbox One actually uses the same short-instruction-set style CPU the Wii U does, so its very different from a PC

        • coolspot

          Xbox One has an x86 AMD processor, so technically it’s a PC in the box.

          In anycase, modern x86 processors have implemented many of the best concepts of RISC processors.

    • coolspot

      The Vita is merely a control platform – they can run separate operating systems, but have a common software layer. It’s like how Macs can communicate with Windows PC – via TCP or another standard protocol (i.e. Bluetooth).

  • Guest

    And they have always criticized Nintendo’s innovations. Yet both microft and sony has been copying Nintendo for years… Motion Controls and Tablet/Off-TV-Play.

  • HypocritesRROD

    And the have always criticized Nintendo’s innovations. Yet both microsoft and sony has been copying Nintendo for years now… Motion Controls and Table Integration or Off-TV-Play… Hypocrites.

  • William Cole

    It is not the same dang thing! You don’t have to buy a Wii U and a 3DS to use remote play! You have to buy a PS Vita and a PS4/or 3 to utilize remote play! It isn’t comparable. Nintendo came up with this idea a long time ago with the Gameboy link cable for Game Cube! Quit trying to promote this Sony, it won’t work. A PS4(about $499 at least and a $250 PS Vita won’t go down well. AT ALL. Mind as well just buy a PC!

  • bugart19

    It’s going to be a challenge for Playstation to incorporate the Vita but Sony really wants its handheld market to grow so its understandable. Nintendo for some reason can’t get third party support even before Wii U, but I guess developers want to make sure their efforts are profitable with new features of hardware.

  • Off.Sh

    Dont get it. . . how vitas remote play is linked?. Using internet? what if it is an online game? have to share the inet: the game and video streaming to remote play?. :S.

    • coolspot

      Vita has Bluetooth right?

      • Off.Sh

        i think so, but does actually video streaming on sony devices used it? or is via internet?. blutooth is more demanding battery comsumption. if i am not mistaken wiiu uses wifiDirect (hope not to be wrong). and how distance can be one person from the source of streaming using blutooth?.

  • The 2012 Robot

    I second Kenshin0011’s comment. On that note, the Vita will play games exactly as they are on the PS4, with the exception that the Vita doesn’t have as many buttons. There are no extra features added to the game beyond being able to play on the Vita (at least from my understanding).

    Also remember that regardless of this new Wii U-like feature, the PS4 is a different console- they are programmed differently. The fact that PS4 developers now have to include Vita functionality is effectively irrelevant when it comes to development- the hardware is different and people expect game design that takes advantage of the Game Pad’s input capabilities. And let’s be honest, most developers that are working in exclusivity have their exclusivity bought. And the ones that aren’t, if they had a true interest in the Wii U, would be making Wii U games/ports already.

    Not to spoil anyone’s hopes, but required Vita streaming != a step towards a port.

  • ByteManNeo

    The only upside to me getting a Vita is MLB 13: The Show. Too many downsides, including proprietary memory cards that cost too damn much. However, I am beginning to despair of any baseball game worth a damn making it to a Nintendo Console that doesn’t have Spongebob (no thanks) or Mario (while cool, no.) in it.

  • Elem187

    Sorry you are 100% positively incorrect about this development.
    Devs saying its too difficult to program for the Wii Remote or the touchscreen controller was just an excuse/cop-out so they don’t have to tell the truth that they don’t think their game will sell enough on a Nintendo console to make it worth their time to port it.

    The gamepad has the standard button layout as both the xbox/ps controllers. Two triggers on either side, four face buttons, 1 d pad, and 2 analog sticks. It is not difficult at all to send a signal to the gamepad, Its just a cop out to avoid a nasty PR episode.

    Sony forcing developers to stream to the vita, will be laggy unless Sony packs in TWO wireless chips, one to connect to the wireless network and the other to adhoc connect to the vita. Other wise the PS4’s remote play will have terrible latency issues (going through an access point will immediately add 20ms bare minimum and up to the time it takes you to press a button and see the onscreen character react.