Aug 28th, 2016

The upcoming NES Mini console has a brand new emulator for its NES games

This Fall, Nintendo will release a new console. No, it’s not the NX or another version of the 3DS, it’s the NES Classic Edition, or as most call it, the NES “Mini”.

The NES Mini will include 30 classic NES games on the console, games that most of us have played, either on the original NES or as a downloadable game on the Virtual Console.

Nintendo has now revealed that the emulator that runs the games on the NES Mini is actually a brand new one, different from the emulator used for Virtual Console games on the Wii U and Wii.

The emulator and the OS of the NES Mini has been created from scratch by Nintendo’s European outfit, Nintendo European Research and Development, out of Paris, France.

That’s why the NES mini has different modes of display, from the regular, to upscaled, to a “pixel perfect” mode. It also has a cool CRT mode that mimics the game as if it was played on an old CRT tube TV.

The NES mini will launch on November 11 and will retail for $60. It features a single NES controller and 30 games. You can check out a list of games included here.

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