Apr 25th, 2013

It’s no secret the Wii U is under-performing.

Nintendo recently released their sales numbers for this past financial year. The good news: they’re back to making a profit after last year being forced to announce they had lost money for the first time in their entire history. The bad news: they actually made a small operating loss, which basically means they spent more than they earned and the only reason they made a profit was because of smart investment and currency fluctuations.

While the 3DS has performed well, moving 13.95 million units in the past year, the Wii U seems be at an unforeseen sales standstill. After selling 3.06 million units worldwide before the end of 2012, Nintendo forecast the Wii U would sell 4 million by the end of the financial year. However, that time has come and the number currently sits at 3.45 million.

hardwareAs many trolls and over-emotional armchair analysts have been quick to point out, the fact that Nintendo has seen sales of only .39 million units in the months January to March indicates that the Wii U is an abhorrent failure and a useless piece of plastic junk. However, while it’s clear that the numbers indicate a troubling lack of momentum, I think it’s probably a tad early to call for a time of death just yet (the console has been out less than half a year). With that in mind and taking into account the recent end-of-year report from Nintendo, I propose having a look at the Wii U’s prospects going forward using facts and figures and a little bit of informed speculation rather than hate and dismissal and guff.


Nintendo has sold 13.42 million games for Wii U thus far. It’s unclear if this includes digital purchases (it usually doesn’t). With the console’s sales at 3.45 million this means an average attach rate of around four games per console. Given there are only two games in stores that have the word ‘Mario’ anywhere on the box, I’m going to assume that a lot of Wii U owners only have two games, and the rest (constituting most of the people reading this article I’m sure) have many more than four.

Software moves hardware, and so the issue with moving Wii U hardware can reasonably be put down to a problem with software (and message, but we’ll get to that later). A number of skittish third party developers moving away from Wii U certainly hasn’t helped, but Nintendo is certainly going to rely on it’s stable of first party franchises to get the box into people’s homes. In fact the company has flat-out said that, like with the 3DS, it intends to follow up this unexpected lull with a higher pace of releases. We already know of a few games coming for Wii U this year, but people seem to forget Nintendo’s tendency to keep some projects completely secret until fairly close to launch. Just look at the last few Nintendo Direct broadcasts.

So the question is, how effective will future releases be at revitalizing Wii U hardware sales?

The recent earnings release was accompanied by updated sales numbers for all platforms, including the original Wii. It’s interesting to see just how many of Wii’s highest-performing first-party games were released well after the console launched, helping the system maintain its unprecedented upward sales trajectory.

softwareNext to the pack-in Wii Sports, the second-highest selling Wii game is actually Mario Kart Wii at 34.26 million units. The game wasn’t released until a year and a half after the console’s launch. Nintendo plans to unveil a Wii U version of Mario Kart at E3 in June. Also in the top ten are Wii Fit and Super Smash Bros. Brawl, also games that weren’t released until a year and a half after launch, and also games Nintendo currently has in the works for Wii U.

Wii and Wii U are different situations of course. Wii didn’t have an older, similar console on the shelf next to it confusing customers and cannabalising sales. Wii sold phenomenally out of the gate because of how obvious its hook was. The appeal of Wii U is a little more subtle but will hit with the general populace as Nintendo gets its message down and the original Wii fades away. In the meantime, judging Wii U on its first six months of software is like judging Wii on Wii Play and Elebits. Games with mainstream appeal simply aren’t there yet, but they will be.

Internal strategy

Nintendo have given every indication that they’ve been forced somewhat out of their element this hardware generation, but they’ve also shown a coherent strategy going forward. They stressed early this year their need to co-operate with development partners to meet the growing demands of game development for their first HD system. They announced also that their handheld and console divisions would be merged to allow more efficiency.

Now, alongside their earnings report, comes the news that company president Satoru Iwata will also become acting Nintendo of America CEO in order to “support the company’s unified global strategy, allow streamlined decision making and enhance Nintendo’s organizational agility in the current competitive environment”.

Keep in mind that these changes have been happening concurrently to the first half-year’s worth of Wii U support and development. Given the company’s focus on positioning thus far, it isn’t unreasonable to imagine Nintendo plans to get all its ducks in a line before making a big push later this year with a relaunch of sorts for the Wii U.

It’s worth remembering that the daily news and announcements that maintain a constant tug-of-war between Wii U fans and detractors in the video games community – whether eight games is good enough for a virtual console launch,  how long is an acceptable transition time between menus – are completely invisible to the non-engaged consumer that Nintendo will be seeking to target throughout the remainder of this year.

The three new television spots Nintendo recently revealed (distasteful though their content may be to us) mark the beginning of a campaign to drive awareness of the system to a general audience that has barely any idea the Wii U exists, let alone that we still have to wait a few months for Super Metroid. A brand relaunch in other words, supported by a newly streamlined global strategy, is exactly what the system needs to give full impact to the announcement of key first-party software titles at E3 and beyond.

[Authors note: after I wrote this article it came to light that Nintendo will not hold a traditional large-scale press conference at E3. This is entirely in line with everything I’ve said thus far. Given how different the company’s messaging needs to be to different groups – game announcements and minor service improvements to fans, education about the system and its features to non-fans, financial information and sales strategies to investors – trying to address it all in a single hour-long talk makes no sense. Think about past E3 conferences. Nintendo announces Wii music or Wii Sports Resort: fans groan. Nintendo give further details on a new console we already know about with a focus on how new games will use the controller: the general population is confused about whether it’s a new system or a peripheral for the old one. Game announcements and great news will still come out of E3, albeit probably in Nintendo Direct format, but Nintendo will be able to reach that broad audience on its own terms without trying to do it on stage.]

 The State of Wii U

It’s been less than five months and many of us are very happy with the Wii U. Others are less than pleased, and some (as always) are insisting that Nintendo’s latest is dead in the water. But it’s ridiculous to deny that the Wii U has the potential to capture an audience. System innovations like off-TV play, Nintendo TVii and Miiverse have been continually developed and refined over the first few months of this year as Nintendo undergoes a restructure and the system itself doesn’t quite manage to sell even half a million units.

Nintendo’s goal this coming financial year is to sell 9 million Wii U units, and it’s difficult to imagine they plan to do it by moving at the pace they have been so far this year.  There’s a reason the company has been streamlining its management. The time is right and all indicators point to a renewed mass-media campaign to get the non-engaged masses educated about the Wii U. They’ll never know about the big day 1 patch, the months-long lack of Virtual Console, the long loading times. All that stuff that has so many haters offside is well and truly in the past. If Nintendo can reach out to people and at least get them interested in the idea of Wii U and what it brings to gaming, the rest of the year worth of huge first-party announcements and releases make a reversal of fortunes seem very possible.

[data via Nintendo]

What has you most excited for the coming year of Wii U? Do you think Nintendo will make their sales forecast?

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  • Adam Porter

    question, where the hell is the update nintendo.

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        Lol , I heard this comment with a Star wars droid’s voice ๐Ÿ™‚ ”roger roger”

        • Peter Rogers

          Haha i see wot u mean. Ahhhh star wars. Now theres agame we need on vc. Rogue squadron

          • Nintedward

            All the N64 Star wars games ๐Ÿ™‚ , Rogue squadron and Pod racer and the rest ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Cant wait to get my hands on super mario world. Come on hurry the fuck up.

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      and hurry the fuck up with the rest. I’ve got my heart set on loads of classics like Super Ghouls and Ghosts and LttP. Hope we get 60Hz!!

  • Saul Rivera

    The free Rayman challenges should be out today too

  • This is a very well written article. It points out that the Wii U is struggling but is not a “disaster” or “end of the world” article. Other journalists, analysts, and bloggers can learn a thing or two from reading this. I commend you for being objective and truthful.

    I bought a Wii U on launch day (pre-order) and I have been very happy with the system. The lack of games is disappointing but unlike most of this generation I have patience. I for one can have family and friends over and play NintendoLand for hours and my wife and I still have fun with SMB U and I get my ZenPinball fix in a few times a week too. I just started playing Injustice and that with all the games I have yet to complete for my XBOX will keep me busy until the games come. I think the next games I am looking forward too is probably Mario Kart U and Pikmin 3 and I think those along with Smash Bros., a New 3D Mario title and WindWaker will drive some impressive console sales and a steady flow of games both new and releases in Virtual Console will be coming.

    • Thanks Bob :). I totally agree. My partner and I went to have dinner at some friends’ place the other night and I took the Wii U. There’s literally nothing else on the market so suited to that kind of experience. Like Wii I think it’s going to find a place with some people who want a more casual time, and with people like us who want to add Nintendo’s unique experience to our gaming habits.

      • I have had friends and family over too and a couple of them liked the experience so much they went out and got one of their own.

        • david jarman

          Yup, same here. I love the fact that friends of my family who aren’t into gaming come over to play on the wii u.

          • I even have some that are “into gaming” that were impressed. My brother is a die hard PC gamer and loves his MMO’s but having him over one night and after we played a little old school GoldenEye since I hooked up my N64 we played some NintendoLand with him and his wife and me and my wife. He said was thinking about getting one himself and then BestBuy had a promotion for giving NintendoLand away with the Basic set and he went out and got one. He may not play it all the time but he saw value in it after one session.

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          • You are an idiot because being gay is what you do, being black is what you are. Not liking or agreeing with gays is not the same as hating them. I will be damned if I stand up for gays when that lifestyle is one that should not be promoted or encouraged. It should be stomped out. Any hating on gays is all propaganda. Before all of the gay marriage shit, people could care less about what gays did or thought. They (led by Jews) made it a point to put their business out to the public. The one thing they don’t like to show the public is what out of control sex fiends they are.

          • Blah, blah blah. Being gay isn’t a choice, and even if it was, who the fuck are you to tell anyone what they should and shouldn’t be doing? You have no right to dictate what other people do with their lives.

            You’re the worst kind of scum. A bigot who would have had to face the same kind of intolerance 50 years ago that gays have to face today. I revel in calling you a nigger. It’s not a blanket term that includes decent black folks, it’s a term I reserve for black people who are playing into the hands of their own oppressors. You’re a nigger. It feels good to say it. Nigger, nigger, nigger. You shouldn’t be allowed to vote or marry or own land because you’re nothing but a foul-smelling greasy monkey. You like that kind of hate, don’t you? You want some more? Fuck you.

          • YOU are the worst kind of person – a racist, but a lover of no good gays, but also a hater of what most accept as god. I do not dictate what anyone should or should not do, nature does. I do not want to get into what the penis is for and what it is designed to go along with and what it is not designed to go along with.
            50 years ago, gays were not having any problems except that it was not a positive thing to be gay. Take backward gays from 50 years ago and take blacks 50 years ago – who in the hell had the problems? It was not the gays and they certainly don’t have any problems now! We, unlike filthy gays (you, stop denying it), have and continue to be denied land, the right to vote or marry. We still cannot do a lot, only they are not made into law this go around. You fight for the gay right to hit each other in the butt and I will fight (by all means) against racists. Too bad gays cannot challenge yourselves to fight whatever fight you are fighting without trying involved and desecrate the legacy and face of other, legit groups. If you have a legit fight, it should be able to stand on it’s own without using the black man to make your points because their is no comparison to gays and blacks.

          • “YOU are the worst kind of person – a racist, but a lover of no good gays, but also a hater of what most accept as god.”

            I’m an atheist, so don’t try that God bullshit with me, asshole. I’m also not racist, as I’ve pointed out. I was being ironic, throwing your own hate back in your face. You still don’t get it though, do you?

            ” I do not dictate what anyone should or should not do, nature does.”

            The appeal to nature. Brilliant. You use one of the most consistently refuted arguments in philosophy to prove your point. If that’s all you got, you’re just shooting blanks. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Appeal_to_nature

            “Take backward gays from 50 years ago and take blacks 50 years ago – who in the hell had the problems?”

            Both. I already said I didn’t want to quibble over who had it worse. That isn’t the point. The point is, it’s just as bad to be intolerant of a gay man as it is a black man, no matter who had it worse. The whole thing is debatable anyway.

            ” It was not the gays and they certainly don’t have any problems now!”

            They certainly do have problems and people like you are one of them.

            ” We, unlike filthy gays (you, stop denying it), have and continue to be denied land, the right to vote or marry.”

            Stop making shit up. You have all those rights. Gay people don’t have the right to marry. You do. You’re a fucking idiot if you actually believe that. There is no current law that states blacks cannot vote, own land, or marry. If you want land and to marry, go do it and stop whining about it. Pussy.

            ” If you have a legit fight, it should be able to stand on it’s own
            without using the black man to make your points because their is no
            comparison to gays and blacks.”

            It does stand on it’s own, but it’s an apt comparison and also useful to point out your fucking hypocrisy. Deny it all you want, but it’s true. Fucking deal with it.

          • Ben Kapferer

            If a person were racist against Hispanics, would that make them secretly Hispanic?

          • Ask knowledgeiswhatsup, he’s the one who said that, not me.

          • Ben Kapferer

            I was responding to the last part of your post. While a person against homosexual acts having repressed homosexual urges themselves would serve as an interesting source of irony, I don’t think arguing that a homophobe is probably secretly homosexual makes very much sense.

          • Really? Well Scientific American seems to think it makes sense… http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=homophobes-might-be-hidden-homosexuals

            Of course, this isn’t definitive proof that most homophobes are closet cases, but it does suggest it’s a possibility.

          • mikel334u2

            Not to prove any of your opinions wrong, but must you continue a thread about homosexuality and racism on an article about the Wii U? The comments section of Wii U Daily isn’t for arguing over homosexuality and racism.

          • First off, none of that proves my opinion wrong.

            Second, I didn’t start the discussion. Blame the homophobe. I’m simply responding to his hate. Why are you giving me shit about it and not him?

            This is the same guy who consistently trolls these discussions anyway. He’s simply been exposed for his true colors. Whether it be Nintendo fans or homosexuals, he’s proven he’s nothing but a spiteful troll.

          • mikel334u2

            Do you even know how to deal with trolls? Downvote and move on, not give him comments to keep on replying to.

        • Out of all that he said you focus on that? Partner could mean many things. For example I have many cops in my family that will refer to the person they work with every day as their partner. So here in America only homophobes and anti-gay morons automatically assume someone is homosexual when using that word to describe someone.

          • In other words – you mean anyone who is not gay assumes that a partner means someone is gay. He clarified so why are you arguing? Go back to sucking that joint and stop trying to brainwash people with your lifestyle.

          • david jarman

            Wow, you are at an all time low!

          • See now you are assuming I am gay. I am not gay but even if I was you just further proved that you are a jerkwad homophobe.

          • Only gays and down low men defend gays – or if your job requires it! You can call me a ‘homophobe’ all you want, that does not make me feel guilty or any pressure to run away from what is right. You tricks don’t work here buddy.

          • hteh35

            So you’re anti gay? Pathetic

          • If you are not actively being gay – you are anti-gay! Got it?

          • teh23

            I’m not gay, I don’t care if people are gay.

          • Me either and I don’t want to know anything about them or their ways, so they should shut up about it. I was in a store yesterday and two lesbians were in there and one had the rainbow patch on her shirt. Why is that needed? They say what they do is none of our business but why do they advertise it?

          • teh23

            I have no idea what this rainbow patch is you speak of. Gays act like everyone else in our part of the world.

          • Well you must be in France or some place, not in the US. Gays are absolute weirdoes, just look at a gay pride parade!

          • teh23

            No not France, you guys still don’t have all your rights yet?
            2013 man…

          • I guess you are trying to be funny.

          • Keep it up asshole. I have no guilt and I defend good people no matter who they choose to love, where they come from. That is what is right. You attack me and homosexuals because you are an ignorant fuck and have no respect for anyone. All I see is human beings. Some are good and some are dickwads like you.

          • You are backwards if you think gays are forward! I cannot even call them human as they practice anti-human activity. To be ignorant means to not know, not to not approve of…

          • You’re the one practicing anti-human activity by hating your fellow man.

          • A male who wants my ass is not my fellow man! A fellow man wants to have babies with my woman, not worry about putting his thing in me! That’s a sick man! Besides, normal men hate others, that’s why there is killing and war. Besides, you people love using that buzz word ‘hate’ when I never used it and I don’t hate gays, I just do not like or agree with them.

          • Wow, get over yourself. No one’s trying to fuck the resident troll on Wii U Daily, male or otherwise. You’re the one who’s sick.

          • uPadWatcher

            You are homophobic, fuckupiswhatsup.

          • If you want to call me that – i’ll accept it! Just don’t call me gay! You sick bastards are either paid, gay or brainwashed. They have you thinking that gay is good and normal is bad. If you have ever seen gays get down, then I wonder if you’d change your mind…

          • ” If you have ever seen gays get down, then I wonder if you’d change your mind.”

            You mean to tell me you don’t like watching two women get it on with each other? I get it now. You’re a closet homosexual. It’s okay if you’re attracted to men, dude. Have the courage to be who you are.

          • It is not working…

          • Don’t worry, you’ll find the courage to come out of the closet in due time. In the meantime, just cower in fear of who are while lashing out at others.

            I’m going to watch some girl-on-girl action while you re access your life.

          • Typical. You don’t have to lie to me, you are going to watch some girl(he-she) on girl(he-she) action! See, your gay tricks of trying to get us to accept two women going at as a way of accepting gayness. In truth, most of us would not even know about that if it were not for porn.

          • Maybe you wouldn’t know about any girl-on-girl action without porn, but I have a lot of lesbian and bisexual friends to make it a reality for me. Have fun with your boring missionary style sex, you dull motherfucker.

          • I do not have a weal mind so your BS does not work with me buddy. I do not need two women at once and when that happens, at least one is usually really gay just frontin. If the opposite of dull means wanting gay sex, then i’ll be dull…

          • The dull, cowardly bigot. Congrats.

          • So being a bigot now means not wanting some cock when you are a man? You people are sick.

          • No, being a homophobe makes you a bigot. Being afraid of some one raping you just because they are gay is being cowardly. Only wanting to have sex with one woman instead of two or more makes you dull. Hope that clears things up.

          • Whatever. You gays have you sick, demented way of viewing your abnormal behavior and you will stick with that. Hell, there is no cure for mental illness so there is no point in trying to argue with you sick people.

          • And yet, here you are still arguing, even though you’re losing so horribly.

          • You probably deny evolution too, don’t you? And you think the Wii U is outdated!

          • gays only use the word partner because your closed minded counrty doesn’t allow them to call each other husband

          • bizzy gie

            Well ya know gay marriage is still illegal in a lot of states so I think it would be ‘boyfriend’ not ‘husband’.

          • david jarman

            So you’re going to attack my country and defend a troll that has over stayed his welcome. The door you are trying to open up needs to stay off this site. If you read the comments closer you’ll see that it’s knowledge who is the one who is being closed minded about only gays calling themselves as partners.

    • di g

      i totally agree with you. i purchased my wii u on launch and fell in love with how different and innovative this new console is. as soon as i brought it home i had family and friends who are more into the xbox and ps3 actually sit and play some of these games and got hooked and saying that Its a cool product. I feel that Nintendo knows what they are doing and I’m sure they have an ace up their sleeve. They have been doing this kind of thing for years. Once they release all of their first party titles the momentum will shift and we all will be satisfied with the results.

    • Nintedward


    • Silent

      This article is better than John Kinsley’s doom articles

    • LonDonE247

      mate the wii u update has gone live, am in europe, an i went to system settings, an then to update an clicked it, an now the new data is down loading iam told its live in usa too so get a story up on the site, love you guys, shame more nintendo fans dont use it!! everybody upvote so everyone knows

  • DJKeens

    An interesting read and much needed during this sad time where the “biggest” news about Nintendo is their financial report (see how many stories you can find on the Miiverse beta by comparison, the beta being a pretty big topic in my opinion.)

    I agree that all of these movements by Nintendo are a sign that something’s up over there. We may be surprised by what’s to come.

    Oh yeah…..where’s that update?!?

  • incoherent1

    Re: Software update & VC: I’m guessing they planned on releasing it a couple of days ago and decided to hold off for two extra days of testing. Makes sense. They’ve had so much bad PR already, they can’t afford another false start in the eyes of the press, which goes towards this article’s point of a relaunch — this is the first step for the Wii U reclaiming some hearts and minds of people who aren’t die hard fans. I’d rather they take the extra time and knock it out of the park (although I’m anxious too).

    I agree with Bob Wilkerson that this is a very well written article. Great job!

    • Peter Rogers

      have u seen the vc release list….id hardly call that knocking it out of the park wud u?

      • incoherent1

        The list will grow, although agreed: I think everyone here wishes it was longer.

        By “knock it out of the park”, I meant more in terms of stability and foundation to grow on. It ultimately wouldn’t matter if there were 100 VC games at launch if the UI is still slow or if there are glitches and bugs — that’s the most important thing at this point; it’s easier to add games in the weeks ahead than it is to roll back bad PR about a buggy software update/unfrustrate users.

        • Peter Rogers

          i see ur point, i wasnt referring to the amount of games on vc. 8 is plenty. its just that its the same old shit, with the exception of super mario world

  • Luis Rodriguez

    Where is update, sure… But where is games tied to ID? Where is logging into multiple consoles and playing your DL games? ( some of us have multiple consoles available you know…where is outreach to Activision and new zombie maps, sure some you could care less but I, and others do care (again don’t know behind scenes between negotiations. And all but damn sometimes I give in to my wife so I can have some dinner and peace, you know a smart retreat that pays off… EA, the evil empire, well I do like battlefield and I don’t care about those that don’t, again there is a market not as huge now as X/Ps but just some effort… Anyway why cry and Moan, I made my decision, I got Wii u and am stuck with it, not to say I’m not glad about injustice, super Mario bros, sonic racing, trine, toki, but trip, classic VC, yes I have enjoyed and will enjoy but I’m can’t help being 80% happy, I mean a B is good but when I got A’s I was ecstatic without looking for excuses.

  • Noel Canales

    i love my Nintendo, but they have morons running the company that do not get American gamers these days. I dont know why the hell they do not have there best games ready for a new system and why they stuck with the name “Wii” still. and”Wii U” sounds like your doing a U-turn and going back in a different direction. We need tons of old games on virtual console,NES, SNES,N64,and Gamcube all on virtual cosole today to save the day and this company.

    • Noel Canales

      To be honest, i uses my Wii U right now just for Netflix and Hulu Plus, which are fantastic on this system. They need an MLBTV app and i would happy coasting it till a decent first party Nintendo game is launched.

  • Highrevz

    Rayman challenges app out now in uk

    • Peter Rogers

      checking now

      • Highrevz

        7 mins left on my download. looking forward to this has i havent playd any kind of online game even if its is only score based, it might be reley competative

        • Peter Rogers

          yer nice one mate,just checked n mine is downloading as we speak. btw my username is podge79 if anyone wants to add me

          • Highrevz

            i have 0 friends on my wii u lol add me up. Highrevz

  • jay

    Am I the only one NOT worried about Wii U’s future?


    For the trolls out there. Those 4 titles shown above are not only Wii Exclusives, but they are also the highest selling games in history.

    • Mark Thom

      YEA U ARE

      • jay


    • Johny

      naah ๐Ÿ˜› we’re with ya bro… i dont know what people are so worked up about. those worried are only for the most part those who have no idea how gaming market works, nintendo haters and trolls in disguise ๐Ÿ™‚

    • JumpMan

      i, for one, am not worried. Nintendo has the best video game franchises; Zelda, Mario, Metroid. so once those games are released for the Wii U, it’ll most likely have no problem!

      • Those were the best in the 80’s and 90’s – but not now.

        • JumpMan

          very true, sir! but in my opinion, i have never played better games than Ocarina of Time & Super Mario Galaxy!

        • MujuraNoKamen

          What’s better than Zelda, Metroid etc then?

        • Then why are Mario Galaxy and Ocarina of Time the highest rated games of all time? The franchises are still relevant. Homophobes are not. Go back to the past where you belong.

          • How are they the highest rated games of all time? No other games got their ratings? “Homophobes” will keep the human race alive!

          • Booyah! http://www.gamerankings.com/browse.html

            Exactly how are homophobes going to keep the human race alive? Do tell, this should be interesting.

          • Well, looking at the sources they used for their figures – I have never heard of any of them! I can only take that with a grain of salt. Besides, the game that you guys love to hate because it was not on Nintendo (GTA 4) was right there. I personally don’t think that ANY Nintendo game stacks up to GTA 4.
            So-called ‘homophobes’ keep the human race alive by doing what is normal – reproducing. All gays do is get off with each other.

          • Bullshit. I own GTAV. Don’t assume everyone on this board speaks for me.

            Double bullshit. You do realize that vaginal intercourse isn’t the only way to have children, right? Gays reproduce too, and so do straight people who aren’t bigots. You really don’t know much about the world for someone named Knowledgeiswhat’sup. http://abcnews.go.com/Health/sex-couples-census-data-trickles-quarter-raising-children/story?id=13850332#.UXneCsrHmAg

            The world will do just fine without morons like you.

          • Triple BS! Vaginal intercourse is the only natural way to have children! Any other way is manufacturing things to fit a sick lifestyle and ‘family’ that has already been manufactured. Gays change the natural order of things just to replace the opposite sex with the same sex, but want to call it a family and torture children. I can pick out many article on gays raping their adopted children.


          • Oh, suddenly you’re all about nature! Why don’t you do mankind a favor, get off your computer and live a natural life foraging in the woods? Leave the wonders of technology for those who deserve it, you cretin.

            Also, there’s no evidence that children who grow up with same sex parents are being tortured, that’s just your bullshit assumption.

          • Do you think that gay administrators of children are going to teach them to NOT be gay? They are gay, so why would they teach the kids to go against that? That’s like a Muslim family not teaching their kids the Islamic way and teaching them to be Buddhists. It makes no sense.

          • Straight couples rape children too, you fucking idiot. http://www.wfmj.com/story/15591004/two-parents-charged-with-raping-baby-during-supervised-visit

            Sit there with your fucking head in the sand and pretend that only gays are guilty of rape. You fucking sheep.

          • YOU are the sheep which is why you support and defend gays. You also did not watch the whole thing either. We already know that pedophiles come in both types, but gays are more prone to it which is why they adopt, so they can rape and brainwash the kids into homosexuality.

          • Where’s your evidence that gays are more prone to pedophilia? Oh, you’re just making another bald assertion like you always do.

    • Nobody

      Hey, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. It’s great that Nintendo had games like Mario Kart, and those games are good, it’s why they sold well. But it’s highly disheartening that those games also overshadowed any major third party title and made a lot of people dismiss the Wii as a serious console.

      Also, are we seriously going to brag about a game like Wii Fit selling well? When fitness related anything is a cash cow even easier to milk than Pokemon?

      • I take your point, but it isn’t about bragging. Part of Nintendo’s strategy needs to be getting as many Wii U’s as possible into as many houses as possible. That way third party publishers are confident in putting software out on the system. Look at the way Ubisoft has rejected the platform since it hasn’t sold well. Wii Fit put a lot of consoles in a lot of homes. Wii Fit U can do the same.

        • Kyle Crozier

          Every major release by Ubisoft is coming to Wii U, That doesn’t sound like they “rejected” the console. They are the only major third party publisher to truly support the system with their games.

          • Putting your mulitplat games on Wii U is one thing. It’s easy, fairly risk free and doesn’t truly offer an experience that takes advantage of the console’s features. Rayman Legends, which is the game to which I was referring, was planned to be a Wii U exclusive until Ubisoft management balked at the sales. They’ve stated officially several times that they’ll hold off serious investment in the Wii U until there are healthier numbers. They can’t be blamed for doing that. That’s why it’s Nintendo’s job to appeal to as wide an audience as possible and get systems in houses so third parties can confidently develop FOR Wii U, rather than porting.

    • Nintedward

      The proof is in the pudding sire. Sony or Microshaft will never match the sales of Nintendo’s best games.

    • They were also mainly the ONLY selling games on the great selling Wii – that’s why they sold so much!

      • david jarman

        If you only knew how that statement doesn’t work for you. Meaning that the wii must have sold a lot for those games to have sold a lot. Most people bought the system for those games. A lot of those people own Xboxes and ps3’s as well. I am one of them. I bought the wii for one reason. Nintendo games. Was it worth it? You bet your damn ass it was! So now I bought the wii u and it too will be worth it. Now don’t you have anything better to do then to hate on the wii u? Seriously you waste more precious time then anyone I have ever known.

        • Most people bought the Wii for the gimmick controller and the hype that came along with it.

          • Mรธhรฅmmฤ™d Jรฅrmรธn

            How is a new way to play games a gimmick?? You are a fucking moron man I laugh at all your comments attempting to illicit some kind of response. You NEED for attention and your claim to be an all intelligent being is quite sad. Also the fact that you have no life and so much time to spend commenting and replying to the numerous comments on each topic in here shows you are completely insignificant. So go get you KNOWLEDGE (that you think you have) up and come back and have intelligent conversation about real facts and maybe you will get some respect around here ๐Ÿ™‚ ok? Have a good day sir don’t web browse to long today ๐Ÿ™‚ the sun might be visible later

          • Let’s see – they did not bring the controller to the Wii U?

          • david jarman

            No they added to it. Wii u is gamepad, motion controller, pro controller and classic controller ready. It’s so damn versatile. Even the gamepad has a motion sensor bar so you can tither the wii mote of it.

          • No. If the Wii controller was not a gimmick, they would have included it with the Wii U like Sony includes it’s controller with new systems. If it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it.

          • david jarman

            Nintendo figures that most people who buy the wii u already have the wiimotes and those who don’t can buy them if they choose to. It’s more about options. Not trying to fix! Trying to progress the way we interact with games. If its not for you then its not for you. No one is forcing you to like the wii u, but stop trying to get us to join your views about nintendo.

          • I see, the same way that SOny figured you had a controller of theirs but decided to give you another one with the new system?

          • david jarman

            Yup, actually you paid for another controller. With the wii u, you actually get a whole new controller and if you like you can use the old one two. Plus, if you play Xbox you can chose to use the pro controller, but if you’re use to playing on playstation then you can use the classic controller which is setup just like a ps controller.

          • The Wii U is never advertised or pictured with the other controller, only that useless tablet.

          • david jarman

            Edit:useful…you’re welcome

          • Silent

            ”Let’s see – they did not bring the controller to the Wii U?”

            Thus proves you do not know what you are talking about. See people, See where wasting your time can get you. He’s simply just sad and jealous of people who have a Wii U because he’s missing out on all the FUN!

          • david jarman

            That controll scheme worked really well with the nintendo games and they didn’t feel like much of a gimmick at all. If your statement were true and that most people bought the console for the controller alone then why did just those games sell very well. Don’t tell me because every casual gamer is into metroid, Zelda and Mario galaxy. Those games took a lot of “hardcore” skills. Please, sir. You are an embarrassment to us U.S. Citizens.

          • Stop trying to be a wise ass. The few titles that sold well and the Wii U not moving tells the whole story.

          • tronic307

            You don’t have a case until Nintendo brings something more than a 2D Mario game and still gets no sales.

          • david jarman

            When the Zelda games, mario games, metroid and platinum games come out you’re gonna see more movement. Not to mention pikmin 3 has a lot of anticipation.

          • I doubt if any come out this year. Pikmin 3 seems to be the only one that might make it. Nintendo should have had something out from the start. The truth is, if they would have had a great game out from the start with next-gen graphics on it, even I may have bought one! I was holding out seeing if Nintendo was going to give me a reason to get one, but they disappointed. Now even if they come out with something good, I don’t feel that it would be a good investment.

          • david jarman

            Well, the rest of us here don’t feel that way. There are a lot of games coming out that I am excited about. Like the wonderful 101, watch dog, deus ex, splinter cell and project car. Not to mention, bayonette 2, xenoblade and a few others will be out by the end of this year.

          • Jimmy D. Fugate

            Is that why so many people bought Kinect and Move too? Oh wait…

          • Oh SNAP!

          • Yeah.

          • tronic307

            Still better than a western behemoth of a console that smells like burnt plastic, sounds like a vacuum cleaner, raises my electric bill, and has only a handful of games you can’t get on PC. I put up with all that crap for a game I had to have that was delayed just a few months for PC. Why? Because I buy consoles for games, not the other way around.

          • I don’t get into the politics of the items, only if they do what they need to do and do it well with staying power. All people with the 360 or PS3 do not mind whatever others without them complain about.

          • tronic307

            A. I’m multi-console.

            B. Speak for yourself.

            I don’t even get why people buy only one console and claim its superiority. Broke, perhaps?
            I may or may not hate, Hate, HATE Microsoft and Sony for being smug douche bucket companies, but that doesn’t mean I won’t buy their consoles if there is a great game I can’t get anywhere else. My rule is PC first, unless it’s a console exclusive.

          • Silent

            They still bought it and thats all that matters. It sold more than your s**tty PeeS3

          • For a quick buck it matters, but for selling software and lasting power, it failed.

          • Silent

            It sold, and thats what matters. Power doesnt matter as long as it sells and it is fun to people. Cant you get that. Man teaching a 6 yr old is easier than this.

  • johndoe

    ..no update yet they might push it back to next week idk but the day not over yet so we’ll see

  • wander
    • Ace J


  • Dallan

    So does anyone know if Reggie Fils-Aime will stay the COO of America?

    • AAAkabob

      he will

    • Noel Canales


      • Silent

        For being an idiot, he’s getting paid more than you are.

  • Cerus98

    Excellent article and extremely well written. Though the trolls will just keep trolling as they always do and nothing anyone can say will change them. Trolls troll to troll, most don’t believe what they’re saying, they just want to be assholes and start trouble over the Internet. It’s easy to be a 90lb tough guy picking fights when they’re sitting in their parents basement on their puter.

  • FilipiCn

    We have to wait untill december to know what will really happen. For now, Im happy with my games and eshop(the easiest and fastest way to get a new game). (Hey, ifo someone still play Mario Kart Wii, add me. Usually i play together my WII and WIIU with my girlfriend. FILIPICN).

  • Peter Rogers

    I must say im impressed with the content in the new rayman challenges. Well done ubisoft. U r forgiven.

  • david jarman

    No worries here. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • TuckerThaTruckr

    Great article. Nice to see the majority of comments here are no longer special needs English as second language students.

  • Fred

    You mentioned with game sales, your readers probably bought more than 4 titles each while many others have 2 or less. My experience is you’re spot on, neighbors got one for their kids for Christmas and only have Nintendo Land. I (a reader here) bought one on launch day and I have on disc

    Nintendo Land

    Sonic Racing


    Tank Tank Tank

    and I downloaded

    NBA 2k13

    New Super Mario Bros U

    Trine 2

    Mighty Switch Force

    Sonic Racing

    Zen Pinball

    Kirby’s Adventure


    Balloon fight

    (and as of tomorrow)

    Super Mario World

    • Fred

      If you’re wondering, yes I love my Wii U don’t have no regrets about my purchase. I am very excited about several of the upcoming games (I am wishing I could get my hands on Xenoblade for a decent price so that I can play it before the sequel comes out. Will I need a classic controller for that game or will wiimote and nunchuk be good enough?)

  • Buduski

    I really think the Nintendo marketing team probably thought it would be as easy for them to market the wii u as it was for marketing the DS, DSI, 3DS…ext. yes they all have similar names but are distinct products, same as the wii and wii u, somewhere down the road they forgot that they have to let people know what there bringing to the table and why its better than what the consumer already has, because if they don’t then whats the point of them making a new console every few years? I hope Nintendo pulls out the big guns because the next gen console war is closing in.

  • Can we say “plagiarism?”

  • The Wii U is a done deal. I will also stop from giving out too many grand ideas for people to steal!

  • DemonRoach

    The only problem with the wii u is that the hardware is far too weak to be a media center as Nintendo advertises.

    • Silent

      Because thats all a console is about, pretty graphics and power.

  • Peter Rogers

    For anyone that has an android phone or tab there is now a miiverse app in the play store courtesy of some dude called spencer. Ive downloaded it and its great.

  • Andrew Longo

    the wii u is struggling solely because there are no games for it. i bought it at launch and barely play nintendo land when friends are over. lego city is definitly fun but not a console seller. if they held off releasing it until the proper awesome games were out it would have destroyed 300 times as many wallets

    • The thing is though it didn’t cost them anything to release it early. All those people who would have bought it if it released with bigger games will still buy when those big games hit. That sucks a little for early adopters, but we’re the minority.

  • JB

    Tim, I echo everyone’s sentiment that this is a well written article. This is probably hands down, the best Wii U related article I’ve read. Very well thought out. It not only points out Nintendo’s shortfalls, but it also shows what steps they are doing to rectify it and even sprinkles a little opinion on what other steps they can take (You should be an analyst, Tim)

    I was also one of the ones who pre-ordered a Wii U, and while I’m somewhat disappointed by the lack of titles, it still sees a ton of play time, as there’s still enough games to keep me busy for the time being and like others said, it offers a unique experiences that no other gaming system can.

    My personal opinion, I think pushing back the release dates on some of the games could be a blessing in disguise for Nintendo. Sure sales sorta stink to high heaven right now, but now they’ll be releasing some of their AAA games during the busiest time of the year for the video game industry. Yea you’ll have Sony and Microsoft releasing their systems (and as a gamer first, loyalist second I’m sure I’ll get those on launch) but one could argue that their systems will be more expensive than a Wii U and that’s before you add in a couple games and various accessories. Those who have a Wii already will have most of the accessories they’ll need. Add a few games, and you have the best value for your money. Also, some might call the Tvii function gimmicky, but once they add the DVR functionality, you have a bonafide universal remote. I’m just hoping they can change the mind of some of the third parties that have shyed away from developing for Nintendo.

    • Thanks JB :D. That’s a good point about release dates. If Nintendo really do have a relaunch of sorts in the works, it makes sense to hold some features and titles and resources for when more people have the system, or at least are aware of it. As far as competing consoles are concerned, I’m really psyched for the PS4 and a return to what looks like a more game-centered experience, but I’m getting bad vibes from the next Xbox. I might end up being a two-console guy for the first few years of this gen. At least until Halo 5 :).

      • JB

        No prob!… I wasn’t really that upset about them delaying some of their launch window titles because at least they admitted that developing a HD game was more diffcult than they thought. I’d rather have a stellar first party expirence that they are known for, than a rushed and unpolished game just to quell demand.

        I’m with you on the competeting consoles thing… PS4, I’m pretty excited about that.. XBOX, not so much (I’ve got the same vibes)… Like I said, I’m sure I’ll get it, and more than liklely on launch, but a lot of that depends on what cats they let out of the bag come their announcement in May. If it’s something I can live with, it’s a day one (or shortly thereafter) purchase. If it’s not, then I’ll more than likely wait a bit. Not a few years wait like yourself, but a wait nonetheless.

        If Halo 5 somehow turns out to be a lauch title (a guy can dream right?) Then that’s almost for sure a pre-order. LOL

      • Silent

        Thank you Mr.Biggs. THIS is how you write about the Wii U’s problems. Please, I prefer that you deliver the bad news rather than Mr.Kinsley doing it. Please write some more.

        • Thanks Silent. I intend to ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Magnus Eriksson

    Not a bad article, it adresses many of the problems Wii U had these months. Actually I have only one disagreement to it and its the use of words like “trolls” and “haters” when adressing Wii U’s critics. There is good reason to criticize how Nintendo approached its fanbase with the Wii U. And that is not just trolling or hating, they did a really bad job and many have rightly lost faith in the company because of this.

  • Hella

    i fucking hate myself

  • Jimmy D. Fugate

    “As many trolls and over-emotional armchair analysts have been quick to point out, the fact that Nintendo has seen sales of only .39 million units in the months January to March indicates that the Wii U is an abhorrent failure and a useless piece of plastic junk.” You hit the nail right on the head there, Tim. A very good written article.

  • Agent721

    A reasonable Wii U article. I am shocked. All I can add is that I game on all systems, and since I got a Wii U, it is by far my favorite console. People will discover it overtime when the games they want come out…but until then, outside of the Nintendo-phites, I doubt the general public will support it. If Nintendo manages to release some giant Mario Kart esque titles by fall, it will have a gangbuster holiday season. I also foresee a price drop by years end.

  • Steven Molina

    I know some friends, and co-workers, have mentioned there interests in seeing a combination of Nintendo style games and more westernized 1st party games added to the future line up.
    I have a question, would the new generation consoles (PS4, and XBOX-720) cause more third party developers, to not focus on working with the slightly under powered Wii U system? I have a Wii U and I enjoy the system, but I was just curious to see anyone’s opinion, on this question?

  • Peter Rogers

    Wii u update is available NOW in uk wooo. Downloading now

  • Randall Hellmer

    “Itโ€™s unclear if this includes digital purchases (it usually doesnโ€™t).”

    According to their earnings release, it does. Which makes sense, given the emphasis they’ve put on digital in recent months.

    As far as things go, anything is possible. I’m not holding my breath, especially since Pikmin 3, the start of Nintendo’s release blitz, doesn’t come until August. honestly, it probably matters more what Sony and Microsoft bring to E3; too much hype out the gate, for competing systems, and the Wii U could run into…problems.

  • JB

    Man, I thought we came here to talk about our love (and hate) for the Wii U, not human rights. Are any of the mods going to stop all this bashing below??

  • Christopher Westcott

    I’m most excited to see just how powerful the system is. I haven’t been convinced that we’ve seen the best that it can offer. I’m hoping to see more of what the system can produce in Pikmin 3 and the re-make of Zelda: Wind Waker. One can only hope that Nintendo will be able to unleash the power of its own system.