Aug 10th, 2014


Retailers tend to reveal, or predict, or anticipate release date for games all the time. Some times they’re right, other times not so much. This time, UK retailer HMV recently listed the Super Smash Bros U release date for November 28th, 2014.

A photo of the pre-order (seen above) box at an HMV store in London shows an added release date, listed as November 28. Nintendo as yet to formally reveal the Super Smash Bros U release date, but we know that it’s coming this year on the Wii U and 3DS, and we wouldn’t be surprised if it’s released during the massive games bonanza that happens every Fall, where most of the high-profile games are released.

Nintendo will be showing off Super Smash Bros U at the upcoming GamesCom video game convention next week, where there will also be a Super Smash Bros U tournament.

As usual, this could simply be a placeholder release date, as it’s a lot easier to sell a pre-order of a game if it has a release date attached to it.

Super Smash Bros U is Nintendo’s big title for the Wii U this Fall. Earlier this Spring and Summer, Mario Kart 8 was able to boost Wii U sales considerably, and hopefully Super Smash Bros U will have the same effect this upcoming Fall and Winter.


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  • marks

    Do you see Captain Toad on the right? “Winter2014” is wrong! This game is delayed in Europe to 2015…

    HMV does not seem to be a reliable source.

    • Mr Ninty

      well to be precise winter 2014 starts 21 december and ends on 21 march. so if it is released during that time it could still count as winter 2014 if you bitch about it :p

    • SolarShane13

      Yep, because they’re going to tear off the stickers and replace them. All of them. LOL

    • Jason

      It also says Winter 2014 for Smash Bros, but November is Fall, not Winter.

      • Alyssa Browne

        Well on the website it said holidays 2014 not winter I don’t know why everyone keeps saying winter but the official website said holidays (and thanksgiving is a holiday).and if nintendo is smart it’ll release it by or near thanksgiving to give children and others time to beg their parents for it for christmas. There has be 3 leaked release dates all were in November so i think it’ll be out by November because technically winter does start till the 21 of December and they wouldn’t wait that long

        • felony211662

          i’m pretty sure thanksgiving is an american (not european) holiday

          • Alyssa Browne

            So its a holiday and they said holidays anyway regardless of that nintendo confirmed it’s going to be released a little bit over a month after the 3ds version.

          • companyoflosers

            ya, but its such a crucial time for the game industry because black friday and everything in america. i know america isnt the only place that matters when it comes to gaming but it is the MOST driving force and presents the most opportunity for the market to sell alot of units. all our made up holidays are marketing gold for alot of industries so they usually plan releases with thanksgiving in mind.

          • Rinslowe

            In any case it’s smart to ready releases around major holidays and typical “shopping seasons”…

          • felony211662

            Ya but this is a European retailwe

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      Agreed. Not sure why a prediction is even brought up as relevant news. It’d be news worthy to me, if it was an actual release date announced by Nintendo.

  • matthew garcia

    There will be a lot of game competition this coming holiday

    • iago parrot


      • matthew garcia

        But there will be a lot of competition this holiday for the big 3 consoles.

        • Magnus

          Two big consoles. I dont think Wii U should be counted among the big anymore. Even Iwata himself says that Nintendo are unable to compete with XBOne and PS4, so why should we fans pretend otherwise? I think its more realistic to say that Wii U is on a B level below A level consoles such as XBOne and PS4 while above C level consoles such as Ouya, Tiger etc. Its not really part of this generation.

          • Merry_Blind

            Kinda true I guess, but it’s still ‘one of the big three’, whether it sells as much as them or not. It’s Nintendo we’re talking about, people know them, they see a Nintendo console, they know it’s a ‘big’ console, not some fisherprice garbage like the Ouya.

          • D.M.T

            Nothing true at all. Please don’t allow some troll to confuse you. How the fuck is a console with great exclusives a B level console? Doesn’t make any sense.

          • Ducked

            Off topic, but nice profile picture. So happy Sting is coming to WWE.

          • D.M.T

            Yeah FINALLY!!! 😀

          • Ducked

            Hopefully we’ll get that Sting vs Undertaker match at Wrestle Mania!!

          • Magnus

            Did I say that it didnt have good exclusives? I think Mario Kart was very good, the same goes for Mario 3D World (but I dont understand why they called it 3D when its less 3D than every other title since Mario64). But two very good games are not justifying Wii U as an A console. Much of the other titles was kind of mediocre.

          • LordiMcKill

            3D World is more or less a follow up to 3D Land.

          • Magnus

            But its not 3D.

          • Magnus

            Sales, power, part of console war (in media), support from other game devs etc. All those tells me that Wii U is a different console on a different level than the others.

          • matthew garcia

            I can see that but Nintendo does still have a loyal following. May not be as big as it use to be but they have there audience.

          • Magnus

            Yes, Im part of their audience too. I love my Wii U.

          • iago parrot


          • Epicstuf


          • D.M.T

            Xbox One an A level console? Don’t make me laugh. Wii U is an A level console whether you like it or not. PS4 is slightly above as an A+ console, Xbox One a B+ console and Ouya is a D level console.
            I know the real Magnus is your idol and you want to be a troll just like him but you need to realize that Magnus is a terrible troll.

          • Magnus

            I dont understand why you call this trolling? By being a B console it doesnt mean that ots bad, only that its not selling much and is not powerful enough (for being an A console). I never said that Wii U is not fun to play, only that I dont think it should be counted among the big hitters. Also you could look up any article that talks about console war, they only compare PS4 with XBOne, Wii U is not even there.

          • Gootube Suck Ass

            PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U are all A for me.
            I-Phone 5S is the only game system that deserve an A+. Why ? Because It’s Apple.
            Swag, yolo, motha Fucka!
            Ok, in all seriousness. Wii U is da best because it have the best exclusives games, then the PS4, credit for have the most powerful console on earth atm and Will have the most exclusives. While Xbox One is slightly weaker than the PS4, but so far it have more exclusives than the PS4 + the Kinect is cool! ( atleast for me )
            In my humble opinion.
            Wii U: A so far but will be A+ in Next year.
            PS4: A and will always be A, no more, no less …
            Xbox One: A- right now but will be A in next year.

            Consoles that i have right now:
            PS2 ( broke )/PS3/PS4.
            N64/ GC ( sold )/ 2 wii and a Wii U.
            Xbox 360.
            Genesis ( broke ).
            I also have a kickass PC-Build gaming machine! It’s also the main system that i spend most of my gaming time right now
            just fuckin sayin’ XD.

          • Gizmo

            When did Iwata say that? Before or after Reggie said “We were in second place.” I don’t believe Wii u is definitely out of the big three. I mean, it’s still outselling the Xbox one.

          • Arthur Jarret

            True, the Wii U is pretty small. The size of two Wii’s only.
            The other two are like old-school VCRs. Those things are gigantic. It’s a good thing I’ve got a big cabinet for consoles as I wouldn’t want those fugly things in sight :P.

            Still saving up for an Xbox One, though – I promised myself I’d get it when KI got a retail release and now it’s getting one.

          • Rinslowe

            Come on Jonathan. Is it really necessary to do another account? You could have just kept your MagnusGonzalez tribute instead.

      • Epicstuf

        Is that all you can say, faggot?

  • Most likely a placeholder. I don’t see Black Friday being a great WW release date.

    • 504HotBoy

      Actually it’s perfect to release it around that time. My guess is a week before that on the 21st.

      • Before Black Friday, yes, but not day of.

        • 504HotBoy

          Yeah on the 21st. Black Friday is on the 28th. So I can see them releasing Smash in the U.S. on the 21st of November.

  • Mario

    …Please be real! Please be real! 🙂

  • disqus_QNIAqtNpHo

    i agree with mario i think it will be late december though

  • Gabe Brady

    US release date is most likely the week before since US seem to get games and console atleast 1 week ahead of the UK

  • Sdudyoy

    Well I hope that’s a real date, I doubt it will be, but I really hope it will be real.

  • Arthur Jarret

    Nintendo Wii U format release date to be confirmed.
    Says so right in the picture.

    Sorry, I know sunday news is slow, but I don’t even

    • That’s John for ya

      • Arthur Jarret

        😛 – I didn’t even see it was a John Kinsley article,

        I missed his usual jab at Nintendo – he could’ve easily added a ‘but it’s sale momentum has slowed lately’ in between “Mario Kart 8 was able to boost Wii U sales considerably,” and “hopefully
        Super Smash Bros U will have the same effect this upcoming Fall and

        I’m a bit disappointed, this is not the John I’ve come to know and love (and dream about at night).

        • Rinslowe


        • If it’s on the weekend, it’s John 😛

          His jabs were missing. I was surprised too. I guess he was too busy thinking about all the clicks he’d generate

  • Merry_Blind

    Well it makes perfect sense. I’m expecting the game to launch anytime in November, but moreso near the end of the month. It’s the perfect time for a big release such as Smash Bros.

  • therealruben1

    Ha that my birthday!But ive heard rumors that a free amibo figure will come with smash bros

  • 00EpicGamer00

    After all this time, I still can’t believe Sakurai kept the names Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS. I mean come on! There’s plenty of words and/or phrases that’s better than choosing the name of the console it’s on. Am I the only annoyed by that? I still think the Wii U version should’ve been called “Universe” and the 3DS one “the 3rd Dimension” or “Rumble.” Rumble, because since it’s on a small system, rumble is kind a “small” fighting term.

    • Sdudyoy

      Although I’m not trying to disagree with you, the way I see it is that all you have to do is say Smash bros for Wii U/3DS to get people to buy the game, although a cool name would have been better, I think this works fine.

      • 00EpicGamer00

        Very true. Probably Nintendo did name them those so it’s easier for people to understand which is which. I’d just prefer if they had original names. But I do understand why Nintendo chose what it is. I don’t full out hate the names. Like you said, it works.

  • therealruben1
  • TheSkeletonMan939 .

    I can’t be the only one who sees that it says, “Wii U format release date TO BE CONFIRMED.”

  • Korv13

    I’m pretty sure that it will be end of November. It’s the best spot of the year to get the maximum sales.

    That is, of course, if there isn’t a delay for the game… (which I doubt, because Nintendo can’t allow themselves to miss their shot with this title).

  • Tyler

    I work at a Toys’R’Us in Canada and our preorder pages posted in the store said available November 21st. They were changed to fall 2014 within a few days

    • 504HotBoy

      Those dates are about accurate, as I know and stated before, Nintendo will try to get Smash released in U.S. around Black Friday. It’s coming in November. Most likely the week before Black Friday. So the 21st seems about right.

      • Tyler

        That’s what I was thinking as soon as they said winter 2014 in the direct. Last year on November 22nd they released Mario party island tour and link between worlds on 3DS and super Mario 3D world on Wii U (needless to say, busy day) so I was thinking they would release a few games around then, and they release on Fridays now

        • LordiMcKill

          Let’s not forget that Pokémon ORAS are out on the 21st as well. So if history repeats itself then we could see Smash out that day as well.

          But then again, didn’t they say the 3DS version will be out before the Wii U version?

          • Tyler

            Yeah the 3DS version comes out October 3rd. Maybe Captain Toad will come out November 21st as well?

  • Tom Hoskins

    It also says in small print WiiU release date to be confirmed, hence t is just a placeholder date!

  • Ducked

    I hope this is true, Nintendo games usually release a week earlier in North America, so that would mean Nov 21st. Which has been my predicted release date since E3. Plus it make sense to have the game out in the US before Black Friday.

    • Stephen Severino

      Yes, if they don’t have it out by Black Friday, Iwata will be doomed. There could not be a bigger fail than that at this point for Nintendo. Heck, they need a bundle by then, not just the game.

      • Ducked

        I’m sure they will release a smash bundle. A Deluxe Wii U with Super Smash Bros and the Smash GameCube controller for $329.99 would outsell the PS4 and Xbox One for this holiday.

        • Stephen Severino

          It will sell well. It might outsell the XBOX One, but it won’t outsell the PS4. I wish it would, but it won’t. Sony has way too much momentum this generation.

          • Ducked

            I wouldn’t say won’t. PS4 has little software coming out this holiday. Nintendo needs to advertise a lot this holiday as well.

      • LordiMcKill

        Hence why they’ve got the Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire remakes out the week before.

  • Jake

    I hope it releases, tomorrow, or today.

  • bistricky

    November 28th?
    Most rumored release date (so far) is November 21st.
    Super Smash Bros. for Wii U ties into the amiibo collection release date.
    Not only is November 21st one week before Black Friday … it also ensures the Wii U and games, has a bigger presence in retailer advertising flyers and retail shelf spacing (which is going to be extremely important to its success).

    • LordiMcKill

      It’s also the same day the Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire’s remakes are released so I highly doubt it’s that day. Smash Bros would get trampled and Nintendo doesn’t want that.

  • Jimmy Dean

    You can make out the fine print underneath the release date which says, “Nintendo Wii U Formal (or Format) Release date to be confirmed”.

    Have a good day.

    • LordiMcKill

      That’s the first thing I thought when I read the label. This article writer should have noticed that before publishing the article.

      But anyway, it’s still a likely contender for the 3DS version.

      • Rinslowe

        True. It shouldn’t be that far off from the date given though. Surely…

  • Daniel Carvalho

    Sounds believable. I know about the Toad game being delayed in Europe, but they may be on to something regarding Smash Bros., specially taking in consideration they should have this game on shelves before December starts, so they can get the sales of both game and console rising during that period. November 28th sounds like a proper launch date!

  • Kaleb

    I saw a sign at Toys R Us in Canada that said November as well!

  • Deadpool U

    As much as I’d love to believe that there’s some small text that says “Wii U format release date to be confirmed” so………..

  • Davidgr2

    “Nintendo Wii U formal release date to be confirmed”

    Always gotta read that freaking fine print.

  • Toon Link

    That pre-order which mean can get one Super Smash Bros. Wii U in early. I think so.

  • mateorush90

    First day of winter, December 21st.
    Not much to predict here…

  • November or December please. I can’t wait till January or beyond..

    • A – Kuma

      if you have a 3ds, you CAN actually.

      • Hm.. yeah.. That’s true. Didn’t think about that. lol

  • james

    I have never gotten into fighting games. Just not excited for SSB at all…

    • Epicstuf


      • 00EpicGamer00

        He’s allowed to voice his opinion like everyone else.

    • Des

      I use to love fighting games. But they were one on one games like Street Fighter and Tekken. I was never the biggest SSB fan either. it’s a different style of play. But my kids love it, so will be picking it up for them and will even play a few rounds with them.

    • A – Kuma

      smash bros. isn’t like the traditional fighting games, there is fun to be had, you just have to play around with it and see what about the game you like the most. generally speaking though, people all in to one of two categories: people that are just looking for a good time with a wacky crazy 4-way chaos filled action packed smash fest(for fun) OR people who play to win and see the more technical aspects of the game, they want to sharpen their skills learning the ins and outs of their character and the fight scenarios of other characters they would fight(for glory).
      OR you could be like me and appreciate both sides of the coin. i mainly prefer skill-matches but i won’t turn down chaotic battles to the death either.

    • 00EpicGamer00

      What fighting game have you played before? If you tell me that I might be able to decipher if Smash Bros. is a good fighting game for you. Trust me, I’m not at all into fighting games either, but I for some reason like Smash Brothers.

  • Des

    Ooh goodie. Just in time for X-Mas. I know my kids are gonna want this game.

  • starwars360

    JOHN!!!!! You always being weaker journalist because you miss something there in pic. “Release to be confirmed.” So basically it is not rumours as HMV just give date for now until Nintendo confirm real date. Silly John.

  • Can you pan the camera a little to the right…I see Captain Toad there and was hoping to see THAT date…

  • Razo_E

    Uh, winter doesn’t begin until December 21….This should read “Fall 2014” if it’s really going to be out November 28th.

    • Gootube Suck Ass


    • Prince Ali

      December 21 is the Winter Solstice. That is midwinter… not the beginning of winter.

    • paulthevgking

      its really set for holiday season which is November and December. AND ARE YOU REALLY UPSET THAT IT COMES A MONTH BEFORE

  • Nintenjoe82

    Do HMV still exist?

  • Steve

    I’ve gotta start earning. I plan to buy Both smash games, Pokemon Omega Ruby, and a new 3DS this Christmas season. Mine broke. Well, the shoulder buttons and joystick are messed up.

    I’m at $350 right now.

  • Santiago

    This is what it says on

    This item will be released on December 31, 2014.

    • That happens with a lot of games scheduled for a 2014 release without an ACTUAL date release.

  • C.S. Bailey

    “Nintendo as yet to formally reveal the Super Smash Bros U release date, but we know that it’s coming this year on the Wii U and 3DS”

    True, but we also know that the 3DS version is being released first. While at first glance this sign implies both will be released the same day, “Nintendo Wii U format release date to be confirmed” is written in the second smallest print at the bottom of the sign.

  • X_bro

    This is fake. The retailer knows nothing. This is a store in london, yet it says Captain Toad will come Winter 2014

  • Graham Barnes

    jesus all kiddy games, nintendo still stuck in kindergarden. babies toy.

    • paulthevgking

      yet your’e on a website dedicated to its “baby” content

  • paulthevgking

    if they did it on the 21st they would lose a little money, since omega ruby and alpha sapphire comes out that day. A parent would be like, “well he already has the smash game for the 3ds, so lets get this other new pokemon game”