Jun 17th, 2015

Despite Nintendo’s disappointing E3 showing yesterday, many fans are excited for the upcoming Star Fox Zero, which is Miyamoto’s project he teased last year at E3. It’s worth watching the E3 presentation just for the story Mr. Miyamoto tells about how they came up with the name of the new game, but you’re probably curious about how the game plays.

Check out the above footage, which captures both the on-screen and GamePad footage so you can see what’s going on. Star Fox Zero is a bit different in that you use the GamePad’s gyroscope to aim, so the GamePad view feels like you’re sitting inside the cockpit of the Arwing, while the TV view gives you the more traditional look of seeing the Arwing in third-person view. You’ll need to use the GamePad in order to aim at your enemies while using the TV to judge where you should fly based on what you can see.

Are you excited to get your hands on Star Fox Zero? Let us know in the comments!

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