Sep 5th, 2016


Pokemon Go has been a massive success this Summer, generating over $400 million in revenue and doubling the value of Nintendo’s stock. Like every other gaming company, Sony has been paying a lot of attention to Pokemon Go, and they’ve seen enough: the company will “aggressively” enter the mobile gaming market, according to its CEO.

Sony CEO Kax Hirai said that he was impressed with Pokemon Go and its argumented reality features.

“Pokemon Go is a real game-changer. I’m very interested in the fact that it has the potential to really change the way people move, literally.”

Hirai didn’t get into details as to what kind of games Sony would be making for the mobile market, or what IP they would be based on. But he did say that he wants the games to have AR like Pokemon Go.

Sony has ceased all first party development for its portable console, the PlayStation Vita, and recently moved those resources to mobile games development.

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