Sep 17th, 2014

smash bros french ad release date

Last week, Fred Myers — a regional retail chain in the United States — accidentally advertised the release date for Super Smash Bros Wii U. The date was November 21st according to them, though Nintendo and Fred Myers were quick to write this off as an unfortunate mistake. There could be some truth to that date, though, as yet another slip up has occurred.

French Nintendo publication Puissance Nintendo ran a new ad campaign for the game, and noticed that their own banner was listing November 21st as the launch date for the game in Europe. Considering Nintendo releases tend to happen in the North America and Europe on the same day it’s not surprising that French advertising would look to boast such similar dates.

Of course, Nintendo France has already written this off as another mistake, and is refusing to confirm that November 21st is, in fact, the release date. Seems like far too many mistakes are happening lately for this to be merely coincidental. Has Nintendo finally settled on a solid release date? We sure hope so, but we won’t know for sure until they reveal it themselves.

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