May 28th, 2018

Capcom surprised all of us by releasing Resident Evil 7 Cloud for the Switch in Japan. The game runs on remote servers and is streamed to the Switch console, and so far the response from gamers how have played it has been mixed.

We’ve wondered if the game would be released in the West as well, and now we have an indication that Capcom might just do that: Resident Evil 7 Cloud apparently has English localization options in the Japanese version, which means it would be fairly easy to release it in the West (not taking into account the server infrastructure, but more on that later).

Players who have tried the game in Japan have complained about lag and bad visuals. Neither is surprising as the game and its assets are streamed from a remote server, and requires a really fast and responsive Internet connection.

If Capcom is to bring it to the West, they’ll have to set up servers in both Europe and the US to minimize lag and response times. And that might be quite costly to set up, unless they can partner with a cloud provider who already has all the infrastructure in place.

Or they could just release it on a cartridge like other games — Resident Evil 7 is about 20 GB on the PS4, we’ve seen Switch games that are far bigger than that.

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