Sep 16th, 2013

Pikmin_3For the first time ever, a Wii U exclusive has fought its way onto NPD’s top ten games list.

It’s been a rough year for game sales in the US, and an even rougher year for the Wii U. But in the midst of this wake is a glimmer of hope as Nintendo’s own Pikmin 3 inched its way in at number ten on NPD’s top ten for August. The game sits just below Payday 2 and Final Fantasy XIV Online.

This isn’t to say that Nintendo isn’t doing well. The 3DS was the best-selling hardware for the fourth straight month. However, the success of the 3DS is hardly news. It’s great to see Nintendo having some turnaround with their home console as well.

Yet the Wii U is still in want of an increase in sales. Will things continue to improve with the impending price drop and the release of The Windwaker HD? Let’s not forget Super Mario 3D World and Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, either.

Time will tell. But what we’ve seen is certainly a start.

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  • Hey man, if Pikmin 3 did it with such a small install base, imagine what a huge mario game like the one that’s coming out can do for it…

    • WarioForever

      You mean 3D World? Look, I really like Mario and his games, but 3D World will be awful EDIT (ok, not awful but far from AMAZING like other 3d Mario games) -and it will be far from a great reception. 64 is really great, even Sunshine is great, Galaxy 1 and 2 have: AWESOME music, great and fun level design, great graphics, awesome boss fights, ok story… And 3D World is not going to be any near those revolutionary games. Well I have to admit it looks really fun to play (3D World), especially with friends (but NO online πŸ™ ) and that each character has his own abilities. But other things aren’t impresive.It’s a handheld game for a HD console, so it doesn’t have some great graphics, it doesn’t (and I really doubt it will) have awesome music. I just hope they will have a REAL Mario game in development… In the meantime, we have 3D World, and I don’t like it, and I doubt I will when I play it (if).

      • game you’ve never played is awful… Okay.

        Also, I was more talking mario kart, but 3D world is included

        • Logan Waltz

          it’s a slightly updated supermario 3d land for 3ds. so, plenty of people have played it.

          • You’re a slightly updated supermario 3D land for 3DS.

            Just because something has the same art style doesnt mean it’s the same exact game and people have played it. I played Mario Galaxy one and didnt consider myself having played Galaxy 2. 2 was WAY better in my opinion. I expect we’ll see the same thing here

          • Logan Waltz

            I played fallout 3 and felt that i had played fallout new vegas, elder scrolls 4, elder scrolls 5, and fallout 4. then i actually played those games and further agreed with myself.

          • lonewolf88

            no there two different games the only thing similar is its a sequel ti 3d land.

      • Nintenjoe82

        Why are so many ‘fans’ convinced 3D world will be anything less than amazing?
        When has a 3D mario ever not been amazing?

        How can a few demo levels make your mind up?

        You’re all the same people who think Galaxy 2 is better than 1 (it clearly isn’t) and if anything 3D world is closer to galaxy 2 than galaxy 1, so just shut up and wait til it comes out and make your mind felt with your wallet.

        • FoxMulder900

          I am totally on your side that 3D world is going to be amazing. I am pretty excited for it. Buut I also think Galaxy 2 is better than 1. Both excellent games, I just found Galaxy 2 to be a bit more challenging in a fun way.

          • Nintenjoe82

            They’re both too good to put one ahead of the other.

            I thought Galaxy 1 was harder to get 242 stars in, had more exploration, had better music and the hub world made it closer to 64 and Sunshine.

        • Arthur Jarret

          I didn’t think mario’s 3D land was all that amazing, really. A solid game, but nowhere near the level of 64, Sunshine and Galaxies.

          I’m afraid it will be more like 3D land and less like the three console predecessors… and also a bit empty when doing single player.

          That’s a big issue for me, personally – because I don’t have many friends who play video games and the ones who do are either solely in fantasy RPGs or shooters…

          It’ll be a triple A game, of course – a must have… but I don’t think it’ll blow my socks off like previous ‘first mario adventure on the console’ entries did.

        • Maybe they just don’t like 3D mario games at all I dunno. Personally it’s a fact for me that I don’t like 3D mario games at all πŸ˜› Just give me the clasic 2D mario games, but after 3 games in the classic 2D it’s time for something new, maybe 3D world will bring some happiness πŸ˜€

      • Lusunup

        Opinions vary… It reminds me of super Mario 64 (aside from bieng multiplayer) the direct Koichi Hayashida even said the play style and camera control is similar to that of super mario 64.

      • I expect it to be larger and more polished than 3D Land for the 3DS and that is a very fun game to play. Your tastes may vary

      • Fred

        I’m buying 3D World I think it looks Awesome

        • ScrewAttack

          Afterplaying NSMBU for a good five hours straight with two housemates, chugging beers and screaming like mad going through the star stage courses, I know without a doubt that 3D world is gonna be awesome. One player games are fun, but four player Mario madness is really something else. Can’t wait.

          NB: I do wish there was online drop in-drop out too though. Would be nice to be able to play with mates regardless of location.

          • val berger

            the thing here is, that you are not really talking about mario games, but good coop games in general. I understand that some epic mario experience is still to be missed on the system. great coop games with yelling, friends and beers are always fun, no question about that.

          • ScrewAttack

            Nope I’m definitely talking about Mario games, unless there’s some other four player platformer that I don’t know about! More co-op games are welcome, but the gameplay NSMBU offers and 3D World will offer SPECIFICALLY. is what I’m looking forward to. Don’t presume to tell me what I’m talking about.

      • Clel

        You’re just mad that Mario’s getting the spotlight =D

        • WarioForever

          Well, that’s true in some way. Nintendo is releasing Mario games, but what about Metroid, Star Fox, F-Zero and Kirby?

      • Nintedward

        Wow! I wish I had your ability to review a game based on some incomplete, E3 demo gameplay!

        3D land on 3DS was a FANTASTIC, MUST PLAY game. That’s what people are forgetting. 3D world will most likely be to.

      • devmiles

        agree, looks too much like mario 3d land.. and i really begin to miss the impact and innovation with the mario games

        • Daniel Gonzalez

          Yeah, I prefer Mario Galaxy like gameplay.

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        I can’t call a game awful unless I played it, but I can say that I’m not impressed with it visually speaking.

      • Agent721

        Yikes, not me…by far the game im most excitted for on the Wii U…graphics look totally cool to me!!

        • WarioForever

          Graphics could be better, belive me…

      • Jack5221

        Never judge an unfinished product. That being said, the same team that made pretty much all the 3D Mario games from 64 until 3D World said that 3D World is the BEST Mario game they have ever made. If they say its their best work to date then you better believe them. And while I have not played the demo, I have seen the game play videos, and I have to say that 3D Mario in HIGH DEFINITION looks amazing. To make things better its up to 4 people can play at once! Not only is this the 1st HD 3D Mario game we’ve ever had, but its the 1st time we can have 4 people play at once. Its going to be good. If you choose not to get it, then thats your lost.

      • val berger

        think you’re right. I’ll buy 3D World for sure though as it’s gonna be an amazing coop-experience for sure. but in terms of a mario game, it’s a joke. my guess is that Nintendo noticed, they wouldn’t make it delivering a huge mario title like galaxy in time for the wii u, so they took the developing super mario land 3D 2 draft and turned it to become a wii u title. if this is the case, then it totally works for me, as it also means that they will deliver something better anyways. but throwing out soulless sequels isn’t really what nintendo is known for.

  • Ony

    Monster Hunter 4 in west will surely explode all current 3DS sales. Just sayin’ Β°^Β°

    • Baum γ€Œγƒ„γƒͺー」

      *would, dasly :/

      But seriously the game looks like it’s straight on the way to the top of the whole series – if not to the top of the whole genre!

  • panicho

    Its good to see a good quality game in the top ten.

  • JeanPaul

    If only they would advertise the W101… haven’t seen a single commercial for it.

    • I know.. The game came out yesterday in the US and nothing. No promos, no ads, no nothing. Sometimes Nintendo’s marketing strategies do not make sense.

      • AsterDW

        They have done a bit of internet marketing. I don’t have TV so I can’t speak to any television/cable ads though. You has been showin W101 ads in front of videos, and all last week every video from IGN was brought by TW101. They were doing something at least, but don’t know if it will be effective at all.

        • I agree that their internet marketing has been OK but when you see commercial after commercial for the competition and promo from retailers for the competition over and over an nothing from Nintendo it makes you wonder.

          • AsterDW

            True, many publishers start hammering the advertisements well in advance of a game’s release and it seems the do a fair bit more advertising than Nintendo is. I have noticed in the last month though there is a discernible increase in advertising though like you said it isn’t enough.

        • Mochlum

          The only place I’ve seen advertisements for the Wonderful 101 is GoNintendo. Oh Nintendo, thinking that advertising to only people who already care about the game is a good idea.

          • AsterDW

            Strange, I must have typo-ed above. I meant YouTube has been showing some ads for the game. Granted not nearly as often as I have seen for other AAA games though.

      • Zuxs13

        Nintendo (to its own fault and credit) relies heavily on ‘Word of Mouth’. So if you like the game, buy it, tell your friends, tell your Facebook friends, and miiverse friends.

      • Lusunup

        When it comes to it they do market games commercial I’ve seen a couple but what really doesn’t make sense is marketing on the wrong time… I saw Tatsunoko vs Capcom on adult swim around 2:30 am.. Metriod other M around 1 am Adult swim my guess is they think cartoon network is a 24hour service but it’s not..

    • Zuxs13

      Nintendo rarely ever advertises on TV. Head over to IGN (with ad blocker off) they have a ton of W101 advertisement right now (probably because they reviewed it so poorly and pisses Nintendo off.)

    • Martijn Plasmans

      No ads in The Netherlands neither…

    • Christopher Acuna

      I wasnt able to get it….The Bills decided nut check me hard this passed pay day. lol

    • Unit_DTH

      Downloaded it at Midnight and played it all the way home to TN from SC yesterday! TW101 is brilliant and difficult all at the same time! It deserves a lot more advertising for the game online and on TV. Nintendo continues to drop the ball on advertising the Wii U, they are far too focused on the 3DS/2DS right now and it really sickens me! I saw the Pikmin 3 commercial about a million times, but have yet to see anything for TW101 except for the add on the Wii U section of IGN.

  • Chris Aita

    Nintendo is making it’s comeback!

    • It’s gonna be rough and not an instant comeback but I think in the end they will pull out of this slump.

  • beerkin

    While this is positive news I wouldn’t say things are looking up for the Wii U. I just hope after the complete failure of Splinter Cell blacklist Ubi doesn’t can AC4 and Watch Dogs.

    • David John Gifford

      what did they expect it was missing content no one is gonna buy a game missing content if i didnt only have a wii u i wouldnt have bught that version

  • kaygivs

    I really wish more people would have gotten splinter cell…. it is such a good game… and ubisoft needs more support on wii u.

  • Leo

    They need to promote in the mainstream media. More games will not mean anything if people doesn’t know about it. Currently all the media outlets have already buried Nintendo and they need to something about it asap!

  • Nintenjoe82

    Does anyone know hardware numbers for last month yet?

    Other websites were reporting the Pikmin figures as poor despite it being about 10% of all US Wii U owners buying a very niche game.

    • Nintenjoe82
      • Zuxs13

        Well that is a BS article. He was simply trying to bait his readers and use the “kick’em while they are down” technique.

        Pikmin 3 has sold just as well as Pikmin 2 and yet they are are far less WiiU’s then there were Gamcube’s

        • Nintenjoe82

          It just annoys me that if a kid makes a fanboyish comment on a site like that, all the author and mods will chip in and try to shout them down but when anyone completely proves the author wrong they go into hiding.

      • Magnus Eriksson

        Threw in a comment there. Thats ridiculous journalism there.

        • Daniel Gonzalez

          Most is.

  • david jarman

    Lets not forget that pikmin is not multiplatform like most those games on there so this is really awesome!!! Go pikmin!!!

  • CCM

    Wow, great, exclusive 1st party games sell well and in turn help move more hardware? Gee, ya don’t say? With the inevitable shortages of the PS4 & XB1 this holiday season, Nintendo will have lots of Wii U inventory on the shelves. Combine that with the price drop and Wind Waker HD, Donkey Kong: TF & Mario 3D World (and hopefully a decent marketing campaign) and the Wii U could easily move a few million units.

  • Jack5221

    I Love Pikmin 3!! Easily the best in the series! I really hope they make a DLC for it.

    • Merrfn

      I am wanting to buy it. But since Nintendo got there act together, I can’t afford the games that I want.

  • Magnus Eriksson

    Continue to improve? Is the Wii U improving its sales? Would like to see some numbers on that. And if it is, then its just great. But last reports was something like 160000 consoles sold the last quarter. Thats hardly not an improvement.

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      Not much of one, no.

    • Agent721

      The wii u system Zelda bundle has been in the top 5 best sellers list at gamestop for 3 weeks straight. If GTAV wasn’t being released, it would be #1. Well see more concrete evidence next month. The Special Edition Zelda Wii U game was #1, until it sold out. Once that game, Mario 3D world, and Donkey Kong are released, combined with Pikmin, NSMBU, Lugi U and Pokemon already out, you will see some good system sales. Games lead to sales and the games are in the midst of coming.

    • sd

      Sales of the consoles did increase after Pikmin by about a third. However in the next few weeks they will decrease before the price drop zelda bundle. Also current sales after the increase would only be around 2 million consoles per year, so they have a fair way to go. Personally I think sales after Zelda is released need to double and then keep increasing until the end of the year. To succeed the Wii U needs 100,000 sales weekly, not 30,000.

      I hope it succeeds and time will tell.

  • Daniel Gonzalez


  • Unit_DTH

    Pilmin 3 debuted, according to in the number one position its first week of sales, Here’s the link:

    But that doesn’t take into effect the downloads of a title or digital sales.

    It was also ranked second globally that same week.

    So, that’s somewhat uplifting for Wii U owners… right?
    I was happy with that news anyway! πŸ™‚

  • Akatosh

    HOPE. Yes. HOPE.

  • Vicar In Ubuntu

    “Things are looking up”.

    Charting 10th place in the doldrums of August while the rest of the industry waits around for GTA V and the new consoles is not that much of an accomplishment.

    It sold 115k copies, making it the worst launch of the Pikmin series.

    • Elem187

      Pikmin titles, like 99% of all Nintendo games are evergreen and sell over a long period of time. Judging its first month sales hardly seems fair with such a small userbase.

      As Nintendo sells more consoles going forward, these new users will pick up other games, including Pikmin and its sales will pick up over time.

  • Ganjabriel Del Campo

    Im getting mario 3D and donkey kong tropical freeze ! I love nintendo forever! Is just matter of time for them to release a big bag of cool games !