Aug 1st, 2017

Overcooked, a wacky cooking game from developer Ghost Town Games, launched on the Nintendo Switch last week to the delight of many. Yet, today, after some testing from Digital Foundry, we’re finding out that not all is well with this game.

According to tests done by the folks at Digital Foundry, the game has some trouble running on the Nintendo Switch at a solid frame rate. While the PS4 and Xbox One versions run at a solid 30fps, the Nintendo Switch often struggles to meet this threshold, more-often-than-not playing at around 23-24fps. This lower frame rate conflicts with the fast nature of the game, making it more difficult than it’d normally be on other platforms.

On the plus side, the game runs at 1080p while docked or 720p while undocked. The developer is working to fix these issues.

[via Eurogamer]

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