Sep 19th, 2014

Yup, you read that right — this new game promises to be the world’s first real-time, turn-based puzzle game. “But how can a game be both real-time AND turn-based,” you ask? Well, we’re not all that sure either, but developer Curve Studios says they’ve married the best of both worlds into a game they think you’ll enjoy.

The name of the game is Nova-111, named so for the 111 scientists trapped inside a ship. You’ll be tasked with the rescue mission for these poor souls, and you’ll be doing so by fighting enemies either head-on or utilizing traps to make them kill not only themselves, but their own teammates.

Even with the early gameplay trailer it’s tough to figure out the mechanics of this game, so perhaps Curve really has stumbled upon something unique here. To hear them put it:

Key to the game is the idea of blending together both real time and turn based gameplay seamlessly. This isn’t about having separate turn based and real time sections – the way the game, enemies and the environment react to you can be mixed up at a moments notice making for a game that’s both very strategic but easy to pick up and play.

Interdasting. Nova-111 is slated for launch on Wii U alongside versions for PC, PS Vita, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 (3DS was nowhere to be found, sadly enough). Be sure to take a gander at the quick teaser above, and be on the lookout for its arrival at some point in 2015.

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