Dec 29th, 2016 publishUpdated   Apr 19th, 2017, 12:40 pm

Many of us are itching to hear from Nintendo next month regarding the Nintendo Switch, especially since some evidence has come out suggesting the console is not quite as powerful as we were originally led to believe.

Well, people are still talking about the device and what it can do, and the latest rumors come from popular YouTuber OBE1 who spoke with journalist Laura Dale, a reporter with a decent track record when it comes to this stuff. Here’s what the two prophesized in an impromptu Skype chat broadcasted to YouTube:

  • There’s a record button on the left Joy-Con.
  • There will be no friend codes, DeNA is helping Nintendo with the networking.
  • The leak from Reddit user ‘Genos’ is fake.
  • Laura was asked if there was the possibility of Red Dead Redemption 2 or Overwatch coming to the Switch. Regarding Red Dead, she stated that there’s almost no way it’s going to happen due to Rockstar’s relationship with Nintendo. She assures that Overwatch wouldn’t be there at launch, and the two stated that it would require a massively overhauled port due to the ‘always-online’ nature of the title.
  • Don’t expect a delay for the Nintendo Switch.
  • Laura was asked about voice-chat, before she was going to answer she asked if she could say anything due to OBE1 releasing a video detailing it out soon. This basically confirmed the fact that it’s going to be included, smooth move guys.
  • The system will have Bluetooth, not sure to what extent.
  • The Joy-Cons will be available to be purchased separately at launch date. Docks will be purchasable after 6 months and will be ‘cheap’.
  • There won’t be a bundle that includes the Pro Controller, they will be purchaseable seperately.
  • The battery will last around 3 hours with everything at maximum.
  • The charging port is USB and will easily and quickly charge the system.
  • Only expect three virtual console Gamecube games at launch, they will be optimized for their original resolutions.
  • At launch there will only be one color of the Switch, and it will be the default grey. However, there’s a slight chance that there will be multiple colors after launch.
  • The right Joy-Con has an IR pointer akin to the Wiimote, this will allow touch-screen functionalities while docked.
  • The entry bundle for the switch will have 32GB of onboard storage, Micro SD card support will extend to 128 GB.
  • When asked about Mass Effect Andromeda, she brought up the point that Mass Effect 3 sold horrendously on Wii U and that there are no plans to release the title.

If true, it sounds like Nintendo doesn’t want to leave any stone unturned as they aim to make a console that appeals to every segment of the console gaming market.

Of course, this is all assuming that the details are accurate, and we shouldn’t make such assumptions. It’ll be interesting to see how much of this pans out once Nintendo reveals more details during their January 12th online presentation.

[via Nintendo Life]

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