Feb 3rd, 2018

Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima recently spoke to Japanese business outfit Nikkei where he revealed an interesting bit of news: he said that Nintendo is open to “merge” other companies’s technologies with their own and are open to investing in such companies as well.

Here’s what he told Nikkei:

“The technological advancement in the world is fast. While we’re looking at front-end technology, we’re always thinking about the future of Switch. Recently, even though we had decreased profit for eight years straight, we kept investing in R&D (research & development).

Because we had a lot of funds, we were able to develop the Switch and completed a lineup of appealing games in the first year. Producing explosive hits is Nintendo’s value of existence.

There are many interesting technologies in other companies outside Nintendo. If it’s possible to merge them with our company’s technology, we will also consider investing outside.”

Nintendo doesn’t typically talk about potential relationship with other companies, especially companies that it might invest in or acquire.

Kimishima didn’t specify which companies he has in mind, but it’s one of the first times that he’s openly talked about using and incorporating outside technology — they tend to create virtually all of their own technology, whether it’s hardware or software.

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