Aug 1st, 2014


A few days ago we told you that Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker would be delayed in Europe only, while the rest of the world would see the game release in Q4 2014. GoNintendo reached out to Nintendo and received a statement as to why the game was delayed only for Europe.

To make the best launch timing possible in Europe, it is now confirmed that Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is delayed in Europe until January 2015.

Remember that Nintendo of Europe is under-going several aspects of restructure, with several people being laid off after the company closed its office in Großostheim and moved all operations to Frankfurt. Nintendo has been actively restructuring its business strategy in Europe after several major retailers have been stocking minimal Nintendo products after tepid performance of the Wii U.

The delay of Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker in Europe means there will be more breathing room for consumers this holiday season and the game has a better chance of being noticed if it is released in January or February versus October or November while going up against a huge title like Super Smash Bros., as well as the holiday rush of games from other publishers.

  • Mr Ninty

    if you say it like that it makes sense, but for me its still bummer.

  • Petri

    I dont mind.
    Hyrule Warriors next month, Bayonetta 2 on October, would be enough for me for the rest of the year.

    • SolarShane13

      Those aren’t Nintendo games though.

      There’s a real small portion of the population that buys Nintendo consoles just for Nintendo games, then other consoles for any third party games we may be interested in.

      • ShortyStock

        A Zelda game isn’t a Nintendo game… flawless logic. You sir, may be the next Albert Einstein!

        • JFizDaWiz

          He didn’t say Zelda he said Hyrule Warriors. Not exactly a first party title.

        • SolarShane13

          Where did I say Zelda? I said Hyrule Warriors. Zelda is developed exclusively by Nintendo, for Nintendo.

          HW is developed by Omega Force and Team Ninja with the “lead” developer being Nintendo Software Development and Planning.

        • Hyrule Warriors IS NOT A ZELDA GAME. It’s Dynasty Warriors with Zelda textures slapped on. It insult Zelda.

          • matthew garcia

            Hey I think we agree with something

          • 🙂

          • ben

            That is some stupid logic you have. It is a game set in the Zelda universe, it is not a legend game.
            The construction of the game is a combination of elements from the Zelda games mixed with the DW engine. Of course this is not a full Legend game. Legend games are works of art. They are designed to last 30 to 40 hours. They are labors of love. The fact the Zelda Musou is not a full legends game should not make you judge it before you have even played it. Zelda Musou will never go toe to toe with a full legends of Zelda game because it is not designed to . It is an experiment in using the Zelda universe with the DW engine and you should just be more open minded about it.

            People probably said that Smash brothers was stupid and a fighter with Mario textures thrown on it when it was released.

          • Wrong, Smash Bros is made by Sakurai one of the best devs out there. Its a mash up of the entire Nintendo universe, I don’t consider it a spin off or anything, Smash Bros is it’s own franchise.

          • ben

            You have completely, chosen to, miss my point. Stop judging something you have not played.

            Sakurai is famous for Smash and designing Kirby. before smash he was not famous.

          • I’m well aware of him and Kirby. And I will continue to judge something without playing it. My 6th sense (gaming sense) is just that good and fine tuned.

          • ben

            I have my doubts about your gaming sense. You probably havent even played that many Zelda games.

          • I’ve PLAYED every Zelda game except 1 which was Spirit Tracks. Havent BEATEN them all, I think 4 of them I never finished….Let me see, Zelda 2 never finished it, Majora’s Mask hated it so much, I quit, Spirit Tracks, never played it….And Ages I never finished. But Zelda is my favorite franchise, I have a hole Zelda WALL of posters, I AM A ZELDA FANBOY. So I know my shit when talking about Zelda.

      • Milky Bacons

        Guess I’m in that small portion, because I buy Nintendo consoles just for Nintendo games. (Except some in the eShop)

      • Thomas Vienna

        I don’t think it’s a very small portion. It’s the majority market. 3rd party developers realize this, and that’s why they’re so reluctant to make Wii U games.

      • Petri

        Relevance was…?

        I actually bought Wii U only because of Bayonetta.
        But I have bought about every major release on the Wii U to date.

        I have a adequte gaming PC, that I can play if I ever need to, but because of the restrictive time I have to play, I actually have a backlog of games to complete on the Wii U.

    • matthew garcia

      2 games that probably take less then 10 hours a piece to beat doesn’t seem like enough for the rest of year. I guess I’m just not into beating the same game 10 times just to do it with another character.

      • Petri

        I’m still playing original Bayonetta.
        Or actually I stopped playing it recently, since I’m waiting for the Wii U version.

        I’m lucky if I can get 1 hour a day time to play, so adding that to the actual replay-ability that I know Bayonetta has, it can easily carry me to the end of this year, maybe even generation.

        Hyrule Warriors I’m not that sure of yet, but I enjoy playing Warrior’s Orochi on Wii U, so if that is any reference what it could be, it might be game worth a lot more than 10 hours.
        Though I haven’t finished Orochi yet, so do not know about replay value of the game.

        • 504HotBoy

          Bayonetta isn’t that short. It’s in the 15 hour range.

          • Petri

            I dont think I claimed it to be short
            I’ve lost count how many hours I have spent on it, and I dont know how long the first run took me with all the cut scenes,
            They say Bayonetta 2 is like 1.5 games, so if they reference that to the original game, it is going to be sweet.

          • 504HotBoy

            I know you didn’t, but Matt mentioned about the games being less than 10 hours. So I was pointing out Bayonetta is longer than that. It’s that good length long. Like Ninja Gaiden 2 or Castlevania Lords Of Shadows. Where you’re playing a good length game. Not like Watch Dogs or Infamous Second Son, where they have all these side quest/missions/etc. to make the game seem longer. When the main story can be beat in 6 to 8 hours.

          • Petri

            Plus, atleast for me, Bayonetta is not a play through and throw away game.
            Cant wait to play the original as well, I had PS3 version, so eager to see how much it is an improvement.

          • 504HotBoy

            Wii U version suppose to be improved from the 360 version. Which was the best version. Here is my save game stats You’re right Bayonetta isn’t a play through and throw away game. It’s one of the best action games of the 7th gen!

          • Petri

            I have no real stats of my Bayonetta play times, since I sold my first PS3 fat with the Bayo disc, and bought it digital for my slim.
            And too lazy to go and dig my PS3 from the depths of my closet, where it got buried when Bayo 1 was announced for the Wii U.

          • 504HotBoy

            Yeah I look forward to playing it again on Wii U. I’m so eager to play the sequal. But then I want to play through the first one again, before I start on the sequal. I can’t wait. Bayonetta 2 have been pretty much my most anticipated game for this year.

          • Petri

            I think I’m going to start straight from the sequel,
            Not that I’m done with the first one yet, but I have been waiting for the second for so long now.
            After I finish it, I will play first one through and then play both of them regularly.

      • 504HotBoy

        Hopefully not that short. The original Bayonetta (which I still have on my 360) was longer than that. At least 15 hours(pretty good length for a action game). So I would expect the sequal to be just as long, if not longer.

        • matthew garcia

          I have it on 360 as well and it wasn’t that long to me

          • 504HotBoy

            Why you be lying so much man? You try to find anything to say to discredit Nintendo. Taking shots at Bayonetta’s length, cause the sequal exclusive to the Wii U. If it was on a Sony console your whole attitude towards the game would be different. I’m a pretty expert gamer and I know on your first play through, aint no way you finished Bayonetta in under 10 hours. I posted this pic which shows my save time right before final boss fight at 15 hours 11 minutes, than the save game file under it at 16 hours and something, is the end game save, starting a new game on hard mode. If you really own a Wii U, what’s your Nintendo Network ID? Post pictures of your Wii U with your username Matthew Garcia written on a piece of paper right by it. Post your copy of Bayonetta for your 360 and your save file time as well. If you do that, I won’t ever question you ever again. If you don’t and come with some bull excuses, about you don’t have to prove anything. Then I already know what time a day it is.

          • ben

            I man love you for calling out this troll.

          • 504HotBoy

            Most definitely. This dude is starting to make me sick, with his bias, hating, bulls***. He make it bad for all the gamers who just love to play video games and don’t care about what consoles we’re playing on, just give us the games. I own multiple consoles and always have every gen. So I hate that fan boy favoritism bulls***.

          • ben

            Some people just get a kick out of upsetting other people. I doubt he has played any of the games he attacks on this site.

          • 504HotBoy

            I agree. Also some of these people are really sick with it. They really obsessed with their favorite brand, that they feel the need to bash and criticize the competition, to make them feel good or like they’re accomplishing something. I seen people do the same thing with music artist. When it’s something positive being said, they’ll turn it into a negative and try to shoot it down, out of jealousy. That’s sad, these people need to get a life. This dude has to be young. Aint no way Matt is an adult acting like that. If he is, then he needs serious help.

          • ben

            Also, what kind of mentality do you have to come to a Nintendo fan site? I mean, I can understand people doing this at IGN.

          • 504HotBoy

            Exactly! I totally agree.

          • matthew garcia

            What music artists are u referring to cuz I love music more then anything. I play a lot of guitar

          • matthew garcia

            Of course I havnt played those games they havnt even released yet

          • matthew garcia

            Do you really love him

          • ben

            Post your proof or shut up forever.

          • matthew garcia

            Lol I have bayonetta on 360. It’s very over the top and cheesy. Really looking forward to x and Zelda though

          • 504HotBoy

            What’s your Nintendo Network ID? Post pics with your username of everything you claim. Other wise, whatever you say is irrelevant. Bayonetta is hardcore gaming at it’s finest with great gameplay that only the Japanese developers can deliver.

          • matthew garcia

            I like the gunplay on it but the way the characters act is a little annoying. The intro through me off right from the beginning

          • matthew garcia

            I don’t have my Wii u connected to the internet lol. Only my 360 and ps4 are. There is nothing on Wii u that I want to play online. I don’t even play Mario kart online. I like Nintendo for there single player games

          • 504HotBoy

            Dude you a straight joke. Who you trying to convince with that? Me? Or your self?

          • matthew garcia

            Lol I’m serious man. I have monster hunter ,Mario 3d world , Mario kart, Ray man and Zelda wind waker

      • marloc_x

        Am looking forward to the original Bayonetta,(I hadn’t ever played). The fan service in this 3rd game should be fun 🙂

  • bistricky

    How is: “To make the best launch timing possible in Europe, it is now confirmed that Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is delayed in Europe until January 2015.” an elaboration (explanation) made by Nintendo?

    It does nothing but continue to skirt by the issue. There is nothing here. Wii U gamers in Europe has been getting crumbs from Nintendo.

    • Thomas Vienna

      That’s not entirely fair. It’s okay to be upset about it, but you can’t say that there was nothing said in their explanation. They say it’s going to sell better at a later time, which rules out reasons like localization troubles. It may not be what you wanted to hear, but it IS a reason.

      • bistricky

        Nintendo DID NOT say “it’s going to sell better at a later time” …. the author of this article did.
        Did you think Nintendo said more then that quote in this article? The author of this article made some good points but Nintendo did not.
        It may not be what you want to hear, but it IS THE reason.

        • Thomas Vienna

          What else does “make the best launch timing possible” mean to you? It’s very simple. They’re not saying that it is impossible to release it earlier, they’re saying that they’re making a strategic move. It’s for sales.

          • bistricky

            Nintendo’s one sentence explanation today was like watered-down-powdered-milk … very weak and leaving a bad taste.

            You might be assuming too much in your interpretation of what Nintendo’s words meant in their vague explanation.

            All decisions made by Nintendo are suppose to be strategic, to improve sales.

            This statement by Nintendo did not explain why everyone BUT Europe gets Captain Toad for the Christmas/holiday season.

          • Thomas Vienna

            All I’m saying is that we now know that it had nothing to do with localization problems, so it isn’t fair to say that their explanation told you nothing.

    • To be fair the NES Remix thing is rather lame lol.

      • bistricky

        lol ….. but the good kinda $29.99 retail priced lame 😛

        Cheers. 😀

    • Squid

      Well one could complain that you guys got Pokebank before us.

  • Daniel Carvalho

    I believe the major problem with nintendo’s administration is the President. He can’t even speak English clearly, I doubt he has what it takes to approach the European market properly, hence the low sales when compared to the rest of the world. Sure, you have many regional problems regarding trends, economy, and so on, but I don’t think a Japanese president is the best choice for Europe! At least not THIS ONE!

    • Thomas Vienna

      And yet, everyone screams for Reggie to be president of the Japan division, lol.

      • matthew garcia

        You mean Reggie the pizza hut guy

        • Thomas Vienna

          No… Reggie fills-amie, the president for America… I can’t tell if you’re joking.

          • matthew garcia

            Lol no Reggie from Nintendo actually worked for pizza hut before he was with Nintendo

          • Thomas Vienna

            Oh! I didn’t know that, lol.

          • matthew garcia

            Lol yeah I don’t think he is really much of a gamer. I could be wrong though

          • Rinslowe

            According to him, he plays 3DS. Hard to tell either way I guess…

          • thedeciderU

            i wonder if he even has a wii u haha

        • Daniel Gonzalez

          He’s better off delivering.

      • Daniel Carvalho

        Believe me, Reggie would be a horrible choice for anywhere outside North America. Heck, I live in Brazil and Nintendo of America does almost nothing for us! We have no Club Nintendo, close to zero technical assistance, specially outside the capitals, and no Nintendo games get translated to Brazilian Portuguese – sure, we have the menus and the 3DS in-built games in Portuguese, but no mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Metroid or Pokemon in Portuguese! Seriously, you know how many languages Pokemon X & Y has?! And they couldn’t bother to put Portuguese?!

        I don’t believe Reggie is the best choice for North America either, but I agree he does a good job of communicating very well with the public in USA. But his ways would NEVER work in Japan!

        • bistricky

          Only recently have I learned that many countries like yours (Brazil) does not have Club Nintendo and nearly zero technical assistance. I would have thought by now, Nintendo would have been able to set up the infrastructure for most countries to at least have Club Nintendo.

          Myself, in Canada, has taken this for granted ….. it would seem that Nintendo has been missing opportunities to improve their presence in many countries.

          How well does Nintendo do in Brazil? Do you know why Nintendo has not brought Brazil gamers Club Nintendo?

          • Daniel Carvalho

            To be fair, there’s a lot of trouble regarding politics and culture here, that prevent Nintendo from coming to Brazil – or at least don’t seem profitable decisions.

            Piracy here is like breathing, you ask for a game in a shop and they’ll give the not even disguised game for R$10,00 (US$5.00). You actually have to ask the guy on the counter to bring an original game instead, and IF they have it, it costs around R$150,00 (US$75.00) ~ R$200,00 (US$100.00)! So, aside from piracy, you also have absurd taxes – from the final price, 75% goes to the government (that does nothing with it, they just keep that money to buy castles and mansions instead of creating hospitals, schools, investing in security and so on). And it’s not only regarding games: music, movies, programs, shoes, McDonalds, religion, whatever. If there’s a way to pirate it, then brazil is doing it, while the government charges absurds taxes for the official stuff that make it unbuyable by the general population!

            But then you have Nintendo’s lack of interest. You know how they translate stuff to Portuguese? From USA! They actually hire Brazilians to translate the menus and mini-games into Portuguese, yet they refuse to translate their own games! Sony and Microsoft consoles and PC as well have been translating games to Portuguese for a while (PC was the first, around 1990 or so, followed by consoles around 2005), yet Nintendo refuses to do so! They have been on the market longer than anyone else, you’d think they’d be the first to get to new territories, yet they don’t even acknowledge Brazil as an existing market! Reggie shows up here, says Brazil is on their plans and nothing changes! Oh, and don’t let me get started on their partnership with Latamel (the company responsible for distributing Nintendo products and games in Latin America). Check out their website: THEY HAVE NOTHING! They have close to no presence here!

            So, in one side we have the government screwing Brazilians and companies alike, and on the other hand we have Nintendo not wanting to deal with us. That’s it. Well, as soon as I get to move to Japan, this won’t be my problem anymore, but until then, I’ll just have to keep playing games on my Wii that has an external DVD driver attached to it, because there’s no technical assistance here to fix it! And I can’t play games recorded on a dual layer DVD, because the DVD drive can’t read the disc fast enough!

          • bistricky

            Excellent reply Daniel ….. I had no idea ….. and I (and I am sure others) have learned a lot from what you wrote.
            As I had noted earlier, I live in Canada and gamers here can easily take for granted that serious barriers exists in other regions of the world. I appreciate that you took the time to explain the status of gaming in Brazil.
            When do you hope to move to Japan? Beyond Japan being a different culture …. gaming is huge there.

          • Daniel Carvalho

            Well, there will be a Japanese speech concourse next month: the winner gets to go to Japan (probably for a short time). being once there makes it easier to come back later on, so, if I win, I may be going to live there next year.

            It’s farewell to my old Philco Maxivision tube TV and my broken American Wii with a Wü Gamecube Controller and hello to a brand new LED TV, Wii U and a Super Smash Bros. themed GCN Controller + Adapter, all with technical support and fair price (8% in taxes compared to 75% in Brazil)!

          • bistricky

            I will think positive thoughts for you, my friend …. that you will win …. and get to go to Japan. When you win … let us know. 😀

          • Daniel Carvalho

            Thank you. I’m working really hard on this speech, hope it pays off!

          • keith

            Well obviously you can write english pretty well so it cant be that of a big problem that the games isnt on portuguese. Its clearly you understand the english language pretty well.
            I´m from sweden and have never seen a game on swedish except swedish games and we dont have a club nintendo either. Do we cry about it no, we play the games and have fun!

          • Daniel Carvalho

            Well, I understand English, but more than 80% of the Brazilian population doesn’t! Seriously, more than half of the Brazilians don’t even speak Portuguese correctly, let alone English! And the reason many don’t even try out video games is because it’s only available in a language they can’t comprehend! In fact, Sony and Microsoft got so popular here on last generation because they had more games in Portuguese!

            I don’t really care about the language (although I wish I could play in Japanese without having to hack my console), but there are thousands who do care! And above all, we need Nintendo’s official services here, otherwise we can’t get our products fixed when something happens, or even get the products at all. Heck, the Wii U STILL HASN’T BEEN OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED YET!

        • Rinslowe

          The situation in Brazil for importing is a problem in itself. Why support a system that’s obviously broken to start with?
          No offence…

          • Daniel Carvalho

            Because both gamers and retailers are moving. We have campaigns called Fair price Games, where game design schools, game stores and gamers stand up against the government, teaching the general population about the evils of those abusive taxes (not only for video games, but for everything else as well), and how that prevents youngsters in our country to get proper jobs, how it hurts our economy by not allowing big companies to come to Brazil and so on. There was even a day where stores in the entire country sold games without taxes: games that are usually sold at US$100 were sold at US$25 (R$50,00). The only support we need in order to change this situation is from the big companies! If ANY OF THEM, Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft were to do something about it, and support that campaign, they would greatly benefit from all of this,specially the first one to take the initiative, because all the supporters would remember it for a very long time!

            Yes, Brazil is broken in so many ways you can’t possibly fix it in a life time, but the video game market is the least broken of them, and the easiest to fix. The population is moving, all we need is recognition on the outside!

    • You realize their is a Nintendo Of Europe President right? Not Iwata…

      • Thomas Vienna

        He’s talking about Mr. Shibata. I’m pretty sure he is Japanese, too.

        • Oh, fair point lol. I thought he was blaming Iwata…

          • Daniel Carvalho

            No, I was talking about Shibata. It’s just that I couldn’t remember his name when writing that comment (and didn’t bore to research).

          • rp17

            Well Shibata and Iwata have the same first name… if that counts for anything…

  • SolarShane13

    You gotta be kidding! Wii U has no first party games coming until holiday 2014, then yet another drought until the E3 games. Their excuse is pathetic. Why delay a game just to delay it?

    I can’t wait to see how the Nintensheep defend Nintendo on this one!

    • Kobe

      They have Hyrule Warriors coming in less than 3 weeks and it’s first party… just saying

      • SolarShane13

        It’s technically third party, with the lead developer being Nintendo. First party games are games that are exclusively made by Nintendo and no one else. Smash Bros is third party, for example. Mario Kart is first party, and Mario Strikers was made along side with Next Level Games, thus that game was third party.

        • Thomas Vienna

          I thought when Nintendo heavily oversees development, it means that the game is second party. And when another company is helping, but Nintendo is still the majority developer, it’s still first party.

          • SolarShane13

            Oh, thanks for reminding me about the second party bit! I’m so used to the “there no such thing as second party” crap from GameFAQs.

            However, when multiple companies are working together with Nintendo, it is still second party, as a “second party” is working on it 😉

          • bistricky

            Yeah … 2nd party is definitely a “such thing” and Nintendo is relying on it more (with the lack of 3rd party games for the Wii U).

            Reggie Fils-Aime said last month:
            “we’re doing much more second-party development. Everything from Bayonetta 2, which is an exclusive to Wii U game, Devil’s Third is an exclusive to Wii U game. Certainly, leveraging more second-party development is critical to us.”

        • Sakurai is a Nintendo employee. Unless your saying Smash Bros is 3rd party cause Namco is helping this time around….which is wrong. Smash Bros is a 1st party excluisve ever since the 1st one.

          • SolarShane13

            Um, no. The first was was developed by HAL Laboratory. Melee was developed by HAL as well. Brawl was developed by Sora Ltd, and Smash for Wii U/3DS is being developed by Sora Ltd and Namco.

            However, because the developer doesn’t develop for any other system besides Nintendo consoles, it’s second party, NOT first party.

          • Sakurai did once make a game that was on another console. I forget what it is. But its all irrelevant. A game is whatever party I say it is. For example. Halo 5, is a 343rd party game. See what I did there? Uncharted 4 is a 4th party game.

          • Arthur Jarret

            But Sora LTD is a fully owned subsidiary by Nintendo, so it’s first party.

            If it wasn’t fully owned by Nintendo, yet still develops exclusively – usually as Nintendo owns a large (but non-controlling) share in the company -, THEN it would be second party.

            HAL is first party too, you know.

            TECHNICALLY, though – second party studios don’t exist.

            Second-party developer is a colloquial term used by gaming enthusiasts and media often used to describe two different types of game development studios:

            Independently owned studios who take development contracts from the platform holders and what they produce will usually be exclusive to that platform.

            Studios who are partially or wholly owned by the platform holder (also known as a subsidiary) and what they produce will usually be exclusive to that platform.

            In reality, the resulting game is first party (since it is funded by the platform holder who usually owns the resulting IP), but the term helps to distinguish independent studios from those directly owned by the platform holder. These studios may have exclusive publishing agreements with the platform holder, while maintaining independence. Examples are Insomniac Games and Game Freak.

            Technically, a first-party game is a title which needs only to have been published by the manufacturer of the console (regardless of who owns the IP of the game). Examples of externally produced first-party games are the Gears of War, Halo, and Uncharted series.

            So this means Bayonetta 2 is first party, although the bayonetta franchise is not.

    • Smash Bros? There are games though, Bayonetta 1&2, Sonic Boom, Captain Toad (North America), even stupid Hyrule Warriors.

  • Dennis Hååg

    Stupid move. January and February are months when people dont have enough money. Releasing a game then would almost certain mean that it wont sell well.

    • Christmas money…

    • Thomas Vienna

      I don’t think people go totally broke around Christmas time. Besides, these are the months where everybody gets what they wanted to get that they didn’t get on Christmas.

    • Justin McMurry

      Gift Cards…When I worked sales at Guitar Center, January was our second biggest month.

      • thedeciderU

        good call

  • PaulAMartinez

    Nintendo has been actively restructuring its business strategy in Europe after several major retailers have been stocking minimal Nintendo products after tepid performance of the Wii U.

  • Steve Rees

    For once I agree with a delay. There really are a lot of games coming out Oct/Nov.

    • Maybe there’s a lot of games for you but it’s important to give choice because not everyone is a smash or warriors fan. Treasure tracker was the only retail game this year, other than bayonetta 2 and maybe the Wii U version of watchdogs, that really interested me.

  • faraday

    What a brilliant NON-explanation. Well then why aren’t the US and Japan launches also delayed? Hmm?

    My interest in this game is quickly dwindling…

    • 00EpicGamer00

      I was never interested in this game from the start, lol. I like the Toad levels in Mario 3D World. But I think it’s a but unnecessary to make a full game out of it.

    • Shootdatrupee!…

      It just became delayed in Australia and New Zealand…
      Maybe it will be delayed worldwide…

      • TehEngineer

        Link for the Australian delay?

  • MujuraNoKamen

    My wallet’s happy but I’m not. I get the feeling this is to pad out a shit start to 2015 as well just like what happened with DK.

  • Rinslowe

    January is not so bad…
    It’s not on “my” must have list right now, put it that way…

  • Coffee

    Looking forward to this game. This news sucks for europeans 🙁

    If Nintendo was region free you could just import.

  • Mario

    I’M BAAAAACK♪♪♪♪