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Nintendo has had a busy day at E3 today after letting the other big players have their fun on Monday. Now that the day has drawn to a close, though, it’s time to take a step back and soak it all in. Here’s the quick recap of Nintendo’s day one events in case you missed any of it.

Super Smash Bros Wii U and 3DS

Today we learned that Nintendo will be implementing Mii avatars into Super Smash Bros Wii U! It will be the first time Nintendo has done this for a Smash Brothers game, so it’s exciting to say the least. Unfortunately we learned that the 3DS version of Super Smash Bros suffered a delay to October 3rd, while the Wii U version is still only slated for “holiday 2014.”


Nintendo also revealed a fun new concept called Amiibos. These are reminiscent of the Disney Infinity and Skylander figurines that allow you to collect characters for use in your games. Super Smash Bros Wii U will be the first with this functionality, with more games (Nintendo hinted at Mario Kart) slated to get support down the line,

Captain Toad’s Treasure Tracker

Captain Toad’s Treasure Tracker was introduced as a way to celebrate the Captain Toad levels in Super Mario 3D World. It’s a puzzle-platformer that should help give your brain a good workout.

Bayonetta 2

We were treated to new gameplay footage of Bayonetta 2, but Nintendo had a very exciting announcement for those who are planning to pick it up — the original game will be included in the package! Talk about great value.

Legend of Zelda Wii U

This was perhaps the most exciting moment of all — the revelation of Zelda for the Wii U. The game is said to feature open world adventuring fun, and a charming art style that shows off lush environments and one of the most epic Link character models we’ve ever seen. It’ll be here at some point next year.

Mario Maker

Ever wished you could make your own Mario game? Mario Maker is here to save the day. Nintendo has given us a way to make tons of fun, great 2D Mario levels using classic props and elements from the original 2D games. Let’s hope this comes equipped with online features that’ll let you share levels with friends.


This game almost stole the show. Almost. Splatoon is a new third-person shooter by Nintendo — sounds weird, right? Of course, it comes in with charming looks and a great colorful, vibrant art style. This unique game has you using ink to travel around and battle other squids. Things get so messy that it would make Sunshine Mario cry.

Xenoblade Chronicles X

A new entry in the Xenoblade series was introduced today, and it looks quite good. Xenoblade Chronicles X probably won’t be turning a ton of heads, but this should be a wonderful addition to Nintendo’s lineup next year.

Devil’s Third

And last but not least, Devil’s Third. Finally, a developer not afraid to bring back some good, wholesome, old school action. Devil’s Third is Itagaki’s latest creation, and it’s poised to bring not only a robust single player, but a very deep multiplayer experience, as well. Players will have tons of exciting weapons and apparel to customize their characters with as they brawl their way through hordes of baddies.

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse

New Kirby game. Need I say more?

That’s a wrap!

E3 obviously isn’t over, and if Reggie Fils-Aime’s comments at the post-show Q&A is anything to go by then Nintendo might have a lot more to show us before it’s all said and done. Keep it locked and loaded to Wii U Daily as we look to bring you everything we can about these exciting new games live from the show floor.

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  • Jon

    I have to say, when they first said “Amiibo” I thought they called them an “Amoeba”

    lol though they look pretty sweet πŸ˜€

  • Guest

    Pac-Man joins the battle! #SmashBros— Nintendo of America (@NintendoAmerica) June 11, 2014

  • Nathan C.
  • Wosty

    Pac-Man joins the battle! #SmashBros— Nintendo of America (@NintendoAmerica) June 11, 2014

    Tweeted by Nintendo of America and many more announcements on Smash Bros!

  • Mario Party 10 and Yoshi’s Wooly World.

  • Revolution77

    I was hoping to hear about Super Mario Sunshine HD and Waverace HD being added to the eshop. Has anyone else heard that rumor?

    • JudgeMethos

      Nope. First time I heard that one. Though that would be awesome!

  • ZeldaFan83

    You forgot Star Fox

  • LevenThumps

    A late entry during the Smash Bros. roundtable is Mr. Game and Watch is returning and Pac-Man is a playable character. I got this information from GameXplain’s twitter feed.

    Also, no Mario Party, Star Fox, or Yoshi’s Wooly World?

    • Nookling

      Btw Game and Watch wasn’t confirmed technically. He isn’t on the website and they said he was just shown to make a joke or something. But it’s basically a confirmation

      • Frankie

        It is a conformation. Why would they show a character and not put them in the game?

        • Vegeta937

          They also showed Dark Pit during the Planeta reveal – doesn’t mean he’s a playable character. Until they confirm Mr. Game & Watch for sure, I wouldn’t count my chickens…

          • Frankie

            Dark Pit is a color swap in Brawl.

          • Kevin James McAllister

            Not just a color swap: the face was different in that video. If Dark Pit is a character, it’s essentially a different model, however slight.

        • BIG Franky

          its a tease…not a confirmation….. he will most likely be there… but until he is formerly introduced as a contender, it is not a confirmation.

          • Frankie

            We can get very technical and say in the Legend of Zelda I did not see a sword. So until they confirm the Master Sword is in the game, the main weapon is a bow, or we can accept the fact Game & Watch is back.

  • CSN

    I am just really hoping that they show us more of zelda u or at least give us a title or something, i mean come on if they were gonna show it last year they should have more than 30 seconds. Weve been been patient now please give us something else nintendo!

    • iamserious

      This is what I am hoping for also. I mean come on, that teaser trailer was just not enough!!!

    • 00EpicGamer00

      I’m sure (if no more info is explained in these next few days) Nintendo will have a Nintendo Direct all about Zelda. Like the Smash Bros. directs.

  • Petri

    Yarn yoshi?

  • Daniel Velez

    Still no signs of a metroid games

    • lonewolf88

      can’t throw everything in 1 year

  • rp17
  • firedragonsage88

    I’m just happy Zelda is playable in Hyrule Warriors.

    • MerryBlind .

      Me too, and her design is quite nice too!

  • Petri

    I can’t really think anything bad about this years Nintendo E3.
    I had given up on hope for Bayonetta 1 for Wii U, so that was a nice surprise.
    Zelda looked good.
    Xenoblade looked awesome.
    Devil’s Third looks intriguing.
    Captain Toad, yarn yoshi and splatter looks like fun.
    Projects giant robot and guard looks OK (hope they put some more work on those).
    That Amiibo sounded like a good idea, that you can use those toys in multiple games, and if I heard and understood right, they are collaborating with activision and Disney to bring them on skylanders and infinity?
    That could be awesome selling point for people that are in to those type of games.
    Still want to see more on star fox, But Nintendo fans seems to go crazy about it, so I guess you can’t go wrong?
    All and all pretty solid e3 presentation.

    • Petri

      Oh and hyrule warriors looked good as well.

    • Marioman21

      Projecst robot and guard are far from being done they are works in progress.

      • Frankie

        How so? They are pretty small games in terms of size. They could be completed fairly quickly.

        • skewie

          To me they seem like “Nintendoland 2”-type of games. I hope they make a collection like that and don’t release them individually. Feels like it makes more sense when they’re this small.

          • Frankie

            Yes, as a collection they would be nice. I think they could work as low priced downloadable titles as well.

      • iamserious

        And I don’t think they are meant to be full $60 retail games. They might be e-shop titles.

  • Kenshin0011

    Pac Man confirmed for Smash Bros

  • Rinslowe

    Nintendo delivered on their content. But fell short on a few places namely release dates.
    Still, Yoshi’s Woolly World looks like fantastic fun and Splatoon is THE new IP for Nintendo imo.
    Zelda exceeded my expectations with that wholly organic, alive feel to the visuals and faultless animations and effects. I will now hypnotise myself to forget it so that a normal sleep pattern can be had from now until release, lol.
    Bayonetta 2 having Bayo 1 bundled in was both genius and logical.
    Smash Bro’s Miifighter inclusion equally genius. I will play as Richard Simmons and Ghandi or a Richard Ghandi mashup.
    Knowing that Starfox is coming and it’s being produced by Miyamoto is great news.
    X not making it this year was a major let down. But there’s enough for the remainder of this year all things considered to fill that expectation lost…. Boo.

    My faith in the Wii U is restored. This is not a statement of sales no’s and nonsense like that though. SO please haters need not apply…
    I’m talking about the platforms success from a purely gamer’s perspective. From what I see coming soon and in the next 12 or so months it’s looking really good..

    Bravo Ninty. You stepped up to the plate. You didn’t hit a home run. But close enough.

  • DoctorFart

    PACMAN CONFIRMED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sdudyoy

    It was a good day!

  • lonewolf88

    we know why iwata wasn’t at e3 it was health problems from after that reggie fight man that was intense.

  • Nookling

    This page is missing quite a bit of stuff

  • gamingpalooza

    a lot of stuff to absorb…

  • Will the3rd

    How is that there are much better wraps up in the comments than in the news? what a baad post from WiiU Daily…

  • Mario maker and packaging bayo 1 with bayo 2 were the two things I really wanted them to announce so in theory I’m happy. I’m am worried about the current lack of 3ds games announced though. Are they going to let that console die like they did the wii?

  • JudgeMethos

    Didn’t they leave out Car fax? I mean, Star Fox?

    • Shootdatrupee!…

      Was Star Fox even shown at all?…

    • MetroidZero


  • Marioman21

    I thought this was a great e3 for Nintendo. My wallet is crying about this fall combined with next year πŸ™ πŸ™‚ bitter sweet.

  • Andre R

    i am not impressed at all. kirby look like a mini game, he goes by himself. zelda was the only game i think was really good.

  • InterTreble

    Nintendo has already won this E3. Impressive show, impressive ideas, impressive games! The Wii U resurrection can really start now! Painful day for all the haters. Really a bad day! πŸ˜‰

  • xdrewxnl

    I’m really impressed with Nintendo @ E3 this year. It’s refreshing to see the positive news surrounding the Wii U lately. I was really concerned for a while but this MIGHT be the second breath of life the system needs.

    However I’m a little disappointed with Mario Party 10. I just watched a preview on Amazon… and it appears they are bringing back that stupid (in my opinion) “everyone in one car” and mini stars idea from Mario Party 9. Mario Party 9 is by far my least favourite Mario Party, and Island Tour hasn’t really grabbed my attention aside from playing Bowser’s Tower a bit. Feel free to disagree with me, but I felt like the last couple of Mario Partys were less about skill and more about luck, like which space you would land on… Of course that’s always been a part of it, but I can win mini-game after mini-game and end up in 3rd or 4th… and not really feel like I’m having much fun either! Again, thats just my opinion… Maybe your experience was different. I bought Mario Party 8 in the summer of 2007 and I still play the game frequently with a friend (the hotel level is my favourite!). I get they need to try new things but I don’t know if I’ll be picking up a copy of 10.

    Getting back to the positive, I’m really excited for Zelda Wii U… I am curious about Mario Maker and I would even consider picking up a copy of Yoshi’s Woolly World because it reminds me of playing Yoshi’s Story as a child. I may check out the Toad game… And of course I’m really excited for Smash Bros. I’m torn on this amiibo thing, on one hand it’s neat that you can level up your character, but on the other hand I’m 25 and I’ll be at walmart buying little figurines… I may fall in love with the idea, I may not… We’ll see. lol Kirby in my opinion looks like a mobile app game that I could get on my ipad for 2 bucks. Nice to see some mature games heading to the console too to balance things out a bit.

  • Guest

    Is Ashley gone? We are missing lots of info here.

    • She’s gone, she’s gone
      Oh, why… Oh, why…
      I better learn how to face it
      She’s gone, she’s gone
      Oh, why… Oh, why…
      Not even Devil’s Third replaces her
      She’s gone, she’s gone
      Oh, why…

  • uPadWatcher

    Nintendo have ultimately conquered yesterday’s E3. Not only Nintendo delivers the goods– but unleahsed heaven and hell simultaneously. Bayonetta 2, Super Smash Bros. U, Splatoon, Devil’s Third, Xenoblade Chronicles X, etc. My wallet will never be the same again.

  • Ducked

    Wow ya’ll have missed a lot of news on this site. I really like the community but this is getting old. Mario Party 10, Pac-Man in Smash Bros, Yoshi Woolly World, new Star Fox for Wii U.

    • Poopsy

      I’m sick and tired of all this WiiUDaily bashing, GIVE EM TIME!!! They have more articles in the works.

      • Ducked

        Don’t get bashing and criticism confused.

        • Well, bashing is criticism. I think what you mean is that there’s a difference between negative criticism and constructive criticism, but even then, I don’t think your original comment particularly falls as the latter.

          • Ducked

            Good for you pointing out constructive and negative criticism. Its more of being annoyed buy not seeing the news reported, Yoshi’s Woolly World still hasn’t had an article, Kirby was posted in the 3DS section, and it took them 24 hours to post about Star Fox. I may be negative, but I certainly can’t compliment mistakes.

          • True, but this is a fan news blog site, ran by part-time volunteers–not an official news site, ran by full-time paid professionals. We shouldn’t look to it for the same sort of coverage as, say, Gamespot or Game Informer.

    • FlashFan207

      Whoah!! There’s a Star Fox?! AWESOME!!!

      • Ducked

        Yep, its coming out in 2015

  • iamserious

    I don’t think that is Link in the Zelda trailer I hope Eiji Aonuma gets a chance to talk more about Zelda before the end of E3! And personally I feel there was way too much coverage for Splatoon! Also, woohoo for StarFox!!! In addition, Devil’s Third really shows the inferior graphics capabilities of the Wii U eh? And lastly, there are still some games missing from this list.

    • I’m 99.9% sure that’s Link, just in a newer style.

      • iamserious

        You may be right. Either way I’m sure we will all find out very soon about this scene and much more.

    • 00EpicGamer00

      You and I feel the same way about Link. xD

      I honestly thought it was Zelda before I saw the earrings, but still, he looks so…wrong. let’s just hope and pray it was an early model.

      • iamserious

        Too feminine? Well I guess we will have to wait and see. Hopefully, not for too long.

  • Marcos Parreira

    Everybody forgot Hyrule Warriors…

  • My own take on this list:

    Super Smash Bros Wii U and 3DS: Love Palutena’s sexy addition. Like the hint of Dark Pit. Pac-Man’s okay. Couldn’t care less about Mii Fighters.

    Amiibo: Meh. Pass. Not paying for CPU opponents as collectible figurines, even if stats are customizable. Try it with a Yu-Gi-Oh! concept and maybe you’ve got something.

    Captain Toad’s Treasure Tracker: Looks surprisingly fun. Think it might be deceptively fun. Wouldn’t pay more than $15 for it, though. I would also guess this game’s going to be on the short side of total playing time.

    Bayonetta 2: Like the original Bayonetta being included and the Nintendo-themed content. Like the new footage. Game’s shaping up to be a solid title. Good ol’ Platinum Games.

    Legend of Zelda Wii U: Best game at E3. Not just saying that because I love Zelda. Nobody else came close to being as exciting as this one game, even on Nintendo’s side. Not many games command respect from Sony, MIcrosoft and PC gamers like a Zelda game, and this one was generally no exception.

    Mario Maker: Interesting concept. Not what I’d hope to see, though. Would’ve rather seen a new 3D Mario game, one worthy to be named along side Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Galaxy.

    Splatoon: Looks okay. Might be fun. Nothing special, though. Also wouldn’t pay more than $15 for it.

    Xenoblade Chronicles X: No gameplay trailer. All pre-rendered stuff. Nothing particularly original so far. Might prove some good, but I’m not putting a lot of stock in this game being “awesome.”

    Devil’s Third: Total no for me. Tries way too hard. It’s Duke Nukem with ninjas and swords added–only done poorly. If this game was on PS4, everyone here would be calling it “crap.” Not going to embrace this game, merely because it finally gives Wii U owners more to play. Also, this game somehow looks visually worse than an early PS3 game. Doesn’t do the Wii U justice at all.

    Kirby and the Rainbow Curse: I would’ve loved to rave over this game, as I personally enjoyed Canvas Curse on the Nintendo DS years back, but alas, the game looks much slower than the brisk action of Canvas Curse.

    • Justin Gray

      They played the first hour of the game and fought several battles and took you through the menu and leveling system and skill trees. Look it up on youtube. It has been uploaded by several users.

  • Brandon

    Is it weird that before nintendo’s e3, I was excited to hear or see bayonetta 2 and the new zelda game. Now im pretty interested in splatoon and captain toad.

  • Ducked

    My anticipation for upcoming games shown at E3:


    Super Smash Bros Wii U: 9.5/10
    Super Smash Bros 3DS: 7.5/10
    Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby 7.5/10
    Kirby and the Rainbow Curse: 7.5/10
    Yoshi’s Woolly World: 8.0/10
    Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate: 8.0/10
    Splatoon: 5.0/10
    Zelda Wii U: 8.0/10:
    Sonic Boom: 5.5/10
    Mario Party 10: 6.5/10
    Hyrule Warriors: 8.0/10
    Devil’s Third: 5.0/10
    Bayonetta 2: 7.0/10
    Mario Maker: 6.5/10
    Xenoblade Chronicles X: 8.5/10
    Toad’s Treasure Tracker: 2.0/10


    LittleBigPlanet 3: 9.0/10
    Uncharted 4: 8.0/10
    Drive Club: 6.0/10


    Halo Collection: 8.0/10
    Halo 5: 8.0/10
    Evolve: 3.0/10
    Sunset Overdrive: 5.0/10
    Forza Horizon 2: 5.5/10
    Scalebound: 7.0/10

    Third Party:

    Star Wars Battlefront: 8.5/10
    Bat-Man Arkham Knight 9.5/10
    Assassins Creed Unity: 6.5/10
    Lego Bat-Man 3 Beyond Gotham: 8.0/10
    The Witcher 3: 7.5/10
    Dead Island 2: 1.0/10 (seriously the trailer sucked)
    Kingdom Hearts 2.5 ReMix: 9.0/10
    The Order 1886: 7.5/10

    • Brandon

      You killed me with those scores.

      • Ducked

        Sorry should have put up a warning

        • Brandon

          No its fine, these are your scores, but im a bit surprised at how low of a score you gave Capt. Toads game.

          • Ducked

            Well I’m one of those few people who weren’t crazy about Captain’s Toad levels in SM3DW. I thought it should have been a DLC, I don’t think it should be its own game.

          • Brandon

            Probably going to be the same price as a dlc anyways.

          • Ducked

            I don’t think so, it looks like it’s no eshop game , which means. $40 to $50. I could be wrong.

          • Brandon

            Hopefully not. This and splatoon look really fun, but I hope there on the cheap side. Im going to be broke in 2015 with ps4, xbox, and wii u.

    • Cyntheta Luis

      I quite like Splatoon, gameplay wise its nice and exciting, the trailer doesn’t show much but there is some nice music and style.
      seriously to me its a 8.2/10
      But your opinion I guess, I digress.

  • CSN

    Im not trying to be a jerk or anything but wii u daily is getting really behind on news… Today nintendo will announce a new 3ds game, hoping its metroid or majora 3d, they also havent posted that pacman is in smash bros…

  • Some people have speculated that nintendo has not properly uploaded the Zelda reveal as there is more to come…

  • Sonic 2099 The Hedgehog


  • Moreck

    The Zelda U trailer video you guys are linking has an awful framerate. There are better-quality videos of the trailer on YouTube. You should really consider updating the links (no pun intended.)

  • Garrett Hall

    um yeah stop with the cell shading crap. It would look way cooler if they did more skyrim looking graphics, especially since they now have the computing power to do so. and btw Link looks like zelda

  • Justin Gray

    Is Fire Emblem X Shin Megami Tensei canceled or what???

  • FlashFan207

    I am starving for information on Project: Cars and 90’s Racer.

  • Roman

    Devil’s Third looks pretty ridiculous. Ivan, the Russian Ninja Rambo.