Jun 19th, 2013

E3 Nintendo

Now that E3 is over, everyone is making their assessments of what the big three announced. Microsoft has taken a lot of heat for the changes they’re making to their Xbox franchise, and Nintendo received some criticism for not showing off any new IPs and instead, showcasing sequels such as Mario Kart 8 and Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze.

In a recent interview with Kotaku, Miyamoto discussed why he felt that Nintendo is not playing it safe and that creating a new character and a new IP does not necessarily mean that it will be instant fun for the consumer.

“Certainly from outside the company and even internally we have a lot of staff members who are talking about, we should create new [intellectual property, as in characters or series]. To me the question really comes down to: What is new IP and, by definition, what is a new game? And I think there’s a lack of understanding about the difference between the two.

Miyamoto goes on further to elaborate on the idea that a new game doesn’t necessarily mean it will be fun, since many believe that Nintendo should have unveiled a completely new IP instead of focusing on sequels:

“And so, from my perspective, a lot of people say, ‘Oh, you should make new characters and those would be fun games,’ but creating a new character doesn’t necessarily mean the game is going to be fun. You really need to be focusing on creating a new gameplay experience that’s fun and unique.”

It’s interesting to see a legendary game designer like Miyamoto discuss new IPs and the value of games as a fun medium, given that he has created some of the most recognizable characters in the game industry today. What do you think? Did Nintendo play it safe this year? Should they have introduced a new IP or revived an older one? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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  • nin-10-doughfan

    so they were playing safe in their past games?

  • ChiwawaBoi

    I agree 100%. I like the classic feel of nintendo. new IP’s wouldnt feel right at the moment.

    • ChiwawaBoi

      whats with the downvotes? 🙁

      • Sora Morp

        its from people who just wont accept the fact nintendo wont give new IPS or anything.

  • nin-10-doughfan

    so this sequels are the new ones he told he was working on?

  • Sidney Majurie

    People act like creating a new IP that is good is an easy thing. Ask Spielberg to make a new character like E.T. or Indiana Jones or ask George Lucas to make his next story comparable to Star Wars. It’s so easy right? Remember Howard the Duck?

    Nintendo will create new IP’s when they can come up with new types of games that don’t fit their existing characters. No easy task.

    I mean what is the point on making a new IP called Amazing Jumpman in Colorful Land if it is really just a game that should star Mario? Think people…

    • nin-10-doughfan

      so they are playing safe with sequels on their past games

    • WaterMan

      Worth the try. To make something new, big, something that would’ve made nintendo be recocnized even at the reveals of new consoles. It wouldn’t have required a new IP, just a really great game, and I think a sequel of Metroid would’ve had many fans turn their head while they were watching sony and microsoft pressconferences.

      • Brandon Gardner

        I agree… These games look great but these games should have been out when the Wii U was first released.. and the system would have sold more like hotcakes… Nintendo played it safe big time on this and they know it…. They also need to stop releasing the same games from the 3Ds to the Wii U… Donkey Kong for the 3ds and Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze are coming out to close together and just like the new Mario 3d World and Mario 3ds looks like the same game minus the HD graphics and 4 player co-op

        • efffit

          to be fair DK3d is a port of a wii game. so it was a home console game first.

    • jay

      The problem here is the whining fans.

      Everytime Nintendo releases a sequel I hear tons of crying for something new.

      When Nintendo releases something new. I hear tons of crying for sequels.

      EVERY E3. EVERY F****** SINGLE E3.

      • Your money

        i totally agree. Its the only reason that E3 pisses me off.

      • Arthur Jarret

        Yeah, but these are two different groups of people.
        They can only really please half their (small vocal part of their) fanbase.

        I’ve got a simple solution for them: Next E3, reveal new IPs AND sequels!

      • WaterMan

        I THINk rather the whole console industry and their fans are ridiculous. However it’s easy to see why people get consoles over pcs, since pcs for gaming are really expensive.
        Gaming as a hobby is fun, but I think being a fan is stupid, I don’t want to whine, yet I do. The genius behind giving consumers what they want is in giving the majority what they want: that way everyone’s happy!
        I think, since nintendo is already known as “the unique/wierd”, they could go for a major change in the industry. I think Nintendo could become the “apple” of console games; just make expensive/ high quality products. Although this would have the fans outraging, whining and crying. But they’de do it, because they love Nintendo.

    • TULFich

      Remember Geist, or chibi robot or Baten Kaitos? those were actually pretty good new IPs for the cube

      • Sidney Majurie

        I remember them(I still own them, well except for Chibi Robo). But most people don’t. Because they didn’t sell very well unfortunately…

      • Arthur Jarret

        Chibi robo also got a pretty good sequel on DS
        Both GBA and DS offered a lot of new IPs too, that would definitely work on Wii U.

        For gamecube:
        Batallion wars (and it’s Wii sequel) was an amazing game

        Doshin the Giant took some getting used to, but was a decent IP too. Making a more advanced, interactive world

        I would have loved a Donkey Konga sequel as well. (Not really a new IP but still… new game type starring an old character)
        Kirby Air Ride was awesome as well (not really a new IP either)

        Yoot Saito’s Odama is strange, weird, has a humongous learning curve but once you stick with it it’s awesome – it should definitely get a wii U sequel because the gamepad would be perfect for it (especially with the built-in microphone and tilt functions)

        I hope this will be their second free-to-play attempt (downloadable & themed level-packs would be perfect for this type of game)

        I’m pretty amazed seeing people claim nintendo only rehashes their old IPs – just looking through my wii library sees Nintendo take a lot of risks to provide a new, different experience – either with new or existing characters: this isn’t always succesful (Wii Music…) but they did make a lot of new IPs the last gens.

        For 3DS – they seem to prefer to put the more out-of-left-field game design ideas they either make or publish on the eshop – a trend that the Wii U will most likely follow.

        • TULFich

          I forgot about battalion wars, was a great strat game!!, and I hope soon Nintendo could make a secuel to it for Wii U or a sequel to advance wars for 3DS cuz playing via link-cable with the GBA was awesome, now imagine via N network!! 😀

          and yep the Cube had really good spin offs, but I hated the donkey kong ones (both in cube and Wii), not because they were bad, but they were exausting as hell!!! and what about Ikaruga? one of the most difficult games for that gen. wish it could be a download from the eShop somwhere in the future

          • Arthur Jarret

            I loved Ikaruga – but wasn’t that a Dreamcast port? It’s made by Treasure (or – the shooterfan’s heaven company) and was published by Atari.

            I wish it was a nintendo IP, though… then they could make a sequel. Batallion wars 2 on wii was pretty good, tho’ – play it on wii u if you never got it!

          • TULFich

            damn didn´t know that, I always though it was an Atari (dev) game for only the cube D:

            and those battalin games are pretty namn difficult to get here in my country (mexico) and when u get them they R to damn high priced!! =(

            For now I´m fully stuck playing Skyward sword, Pandora´s tower, Last story and at some point I´ll get Xenoblade 😀

            I wished Pandora´s tower could have been a bit more DMCish cuz combat is kind of dull at times still nice game

          • Ryushi

            Good luck getting Xenoblade man, it’s a tough game to find.

          • Arthur Jarret

            I hope you’re european… else getting xenoblade chronicles will be hard… even though it’s definitely worth the trouble.

            It’s my favorite RPG of the last generation (and that includes gems like Ni no Kuni, Tales of Xillia and the Shin Megami games that were made)

            I got Project Zero 2 Wii Edition 2 days ago – only played a bit but it’s a part of the wii’s last breath of good games I’m glad I didn’t miss.

          • Ryushi

            But, to be fair Nintendo didn’t develop Battalion Wars. It was by a company that goes (not sure if they still do) by “Kuju Entertainment”.

  • CaesarGood

    Nintendo played it off, so that it could pay off in the long run..They went right at ’em…

  • NintendoNoob

    I wish they played it a little less safely. 3D world looks cool but what if we had another Sunshine or Galaxy? A title to really show off the Wii U’s power and to show why people NEED a Wii U

    • Sidney Majurie

      So you think people would feel like they need a Wii U to play Mario games like the ones on their Gamecube or Wii? Doesn’t a game like Monolithsofts “X” or the cool social community features in Mario Kart 8 (a beautiful game that looks like a Pixar Movie) prove that better than a prettier Mario Galaxy?

      The only thing Nintendo needs to do to “prove you need a Wii U” is make excellent Nintendo games you can’t get anywhere else. Once they do that, Wii U’s will sell. And it looks like those games are coming.

      • Linskarmo

        I agree with your comment. But did you mean Mariokart 8?

        • Sidney Majurie

          lol yeah, MK 8 😀

      • incoherent1

        I totally see what you’re saying (and you’re right — all of those games look awesome).

        What I think NintendoNoob meant (not to put words in his mouth), is maybe coming up with more games that use all the innovation in the Wii U. How many games coming out actually use the GamePad to its fullest? Sure, X, MK8, etc. will all look great, but Nintendo bet big time on the GamePad providing a revolutionary experience that sets itself apart from XBox and PS4, but I don’t see any games coming out that make me say “Wow! That looks unlike anything I’ve ever seen.”

        Not to say they shouldn’t also make these amazing games like MK, X, Zelda HD, etc.

    • Maxime Haché

      3D World looks like a extremely awesome game, (Finally a 3D 4 player co-op game!!!) although the new cat power-up looks… random and idiot, Mario’s ability’s while using it looks interisting! But the thing is here that if they would have made a new Galaxy, it would have been probably not a huge hit cause, people are bored of Galaxy, I mean there is already 2 title on the Wii! There are other great 3D mario game that should have been revived like the original Super Mario 64, a sequel would have been great, and sunshine too but all I want now in Sunshine is the return of Shadow Mario! (Damn he’s awesome!)
      But they should wait a little for a Sunshine sequel.

    • Jon

      people should buy a Wii U for the games. There are games coming out already that will show the Wii U’s capabilities. 3D world looks fun and it is fun to play it, I got a chance to try it at a best buy and I think it will be a very awesome game. I would actually prefer this at the moment as there is some really fun multiplayer.

    • jay

      Wouldn’t that be 10 times safer? Galaxy 3?

      • iceazeama

        if they made another galaxy i would be pissed. talk about same old shit……. that is way worse than the 3d world.

        • WaterMan

          Let’s compare the reviews of 3d world and galaxy 😉 Then you’ll see.
          Galaxy is like 3d world, but way beyond.

          • iceazeama

            yes, we know about the game being a more true 3d mario, you guys talking about unoriginal how about a 3ds straight same 3d mario game. fuck that, if they make another galaxy the other two arnt anything good anymore because there almost the same exact game.

          • Elem187

            Galaxy was pretty linear, you had to travel on the exact same path to get to the exit… Worse part about galaxy is you really couldn’t control the camera, in SM3DW you can control the camera any which way you want.
            Galaxy 1 and 2 were my favorite games of all time, but I’m ready for a different direction with Mario. Eventually Nintendo will make another epic adventure, people are acting like this is NSMBU or something.

    • disqus_sgtob6da3X

      Uh, how is making SMG 3 or SMS 2 less safe? To me that is SAFE since that what peopel expected and what people wanted, or thinking that they were making. Making a Super Mario 3dWorld where there is multi-player for the first time in the 3d Mario game adding new features is not however. Everyone was thinking a squeal to Metorid but then turn out to be something else. Is that really more safe?

    • Elem187

      I disagree. We had 2 Galaxy’s in a row, I’m ready for a new direction for a Mario game … Don’t get me wrong, Galaxy 1 and 2 are by far my number 1 and number 2 favorite games, followed by OOT, Half Life 1/2, TP/SS, etc

      SM3DW looks like it is going to be so much fun. Every single preview of people who played it is absolutely raving how much fun it is. And no it looks and plays nothing like 3D Land in singleplayer.

      I really wish Nintendo would put the E3 SM3DW demo on the eShop to shutup the haters, the demo is getting praised all over the place, only some stuck up, holier than though gamers who like to be contrarians for the sake of being contrarians are poopooing it.

    • Elem187

      Remember this is Nintendo’s first forray into HD development. Wouldn’t you rather them cut their teeth on this title? I’m more than happy in getting SM3DW for now, another 3D Mario adventure will come down the road, and I want EAD Tokyo to be fully versed in HD development and fully aware of all the tricks, ins and outs of the Wii U hardware… This Mario game is going to be great, this is the same director that did Galaxy 2, doesn’t he deserve the benefit of the doubt when he says this is going to be the grand culmination of all 3D Mario games?

  • John Andalora

    I agree that new IP isn’t the same as new game.
    Super Mario Bros and Super Mario 64 are completely different games.
    I also agree that just because you have new IP doesn’t mean it’ll be a good game.

    However, that doesn’t mean the IP sequels are going to be good either, and certainly doesn’t mean that they will be fun.

    Please remember that, Nintendo.

    • blindtiger

      there are no guarantees in new ips or old, in games or life… get what you can, enjoy what you get. nintendo (almost) never fails. im sure 99% of 1st party titles will be fun for any true nintendo fan…

      • thedeciderU

        i’m not intending to instigate, but what is a “true nintendo fan?” can true nintendo fans be fans of other platforms?

        • blindtiger

          absolutely! i regretted putting in the “true” for fear of unnecessary blowback

          • thedeciderU

            haha it’s cool. i love nintendo for many of their ips and dedication to bringing new experiences, but i also really enjoy sony exclusives. i have a 360 too, but i’m not drawn to their (halo and gears) exclusives as much, though i love l4d and l4d2. also, many multiplatform titles are superior on 360 from what i’ve seen and read. although i really enjoy xbla games. i like it all.

  • everyone

    I agree with what he says. I’d rather have a Mario game with new gameplay designs rather than a new game with the exact same game mechanics. Kind of like I would want the pair of NSMB and Mario 64 over the pair Uncharted and Tomb Raider.

  • Starfoxguy


  • WaterMan

    Let’s think about the definition of Miyamaoto’s a “new gameplay experience”. The way I see that would be a gameplay different from any other game. Now sure it’s different if we think about 3d land, and “Tropical Freeze”, but… Is that the most unique what they can do.
    Think about the upcoming Zelda-game. It’s different. The only significant difference is the implication to go “2d” and walk on the walls. Instead what could be done with Zelda, could be to make a complete puzzle game. Since all of the games has a brain teaser feature. Why not do a complete puzzlegame. Like “The Witness” for ps4; an openworld, puzzlegame. Think about prof. Layton(the puzzle game for 3ds/ds) implement a story and a 3d world, then have zelda characters in it. It would be a completely new gameplay experience. However not a new IP, but that would be playing it beyond safe.

  • WaterMan

    What about Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. It’s extremely similar to Donkey Kong Country Returns for the Wii. Is that really new gameplay experience?

    • nin-10-doughfan

      the only thing that differs are the camera angles, that is it!

      • kenny Johnson

        You beat the game, already? Awesome!

        • nin-10-doughfan

          did you?

          • kenny Johnson

            Nope, that’s why I’m not making statements about it’s gameplay.

          • nin-10-doughfan

            there you go! intelligent!

          • WaterMan

            Analyze, evaluate and judge. That’s how people predict and preview. Go ahead and make a better statement, but with what. Saying that someone else is doing something wrong. That’s not apart of the subject.

      • D.M.T

        Not true. You haven’t played Tropical Freeze so you dont know that. You need to play a game and then judge it, not judge it and then play the game.

        • WaterMan

          Trust me, it’s going to be so very very similar. When you’ll play it, it’s gonna be very very simiplar to the previous game because it’s a sequel. That’s not giving us significant new gameplay experience, what nintendo is aiming at. My point is, they didn’t achive their goal in giving us unique of a game with Tropical Freeze. But surely the other games; zelda for 3ds, smash bros, mariokart, have more to offer with bigger changes than their “prequels”. Is that giving us new gameplay experience at the best.
          The gameplay of it is side-scroller platformer, like super mario bros. So what they thought was, they’ll have the same style because people like mariobros, but with another setting; characters and the few small implementations to fit the style of the story/characters/enviroment.

          • jay

            So just as I thought. I’m seeing a double standard here. People bitching about games being different and then bitching that they’re all the same 🙁

        • BLACKendTiamat

          WAITING for the reviews. be patient then check them out via gamefaqs.com, or here. Reader reviews/Gamer ones that is. i avoid metacritics like the plague

      • ItzameyaToad

        Hmmm thought I saw different themes/worlds ability to explore underwater worlds, new enemies, new camera angles, hd visuals etc. Not sure what you have seen/experienced but I saw a different game than previously offered.

    • D.M.T

      You can’t say it’s extremely similar because you haven’t played Tropical Freeze. And the gameplay experience will be new because you will use the Gamepad now instead of the Wii Remote.

      • nin-10-doughfan

        i am just commenting based on what i saw if i am wrong which i am sure will u 4give me?

    • iceazeama

      the whole point with that one is we haven’t had more than one dkc game in 20 years!!!! its not supposed to be all new gameplay experience just new levels maybe seeing some ice ones and we see underwater ones again, some new elements like the old dkc were!!!! we had like what 5 new metroid games in the last 14 years with the handheld ones?????

  • Bob Singh

    Right now, all they need to focus on is selling more consoles. New stuff will come later.

    • WaterMan

      That’s what one does with software.

  • nin-10-doughfan

    why not just be happy of what we have? this is what nintendo giving us! I am not against nintendo, in fact i am a nintendo fan, i am just commenting so no hatred ok?

    • WaterMan

      Nintendo could give us better! With previous games like Super Mario Galaxy, Sunshine, Metroid, thats actually all I could think of when it comes to games with best reviews.

      • jay

        Yeah since Mario Kart 8 and Mario 3D World got suuuch bad reviews *rolls eyes*

    • Sora Morp

      Renember not everyone is a nintendo fan and everyone know nintendo can deliver alot more.

  • Brandon Gardner

    Metroid and StarFox Team Up Game! Let’s Go! lol

    • Michael Nillo

      crossover game? take my money, sir!

      • Lil J Moore

        Mario/Sonic Crossover. I’ve been saying it for 8 years now

    • Joyous Killer

      I always thought it would be interesting to see, but I just could never get over the fact that a Bounty Hunter, who fights hideous and terrifying monsters can be in the same game with animals. I think it ruins all the story line of Metroid in a way. Especially the one Other M established. Don’t get me wrong, I love These Series, but I wouldn’t like to see them cross. But Nintendo can pull it of, of course.

  • iceazeama

    they need to play it less safe make something amazing. they could. do something like monolith soft took with xenoblade!!!!! to make something really great again you need to run some risks!!!!

  • Mario

    It’s true. New games are not always good.

  • Lil J Moore

    Why does the playing it safe thing only goes with Nintendo.?

    What about everything else?
    When other companies do it it’s not a problem. DKCR vs DKCTF same gameplay style. What about Assassin’s creeds, God of war, Madden, Fifa, NBA2k, Rayman, Cod?

    Each of these games have the exact same gameplay but different stories, level design, or just a new name just like Nintendo. At least Nintendo is making there games better and more improved then the last one.New Ip’s will be made just give it some time and we don”t need a pretty looking Galaxy, sunshine, or Metroid to show off the power of the WiiU, but how fun it is.

    • Luna Moonfang

      Because the majority of gamers hate Nintendo, and the “mature” audience Sony and Microsoft appeals to are kids or teenagers who thinks Nintendo is for kids; and these are the ones who keeps saying shit like this.
      As for your examples, Assassins Creed is the perfect example. Many people recommended me to buy it and play it, but i didn’t like at all; i like the concept and the story, but then i simply got tired of the series in AC: Revelations =P

      Luna, the Moonrider~

      • Elem187

        I liked AC3 for the first few hours (i’m a huge American history buff, so seeing Ben Franklin and George Washington was pretty surreal) but by the 7th or 8th sequence it just feels so meh, with no motivation to finish the game.
        But Nintendo is held to a different standard than Sony/Microsoft/EA/Activision/Ubisoft…. they don’t care that they are showing their bias when talking about Nintendo.

  • Joyous Killer

    New Ip? Just give me Zelda and im set for the year.

  • Wanderlei

    Hahaha Miyamoto owning those dopes at shitaku.

  • Luna Moonfang

    Miyamoto, owning everyone in the world since 1952.

  • Elem187

    Anyone who is criticising a company for not taking risks has not been paying attention to the industry these last 7 years.
    Big risks is exactly why we had hundreds of studios closed down. So when I see clueless, ignorant and naive “gamers” say companies need to take risk, i really read that as “Companies should be willing to stake their entire company on 1 game”
    Its like they are hoping for studios to fail… When a platform maker puts out hardware, they need to build the install base, not take risks. If Nintendo didn’t release any of its storied franchises and instead went with niche titles, and new IP’s its first year, they would be bounced out of the console business rather quickly. You think the Wii U sales suck now?
    Nintendo is doing the right business strategy to try and jumpstart its sales. We saw this with the 3DS as well, it started off with absolutely nothing of its big title,s instead it was a bunch of new IP’s and niche titles (Steel Diver!, Pilot Wings!)
    I mean seriously, we saw how bad that turned out.

  • JeanPaul
  • Sidney Majurie

    Look, I understand people who want Nintendo to make new revolutionary IPs. So do I. Nintendo has spoiled us to expect that which is a good “problem” for any company to have.

    Every other console has brought something revolutionary.

    NES and Super Mario Bros – Revolutionary,

    SNES and Super Mario World – Evolutionary,

    N64 and Super Mario 64 – Revolutionary,

    Gamecube and Super Mario Sunshine – Evolutionary,

    Wii and Super Mario Galaxy – Revolutionary,

    Wii U and Super Mario 3D World – Evolutionary.

    See? We always want the revolutionary but hey, we’re in the evolutionary stage right now. But even the evolutionary consoles got some revolutionary games eventually. SNES got Mario Kart, Star Fox and Donkey Kong Country, Gamecube got Metroid Prime, Pikmin, and Animal Crossing (technically it came on N64 but only in Japan), and Wii U it will be the same. Maybe “X” or the next Zelda, or a new IP. Perhaps even the next Starfox. Nintendo is notoriously (and frustratingly) tight lipped. They likely already have this game in the works. I understand that the internet has created a culture of “I want what I want right now at the push of a button.”

    Calm down Nintendo fans. Don’t know about you but I have more than 20 Wii U games (most of which I haven’t finished). I also have 15 3DS games (most of which I haven’t finished) that doesn’t even count my digital downloads 😀 There’s also great games coming for both systems throughout the end of the year. There should be plenty to do while we wait on the Revolution to happen.

    • XelaFury

      That makes a lot of sense. You’re a really wise man, you have my respect.

      • Sidney Majurie

        Wow. Thanks for that 🙂

    • My sentiments exactly…. I want a new Metroid, Zelda, Star Fox, F-Zero, etc.. too but Nintendo has the most exclusive game titles and characters of any gaming company and you cannot make them all at once. Fans just need to breathe and relax. It’s summer time now (at least in the northern hemisphere) so get outside and play and enjoy the weather. The games will come and they will be glorious.

    • WaterMan

      Smart point, but it only applies to the mario series. What’s the difference of revolutionary and evolutionary? Why wont Nintendo just skip evolutionary? I think Nintendo is doing what it’s born to do though: leave the luck to heavens”.

      • Sidney Majurie

        Revolution is much harder to do than evolution. Sometimes it’s a matter of new technology and hardware. Although platformers were not a new type of game Nintendo completely remade it with a continuos scrolling screen, multiple varied levels with a story (though a very simple one), and the revolutionary d-pad. Most of that revolution had to do with the hardware squashing previous limitations (games transitioning from score based button mashing shooters into more sophisticated story based experiences with leveling up and advancing through drawn out worlds instead of making the same levels harder etc.,)

        Super NES brought better tech, so graphics and sound improved. Also the added face buttons and shoulder buttons (sort of revolutionary) improved the controls. But all we really got were improved NES games. That is, until near the end of SNES’s life. Donkey Kong Country, Star Fox, and Yoshi’s Island proved to be amazing games and a testament of what Nintendo could do once they really understood the capabilities of the hardware.

        N64 was a revolution because of the huge leap in technology taking us from 2D to fully explore-able 3D worlds, and the analog stick “changed the game” created by Nintendo. The tech has sort of plateaued since N64. Graphics are way better, but other than online, is there really anything that different than games of that era?

        Revolution is hard, very hard. And it is always dependent on technology. Because the tech hasn’t really advanced all that much since last gen. PS4 is just PS3 with better graphics with some evolutionary features. Same for Xbox One, although it seems to want to be Revolutionary in some ways. But once Nintendo grasps HD development and the Wii U controller’s advantages, I think we may end up with some revolutionary games. Perhaps “X” or the next Star Fox. It will happen, It’s in Nintendo’s DNA to be revolutionary. But revolutions take time.

    • Zzyzx

      How is there anything evolutionary about NSMU or Super Mario 3D World? The first is pretty much the exact same kind of game on the Wii, and Super Mario 3D world is just the 3Ds game with four players. It’s lame

      • Sidney Majurie

        1) I never said anything about NSMBU.

        2) Based on your question, I must presume you don’t understand the meaning of the word evolutionary, and…

        3) “…Super Mario 3D World is just the 3DS game with four players. It’s lame…” With a statement like this, you OBVIOUSLY have not PLAYED Mario 3D World, because then you would know better.

    • Kriskura

      Still, why Sunshine is not “Revolutionary”? After all, FLUDD was an innovative and original feature in Sunshine, and you don’t use it in the other games. It added a lot to gameplay in this game which was based on him, which made the game quite refreshing, made its originality, with the whole thematic. But anyway, this is just my opinion.

  • Kenshin0011

    I like Miyamoto a lot, but this seems like a cop out.

    “creating a new character doesn’t necessarily mean the game is going to be fun”

    Huh? That doesn’t even make sense in the context of the discussion and who he is. You can say a game “isn’t necessarily going to be fun” for ANY reason. What’re you saying, Nintendo? That you’re not able to create a new IP that will be fun?

    I love Nintendo, have a Wii U, and I’m looking forward to their newly announced games, but we REALLY need a new IP. Or at least take an existing IP and make some drastic changes, such as what Sakurai did with Kid Icarus.

    • Mochlum

      Not to mention that reusing characters doesn’t mean the game will be fun either.

    • SmarterThanYou

      What the fuck are you talking about? Your post is the stupidest post I’ve ever read in my life. I didn’t know a person could be as stupid as you. Miyamoto speaks the truth by saying that a new IP isn’t necessarily going to be fun. He could create a new IP that is simply just a Super Mario Brothers clone, but this time, the main character wears orange, and he has a sister who wears blue. See…. there’s your new IP. Now, it plays exactly like Mario does, so that’s just lazy game development.

      Yep. It’s as simple as you are making it out to be Kenshin. Just make a new IP and suddenly it will be good. You don’t have to focus on creating unique gameplay that doesn’t just copy Metroid, StarFox, Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong or Kirby. Not at all. Just create a new IP, and it will be fun, no matter what you do with it. Mmm, hmmm… Just that easy. You’re not an idiot at all Kenshin0011… Not at all……

      • Kenshin0011

        Why would Miyamoto create a new IP that plays exactly like Super Mario Brothers? Did I ask for that? Do any fans ask for that?

        No. We ask for a new IP with unique gameplay.

        • SmarterThanYou

          And the developer of videogames is telling you the truth. It’s hard to create new IPs with unique gameplay. You can’t just pull them out of your ass. Apparently, you’re suggesting that it’s just that easy because you’re an idiot.

          • Kenshin0011

            I never said it was easy, but it’s extremely possible. And it’s also overdue. How do Sony and MS do it? Nintendo has just as great minds, if not better, so I call BS when ANYONE says that it’s not important or too hard to make a new IP that’s fun and unique.

          • SmarterThanYou

            And he never said it was impossible, you retard. And no… Microsoft and Sony do now do it. I don’t know where you get the idea that t hey do. You have to be a complete idiot to say that. What incredible IPs does Sony and Microsoft make? Halo 5? God of War 4? Wow…. incredible IPs, ain’t they, you retard.

            You start your post with, “I never said it was easy,” and end it with, “it’s not too hard.” So, I guess making great IPs that are unique, fun, original, different, not a rip off, not redundant, with new characters, new environments, new plotlines, new styles doesn’t fall in too hard, or too easy. I guess it’s just a medium level task.

          • Kenshin0011

            Sony has come up with Infamous, Uncharted, LIttle Big Planet, The Last of Us, Ni no Kuni. All of those premiered on the PS3. And I’m not too sure about Xbox’s great IP’s cause I’m not an Xbox fan.

            And don’t go telling me how those games I listed suck, because it doesn’t matter, they were very successful and a lot of them got great reviews across the board.

            Calling me retarded doesn’t make it any less true that Nintendo SHOULD be focussing on a new, stellar IP for the Wii U. And most importantly, I’m not the only Nintendo fan who wants one.

          • SmarterThanYou

            Infamous sucks, Little Big Planet is lame, and both Uncharted and the Last of Us has been nothing but rip offs of movies. Those aren’t great IPs. Those are garbage. Please stop listing garbage as if they’re quality.

            Oh, and then you say, “please don’t go telling me how those games I listed suck, because it doesn’t matter, they were very successful and a lot of them got great reviews across the board.” So, what you’re saying is… You don’t care about the quality of the game. You just want it to make lots of money. That’s what means quality to you. Sales numbers. Just as long as it brings in money, it means quality. That’s how your shitty mind works. That’s an unfortunate mind you got there. No wonder you’re an idiot.

            Then, you say that Nintendo SHOULD be focussing on a new, stellar IP for the Wii U. Why? You just stated that the previous crappy IPs were perfectly fine. It doesn’t need to be stellar. You just mentioned that. It just needs to make a lot of money. That means quality to you. I guess that’s why you expect new IPs to just be pumped out like rabbits. It doesn’t matter if it’s good. It just needs to make money.

            Let me fix your last statement for you.
            “I’m not the only IDIOT who wants one.”

            Good job at proving that you don’t care about quality. Well done.

          • Kenshin0011

            I never said anything about money. I said they were very successful and a lot of them got great reviews across the board. In other words, your negative ass opinion of those games is overshadowed by a huge majority of people who love and praise those games as well as gaming sites across the board giving them great reviews. And yes, if maybe you tried using your brain, you’d find that games that are popular, successful, and great tend to make a lot of money. Nintendo games are the same! They bring in lots of money, so are they of low quality too? You don’t make any sense man…

            You know that Miyamoto is indeed making a new IP right? Here is a quote about it. Miyamoto said: “People have come to expect a lot from me. This certainly makes me feel some pressure. But if you ask me, ‘Is it too much pressure to come out with something new?’ I have to say no, I’m enjoying myself. But when I make something, I always try to do my best.”

            See? Working hard towards something new and never done before is a good thing and it is happening.

          • SmarterThanYou

            In other words, all you care about is making money, and getting reviews. It doesn’t matter if they get reviews because they’re just Call of Duty clones, generic hack and slash games, generic RPGs. It doesn’t matter to you that they’re not trying to do something new, but instead, redoing all the same crap every other game has done before, but with different characters. Good job, you moron. I like that you throw the word, “great” in with popular and successful, as if they have the same meaning. Being popular or successful doesn’t mean great. It just means it appealed to enough stupid people that they could make more. Ever noticed how that piece of shit Grand Theft Auto series is coming up with part V, yet none of the games were great? Hell, none of them were even good.

            And then you post that quote about Miyamoto making a new IP. You know why I like that quote? Because it makes you guys look like impatient bitches. Bitching that they didn’t show a new IP, that you just want a new IP, that all that matters is a new IP, complaining about him talking about it NOT BEING EASY TO MAKE A NEW IP, and yet you guys already know that HE’S ALREADY IN THE PROCESS OF CREATING A NEW IP. Good job you morons. You made yourselves look even dumber.

          • Kenshin0011

            I don’t care how much money a game makes. You’re a pessimistic bastard that can’t even admit that games like GTA, Infamous, LBP, Uncharted, etc. are decent games. I also like how your dumb ass keeps mentioning COD where I have said nothing about that game.

            How come those games and their sequels are shoved off by you, but Mario Kart 8, Super Mario 3D World, Super Smash, and DK Tropical Freeze aren’t? Those games were Nintendo’s main attraction at e3…..AND THEY ARE ALL SEQUELS THAT ARE VERY SIMILAR TO THE PREVIOUS ONES! I’m not saying they’re going to be bad, in fact I’m very GLAD they’re coming and they will be fun! But Nintendo needs to understand that they can’t only play it safe, it’s long overdue for a new IP. Nintendo is amazing and I know they can create an amazing one.

            And that quote from Miyamoto is from over a year ago, BEFORE E3 2012, so many people were expecting to see or hear something at this E3 about it but there was nothing.

  • Mad Scientist Link

    Nintendo had to go for its money making franchises right now since they need to sell the wii u. Mario kart, dkc, any Mario game will get the casuals to buy the system. I’m sure Nintendo has plans for metroid, a new mario64/galaxy or even star fox, but right now you need to build a fanbase for the console especially now with ps4/one coming out. I know we fans sound like broken records but just have some patience games are coming this fall and early next year.

  • Good!! Shake things up Nintendo like only you can

  • Sora Morp

    This isnt the problem. The problem is…METRIOD????STAR FOX???KIRBY????F-ZERO??? YEAH???Just take a break from mario please..

  • MujuraNoKamen

    “Nintendo isn’t playing it safe” That’s weird cause I’m pretty sure I just saw another DK announcement and a Mario game that looks an awful lot like 3D Land. Come on Miyamoto, you can’t not make a new IP after 10 years and say “we’re not doing it because it’s tricky, and a new game doesn’t mean it’ll be good” We know these things, we know new doesn’t necessarily mean good, no one’s saying you’ll draw a new character slap it into a game and it’ll be great. We know working on a new game is tough but it has to be done, and you of all people can come up with a new idea and a damn good one at that! You know everyone wants a new IP and it’s your job to make one, you can do it Nintendo! get off your backsides, and at long last, and blow us away!
    is Nintendo playing it safe? No, they’re playing a dangerous game, they’re losing a lot of respect from fans for their copy/past games (3D World, WW HD with NO NEW CONTENT!?), the way they neglect new IPs and make excuses, the way they neglect old IPs that everyone wants back (Starfox, Mother) and the sheer slowness of EAD – I’m sorry the big 3D Mario is 3D land in 1080p, Retro’s project is another DK, Wii Fit U and Pikmin have keep being delayed, and after the bare minimum of games being developed, MK8 still won’t be out by Christmas! If Kart had been out by Christmas, Nintendo would have been pretty much guaranteed to still be in the race. A big revolutionary Mario would have helped too, and a Metroid would have been great for the more mature gamers too. If Nintendo had done this, they’d have been able to keep up with the PS4 hype, but now I fear they won’t, the games coming out look great but not what they should be and to many, the extra $50.00 for a PS4 is worth it because they’ll look at Wii U’s lineup and say “rehash”. We’ll be in 2014 before the proper awesome Nintendo games come out (MK8, Bayonetta 2, Smash Bros, X) but by then will anyone care? PS4 is getting all the hype, Nintendo has had years to take some of that hype, they haven’t delivered and now, everyone’s going to go PS4 and Wii U will be playing catch-up. Shame, this E3 was Nintendo’s last chance to turn things around.

    • John Raybell

      Yeah the artificial is titled wrong, and nintendo is doing cookie cutter games that they said they wouldn’t do. fucking lying to us pretty much.

      • SmarterThanYou

        Yep…. You know what they should do. They should make more Battlefield 4s, or more Call of Duty games. Right? That’s not cookie cutter games. That’s just hard work and labor. Right? Right, you retard.

    • MujuraNoKamen

      Urgh, I suppose this means we’re going to be deprived of a new IP for another 2 years minimum, cheers Nintendo.

    • SmarterThanYou

      Considering that nearly no company these days is making not only no new IPs, but no new games in general, I don’t see what the problem is. Unless you’re stupid.

      • MujuraNoKamen

        I’m not excusing other companies and I endlessly complain about Activision, CoD, Battlefield, EA, FIFA etc. But I’m complaining at Nintendo now because they’re better than this, Nintendo is all about originality and I have nothing against sequels or making games that follow tradition but they know we’ve been asking for Metroid, a new IP, new Starfox etc for years and they won’t do it. Miyamoto made an excuse saying “we’re not doing a new IP now because a lot of people think it’s easy” No one’s saying it’s easy, we know it’s hard but it’s their job to do it, and Miyamoto of all people can deliver. Nintendo’s been pretty quiet on the 1st party games for some time now and then they announce another DK, a 3D Mario that looks a bit too similar to the old one IMO, MK8 looks great but it’s going to take at least another 6 months. SMT/Fire Emblem wasn’t mentioned so presumably that’ll be another year away, same for yarn Yoshi. All the games shown look great but I’m disappointed that the most requested games are getting blanked by Nintendo (new IP, SF) and at how slow these games are coming out and at after all the time they’ve had some projects don’t look all that big (DK, 3D World) and they’ve got to contend with 2 new consoles this year, this was Nintendo’s time to shine, and they haven’t delivered.

        • SmarterThanYou

          No, you moron. Their job is to make good games. Not new IPs. Don’t be a retard, please. I’m going to say this to everybody, because this is the truth, and not based on idiocy like everybody else seems to base their ideas on. I’d rather have a fucking good game that’s based on something that’s already been, rather than have something new that sucks. Yep. I would prefer that. I know you retards just want to see new things, and don’t care that they suck. I would rather see things I’ve seen before, and have them not suck.

          • MujuraNoKamen

            Notice how I made my point without insulting anyone.
            Nintendo’s job is to make both good games and new IPs (which normally end up one and the same) I take it Miyamoto didn’t need to bother making Pikmin in 2001 because they already had other franchises. Maybe they shouldn’t have made Zelda either and just had Mario and not much else. I said several times, I like having sequels to existing franchises (see how I praised MK8, B2 and SSB) and am anticipating Pikmin 3, Zelda U and more (“games based on something that’s already been”). I’m saying I was unimpressed with how familiar and how small-scale the new revealed games look and how long it takes EAD to make games, I stated that’s just my opinion and haven’t disliked, insulted, or trolled anyone for praising these games. And what don’t you understand about me asking for a new IP, I said in my comment, I know they’re difficult to make and didn’t say they always end up great but Nintendo has to try (they did it with SSB, Zelda, Starfox and Pikmin- and now everyone’s asking for more from these franchises) If Nintendo made a crappy new IP, I’d tell them it sucked, I’d praise them for trying, but I’d say “no more, try again!” So no we don’t “just want to see new new things” we want Nintendo to blow us off our feet like they have done several times before (benefiting them, and us gamers) and if they make a new IP that is a success then you and I will get more sequels to “something that’s already been”

          • SmarterThanYou

            I’m not insulting anyone. I’m just stating facts. These people are idiots, and you are an idiot as well.

            And then, you make this stupid statement, “I take it Miyamoto didn’t need to bother making Pikmin in 2001 because they already had other franchises.” Let me explain to you why he made Pikmin, you retard. Because I came up with the idea at that time, and had a console with the technology to support it. He didn’t come up with it because he needed to. He came up with it because he found the inspiration for it. He didn’t just pull it out of his ass like you morons keep saying he should do.

            So, you guys bitch about what I call you, but what I call you is exactly what you are. If you didn’t want to be called those things, you wouldn’t act like them.

            You then go on to suggest making garbage IPs, and simply hoping that one will be great. Just throw a bunch of them out there, and hopefully they won’t all suck. Don’t wait for the right inspiration. Don’t justify making it. Don’t utilize any modern technology. Just make a new one and let’s just hope it doesn’t suck. Yep… Art without inspiration is what you retards are looking for. Just take a shit on a game disc, and see how it goes. Maybe people will like it. You probably will.

          • MujuraNoKamen

            At first I thought you were someone who just didn’t realize how a new IP could help the Wii U out. Now see you’re just some troll/blind fanboy who’ll suck up to whatever Nintendo do. “I’m not insulting anyone” your constant use of “retard” and “moron” says otherwise, you’re not just just stating facts. How many times do I have to say, I know making a new IP isn’t necessarily going to turn out well but Nintendo has to do it. Fact is If Nintendo doesn’t do something new to get attention then Wii U will fail. FACT. Has a new Mario Bros game made Wii U a success? has it dispelled all the doubt surrounding the console and Nintendo? No! Many fans on here are disappointed by how similar the new games look to the older ones, they all look great but not what everyone asked for. Everyone says, Wii U’s success will be down to Mario Kart if it’s out soon), a good new IP, Metroid and a new Starfox. These are the things everyone is asking for, so if Nintendo delivers on those, then Wii U will be a success. It wont be easy for them but neither will releasing a few formulaic games in quick succession (e.g. DK3D/TF) this will cause people to lose interest in Nintendo and they’ll fail and no one here wants that. They have to team the established franchises with new games/ideas (Pikmin, Galaxy etc) to be successful. Fair enough if Pikmin was just a random idea he had that turned out to be success but every other game he’s worked required a lot of thought and effort to make, and it’s about time they did that again and got something good out the door. I don’t want Miyamoto to “shit on a disc” and then call it GOTY, I want another Pikmin like revelation, but if the inspiration isn’t coming to Nintendo, then Nintendo will have to find inspiration and quickly. Otherwise we can sit here and defend them all we like then wonder why their console is failing.

  • Christopher Westcott

    Nintendo is completely un-self aware. They are doomed.

  • John Raybell

    Nintendo says it’s not playing it safe with sequels this year??

    Should read “Nintendo says its going to play it safe with cookie cutter games and sequels!”

    This is pretty much what he said
    Not only that but that’s exactly what they are doing this year and next SEQUELS!!!!

    • SmarterThanYou

      Then, all companies should just say they’re playing it safe, right? I mean, I saw four Call of Duty games this last E3. Call of Duty: Ghosts. Battlefield 4. Titanfall and Destiny. All of these are just Call of Duty games, and thusly, should be considered playing it safe.

  • Mochlum

    The only ones that seem SUPER safe to me are 3D World and Yoshi’s New Island. Donkey Kong looks pretty different in terms of setting, graphics, and even gameplay, not to mention games like X, Bayonneta 2, W101, Pikmin 3, and Wind Waker HD all look great. 3D World looks fun, but not the big free-roaming Mario we were ALL hoping for, and more of a small-scale sequel to an okay-ish 3DS game. Yoshi’s New Island looks fun, but the only BIG difference seems to be the big eggs (no pun intended), which don’t even look super interesting.

    Speaking of Yoshi, WHY HASN’T YOSHI’S ISLAND RELEASED ON ANY VCs YET?! It wasn’t on the Wii one, and it isn’t on the Wii U one, and the 3DS one doesn’t have SNES games… (And that Ambassador one doesn’t count, because not everybody got those…) I really want to play that one, and it still hasn’t released on any Virtual Consoles. (same applies to the GBA games that Nintendo said would be on Wii U VC but never appeared) Sorry, got off topic, but I’ve been seriously disappointed with the Wii U Virtual Console lately…

  • Maxwell Baumgarten

    Ok, so if they are focusing on new gameplay experiences in a new ip, why not combine elements of Zelda and SM64,SMS, and make a new sort of adventure platformer? They have that, then they can design the stages, then worry about the character, then marketing, and boom.

  • John Raybell

    Bullcrap nintendo!! how is DK so different from wii DK, how is smash so different, how is mario 3d world so differnt then mario 3d land,pikmin, yada yada yada.

    Will like these games a bunch dont get me wrong, but they pretty didn’t do anything new, just repeats of what we had on wii and GCN and 3ds, I wish i could talk to nintendo and give them a piece of my mind, recently all they do is just lie to us and its really bothering me!!!!

    The only thing that’s new and different here is the console, that’s IT!

    For a new Nintendo console this is the first one I have ever seen that Nintendo just doesn’t put the effort into creating new ways to play there old games, nothing screams our devs have worked there asses off making this title, Is zelda the only big budget title they have anymore I really wonder.

  • companyoflosers

    nintendo often makes new games off of scrapped ideas like they did with pikmin originally being that mario game where you could control a hundred marios. zelda was actually never even planned to be a big seller, it just was and they ran with it. most of nintendo’s best games are just really good discoveries. you cant ask them to just churn out more brilliant ip. art takes time and as long as i have myself some zelda, pikmin or mario, ill be just fine waiting till they find another golden apple to surprise us with.

    • SmarterThanYou

      That Mario game where you could control hundreds of Marios? Actually, that was nothing more than a tech-demo. It was never intended to be a game. That tech-demo was created so that they could see if a game like Pikmin could work.

      • companyoflosers

        it was a tech demo of a game they were PLANNING on making called super mario 128 and they indeed were going to make it but decided not to and recycled the idea for pikmin. if you go back and read old interviews they actually even say so.

        • SmarterThanYou

          It was a tech demo. It was never planned to be an actual game. The actual game is Pikmin. If you go back and read old interviews and later interviews, they actually even say so.

          • companyoflosers
          • companyoflosers

            “In 2006, Shigeru Miyamoto finally confirmed that the project was no more”. this means that at one point there WAS an actual game in development and that super mario 128 was in fact more than just a tech demo. you totally dont live up to your username. do some actual research and stop being an ass to people.

    • Merchiodos

      They could at least get other companies to make game for their old IP that weren’t on the Wii like Starfox and F-Zero. Bringing those back will make more sales with the Wii U

      • companyoflosers

        they wouldnt be able to trust anyone with those. nintendo is basically the only company that doesnt rush games and works on them till they are really done. other companies will cut corners and try to push out whatever they have done by some holiday release date or something to try and increase sales and profit. you dont release an unfinished product and nintendo knows this and lives by it. that plus all of nintendo’s ip are like their children, would you trust your kid with a stranger who might not do whats best for them? ya there might be a few studios out there who might do star fox or f-zero justice but why take the chance when you can eventually get around to it and know for sure? theres also alot to consider when allowing other stios to take over on an ip. nintendo is used to getting all the profits form sales of their ip. if they handed it to someone else they would be splitting profits based on their agreement. one reason nintendo has survived dispite their refusal to just pump out games is the fact they have so many ip’s. more in fact that sony and microsoft.

  • TULFich

    give me a Starfox or a Metroid made by Retro, and I can care less about IPs for the rest of this gen. I still do my anual Starfox adventures full walkthrought every year, and I still play Prime Trilogy a lot.

    • Merchiodos

      The Test of Fears was the hardest part in Starfox Adventures

      • TULFich

        I totally agree with you, very tricky part D: but I also found exhausting the Test of Strenght, too much A smashing XD

  • Your money

    I think nintendo did play it “safe” in this years E3. I mean nintendo already showcased it’s 8th generation console, and miyamoto and the others have been working hard on other projects, so i can see why they didnt make new IPs. I honestly think that nintendo has great games and they don’t need anymore new ones. If they consider making new IPs, good for them. But when making a new character and game, u run the risk of making a good or terrible game.
    So in conclusion, i think nintendo did play it safe this E3.

  • Justin Shelton

    I think nintendo should just focus on wooing potential 3rd party partners in to making a lot of exclusives and they also need to find some new age game developers that can learn everything they can from miyamoto cause sadly dude is knocking on the reapers door here

  • Nyaria

    They are not playing risky, but they are not playing safe, either.

    What Miyamoto wanted to said in other words:

    “What we do care is about something called GAMEPLAY, that thing where we make you PLAY the videogame. Now, if we start a new series with new characters and a lot of new worlds all we’re gonna do is waste a lot more of recourse at graphics, new designs and stuff, while now, we’re using that human effort on desiging better games with our currents series: that doesn’t mean we’re or not gonna create new styles of gameplay, that means we’re gonna expend more personal and time at level design, difficult analysis, testing, puzzles, story/variations on our current series.

    We’re not playing it safe for a mere reason: we had experience on the past that even the most succesful series can with just a single tittle be a complete disaster, people constantly watch about their favorite series, but they do also care about for each game. We can screw the gameplay or we can make something really FUNNY to play, and that, guys, doesn’t have anything to do with if we’re making or not new series.”

    By simple words: the fact that they new tittles will be sequels doesn’t change the fact that what most do cares about a game is how well designed it is. A good example of this are all the clones of Ocarina of Time: no one surpassed the flawless designed and highly funny dungeons and places of that game on it’s times.

    • Kenshin0011

      I disagree….Nintendo has extreme amounts of money tucked away and that shouldn’t be an issue to create a new IP

      • Nyaria

        That is not a think about money, exactly, that is a think about how much they will be developing games. How much time fans should wait for new games, a new IP will actually offer a new gameplay or something really needed? – Not exactly – ,notice the words “not exactly”, the think is that IP’s doesn’t necessary means “new” at all, that just means new characters and stuff. What they do care is to make enjoyable games and you don’t need new characters for that, you need better work at level designs and stuff.

  • Arthur Jarret

    Don’t forget there is a danger of oversaturating their system with their own AAA games, too: If nintendo turns up the heat with their first party games like they did with the gamecube – these exclusives will overshadow third party releases like they did with the gamecube – which in turn will mean a distinct lack of third party support… like the gamecube.

    The more I think about the lineup shown at E3 – the more I appreciate the effort there is placed on their end-of-2013 and early-2014 lineup.

    There are some traditional system sellers there (The sequel to gamecube’s best sold game, and the sequel to the wii’s second most selling game – just behind the pack-in) – but this time they leave plenty of room for third party developers to make their mark (such as Ubisofts watch dogs and ACIV – platinum’s nintendo-funded efforts and a solid slate of upcoming smaller e-shop titles).

    The VITA actually has some better third party support as the 3DS: Last months I bought many 3DS games: Lego city, Animal Crossing, Fire Emblem, Luigis mansion, Kid icarus…hardly any third party games were bought (or even released – likely due to the explosive rate of quality 1st party titles)

    • Maxwell Baumgarten

      The gamecube was my favorite system of all. I buy a nintendo system to play nintendo games, nothing else. I have always owned a Sony alongside it, ps1, ps2, ps3 for 3rd party games. Besides, MOST 3rd party games that aren’t multiplatform are crap.

      • Arthur Jarret

        Actually, the only two bad gamecube exclusives (timed or otherwise) by 3rd parties are Magical mirror starring mickey mouse and PN.03. The rest were all gold – whether I picked Killer 7, Rogue squadron, RE4, Billy hatcher, monkey ball or metal gear twin snakes.

        DS had so many good exclusives by third parties… it would be a fools errand to list them all…

  • Andrew W Garttmeyer

    A sequel doesn’t ALWAYS have to mean recycled crap, ahem, COD. A sequel can mean completely different gameplay, just featuring the same character. Is Super Mario Galaxy a sequel to Super Mario Bros? What about Super Metroid and Metrod Prime. Completely different games, but sequels nonetheless.

    • Nyaria


  • Link Slayer

    Nintendo pretty muched sucked at E-3 to me. I mean I really think they should just be unvealing the Wii U. It was completly rushed

  • Smartass2

    They don’t need new characters they just need to put out more games.

  • Tyranno

    I think Nintendo did not play it safe this year and should have released a new IP. Seeing the same titles such as Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong etc…really starts losing it’s interest after a decade. I want to see more games like the game “X” for the Wii U, exclusively.

  • Zzyzx

    I’m sorry there is absolutely nothing about Mario 3D world that looks impressive or unique. They just got lazy


    Well everyone, don’t forget that every Nintendo console will eventually have a new game for the series, you won’t always get a new game the year your hoping, we could get something new next year or in 2 years or more, just wait! This and next year for sure were getting new games from the same series.

  • 210stuna

    Chibi-Robo, The World Ends With You, Star Fox, F-Zero, Viewtiful Joe, and Tales of Symphonia.

    All of these need some sort of revival from the dead. Like in a Kid Icarus kind of way. I understand Nintendo is in a pickle right now, and by bringing back Luigi’s Mansion, Pikmin, and Kid Icarus in the fray was a good choice, but neglecting the others isn’t to my liking. Those titles up there prove that Nintendo can do more than just Mario, Mario, Mario. Don’t forget about The Wonderful 100 in it’s Pikmin like aura, it’s still something different.

    I’m willing to bet a TRUE sequel to those games debuting on the WiiU would be golden.
    Btw I know Clover Studios is dead, but I want Nintendo to be the wizard of gaming again. Pull of some magic and wow us like before. I believe in you Nintendo.