Jun 11th, 2014

You might not have been able to trot over to E3 like we have, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get an up-close and personal look at Nintendo’s exciting booth. We take a quick zip around Nintendo’s E3 booth as the company shows off all of this week’s great announcements, including Super Smash Bros, Splatoon, Hyrule Warriors and more. Be sure to take a look by hitting that play button up above!

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  • bistricky

    Thank you for posting this. 😀

  • Poopsy

    Now I understand why there is such limited coverage from WiiUDaily. We are all at home surfing tons and tons of great info. But the WiiUDaily staff is stuck in a sensory overload traffic jam.

    • Kevin James McAllister

      They’re probably on larger sites with more quick and detailed coverage. They’ll return here when the e3 stuff slows down.

      • Mr. J

        Yep I’ve been on IGN

        • Kevin James McAllister

          I was bouncing back between Twitch, IGN, NintendoEverything, and then the twitter accounts of GamExplain and Nintendo of America during the Q&A sessions. That allowed me to (mostly) keep up.

          • Kevin James McAllister

            I came here a couple times, but it was pretty much useless. Almost no news until the end of the night. And some stuff like Pac Man didn’t show up at all! It was pretty sad.

    • We are busy nerdgasming, or else playing Mario Kart 8. Come back next week, when our hearts have slowed down.

      • jjbredesen

        Mine will not slow down until i have beaten Zelda U 100% xD Will be super hyped for it every second until i am done!

        SO i am going back to being hyped cya!

        • Rinslowe

          That will be the most bittersweet gaming experience of 2015/16. Beating Zelda….

          Then back to wondering what the next one is going to be like, lol.

          • jjbredesen

            Yeah, can never get enough of Zelda, usually end up replaying almost all of the older games while waiting xD, but that sadly only keeps me busy for 2-3 months :/ Atleast we will have Hyrule warriors to keep us busy while waiting and then perhaps Majoras Mask 3D at E3 2015??

            Anyways it will be fantastic and i can’t wait!

        • Brandon

          What about the new star fox?

          • jjbredesen

            Well once i have seen actual footage i will be super hyped for that to!

          • Brandon

            Im really excited for this zelda, because it will be my first zelda game I actually play. Do you think that person in the trailer is link, because I think its a new character.

          • jjbredesen

            Aounoma just confirmed that it is Link and that he is male, i think you will love the Zelda games!

            My fav franchise have played every single one since the original one from 1986, all of them are fantastic in there own way.

            They have fantastic stories, music, artstyle, puzzles etc.

          • Brandon

            Kinda of wish it was a new character, so there could be co-op. Still cant wait to play and maybe there might be co op, but it dont matter to me.

          • jjbredesen

            There could be co-op and personally i would like some form of multiplayer, such as fighting your friend in a Skyward Sword style battle in an arena etc. would be really cool.

            There was going to be some form of multiplayer in twilight princess, but it was scrapped, so there is a possibility, still 1 more year to get more info, so not much point speculating this early.

  • CapnCrumbles436

    Voice actor for Mario @ 2:50 Lol

  • jjbredesen

    Nice the booth is really large, and full of games, wish i could be there!

    Think you should consider getting a microphone though 😛

    • bob

      Anyone heard the rumor nintendo will be making some e3 demos available on the eshop? If so do we know when?

      • jjbredesen

        Nope, not heard anything but if they are it should be in the next 2 weeks.

  • iamserious

    So Smash and Splatoon were the only playable games/demos at E3 for Nintendo?

  • majora :D

    When I saw the Samus image on the wall I almost wet myself… then I realized it was a SSB image