Oct 7th, 2014


Did you have one of those massive WaveBird controllers for the GameCube? Is it your favorite way to play Smash? Well, good news friend. Nintendo of Australia has just confirmed that the Wii U GameCube adapter that’s being released alongside Super Smash Bros. is compatible with that controller. It functions just like a normal GameCube adapter, in which you plugin the receiver and sync the controller with it. This is great news for those of you who have perfected your Smash technique using that particular controller.

If you don’t have a WaveBird and you want to pick one up, it looks like there’s a healthy market of used controllers available on eBay. New controllers are running for nearly $200 a piece on Amazon, which is pretty ridiculous for what it is. Still, if you’re loyal to a specific controller and want it brand new, maybe you don’t care about the price.

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