Jan 14th, 2015


Today during the Nintendo Direct, president Satoru Iwata announced that Nintendo will be bringing select Wii games to the Wii U eShop as downloadable titles. These games do not need to be run in Wii mode, so you can download them and play them just like any other title on the Nintendo eShop. This is basically bringing popular Wii games to the Virtual Console, though Nintendo seems to be shying away from labeling it as such.

To start, Super Mario Galaxy 2 will be available today at a discounted price of $9.99. This discount will apply to each new release for a week after release. After that week, the price will go up to $19.99. With Super Mario Galaxy 2 available to download today, you can expect Punch Out!! to be available on January 22 and Metroid Prime Trilogy to be available on January 29.

While those releases encompass the month of January, Iwata did state that more Wii titles will be on the way.

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