May 28th, 2012 publishUpdated   Jul 22nd, 2012, 9:33 pm

Wii U Dev Kit features
According to tipsters over at the NeoGAF forums, the current Wii U dev kits have received a few more features, including video chat via the Wii U controller’s camera, voice commands, and multitasking. The source cites the following additions to the Wii U dev kit:

  • Video chat via the built in camera in the controller
  • Facial recognition software via the same camera
  • Multitasking and the ability to run multiple Wii U apps at the same time, e.g. switch between playing the game and browsing the web.
  • Voice commands (via the microphone in the controller)
  • An achievements system plus the ability to send screenshots and game videos to friends on the Nintendo Network.
  • Ability to watch a friend play online (live streaming)

We can’t say that we’re surprised to hear these features — they all sound like something that would naturally be part of a next gen console. Nintendo will likely unveil all the Wii U operating system features at E3, including various Wii U channels, like the Wii U Virtual Console, the browser and internet apps, and more. We previously reported that Nintendo had shipped the final versions of the dev kit to software makers earlier this month. The newly added features were likely present there, but developers have received proper documentation and software tools only recently. Officially, they aren’t allowed to talk about the Wii U console in any form until after E3, where Nintendo is expected to lift the NDA on developers after its June 5 press conference.

Stay tuned for a lot more Wii U info. E3 is just a week away from now, and Wii U Daily has secured spots at the Nintendo press event and at main event as well, meaning we’ll be bringing you all the latest and greatest Wii U news from E3. Be sure to also follow Wii U Daily on Twitter and like us on Facebook to stay up to date.

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  • Swic11

    This sounds great, I’ve planned me week to keep me ultra busy to make it fly

  • pj_cub

    Just seeing a HDMI port on a Ninty system has never made me so happy 🙂

  • Gabe

    I hope they have something figured out to get rid of the sensor bar. HDMI port makes me very very 🙂

    • gobbledegubber

      You know me to for some reason I hate that thing looks cheap and gets in the way

      • Your mom

        You could just buy the ultra senso bar witch is wireless and can be used if you have a party with three friends and you are all spread out because it has the standard range wide range and everything in between.

  • Wii Who?

    Be Are Be. I just creamed my pants. (for the 30th time)

    • Wildman

      Don’t dehydrate yourself doin’ that. lol

  • david6

    It can be a main frame for a spaceship, but no one will buy it if it looks ugly, and i dont like wii u name. Ive seen air purifiers at target with more style. Hate me but you know its true.

    • Skozo

      That is just shallow of you, the Wii U design looks nice, hell the 360 looked liked a f-cked up hour glass and the Ps3 had chrome and just looked odd. The names were just mediocre, the Dreamcast had the best name and design and look at the sales. I’m telling you, being shallow only ruins gaming more than you think, but not the sales.

      • Swic11

        Too true, I think it would be better if there was something more to it, but what the box looks like doesn’t really matter, it’s what it can do that counts

        • Skozo

          Yeah, at least it doesn’t have chrome nor wood so it’s good.


    (E3 Day) sony. hey microsoft what the kinect say about its power level? microsoft its OVER NINE THOUSAND!!!!! (crush kinect) sony fanboys WHAT NINE THOUSAND THATS NOT WHAT ANONYMOUS SAID!!!!!!

    • Your mom

      What in teh world does that mean?!?!?

  • misty jugs

    no ethernet input?

    • Swic11

      That’s a huge find, I am all for wifi, but I like a sturdy hard wired connection

    • pj_cub

      Ohhhhh, good find. Wifi can be unreliable, prefer a hard connection like Swic11. Now im sad 🙁

      • Ricardo

        By ethernet cable, are you guys tal king about a wired connector that I put in my modem and connect it to the back of my 360?

        If yes, then yes, the Wii U DOES need one!

        Wait, do you guys know how when you configure the internet for the Wii, one of the options says “Nintendo Wifi USB Connector”? <—- Is what I just mentioned better than using regular wifi by connecting to a network?

      • Your mom

        Yeah, Internet is sorta slow in my house because of all the stuff my dad has hooked up to it especially iCloud and all that.

      • bob

        Use the Official Wii Lan Adapter.

    • Buzzeh

      You can use the adapter for the Ethernet the Wii had, my dad bought me one in 2006, but now wifi is everything(x

      • Ricardo

        @Buzzeh – The adapter you mentioned, are you referring to what I just mentioned? If so, does the adapter work better than regular wifi?

      • swic11

        Ya, but thats a little bull on Nintendos part if this is what they want to sell.

      • Marq

        Has this been confirmed? I hope so, because I could just use the one I have for my Wii. Playing Wii online would be a much better experience if everyone just used a wired connection.

  • Wii U’s look

    Ok Seriously, I dont get why ppl are crying over the name and the look of the Wii U. I don’t see why you even care much. Because when your playing the game, your looking at it not staring at the damn console.

    Complain about the looks and gameplay of that game, not the damn system that plays it, 99% of the time you don’t just sit there and stare at your Console.

    • Swic11

      !!!!!!! Yay, another person who agresz

    • david6

      Looks and name matters, you just drive a car look matters, just wear clothes looks matter, just have furniture looks matter, design and brand symbol is a powerful desired thing. I know its a good machine but controller questionable, console exterior unfinished like blank canvas, and name is all wrong. Even if the look is ‘unfinished’ then make it look good unfinished,like industrial. I buy for whats inside and for looks. Why can’t we have design? That is the real question. Answer this, “why not?” Even vacuum cleaners have design.(look up project cafe or nintendo stream mock console designs, google images).

      • Paladin

        I would say that you are only partially correct. Design and labelling only matter as much as you (the consumer) want it to be so. There are people, like myself, who care more for the functionality of the product than its superficial and exterior appearance. This applies toward my view of cars, furniture, clothing, etc. If the product is practical, convenient, and does what I want it to do, I have no important reason to complain. However, I also realize that different people want different things from their product. In that case, Nintendo would be wise in listening to the rumbles of supply and demand from their consumer base. For my part, I am very satisfied with what I have heard concerning the console thus far. I have no qualms with the current design (white) and product name (Wii U). For those who are dissatisfied so far, all I can say is that it appears there are not enough of you out there in the world right now to really change Nintendo’s mind. That being said, I would not be very disappointed if I were you. Your quarrel is a minor loss, since I am very confident the final product will be exemplary. But if there is a black version of the Wii U released at some point in the future, then I suppose that a large portion of people got what they wanted.

  • Josh

    An achievement system you say? This can’t be good lol. I’m already addicted to achievements on Xbox.

  • Devilus

    Still no place to connect a regular broadbandcable of what I can see on that image. This I hated on the wii. It was not worth the same price as a wiimote for a converter or wireless when i have 200mb/s in cable.

    • Marq

      eBay and Amazon are your friends.

  • gobbledegubber

    Question y’all why is it showing two usb when its been confirmed to have 4 second ain’t it strange for dev kit to have bar code or might be my lack of knowlege on this.

    • F

      The other two might be under the flap on the front.

    • Wildman

      There are two USB ports at the front of the console.

  • Lilfid

    Damn Why is there still a sensor bar ??????
    This Will looks old Like on the Wii !!!!!
    Why dont they incorporate it into the console ?????

    • F

      That’s what I thought they did, either into the console or the controller. You might not even need a sensor bar unless you plan on using the Wii Remote. It kinda makes more sense that way.

  • 3ds guy

    Wii u is going to be the best nintendo any has eva played i got a good feeling about this 1 jus keep it aimed at the core gamers nintendos real fans. I think we dont need x box or ps. nintendo in the future should help sega come back to the game but to join nintendo not compete could be called the nintendo sega.It would be mainly sega games as nin would already have a system but nin would get profit from console sales and off games i am big nin fan but also miss sega rather them than x box or ps miss my dreamcast. Bring on the wii u epic times people.

    • Ricardo

      I loved the days when it was all about Nintendo vs SEGA; no Micro$oft or $ony stuff….oh well, life moves on lol.

    • Paladin

      As much of a fan as I am of Nintendo and Sega from a historical perspective, I do think it is important that Microsoft and Sony continue to exist as far as console gaming is concerned. The market prospers when there is more competition, because it gives people more freedom of choice in what they want. I am free to buy Nintendo’s product, and other people are free to buy alternative consoles. Besides, when entire game development departments close down, it just leads to more potential for a monopoly to come into existence.

  • Your mom

    So it’s going to have multi tasking something like face time and tons more. I wonder if turtle beach will release headphones? How many people own a component cable for their wii?

  • CedrictheDragon

    Prefer wi-fi as less cables

  • GirlGamer

    hahahahahahahahahahaha:) 🙂