Aug 10th, 2017

There have been rumors in the past about GameCube games on the Switch via Virtual Console, and now we have another hint that this might be the case.

The “hint” comes from a gamer who spotted several GameCube games on the European Nintendo server. For example, the GameCube title “Dishing” was spotted on the UK Nintendo website, with a “TBD” release date.

Nintendo has previously hinted at GameCube games on the Switch, with Nintendo’s Yoshiaki Koizumi saying that they are “working on some things along those lines”.

The GameCube was the last “classic” console that Nintendo released, before moving on the motion controls (Wii), tablet display (Wii U), and a portable-hybrid console (Switch).

Which GameCube games would you love to see on the Switch Virtual Console? Let us know your picks in the comments section below!

Another hint at GameCube games on Switch

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