Jul 29th, 2013

Pikmin-3Pikmin 3 has only just released in Europe and Japan, and already its creator wants to add DLC to the game.

In an interview with Itoi, Shigeru Miyamoto stated that, “using the internet [the team] thinks it’d like to add new missions and maps to the game little by little.” In other words, more game play!

Reviews for the game have been very positive, with the only main gripe being the game’s length. The campaign can be completed in less than twenty hours, which some reviewers say doesn’t do justice to the addictive game play.

Perhaps Miyamoto and his team feel the same way as many consumers in that the game could be longer. What better solution is there than to add more content?

Keep in mind that Nintendo has been very conservative with adding download content to any of their games, and whether or not they will do so for Pikmin 3 is still undecided.

Having said that, Nintendo’s conservatism is refreshing, as it seems that, to them, DLC is still an after-thought based on the finished product rather than a long-term strategy done simply to maximise revenue. Let’s hope they maintain this attitude as the demand for high quality games continues to increase.

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  • Shota

    please miyamoto-san give us dlc.

    • AAAkabob

      Free DLC

  • XiC

    DLC is a great idea and one that Nintendo will embrace rightfully and fairly.

    We’re not talking about a COD, Mass Effect, etc where the strategy of their producers from the start is to make profit by cutting content from the game and offering it as DLC. No, this is Nintendo, the company that doesn’t compromise on quality at all.

    I fully believe we can trust Nintendo to do DLC right and not just for profit but also for the game and gamer’s sake.

    • Orto

      Hugely disagree with your comment. They need to make it for profit otherwise they will be out of buisness by the end of the year.

      • Assassinated23

        He’s saying they aren’t cutting content from the complete game to sell back as DLC, not that they don’t have to make a profit from the game or DLC.

      • Marcus Navarro

        Out of business? Really? After they made bank on the Wii and 3DS? I don’t think so.
        Sony Computer Entertainment’s having the hardest time dealing with it’s heavy losses on the PS3, and is trying to find a bulk supplier of GDDR3 RAM…after they promised consumers GDDR5 RAM. Let’s not even mention that they haven’t had an original idea since the PSP. Sony’s more liable to cut off it’s SCE divisions than Nintendo is to start outsourcing or go bankrupt.

      • XiC

        Read up on Nintendo’s financial side because you clearly have no idea what you’re talking about. With $10.5 billion in the bank, a smart company like Nintendo would not be able to go out of business. Also Nintendo making a profit shouldn’t be a worry, only once in its over a century life time has the company posted a loss.


    • DereX

      What are you smoking? Is that sarcasm?
      “Nintendo, the company that doesn’t compromise on quality at all….”

      Have you ever played a Nintendo system? Even the plastic seems cheaper than it’s counterparts … Nintendo definitely has less financial power compared to enormous companies like Sony so it is understandable why their quality is so low. Internally and externally, Nintendo products quality Is low and the price is high for what you are getting.

      Btw, a $30 DLC isn’t quality… It’s robbery.

      • Why yes I have played virtually all Nintendo Systems. in nearly 30 years of gaming with them I have personally have yet to have one fail on me. Not saying they do not fail as there has been some reported cases but not nearly the level of their competitors.

        Sony and Microsoft may be bigger companies because they have more products and hands in more industries than Nintendo but your claims about financial power is not really true since both Sony and Microsoft repeatedly report financial losses year to year. If you compare their video game divisions alone Nintendo has more cash on hand then they do.

        • DereX

          So you are saying that Nintendo has high quality systems because you keep good care of them? That sounds relevant… If you want to present a valid point, show me an experiment where you dropped all 3 consoles out of a window and the Wii survived while the PS3 and Xbox360 fall to pieces (we both know that would never happen).

          If Nintendo’s video game divisions were as high quality as everyone else’s, then they would have had HD hardware in their machines 7yrs ago.

          I’m not saying that Nintendo games aren’t fun; however, the quality of Nintendo systems just isn’t there (for the price)… I also think the 3D feature on my 3ds is crap… The 3ds should have been in HD like the Vita…

          • BIG Franky

            DIE. thank you.

          • DereX

            You first … It looks like McDonald’s is getting the best of you big boy.

          • AAAkabob

            I’m sorry did the Wii get the RROD? Oh no it was that yellow light it got when it overheated….WAIT A MINUTE that was the PS3 and Xbox360 so STFU

          • “So you are saying that Nintendo has high quality systems because you keep good care of them?” @disqus_9NHsx2CCAn:disqus

            I see you missed the part that over the years of reported failures and issues with the gaming consoles from all the big players Nintendo has the least reported failures. It was the last sentence of the first paragraph.

            It’s unfortunate that you seem to think that the ability to make HD/realistic graphics is related to the quality of the system. Maybe Nintendo should have thought about HD earlier than they did but to me (and many others) it did not take away from the games that were made. IMO too many games are HD polished turds that focused on graphics first instead of gameplay and story. To me Graphics is lower on the list than the other two key components of a good game. I guess that is why Nintendo titles are often not traded in or sold as much as games from other developers/publishers.

            I am not a fan of 3D gaming or TV/Movies either for that matter but why are you so focused on graphics? I never use the 3D feature in my 3Ds but that doesn’t make it crap. It just means my personal preference is no 3D. Is your gaming that shallow that you cannot see past the surface?

          • DereX

            All that says to me is that you keep good care of your Nintendo systems and you take horrible care of your other systems…

            Also, I believe in moving forward… In 2013, I want my consoles to have HD like all of my other products have. It isn’t a crime that I demand more for my money. Maybe you should be a smarter consumer.

            the 3ds doesn’t have HD hardware and it costs nearly the same as a Vita which does have HD hardware/ more memory…. That means Nintendo is charging too much and scamming their customers.

          • Last time I checked I only take care of my systems and not those of the rest of the world? How do you not get the simple concept of more system failures and issues reported by Sony and Microsoft in their game systems compared to Nintendo. So sad that concept escapes you.

            As far as smart consumer goes, I consider myself a pretty smart consumer. I only purchase those things that have value to me. There is no problem with “demanding” more from a company but I still do not see why you are so hellbent on HD being used as quality aspect. Nintendo gave their reasons why they did not dive into HD sooner and even expressed some regret but you have to take into account that their systems have also been less expensive than their competitors even now with the Wii U costing $299 which is a full $100 less than Sony PS4. The Wii launched at $250 which was about $150 than the XB360 at the time. To me that offered great value to gamers and families and some would consider that being a smart consumer.

          • DereX

            A concept is an abstract idea by definition….
            I’m not going to argue with you people anymore about something you should all know…. All of you own a Wii U and can see for yourselves that It is poorly manufactured, along with the Wii motes. I wouldn’t be surprised if they dropped the Wii U’s price a lot more after the competition is launched.

            I am saying is that it is clear that Nintendo doesn’t care as much about games and progression as the other companies or they would have kept up with the “newest thing in gaming” which is HD.

          • Jandkas

            Just stop, stop, seriously you’re just making a fool of yourself. Posting a anti-nintendo comment on a pro-nintendo site just labels you as a attention whore.

          • He is entitled to his opinion but when people put their opinion about graphics and quality of a system manufacturing claiming to be fact when the facts disprove their opinion then it becomes a problem.

          • Jandkas

            Yeah he has the freedom of opinion, but when his opinion is stupid, we have to bash the hell out of it. Just like the situation with the Westboro baptists

          • I guess that is your opinion (NOT FACT) as I think the console is manufactured very well. Also your opinion about Nintendo not caring puts you in the minority too as Nintendo is more often praised of being one of the few game companies that puts the interest of gamers first. You are just the type of person that focuses on graphics first which is not what gaming is about. Graphics can enhance a game but it has been and always will be the gameplay and the story of the game that will be remembered in the end. The facts are in all the years Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft have been making game consoles the percentage of reported failures and replacements purchased due to failure is considerably higher with Sony and Microsoft.

            Graphics are a progression thing and not a gaming concept. Nintendo has been a leader in innovating new ways to play video games. Sometimes they are not successful with those concepts but most of the time they are which is why I supposed their competitors are always mimicking them with their ways of playing games and with the games themselves.

            Oh and FYI.. The XB1 and PS4 will be made of plastic too and when they are released we will see if they put enough time an attention into the manufacturing so they do not suffer the heat issues they did with their last consoles (especially the XB360).

          • SeroReviews

            Oh, trolls. And they try so hard to make sense… well, I had pratically all Nintendo consoles, and NO, they don’t feel cheap or poorly manufactured. I dropped my N64 A LOT OF TIMES when I was a kid, and nothing ever happened. Same with the SNES. I also let the controllers fall on the ground lots of times, and it never malfunctioned. The PS1 controller, on the other hand… well, good luck with your YLOD, RROD and such. Nintendo fans don’t know what are those kinda of things.

          • Mark

            The 3DS is not a rip off. It may be the same price as the Vita, but which console has a lot more games; the 3DS! Hardware is not the only thing that dictates value; these are gaming systems,therefore to be superior in value, the systems needs games (or the more quality games), which the 3DS does offer.

          • Joey Perez

            and yet 3ds is crushing the vita.and the other two hd console systems in sales each month.. sooo yep your reasoning is valid .. as today is opposite day

          • Joey

            i disagree with you there about the 3DS and the 3D feature is not crap, i got tons of 3DS games and i never complaint about my games that i play because they are fun but sorry vita is crap cause there are less games for vita and none has interested me i also try the handheld they are not comfortable in my hands besides i had the PSP once and got rid of it even though i have a PS3.

          • NintendoNoob

            Well hello, noknowledgeiswhatsup

      • Johny

        haha giving us as much content more as the original game value for 30 bucks is a robbery?
        you know what activision or EA would do? release that content as a “NEW” game for 60$ … thats not robbery?

      • XiC


        Wii had the lowest failure rate at 2.7%. Gamecube was the most survivable console of its generation. NES at this point is so old it is older than most gamers of Nintendo, don’t see how that’s relevant. Nintendo has over $10.5 billion in capital giving it more financial power than Sony’s game division which is leveraging its assets yearly to look like its posting a profit. Their earnings for 2013 was a meager $18 million USD. I was mostly talking about the games of Nintendo but their systems are quality anyways.

        Why would a DLC be $30 from Nintendo?

      • Joey Perez

        sony’s ps3 was in fact the first time it was thee most powerful out of the bunch so internally they are not so great fan boy .
        nintendo in FACT is a larger company than sony … so your correct if today is opposite day and if today is opposite you sir are thee smartest person on the forum…


  • Maybe they could do something like they did with Super Mario Bros. U and Super Luigi U. Add a whole other set of missions on a nearby planet.

    • Baum 「ツリー」

      They don’t even need another planet with Pikmin 3’s …”side story” (don’t want to spoil too much, in fact I don’t know everything yet either :D)

  • Jack5221

    I like that… Get the game out, THEN talk about a possible DLC. EA could seriously learn a thing or two from you Miyamoto.

    • Yeah I hate when they have DLC made up before a game is released and there is day 1 DLC just to make money. I have no problem with DLC but release the game, see how it is being played, and create DLC accordingly.

      • Arthur Jarret

        To be fair, usually day 1 DLC is just made to maximize pre-orders… on-disc DLC is the real drawer of my ire…

        That’s still more of a Capcom-thing than EA.
        I wonder how many DLC-locked extra characters will be on the Ultimate Street Fighter 4 disc…

        • but keep in mind, monster hunter is from capcom, and we get free DLC quests every tuesday. FREE.

          • Arthur Jarret

            I KNOW!

            I had gotten over Capcom after UMvC3…
            I was doubting when RE6 released, but managed to resist after bad reviews…

            … and just as I thought I was out, they pulled me back in!

          • XD yay Monster Hunter! The one thing they always seem to do right

          • Arthur Jarret

            … and megaman platformers – IF they ever release them, that is…

    • mario for life

      ea will never learn which is why i never buy the games there last game i bought was the strike series on mega drive

      • Mark

        I liked the sports games on Mega Drive; that was the time when EA sports was good, now it’s just a bunch BS.

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      EA can learn?

      • NintendoNoob

        Only the simplest of orders

        • Actually I think the simple things escape them. You know things like make great games with no unnecessary DRM or pay to win fees. Oh and don’t lie to and cheat your customers

      • everyone

        My thought on that would be building games on the sole purpose of making money off of DLC and microtransactions as opposed to DLC being an addition to a finished games. Best example to compare the latter would be what Borderlands 2 is doing by creating extra content worth money way after the game is finished.

    • ACTIVISION could seriously learn a thing or two from you Miyamoto too !!!! 😀

    • Johny

      yeah lol.. or capcom sometimes… i rememmber when DMC was advertised…
      bullshit like that turns me away sometimes

  • Ian Woodall

    This is why I love Nintendo. Their are few games on other platforms with the replay value of every Nintendo game. I still go back to my gamecube and N64 to replay old favourites like starfox and Mario kart. I can think of any games on the playstation I wish I could replay with the exception of final fantasy titles. I wish more companies would take the quality approach like Nintendo and provide a full product.

  • NintendoNoob

    I am happy for this but I hope you wont pull an Activision and make every new map a DLC that is 20+ dollars. Just add a new planet for us and price it reasonably please?

    • RoboticLink

      Yeah, but I think we should just be greatful that Nintendo doesn’t charge $60 a year just to get access to the internet, bt yeah, I hope it isn’t too expensive.
      Edit: I remember you too Nintendonoob, before the Wii U launched, the good ol’ days when you needed to wait 30 minutes before your comment was “moderated”, good times, good times…

  • The Clockwork Being

    So everyone else can have DLC, and everyone is fine
    with it, but once Nintendo does it, all hell breaks loose.. As long as they do
    DLC right, then thats all that matters. Luigis DLC from NSMBU was practically a
    whole new game for $20, its one of the best DLC ever imo, and all DLC should be
    that big, with that price. Not 5 maps for $15.. That should be $5 honestly..
    Atleast they haven’t done any Day 1 DLC.

  • Baum 「ツリー」

    Sounds amazing :3
    Hope it’s either like in that one Mario Bros on 3DS where they had small level packs, that cost about 2 or 3€ OR maybe they’ll wait/work for half a year and give us some kind of Pikmin 3,5 with Olimar as main character [MINI SPOILER?], who’s collecting treasures like they suspect right in the beginning of the game.

    Don’t understand what’s wrong with 20h of story gameplay though :/ That more than twice as much than most “big” games have nowadays ;D

    • Elem187

      If I’m paying $60 for a game, I’m expecting far more entertainment than 10 hours… 20 hours is the minimum amount of play I will tolerate from a $60 game, otherwise I might as well just wait for it to come down in price.

      MH3U was worth every penny of that $60 for the 400+ hours I got out of it 😉

      • Quicksilver88

        It just shows you how content aware Nintendo is that they are worried that Pikmin and W101 are too short at 20 hours when games like Last of Us and Injustice were far shorter…….

  • Billy_Perry

    DLC should be like expansion packs used to be. They should add something worthwhile to the game rather than just aesthetical upgrades (different skins for characters and other optional extras). Like expansion packs that you used to buy before the days of downloading stuff. If they do that then I’m cool with it. Pikmin 3 would be great with expansion packs 😀

    • Quicksilver88

      I totally agree…..so much of this day 1 or other DLC is crap…extra skins, weapons, armor…..mostlt stuff that is meaningless. True additional conten single or multilayer is ok…especially if it is a good game and the DLC extends the experience. Remember it was nearly 10 years between Pikmin 2 and 3 so could be another generation or more (if ever) for Pikmin 4 so extre content would be nice….So far I like how Nintendo is handling DLC…100 days of free dlc for Fire Emblem awesome and then Super Luigi which is essesntially a full game for $20 can’t argue.

  • Quan ManChu

    Add White and Purple Pikmin to main campaign in a DLC FTW.

  • Ford Crews

    I like the old days, when dlc/game addons, were free and were designed to keep you playing that $40 game longer, and keeping the copies on the shelves and selling for $40 for months if not years, instead of dropping to nearly worthless within weeks.

    • FoxMulder900

      Nintendo games typically hold a higher resale value than most other games.

      Iwata’s statement on allowing used games sales says it all.
      “We need to make software that players don’t want to sell.” – Satoru Iwata

  • RoboticLink

    This game will be awesome! Definitely a system seller

  • Squid

    DLC and a new IP? Sweet!

  • Steven_Segal

    Now that’s what I’m talking about! Make the game, then think about DLC.

  • $41809923

    multiplayer online dlc in the game please

    • Mochlum

      I would much rather that be free…

  • Ony

    Pikmin 3 DLC for 20€, adding only 150 missions and 60 maps.

  • RoboticLink

    Well, they say that names sell, I guess it’s true because I’ll by anything made by Miyamoto

  • Ducked

    Remember when games were complete and you got everything on one disc? So do I…

    • Andrew Chambers

      Seeing as Pikmin 2 took about 12 hours to beat the story and up to around 26 for everything, I’d say 20 hours is a complete game. It’s not like an EA title that has $30 of DLC on day one. People want more Pikmin 3, so why should Nintendo say No? Would you rather some spin off come out (that probably wouldn’t be as good) come out at full price instead?

      Before DLC there were things called expansion packs, and many of them weren’t worth the price. And before expansion packs we had episodic content or just half-assed sequels that came out a year later.

      • Ducked

        The problem with DLC is they end up coming out with stuff that they could have had in the game if they listened to the fans right a way. I’m just not a fan of it.

    • Kevin Sepulveda

      You should not think of DLC this way. The game you get is a FULL version. DLC just allows them to add more content later as they come up with it. The reason you felt it was complete before was because DLC was not something that was as easily accomplished as it is today so as a result you got what you got and nothing was ever added later.

  • Yousif Alromaithi

    I hope it is good DLC.

  • Andrew Chambers

    Now that’s how you do it. Give us some amazing Pikmin crack and get everyone addicted, then wave DLC in front of our crazed eyes and we gladly buy it because we’re not being ripped off.

    Pay attention EA, this is how you handle DLC.

  • gamesplayswill

    This is off topic but when ever I go on a page, it’ll freeze for a bit for like 10 seconds then I can scroll and click etc.
    I have a very fast computer and good internet so what’s going on? (I use Google chrome too)

  • AAAkabob

    This game has a challenge mode so just cause the story ends doesn’t mean it has only 20 hours of content. Stories generally aren’t Nintendo’s main focus w/ a game and I actually appreciate that. Fun Gameplay>The best Cinematic story

  • blindtiger


    • Daniel Schwarz

      Here here!

  • val berger

    Nintendo is one of the few companies I’d totally buy DLC from. Not every DLC, but they surely won’t throw out needless content just to squeeze some dollars out of their fans. And P3 gameplay sounds more than reasonable to me.
    I’d like to have something that tells it’s own little story.

  • JeanPaul

    The picture you guys used on the homepage for this article is great.

  • AAAkabob

    Lets get some free DLC for early adopters like in Fire Emblem!

  • Seth S. Scott

    “in less than twenty hours” is totally fine. you can beat Journey in 4, Last of Us in 8-10, Limbo in 3…i dont care about length but how much awesomeness is packed in!

  • companyoflosers

    see i wouldnt mind paying for nintendo dlc because its actually additional content and not content that was ripped from the original make of the game to be sold off separately. theres that and theres no garantee nintendo will even charge for this dlc since miyamoto made an official statement not too long ago about how when you bought a toy, you own the whole toy and thats how he wanted gamers to feel when they bought a nintendo game. free dlc that wasnt even intended to be part of the original game would definitely win nintendo some support. what gaming needs right now is honest and quality game developers. nintendo takes forever to make anything but its always a finished product when they do.

    • NkoSekirei

      i agree

  • Josiah Parsons

    Great! Nintendo likes DLC, now all we need is MarioKart 8 and SSBWU DLC.

    • Klashin

      I think for both games they could add maps and stages but not characters as they would be final and unlockable.

      • Josiah Parsons

        I think for mariokart you should be able to buy cup/Kart/character packs, like a galaxy pack, with Lubba, 2 galaxy themed karts, and a galaxy cup.

    • Baum 「ツリー」

      NO! What I always liked about Mario Kart and SSB was that I had the possibility to unlock everything by myself…sure it takes a while in some games (Melee, I’m looking at you xDD), but it’s much more fun than buying some new characters. After I got 100% in Melee and Brawl didn’t really Play it anymore apart from some matches against friends from time to time so I doubt I’d Play the new one longer than a week without loads of stuff to unlock from the game itself ^^

      • Josiah Parsons

        How about if you had to unlock the stuff that you got in the dlc? my point is that MarioKart and SSB could use a refresh after maybe a year so it doesn’t get old. don’t get me wrong. a free refresh would be great, but I would not be averse to paying for extra cups, karts, characters, stages, and such if they are reasonably priced (not $5 per character!)

  • Michael Ocampo

    Online Bingo Battle?

  • Dez

    DLC, the scourge of the Earth. Damn you EA, you started this bs phenomena. Anyway, ever hear of a thing called patching/expansions people? Seriously are gamers so willing to be taken advantage of that they don’t care about these things anymore? Nintendo DLC may be an exception given the length of that Luigi U, but I still despise DLC, it is just a money milking practice.

  • everyone

    I especially like the last statement the writer made about DLC being an afterthought of a completed game as opposed to holding out content to charge extra for on release.

  • XxStoicmonkeyxX

    Only 20 hours….Really?

  • Magiphart

    Only 20 hours!?… That’s just terrible.

  • beerkin

    Haha! Most Sony exclusives can be beat in under 15 with zero reason to replay. Nintendo,can’t catch a break.

  • ICHI

    Anyone else remember having to beat resident evil in under 4 hours? Most CoD games clock in about 5-6 and that Tomb Raider reboot was about 13 hours long. Jesus I think on my non lethal playthrough of dishonored was under 5 hours. I can beat the first playthrough of darksouls in around 5-6 hours too (apparently the hardest game ever). This is a reasonable length though having played pikmin it just seems to fly by which is sort of the problem, you want to continue having that much fun.

  • the-s-man

    please make DLC’s i really love the pikmin series

  • Alex Damman

    i just found out that the game has purple and while pikmin, but only in the mission mode. i think that’s an interesting decision. but if they DO do dlc, i hope one of their first priorities is a second short story campaign involving ALL the pikmin types to date. if that happened i would be like XD XD XD