Mar 8th, 2013

Miyamoto Wii UMatt Peckham from TIME recently conducted a phone interview with Shigeru Miyamoto. The first part of the interview was posted today and focused on the inspiration for the console, the console’s interface, and the competition from mobile devices.

One of the highlights of the interview included Miyamoto discussing the performance upgrade the console will be receiving this summer and the future improvements that are going to be made to the Wii U to make it even more enjoyable to use.

We think that by this summer, the system is going to be very much improved over how it’s performing currently. Of course when it comes to the actual hardware, those decisions have already been finalized, and one of the things we focused on in making those decisions was the speed of the connection between the Wii U system and the Wii U GamePad. We strongly feel the transfer speed between those two devices is so strong that it’s not something that can necessarily be achieved by other devices that haven’t been designed specifically with that in mind. So as we get into these other system-based updates, our anticipation is that because of the amount of effort we’ve dedicated to the GamePad’s wireless connection to the hardware, these additional improvements are going to make for an overall device that’s even more convenient to use.

He also talked about the competition the Wii U faces from smartphones and tablets and why he thinks the Wii U has the advantage.

I look at it from two different angles. One is how you can use a device like Wii U — to make an experience that up until now has happened on a single screen — into a better and more convenient experience. And I think that the Wii Street U powered by Google application we’ve recently released for Wii U is an example of how we’ve taken an existing application and really enhanced it through the use of Wii U and the GamePad.

I think the other goes back to, as I was mentioning before, the response time between the streaming of visuals from the Wii U hardware simultaneously to the TV and to the GamePad. Certainly from an interactive standpoint, when it comes to interactive content, because of the strength of that streaming capability of Wii U, my feeling is that the more you start to see other devices that are integrating connectivity with smartphones or tablets through special applications, the more that that’s simply going to illustrate the benefits of having Wii U because of the advantages it has in terms of its interactive elements and how the system streams graphics to the Wii U GamePad screen.

As people are using the system and getting familiar with everything it can do and really learning how to use Wii U and the GamePad, I think the last remaining hurdle for Wii U becomes one of storage in terms of being able to store media. But since we’ve designed the system in a way that allows people to simply add the amount of storage media they need to supplement Wii U, we think it essentially gives people the greatest flexibility within a single device to really make the most of their entertainment in the living room.

Be sure to check out the full interview here. What are some things you’re hoping will be addressed in the second part of the interview? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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  • jcnba28

    That was an awful troll attempt. Try harder next time.

    • Shadriczo

      Is he a Sony fanboy? If he is, he’s got a lot to learn.

      • Hey, like I said before. He doesn’t belong to us.
        Try the PC Elitists corner

  • Tecpedz94

    HAHAHAHAH…. NO!! Why do you bother commenting….. Nevertheless surely before the next gen consoles arrive or even after Nintendo will step up their game and improve the hardware to make a better competition which is great.

  • Donaalld

    To become a master troll you will need to use a little give and take. You bore us. You have much to learn.

    • Shadriczo

      Amen to that.

  • Shadriczo

    Troll spotted. You guys know the drill. (If it’s the troll who’s downvoting me, go to uberland)

    • mabhlink

      kill it with fire

      • NkoSekirei

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  • person

    There’s nothing wrong with the wiiU as a console. When nintendo start to release some good games (metroid prime 4 for me) it’s sales will definitely increase, whether it will reach the wii’s sales, I’m not sure.

  • Shadriczo

    Your trolling skills cause you to become insufficient. Nothing for you! ($ total= $0)

  • Jimmy D. Fugate

    People who hate the Wii U have an account on Wii U daily just to bash the Wii U… wow guys, just wow.

    • D.M.T

      Wii U haters are nothing more then low life individuals that have nothing better to do in their free time. The funny thing is that there’s no reason to hate the Wii U. The only reason why people hate is because Nintendo is a threat to Sony and Microsoft. These fanboys want Nintendo to become a 3rd party developer because they wanna play Mario, Zelda and Metroid on their PS4 and Xbox 720. That will never happen lol

      • Nathaniel Lopez

        People don’t understand, Nintendo is a big presence in the gaming world. If they should ever fall of that market that basically marks the start of another video game market crash, investors will see that as a bad omen. Well that’s what I think at least.

        • You people don’t understand – Nintendo is not the top player in the game and has not been for TWENTY YEARS!!! Do you get it? Nintendo can fall and games will still be here! Nintendo was here when the industry crashed and this time Nintendo will crash and the industry will still be here. If a crash should ever happen again, it would be from a lack of new ideas.


            They are top right now, Wii and 3DS being best seller of current gen, so saying they ain’t been on top for 20 years is garbage.

          • Kyle Zawacki

            Sales mean nothing when you have such ungaming oriented consumers. Casuals of all colors bought the Wii in flocks, even though it was a crappy system. Those sales don’t count for shit.

            The Wii and 3DS are topped by other devices that are far superior. Nintendo makes crappy hardware that is quite simply surpassed everywhere else.

            The Wii U will be blown out of the water when the TRUE next-gen systems, like the PS4, come out by this holiday.

          • Nathaniel Lopez

            I’m not trying to hate but based on your logic, does it matter how great of a system the PS4/720 is if no one buys it since sales apparently mean nothing.

          • How do casual sales not count? Did they not pay for their system?

            And I feel sorry for you if you consider a barely noticable $500 upgrade in visuals to define what next-generation gaming is.

          • Are you talking about the Wii U?

          • Paul Wright

            lol @ this guy.
            For one, this next gen is premature. on ps3 no game has topped MGS4 as far as graphics go, which came out years ago. And this next gen wont even come close to what is on PC.

            so what are you left with? an updated Ps3.5 and 360.5. Ill be enjoying my badass U controller with the best first party games in the game market.

          • Metal_Man_v2

            PS4 will be very close to PC, if not on par, atleast during the first year. Screenshots so far of PS4 graphics look like photographs.

          • Kjetil Berthling

            PS3 was on par with pc for a short while this/last gen, and then PS3 was behind throughout the entire generation. And why? Because PC is constantly being updated, while consoles are stuck with the hardware for 7 years. PS4 has an x86 based processor, while PC of course has had it since the release, because it’s made for PC’s. All this is coming from a computer geek and a nintendo fanboy, who barely gives a shit about graphics.

          • Metal_Man_v2

            And that’s exactly what I said, but much shorter. It will be very close if not on par with PC for atleast a year before being surpassed by the ever improving PC. Paul Wright said that this gen consoles won’t come close to PC, which obviously isn’t true.


            PS4 is already graphically a mid entry PC…….

          • Metal_Man_v2

            Not sure what you mean by mid entry PC, please explain.

          • Kyle Zawacki

            Then the Wii U is a low end PC.

          • MadCrain

            Low end PC, but it can run NFS:MW with PC textures, lighting and 1080p, hmmm.

          • Kyle Zawacki

            The PS4 is most definitely, in today’s world of consumer electronics, not a mid-entry PC. Perhaps it is a moderate GAMING PC though. I was just comparing with Wayne, obviously. If(IF) the PS4 was a mid entry PC, then(THEN) the Wii U would be a low end.

            Wording is key people. Learn it, love it, do it.

          • MadCrain

            Oh, sorry, didn’t catch that, but still, there is no way to know for sure, the PS4 has done NOTHING to show it’s power, neither has the Wii U, I think people are just underestimating Nintendo, and over estimating Sony, as always, anyways, but, we’ll see.

          • NkoSekirei

            yep cause the developers havent begone to tap the wii u s full power

          • MadCrain

            I like to think that, but again, we don’t know.

          • “low end pc gaming” sounds good, but we have to be clear… low end pc gaming is not the same that: “low end pc”

          • Letha1Rage

            yes but still a low end GAMING pc

          • MadCrain

            I don’t see how that is possible, Does Knack look Photo-realistic?
            The only legit PS4 games are all cell-shaded, correct me if I’m wrong, unless you count the tech-demos, which NEVER (graphically) make it to a game.

          • Letha1Rage

            The new Killzone looked pretty graphically impressive and that was a gameplay demo but people really need to stop caring about graphics and caring more about gameplay!!

          • MadCrain

            Yeah, I totally agree!
            and it looked okay, for a second there, it looked cell shaded as well, not on the scale of Wind Waker, OF COURSE, but pretty toony, but still, all the tech demo games looked like they could be on the PS3, and that body-less face was a looker, but it had no body and no background, I bet even my crappy computer could emulate that, and still, it was cartoony, but I imagine that didn’t show power, it just showed new technology for facial expressions, I’m excited for the PS4, not gonna get it if it’s over $400, might not get it at all, but still, let the hunger games begin :).

          • Metal_Man_v2

            Why can’t we have good gameplay AND good graphics? I want the game to be fun, but there is no reason why it shouldn’t look visually impressive too.

          • Metal_Man_v2

            Please, use your brain, I’m obviously talking about Theif 4, AC4, InFamous New Son, Killzone, Drive CLub, Battlefield 4, The Witcher 3, etc. Photograph graphics. That doesn’t mean there will be no games that will choose to have cartoon graphics and art styles, like Knack for example.

          • MadCrain

            Those are just games, they’re not exclusives, all of those games will also be on the Wii U, so what is your point? yeah, they’re technologicly advanced, but it still does not show the PS4’s “power”. And Infamous, Killzone are far beyond “photo-realistic”, they have the “we’re a game” essence, which I love.

          • Metal_Man_v2

            The only one of those games listed above that is confirmed for Wii U is AC4. InFamous, Killzone, and drive club are Sony IPs, and are ps4 exclusive. It is unlikely that battlefield 4 comes to the wii U, as EA runs that game through origin, which Nintendo refused, which is good because origin is crap. What’s my point? My point is that they have good graphics, I said nothing about the power of the PS4.

          • MadCrain

            Well I did…that’s kind of the topic I’m talking about…
            My honest opinion, InFamous and Killzone look “meh” graphically, I’m saying that rumors are mentioning the PS4 as a High-end PC with steroids, and I haven’t seen any proof of that.

          • Metal_Man_v2

            I don’t see how you could think they look “meh”, what are you comparing them to? Anyways, I would disregard the rumors about PS4 being a supercharged PC, and especially the rumors about the PS4 being MORE powerful than the PC. But, it has been shown that the PS4 will look close to PC when it launches, until PC improves again.

          • MadCrain

            I’m comparing them to Actual THIS GEN graphics, what else would I compare it to?
            and If you’re saying that it’ll look close to a PC, that is still pretty amazing, the thing that scares me is the price.

          • Metal_Man_v2

            Graphics from what games this gen? I really am trying to see your point, so bare with me.

          • MadCrain

            Okay ಠ__ಠ
            I dunno…Uncharted, Halo 4, First party titles?
            Excluding Nintendo of course.

          • Metal_Man_v2

            Halo 4 has comparable graphics, but Uncharted? Even the newest one is over a year old, and its graphics don’t have the realistic minute details that are shown in the PS4 screenshots, example, the Killzone character’s outfit, the texture looks like a photograph.

          • MadCrain

            Uncharted 3 looks amazing, but yeah, nothing new.

          • Metal_Man_v2

            It was good at the time, it has good environments and good facial characteristics, but it’s obviously outdated now. Not that that’s bad, people will be playing it for years to come regardless.

          • MadCrain

            Yeah, I guess.

          • The next gen is not premature, the Wii U has already arrived DOA! How come you Nintendo nuts must always bring your big brother(PC) into this? You will win no fans by mentioning that.

          • Paul Wright

            You sound like a cheerleader. You can only pick one!

            No new console will top my one year old PC rig.
            What does the next xbox and ps offer besides new graphics?
            let me think about that, oh yeah. nothing.

            on the other hand my U brings a second TV into my living room. You might not conprehend this next statement but when your significant other hogs the tv, YOU HAVE NO CLUE TO THE AMOUNT OF CONVINIENCE THAT OFFERS. You will not be able to do that with the next Ps or Xbox (inb4 vita, it sucks).

            As a consumer, The Wii U is clearly the superior system. Price and first party support as well as features.

            To your credit you will be able to use a facebook app on ps4, WOOOOOOOOO!

          • We do not yet know what else the new systems will bring. What does the Wii U bring besides graphics and a USELESS controller? You either buy a handheld because that is what you want, not to play a home console on a little screen when you wanted to play on your big screen with HD.

          • Nathaniel Lopez

            I’m pretty sure that if MS or Sony would have invented the gamepad, this conversation would have taken a completely different route. Anyways, the gamepad offers way too much for it to be completely useless…but I agree that it can offer more; I still wouldn’t call it useless though, but everyone is entitled to their opinions.

          • crocodileman94

            Tell that to the PS Vita and the Smartglass,

          • Damn the Vita and we will have to wait and see about the next Xbox before we talk. Even the PS4 still has to wait and see.

          • Sneferie

            Glad you’re not the one making consoles, because you clearly have zero imagination. No wonder you hate Nintendo so much!

          • I have a lot of imagination. Making a controller with limited to no use is pointless. It seems as if they made it just to make it and to have it appear as something new. People cannot see it which is why the Wii U has not sold.

          • NkoSekirei

            this guy imagines hes in a fairy princess world wearing different princesses outfits


            You’ve never even played with the Gamepad, that much is obvious. Bet you’ll lie like a sad little troll and say you have!

          • What is obvious is that you have the mind of a child and the face of an 80 year old.


            So I am arguing with a child….

            Bet your just pissed because your folks are to poor to buy you more than one console!

            That’s it for me little boy, im out!

          • Your comment was the comment of a child.

          • NkoSekirei

            ur more useless u douche

          • SuperSkitzzo

            I was going to make a fair argument but this is more than sufficient.

          • TheUnBiasedGamer

            The 7th generation has lasted for 7-8 years. Third party developers hate the long life cycle. It’s time to move on. Thankfully the Wii U’s here now.

          • Jon Turner

            And third-party games, too.

          • Goginho

            Who says the Wii was a crappy system ..or is that YOU’RE opinion? lol wtf


            I got to laugh at people such as yourself who think they know casual gamers minds….. YOU DON’T!

            Saying casuals are fickle is just the words of jealous fanboys licking their wounds cos their core machines got HAMMERED by Nintendo!

            PS3 is the NO.1 casual console out there. Last on software sales, it’s best selling game being GT5 with 8.5m copies *sniggers* and Netflix being it’s biggest draw along with Blu Ray movies.

            Also, being the most superior console ALWAYS loses you the console race! Don’t believe me? Just look up the history of videogames, so saying PS4 is going to blow Wii U out the water is laughable at best and moronic at worst!

          • fireheartis1

            Guess what dude I’m a hardcore gamer and all I ever owned this gen was a Wii. Ya I had to look high and low for great quality games, but when I found them they were better than anything Microsoft or Sony ever got on their systems. I liked the PS3 and play my brothers all the time with him, but the only things that beat my Wii games are Uncharted, Kill Zone, and God of War. Nothing else on those systems ever came close, and when a developer actually tried the graphics looked like SD versions of the HD consoles. The only thing HD does is make it clear nothing more. So shut the front door and get off this site about the Wii U moron.

          • Kyle Zawacki

            Those games might have been great to you, but statistically, not that much to everyone else. The best games of this generation have been on the PS3/360, looking at the GTA awards.

            It makes sense that someone would not want to make, for example Skyrim, on the Wii. The game would have been so much worse on the Wii, so you can understand why people did not support the system. The PS3/360 on the other hand should have gotten all the Nintendo exclusives, for the games could have been much better on them for many obvious reasons.

            The Wii was just a failure, period, and I mean that in the way that it failed almost all REAL gamers everywhere. Except the Nintendo fanboys, of course.

          • NintendoNoob

            So your a graphics whore?

          • Kyle Zawacki

            So your a Nintendo fanboy?

          • “Other devices that are far superior” – your quote.

            Obviously that factor doesn’t matter because by your logic, they should sell more than Nintendo devices. Do they? I didn’t think so.

          • sales is everything, is the principal point of a business in the market

          • Oh boy! The Wii U is out which is current gen. The Wii was not a newer generation machine, it was a GAMECUBE!

          • fireheartis1

            I hate morons like you who don’t understand what Next Gen means. Next Gen doesn’t mean an even more powerful machine, It means the Next Generatation of consoles from that said company, and guess what moron the Wii was 30% more powerful than the GameCube. It’s just that most developers got lazy and started porting crappy games of great games because they didn’t want to make it work for the Wii. Sorry to burst your bubble but the Wii is current gen and the Wii U is next gen freaking moron.

          • YOU don’t know what next generation means. The Wii was an overclocked GC! It was a GC with a different controller and name, that is no next generation, it is same as getting 2000 Camry with leather seats instead of cloth!

            Next GENERATION (look that word up. Here: A stage or period of sequential technological development and innovation.) means NEW technology, not the same technology re-released! You people only want to call the Wii next-generation because it sold, but those were novelty sales. You never like mention the lack of Wii U sales do you? All you say is that they will pick up when that is an opinion since the sales are next to nothing.


            ‘Next GENERATION (look that word up. Here: A stage or period of sequential technological development and innovation’…… In that case ONLY PC is next gen!

            PS4 isn’t…. Sorry!

          • You guys love to lie. You keep changing the core argument trying to divert attention. I stay on topic. It was the Wii and it is the Wii U that are not next-gen. Clearly the PS4 is and you can leave the PC out of all console talks because that is another category. Nintendo can’t fight their own battles, so they try to involve others who have nothing to do with them.


            The PS4 ISN’T new technology because PC is better thus NEWER!

            So your next gen argument is null and void, seen as next gen is ‘a stage or period of sequential technological development and innovation’, so a PC gaming rig or console fall into the same category !

            Im getting bored of proving you wrong over and over, if you don’t have the intelligence to work it out then that’s your problem.

            Your wrong and nothing you can say will change that!

          • The only thing that you have proven is that you know nothing and are a fool.

          • WiiUltra

            He was correct actually. He said Wii U is out right now which makes it current gen. When PS4 and Xbox come out they will also be current gen.

          • NkoSekirei

            wat an idiot go back to ps4daily site u douche and by the way wii u is next gen and it runs on 2011 specs making more powerful then the current gen consoles but it seems u dont read articles really well cause ur just plain retarded

          • WiiUltra

            You’re right, they are not the top players. Thats why Sony and Microsoft don’t copy them every single generation.

          • No, they don’t.

          • MadCrain

            Motion controls, second screen integration, 4-faced controllers, analog sticks, L and R, rumble, list goes on.

          • The Dreamcast had a second screen first, not Nintendo. “4-face controllers?” Everything else I knowledge Nintendo had first, maybe except motion controls.

          • MadCrain

            I wouldn’t count dreamcast, that wasn’t a tactile touch screen, that’s what I meant, plus, that was barley a screen, but it was pretty FUCKING awesome, and Nintendo did have Motion Controls first, I think. If not, who?

          • The Dreamcast’s screen was first. Not you want to add ‘touch screen’ to make Nintendo special. The screen for the DC was used for the same things that are only practical for the Wii U to do – plays in sports, item selection and other small things.

            I know that Sony had the “eye”(?) thing, but Nintendo did have the Power Glove, but I think motion control was surly out before Nintendo. I think Nintendo makes new controls as new systems, not because they were all needed. The Power Glove was a gimmick to sell something at the height of Nintendo’s reign.

          • MadCrain

            I don’t want to make Nintendo special, I’m just saying the facts, one is touch, the other isn’t, I’m not making up bullshit here, and yeah, the Power glove is the first Motion control console bullshit thing, only because it was a gimmick, doesn’t make it any less real, and even if it was a gimmick, so was the shitty eyetoy, and practically everything until Nintendo got it right, and Sony copied, and Microsoft screwed over again.

          • actually they are the top player currently they have enough in the coffers to last 50 year in the red . microsoft are to big to fall although they may decide to finish up with consoles if the 720 isnt a bang and wouldn’t make much difference to them either way . Sony on the other hand is in dire straight the company itself has not made a profit for 5 years and and the question is if they carnt get in the green how long will they be willing to keep bleeding on a console which is sold at a loss?

          • Who cares how much money Nintendo has? I have none of their stocks. I am sure that the PS4 will be sold with a profit given the design of the system.

          • Nathaniel Lopez

            Yeah, true Nintendo was here during the crash but they were not a big presence back then like they are today. It’s a common fact that the NES, almost single-handedly, not only saved that crash but also paved the way to how home video game consoles should be.

            When most people think Microsoft, people tend to think of computers.

            When most people think Sony, they think of consumer home electronics, such as TVs, Radios, MP3’s and what not.

            When people think Nintendo, well there isn’t much that Nintendo makes that can make people think of nothing other than gaming.

            So you see, Nintendo is basically synonymous with gaming.

            Also, I never said that Nintendo was or is the top player since I don’t have the exact facts to back that up, but it is among the top, BUT, They have the most successful game franchises, along with their consoles.

            I’m not saying PS3 and 360 suck, I like them both; I prefer Sony though as they have more original games where as Microsoft only has two that I can think of off the bat, Halo and Gears of War(GoW), both of which are shooters. One good and the other never caught my attention *cough* GoW.

          • Thanks, but Nintendo WAS a very large presence before the gaming crash as they were amongst the top arcade developers out there. Their machines stood out and as a child back then, I took notice to Nintendo and their style, which I did love. People do not think Nintendo when they think video games as they do Kleenex when they think tissues. Right now people think Xbox when they thin video games. They always go with the one in control.

          • Nathaniel Lopez

            I never said that they weren’t I merely said they weren’t as big as they are now and of course people are going to think of video games when they think of xbox, like anyone would with any console which is why I used the company name, i.e (Microsoft, Sony). At any rate, I’m not trying to go against you out of nerd rage or fanboyism, just providing a counter-point to your discussion/arguement.

          • Understood, but Nintendo WAS bigger then than they are now! This before the crash! This is why NINTENDO was able to bring video games back because they were very popular and people (like me) TRUSTED them. Their games and arcade cabinets were very unique and attractive. I used to look forward for a Nintendo game, when they had a large VARIETY or titles.

          • Nathaniel Lopez

            Well arcade cabinets were good and all, and Nintendo managed to do well and innovate on certain technologies like the lazer gun but I still think they’re major break through was with the NES and Mario. Mario became even more well known than Mickey Mouse at one point, and most likely even til’ this day. I don’t have the facts to support my sayings, but I sort of find it hard for it not to be at least half-true. Other than the Mario v. Mickey Mouse thing the statistics is somewhere online, I just forget where.

          • Well, you are clearly speaking from a point of view that had not experience games before the NES, so you have bias. I am telling you that Nintendo (I am a Nintendo hater right?) was popular BEFORE the NES which is why when people heard that Nintendo was coming out with a system, everyone was excited because Nintendo was the shit then!

            Their games stood out as well as Sega and a few other companies that are no longer around (Midway/Balley, Taito, etc.), so this is why when the NES came out with Super Mario Brothers – which was only available on the system and it looked more interesting than the arcade Mario Brothers – people jumped on it! Nintendo’s popularity is what helped the NES take off. If it had been put out by a non-gaming company, it may have flopped. Sega had good games, but their Master System presentation was no where near as good as Nintendo’s.

          • Nathaniel Lopez

            Well you’re only a Nintendo hater if you choose to be one, we can’t actually tell you that you are unless your actions dictate it for you.

            I agree with what you said which is why is supports my counter-point as to why Nintendo was big but not as big as they are now since they went straight into the homes and become even more mainstream. Everyone now knew about Nintendo and their games not just childrens and adults who frequented the arcades. Even now, where talking about Wii v. Xbox v. PS, so obviously it’s fierce competitor otherwise no one would really care.

          • At least you partially want to agree, but who do you think bought the NES, people who went to the arcades or people who did not? The casual market did not happen until the NES became a success then others wanted to join in on it.

          • Nathaniel Lopez

            Well, I’m assuming parents, who knew little to nothing about arcades game, bought them as gifts for their children along with adults who knew about the arcades. Then once people, who have never played an arcade game, saw what the NES was they got hooked on it.

          • NkoSekirei

            why dont u stfu troll before everyone here bashes u

          • dylanbob121

            Don’t you get it?Nintendo is ontop of the gaming indistry!They have been the inspiration for all next-gen consoles!Just look at the PS4!If nintendo wasn’t around the gaming industry would fall.Want more proof? wii=kinect,playstation move/wii u=PS4

          • Stop living in the past and try living in the present. Nintendo’s present is nothing to brag about…

          • dylanbob121

            umm…if nintendo wasn’t here,there would be no video games

          • Video games existed before Nintendo got into it. They did not create them you know.

          • Nathaniel Lopez


          • Nathaniel Lopez

            Which is why Nintendo is trying to provide quality games but also innovate them through gameplay mechanics and through introducing a new peripheral or new way of gaming on their consoles.

          • A new controller is not really a new way to play, but it is just a new controller. I don’t see anyone talking about the GC controller! Nintendo’s truly innovative controllers were the Maxx, SNES and N64. Hell, I can probably throw in the Wii’s. Nintendo clearly did not use the Wii controller for Wii U because they are used to having a new controller to may the buyer think that they are getting something new, when the games remain the same but the controllers change. I’d rather have new and different games than the same old game with a new controller.

          • Nathaniel Lopez

            It’s not necessarily a new controller that’s innovative but rather the introduction of the 2nd screen, and they tablet-like controller is something that makes a statement, along with Nintendo moving into the modern age of online social interaction, obviously nothing innovative, but it builds upon what was already set and has the potential to make it better. At least Nintendo is trying…more than what I can say about the other consoles…although I will credit the 360 with starting the video game console community, something I can really care less about other than party chat which was genius.

          • Kirzan

            Oh look, it’s that guy, pointing fingers, saying things but still not backing anything up with examples, solutions or actual sources (if applicable, usually isn’t).

            You are truly, a fascinating specimen.

          • Richard Yates

            Donaald understand this!!! without nintendo the market would lose its creativity! Do we really need to bring up all the things they have gave us over the years?

          • LOL! Nintendo is not creative – anymore. You need to understand that! You must be a young dude hopping on the bandwagon after the wheels fell off! I notice when we discuss Sony and MS, we never dig into the PAST, always the present and future. With Nintendo, it is always about the past.

            Since the PS came, Nintendo has been a NON-FACTOR in gaming! There is no past. Their heyday were the 80’s and early 90’s. If Nintendo went out of business today, games would not lose it’s creativity. How creative cam a company be when every other game is a Mario featured game? Where is the creativity in that? The Wii U has failed and so has Nintendo. I am ready for them to go.

          • NintendoNoob

            So far Nintendo has butt fucked Sony and Microsoft in almost every category, Nintendo brings quality. Sony and Microsoft barley every do

          • This is why I now cannot stand Nintendo – they repeat the same old LIES not matter what the facts state! The Wii U is not kicking anyone’s butt – not even Nintendo’s!

          • Nintendo have more than 100 years, so they can change one more time like they did more than 50 years a go.

          • Change into what – a cell phone maker? Get off their payroll or at least stop making it obvious that you are on it.

        • blackrabbit1

          if nintendo is gone ms and sony will price everything to high. nintendo keeps prices reasonable. $349 ps4 dream on. 599 at least

          • Nathaniel Lopez

            It could be that the price for the console will be at least the same if not lesser than the PS3, since they didn’t have to include hardware to perform backwards compatibility, since it’s going to be a cloud service, or something like that. It could, however, be offset by the price of the controller and any other type of hardware found in the PS4, but who knows. I think if Nintendo should fall, for whatever reason, that they, MS and Sony, will lower their prices since they no longer have to compete with two other consoles and will want to offer more bang for the buck, but that’s just my opinion and Nintendo should then team up with Sega to make a new game company and console, Nintensega Wii Dream, lol jk.

          • TheUnBiasedGamer

            Competition keeps prices reasonable. Not exclusively Nintendo.

      • How did I know you were about to saying “PS4 and Xbox 720”.
        You do know PC gamers actually hate the Wii U too, also even some retro Nintendo gamers hate the Wii U.

        Why blame us PlayStation fans for something the small part of the fans do? (We call them the Fan Nut Jobs).

        I love my Wii U and I’m getting the PS4 yet you don’t see me bashing the Wii U. I only say it how it is to ANY company even if it is Sony.

        Also, I love it when Wii U fanboys start thumbing down my comment even though I clearly stated the I like the Wii U and I even have a shit ton of games for it.


          Your a PS fan who doesn’t bash Nintendo?

          Then you my friend are in the minority!

        • D.M.T

          I obviously wasn’t talking about you the MINORITY smartass. If you are offended about what i said then that’s your problem not mine. And I ignore PC fans but you’re right, they are haters too.

          I gave you a thumbs down because i wasnt talking about you. You are the minority of PS fans that dont hate

          • Metal_Man_v2

            Until you poll every single PS fan on what they think of Nintendo, the stereotype about PS fans that is so prevalent on this site is baseless, and is pulled from your butt.

            Signed, a Sony and Nintendo fan.

          • D.M.T

            I speak from experience and what i see every day all over the internet, not from my butt. You can defend Sony fanboys all you want but my opinion about them wont change.

          • Flamingoathere

            I’m sorry you don’t like Sony fans, and I’m sorry you haven’t met any mature Sony fans. But your personal experiences in life do not dictate how a group of people, as a whole, act. You are just unlucky.

        • Rafael Saldana

          How the hell are retro gamers going to hate the wii U? Have you heard of the wii U virtual console where you can download retro games? I guess not because you don’t have a wii U, troll

          • Nathaniel Lopez

            Well to be fair, the Wii U doesn’t have the virtual console yet.

          • NkoSekirei

            thats supposely be coming out in april from a big update were about to get

          • Nathaniel Lopez

            Yeah, that update is dated March/April…so we’ll see, either way I’ll be too busy playing MH3U when it releases.

        • Jeffery02

          There are extreme fans for every console. These fans, whether they be Nintendo, PlayStation, XBox, or PC, are all ignorant. I’ll admit that I’ve had my moments of Nintendo fanboyism as well. Some people cannot see the line between constructive or conversational criticism and trolling. Sadly, we will never change their minds and we will just have to deal with those loud and obnoxious people.

          As far as the Wii U is concerned, I think that it is just about what it should be and it’s fine if you don’t agree. I will never buy a PlayStation console day one, but that doesn’t mean I think that the people that do are stupid nor does it mean that I will never get it in the future. Looking back through history, Nintendo is one of the few current companies that don’t need to revise their hardware to increase durability. I will wait for the PS4 to be out for a while so that it’ll be cheaper, more durable, maybe slimmer, and with a path that is a bit more clear to me. PS3 = YLOD and 360 = RROD. What is the Nintendo equivalent?

          I have kinda droned on here, but I mainly wanted to say that even though I disagree with you in part, I would like to thank you for being objective about the topic. This is one post that I think deserves respect, even if not liked.

        • Kirzan

          I’m a PC Gamer, and I owned a PS3 for 3 years, and I owned multiple 360s which I sold throughout the generation, and I currently own a Wii U. I don’t hate people who purchase, or like, something different than me. One could say I’m not a fanboy of anything. I just play video games, and want access to the games that I enjoy, no matter the system.

          Why do you need to hate others so much? Is it a childhood thing?

      • Richard Yates

        Thats a spot on observation!


      Just be glad they’ll NEVER have an account on Miiverse 😉

    • NkoSekirei

      its getting annoying and trolls most die i mean i respect 360 and ps3 gamers and i dont bash their consoles but these trolls are starting to piss me off wen they start bashing wii u over nothing and it seems they have no life

  • Teves153

    hah GAY!!

  • Pebbicle

    Man I thought that he did the westside sign…

  • Donaalld

    ON TOPIC: In the second part of the interview, I hope that games and actual release dates are discussed. That is the only thing missing in the Wii U equation right now.

    BTW: The full article states “Shigeru Miyamoto clearly believes in the Wii U”… So do I.

  • Fred

    I want to hear that they’ve figured out a good way to bring the gamecube Zelda 4 Swords adventures to Virtual console. That was my favorite zelda game my wife and I loved playing it together.

  • WarioForever

    Guys, the real enemy is not Sony nor Michrosoft, the realy enemies are Smartphones and Tablets. Many people play games on phones and they call themselves as a “gamer”. They don’t know what the real games are and who the real gamers are. They are in the wrong way. So, don’t blame PS4/XBOX720 (future owners) and PC owners for low Wii U sales, blame the stupid “games” on smartphones.
    -sigh-… we live in a stupid society. (not you guys).

    • You cannot bring yourself to blame Nintendo huh? Smartphones did not affect Sony or MS sales!

      • NkoSekirei

        how about stop being a smart@$$

        • I notice that the stronger the truth against Nintendo, the more the hate intensifies. The stronger the lies FOR Nintendo, the love intensifies. You people are trolls.

          • uPadWatcher

            If you hate Nintendo, why the fuck are you here in the first place, Inferioriswhatsup?

          • NkoSekirei

            ur becoming more of an idiot every single post u make do us a favor and stfu u moron and u dont see us bash ps3 and 360 but u and many other trolls need to get a fking life.

          • I notice that the stronger the truth against Nintendo, the more the hate
            intensifies. The stronger the lies FOR Nintendo, the love intensifies.
            You people are trolls.

          • Kirzan

            I noticed that every time someone tells you to “get a life”, your replies fall back to the elementary level of either repeating, or making use of ASCII middle fingers. Immaturity is the keyword here.

            Interesting behavior from an interesting subject. Please continue.

          • You clearly did not notice that it was every time because I only responded a few times. What would your response be is some clown was stalking you for talking about video games?

  • This is why Nintendo has failed. He goes on about shit that no one cares about and even Nintendo does not know what to do with! Who cares about two screens? It seems cool in the short run, but I suspect that it was another would-be gimmick by Nintendo just to sell systems, but of course it backfired because people cannot think of a use for it. Nintendo is still in denial and such arrogance will be their end! I’m ready for the down votes!

    • Sneferie

      Clever and practical uses of hardware innovations don’t come until later into a console’s life cycle. It’s a new dimension of design–OF COURSE companies (besides Nintendo, who has been working with this system for a few years) don’t know what to do with it yet! The World Ends With You didn’t come out until 2008, 4 years after the DS was released. Ubisoft’s first attempt at Wii motion controls with Red Steel was a dud, but Red Steel 2 was very well received.

      The only “arrogant” people here are people like you who think they know more about making consoles than the people who have been doing it for decades and who are currently bathing in the revenue those consoles have brought them, while their “competition” continues to post huge losses.

      • Nintendo is arrogant and they will soon meet their end. Nintendo’s history shows that they always release one of their A games with each new system launch. They failed to do that this time and it may be the reason it is over for them.

        • uPadWatcher

          The only company that’s arrogant and will meet their end right now is Sony. If they price the PS4 at $599.99 or up, you have no one to blame but Kaz Hirai, Jack Tretton, Andy House, and Scott Rohde.

          • I can agree with that. They would be INSANE to do that or to even consider that! $400 HAS TO BE THE MAX.

          • audi lover

            4 gig of gddr5 is 400 in uk gona cost alot more or might even have to pay a monthly subscription for ps4

          • Oh? I don’t know where anyone get’s stand alone GDDR5!

        • Nathaniel Lopez

          I don’t think it’s that serious. The Wii U is selling at an below-acceptable rate, but nothing to worry too much about.

        • audi lover

          Hahah what a sap, hows looking after your consumer and making sure your titles are grade a before release arrogant.. if anything nintendo are the only company that dont deliver shit to there audiance, so many of my 360 and ps3 titles rely on crap solo play and just push multiplayer to get mass sales because most people are sheep and follow the crowd

          • YOU are the sap, buying into the BS of a falling company. As I wrote, Nintendo always released one of their A games with each system, for some reason (trying to get the jump on the comp?) they rushed the Wii U and they do not even know how to make games for it themselves! So, when you people follow Nintendo you are NOT sheep? What you and Nintendo still fail to realize is that gaming has CHANGED and people LOVE playing online because you typically meet other people with real skills (I admit, people on the PC have a lot higher skills that they even give ME a run for my money) and you can always find someone to play against. Nintendo insists upon staying in the past.

            Nintendo is like that fallen singer or movie star who has to keep reminding people of what they DID, not what they are doing or what they plan to do. All while they are doing that, movies are still being made and songs (although garbage) are still being recorded. Nintendo, like Englebert Humperdink, are not longer on top. They both can still sell, but their time has long expired at the top.

    • Donaalld

      Hey pal, didn’t see you down here. Enjoying being voted off the forums, huh?

    • Nathaniel Lopez

      MS and Sony seem to care a lot about 2 screens, seeing as how the PS event promoted it and the 360 promoted the smartglass app on their dashboard a few months ago, it’s becoming a pretty big deal. I’m ready for the up votes!, jk.

      • It’s called “covering your bases.” In case Nintendo had another bright idea/gimmick, they did not want to be caught off guard this time. The bad part is, this time it will be useless for all of them.

        • MetroidZero

          “In case Nintendo had another bright idea/gimmick.”

          The definition of New-Gen console :Innovation: what launches companies forward. The Gamecube was “plug-n-play,” whereas the Wii was “move-n-play.” (The Wii U is like the first 2, but it is more driven on “Remote Play,” [if that makes sense]). So you can’t say the Wii and Gamecube were the same generation, as you have stated earlier.

          Knowledgeiswhatsup, you defined what New-Gen is.


    • NkoSekirei

      the only person that failed real life is u do us all a favor and get a fking life

  • Eli Valentin Villanueva

    Simple, you don´t like talking about NINTENDO….then GTFO from this page! Really hating a console just because you want is stupid. If you are a trully gamer, you will play and enjoy any game in any console. Microsoft, sony and nintendo, as well as PC and apple and android, will remain. Until the day we heard, Nintendo closes! then NINTENDO will dissapear. Have a nice forum

  • Sneferie

    “We strongly feel the transfer speed between those two devices is so strong that it’s not something that can necessarily be achieved by other devices that haven’t been designed specifically with that in mind.” I wonder what devices Miyamoto might be talking about here. Hmmm…

    • You know, but the main question is – who cares? Yeah, Sony is biting off of what Nintendo did, but what use is it? Now if these tow companies cannot find a use (Sony can always back out of it), then that will leave MS to reign supreme as there won’t be any confusion on function.

    • JumpMan

      first, Sneferie, you are awesome. i love all of your comments. second, i’m sorry that troll is aiming at you. and third, LOL ROTFLMAOHAHALAWLZHEHEHE

  • This is why the Wii U has failed and why Nintendo does not get it!


    “At the same time, one of the other things I find particularly
    interesting is, it used to be that when you were playing you had to
    choose whether you would use the television to watch TV or play games.
    With Wii U and the Wii U GamePad you can do both at the same time.
    Similarly, there used to be particular activities that you would perform
    on your computer, like browsing the Internet, and you would have these
    different functionalities or features that you would use different
    devices for. But with Wii U and the Wii U GamePad you can now bring
    these together in one device, and I think that’s ultimately going to
    make your TV, when it’s connected to Wii U, a more useful thing in the

    Who in the hell watches TV and plays games at the same time? WHy would you want to? How can you? The only thin most people will do while playing games is eating or talking on the phone. Why do you need two screens? He has not answered that. How does two screens make the Wii U more useful? I think they just wanted to put the screen on the controller hoping that people would be excited about it while not really knowing what to do with it or it’s uses.

    • Sneferie

      It’s for people who share a living room and a TV with other people, so it’s no wonder you don’t understand it. 😛

      • Uh – well if you must play your console on a small screen, what is the point of getting the Wii U? What is the point of it being HD as you cannot see HD on tiny screens? I don’t get it and you know that you don’t get it either, you are just making excuses.

        • Sneferie

          I guess I wasn’t specific enough, so I’ll make it clearer for you: it is for people who want to keep playing their games while their family or friends use the TV to do something else. The idea is not to use the Gamepad when the TV is available, it’s for when you can’t use the TV, and playing on a small screen is better than not playing at all.

          Go troll somewhere else, please.


      The Wii U has been out 4 months, it’s done better than PS3 in the same time and on par with Vita which had been out a year.

      Was the PS3 a failure?

      Has the Vita already failed?

      Also, you completely missed the point Miyamoto was making about multi tasking. But from what you’ve written it seems you can’t do that, so no wonder you baffled by his statement.

      • While playing a game, you can talk on the phone, listen to music or eat. Have you tried watching TV while playing video games and paying attention to both of them? I am sure that you will come back and say that you have, but you know you are lying. That controller is useless and the public has voted on it and the Wii U is a failure.

        • Sneferie

          Yeah, obviously 3 months is enough time for people to “vote” and conclude that a console is a failure. It worked with the 3DS… oh, wait.

          • Consoles are different. Nintendo can afford to play around with handhelds so no one has taken that title away and probably never will.

        • Nathaniel Lopez

          I can honestly say that I have done both and have been able to pay attention. Also, you’re in the minority of people who think the gamepad is useless, I’m not sure where you voted and got those results but I’m pretty sure it’s not here.


          Yes I can and your in the minority. As for the public voting, you mean fanboy voting right?

          Wait til PS4 comes out, it’ll make Vita look like a whirlwind success!

          • The public voted on Wii U by not buying it.


            As they did with PS360 when it first came out.

            Thanks for proving you know nothing…. again!

          • Same lame arguments. Those systems had cost considerably more than the Wii U and they still sold well considering the cost. What’s the Wii U’s excuse?

        • Kirzan

          Yeah, I WILL tell you I’ve done it! Many times in fact! You’ve obviously never played an MMORPG.

    • Takarashi282

      That’s not the right inquiry. Instead, it should be ‘Who the hell wouldn’t watch TV and play games simultaneously?’ People multi-task a lot in today’s society as it is. This is one of the Wii U’s strengths, not weaknesses.

      And why two screens? Why do people have two screens on their computers? So that the user can see two instances at the same time. Look at the DS series. Why do they have two screens? It’s sure as hell not for show. It can be used in many different ways. It’s the same with the Wii U. Say a developer doesn’t want too much things on the HUD on the top screen. They can put it on the bottom screen, problem solved. Say that a developer wants to use the gamepad as a visor, or controls for a cannon, or other artillery. They can put it on the bottom screen. Say that the developer wants to put video feed through the gamepad while you’re looking at the TV. They put it on the frickin’ gamepad.

      Stop ignoring the possibilities of the Wii U gamepad. Nintendo will succeed and continue to succeed even if Microsoft or Sony fail.

      • You know you have to convince yourself to buy that. The PC has to screens of EQUAL size and it is an OPTION. The DS has screens of the same size. You know damned well that you keep wondering what in the hell they can do with that controller.

        • Takarashi282

          And that is a bad thing? Of course I wonder what they can do with the gamepad. I don’t think of it negatively like you’re demonstrating.

          Give me at least three reasons why the Wii U has failed without reusing your gamepad problems that you shared with us.

    • Nathaniel Lopez

      I actually play games, watch a show, and sometimes listen to music while talking to someone at the same time, so that’s pretty good news for me.

      Also, it’s added convenience to having to wait a sec to open up a menu screen, or you could just shortcut the item you want on the second screen…you know how annoying it is to have to search through your inventory to find a stupid antidote because you where randomly poisoned…you could also use that as a mini-map…hell if they wanted to they could even do live chat in-game…there’s multiple possibilities that I can think of, but as usual Nintendo wants to keep things on the down-low…I prefer it that way anyways.

      • Why would they keep uses for a controller to sell a system on the down low? There are no real uses for this controller.

        • Nathaniel Lopez

          I beg to differ and so does MS and Sony as they are promoting and working on the same essential thing but with smartphone/tablet apps.

          They want to keep it down-low so that the competition doesn’t get wind of some of the things they might be working on, that’s my guess, anyways I’m sure they are working on it; and we’ll mostly likely see them with future updates.

    • Rinslowe

      I do, I like to listen in to the TV, but focus on the game, something on the TV sounds really interesting just pause the game, listen in, un-pause back to mulitasking.
      In any case when you really look at it, this is a pretty poor example of why Nintendo has failed.
      I actually think they’re on to something, maybe that’s just a matter of opinion, but something tells me Nintendo have a healthy future going forward…

  • The load times are hardly even an issue, after the recent update, I don’t think they’re even ten seconds. The only time I have noticed lag on the gamepad is when I’m in the bathroom with the door closed 30 feet away from the system. Even then, the games are still playable which is awesome (having dual band wireless n with a range extender is the best).

    My primary concern with the Wii U is the short battery life of the gamepad, I may end up buying Nyko’s improved battery pack. The 3-4 hours of battery life would not be an issue if I could use the Wii U Pro controller or Wii remote for Netflix and other apps. I would like to see Nintendo implement the ablity to use the system with the gamepad being turned off (not just the display turned off). The Wii U Pro Controller and Wii Remotes should be usable for all applications (except of course games that require the gamepad).

    The ability to play games while my wife watches TV is a very nice feature and I thank Nintendo for the feature. Sony’s remote play with the Vita is a joke, the lag is horrendous and hardly any games support it. As far as graphics/specs go, I think the system is more than capable and I have a gaming pc rig (best of both worlds). You buy a Nintendo console to play Nintendo games, duh. Sony and Microsoft don’t have much of anything to offer I can’t get on the PC. I sold my 500 gb PS3 and Vita to help finance building my PC and getting the Wii U.

    • Sneferie

      tbh I haven’t noticed much of an improvement in speed after the update. What really bothers me about the interface though is that you can’t multitask–have the Internet Browser open at the same time as Miiverse, for instance. At the very least, the friends list should be accessible from within Miiverse.

      • Nathaniel Lopez

        Yeah, I thought the same as well, but I’m sure that can be remedied with an update. Hopefully maybe even in the upcoming one. The most recent update wasn’t really a speed update but was rather just to make the system more stable, for whatever reason.

    • Rinslowe

      In comparison to the other consoles, Wii U’s UI is pretty slow TBH, but it is also doing a lot more…
      Surely can be sorted in a future update as they say.
      Still, funnily enough, it doesn’t impact the overall experience for me, so no biggie.

  • Does anyone else use the Wii U gamepad while they take a dump?

    • I admit nothing….. 😉


      I want Ninty to start selling additional Gamepads just so I can park one next to the crapper 🙂

    • MetroidZero

      If Battlefield 4 comes out for Wii U, we wouldn’t need “crap-buckets” to reach Level 100 Colonel. Just move from TV to toilet.

  • dat picture :/

  • Rinslowe

    Nintendo is the new black….
    The old white….
    And father of the gaming industry as we know it.

  • wober2

    It is awesome that there are so many fellow nintendo fans. I think it is a sad day when the best game in people’s opinion is just a technical feat of engineering like crysis games. I have been really enjoying 3ds games lately, if they can bring that variety to the wiiu i am happy camper.

  • Rinslowe

    Shigeru Miyamoto is such a low key dude… Do you think he knows how much the MAN he really is?

    • MadCrain

      I imagine he wakes up in the morning, and goes off running to hug the most bad-ass human in the whole world, and hits the mirror.

      • Rinslowe

        Lol, that’s awesome.

        If there is one dude I could meet in person it would be Shigeru Miyamoto, above all others…

        • MadCrain

          Gah me too, And have him sign EVERYTHING I own, even if it’s not Nintendo related xDD

  • fireheartis1

    You know what I would like is for Mr. Miyamoto to give the true specs of the Wii and shut the Micrsoft and Sony fanboys up. look at Pikimin 3 and tell me that doesn’t look photo realistic. Only an idiot would say other wise, and of course there are a million of those around. If Mr. Miyamoto puts the true specs on display it would cause a major stir. I know that’s not Nintendo’s style but it sure as heck would get people to notice the little system that could.

  • Prove my point that even Nintendo does not know what to do with the Wii U:


    “From my perspective, I think ideally it would have been nice if we’d been able to release Pikmin 3 closer to launch, but the Wii U — though it shares the Wii name — is
    obviously a brand new system, with new chips and graphical capabilities.
    It can do a lot more, and in the process of developing a lot of the
    features and functionality, the resources required to best utilize those
    features drew on some of the same resources that might have been spent
    developing games, thus we weren’t able to bring quite as robust a lineup

    At the same time, we still have new things to learn about how to
    leverage the features and functionalities of Wii U in ways that create
    fun and interesting new ways to play, including new gameplay systems. As
    we become even more familiar with the hardware, we’ll be able to do
    more from a software standpoint. That’s an area we’re currently devoting
    resources to.”

    Translation: We don’t know how to use the dam system so we could not get anything out of it. If wii don’t know how to use it, how can we expect others to?

  • I will continue to return until these delusional nintendo fangirls get the point! Just last week the pathetic PS Vita destroyed the crap u in sales; 66000 to 28000. How pathetic that the crap u can’t even hit 30,000 units sold. I’ve said once I’ll say it again: This is the little n’s last home console. RIP wii u

    • audi lover

      Your such a tool, vita hahaha 66000, 3ds just shipped and sold 17mill, your a complete dick compairing handheld gaming to consoles people are living in time of recession, just like you who cant obviously afford a wii u anyway hahahahaha, go play with your Iphone your just a sheep

  • I don’t think gamers want photo-realistic graphics. There always has to be an element of fantasy in every game. If you have a photo-realistic shooter where dead bodies stay on the field in the exact state a real maimed body would look, gamers would suffer trauma. These images would stay in their heads and it would not be a good situation once people can’t start to tell the difference between the video game world and the real world.

  • Chiwawa

    miyamoto: challenge denied.

  • C.S. Bailey

    Storing media, I have no problem with. My problem is finding media to download, and how long it takes to do it.

    BTW, if you haven’t picked up a HD yet, I highly suggest the one available at
    GS. Yes, you can find a bigger, cheaper one, but there’s no guesswork involved.

  • Gabriel

    I’m a huge Xbox guy but I have to say I also love my wii u for various things. (Ps4 seems lame ) at the end of the day every system adds there own thing to the table, but I have to say nintendo is the one that is always innovating and trying to do something different. Witch is a good thing. What all these people have to understand is that nintendo is a company of dreamers not followers sometimes it works sometimes it dosnt but they try. And let’s not forget they have thee best ip for any console I don’t give a shit if your a huge halo fan or god of war fan. Nintendo has amazing ip’s Zelda, Mario (he does everything and he does it well), pikmin, metroid, Pokemon, smash, and every other good game out there. I’m not saying Xbox n Sony don’t do things rite if anything they execute currently but only because Nintendo took the first step.

    My the force be with all of you

  • John Madsen

    actually i love the wii u and as far as i am concerned they can kiss my can all these people that badmouth something they have never owned or used and store displays dont count sorry