Jun 27th, 2012

Wii U achievementsThere’s no denying that Nintendo legend Shigeru Miyamoto gets the final say on a lot of what Nintendo does. He certainly gets to voice his opinion and affect the design of everything from games, to consoles, to accessories, and online services. In a new interview with IGN, Miyamoto touches on many aspects of the Wii U, including the Miiverse, user generated content, Wii U achievements, and more.

Miyamoto says that the idea for Miiverse initially came from Wii Fit, where players see their own Mii, and the Miis of their family. The idea of the Wii U is to take that to the next level, and create a Mii Universe — hence Miiverse — where players can interact with their friends and fellow players. Miyamoto also said that Nintendo is aiming to make Miiverse more social, closer and intimate than the usual social networks of today. This might explain why Nintendo will be heavily policing Miiverse when it launches.

Regarding Wii U achievements, Shiggy said that they’re looking to make achievements and awards very easy to see and use. He mentioned one feature in particular that Nintendo is implementing into New Super Mario Bros U. Here, if you die at a certain spot several times in a row, the player will automatically see comments from other players who have beaten that spot, for hints and tips on how to complete the level.

Surprisingly, Miyamoto ended by saying that Nintendo’s aim is to make the Wii U GamePad controller the “most looked at screen” in the house, even more than the TV itself.

For the full interview, head on to IGN.

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  • Wii Uoops!

    Miiverse will be S.I.C.K.

    • AwayToHit


  • swic11

    I’m personally not that excited for Miiverse, but its at least a step in the right direction with social gaming. And we all know how Nintendo is with change.

  • EponaVsCrimsonLoftwing

    “more closer”…. sorry to point that out, but it should just be closer dude. Don’t you just love when we spell check you in the comments 🙂

    • Wii U Daily staff

      Fixed, thanks! Don’t you just love it when we actually read the comments and fix stuff 🙂

      • jat

        lol. Every1 knows that only one person runs this site. …staf…But you are doing a good job

  • CyanideInsanity

    Definitely sound like Nintendo is taking the correct path with this. The only thing I am truly hoping for is party chat. I enjoy being able to talk to friends without having to play the same exact multiplayer game.

    • Brandon

      I agree but they need good multiplayer games first for core gamers. We might be getting CoD. Confirm for core ganers please cuz mario online aint gonna cut it

  • bob

    so when do we get a forum!

    • Wii U Daily staff

      Very soon. We’re working hard on a new version of Wii U Daily, which will include a forum.

  • The Baconater

    Hopefully I can get money for making youtube vids so I can get this. Btw I will make vids on wii games just putting that ot there 🙂

  • Brandon

    Thats going to be huge mistake. If they want gamepad to be most looked at screen in house they sould use a better screen (Its said to look llike the ds screen). Also why did I buy the tv. Come on nintendo quit messing up)

    • yannis

      it would be nice to have a hd screen on gamepad,,,

    • You Know People Copy Nintendo For a Reason

      Hate it? Don’t use it use the Wii u pro controller or the WII controller.

  • david6

    Will the Nexus 7 just anounced be competition?, a new tablet made by google. It has 4core cpu w/ 12 core gpu, said to play 3d games as good as modern consoles, it can band connect to t.v. and play movies in 1080i. has online wifi; all for $199.

    Its things like this why nintendo needs to be more competitive, wii u not even out yet and a tablet already caught up to it.

    • silentbates

      i do not care about google. i came for my daily dose of information about wiiu. stop brining up other stuff! i can never look at a page to read other peoples thoughts about the system without having someone like u soiling the page…golly…gee…wilikers?

  • 3ds guy

    The controller screen will look like wot u see on ur tv it will be loads better than a ds.I cant wait to try miiverse although i think it should be called umiiverse.

  • Brandon

    Funny my comment about how the gamepad screen looks like the ds (Read in mag) And it gets hidden cuz people dont like! That sould tell nintendo something

    • silentbates

      you are a bum. leave and never come back! u gosh dern hippie! boohoo you got downvoted because other people dont like your oppinion what do you want
      Wii U Daily staff to do for you? get you a cookie with a frownie face with a thumbs down?

    • You Know People Copy Nintendo For a Reason

      Brandon You are an Idiot! The buttons and the size look like a DS? Wow you need better Eyesight WAIT A SECOND Fat pigs like you don’t deserve to see LET ALONE LIVE

      • Master Swordsman

        that was a bit harsh

  • Joyous Killer

    F%*# you Brandon…… Stop whining you Nintendo hater…..Its not your company so why should you care? Don’t buy it! Problem Solved Idiot -_-