Mar 7th, 2013


Shigeru Miyamoto is gearing up for the release of Pikmin 3 by talking about many of the aspects of the game with GameSpot. In a recent interview with the site, Miyamoto has discussed the direction the game takes and how it grew from a Wii project with emphasis on Wii peripherals for controls into a Wii U game with a new method of control. Of course, Miyamoto’s primary focus for the game was how new hardware can expand the experience for gamers:

In the case of Pikmin 3, we’ve taken an approach with that game where we really want to take what made the original Pikmin game unique and really simply go deeper with that experience.

And so what we’ve done is by taking advantage of the GamePad–the second screen there–and the HD graphics that are capable with Wii U and the higher processor–we’ve really been able to take that original Pikmin experience and do something that is much deeper and more fleshed out this time around.

…When I create a game, I don’t necessarily always try to approach it from the idea of leveraging every feature or every ability of that new piece of hardware. In the case of Pikmin in particular, the approach that we took was really less of an approach of how can we […] take advantage of what the Wii U is doing, per se, and instead how can we take what was that Pikmin experience and really make it a deeper experience for players.

So of course we’re taking advantage of the graphics and improving the play control and whatnot and I guess if you were to look at it more broadly, you might not necessarily say that it would be impossible to do it on another system. But I guess speaking plainly, the idea is really that Wii U is the best system to be able to achieve all of the different things that we’re trying to do with this new Pikmin game. One of the biggest features of Pikmin 3 is the fact that you have the map on the GamePad at all times and because Pikmin is a strategy game, it’s the type of game that you might play the same levels over and over again. Having that map–and the fact that you have the three different leaders that you switch between to command your Pikmin–and having the touchscreen on the map will allow you to change perspective or jump to a specific leader and quickly give orders. It makes it much more efficient for you to achieve the goals that you have strategically within the game.

Of course many people want to know Miyamoto’s thoughts on how Nintendo’s new console has been doing, especially with the game drought we’ve experienced for the past two months. Miyamoto admits that the concept of the system is a hard sell for many people, but once people experience it for themselves, they can see the value of the system, even at its current price point.

I think it’s very common for Nintendo products to be the type of thing that until you play it, you don’t really understand how fun it is. Wii had an advantage, because watching people play it looked interesting. When you saw other people playing a game that looked interesting. But even then, it was still the type of thing that you had to play it for yourself to confirm. And once you played Wii, people had instantly a lot of fun. And what that did was reinforce for them that what they had seen was in fact true. Certainly, I think that helped Wii.

From that perspective, I think Wii U certainly has a little bit more of a challenge because it doesn’t have that ‘looking-fun’ element to it. But I think that as people bring it into the living room and begin to play it, particularly when you experience with five people, you really do get a sense for how fun Wii U is. And I think that’s the key; to try to get as many people to try it out as possible. Even with Wii, if people played a game, but it wasn’t fun, it would’t have had the result that it did. So I think the key for us is continuing to focus on the fun of our products.

…I think the key thing is to give more people more opportunity to come in contact with the system and play it. One of the things in Japan that we had been doing, is we had been careful because we wanted to make sure people understood it properly. We had been giving as many opportunities for people to try it out at demo units, at retail, or ensuring that there was somebody there to demonstrate and make sure that they were getting a proper understanding. But I think what we’re finding now is we really just need to get as many people as possible to get their hands on the system so that they can see how fun it is.

Miyamoto has most definitely hit the nail on the head with people not realizing how fun Nintendo products can be until they played them. I was a skeptic myself until I played the system at last year’s E3 and saw first hand how games like Pikmin 3 and The Wonderful 101 are bringing unique controls and in-depth gameplay to the system. What do you think of the interview? Do you agree with what Miyamoto has said and are you excited about Pikmin 3? Let us know in the comments below.

[via GameSpot UK]

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  • I wholeheartedly agree. You have no idea how many people I’ve convinced that the Wii U is an amazing system simply by having them play it with a group of friends.

    • Fred

      Thank you zorpix I wish more people would help out the cause. I’ve done that, but I’ve also talked with random strangers in Walmart and Best Buy that I’ve seen looking at the Wii U and almost every time I’ve talked them into buying one. I also wrote an article for the local paper (they’re usually willing to publish these)

      • Purple3DSXL

        Lol, when I saw the link I clicked on it and realized I’d read this article before. Thanks for sharing it again though. You did a good job on this article!

        • andrewjcole

          Me too.

      • XD I’ve talked like, 4 or 5 people into buying one. it’s awesome

    • Silent

      I like that Nintendo encourages you to play with friends, Instead of being a nolifed dork playing videogames all day.

  • incoherent1

    The fun factor is definitely true (and the need for people to experience it themselves before they understand it and want to buy one), but I’d argue that’s true of any technology — be it a Wii U, an iPad, or something else.

    I’d argue the Wii U’s problem is actually two steps behind that because people don’t know it exists. I’ve found myself explaining over and over to friends and family that my Wii U is this new console that isn’t a Wii and does new things. Not to mention, there’s a huge gap from knowing something exists to wanting to try it: the reaction I get after explaining it is “Oh, I didn’t know that there was a new system” not “Oh, wow! I have to try it because I’m curious if it’s fun”. We all know Nintendo needs to market the system more, but marketing alone won’t bridge that gap.

    That said, I’m very excited for Pikmin 3 and have high hopes for it (and Wii U broadly).

    • Fred

      Over 3 million Wii U’s sold. If all 3 million of us would follow your example and explain it to people and invite people over to play it sales would skyrocket. I think it’s up to all of us.
      What’s in it for us you ask? The more Wii Us on the market the more games they’ll make for it!

  • Donaalld

    With Pikmin 3 and Lego City on the horizon, our game drought’s days are numbered. This is a GREAT time to have a Wii U.

    • Nintedward

      I just went and pre ordered , NFSMW U , MHU and Lego City U all today ! and Luigi’s mansion 2 😀 Best time ever to be a NIntendo gamer!

      On topic – Pikmin 3 is gunna be the best game ever , mark my words (slight exageration) !!!!!

      • lonewolf88

        im going to pre order MHU today or tomorrow happy hunting!

      • NkoSekirei

        ive alrdy got monster hunter ultimate,lego city undercover and bayonetta 2 on ppreorders but ill probably pick up need for speed on the same day i go pick up the 2 games i got preorder this month

    • Had it not been for the delay of Rayman: Legends, the drought would already be over.

    • GermGerm

      I have never had much appeal to the Lego games…but I will be honest, I have never played one. They look like they are for little kids. I mean, they ARE Lego’s… are these games actually pretty good?

      • Donaalld

        Lego games actually are pretty good. I recommend giving it a try. However, it will come down to YOUR game taste.

        • GermGerm

          🙂 Thanks. I hope there is a demo!

        • dylanbob121

          who are you and what have you done with donaald?

          • Donaalld

            As stated before… I am the new don in town. Pleased to Meetcha! To those who actually enjoy being trolled, I’ll refer you to our new friend KnowNothn.

          • sonictheplumber911

            i like you more than the other Donaalld. keep it up pal! 🙂

      • Potemkin

        You should really give them a try! Lego Batman is awesome!

      • Quicksilver88

        Some of the lego games have been very fun and always have a sort of cheeky humor to them. This new lego game actually looks much less blocky than the other games….plus most the other games are mostly clever knock offs of movie plots and undercover is an original story….I hope it turns out as cool as the hype

      • TheLast

        Do you know what an AFOL is?

    • Gabe Hoffman

      Donald actually saying good thing bout Nintendo this is new

      • Silent

        I still dont believe anything coming from him. You know first impression and all that.

        • DK_Hadouken

          Yeah, because he’s not the same guy.

      • DK_Hadouken

        The real Donaald changed his name and this joker is acting like it’s him. I say joker because I can’t stand a fake happy troll.

        Donaald-classic goes by Knowledgeiswhatsup.

  • jcnba28

    Release the game already!!!

    • Eli Braden


    • Fred

      Or at least give us a release date I have no clue when it’s coming out

  • I can’t wait for this game! It’s taken so long for it to come out, but I know it’ll be worth the wait.

  • See, Nintendo keep talking about HD graphics as if it is new when they are very late to the game.

    • Nintedward

      Not really. Considering most of PS3 and 360 games arent’ even native 720p lol.

      Here’s the funny thing , Nintendo will be able to make JAW DROPPING graphics with HD much better than most of their competition can.

      Zelda Wiiu will look as good as a PS4 or 720 game , calling it now.

      • Kieran Sedgwick

        As much as I love the Wii U, and Zelda, you’re wrong.

        No offense. Go watch Capcom’s (in-game) Deep Down demo from the PS4 announcements and you’ll understand what I mean.

        • Nintedward

          No , you’re wrong. Go and watch the Zelda tech demo on Wiiu and you will see what I mean.

        • Gamefreak361

          You’re a bit misinformed.

      • You are wrong, most are 720P and the new systems (I assume) will all be 1080P native, while the Wii U bragged about 1080P native when most are 720P.

        • Kyle Berger

          What do you expect from a launch title?

          • I expect them to take advantage of the system. It is not as if the tools to do so have not been around and used for years you know.

        • I’ll be downvoted likely but you are right with that. Nintendo said every WiiU game would run native 1080 but from what I also hear (as I don’t have a WiiU) most games are indeed running 720P and not 1080P as promised.
          I don’t like it much either but with his comment he is right…

          • Kyle Berger

            when did Nintendo say all games would run native 1080p?

          • Gamefreak361

            I don’t recall that either.

          • mchelski

            Nintendo never said they would be native 1080, actually, NSMBU is 720p. It does not mean, however, that wii u can’t go 1080p

          • They said on e3 2012 that it WOULD RUN native 1080P on all games, but truth is that not all games run 1080P.

            Now pls don’t turn around my answer by stating that I said WiiU “can’t” run 1080P because I never said it can’t, I know it CAN and much better then PS360 may I add, yet not all games do it, maybe because most are ports, but likely starting from LC:U and MH3U, upcoming games will run 1080P. Fact is N “did” state wiiu would run all games 1080P. But they should have said WiiU “can” run all games native 1080P, but not all launch games will do that, only a few launch games will run 1080P

          • mchelski

            I’m not a native english speaker, but I believe that WOULD is different than WILL, being the former more a suggestion,a possibility, not as certain

          • No problem I just try to state what Nintendo said, in the sentence (first one of my reply to you) Nintendo said WiiU would run all games 1080P, as in an easier sentence maybe it’s like this: “Nintendo said that all games on WiiU will be native 1080p” but they should have said “All games on WiiU “can” be native 1080p, but not all games “will” use this feature.

            Anyway enough on this before people start calling me a troll too 😛
            All in all Pikmin looks super slick and it will be 1080p. So that’s awesome. Nonetheless Pikmin is not the type of game for me and therefore I will not get it myself, I look most forward to Lego City undercover, X and Zelda for the time being (the new Zelda game sceduled for 2014, I’ll pass on WW hd).

          • mchelski

            we are just having a healthy conversation, btw, I’m really into WW since 10 years ago I was a college student and had no money at all to buy all games I wish, I only borrowed kaze no takuto and could never finish =(

          • Apart from the artstyle (which I personally didn’t like and for that didn’t like ww much at all) the story in ww was awesome, if it just used a different Art style it could’ve been one of my favorites.

            Mostly the greatest dissapointment was from the GC tech demo which later became TP, but for me seeing a whole new darker artstyle for Zelda which I loved about the tech demo, to only see a cartoon style as final product really dissapointed me, from that my somewhat grudge to ww came.

            Then we got the tech demo about Zelda for wiiu which is also awesome, but soon after that Nintendo said the “new” Zelda for wiiu will be more like the SS artstyle, and I’m very satisfied with that 🙂

          • Gamefreak361

            True story.

          • They did say that which is why when this site was first put up, so many bragged about the Wii U being able to have all games in “trueHD” 1080P, unlike the other two. Obviously since they lied (as usual), you people did not hear that!

          • Gamefreak361

            The console is new, so give it time. Knowledge is jut quick to criticise.

          • That’s true, and the main reason why I haven’t bought the WiiU yet myself, the majority of the games as is now don’t really appeal to me,I’m no fan of party games and my friends are either pc gamers or PS fanatics, so the multiplayer fun games are not for me.

            That’ll change soon though with LC:U, MH3U, Bayonetta 2 and X around the corner (ar least I hope for the last 2) WiiU finally get’s really interesting to me, but until then I’ll stick with my Wii, PS2 and 3DS at the moment.

            I can’t judge WiiU so short after it’s release. And I have no intention to do so either, if for some reason it feels like that I’m judging the WiiU on it’s performance while it’s been available for a mere 3.5 months now and some people feel offended by it, then I’m sorry it was never my intention to do so.

          • I voted you up because I like impartiality and not trolling in favor of a system, which IS trolling too.

      • Silent

        Even if Nintendo doesnt have better graphics than Sony or CrappySoft, Nintendo is more reliable, therefore you dont have to run around every 1 or 2 years to get a new version of the same console.

    • Donaalld

      See, Nintendo keep delivering on the magic. Keep on standing strong Nintendo!

    • WiiUltra

      We all know HD graphics aren’t new, but keep in mind that this is Nintendo’s first HD console. Therefore it is new for them to develop games in HD.

      • Yeah, but they keep talking HD as if it is new. Almost as if it is now special because Nintendo is doing it.

        • Donaalld

          Yeah, but they keep delivering the magic. BTW Do you feel special being down voted off the forums?

          • Kyle Berger

            I don’t know why but I suddenly have a respect for you. maybe it is because you haven’t said anything stupid in a while. keep it up 🙂

          • The new Donaalld is fake

          • Donaalld

            If you miss talkn to the old don, he changed his name to KnowNothn. You can generally find him at the bottom of the post because of the downvote. Have fun!

          • Nah.. he is posting using the same foul language and trolling hate commentary. I know who he is. Probably the one downgrading my posts anyway but I don’t care

          • Gamefreak361

            I think some get aroused from it.

          • No, I feel special that someone has to take much time to try and impersonate me!

        • Eli Braden

          it is special cause nintendo innovates but all sony and microsoft do is put a mega processor in it and some slightly better graphics and somehow its “cool”

          Who needs periods? LOL

          • Oh, so Nintendo innovating by finally getting HD after ten YEARS is cool? Hell, when MS and Sony went HD, I thought that they were jumping the gun, but I see that they were right on point. The HD aspect is part of what made me get the 360.

          • Silent

            Oh so Sony Innovated by the PS move right? and Microsoft with the SmartGlass? And people say the wii remote looks like a **ck

          • No straws please, stick to the topic.

          • Silent

            Exactly. I dont want to play the same thing all over again with the same type of control and everything. Graphics is not greater than fun

      • bizzy gie

        Okay? The PS3 was Sony’s first HD console and the 360 didn’t put HD into their console until 2010 which was only 3 years ago. The other companies are as new to HD as Nintendo is.

    • bizzy gie

      Very late? Considering your Xbox didn’t get HD until the 2010 remodel, I’d say 2 years later isn’t late at all.

      • Clearly you are too inexperienced to participate in such a discussion. Xbox 360 was HD out of the gate. HDMI was not the only means to get HD then. HDMI was just coming out then. HD is the resolution, not a cable.

        • bizzy gie

          The only other way to get HD then was by component cable. Even the Wii can support that.

          • Oh, now you look it up really quick and are now an expert? The component cables were used for more than just HD, it was used for progressive scanning which is the “P” at the end of numbers like 720 or 1080. The Wii supported 480P, which is not an HD resolution. It was clearly added for better compatibility with HD displays.

          • bizzy gie

            I didn’t do “quick research”. I’ve known that FOREVER. I’ve also known what the “p” in resolution numbers have stood for FOREVER. If you’re just finding that information out now, that’s sad for someone who claims to be so fact-based.

            On topic: Resolution is separate from graphics. The Wii can emit a 1080i (the “i” stands for interlaced) resolution via a component cable. No it’s not 1080p, but it’s still the same resolution. The only downside to 1080i is that the image running in that resolution is more susceptible to flickering over larger screens.

            Even if the component wasn’t running in HD resolution, the images still looked sharper with better color contrast and lighting.

          • You did not a quick research if you think that the Wii can do 1080i! Component cables go up to 1080i, but the Wii is a Gamecube and it can only do 480P. Why argue common knowledge?

          • bizzy gie

            Okay. So here’s your f*cked up logic: Because the Wii is backwards compatible with an older console, it IS that console. So does that mean that because the Wii U is fully backwards compatible with the Wii, it’s a Wii and since a Wii is a GameCube, the Wii U is actually a GameCube and the Wii U doesn’t have HD?

            Oh right, right. This common knowledge buddy. Huh? EVERYBODY knows this. Silly me comming in and trying to argue your holy BS with my crappy legitimate facts.

          • This is not fucked up logic, this is actual FACT! The Wii is an overclocked GC! Of course you (like most loser of arguments like to do) throw in another system to try and rearrange your having been wrong, but the Wii U CPU is based on the Wii, this is why it can emulate the Wii perfectly. You need to learn about technology instead of worrying about the games only, if you want to argue.

          • bizzy gie

            Well if that’s the case, then EVERY console EVER made was just an overclocked version of its predecessor. Or does that only apply to Nintendo consoles because they succeed where Sony and Microsoft fail (backwards compatibility)?

            You’ve proven that you can’t comprehend this discussion in any sense. As of now, you’ve convinced me that you’re a complete moron. Stick to the topic. Actually, don’t bother (even though your childish mind won’t be able to resist replying). I’m not entertaining this anymore. Like I stated previously, there’s NO hope for you. You are a child and nothing more. Then again, what’s to be expected from an Xbot?

          • It only applies to Nintendo because they are the only ones using the same hardware and overclocks it and resells it as another system.

          • bizzy gie

            Oh ok. Right. So uh…how many consoles have you built for Nintendo? I’m suprised they let a ten-year-old work for them.

    • andrewjcole

      It’s big for them because it’s their first one. They have the rights to be hyped up about it.

  • You dont say?

  • lonewolf88

    getting pikmin 3 monster hunter ultimate and lego city undercover wii u will dominate this year!

  • WiiLuigi

    Nintendo should do a cross country tour with the U. Bring demos with them. Start at the world store and drop Pikmin already!!!!!

  • I got introduced to a taste of Pikmin playing Nintendo Land and I actually borrowed Pikmin 1 and 2 for the Wii from a friend and I enjoyed the games so I think Pikmin 3 is on my list of games to get.

  • Justin Lee

    Will there be a demo? Never played pikmin before.

  • Fred

    Has Miyamoto ever said if Pikmin 3 will have miltiplayer?

  • SirDjss

    To sign a petition for the game Tomb Raider on wii u go here , i have done it 😀 its importent for us WII U owners to do this so SIGN it 😀 link

    • SirDjss

      yes i reply to myself wondering what moron down votes my post ?! i cant see anything wrong with helping gaming comunity ?!

      • Nintendude

        It’s because you’re not staying on topic….

        • SirDjss

          well i should be voted up for trying to get awsome games to the wii u. but if thats how its gonna be then i will stop :/

          • Nintendude

            It’s good to help get games on the Wii U, but if you’re going to do it, you should probably do it in the forums. 🙂

  • Nintendofreak

    looks good….perhaps to good

  • DemonRoach

    I’m sure he’ll make all 5-12 year olds proud.

    • Silent

      Im sure you will shut up. I wonder why the new disqus hasnt banned you yet

  • dylanbob121

    I WAS exited for this game,then nintendo announces tons of new wii u games.I can’t be exited for this when theres a slew of new games coming!

  • Johny

    nice… it really true what he said… and totaly support it..
    the only thing they do have to work on besides showing people how fun it is, is ADVERTISE their product.. so people : 1. know wii u exists, 2. know it is not a wii accessory, 3. its a new console
    do that too nint. and your success is guarantied

  • Leave a message…Can I say the fact wii u sold last month came to one hundred thousand as high figure as the fact no game releases over last two months.Am impressed with that number!

  • Leave a message…I would guess june for release for both pikmin and wonderful 101

    • Morley94

      I heard from Gamestop it was releasing in May alongside Wii Fit U. But what do they know really…

  • Robert

    why can i still see your comment?

    • Silent


    • Revolution5268

      and they say they will fix this sites comments….bs

    • Donaalld

      Up votes and down votes currently seem to only effect a posts PLACEMENT, not a posts VISIBILITY. (Not sure the trigger for “this comment awaits moderation.”) As of now, downvoting DemonRoach seems to only effects his placement within LiiLuigi’s master comment on the cross country tour. However, because DemonRoach is the only one (so far) who responded directly to WiiLuigi’s original comment, there is nowhere for his post to move down.

      Hope this helps.

  • DemonRoach

    This game will suck. Just like the previous to. It’s a bit of a joke that Nintendo is committing so much resources to the game.

    • Silent

      Watch Node’s Mario Chase and tell me the wii U and its first party games are not fun. Yeah i thought so.

  • Rinslowe

    I know gameplay is more important than visuals overall, and I personally believe that. But I do hope Nintendo can make this a native 1080p title too! 🙂

  • Silent


  • WiiLuigi

    Lol. That’s foul. But seriously the wii u is very entertaining. For me anyways. I have not put it down since I bought it and I got it at launch. I don’t know how people pay 60 bucks for a game and put it down the next two minutes. People want hardcore next gen games play with it 5 minutes and put it down. What happened to mastering games? All you nay Sayers (sp?) will jump on the band wagon once better games are released (to your standards anyways) because for me it’s a great experience. Remember wii was not about graphics there was a problem. Not that it is bout graphics it is a problem? People will never be happy. Let the developers know what they got their hands on and wait. Wait and see. Then we’ll be getting the games you want and then people like you will be saying stuff like “I never once denied the wii u, it’s amazing!” SMH.

  • Madmagican

    I definitely agree that Wii U is something you truly have to experience before you understand how amazing it is. Even after you’ve experienced it, playing with 5 people at once is an extemely unique/fun experience
    As to Pikmin 3, …I CAN’T WAIT MUCH LONGER!!!!

  • Pikachief

    how bout its not selling because people DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT IT IS.

  • dgallo911

    Nintendo should go speak to Blizzard and get Star Craft or War Craft running on the Wii U. Competitive multiplayer is huge in some countries (hell, even korea has a 24/7 tv channel streaming the battles) and it would be awesome playing with the tablet controller.