Jul 5th, 2013


The Wii U is Nintendo’s first foray into high definition gaming and it’s showing in development times for their announced games. Shigeru Miyamoto recently explained that Nintendo’s development teams have struggled to adapt to the HD era, resulting in numerous delays for their titles. Despite these delays, Miyamoto confirms that these growing pains are almost over for the company.

“When it comes to the scale of software development, Wii U with HD graphics requires about twice the human resources than before. Please allow me to explain that we may have underestimated the scale of this change and as a result, the overall software development took more time than originally anticipated just as we tried to polish the software at the completion phase of development. However, we are almost out of this phase, and we are also trying to create something unique utilizing an easier development approach called “Nintendo Web Framework.”

It’s interesting to see such a famed designer as Miyamoto admit that his company has had trouble transitioning into the HD era, as it’s been painfully obvious to everyone watching Nintendo’s development cycles so far. Hopefully the realization that HD development requires many more resources will lead Nintendo to plan accordingly so that future games for the Wii U can be released in a timely manner.

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  • I think they’re going to fix it and come out stronger than ever!

  • Super Buu

    Some of Nintendo’s studios need more developers.

    • The Clockwork Being

      Like Retro

      • Super Buu


      • Shaise

        And I’m hoping to work there when I’m older!

        • Clel

          I always wanted to go live in Japan. Really interesting place, and very different from the rest of the world. But mostly because I could work for Nintendo there XD
          One day, one day

          • Adrian

            You could work for Nintendo here (in the U.S.) too. I live like 30 miles from Nintendo, and my friend’s bro works there. Haha. I Have friends working at Microsoft too, since they are also right around the corner.

          • willweinert

            Yeah, I’m a short drive from Retro!

          • Adrian


          • Clel

            However, that kind of work is more like marketing and business and scriptwriting, but I’m a programmer.

          • Adrian

            Yeah, my friend’s bro does localization on the script I think. I don’t know how much game dev happens in Redmond, but there should be some, you would think.

        • DragonSilths

          Retro’s lost the magic they had before. 1 guy quit working for Retro after the DKC TF reveal. He never wanted to spend 3 years making it, thought it was a bad decision. After the reveal and all the unhappiness he realized leaving was the right choice.

          • Madmagican

            Nah, Retro’s still a very young 2nd party (they’ve only made like 4 games) one man leaving is hardly a bad sign… unless he was a significant part of the team

          • DragonSilths

            He was one of the few people who had been around since Retro Studios was created. Most of the original team now is gone. He was saying the young guys brought in were trying to change the direction that Retro normal goes. He wouldn’t name names, but the guys from Naughty Dog and Uncharted were trying to take over.

          • Shaise

            1.) Maybe I could bring some magic?
            2.) Retro hasnt even lost any magic! There not like Rare ( who definately has ), & Donkey kong country TF seems like a great game, alot of people are excited for it

      • Davidson

        Retro did hire quite a few developers from Naughty Dog and Vigil Games last year.

        • Mario

          They did? Does that mean the they’re trying to make games with a similar style like Uncharted and The last of Us?

          • Mason742

            No, it means they want help with metroid.

          • Mario

            That makes sense.

    • The thing about Nintendo is that they hire differently than most other companies. The most common practice among most other developers is that they do a period of mass-hiring for an announced project and upon completion of that project, they do a mass letting go of these developers. That’s why many developers are freelancers, rather than full-on in-house hires.

      But Nintendo selects their developers more selectively, and hire developers more long-term than most other developers. They like to keep their developers and grown them internally, typically to have them raised in the traditions of Nintendo.

      This is very evident with their leadership (Miyamoto, Sakurai, Aonuma, Konno, and even Mr. Iwata himself–all started as in-house developers, growing to be company veterans). This is even more evident by Nintendo’s move last year of having the heads take a pay cut rather than letting a bunch of developers go.

      This all reflects more with their second-party developers, as well. Intelligent Systems is pretty much like an extra department to Nintendo itself, The Pokemon Company has always wanted to be a focused (and thus smaller) subsidiary of Nintendo, and Retro Studios seems to purposely keep the studio rather concentrated–as they don’t seem to do a whole lot of mass-hiring, though they did recently do some hiring.

      Nintendo overall operates quite differently than most others, due to their own company philosophy of keeping and harboring developers. They also have to deal with managing those in-house developers across several departments, to work on several first-party games at once–again, unlike all the studios that Sony and Microsoft buy to develop their games, who work on these two companies’ repertoire of games collectively.

      If anything, I think Nintendo just needs more second-party studios rather than flooding the current second-party studios extraneously. That’d probably be a better solution to better meet their philosophy, I think.

      • Saul Strange

        Good points and a great post 🙂 Investing in some new 2nd party studios would be a wise move methinks.

      • Ice Climbers

        While I do agree with you, Retro and Intelligent Systems are 1st party. Nintendo should buy Atlus and Platinum Games.

    • Gabrielsen

      Give Gamefreak more, I want to see a Pokemon Adventure in full HD for the Wii U!

      • DereX

        Brilliant!! That probably wont happen but that is the only way they will ever save their Wii U sales (not with Metroid). They don’t realize how much the US and rest of the world loves those Pokémon games. Other developers have started scavenging the idea with games like “NI NO KUNI and skylanders”… It’s just a matter of time before they steal Pokémon or Nintendo finally releases one. Even a game like Pokémon Stadium 64 that allows cross play with your 3ds would be innovative. I have owned nearly every game for nearly every console released after NES (not just Nintendo consoles) and Pokémon is still my favorite franchise.

        • Gabrielsen

          I know Nntendo would probably loose money on this idea over time, but what if they made 1 game where you could start in the region you wanted, then traveled across every region afterwards. That would have been so amazing. And to save some costs the other regions could have been dlc.

    • EASeniorEngineerFKAPachterJr

      all nintendo does lately is whine and complain…makes me feel good. should have listened to the core, now it’s hurting your pockets

  • Erik

    Hey i can wait 🙂 Im patient enough to see Yarn Yoshi and it looks beautiful and crystal clear as day. Id say take their time and just put their heart and souls into a game 🙂 Unlike “other” companies trying to make a quick buck by replicating games that looks EXACTLY like the other…. *cough*Call of Duty*cough*.

    • Squirrel09

      Hey have you seen their new AI in that game that allows fish to swim away when the player gets near them? It’s pretty snazzy if you ask me *sarcasm*

      • zerooooo

        And to believe Mario 64 did that. Really big leap in CoD’s engine.

      • Aleks


  • Shigeru Miyamoto

    Yes yes, it is quite difficult.

    • gamesplayswill

      It was funny the first time, but the joke is over.
      I don’t even think Shigeru would appreciate this…

      • Elem187

        especially their racist comments they have made by trying to attack asian accents.. for example, by replacing ‘L’s with R’s

        With someone with an asian wife with a heavy asian accent, i find it heavily offensive.

        • Adrian

          Nice, I hope your wife is hot!

          • Adrian

            As a side note, I hope everybody else’s wife/girlfriend is hot as well! Unless you are a dick, then you don’t deserve it :-p.

        • Daniel Gonzalez

          I understand where you’re coming from, but even I can take stereotypical jokes as long as they’re tasteful. If you or your wife get offended that easy, then I would say you’re not too proud and your wife is insecure about who she is.

          To each their own.

          • 和夫

            I would say that it depends on the situation, I’m half Japanese and within my family and some close friends there may be some Asian jokes thrown around, but if a complete stranger just started speaking with the ‘L’s and ‘R’s switched I would get offended. In this case with the fake names, I don’t mind it much to an extent, I find it tends to get rather annoying seeing the same things each time I go into a post.

          • Adrian

            I used to be a lot less tolerant of those types of jokes than I am now. I’m still less tolerant than most though. When people make the jokes in a negative or ignorant spirit, it is never OK.

        • Shigeru Miyamoto

          I have not made any of those, thank you very much.

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        I don’t think he’d care. If anything, he’d probably laugh it off. With the guy that has a constant smile on his face, I would guess he has a sense of humor, which you seem to lack or get offended easily.

        Like I said in other posts, it’s not killing anyone. It’s a Nintendo based site, stuff like this happens from time to time. Seeing as he’s getting more upvotes than down, no one is getting that upset.

        • gamesplayswill

          But you have to understand, Shigeru isn’t just a worker, he is a real man.
          And to be honest, how would you feel if someone made a fake account of you?

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Truthfully? I wouldn’t care. I would be amused as it wouldn’t kill me on this site or any other. Way I see things, is if people believe that is me, then they’re that gulliable and naive.

            In any case, I think you’re taking this a little too serious. Chill out and let it go. You’re not dying of satirical comments. Some will find humor in it and some won’t, which is where you stand. Best thing to do is to ignore them as they won’t stop either way.

          • Adrian

            I for one would be annoyed with people impersonating me. And I think role playing real people without permission is weird/silly/stupid/ and usually direspectful.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Well, I’m pretty sure people know they’re not the real Iwata, Miyamoto or Reggie. I think all the real people I just listed are aware of the impersonators. They just choose to ignore them or they might even find it funny themselves. Also keep in mind, that these impersonators are sometimes fans too.

          • Adrian

            I know they are fans, but that doesn’t change that it is weird/silly/stupid nd disrespectful.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            What you find disrespectful is your opinion. Many normal people or even comedians impersonate one another, celebrities or even politicians. It’s an everyday thing. I can respect what you’re trying to point out, but you’re still the minority that are annoyed about it.

            Best to just ignore comments like that.

          • DereX

            Calm down, aren’t you all about people speaking their minds on here? Don’t shut him down so quickly because he is actually right. It is disrespectful, deceitful, and slanderous of Shigeru’s name (don’t overestimate human intelligence-some people don’t know its fake). Courts have been ruling in favor of this for years as the internet grows. Online impersonation is much different than SNL (something you can physically see). The actors overplay everything intentionally with cheap wigs, corky humor and disclaimers. There is actually a lot of harm in impersonating other people online. Read all of the cases on people hanging themselves from practical jokes and long term deceit with fake profiles and stuff. it is weird, silly, stupid, disrespectful, and mostly pathetic (to say the least) that anybody would be inclined to impersonate someone else over the internet.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Again, most of you are taking it too personal with impersonations. While I agree that some people do kill themselves over it, I find it to be a poor reason to even do so. Call it how you like, but it doesn’t change anything. Also, I am calm, you don’t see me commenting each second of the day.

            Plus, physical or not, it’s the same thing, only difference is it’s only read and not seen. That’s how I see it, nothing more or less. I never shut down anyones opinion unless they’re being total idiots and start using profanity and personal insults. You or anyone is free to see things the way you want it. Just as people throw their opinions on me, I do the same back. I’m not here to change anyones mind nor do I expect the same back.

            While I feel sorry for those who have killed themselves and I can’t stress that anymore, there’s not much that can be done for those select people as they made their choice. While that can sound harsh, life is about choices and taking ones own life is a choice they made. It sucks, but life is not always fair or kind.

          • gamesplayswill

            The thing is that the joke’s effect has wore off for me, and you got to agree if it carries on eventually people are going to start saying what I’m saying.
            It’s a bit like The annoying orange, at first it’s funny, then it starts to dry up.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Sorry, I can’t agree on this one. While the jokes can be off at times, most of them are funny enough to people. They might or might not dry up. In this case, only time will tell.

            As for the Annoying Orange, I never watched that crap.

          • gamesplayswill

            Yes I agree that many still like them, but after I while I predict it’ll start to crumble.

            And yes, The Annoying Orange deserves to die.

        • NkoSekirei

          yea but sooner or later its gonna get more annoying

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Only annoying as far as you allow it to be. Plus it doesn’t help to show it through posts. It’s just another reason for them to continue on. From what I can see, only a small group seems offended or annoyed. The rest find it funny or slightly amusing.

            Sometimes their jokes are blah, but some are quite funny, but that’s just me. Either way, it’s best to just ignore them and move along.

        • Shigeru Miyamoto

          Thank you, some people really can’t take innocent jokes!

          • gamesplayswill

            I can take the Jokes, just as I have said over and over, it’s wearing off.

          • Shigeru Miyamoto

            So just ignore them…

          • DereX

            Is it an innocent joke? is it flattering? is it pathetic? is it ignorant? is it disrespectful? is it identity theft?

            Here is one answer:
            First off… Impersonating any police officer is illegal…

            “In New York and California, online impersonation is a misdemeanor punishable by thousands of dollars in fines and up to a year in jail. In Texas, the crime is a third-degree felony that could land perpetrators up to ten years in prison. The Arizona legislature is currently considering a bill almost as severe as Texas’s law. In total at least nine states have an online impersonation law on the books or are currently considering one. Even if the impersonation involves a fake persona, the use of any real names, business or photography could cross the legal threshold.”

      • Doctors Tardis

        I can’t picture Shigeru Miamoto angry. Like at all.

        • gamesplayswill

          I didn’t say he’d be angry, I said he wouldn’t appreciate it.

  • Adrian

    Honestly, while Mario and other old IPs have their charm. I am (and have always been) much more interested in 3rd party games ….or 2nd party..

    • Elem187

      Maybe Nintendo systems aren’t for you?
      The point of a Nintendo console is their first party greatness… if all you want is generic shoot bang games, the sony or microsoft consoles would probably be a better choice for you.

      • Adrian

        Nah, I don’t play FPS. I’m more into getting immersed in the story, which is a quality that most Nintendo first party titles lack.

        Edit: And I avoided nintendo after the N64 (which I loved). The WiiU is my first Nintendo console since then. I love the gamepad, but mostly I’m excited that Nintendo finally has a console that 3rd party games will finally come to (hopefully).

        • hey! watchdog ! 😛

          • Adrian

            I’m not getting Watchdogs. That’s an FPS isn’t it?

          • fireheartis1

            No Watchdogs is a 3rd person action game all about the story. Dude keep up with gaming news and you would know it’s not a FPS.

          • Adrian

            Hah, I’m sorry. Gaming is far from being my life.

          • OMG no!
            it’s not. Google please.

        • Andreas Sunde

          *Rantmode activate*
          Since you don’t play FPS, I assume you haven’t played Half-Life 2. If you haven’t, that is a crime against yourself and you should go play it immediately. Set the bar for storytelling in games back when it came out, and still holds up today, unlike other games… *cough* Uncharted *cough*
          If you’ve played it, great, disregard what I just said.

          Also, I am of the opinion that story doesn’t mean shit if the game isn’t fun to play. If you want to put story over gameplay, make a fucking movie.

          Rant over.

          • oontz

            What’s wrong with uncharted? EASILY one of the best video game trilogies ever made.

          • Andreas Sunde

            Haven’t played the sequels yet, but the gunfights in DF are shit.

            What’s that? You just killed this wave of enemies? Well, lets wait till you walk one feet and send another wave at you from the exact same place those other enemies just came from! Also, we were supposed to give you more health, but we decided to give it to your enemies instead. Can’t have them die after a mere five bullets in the chest, now can we?

          • Adrian

            A perfect game has addictively fun gameplay and an amazing story. But overall story trumps gameplay for me, as I can usually figure out a way to make gameplay fun regardless of what I’m playing. I never played the Half life games, or the Bioshock games. But I’m considering playing BioShock Infinite on my comp eventually. Some shooting games I did love were Goldeneye 64, Resistance 1 and 2, and Mass effect (not a total shooter, I know).

            Right now I’m playing Xenoblade, it’s got a refreshingly great story compared to what I’ve been playing in the recent years :).

  • Ice Climbers

    Every other company went through this with PS3/360. Once this phase is over, Nintendo will be stronger than ever.

  • sdmac200600

    Now if other companies would do the same quality check, maybe they would have better looking games that are actually worth 60 bucks

    • Elem187

      That don’t require 30 patches in its first week of going on sale?
      good grief, how many glitches, bugs and crashes do we get with EA and Ubisoft products. Maybe a little quality control would be a good thing?

      • sdmac200600


    • Adrian

      A game worth 60 bucks (in the U.S.) is rare for me. To date, my only $60 purchases have been Dark Souls and Skyrim. Upcoming $60 purchases may include ZombiU2 and X.

      • I bought Dark Souls twice. Once on 360 and once again when it released on PC.

        • Adrian

          Hah! Was the PC version better? Did you like Demon’s souls?
          I actually just built a monster computer like 2 weeks ago, so who knows I might get Dark Souls 2 for PC :).

          • Yeah it runs at full 1080p with a fan-patch installed. You can also co-op with friends much easier.

            Definitely getting Dark Souls 2 on PC. Probably the game I’m most excited for in 2014.

            I have Demon’s Souls from my PS+ subscription, I just haven’t played it yet.

          • Adrian

            I probably enjoyed Demon’s Souls more than Dark Souls. It’s probably a bit harder as well. I played ALOT of both, but probably played Demon’s about 1.5x as much as Dark. I definitely recommend giving it a go!

            Mostly I loved just Player Killing in those games :). Although in Dark Souls it was alot harder to PK.

          • KnowledgeIsPower

            Demon Souls was a great game. I stopped playing Dark Souls half way through because I got bored.

          • Adrian

            Well, Dark Souls just didn’t quite have the same appeal as Demon’s Souls. I played through Demon’s souls 4-7 times. With Dark Souls, I only made 2 different Characters, and I only played through the entire game once. That being said, I still think Dark Souls is a great game.

          • Adrian

            As a side note, I think there was a discussion a few months back about games being played in their original languages, and people (including you, but I may be remembering wrong) mentioned the Witcher is originally Polish. Well I just downloaded the Witcher 1 and 2 off steam a couple weeks ago, and when I play through, I’m definitely going to be experiencing the story in its native language :). I’m pretty excited!

          • Yes, I really hope you enjoy the Witcher 2. It’s one of the best western RPGs to date. Witcher 1 had some flaws, but 2 is damn near perfect.

          • Adrian

            Paha, thanks! Sad to hear that the first Witcher is flawed, but hopefully I’ll still enjoy it.

          • John Raybell

            Strange, It needed a fan-patch for 1080?

            I don’t remember The last game I bought for my pc that i couldn’t run in 1080.

            Also I take it you really enjoyed the game? I heard the co-op wasn’t true co-op, I may pick this up if its as fun as Skyrim was, also if the co-op is a true co-op mode, not some strange game they call co-op but really isnt

          • From Software are not PC developers. They’ve always developed for consoles, which were 720p until this next generation.

            It’s understandable that they weren’t able to overhaul the game properly since the game wasn’t going to be released on PC until fans begged for it.

            As for the co-op, it’s not true co-op in that your buddy isn’t there with you all the time. That would make the game too easy. But you can summon your friends in to help you with boss battles.

          • John Raybell

            Also console games weren’t even running in 720, they were up scaled, but I understand, may have had a small budget or lack of staff which is understandable, no fault on there part

            Make the game to easy? everyone I know that has played and has that game says its pretty much the hardest game ever made.

            A real co-op wouldn’t hurt anything if that’s the case, most people actually want real co-op over some gimmick co-op mechanic.

            Hope they have a normal on with part 2, Id for sure buy it then,
            Being a co-opmulti-player gamer first and a single player gamer second That game would be a day one buy for me if its true co-op, its actually what has kept me from getting the first one.

          • Adrian

            It’s absolutely nothing like Skyrim. Very different. I actually like it more since Skyrim was so effing easy.

  • Sonic the Hedgehog

    Miyamoto did do something unique with my creator’s former rival’s mascots in the 5th gen, when 3D gaming was becoming mainstream. So I hope he does something brand new in their HD era. After all, he’s THE Miyamoto.

    • Mario

      You betcha! After all, he’s the main reason why you even exist Sonic!

  • Vaughn Chung

    Not only do they need more talent than ever, but they SERIOUSLY need to advertise. I hope this situation gets better by the end of the holidays.

  • Elem187

    Nintendo is one of the smarter publishers (from a business stand point) around. They try to get by with the bare minimum amount of developers as it takes to complete a game..

    This is why Nintendo can stay within budget, sell a few hundred thousand copies and still be profitable, while someone like Ubi or EA will spend so much money creating a title that they actually require 5 million copies to sell in order to even break even…..

    It has benefits and negatives, the benefits for Nintendo’s way of doing things is tighter control of development costs, which means it doesn’t have to sell gangbusters, but of course it has its downsides of us not getting as many games as quickly as we want.
    Or you can take the other guys approch, where the positives you get a glut of software to play, but the bad news is its buggy/glitchy and studios close down because they weren’t able to swing a profit even though the game sold millions of copies.

    • Saul Strange

      Very good points. I think Nintendo is being too conservative with their resources at present, but I totally agree that they shouldn’t over-spend on game budgets like other AAA publishers / developers do.

      A big-budget 3D Mario game would be quite a safe (and welcome) choice though! The new Mario 3D World game honestly looks like a budget production – not to say it’s going to be bad, obviously – but it doesn’t look anywhere near as epic as people were hoping before the E3 announcement. I guess they’re trying to finish it quickly due to the games drought, but it kind of shows

  • Michael Ngo

    Hey it’s better late than never

  • Ony

    Nintendo, takes my CV, here I come.

  • The Clockwork Being


    • Downvote&CoEmployee5

      It is X my good sir.

      • The Clockwork Being

        No X is by Monolith Soft

      • zerooooo

        Looks like you need a change of name.

        • Downvote&CoEmployee5

          I like it i’m not the real one…

          • zerooooo

            knowledgeiswhatsup doesn’t imply to you then… You thought “X” was Miyamoto’s new IP which isn’t. Its fine if you like it. It just doesn’t fit you.

          • Downvote&CoEmployee5

            The name right……….

          • zerooooo

            Cool, you changed your name…

          • Downvote&CoEmployee5

            I love it………..

          • zerooooo

            Love what? Being a kid? Yeah I remember those days.

      • Clel

        Look at his comment history XD

        • zerooooo

          Gosh damn imposter.

        • Downvote&CoEmployee5

          I’m not the real one XD im sorry if i got anyone mad.

  • Petri

    Hm, they had a lot of time to prepare for transition.
    But glad they are taking their time to make their games properly.
    Current Nintendo titles doesnt really wow me, nice games and all, but nothing that special.
    I hope Pikmin 3 will be good.

    • Srpg2ishere

      I’m looking foward to Pikmin 3. I’ve never played any game in the Pikmin series but it looks interesting! And the graphics! I don’t usually care too much about graphics but the environments look great. And the characters look cool, too. Not sure if Pikmin 3 will be a system seller but It sure will be a truly great game.

  • ReggieFils-AimeNintendo

    I wish I was a developer, my body didn’t train for this ;(

    • Adrian

      I wish they didn’t let people choose their handles.

      • Clel

        It’s pretty obvious that this guy, the shigeru one, and the iwata one are all the same person.

  • Morits Lian

    Oh there goes my hope of making games.
    Not. Hopefully I’ll make it, because it’s a simple task for even mediocre 3rd party developers, but not that simple for me. Oh well, I’m just 16 Q_Q

    • KnowledgeIsPower

      I am currently developing an indie game. Please understand that it is not easy nor fun. Making games has nothing in common with playing games. I am not trying to discourage you, I am simply giving you some insight. Many start a project but very few ever finish it. I would suggest that if you haven’t already started learning to start today. I do not know your background, maybe you already have some experience, if so please disregard my comment.
      EDIT: I am not saying I do not enjoy it. I love it however sometimes you will spend a full day trying to get something to work because everything looks correct but for some reason it is not working. What I was referring to is the common misconception that making games is fun like playing a video game.

      • Adrian

        Making a (good) game from the ground up would be monstrously difficult. I would love to be on a game development team though, where somebody was organizing the project and assigning tasks, deadlines, and milestones. But then again, I’m a software dev as my profession, so it appeals to me. To the average gamer, developing a game would not be fun at all haha.

      • Morits Lian

        I’m only intending to make an 8-bit platformer/RPG, and I will try to make a 10+ hour story. If I’m successful enough, I might make some kind of sequel.

        • KnowledgeIsPower

          Congratulations brother keep at it. The best advice anybody can give you is do not overshoot on your first project.

      • Luffy

        I’m also currently developing an indie game and agree it’s not easy. But who said it wasn’t fun? Sometimes when nothing goes right, yeah it’s hard. But most of the time, I have a blast developing my game!

        • KnowledgeIsPower

          Indeed I do as well. I wish you the best of luck brother. Hopefully when my project is near completion I can show you a sample of it and vice versa.

      • John Raybell

        my brother was a dev for mircosoft, he is now working for a mobile company working on his first game, he enjoys it.

        Also keep in mind these guys have full education and have been making games for fucking years, so it has nothing to do with “your” education level or what you can do, this is a billion dollar industry, not a single person that lacks education, no offence, but you can get more, same goes for everyone and that would make it better on you, your education level is what makes it a harder job.

        And again your not nintendo or a dev with 20+ years of EXP, so dont use “you” as an example.

        • KnowledgeIsPower

          Not sure I fully comprehend your comment. As far as my experience with game development, things have been running smoothly. I realize that the majority of people in the industry have more experience than me. However if he is 16 chances are he is not attending college at this time. I made the assumption that he is inexperienced. All I did was tell him that it is somewhat complicated and that he should start learning today or as soon as possible.

          • John Raybell

            I was talking about how you said it was hard and wasn’t fun.

            I was pointing out that, that is one of your downfalls, I know people that enjoy it and don’t use the word hard to describe it, i wasn’t trying to offend at all.

            All I was saying is that if you had more education, which always helps, that it might not be as hard and you may enjoy it more :).

            I wasn’t trying to be a dick or nothing, not that you implied I was, i just wanted to clear that up, Im also not calling you stupid in way, id figure id say that because I could see how some could get the idea that I was talking shit lol

            I also got a little ahead of my self lol

          • KnowledgeIsPower

            All good brother. What I meant by my original comment was that you cannot just get on the computer and make a game. There is a great deal of learning involved. Mainly I was trying to explain to Morits Lian that the computer is very stupid and that you have to tell it exactly what to do. I also see how my comment makes it seem like I am miserable working on my game. Quite the contrary, I enjoy it. However, not everyone will many if not most do not have the patience for it. It truly needs to be something you are interested in for it to be fun otherwise its just a job.

      • Adrian

        Re: “sometimes you will spend a full day trying to get something to work because everything looks correct but for some reason it is not working.”

        Such is computer programming in general. Haha.

        • KnowledgeIsPower

          Hahaha indeed. In fact taking an internet break from such a problem right now.

    • Andreas Sunde

      Making a game is easy. Making a good game is hard. Making a bug free good game is nearly impossible.
      Good luck.

      If you really want to challenge yourself, make a game for the Atari 2600. On original devkits. Said to be extremely difficult.

      • Morits Lian

        Heh, I see. Thanks anyway.

  • david jarman

    He said this awhile ago.

  • Guest

    Not to be sounding annoyed Nintendo but you have had roughly 7 years prior to understand how HD game development works. Why wait until you release an HD console yourself if you aren’t experienced with or understand the architecture and development durations?

    • John Raybell

      no shit.

      They also could have got the online shit together also, they are pretty far behind, and they are the only ones to blame for it. Thanks nintendo for living in the 90s, they need to know its the year 2013 and join us here.

  • Ducked

    This problem could lead to the end of Nintendo!
    Lol I’m just kidding! I’m looking forward to Yarn Yoshi more than any other game right now. Just wish they’d show us a little trailer.

  • Linskarmo

    I’m glad there are games coming out relatively soon, and I understand the game delays. Hopefully Nintendo is getting used to HD.

  • iceazeama

    where is yarn yoshi!!!!! im wondering how it will play!!!!! like since yoshis story i wanted a real actual yoshi home console game!!!!! like one that was actually more of a game than yoshi story was. dont destroy that bitchtendo, dont destroy my childhood hope of one finally coming!!!! make it good.

  • DemonRoach

    Cry miyamoto a river. Nintendo’s new Web Framework = Just upscale 3ds games to Wii U……………

    • AAAkabob

      Oh yea? Tell me more Nintendo insider-.-

    • Ducked

      Your still here? Guess you never got a career…

  • John Raybell

    yeah nintendo is forsure living in the 90s, its sad, they weren’t ready for internet and still aren’t, and aren’t ready for HD, sooooo what are they ready for?

    Nintendo its the year 2013, could you please meet us here.

    Major issue is nintendo doesn’t want to spend the money that is takes, they need new management very badly!

    • I think you should read my comment above. I think you’ve assumed more than what’s necessary to assume here.

      • John Raybell

        Nah, to long of a rant lol

        • fireheartis1

          This dude didn’t rant at all bro. He was very informative with his comment. So because you think it was a rant your not going to read it. That’s pretty sad bro. I think your the one that needs to get with the times. Nintendo isn’t stuck in the 90’s. Maybe early 2000’s but not the 90’s. He’s right Nintendo needs more second parties. That way they can keep their tradition of keeping the people that deserve it, and keep making wonderful games a little faster. Games don’t need a huge budget to be great in HD. Having the resources to make a great game with the people you have is more important. A big budget game just puts the company making it in more dept. THQ is one of the biggest examples of this.

          • John Raybell

            lol, i didnt say i didnt agree, i just didnt read it, thanks for shoving it all down my throat, some people i swear.

            In some areas yes the early 2000s, in other areas the 90s.

            In any case, i do enough reading here, at times i will skip a post, something wrong with that, or do you study this place like a bible?
            Do you expect others to take all there time by sitting on here reading every damn comment, didnt think so.

          • It’s funny how many of the people who commonly complain about a few paragraphs which explain an entire line of reasoning are often the same people who’ll spend hours on Reddit reading through miles of mindless comments.

          • John Raybell

            Whats funny is little kids like you that do a post and expect other to “HAVE” to read it, Yours wasn’t the only one I skippedskip.

            I didn’t read it, like I didn’t read hundreds of others, so fucking what, not that i don’t agree with you or that i do, i just didn’t read it.

            This isnt my life, i read a few things post a few things, that’s that. the fact that you expected me to read it as if i had to because it was there is pretty fucking self conceded, do you even think about this shit.

            I don’t read everyone’s posts, fucking deal with it.

            Also i wasn’t complaining, most of the time when you see pages of a single comment its a fucking pointless rant, either way I chose not to read it, doesn’t mean i would never read a long post, i just didn’t then.

          • I’m 26. Don’t ever fucking disrespect me like that again.

          • Andreas Sunde

            THQ was a company that spent way too much money on a game, and then tried to get it back through 40 weeks of shit dlc that should have been in the game from the beginning, and which totals to more than the game was sold for. Kinda glad they’re gone, now if EA would follow…

        • willweinert

          How can you expect people to respect your opinions if you won’t even agree to hear theirs?

  • NkoSekirei

    wat the heck is wrong with u seriously ur post has nothing to do with this article

    • iceazeama

      its a simple question????

  • Adrian

    Try to keep it PG 13

  • discuss

    I had trouble reading this article because I was facepalming at the same time.

    • Guest

      If you’d just take a little time to think more carefully, you can begin to see more of what’s being said–and, in turn, realize better what is not being said.

      Miyamoto’s merely claimed indicated that they underestimated the scale of the project–not that they had no awareness of the greater scale at all. There are several ways to underestimate the planned resources of a game.

      For starters, Pikmin 3 in particular had to change its set plans all mid-project. There’s plenty of room for underestimating resources there. Perhaps they didn’t hire on as many as they need to adjust to the mid-project change of bringing Pikmin 3 onto Wii U.

      Pikmin 3 also might have proved deceptively more difficult to develop than they’d anticipated. With Miyamoto being a perfectionist, I’m sure that’s also had something to take into account. It’s easy to underestimate resources for a project.

      • discuss

        You can sugercoat it all you want but the fact remains Nintendo made yet another failure.

        • Failure requires results first. Can’t call something a failure that hasn’t even proven itself as such yet.

          But hell, why am I trying to apply reason with you? It’ll never work. Reason rarely does in this fucking world.

          • discuss

            “Shigeru Miyamoto admits that the transition to the HD era has led to several development delays for Nintendo.”

            The result is delay.

  • I don’t think this situation Miyamoto’s briefly talked about here necessarily means that they’ve been ignorant of the greater effort that HD games require. He said that they underestimated the scale of the project–not that they had no awareness of the greater scale at all. There are several ways to underestimate the planned resources of a game.

    One thing to consider is that Pikmin 3 started as a late Wii project and got pushed onto the Wii U mid-project, which could’ve disrupted their original development plans. With stopping one well-set plan to adapt it to a sudden change, there’s room for underestimating the resources.

    Another thing to consider is that Nintendo doesn’t operate the same way many other developers do for these next-gen games, in that they don’t do a bunch of hiring and then a bunch of letting go of developers once the game’s completed.

    Nintendo likes to keep their hired developers around and grow them within the company, whereas the most common practice with Sony and Microsoft studios is that they do a mass hiring upon a new announced project and then do a mass cutback on those extraneous positions once the game’s completed.

    That’s why many developers for Sony and Microsoft studios are freelancers, while most developers for Nintendo are long-timers who eventually become company veterans (Miyamoto, Sakurai, Aonuma, Konno, and even Iwata himself–all long-timers who rose to being company leaders).

    Nintendo likes to play for keeps a lot more when it comes to selectively hiring developers for their company (as evident when Nintendo’s heads took a pay cut to prevent letting go any of their in-house developers last year–meanwhile, Sony let go of 10,000 last year), so adjusting that model to the increase of HD games is also a factor they have to consider differently.

    Also, Nintendo still has to manage their in-house hires across several departments to make sure they’ve got enough people working across several first-party games at once. It’s not as easy for them to adopt the typical practice in dealing with developing HD games when they’re also trying to abide by their company philosophy of harboring developers all while developing several of their own games at once. In-house resources can stretch thin quickly without preparation from the start–and Pikmin 3 has seen a major mid-project change.

    So, it’s not necessarily that Nintendo’s just living under a rock. These are professional developers–they well know that an HD game simply takes more resources. They also hire on new people who are trained to use ZBrush and tessellation on models, just like the others companies–though, just more selectively. I just think here, the sudden transition of Pikmin 3 from being a Wii project to a Wii U project rather threw them off-guard a bit than what they planned for it.

    And in general, Nintendo’s had to deal with adapting to HD development while keeping their company’s philosophy about keeping their selective developers. I think Pikmin 3 was just one of those lessons they’ve had to learn for dealing with adjusting their company philosophy to the situation–not necessarily with the HD development itself. It’s harder to readjust your development plans to an entirely-different and much more resource-costly plan of development, all while still trying to be resourceful with their in-house developers.

    • Sometimes I wonder why I even try to present myself as reasonable in public places like these. It’s hardly ever appreciated.

      You try to present your case fairly, neatly and sufficiently, but people generally either complain that it’s too long (never mind the hours they likely spend reading miles of comments on Reddit) or just claim that I’m wrong without ever showing me exactly where.

      I guess I’m not being negative or overly-optimistic enough. I guess no one should ever try to be reasonable in an unreasonable world.

    • Andreas Sunde

      “There are several ways to underestimate the planned resources of a game.”
      Just look at Double Fine adventures… Asked for 400 000, got 3 million, needed more, had humble bundle, and now needs even more money.

      • Yep. It’s not always an easy thing to predict cleanly. Unforeseen factors can arise, projects do get prolonged sometimes, and sometimes, you just run out of resources sooner than expected.

  • Mark Thom

    HD wow! lol

  • oontz

    So if the original wii would have been HD we’d be swimming in games now. Nintendo always late to the party! First online multiplayer and now HD? In 2013… quite laughable. That’s okay nintendo for your next home console you can pack in a CRT tv and provide us with some glorious 480p gaming 😉

    • John Raybell

      yeah they might be having issues, but a crt tv? maybe for a gamecube or wii, the wiiu has games running in true 720p and 1080p. Resolution wise, the wiiu out puts more then the ps3 and xbox360 could ever do. FACT

      Hardware power isn’t the issue at all, wiiu games at there best will be pretty close to what we see on ps4 and xbox one

      I do agree that they are late to the party, but only on those notes

      • oontz

        the crt tv bit was sarcasm. I don’t think wiiu games even at their best are going to match what is capable of the XB1 and PS4. That’s just wishful thinking on your part. It’s already showing it’s age just based on the gameplay demos for the new systems.

        • John Raybell

          lol really? Its called having a better understand of hardware then you, that’s all, the wiiu has some advantages the other consoles dont have.

          Have you seen mario kart 8 in 1080p, detail and performance wise its looking as next gen as what the others guys showed which was a bunch of cgi and games that looked no better then anything i play on my pc.

          If you knew anything at all about hardware you would know that pc architecture isnt a win all.
          Dont get me wrong they are powerful consoles, just not WOW AMAZING like everyone is making them out to be, in fact my pc im using right now smokes them, so meh, at least the wiiu trys to do something different.

          You will see, and then you will either cry or feel like an idiot and buy a wiiu

          hell if the wii ran at 720p, games would have looked pretty close to anything on ps3 or xbox360, we will see the same here, only this time around wiiu can run 720 and 1080 🙂

          • oontz

            Ha ha ha…
            You shouldn’t assume things, especially online. I have been working in the industry for almost 17 years.

            Of course they don’t look better than games on your pc because that’d be impossible. Since gaming hardware is historically based on older computer tech (by a couple to a few years old). Any current top of the line PC will destroy the XB1 and PS4. This has always been the case and WILL always be the case. Granted it costs a lot more to build a powerful gaming rig which is why Joe public buys prebuilt game consoles/systems.

            My PC also smokes the new consoles. I’ll still buy a PS4 though… why?? Because I enjoy SONY exclusives JUST like I bought a wiiu on launch day because I enjoy NINTENDO exclusives.

            Still doesn’t excuse a MAJOR game/console developer only now coming to grips with HD game development in 2013.

          • Well if you have been in the “industry” (I assume IT or Technology) you would know that using custom designed components for a specific task trump using standardized components for many different types of tasks… x86 processors are great and all but they are designed to do many different types of tasks and cannot excel at all of them. It is kind of like a universal tool. It may get the job done but having the specifically designed tool will do it better.

            Same goes with the consoles that chose to use a CPU/GPU combo designed specifically for gaming on a console. That is why Microsoft chose to do exactly that in the past. Now the switch to a modified standardized chip from AMD means they need to pack in more cores and more ram to compensate for the lack of it being designed for a specific task.

            It is a fairly simple concept…. It is like buying all season tires. They will work for all tasks but if you need to drive mostly in the snow pair of snow specific tires will do the job better and more efficiently.

        • Ahh… another weak mind fooled by the 8 core/8GB ram…. You know there was a reason Microsoft and Sony chose to go the complete custom chip by IBM with their last consoles.. It is because when you design a chip and GPU for specific task then you do not need to pack in extra to compensate. Now that they went with more standard components nearly identical to a PC they need more cores and ram because the processors were not designed specifically for gaming.

          That being said I am sure the XB1 and PS4 will have more raw power than the Wii U but it will not be as great of an increase as you think.

    • Always late to the party? Except for having some of the most top rated games in history and currently right?

      • greengecko007

        A few Nintendo games are among the the highest rated in history, but you can grab any gameinformer from the past couple of years and look at how littlte game highlights, or game of the year nominations there are on Nintendo systems compared to others.

        • I didn’t necessarily mean “game of the year” but rated as in quality from reviews and by feedback of the players that play them.

          • greengecko007

            I know what you mean. I was just placing more emphasis on the “some” part of your comment.

            Nintendo has made SOME great games, but they have become few and far between in recent years. The trailers for Mario Kart 8 and the New Super Smash Bros. show that Nintendo is working to get back up to speed with releasing quality games that people expect from them, but 2014 is still a year away. Meanwhile, other great games from other developers are coming out.

          • Well with all the game developers and publishers out there I think that over the past 30 years and even today Nintendo makes more top titles than other companies.

            I am not trying to dismiss games from other developers/publishers by any means either with this statement.

  • Thomas Fitzgibbon

    Whatever happens, Nintendo will never give up!

  • XroyD

    Hey people, if you think Wii U is doomed check this article/opinion about what PS3 had to go threw in 2007


  • beerkin

    If I had a job that I had this much trouble with I would be fired. These guys act like making games is fucking nearly imposible. You dont hear Ken Levine or any other devs whining this much…..

    • Luffy

      the only people whining here is you guys…

  • companyoflosers

    well of course its harder to develop in hd! the cosoles have to be capable of running hd graphics to begin with but also the other number of processes going on in game is amost double that of a sd console like the wii since we expect so much out of our games now. one drawback to nintendo being so resistant about moving to hd is they never started experimenting with hd until they actually moved to it whereas other developers have been experimenting with higher quality graphics since the original xbox and ps2 era.

  • oontz

    On that note… welcome to 2006 Nintendo!

    • Ultranist

      yeap the same thing happen to sony and M$

  • Abe

    Nintendo only likes using experienced developers, which is why they always have high quality games.

    • oontz

      so nintendo is the ONLY company that has experienced developers? Sorry but I would think an experienced developer would be prepared and capable of developing HD games. Seeing as we’ve had HD games for the past 7 years.

      • Oh so to you the only thing that you see as experienced is making pretty graphics.. ??? That is why you and the other ignorant fools that relate graphics to game quality will never get it.

  • Seth S. Scott

    OMG I cannot wait for Yarn Yoshi! That pic makes me smile. Kirbys Epic Yarn is easily one of the most underrated games on the Wii.

  • Saul Strange

    For the love of God! Yet another example of mismanagement at Nintendo. Since HD gaming has been in mainstream development since 2006, you’d think Nintendo may have actually researched how much more additional development HD games would take before diving in head-first and announcing release dates.

    It’s not like it’s difficult to research such things. Just pick up the damn phone and call a successful HD game developer and ask them how the transition from SD to HD was for them, then take notes. If they wanted to be thorough, they could have even called several HD game studios! But heaven forbid such common sense be applied by Iwata.

    Nintendo is too damn conservative with almost everything they do. Not wanting to sell hardware at a loss, not hiring a suitable amount of extra staff for their studios in the run up to HD game development, not going “all out” with their advertising campaign for the Wii U launch, not paying developers/publishers for ports of select AAA titles, etc, etc.

    Playing it safe was fine for past generations, but the shift in the video game market is getting really cutthroat. Sony has had huge financial troubles recently, but they now own about 11 game studios, and I dread to think how much of a loss they’re selling the PS4 at. They’re really going for broke! If it fails they’ll probably go bankrupt, but look at how they’re doing – a huge amount of games coming in the first year (admittedly nothing I’m too interested in), loads of third party support and the PS4 pre-orders are sold out on Amazon, in early July no-less! Loads of games + cutting-edge hardware at a great price = success!

    On a similar note, how much do you think Microsoft pays Activision for the exclusive, timed Call Of Duty DLC? I’d wager it’s an obscene amount. LOTS of people play COD, and Microsoft is willing to to pay to keep some of them playing it on Xbox consoles.

    Does Nintendo do any of this? No. They seem adverse to the idea of making any kind (initial) financial loss to remain competitive in the long run. In a sense, their penny pinching is even more risky than investing a chunk of their huge wealth to make competitive products and really push them in the market.

    Their deal with Platinum games was a great start though, although the games they’re making are a little niche (I love the look of them, personally) and probably aren’t going to be huge sellers, in the mainstream sense. The partnership with Namco on Smash Bros is another good move, although they started development on it about a year too late! So there’s some signs of change in Nintendo’s strategy, but it seems a little on the slow side.

  • Kevin Sepulveda

    Uhm….Are you okay?

  • Keith D. Witherspoon

    Fuck it man Ima say it.

    Miyamoto is holding back Nintendo and he needs to step down. I know he’s trying to, but it should have happened before the Wii U launched. How much input has he had in the Wii U? How didn’t he know he was going to need twice the resources?

    He should stick to designing controllers and making games, not making decisions. His skills are out of date.

    • Nolan ArchLord

      You can talk when you’ve had half the success this man has.

      Iwata needs to step down before Miyamoto does. Miyamoto is a creative genius and having him step down would be the 2nd worst thing for Nintendo aside from them closing down the entire company.

      • Linkamus

        Agreed… Miyamoto needs to stay put, Iwata… time to pack it up buddy. You had great ideas, but you’ve just ran out of ideas that make Nintendo competitive. Iwata is actually starting to hurt Nintendo.

        • Luffy

          I cant believe you guys are still on that! Quit the witch hunt already!

          • Linkamus

            Not a witch hunt. Its the facts of business. He is leading down a path that get closer and closer to catastrophic for the company. Could he recover? I believe he could, but I dont think he will. Its about making money for nintendo… right now he is not making any.

          • Luffy

            that is simply not true. He made Nintendo gain tons of money. Yes they lost some, but they will recover and go back on track soon enough.

            They’re not in trouble because they’ve made so much money with the DS/Wii/3DS that they are far from being close to trouble.

            Microsoft lost 3 billion in the last 10 years from the xbox, Sony lost 5 billion.

            Meanwhile, Nintendo haven’t even lost 1 billion. And they have 10 billion in bank.

            they are far from being in trouble. And that is largely becaus eof the success of DS/Wii/3DS, all ot which came out while Iwata was CEO.

        • greengecko007

          I have to agree. Iwata gets credit for the success of the Wii, but he also gets credit for the console losing A LOT of support in later years. After a couple years of the Wii sensation, Nintendo went to only releasing one truly great game a year. Mario Galaxy in 2010, Skyward Sword in 2011, and Xenoblade in 2012 are all fantastic games, but one good game a year from a company that is also selling consoles doesn’t even cut it close.

          Iwata was considered a genius when he programmed for HAL. I honestly think that Iwata should go back to being a developer for Nintendo, as he doesn’t seem to be too good at driving the ship as the President of Nintendo.

    • You lost all credibility when you said “Ima”

  • Διονύς84

    and will be paid twice less the money back…

    That’s why Nintendo makes easy titles like NSMBU, NSMB2, DKCTF and SM3DW

  • Joel Lopezz

    Someone get rid of this troll, he is a disgusting drone that has plagued mynintendonews with his bs along with his buddies.

    • Aleks

      Drama lol

  • Chris Heskin

    All I read here in this article is that the development teams have gotten through the worst of the growing pains and things are getting streamlined as they learn more and more about the new console. This is a common problem developing for any new platform it’s just Nintendo has to lead the charge as usual and this is the most ambitious charge yet. Onward and upward I say.

  • Link Slayer

    They are about 6 to 7 years behind on getting into HD development

  • domahman

    This gen is done and over once the PS4 and Xbox one comes out. WiiU came 4 years too late. What will nintendo do about next gen hardware???? I’d love to see a higher resolution 3DS and 4K console by nintendo. Plan to use Nvidia’s Volta technology and tegra 6 when it becomes affordable.

    • Xavier Lopez Chabelo

      Who knows, maybe they are going to rethink their vision about homeconsoles and maybe try to take more risks

      • Luffy

        playing it safe would have been to do exactly what the PS4 is doing. Nintendo are taking a lot of risk!

    • Blah Blah Blah.. I want prettier games…. I want more specs…

      I say fuck that…. I want great games. If these great games look great then it is just a bonus..

      • oontz

        The last of us!

  • OK I have read through several posts on this all all I seem to see is the same clueless trolls talking about how graphics are what defines game quality. Of course making HD games will require more workers but you can have great quality games that are not in HD. Some people will not get that apparently and it is rather sad that all they care about is better graphics.

    That being said I appreciate a game that is graphically pleasing but anyone can make a high resolution game but in the end a polished turd is still a turd and the real development quality comes out in the game story and gameplay. Without that you just have a pretty looking pile of shit.

    It’s the same with anything really like movies… Do people go see a movie because it has great special effects or do they want a good story and characters to go with it. How about when they look for a girlfriend/wife or boyfriend/husband? Sure the physical attraction may win you over at first but in the end there has to be personality and character to go with it. The people that go for just the outer beauty are just shallow and stupid. Maybe that is why Nintendo has always been on top of the game (pun intended) when it comes to delivering quality games over the past 30 years or so and their games are amongst the most sought after for years to come.

    • Luffy

      well said, i agree 100%!

    • discuss

      Graphics don’t make a game but proper graphics can add positively to the overall gaming experience. Denying that is just silly. You aren’t watching television on an old black and white tv, are you?

      • Luffy

        he never imply that they didn’t. He only said that they were not top priority and he is totally right.

        • discuss

          Quote: Of course making HD games will require more workers but you can have great quality games that are not in HD.

          In my opinion he underestimates the effects of proper graphics.

          • Luffy

            well how is he wrong? Would you say that every gaming console before HD have no great game? And sorry but you can have ”proper graphics” on a non HD console.
            Look at Murasama or Xenoblade. Amazing looking games that were on a non HD console.
            Look at Chrono Cross, Jet Grind Radio, Ecco Defender of the Future, and I dont know, a ton more who all have great graphics even by today standard. All not in HD.

          • discuss

            Time moves on and so does the development of games. Great games in the past become good in the present and so on.

            If Mario 64 would be released today I don’t think many people would consider it to be great.

          • Luffy

            I 100% do not agree. A great game is great for ever. Tetris is still an amazing game.

            If you really think that, then I pity you.

            Funny how last gen I had more fun playing playstation 1&2 games that I hadn’t finish yet then I did playing the newest game.

            And you know what? one of my favorite game ever had crap graphics even for when it came out. It’s called King’s Field and it’s the precursor to Demon’s souls and Dark Souls.

          • discuss

            As time passes my standards change because games evolve. I think you got stuck in time and therefor you have low standards.

            But … I don’t think it’s usefull to continue this discussion any further.

          • The point you miss is that game evolution is not primarily about better graphics… You seem to be stuck on that. Sure they play a role but finding new ways to play and interact with the game plays a bigger role on the evolution of gaming. There is a bigger picture here and you have take in all factors not just one.

          • Luffy

            i didnt get stuck in time. i can recognize great games from every era.

            its like saying that all movies made before HD are bad because the graphics are not as good.

            Or that movies made with smaller budget are automatically less great. It’s just such a narrow way of seeing things…

            What episode of Star Wars are better? The new one because they use impressing graphics or the old one? Most people would agree that the old Star Wars are better then the new ones (well not so new anymore but you know what im saying)

          • gil

            Yep, it’ time to abandon discussion… when you’ve realized you’re wrong

          • discuss

            Go away troll you add nothing but try to provoke a negative response from me (which worked!).

          • “If Mario 64 was released today…”” What a silly statement.. There were many things that made Mario 64 a great game and the graphics and 3D modeling played a role in that time but when it came down to it the gamplay and game content/story was what people remember about the game and why it was great.

            I am not arguing that there should be no evolution of graphics as consoles and games mature but the claims of Nintendo being behind the times solely on their game graphics is ludicrous.

          • discuss

            My statement isn’t silly. I wanted to show you that by todays standards those graphics would be considered uninteresting which would made the game good in stead of great. Visuals mattter, they make things come alive.

          • Of course they matter… no one is arguing that… Just not the primary factor that matters is all.. There are games today that are released that are not necessarily HD or have realistic graphics that people play and find them very interesting and fun to play.

            I think it is safe to say that there are more games that look visually stunning that are very poor in quality when it comes to the game overall compared to games that are considered great that have a cartoon art style or graphics that are not HD. Heck in the last generation of consoles Super Mario Galaxy was considered one of the best games in terms of visuals and in gameplay and story and it only had 480P graphics at best. That alone proves that games can be considered great in all factors without being realistic HD graphics.

          • discuss

            It was? I highly doubt that. Got any source?

          • Game rankings list it as the highest rated game ever.

            I am sure you can read some of the reviews of the game and terms like “Beautiful Visuals” and other related terminology are used often to describe the game.

          • Andrew Chambers

            Have you ever played an indie game that you liked? I can recall quite a few that have been released recently that have crap graphics based on your standards and are still great.

          • discuss

            Yeah quite a few which I consider good but not great.

          • Andrew Chambers

            How about all the great handheld games? I’m guessing you think all of them suck too.

          • proper does not equal HD.. I underestimate nothing

          • discuss

            You just did 🙂

          • Andrew Chambers

            Correction, He said you can have great quality games that are not in HD. Examples include every single great title on the NES, SNES, 64, Gamecube, Wii, Gameboy, and DS.

  • Aleks

    Well then hire more folks and give us games ALREADY!

  • Ratatat

    Think about when the Xbox 360 came out. Nothing decent on it for ages (likely because they were adjusting to new tech). I understand where they are coming from.

  • Gregg

    It’s OK, I’ll be here when the games are ready. Bring it on Big N’, just get them done right, as always