Jul 8th, 2013


Earlier this year Nintendo announced a new 3D Mario title for the Wii U, and players became tense with hype and expectation. Some anticipated Galaxy 3, others a return to Delfino, and still others felt certain we’d see a revival of Super Mario 64. For once, Nintendo’s safest option was also it’s least considered: a multiplayer evolution of the 3DS favourite, titled Super Mario 3D World.

For some gamers, the official reveal shattered their hopes, at least initially; and most skepticism was met with the question, why did Nintendo choose to play it safe?

Fortunately, Nintendo hasn’t shied away from the subject. In an interview with Mario’s inventor Shigeru Miyamoto, he revealed the direction and purpose behind Super Mario 3D World.

What we tried to do with Super Mario 3D Land, was try to create a Mario game that was set in a 3D world that fell somewhere between the openness of the Galaxy games and the sidescrolling of the New Super Mario Bros. games to create a 3D Mario game that a wider array of people could play. And we felt that, with Super Mario 3D Land, we managed to achieve that.

So, what we wanted to do was extend that broader appealing 3D Mario game to Wii U in a way that allows more people to experience it. That’s what we chose for Super Mario 3D World this time. But we still have, obviously, the Galaxy series, and there’s a possibility that in the future we may look to explore what else we can do with the Galaxy series. For us, it was really about trying to find the right 3D Mario space in which we’re going to allow the widest audience to play.

Nintendo wanted to build on the success of Super Mario 3D Land by enabling simultaneous multiplayer within that same fun, easy-to-play, three-dimensional space. And yet, many of us don’t buy Mario games so we can jump around with three other players. We simply enjoy the exploration, the challenge, the quirkiness and, most of all, the masterful level design. Naturally, Miyamoto was asked if he and other developers intended for the franchise to include multiplayer as a standard. He said,

 When the New Super Mario Bros. team on Wii was able to do that and include the four-player multiplayer in the side-scrolling fashion, we very quickly found that our team really liked that, and they immediately said, “Well, we want to do the same thing in a 3D Mario space.” They’ve had a lot of fun exploring that. But definitely with the single-player Mario experience, there’s still a lot of possibilities that we can explore, so I think we’ll probably go back to that again at some point.

Few people disagree that Super Mario Galaxy 2 was a vast improvement over its predecessor, so hearing that a third iteration could be developed is good news indeed. It’s needless to say that Super Mario 3D World looks to be a great addition to the Wii U library, and I’ll certainly be picking up a copy.

For now, Nintendo’s aim is to create a game that’s fun, easy to play, and paints a vibrant picture of Nintendo’s identity as a developer of great software and hardware. My own secret hope, however, is that 3D World is the testing grounds for whatever comes next; you know, like Windwaker HD and the inevitable Zelda U.

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  • david jarman

    At “first” I wasn’t sure about this game, but it grew on me and then I got to try it out and it rocks!

    • Sonic the Hedgehog

      Personally,I liked his Galaxy series. It was pretty cool.

      • david jarman

        I do as well and mario sunshine that’s why I was a little bit put off, but I had fun playing this game.
        Sonic lost world looks awesome as well.

        • Sonic the Hedgehog

          Thanks! Many guys find similarities in my upcoming game to Mario’s Galaxy series, which is weird, but you can play my game instead if you do miss the Galaxy series.

  • Jack5221

    Im glad they went with 3D World instead of a 3rd Galaxy game. Don’t get me wrong, Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 are AMAZING, but new is always better in my opinion. Multiplayer looks like fun as well. Nintendo games always seem to give the most fun multiplayer as opposed to any other game / franchise.

  • RockieOllie

    “Nintendo wanted to build on the success of Super Mario 3D Land by
    enabling simultaneous multiplayer within that same fun, easy-to-play,
    three-dimensional space.”

    My question is why didn’t they opt for an online feature to broaden the multiplayer interactivity for those who want to play with family/friends across the world from the comfort of their homes? You know similar to Mario Kart.

    • I think Nintendo is still trying to figure out their online strategy. They don’t want to add mutliplayer to a game that may not be received well, like so many Western titles have done.

      • RockieOllie

        But aren’t Mario games system sellers? 3D Mario games tend to reel in foundation for the majority of Nintendo’s platforms in the past, not as much as Mario Kart & Super Smash Bros, but still…

        So we know the game will do fairly well. I’m just a bit confused, they want to create the broadest appeal for the game, but what can be more broader than internet co-op interaction?
        I don’t know… It just feels like a missed opportunity to me.

      • DragonSilths

        If Nintendo read the NSMBU posts on Miiverse and posts in the E3 community they would see alot of people want online in 3D World lol.

    • Eric Degrechie

      People asked the same thing about New Super Mario Bros Wii, and when I played it, I finally understood why there was no online mulitplayer. You can’t punch someone in the arm over the internet. It would be too hard to cooperate with other players if they’re not sitting right there on the couch. NSMB Wii and NSMBU are both so chaotic when you have 3 or 4 people playing, and it can often get frustrating. Imagine trying to play with a stranger and communicate with him via headset. I just think it would add to the frustration. Maybe that’s not the best explanation, but it just doesn’t feel like an online game to me.

      • Kenshin0011

        That’s BS man, maybe you can’t handle playing online cooperatively but the rest of the world can. There’s no excuse to not put in online multiplayer it would not “hurt” people playing local multiplayer, but just give us options.

        • Eric Degrechie

          Go fuck yourself. I play online co op all the time on games that are suited for it. In my opinion, Mario isn’t. Apparently the creators of the game agree with me.

          Maybe you can’t handle someone with a different opinion than you.

          • Kenshin0011

            Excuse me, what the fuck? This is an article about a 3D Mario game with CO-OP included for the first fucking time! What the hell do you mean the creators agree with you?

            My point is that online multiplayer is just as necessary and important as local multiplayer. There are MANY who do not have anyone to play with in person and would love for there to be online.

          • e_rocket

            That last part is so sad but true…

      • RockieOllie

        Well it would be easier to joke, strategize and trash talk with your friends/family if there was voice chat support in the game, or at least some sort of wifi communication.

      • DragonSilths

        MH3U…In game voice chat would solve everything. Once Wii U gets Party Chat no more excuses.

        • Eric Degrechie

          They aren’t making excuses, they simply don’t think online multiplayer is worth putting in the game. If they did think it was suited for online multiplayer, like Mario Kart, they would put it in.

          Not every game has to have online multiplayer.

      • everyone

        I wouldn’t play online co op for NSMBU prolly for those reasons, but I think a lot of ppl would. Mario 3D World would be a game I would like to try online though because its an easier game to cooperate with others.

    • e_rocket

      In my opinion multiplayer is much more fun with people in the same room , maybe they share my opinion… je

      But anyway they could open the possibillity to make everyone happy… :p

      • RockieOllie

        But what if you don’t have people to play with locally? Which is my point.

        When the revealed Wii U Reggie said the system’s name is meant to signify how the system can be for others(Wii-We) but at the same time tailored to you (U). They said they are to cater to everyone and leaving out online definitely doesn’t cater to some people in the world

        • e_rocket

          Yes, thy could/should give all the options

  • A_7

    i wish their next 3D mario would be either an entirely new mario adventure or mario sunshine 2. don’t get me wrong I loved the mario galaxy series but i feel their’s not much to add there.

  • Ony

    I hope these are “tests” like Windwaker, so we can get what we hope and dreams.
    (Like DK, It’s definitely a way to master the Wii U OS so Retro can make the best Metroid of all times ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )

    • Nintendo likely will release more fan favorite in HD structure. It’s worked well for Sony with many of their core franchises like Sly Cooper, God of War, and Metal Gear Solid.

      • Saul Rivera

        I don’t mind as long as they do it like Windwaker and not just upscale the textures like the sony games…

      • Ony

        -for a remake of Donkey Kond 64 or Banjo-Kazooie

        • Mark Thom

          dam lol

  • bizzy gie

    No Super Mario Galaxy yet.

    Do Super Mario 64 sequel first!

    • The Clockwork Being

      No sequel and a completely new game. I dont want it to be called Super Mario U. I mean 64 was for 64 on gamecube and Wii the names were original like SunShine or Galaxy

      • bizzy gie

        I meant to type successor. Even still, a sequel is not a remake. Don’t confuse the two. A sequel would still be an entirely new game.

  • Baum 「ツリー」

    I’m still a (tiny) bit bummed, that they didn’t announce a Mario game in the style of 64 and Sunshine with a world, that’s one big world. But I have to admit, that 3D World looks very interesting and Miyamoto said the exact reason: Because it combines those big explorable levels with the simplicity of the Mario Bros. games.

    I’m not going to buy it first day, but sooner or later I will definitely pick it up.

  • The Libyan

    I was hoping for a WHOLE NEW Adventure; something no one could think of. But after Mario 3D world was shown, I’m a little worried about the 3D Mario series now. I’m afraid we’re only going to be seeing sequels now. Like Mario Galaxy 3 in the next 4 years instead of a new Mario game. Anyway, I haven’t tried 3D world yet, so I’m still hoping it will be good.

  • Jandkas

    Nintendo is doing the right thing, they appeal to the broader demographic to attain their user base and then convice 3rd parties to jump in.

  • companyoflosers

    what worries me is they mentioned the possibility of a 3rd mario galaxy game but failed to confirm or deny or really even mention a possible second sunshine game or revival of mario 64 like so many more fans wanted from my understanding. dont get me wrong, galaxy has a large fanbase but id say the people who thought giving galaxy a break in favor of the other two ideas greatly outnumbered the people who wanted a galaxy game right away. the fact that they failed to address this leads me to believe they are only considering their eastern audience as the deciding factor in the games they make probably due to the fact that galaxy was vastly more successful in places like japan than the US. it was great in the US but vastly more so in japan from my understanding.

    • Brandon Gardner

      I liked Sunshine due to the cinematics of the game that was hugely different from any Mario games

  • The Clockwork Being

    Guys I think this is more of a test. Since Super Mario 3D Land is simple to play as will super Mario 3D world. After they get people on board with this multiplayer and simple 3D Mario game then the great 3D Mario games we know and love will be here.

    Personally im not hoping for a continuation of anything. I dont want another Sunshine, I dont want another Galaxy and dont want a Super Mario 64 sequel. I want something completely new build around the gamepad but that could be played with the Pro Controller. I want something innovative that will make us WOW like the first time we saw 64 then when we Sunshine and the same for the galaxy series.

    P.S And please dont call Super Mario U

    • Alex Damman

      amen, brother. i hope against all hope that what you say is true.

  • Maximillian Korobacz
  • JB

    No sequel of anything! Brand new Mario game please. Each core Mario title had its own experience tied with the specific hardware. I’d like to see that continue! I’m not sure if I said it in this forum before or not, but I’d love to see Luigi in the next “open world” Mario. With him using his abilities to access areas Mario can’t and vice versa!

    • DereX

      but a different skin on Mario is not a brand new Mario game.

      • JB

        I realize that. I want a brand new Mario but in addition, I want Luigi to be a playable character with his skill set. I think it would be more than a mere palate swap or different skin. I’m sure you can agree that adding Luigi and his abilities would dynamically change the experience and level design, as it would require you to think about how to tackle certain parts of the game.

    • everyone

      New Luigi character game in a platforming style would be awesome. I could see a more open world mini mission/story mission game going pretty well.

    • sup3rnoah

      I like where you’re going with that. Making a Super Mario BROS 3d game. I like that idea, I like it a lot. Good thinking

  • Mark Thom

    Mario 64. Mario sunshine. Mario Galaxy. Mario Galaxy 2. best games EVER! what kind of FUCKING shit MARIO! game is this! come on Nintendo….

  • Arthur Jarret

    So much for originality.

    He seems to say, pretty much, they’ve run out of ideas and are thinking of galaxy 3 as a result.

    I’d rather have a mario 64-esque game set in SMB2 USA’s subcon.

    With that dreamworld-setting, they could easily combine the exploration-style collection gameplay of super mario 64 & sunshine with some lineair obstacle courses and gravity-based gameplay from galaxy, while adding a lot of new elements that match this dreamworld setting. I think that, because a dreamworld doesn’t have to make sense, the designers could have even more freedom in level design.

    It could also offer key features for the gamepad, for instance: by drawing on the gamepad the player can ‘dream up’ certain objects like bob-ombs to open a crack in a wall leading to a star. The gamepad could show the sleeping player during gameplay and you can toss ‘n turn in your sleep by tilting the pad – altering the world when you do so.

    I’d also like to see birdo again outside of a sports title. Not to mention Mouser and Wart.

  • Mark Thom


  • Fred

    I’d love to see Super Mario Galaxy 3 with 2 person co-op play where one person uses the TV and the other watches the gamepad that way they don’t have to stay within the same screen.

    • Fred

      My wife and I would love playing that together

  • sdmac200600


    • DigitalBlawks

      Dude. Do you know how amazing Super Mario Galaxy 3 would look and feel like? Imagine an HD deep space world with Mario flying through it. Tell me that doesn’t sound amazing. Both Galaxy’s were amazing alone. It’s time we actually have a sequel to Super Mario Galaxy instead of an alternate timeline which was given in Galaxy 2!

      • sdmac200600

        I would look great but come on. They broke their 1 3D mario game a generation with the galaxy series. Then for them to carry on galaxy to the Wii U would mean that they would have broken their trend of having a completely different game than the rest of the console 3D Marios with their own specific gimmick and in some way, they broke with galaxy 2. 64 had the introduction to the 3D world, Sunshine had the use of the analogue triggers (which BTW Nintendo, make a Wii U Wavebird so I can play my Smash without having to buy an adaptor that isn’t made by you…), Galaxy had the gravity physics and galaxy 2 had Yoshi…..I don’t think Yoshi is an innovation. So I still say that if Galaxy can get a sequel, Mario 64 and Mario sunshine should be able to too.

        • bizzy gie

          The GamePad is already wireless. Why would they need to make a Wavebird?

          • sdmac200600

            Because the Gamepad isn’t a Gamecube controller. The Gamecube controller is the best controller for Smash. Tried playing Smash with the classic controller for the Wii to see if it would work out but the Gamecube controller is just more Smash oriented. I’m sure I’ll get used to it but I’d rather play with the Gamecube controller than the Gamepad.

          • Clel

            Wii U Pro Controller…

          • sdmac200600

            That’s a wii u gamepad without the screen…………I’m talking about an actual GAMECUBE controller.

        • Mason742

          Yoshi was in sunshine.

          • sdmac200600

            But he wasn’t the thing that was meant to attract people to play it. It was the analogue triggers. Galaxy 2’s main thing was the inclusion of Yoshi.

          • Clel


        • DigitalBlawks

          Here me out for a second. Nintendo is in a pit with bad Wii U sales. What makes people like Nintendo? Beloved franchises. Super Mario Galaxy is loved by millions and millions of people. If they make a sequel that makes this look beyond amazing compared to 1 and 2, it would be a HUGE system seller.

          • sdmac200600

            I understand that it is loved by millions of people but so is Mario 64 and Mario Sunshine. If Nintendo made a sequel to Mario 64, that will get a lot of people who abandoned Nintendo back because it would be the same thing the experienced when they were like 15.

      • Yousif Alromaithi

        Men let Nintendo do their job because they have amazing games and still you don’t nothing yet. Nintendo is not going anywhere no matter if you don’t buy it. Zelda concert created by Nintendo sold out check http://zelda-symphony.com/index.php/schedule. Check the schedule you can’t find a seat. Nintendo is making more money then you ever believe but the only thing is why Sony and Nintendo is losing money because they cannot cover the lost their companies suffered from tsunami in 2011. Please have faith in Nintendo that’s all. Let them make a miracle like 3DS.

        • oontz

          ha ha ha… okay then. How exactly did the Tsunami effect sony and Nintendo? You do realize that the tsunami had no effect on the market value of the Japanese Yen, right? Back to school for you.

          • Yousif Alromaithi

            Toyota had to move their company for japan to Indonesia so they suffered a lot. So is Lexus. http://www.forbes.com/sites/greatspeculations/2011/04/08/japan-quake-tsunami-take-heavy-toll-on-toyota/. Go back to school bro, Man you need to learn this unlike the stupid Micheal Patcher. Look at the how the stocks on forecast analysis just went down by five percent and then shortly went back up. Nintendo will happen to be the same just believe it bro.

          • oontz

            I live a few hours from Tokyo you stupid idiot. YOU should go back to school if you think the tsunami had a major impact on sony and nintendo. The weak yen in Japan is why japanese companies were struggling.

          • Yousif Alromaithi

            Oh great job bro so why Toyota is not struggling while Sony and Nintendo do not. Care to explain.

          • oontz

            First… I’m not your bro. Second… I really can’t reply because I don’t understand what you’re trying to say or the point you’re trying to make.

            “So why Toyota is not struggling while Sony and Nintendo do not.”

            This sentence makes absolutely no sense at all. Sorry.

          • Yousif Alromaithi

            Because you are dumb after all. Toyota is simple they are not expensive and by far the best quality of cars. They were not the creators of the first generation of cars but for certain the best on the market. Sony on the other hand had it’s up’s and down since the seventh generation. Wii dominated from the start then Xbox and Sony dominated in years to come. Let us say that Nintendo had it’s down since tsunami which happened at the same time the 3DS came out. Nintendo suffered and Sony was been hacked by anonymous and many questioned whether Sony lost it’s momentum towards the emerging video game market. Sony and Nintendo brought the A games and made a heavy ground punch on the market. Sony greatest weapons was PlayStation plus and Nintendo was the 3DS. The Wii U was announced at the same time Nintendo decided to postpone in order to make some money and focus on what they have now. Skyward Sword came out on WIi. A second Zelda on home console since the Nintendo 64’s Majora Mask. Nintendo focused on 3DS launching a second Zelda on the same year and also a third Zelda Shown on e3 that is something no company ever did in a life time. Nintendo brought their A games making a price cut but still sales never soared to well until 3D Land came out and got good reviews. This justified a purchase and people started to buy 3DS in turn the Vita suffered heavily in Japan much like it’s big bro the PSP. People end up saying 3DS was excellent and Mike Patcher failed to notice that he wronged Nintendo a million times. Also when 3D Land came out had led developer to open new opportunity of games to work on 3DS. It seems yesterday Nintendo won with 3DS tomorrow Wii U will win. Wii U launched a remake of Zelda much like the 3DS. 3DS launched 3D Land much like Wii U 3D World. It seems fate stands with Nintendo after all. Dont be shocked because Nintendo just changed their worst publicity in mere seconds from EVO on Melee streaming that is something Sony never did with the PS3. You say I need to go back to school while I am in college bro. I have an advice do your research you will find I am write just take care by the end of the year I am coming to you to tell you were wrong after all.

          • oontz

            Again I am sure you have a valid point that you’re trying to make. I just can’t undertand what it is you’re trying to say. Are you using google translate or something?

          • Yousif Alromaithi

            No. I am typing in English. Why you asking.

          • Yousif Alromaithi

            Using google translate cannot translate ground punch in my language. Why you asking bro.

          • DigitalBlawks

            You’re an idiot. You’re talking Toyota and Lexus. NOT NINTENDO. Tokyo wasn’t hugely impacted by the Tsunami. You wasted all that time typing your invalid opinion. Good job.

          • Yousif Alromaithi

            Thanks a lot for replying. The economy went down and you are basically stupid. China failed to ship Ipad on 2011 so I did not get my Ipad on time. My friends were jealous and wished they preordered theirs they waited 6 months to get an Ipad. Apple representatives told me Japanese economy and china shipping effected deeply by the tsunami so he told me if you wanna change that do charity across those website in order to help those people. So I did charities. Anyways bro stop saying I don’t know nothing because you basically so how the chart went down heavily. Toyota had no choice but to lose customers. So after an year of bad reputation they fixed their priorities and made a ground punch on the market. During that process they gained trust and respect toward their previous customers. Now Toyota is back to where it was on top. Same goes to Sony and Nintendo. Sony lost on Vita and Nintendo on Wii U. Sony said Vita will be the best on show okay I believe that. But making a ground punch toward a 3DS requires a miracle and that is something the PSP never did while it was on the market. Listen these things like 3DS and Vita is a long shot. If Vita wanted to change their position toward what reputation it is garnering now then they should have done it on e3. Because still 3DS will have more games coming soon and this is something really tough for the Vita. Wii U emerges a threat which is the PS4 and Xbox One. Once it hits we will find out. As far as I can see the PS4 and Xbox One garnered the same positives and negatives the WIi U had before launch. I cant list the positives and I cant list the negatives that is up to you to find out. I will list one is WIi U has backward compatbility much like 3DS while PS4, Vita and Xbox One does not. Backward compatibility through online store is not a big win for both Xbox, PS4 and also the Vita.

    • Waluigi Galaxy or Waluigi Moonshine or maybe Waluigi 65

    • Noah Hood

      Honestly, I would like to see a Super Mario Galaxy 3, a Super Mario Sunshine 2, and a Mario 64 U on the Wii U. But if I had to pick one it would defiantly be Super Mario Sunshine 2. Here’s why, Galaxy already had a sequel, Sunshine was more creative than 64, Sunshine could be appreciated more bumped up to HD than 64 because it already had good graphics, and because the world was much more open. Last but certainly not least, Sunshine was more fun to me than 64.

  • wober2

    For some reason I shutter when I hear “made it for the widest audience possible”… I really hope there is some level of difficulty and that this game tailors well to mario fans. I am a bit sick of the hardcore audience only tailored to if they collect the 3 star coins… Not a horrible thing just a bit of an annoyance that the levels are usually very easy unless you collect the star coins.

  • $41809923

    i’m for sunshine for the wii u please make it happen with online mode too

  • Zombie_Andrew

    Since 3D Land got me into 3D mario games, and I really didn’t like the idea of Galaxy or the other 3D Mario games. This one I’m looking forward to. Especially playing local co-op. Altough Nintendo really should get cross-chat sorted so online co-op would be possible/easier.

  • audi lover

    Not appealing to me at all or my friends, ive got 2 mates who have just sold there wii u because of the disappointment of mario 3d there reason as stated by them ‘if I want to play 3ds games id buy a 3ds’ shame did have 2 friends to chat to about wiiu and now there bak 2 360 gimps

    • Luffy

      well that sucks. but people should at least wait a year before making decision like that….

      people are too much in the i want everything now era…

      patience is a virtue.

      • oontz

        If you sell a wiiu now you have a chance of recouping some of your initial investment. Wait a year until the other new systems come out and that chance becomes a lot smaller.

        Just for the record I have a wiiu and will keep it forever, like my other games systems. But if someone was to sell one. Now is the best time.

        • Luffy

          the thing is, not one console ever had a really great first year. so its jumping the gun really.

  • Brandon Gardner

    I have always been a Huge Nintendo fan and supported them no matter what critics say but Nintendo seriously needs to get their shit together.

  • Jake

    I want a game set in the Mushroom Kingdom, like Mario 64, but not just in the castle b/c Wii U can add many hub-worlds in it.

  • Chief Pitchanono

    I think its a good buisness i mean true multiplayer in a 3d game is a tech achievement and should be explored. Sales for the 2d multi player games have been huge compared to the 3d games as great as both galaxys were so this could be big money for them too. I see this expanding the user base faster than a traditional mario which is what they have to do now.

  • Kenshin0011

    And that’s one of the major problems with the Wii U. It doesn’t have its own identity yet. You just said yourself that you’re doing 3D World because it appeal to a wider audience and those that played the first on 3DS…..Well, this isn’t a 3DS, it’s Nintendo’s new home console! And we still haven’t seen a MAJOR first party game for it that is superbly unique and fresh. THAT is the problem, people don’t see the point in Wii U as of now. Just remakes, and sequels, and the occasional 3rd party. Maybe the other guys do that, but not Nintendo.

  • Ducked

    Super Mario 64 U!

  • YayGs

    The game look fun to me. I really liked Mario 3D Land, it perfectly lies in between Mario 64/Galaxy and New Mario Bros style so it feels like a classic mario game but in 3D space. Didn’t the developer say something about 3D Land originally being developed for Wii U as the target platform?

  • Kev Kigga Digreat

    Nintendo Needs To just give the people what they want thats it and Wii U Will Be Perfectly Fine. We Want New Ips New Characters New Themes New Games In General . Mario ,Donkey , Zelda Etc Will Always B Hit Franchises But Atleast Give The Fans What They Want If The Game Is Not Going To Be New

  • ezquimacore

    I don’t want to lose the faith Ninty.

  • Michael Jurado

    wow patience is a dead virtue the same plague has been hitting nintendo since 1991 “nintendo is doomed vs the pc” nintendo is doomed they aren’t powerful enough” the competitor has better specs nintendo won’t last” and yet no one gets that the wave is coming just be PATIENT

  • Mochlum

    I’d be OKAY with a Galaxy 3, (I mean it would surely be amazing and fun, and the graphics would be really cool.) but I would rather have Sunshine 2 or a completely new game. There still is so much more they can do with the worlds of Sunshine, and Galaxy is getting kinda tiring anyway. No matter what, another non-linear explorable Mario game would be amazing.

    I do think 3D World will be really cool, though. I can finally float around as Peach again!

  • William Cole

    We’re getting another Galaxy style Mario. Nintendo just needed to come up with something quick to ease fan’s hunger. The second half of Wii U’s life cycle will be glorious.

  • Justin McDonald

    Super Mario 3D World looks AWESOME because it reminds Super Mario bros 2,Super Mario 64 and Galaxys series and it great gameplay,multiplayer look wicked and I can wait.

  • 00EpicGamer00

    Who thinks that they should make another Paper Mario game? Well….what I think they should do is Make Paper Luigi! I would LOVE to play through the adventure he had in “The Thousand Year Door”. His adventure sounded so fun and cool.
    I think the name of it would be “Paper Luigi The Search for the Compass pieces” or…something like that.

    • everyone

      Lol. The inclusion of Luigi stories made me laugh so hard in the Paper Mario games. Loved going back to his house and reading his diary in the basement of the bedroom.

      • Guest

        I miss the original Paper Mario :'( I haven’t played that game in such a long time.
        I hope Nintendo releases a collection of all the current paper Mario games…or at least remake the N64 one.

    • Mochlum

      Yeah, I was disappointed when I found out Paper Luigi wasn’t part of Year of the Luigi. I would love another Thousand Year Door style Paper Mario. One that has a great battle system, awesome characters that have personalities and character development, and a really good plot and dialogue. Super Paper Mario had the great characters and plot, but the gameplay wasn’t as good. And Sticker Star… let’s just say… I wasn’t impressed at all…

      • 00EpicGamer00

        Who knows. Maybe that’s one of the games Nintendo is working on. And, yeah, Paper Mario Sticker star was an absolute mess. I say Thousand Year Door was the best Paper Mario game ever.

        • Mochlum

          I’m just imagining a Thousand Year Door style game in HD. Heck, if they really wanna be ambitious, they could base the models off actual paper pictures and make it look like realistic paper. I don’t care, I just really want a new Paper Mario game with awesome gameplay AND awesome plot.

  • John Andalora

    I think the term “the 3DS favorite” is being rather generous…

  • Re4wii2008

    Well considering the Fact that Super Mario 3D Land is the Best Selling 3DS Title of all time so far it’s no surprise to me they went this direction on the Wii U! It’s hard to believe that the super successful 3DS at the beginning was doing horrible and thanks the 3D Land, Mario Kart 7, OOT 3D, and the price drop the 3DS Selling like Crazy! Super Mario 3D world probably isn’t going to take as much time developing as the Galaxy games so making this one was a great choice since it will be ready in time for Christmas and hopefully pick up sales along with Wind Waker HD! In the future I hope we get another 3D Mario one like Super Mario 64 but 64 times bigger (yes Pun intended) and with many cool innovations with the Gamepad but for that game to come out this year would of probably been rushed and not the polish Mario game we wanted!

  • DragonSilths

    I have no interest in Super Mario 3D World. Add online co-op with in game voice chat like MH3U then you got a buy from me. Nintendo is like OHH CO-OP IS THE BIG INNOVATION!!! Yet no online…Nintendo has a good working online network (Nintendo Network) yet for some reason they refuse to use it lol. As for Galaxy 3, NO THANK YOU. New thing. A full Mushroom Kingdom with Toad Villages, Shy Guy stores, Peaches castle and Bowsers castle, all buildings have paintings inside them to jump into that are levels. Thats what I want lol.

    • Alex Damman

      i just want open world mario. it baffles me that they haven’t done that yet. have a completely open-world map, with regions that are themed like worlds in new super mario bros. scatter power stars around the world to find by beating bosses or completeng platforming challenges, maybe put some sort of gates or barriers in the world, either to optional bonus areas or required to beat the game, that require a certain number of power stars to open them. add the 4-player co-op with the unique abilities for each character, and online. now THAT woud be an awesome mario game.

      • barwiifan

        I know right? I want an open world just like you. Course-completion shouldn’t be brought back this often. Don’t get me wrong, I love all Mario, but something other than reaching tops of flag poles should come into play.

        • Alex Damman

          yeah, i eat up mario, and 3d world looks prety awesome in my opinion, but i am devastated that they dropped power stars in favor of flagpoling in the 3d marios.
          oh, yeah and NO GALAXY 3. nintendo, galaxy 1 and 2 were both awesome games, the series has had a good run. DON’T RUIN IT BY DRAGGING IT ON LONGER THAN IT NEEDS TO GO.

  • Aleks

    You know what else “a wider array of people could play” a multiplayer ONLINE ONLINE ONLINE Super Mario 3d World game!

  • Noah Hood

    I really enjoyed Super Mario 3D World on my 3DS. So I can see why Nintendo decided to make Super Mario 3D World for the Wii U. I can also see what Miyamoto is saying about having a balance between the side-scrolling of Mario Bros. and the 3D open world of Galaxy. However, I can’t help but feel like one of the key features of a 3D Mario game is for it to be vast and open. That’s why Nintendo makes Mario Bros. games and 3D Mario games. So that you can have the option of playing both. Meshing the two together might be a little messy. I kind of like how a side-scrolling game is side-scrolling and how a 3D open world game is 3D and open.

  • Linksawakeningisazeldagame

    I’m going to bet on a Super Mario 3D Galaxy.

  • $39063977

    say it Miyamoto…don’t be afraid….we are all sympathetic people…you had NO time to experiment with new ideas and absolutely had to get some sort of Mario out. this sh*t’s it. a game for 7 year olds

  • e_rocket

    This game looks like fun, and I don’t have a 3ds, so for me it will be excelent!!!

  • mrguzman83

    I’m hoping for a 3D Four Swords Adventure at some point.

  • JSC31994

    I agree NO MORE GALAXY!!! Something new or mario sunshine 2!!!

  • Marcos Parreira

    Super Mario Universe would be a great name.