Nov 7th, 2014


With the release of Shigeru Miyamoto’s Pikmin short movies on the Nintendo eShop for all to watch, the legendary designer is now holding an art contest for fans of Pikmin to participate in, using Art Academy on the Pikmin Miiverse community. The theme of the contest is to draw Pikmin in the real world, as if just discovered. It’s not too far from Miyamoto’s own theme for his three shorts. The contest extends until November 30, or until 1000 entries are received, whichever comes first. Winners will be chosen in mid-December.

There doesn’t seem to be any prizes listed for winning the challenge just yet, but Nintendo is pretty good about honoring the winners of these challenges. The only downside to this is by submitting your drawing, you’re giving Nintendo the right to use it in any promotional material for upcoming games both online and offline, royalty free. Oh and you’ll also need Art Academy in order to participate. Either way, if you like to draw and you love Pikmin, why not try your hand at this challenge and see where it takes you?

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