Aug 13th, 2014

Meta Knight

So, it looks like another returning character has returned today, this time it’s the most broken character from Brawl: Meta Knight. We got a hint yesterday that he might be coming back with a post from Sakurai showing off a Meta Knight customization option for Mii characters.

Due to his incredibly high attack speed and power, high attack priority, good approach, amazing edge-guarding ability, unmatched aerial abilities and unpredictable recovery he was famously banned from all tournament play in 2012. Likewise he has remained at the top of competitive tier lists since Brawl’s release.

This might not necessarily be the case in the 3DS and Wii U games though as Sakurai said in his Miiverse post today that:

Meta Knight’s Up Special Move, Shuttle Loop, changed quite a bit in this game. The glide is gone, and the attack slashes opponents twice while spinning in a large loop. This has turned into a highly technical and effective move.

So at least one of his most overpowered moves has been nerfed. While it’s not specified, perhaps some of his other overpowered attributes have been toned down as well? We can hope anyway. At lest from the screenshots it looks like his attacks are pretty similar to how they were in the last game. It’s also worth noting that the Battleship Halberd returns in this game as well.

The official site has gotten a few other updates today as well. First are pages detailing the controls and all of the stages revealed so far. Most interesting though is that some information has been added describing the solo modes of the 3DS version including the Classic and Stadium modes.

Do you see yourself using Meta Knight a lot? Do you think he’ll be overpowered enough that they’ll end up banning him again? How do you think his inclusion will affect online play?

  • Petri

    Nintendo had nothing new for Gamescom?
    I know they are there.
    This was announced through miiverse, right?

    • SmashFinale

      Nintendo had nothing new from Comic-con, either iirc.

      • Petri

        Well, comic-con is not really a games convention.
        Think there’s still that this year. Hopefully something there.

  • Thomas Vienna

    I will be using him a lot. He was always a character that I wanted to use a lot, but couldn’t because of how unbalanced everyone knew he was.

    • Epicstuf

      Pretty sure he is nerfed.

      • Thomas Vienna

        Well, we’ll see. If he IS imbalanced, I can just tell people otherwise and beat ’em up, lol. If he’s too weak, then I look forward to people choosing him thinking he’s overpowered.

  • Ducked

    Strange, Nintendo has once again forgotten about my announcement.

  • aldo2410

    Don’t use Meta Knight, thats one of the rules of the house for propper gaming with friends.

    • Mario

      You do realize that he may be nerfed this time around. Right?

      • aldo2410

        So then rules must be remade, I will summon the old council of the gamers and request new rules for new smash

        • Mario

          Okay… (I think he really lost it)

  • GLaDOS

    “The last” of the Kirby gang?
    I think at this point, what with 7 Mario characters (counting Yoshi), 4 Pokémon with the fact that Jigglypuff will return, making 5, and 4 Fire Emblem characters, I think Sakurai’s the series of Sakurai’s own creating should get more of a say, character-wise.
    If a Kirby newcomer does appear, I’m betting Magolor’s the first choice.

    • When I said “the last of the Kirby gang” I meant the last of the Kirby characters that were in Brawl.

    • greengecko007

      I would love Bandana Waddle Dee in Smash. He’s probably my most used character in the Wii game Return to Dreamland.

      • Squid

        The problem is he only thing that can really be incorporated is his spear. I think I’d prefer Magolor.

  • Dallas Gooch

    I never had a problem with him being broken. Nobody I ever played against including online was ever extremely cheap with him. I really don’t understand how he’s so broken. But yeah he’s probably nerfed this time around.

    • Mario

      I’m pretty sure that’s gonna be the case.

    • J_Joestar

      it is probably more of the kind of thing most prevalent in the high level of tournament play where every small thing makes a difference,

      • Dallas Gooch

        Yeah that makes sense. I can see those competitive types getting pissed off about it. His attacks are definitely good at stopping your opponent.

    • Squid

      He was broken because you can spam any of his specials, along with some air attacks that keep him in the air forever. His jab attack hit both sides, and his sword was powerful, along with his intense speed. I believe his specials and airs will be the main target for nerfing.

      • Dallas Gooch

        I guess I haven’t met the person who can actually use his spammy attacks effectively enough to piss me off haha.

    • WolfgangAmadeusMozart

      What makes Meta Knight overpowered is that not only he has one of the best recoveries in the game, but also has ridiculously fast attacks and has very few weaknesses. The only of Meta Knight’s attacks that actually has start up lag is his forward smash, although it is still very fast for a smash attack. The only weaknesses that I can come up with is that he is the 5th lightest character in the game, all of his specials leave him helpless and his killing moves are average at best in terms of power.

  • Nintenjoe82
    • Mario

      What? No Shulk time? -_-

      • Nintenjoe82

        He can enchant Reyn’s weapons if he likes

        • Mario

          Lol! XD

    • Dallas Gooch

      If someone from Xenoblade isn’t in this game at least as an assist trophy I’m going to be upset. Shulk as playable and Dunban or Reyn as an assist trophy would be awesome. Though personally Dunban is my favorite character so I’d rather him be playable. I’m sure that wont happen though :p

    • Fred

      Awesome game. You make me want to go home and pull it out tonight.

      • Dallas Gooch

        Mmmmh yeah, pull it out. 😉

        • Fred

          I didn’t have the chance the day I said that, but did pull it out and played for 2 hours last night. Now I’m going to conquer it before X comes out

          • Dallas Gooch

            Honestly I haven’t beaten it yet either. I left off at Alcamoth. I think I beat the area too. I really need to finish the game.

          • Fred

            I’m headed to prison island. Am I close? I don’t know

          • Dallas Gooch

            Yes you’re getting very close. Prison island was also very different from what I originally expected haha.

  • Daniel Gonzalez


  • Fred

    In the original Kirby was unquestionably the best character. They fixed that for Melee and I’m sure they’ll balance Meta Knight for 3DS/Wii U

    • gewoon goed

      actually competitively pikachu was the best in the original. but yeah kirby was really nerfed in melee, maybe even a bit to much.
      I hope that doesn’t happen to meta knight really like him as a character.

      • Fred

        Wow, I’ll agree that pikachu had some advantages, but I played countless hours with many different and almost everyone thought Kirby was the prohibitive favorite. In fact, we were selective about who we would allow to be Kirby (players that weren’t as good were often allowed to use Kirby to make the match more competitive), but nobody flinched when Pikachu was selected.

        What does everyone else think? Did anyone else see the same as gewoon goed that Pikachu was the best or did others see the same thing I did, that Kirby was way too powerful?

        • gewoon goed

          Well his up b was extemely usefull for getting out of stuf (and getting back into it) and his airials have always done more for me than kirby’s

        • Zach Cruz

          I think Pikachu and Kirby were both up there… for me itd be pikachu although personally I liked to use luigi and ness… but for being cheap Id use pikachu

    • WolfgangAmadeusMozart

      Actually, Kirby was nerfed in melee and then buffed in Brawl.

      • Fred

        I didn’t know that. After being frusterated by how much they nerfed him in melee I haven’t even touched him in Brawl I guess I have a few more months to finally try that out. Thanks

        • rp17

          Kirby was one of the best characters in N64. Then in Melee, Kirby became the worst character in the game, even worst than Pichu (the guy that constantly hurts himself) and a single Ice Climber. Then for Brawl, he was buffed into being an alright character. But it looks like he got a pretty big buff for SSB4. So maybe he will be back to being a great character once more.

          • Dallas Gooch

            We don’t talk about Pichu.

  • Ace J

    still waiting for jigglypuff and ness…..

  • Phoenix Maybe

    They better nerf his normal A combo as that was super OP too. It was like the spamming attacks of other characters, but from all sides and 10x faster.

  • Andrew Gonzalez

    I was never a fan of meta knight.

  • Milky Bacons


  • Guest

    Guys, I think we know what’s next…

  • Squid

    I think we know what’s next…
    *cough cough* Bandana Dee *cough*

    • Epicstuf

      Copy and paste.

  • Korv13

    The roster is getting better and better!

    I predict that the roster will be between 47 and 50.

  • Fred

    How is it that there’s not a playable Xenoblade character? If they use SSB to get people excited about other games wouldn’t someone from Xenoblade make sense with Xenoblade Chronicles X coming out earth 2015?

    • Dallas Gooch

      There are tons of rumors and speculation of shulk being announced soon. we can only hope. I loved xenoblade chronicles I’m so happy its getting a sequel.

      • Fred

        I’m with you all the way on the sequel. I’m 29 and I haven’t been this excited about a game since I was in Jr High

        • Dallas Gooch

          Right?? This year alone there have been more games that I have been this excited about in a long time.

          • Fred

            Yea Splatoon has me excited too but not as much as X

          • Dallas Gooch

            It does look really fun. Sadly none of my friends will have it so it wont be as fun.

  • TheSpeedymouse

    Ugh… They could of nerfed anything, but they had to nerf the glide. They could of just made it last for a certain amount of time.

  • Deluxejoe

    Hopefully he is nerfed so I don’t feel bad about playing him.

  • 00EpicGamer00

    Alongside this exciting news. Did you guys know that Nintendo is releasing a Smash Bros. 3DS bundle? It will include a limited edition Smash Bros themed 3DS XL with the game pre installed on the console. Wii U Daily…get an article written about this pronto!

    No Wii U bundle has been confirmed as of now. Though, I think it’s fair to assume the Wii U will get the same treatment….hopefully.

  • Sdudyoy

    Call me strange, but I never saw Meta knight being over powered, he had a great recovery, but I always had trouble knocking someone out with him, I’m guessing it’s really only the people who play competitively that really notice but even when playing online I never had trouble’s against him.

  • Nicolas Dorion

    Let’s just hope he isn’t SS rank on the tier list
    and get banned again

  • TheBrainJemin

    August is the Metroid month you know what that means, right?


  • TheSneakyLizard

    Still waiting on Ice Climbers. They better reveal them soon or I’ll have a panic attack.