Jun 10th, 2014

mario maker screens 01

A few days ago, a 4Chan user posted an image from E3, showing something called “Mario Maker.” The validity of the rumor remained in question until this morning when Nintendo officially revealed the game.

As the name implies, Mario Maker will allow you to create your own custom Super Mario levels. The trailer Nintendo used gave us a look at some recreations of more current levels using the retro art style seen in the early Mario titles.

Mario Maker will be coming to the Wii U in 2015. What’s your first creation going to be? Sound off in the comments section.

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  • Jason

    Lmao so many people tried proving that picture was fake.

  • SolarShane13

    Where’s the video?

    This looks extremely limited. You can make a whole game with homebrew tools, along custom tile-sets too, all enemies too. Unless Nintendo proves me wrong, I won’t be buying this.

    • A SNES Day Off

      The average family isn’t going to Homebrew anything.

  • Officer Raichu

    new game devils thrid wii u exclusive

    • Ducked

      Saw it, finally a Wii U with online multiplayer.

      • Officer Raichu

        ik HYPE!

  • Sdudyoy

    And I was for sure this was fake too.

  • Ducked

    Every Wii U game isn’t out until 2015 🙁

    • SolarShane13

      Nintendo is so stupid. The Wii U needs these games. In 2015, the Wii U isn’t going to be relevant, especially with the invasion of XBox1 games and PS4 game, along with LittleBigPlanet 3. (That PS4+Vita bundle sure looks enticing)

      • Ducked

        Xbox One revealed a bunch of simple crappy games besides Scalebound and Halo. Really all three companies made mistakes.

      • Ibi Salmon

        At least the Wii U is getting Hyrule Warriors, Bayonetta 2, and Smash bros. in the mean time.

    • There are some really good titles for the Wii U coming this year starting in September. Sure Zelda U and Star Fox U are next year and that new game Splatoon looks like fun too

  • SolarShane13

    New Super Mario Bros U tile-set? What looks like custom sprites? (The eaten mushroom @ 1:15)

    This may have just won me over.

  • burtyb 73

    Wow!! Old and new school Mario, user-designed levels. If the Wii U really starts to sell, I reckon this could be a massively popular game

    • SolarShane13

      The switching of tile-sets is just pure awesome.

      • Poopsy

        I’d love if this was just the beginning… with new tile sets released later like classic Kid Icarus and Metroid.

  • Ducked

    They better not charge a $60 price tag

    • SolarShane13

      Yep. If they do, I won’t be buying. A game of this scale does not need that price. Plus, LittleBigPlanet comes with a whole game for that price, along with a free “free for all” level editor. To top it off, all of the levels created on the past games will be playable and upscaled.

      • Andrew W Garttmeyer

        Yea, agreed, plus they could have made it in the graphics of a new Super Mario, why the 8 bit one? It’s easily my least favorite of all Marios. Super Mario World would have been great even.

        EDIT: Oops, I watched the video, that is pretty damn cool that you can switch between the graphics. Also, yes, online a MUST.

        • Poopsy

          You have got to watch the entire video before making comments like this. If you simply took the time to look before you leaped, you would know that NSMB graphics ARE included.

          EDIT: Oops, I read your entire post, your apology is accepted.

          • SolarShane13

            LMAOing at all the “Edits”.

        • C4

          Yep, it’s pretty cool.

          8 Bit style might be better for the editor. It just looks more clear

  • LJay

    Yeah this looks awesome!-im gonna be all over this like a cheap suit!
    Ive always wanted to make my own levels and playing other player designed means you’ll almost never run out of new levels!

    • SolarShane13

      You can already do that with the Reggie! level editor. (http://rvlution.net/reggie)

      However, I’m glad Nintendo is taking it’s first baby steps into level editors.

  • Screamin Mime

    Will players be able to post, and run other people’s levels, online?

    The option is a must have for this game to be successful, don’t ZombieU it!

    • Nothing5555

      I agree, if they do not have good online or good online logistics to this game then there is really no point to it.

    • SolarShane13

      If they charge full price for an off-line editor, then hell no. I would not be purchasing it. Even if it had proper online, I still won’t purchase it if they charge full price.

  • I didn’t expect it to be real myself either, but seeing it is real what can I say. For the right price I most likely buy it, atleast as long as the custom levels can be shared with friends and via internet.

  • I never doubted it. I just didn’t know why they would make one of those. But yes, this is awesome:

  • discuss

    I don’t think this will sell well. People want to play games, not create them. But that’s just my opinion.

    • Leo

      On the contrary, people are getting more and more casual. The age of traditional gaming is coming to an end. People are having fun with their phones with mindless casual “games” and this Mario Maker fits the current trend like a glove.

    • Apparently you have not seen all the gamers that ask for level editors and love to mod their games. It’s quite popular and frequently requested.

  • All I’m saying is that this better be a $15 eShop game. I can’t see this being a retail game, especially if this is all the content they’re gonna have.

  • oontz

    Meh. This is a super niche product, in my opinion.

  • Jon

    if it has the ability to make ghost houses, underground leves as well as Castle, I’ll be happy 😀 Desert levels too and water levels…. omg, there is just so much 😀