May 27th, 2013


As we get closer to E3, we’re closer to games we know Nintendo will announce. One of those is a Mario Kart game for the Wii U, which rumors have stated will only be a suped up Mario Kart 7. This disappointed some of you, so I thought I would ask what new features you want to see in the game, in case it is brand new. Are you looking forward to more characters and tracks and Miiverse integration? You can select multiple items on this poll, so let us know by voting in the poll below and tell us your ideas in the comments!

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  • Weraru

    They’ll probably do all this stuff anyways.

    • Dimitra Giorgiou

      It would be stupid if they didnt, this is why its called new mario kart game, so it wont be suped up

    • RockieOllie

      What I do want are Character Specific Power-ups!

      • Laud

        Nu huh, that’s no good imo.

      • Kaihaku

        As long as it’s more balanced than it was in Double Dash.

      • Elitepwnsface

        Sounds like an nice idea. But i could see some being overpowered. So unless everyone can choose the came toon it might be an issue

        • RockieOllie

          Similar concept was introduced in Mario Kart Double Dash. But yeah balancing out specials giving them clear cut pros and cons would be nice

      • DWraySweZ

        cross play with 3ds

        • AceRuby

          OMG yes to this! Cross play with Mario Kart 7 players who are playing on their handhelds anywhere would be pretty amazing.

          • Zakariyya Al-Quran

            no a new mario kart series for all nintendo devices that connecteds seemlesly hrough the internet

    • Alex

      I hope they bring back Double Dash especially the Bomb-omb battle, it is the best Mario Kart game ever.

      • Could you imagine Double Dash where two players can control the same cart at the same time where one is driving and then the second player can control the other character on the back of the cart using the gamepad??

        • Alex Damman

          i have thought of that concept in my head for the longest time. the second player could use the gamepad to as a first person view to aim shells, bob-ombs, and fireballs separate from the kart’s steering, or aim a blue shell across the course so it gets to its target faster (red and blue shells would still home in)

          • Frank

            I hope online multiplayer has free-for-all, that was MKWii’s only real flaw other than the rubberband A.I. which I hope is worked on in U.

        • thedeciderU

          that would be amazing

      • Seth S. Scott

        YESYESYESYSEYES. Bombomb battle was AMAZING!

    • LopsidedPasta

      #1 is a given
      #2 will probably happen. (Hey Nintendo, this had better be better than MKWii was! That online multiplayer SUCKED)
      #3 will probably happen
      #4 is a given
      #5 is common sense, but it would’t be the first time Nintendo has made baffling online decisions

    • Nintedward

      IKR ? all this stuff is definitely going to be in the next MK game lol xD . 100%

    • Gabrielsen

      Make it like smash ults ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Nintenjoe82

      Every feature on the poll is a given or just a feature of MK. Might as well have asked, which is your favourite feature of Mario Kart. Here are some things that I want from Mario Kart U:

      1. I don’t want DLC karts or characters. All racers should be included from start.
      2. Great graphics but leave the gameplay from MKW as intact as possible. No attempts to copy Sonic Racing or other games. Mario Kart always outlasts the competition for fun factor so there’s no need to start changing it up too much.
      3. SSBB levels of fan service. Mario Kart needs every retro track available. Preferably on disc and not as DLC but I would settle for having 32 brand new tracks and every retro track available in sensibly priced track packs..
      4. Online Grand Prix. There was nothing more annoying than getting stuck on 3 player races when you thought you were joining a 12 player race. If everyone had to stay in a GP for 4 races to get the points, there would be no need for everyone to keep leaving races and every GP would have 12 racers at the start.
      5. Kick and Ban options for cheats. They will come crawling out of the woodwork at some point and nearly killed the last game for me.
      6. Multiple Mii Profiles usable online. What was the point of having 2 player if 2P had to be a guest. Some people even used their guest as a weapon to make sure they won.
      7. Bring back the old battle mode. The Wii version of battle was something I never really understood or enjoyed whereas the SNES and N64 ones were great parts of the game.
      8. One racer per kart and no character specific power ups in GP mode. It would be too hard to balance the online racing and would just lead to everyone always picking the same characters.
      9. Story mode thrown in but separate to the main cups. I’ve always wanted to race a load of Koopas on Koopa Beach or the Koopalings around Bowser’s Castle. This could be the time and the place for character specific power ups and secondary characters.
      10. Finally I would add an open world for the tracks. Not a huge Burnout/NFS style open world where you can get marooned miles away from your next race but a simple interconnected map for all the courses that you can go through in Story mode. (This could even allow for different variations of each track to be played later on in the game and those A to B straight line races).

      • Would’nt mind extra characters being added for free at later times as fan requests. As long as we don’t need to pay for them. Or i would’nt mind that if they incluided a racing track. and it would be like โ‚ฌ1… that’s as good as nothing and worth it to me.

  • gamesplayswill

    I’ll go with the new courses but I would like to see miiverse integration and more characters.

  • Russel Bowersox

    I want something new, that uses the gamepad in a way I havn’t thought of. In both single player and multiplayer.

  • I’m going to be the faster racer in this game

    • NintendoNoob


    • Nintendofreak

      y u down vote waluigi?

    • LoZ4life98

      You weren’t even included in the most recent Mario Kart game, so I would set my goal for just getting included first if I were you!

  • Lusunup

    new items is all I care about really.

  • D.M.T

    I selected all of them because all of those features should be in the new Mario Kart game.

    What i want is an All Star Mario Kart game. I want characters from other Nintendo franchises in the game. I want Pokemon characters, Star Fox, Metroid, Captain Falcon etc. Basically a racing version of Super Smash.

    I also want DLC, let me download Sonic for example or other characters.

    • You wouldn’t need DLC if all those characters were included by default. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Z4L

        I agree! DLC is so stupid sometimes… Why not just add the content with THE GAME????? (I guess money…)

        • DLC would be kind of nice that way we can get new maps every month or new options as well. Something on the lines of Fire Emblem where new teams and items are uploaded to the game. The replay ability would be beyond good with that option.

          • Mkwii had DLC, doon’t you remember the monthly challenges?
            They should bring that back to and make those also replayable once we played them.

          • I would love for them to make a custom track editor like the stage creator on smash but less generic. Also I hope the rumor that Sonic Allstars would be joining the crew, that’s what I have been playing to fill the void of MK until its released. This I my mii verse I posted a while back hoping they would mix it & it might happen. Yes!!

        • Andreas Sunde

          Do it like Monster Hunter. Pay with in-game credits.

      • Eduardo

        That would be awesome! ๐Ÿ™‚
        Hopefully Nintendo will include at least some (Link!) in addition to Mario Kart Classics!

        • Z4L

          Wouldn’t that be SUPER NINTENDO KART? If they added other nintendo characters… then it wouldn’t be a Mario kart game…

          • Jason James

            Super Smash Kart. Each Player has their own unique ability that has to do with their respective game. (Link’s Boomerang to stun…Hook shot to pull players back or propel Link…or Samus rolling into a ball or a power bomb). I love Mario Kart, but adding characters from other franchises would please a hell of a lot of Nintendo fans and it would be an addition to what is already awesome.

          • snes__

            I think link and samus would look so awkward in carts….

          • Alex Damman

            that’s what i said. i think they should just have 1 or 2 cameos like link or samus in the mariokart game and then make a separate racing game that is a spinoff of smash with new mechanics and courses from all the nintendo IPs

      • D.M.T

        True ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m glad you’re back Ashley. Weekends on Wii U Daily suck without you. All we get is 1 article on Saturday and 1 on Sunday and most of the times they are bad news about Wii U. You are known for posting multiple articles every day, whether it’s good or bad news about WIi U. And you also give your thoughts on things in the comment section which is great ๐Ÿ˜€

        • Thanks! Everyone needs a break some time. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • GreenMarine

            Pfft! Wii Nintenerds don’t need breaks! ๐Ÿ˜€

          • BCphoton

            Three words: Custom Track Maker.

          • Levi Johansen

            YES YES!!

      • lol… good point.

      • Levi Johansen

        How about a track-builder and a place for us to share our tracks with others. Fan-made DLC!! ๐Ÿ˜€

        Same for Super Smash Bros. where we should be able to make stages and also make our own campaigns or something…

        • Josiah Parsons

          Yes. total yes.

      • Rick van der Linde

        What about DLC with new tracks? I would download a new track pack in a heartbeat if it where to come out today for Mario Kart Wii U ๐Ÿ˜›

        • but how would that work online? If you don’t have a track and everyone chooses that track, do you race on it? Do you sit out?

          • Rick van der Linde

            They could put you in a group of people that all have the same DLC or disable some DLC tracks that others don’t have.

            However, i.e. in Battlefield, you just get kicked out of the party for not having the map.

          • greengecko007

            The same way it works in COD. Lobbies where everyone has a certain DLC pack allow for DLC maps to be picked. There are also game modes specifically for playing new DLC packs.

    • Nintedward

      I’d rather Nintendo just put out a full game than do DLC . I don’t understand why certain people like the idea of DLC. Remember when people used to make full games ? lol

      And yeah the multi-franchise characters idea would be extreme.

    • Alex Damman

      other characters would be nice, but if they had too many it wouldn’t really be mario kart aymore, would it? a few cameos would be enough. if they do what you’re saying i think they should keep it separate from the mario kart franchise and instead make it a spinoff of smash with entirely new mechanics, and NOT HAVE IT REPLACE MARIOKART, JUST BE A NEW IP TO GO ALONGSIDE IT
      on that note, it would be interesting, if they did that, to have some sort of interaction between mariokart and smash racing, kind of like what they did with the LoZ oracle games or what they do with the dual pokemon releases. so you can get new content for both games if you have save data for both on your Wii U or a special code from one game to enter into the other. nothing game changing though.

    • JB

      Had I read the comments, I would’ve come across yours before saying pretty much the EXACT same thing (in a different way of course)! I’m sooo with you on this!

    • bizzy gie

      An SSBB screenshot was used for the image inside the GamePad.

      • | AaronIsNeato |

        | NO WAY MAN, REALLY? /sarcasm |

    • Clel

      Samus racing on a kart?

    • gamesplayswill

      I wanted olimar in so your special power up can be a purple pikmin XD.
      I’d also like the President and Louie too.

    • Andreas Sunde

      Get Reggie in there.

  • Z4L

    They should make 5 player Mario Kart! With the wii u having its own screen, and the tv having the split screen! I think that would be sweet!

    • Z4L

      *GAMEPAD not Wii U xD

      • D.M.T

        Well the Wii U does have it’s own screen. The screen is on the Wii U’s Gamepad

        • Luigi*

          I think that’s what he meant!


            Their both saying the same thing lol

    • ancientgamer

      that would only work well if you had 4 pro controlers though, still a good idea

      • Luigi*

        I guess… Or you could use the dreaded wii controllers… (on mario kart wii, I used either the classic controller pro, or the GNC controllers!)

        • Mario

          I kinda like using the Wii remotes. But I prefer using the remote with the nunchuck honestly.

        • ancientgamer

          the mii motes lack buttons though so no shoulder buttons for drifting, i guess thats its only downfall, well besides the rumours its another double dash then you also need a switch button

  • DeedsGaming .

    The feature I want the most is a ranked and competetive online multiplayer mode. Like League Play in BO2, in-game tournament brackets and season finals. That would be interesting.

  • Sperling

    We, as Nintendo fans, would just love to have brand new things of the same (new charactor, new tracks…), but in order to make inovations and make this game even more memorable in the big market, I would say that online gaming is the answer. The greatest fun in Mario Kart is to play with as many friends as you can, what could we say about playing with huge number of people at the same time? I think It would be great, mainly in nowadays market conditions (sorry for my english)

    • disqus_sgtob6da3X

      Is there an answer for all of the above? But the only one thing i dont want is hackers! ugh. That what made the game so unbearable to play online. I mean getting a blue shell hit u every five seconds? Everything is good for me.

      • Sperling

        Yep, for me too. Actually I don’t really play online, and maybe my opinion missed that point for this reason. It’s already fine for me the gameplay, and besides, I like to play multiplayer with my friends around in the room. BUT I made this statment thinking about what is the market nowadays. It seems to me that online gaming have a big impact. This seems to be one of the factors that made others (not very interesting) consoles succeed.

  • ancientgamer

    if it where a suped up 7 i think it would be out by now but ya never know

  • jay

    Ummm… Aren’t all of these pretty much confirmed?

  • zerooooo

    Please keep the bikes!

  • NintendoNoob

    I hope they include kart changing like Mario Kart 7. Having face cams when playing online with friends and having new ways to race, like another double dash.

    • Luigi*

      Also chat!!!

  • GreenMarine

    It would be cool if a second player using the gamepad could add/remove obstacles, or change parts of the course on the fly.
    Having to look through the gamepad if another character/player hits your character with something that obscures your vision, like ink, would be cool too.

  • Nintendofreak

    mario kart u x sega allstars racing transformed + new tracks n charcters + waluigi n link n snake n sonic n kiby n olimar + new items + track customiser + special skill associated with the character (something like ssbb) = badass game

  • Gabe Hoffman

    Well I doubt it will just be a souped up MK7 since Nintendo always likes to make each Mario Kart with a different mechanic in mind. Double Dash had two person teams, MK Wii had Bikes, MK7 had gliders and underwater courses, I am guessing MK U will be an extension of the glider and underwater parts with actual air and water craft as vehicles sort of like Diddy Kong Racing

    • ancientgamer

      i heard rumours this one was going to be another double dash, wish i could remember where i heard it

  • Nookling

    I think all of the characters from Wii shoudl be in the game as well as new ones from 7 and all past characters. The Wii U is powerful enough to do this so why not? I also think taking all of the weapons in Wii and adding the few new ones from 7 would be good. As a new weapon i think every character should have a super item for themselves. (similar to smashes in smash bros) Online is obvious and a must. The game wouldn’t be new without new tracks.

  • derty

    DLC of new track packs would b fucking incredible and would honestly have people playing forever. There’s still such a huge community playing MKW on a daily basis. So this would just keep the gaming going even longer.

  • Antar Rodrรญguez

    well, online multiplayer and new tracks is practically obligated to this point of that franchise,miiverese integration would be obligated too since every wii u game has it, i think the expected features should be new weapons and characters, and a new form to implementate the gamepad to a racing game

  • F – All of the Above.

  • Danny Tam

    Leaderboards would be nice, I’d like some more statistical tracking similar to FPS games and Smash Bros.

  • Billy_Perry

    People always take the piss out of me for saying that my favourite racing game is Mario Kart Wii. But personally, I think the combination of fast action and tactical racing using the items, with fun go lucky characters, settings, courses and themes, make Mario Kart Wii U one of my most anticipated games of the year, way above Assassins Creed or any other supposedly “AAA” title! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Rob Lucci

    A item that blocks blue shells.

  • Adam

    I only want mario characters. That’s why it’s called MARIO kart. It would be too much like sonic and sega racing game

    • Jason James

      nah…Imagine each new character with their own unique power up…like link with a sword strike or hook shot…samus with a power bomb…etc. It would be awesome if done right, and still be kept in the spirit of Mario Kart.

  • Saul Rivera

    You’ll know what I want the most?…the elimination of the damn blue shell!!!


      Or at least a way of having a good success rate of countering/avoiding it!

      • Saul Rivera

        Yeah I understand they love the randomness of the power-ups but the blue shell punishes a skilled player…which I just can’t stand…but maybe having a way to avoid it and also make you look cooler is also viable ha!

  • MonsterHunter387

    For me it will probably be Online multiplayer but only if you can play with your friends online. I would also like it if they had DLC. DLC isn’t bad if you do it the right way and Fire Emblem and New Super Mario Bros 2 have done it pretty good. Now if they could do like a bundle kind of thing with DLC for example if you buy Sonic it comes with Green Hill Zone as a track or if you buy Toon Link (best choice of all the Links), you get Hyrule field. Or if you buy Kirby, you get Green Greens with it

    • AlexG

      i hope a MK premium set bundle ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Zombie_Andrew

    I wanna see full online, full customisable karts and bikes, full customisable tracks, and an NFC “drivers licence” for you to be able to transfer your licence data over to another friend’s Wii U

  • I want to see 1) DLC releases for additional new and retro race tracks 2) Option to turn off individual items similar to what SSB has had.

  • greengecko007

    I would like it if there were minor differences between the characters stats, in addition to the weight classes. Like having Mario’s vehicles slightly faster than say, Luigi’s, who has vehicles with better handling. Of the features in the article, I’m expecting all of these to be included.

  • Epic Markell Joshua

    No create a track?

  • Jeff

    Why not just have a integration of a single kart mode and a double-dash kart mode. With new weapons, dlc and really good online play.

  • Sam

    What I want is MKWii controls, WiiU graphics, MKDD character power ups, MK7 customization, and new characters, then everything up there.

  • Guhtere

    I think all this stuff will be in this game though…

    • miiandmario

      Yeah I agree

  • I’m rare I liked Double Dash I want the two player on one kart option back. Along with with better online and online co-op features.

  • miiandmario

    The main thing I want is a really good online and some off screen play.

  • TCar

    All of them equals awesome, smart, and needed.

  • $41809923

    heard that sonic characters are in mario kart u hope its true playing silver anybody

  • Arthur Jarret

    I’m pretty sure that, if the rumor it’s a ‘souped up mk7’ has any bearing, it pertains to the game mechanics : so, vehicle parts, gliding, underwater will then likely return… no bikes like wii, no dual chars like gamecube – nothing new in the basic gameplay sense.

    Of course a new mario kart will bring new characters. They BETTER bring waluigi back! And at least 16 brand new tracks, including more single-lap ones

  • PatcherStation

    All new tracks. No old tracks. End of.

  • Kaihaku

    U-turns. Seriously, it would be awesome to have to race into your competitors.

  • Cordell Wooten

    Everything here is a given. why wouldI choose one over the other?

  • mralloverit

    All of the above plus 1: A track editor and a community for sharing and downloading user-generated content. 2: DLC track packs featuring both new and classic courses. 3: More sprint races. As fun as circuit racing is, I thought it was quite refreshing to see MK7 include a couple of long, single-lap sprint races. We need more of that. A lot more. 4: A separate Grand Prix/multiplayer option for doubles karts for those of us who enjoyed Double Dash. 5: Voice chat. This is a given. This should also include team/party chat(provided they implement the doubles karts)
    I’ll edit or reply as I come up with more.

  • Mickey Mouse

    Someone correct me if I’m wrong (which I’m sure will happen), but I thought that the pol would be asking what new features people want. One of the options is online, but there’s been online in MK Wii, so it’s expected anyway, yet I don’t see DLC mentioned which would actually be a more appropriate poll option and is badly needed in MK.

  • Kevin Sepulveda

    Everything you listed are usually things they always do. New items usually one or two or something special come along with every Mario Kart game. New characters they try to surprise us. New tracks is a duh if they want a NEW Mario Kart game. They have done Online for a long time now and as far as Miiverse I am 99% sure Nintendo will use their own invention with their own games.

  • My biggest hope is that it has a double-racer mode, as Double Dash is the best one, in my opinion.

    But track editors and unique special items would be great.

  • Erik

    Weapons and others are just need some tweaking…. But my MAIN concern is the character balancing and its ranking system for the Online Multiplayer. The Mario Kart Wii was just HORRENDOUS: Item selection is just… it’s hard to describe, character balance was just.. i don’t want to start the whole “hurr durr Funky Kong Hater…” thing, and playing with high end players and noob players and it CAN’T be balance in teams. I would wish that if they change all of the of what i mentioned be it character balance, and the ranking system… i would love the whole VR and BR system back but needs a LOT of tweaking such as placing players of say 8000 VR/BR against players of the same level and low level players play against low level players and vice versa. It would be nice if they added some kind of “upgrade” such as having higher top but sacrificing acceleration and the like (Kinda like what you see for the Need For Speed series) and Single player as well. That’s my opinion.

  • Justis Bistawros

    I mean i would love to have all of this in the new Mario cart game this is a pretty funny question.

  • JB

    I absolutely LOVE the Mario Kart series and all their colorful characters, but I would love to see Nintendo blow up the formula and do something crazy like make a All-Star Kart series a la Super Smash Bros!. They could call it… Wait for it…

    Super Smash Kart (okay, so not the most ORIGINAL title)! I would love to play as Link, Samus, Gannondorf and the like. Not to mention it would open up track and level design some more.. Oh, and imagine all the power ups that could be gained.. especially if they incorporated super special ones that only the characters from their respective franchises could use. Nintendo, get on this.

  • Hรฉctor I. Rivera Negrรณn

    Eliminate the spike shell, the ranks, enable customization (but for real this time) and put a double dash mode (two characters) if you want to race that way. I was thinking a more balanced items intake for when your in first place not only bananas, green shells and fake item boxes you’re racing the same 16 to 20 courses again and again normal and mirrored it gets boring when you can only shoot bananas for 2 hours. I was playing the original Mario Kart yesterday and that game it’s a real treat compared to other installments of the franchise. I’ve been a fan of the franchise since the beginning and of Nintendo since the day I was introduced to gaming so please don’t disappoint me.

  • Oum’Bushay

    I want a new “thing” or “Gimick” I guess Mk64 was the 3d I guess, double dash was the partners, wii was the motion and MK7 had th flying and gyro and all that. I hope you can use the game pad in a cool way or create your own courses even though the creation is probably unlikely.

  • CSM0

    What I want is a multiplayer mode where one person uses a Wii remote to drive looking at the TV, while
    the person with the Gamepad draws a track in front of the driver to
    help him avoid obstacles, reach certain destinations, or to just plain
    mess with the driver.

  • How about bringing back the bikes or two person cars? Double Dash had the coolest co-op option.

  • PaisaPK

    I would honestly like the Double-Dash mechanics back.. that was my favorite mario kart aside from mario kart wii

  • Josรฉ Abraham Cervantes Posadas

    Nothing of the list, I want old courses and a control like Mario Kart 64 or a gameplay like Sega All Stars Racing

    • stratisifre

      i would really hope that it doesn’t play like sega all stars racing lol. the controls where COMPLETELY out of wack (for me anyway). imo it was way too floaty and unresponsive lol. if they made the cars transform in a similar fashion, i wouldn’t mind though

  • bizzy gie

    Why doesn’t everyone just check off all the boxes? That’s what I did.

    • That’s exactly what I did.. They need one more option though and that would be a custom track creator.

  • Nintyfan

    It’s obvious online multiplayer will in there. ๐Ÿ˜›

  • CapnCrumbles436

    Solid online competitive mode is #1. All else comes second. Really, I have always wanted this feature in a MK game. Although past iterations have offered online play, I feel like it was never integrated properly. The one game that got the closest was Mario Kart 3DS.

  • The online multiplayer and leader boards were broken in Mario Kart Wii due to cheating. Cracking down on that would make the experience a lot more fun and authentic I think.

    • Destructonator101

      Yeah, such a pain when the person in front is dropping bomb oms the whole race every 0.5 seconds…

  • 7Down

    I just want it to be another Mariokart Wii, with bunch of new things

  • Ryan House

    I want Mario Kart 64 in HD. Never Cared for Double Dash or Wii
    Mario Kart 64 was the First game I owned for N64

  • Seth S. Scott

    if this is not a whole new game I will be severely dissapointed.

  • Ryan House

    They Do have 25GB of Space. Mario Kart Wii was the Biggest since a Single Layer DVD was the most space Nintendo has had for game content. The only Game we know was a Dual layer DVD for Wii is Smash Bros Brawl
    Mario Kart 64 was only 64Megabits 8MegaBytes

    • ICHI

      Skyward Sword I thought was a dual layer one though…………..?

      • Ryan House

        Looks like there are a couple others that are dual layer. two metroid games. I just know Brawl was the first and it caused many people issues. if they had a dirty lenses.

        • ICHI

          Oh yeah the metroids too, my trilogy disk started taking forever to load, makes sense now.

          • Ryan House

            Nintendo started selling Wii Lens Cleaning Kits. I don’t think the Wii U versions are compatible with Wii

            Not sure why a Dirty Lens only effected dual layer DVD Games

  • Bomberman

    Mario Kart featuring other Nintendo characters. I would really enjoy playing Kirby or Ness.

  • uPadWatcher

    If it’s powered by the Nintendo Network, Mario Kart U should add online multiplayer!

    • Destructonator101

      Mario Kart Wii had online multiplayer.

  • kiwi.kaw

    I actually really liked Mario Kart Arcade GP. Fingers-crossed for some kinda implementation(i.e. tracks, coins, gameplay, character crossovers etc) on Mario Kart U :X

  • Devilus

    I just hope the don’t water down the gameplay like in mario kart wii. They got it perfect in mario kart double dash for the gc and should stick by it.

  • Sabrina Mรผller

    i want the tablet a rear-view mirror

  • Bjรถrn Blizzard Frykmo

    Please bring back the character-specific weapons!!!

  • Clel

    I want Double Dash back!

    • Destructonator101


  • Baconfat23

    Track Creator please. It could be really cool if Nintendo really gives puts their all into it. We should be able to choose between every setting/background the game comes with and every road that is available in the game as well as all the obstacles. Add track heights to it as well and release “Track Packs” for more settings and obstacles and roads.

  • invible

    Why put online play in this poll they will obviously do it they did it with the 3ds and since this may just be Mario kart 7 again tthen this will be in there.

    • Destructonator101

      Maybe just an iproved online. A lot of people glitched/hacked mario kart on wii, which became a pain in the arse.

      • invible

        I wouldn’t know I never played Mario kart on Wii but I hate when people glitch games like that.

  • ICHI

    I don’t get the love Double Dash has round here? It was a good game and mechanically great, but I prefer all other Mario Karts more than that one. The tracks were just a bit lame in places especially the Balloon Battle ones, which didn’t stand up to the N64 versions.

  • They will do all this stuff I believe. Most important for me is fixing the blue shell issue. I wrote a list of stuff I’d like to see in the new Mario Kart if anyone’s interested (and you guys will let me post a link)

  • InterTreble

    I’m SURE all Nintendo hater are going to say: “It’s just Kart 7 HD”, whatever it’ll be. It’s a killer app for Wii U. I’m SURE, too.

    • Arthur Jarret

      Yeah, Mario kart was the second – best selling game of the previous generation – behind Wii Sports (a bundled game).

      Mario Kart always sells.

      • InterTreble

        Perhaps the most wanted Nintendo IP among the “hard core” gamers, also coming from other systems. Even Nintendo haters. The second one? Smash Bros! ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • Arthur Jarret

          Actually, the third most sold wii title was Wii Sports Resort. Wii Sports is the second-most wanted franchise from Nintendo.

          Thanks for playing though. You can keep the microwave – but you lost the fridge.

          • InterTreble

            Sure, man. Actually I meant “historical” IPs, like Mario, Zelda, Metroid, and so on, so not considering Wii Sports series… But you’re totally right: Wii Sports IS a Nintendo IP, and it couldn’t be otherwise! ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • Arthur Jarret

            In that case: Pokemon.
            Pokemon is a bit like Dragonball Z was back in the day. People love the game but over half are too embarassed to admit it.

            Anyway, I buy my nintendo’s for Zelda – all the other awesome IP’s are just gravy!

          • InterTreble

            This, man. This! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Paul Rowe

    Would like some of the old tracks for kid’s,but it would be great to have super karts for the older gamers with some race tracks from around the world just to make it more of a racer with power ups & weapons of coarse.

  • MujuraNoKamen

    I’d like all of those things please, and I think Ninty will add all of these features into MKU.

    I’d like to see them implement features from the DS/3DS Karts and have a map on the gamepad and a leader-board sort of thing on the side so you can see when you’re about to be Blue-shelled. Off TV Play wouldn’t be too much to ask. And if you don’t like using the Gamepad just as a map you can have the game on screen as well as a rear-view mirror on the 2nd screen. Gamepad also makes 5-man local multiplayer a sure thing and as well as no split-screen 2 player (like in BO2). There’s a lot of things that could be implemented in MKU, I just hope they give you the option customize what you want from the gamepad as 1 thing might not suit everyone. Also, I remember reading about Sonic All Stars racing for Wii U (I’ve not played it yet) and that had some really cool features everyone said should be in the next Mario Kart – I might have listed a few already but one thing that was cool was the ability to have a full local party go online together and race other people online – maybe I was misinformed – but I hope MKU has this in an improved online with Miiverse integration ๐Ÿ™‚

  • parad0x19

    i think that Mario kart u with miiverse leaderboard is the best thing for the series also i think that the wiimotes will return for the series( i don’t want a wheel for the wii u) i also think that the new Mario kart will not include double racers, Underwater and air racing but i can see bikes returning. Actually if i can see any racers i can see Goomba( he plays baseball doesn’t he) Magic koopa, i want no same characters like bowser and dry bowser, Mario and metal Mario,( babies don’t count) also news weapons could help maybe a return of specials. i think the wii u gamepad will be useful for a touch version of the game where items will be on the top and bottom one for back wards speed. sorry if this was long but i had to let it out

  • disqus_5Grs99SkVn

    what would be great is if you can make your own courses and send them to friends to play with you. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Kyle

    I think there could be choosable specific powers, tied to a kart-part instead of the character itself

    • stratisifre

      ehh have you played 7? lol

  • Denison Guizelini

    Nintendo Kart All-Stars, play in othes Nintendo Characters, themed tracks fromothers Nintendo games, downloadeble tracks.,

  • crocodileman94

    I hope Bowser’s Castle from Double Dash will be one of the retro courses.

  • Noel Canales

    So we have this new system called a Nintendo Wii U, and this new Mario Kart better make use of the new controller. I’m talking realistic ideas like Panoramic gaming view, probably never done before on a platform, this is not a wild idea. Has anyone even messed with the Panoram view demo where you hold up the controller in any direction and see around you? Imagine this for mario kart. your budy drives while you look around and target people around you droping bananas with accuracy, shooting turtles, shooting something at a competator that comes up along side of you. This is innovating and please please tell me that you, Nintendo Think Tank Guys have thought about this. This would be a great way to show how your controller is needed and dwarfs PS4 and Xboner. Do you need to hire me to help you think up this stuff that is very easily possible? We do not need a rehashed Mario Kart 7. We need something new and very fun and get your interactive online play working flawlessly. I already have issues with my system freezing everytime i load up Netflix (because right now this is all the system is good for, HuluPlus and Netflix), I do not need any more problems.

  • I_I

    I can’t wait to play it on my game pad

  • Madmagican

    Yay, I can pick all of them

  • Elem187

    All I want is off tv play and HD graphics!!
    It would be nice if they had voice chat…. My biggest complaint for Mario Kart Wii, Mario Kart 7, and Sonic allstars transformed racing is there is no voice chat so I can’t talk smack while racing.

  • Andreas Sunde

    Every single track from every single Mario Kart, plus at least 32 new tracks. That would be a day one buy.

  • thesupertomek

    I want Off-tv play, good multiplayer with a voice chat and NO NEW WEAPONS

  • dk mario

    I want 16 people races, at least 64 tracks good online,
    lots of characters, story mode, and bring back character specific weapons

  • TrueWiiMaster

    I want online play, with chat and much better match customization, new characters, new levels, and the removal of the coin collecting they added in MK7. I hate having to unlock everything by mindlessly collecting coins. I want to win the cups and get the characters/karts for winning. I also want them to remove the kart customization. I much preferred the preset karts with weight classes and various advantages.

  • Seth S. Scott

    better have em all! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Scott Loucks

    One of the biggest problems I have with Mario Kart is basically how much you play determines how good you are. Even though the power-ups and especially the blue shell make everything a little more fair, it really doesn’t matter when you have those players that have memorized every single turn, boost, and shortcut. If you stop playing for even a week or two, it’s almost impossible to play as good as you did when you were playing every day. That’s why I think Nintendo needs to do something that will keep every player on their toes, everyone has an equal opportunity while still keeping skill as an advantage. Maybe randomly generating obstacles on a track or even having one player as the ‘God’ player with the gamepad who creates the track as people are racing. I need a Mario Kart that I can play after a few weeks and know I’m not gonna get owned and that it will always be a refreshing experience.

  • shoeses47

    It really needs all these things if its going to try and be a system-seller.

  • Josiah Parsons

    Who else voted for everything?

  • Sol Ridgeway

    All I want is Wario Stadium from 64… and maybe custom track creator. and maybe better battle mode..

  • As long as they dump the driving underwater and “flying” i found those two things really really stupid. And i hope this will be one of the first games to support two gamepads. Local multiplayer with wix people would rock. Not that i ever have five people that want to game over at my house but hey, its’s good for family’s etc that want to come together and game.

    Also, give us back shine thief, the catch the chao from sonic and allstars racing alway’s gives me and my friends a good laugh with us cursing and yelling at eatchother and having a really really good time…

    And also, like someone else said, a multiplayer mode with one player driving and the other one using the gamepad to aim weapons etc could be cool.

  • Nintendo Kart would be ALOT more fun than just Mario Kart. I enjoyed MKGP just for the fact I could play as a Tamagotchi. Mario Kart Wii is too slow, and the tracks are a bit limited, I play MK7 a lot more. Also I don’t remember DD being that good… maybe I need to play it again? (I do remember Baby Park track being one of my favourites though)

    I would like to see:
    – some sort of blue shell defence
    – more than just banana skins for 1st place racers
    – NFC with little Mario Kart figures
    – bring back the GHOST powerup
    – stage destruction and changing tracks so it feels more alive
    – maybe a Diddy Kong style vehicle choice
    – *balanced* character specific powerups
    – weather effects & night/ day cycles with headlight racing

    • Dave_Val

      I’m very agree with you man, those could be great adds to this new game. Regards!

      • markcq

        Weather effects and time changes, thank you for bringing that up. Although I do think that Mario Kart Wii did feel slow, the general gameplay mechanics of it or DD both made for a satisfying game. I do feel like there are areas of opportunity in graphics and track variety. Have some at dusk and desaturate the colors. How about one with thunder and lightning. Add some bloom on the pavement to handle the glaring sun and some rich shadows. Immerse the player in rich, deep environments.

  • Joel

    Just, please, no bad characters. No Baby Peach, Baby Daisy, or Metal Mario, but especially no Honey Queen.

  • Riley Preator

    I would really like a track creator and then i would also like to have tournaments through Miiverse, but not like the one that was on the llast amrio kart like actual tournaments. I would also like to be able to change the time in battles to just if you lose your balloons your out. thats what i want

  • Kirbyomega

    Who didn’t vote for all of them?

  • Eric Degrechie

    All of the above please. Should be the minimum requirement. It’s time for Nintendo to throw down and show everyone what they’re made of.

  • Mazor

    Online multiplayer is a given. But the last like three games would only have like five or ten new levels. All the rest were rehashed from old games. They should flip it and have like ten old levels and a bunch of new ones! But that’s not really their style.

  • CyanideInsanity

    I hope this game has a double dash mode, and to be able to play on all courses from every game either on disc or as free and/or paid dlc.

    I just want this to be an ultimate combination of each game, actually. Vehicle customization, motorcycles, glide/underwater sections, double dash mode.

    • great deku tree

      not forgetting each character’s special that they had in double dash. also what if maybe each character had a certain strength and weakness? say for example bowser would resist fireballs but he would freeze longer if hit with a block of ice? something new anyway and I think it could work really well. it also makes there more point in choosing different characters.

  • great deku tree

    it would be good if there were certain traps throughout each course that would change the route. say for example I hit a trigger that releases a pile of boulders that cover the track behind me so the rest have to change their route and head down another part of the track? also include environmental hazards. for example there could be a thunder storm on one track that strikes randomly on the track so it can shrink anyone? or perhaps a meteorite. these as well as everything listed in the article, each character has their own special weapon and strengths and weaknesses such as bowser resisting fireballs but he is frozen longer when hit with a block of ice. also keep the customisation part and bring motorbikes back but make them better.

  • WiiStation360

    What is this? Of course it will have all of this…
    NEW FEATURES are things like a track creator and brand new modes…
    There’s no way Nintendo will do a suped-up MK7, that’s not what they do. This will be a brand new game.

  • | AaronIsNeato |

    | I want the Karts to be more able to turn on a dime and to drive a lot faster. We all know that the Mini Turbo is a nice touch, but what if they Super-Charged it? Faster-paced gameplay couldn’t be half bad. 250cc online playlist anyone? On a side note, can’t wait for Bowser’s Castle and Rainbow Road. |

  • Dan Golan

    So I Would really like a Wii mode, where i can play without the Gamepad like i used on the wii.

  • bugart19

    I would like to see behind me on the Wii U pad.

  • Doctors Tardis

    A story mode like diddy kong racing.