Jan 13th, 2014

Over the weekend, Eurogamer published a story from Digital Foundry from an anonymous developer that claimed the Wii U is a nightmare to code games for. The story mentions that nothing seems to be up to par in terms of development aspects, and any questions the team had for Nintendo took weeks to answer due to translation problems. If you’re interested in reading the original story, you can find it here.

Ping 1.5+ developer Christopher Arnold says this story doesn’t paint an accurate picture of developing for the Wii U today, and that the story that’s being told by Digital Foundry seems to be a developer who had pre-release SDK hardware. You can find his opinion of the article in the following tweets.

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  • gamesplayswill

    I couldn’t give two damns, just get me a game and a console then sorted.

    Apart from the CDI… anything but that…

  • Andrew Clear

    Yep, sounds about right. Over the weekend their was a story about how Capcom stated that it takes longer to make a title for the Xbone and PS4 than any other console, but I don’t see any uproar over that.

    It just seems that people are really butthurt that Nintendo won the last generation with an inferior machine, and that they are leading (atm) this one. Sony will pass them, but who cares, it is all about the games.

    They are also butthurt that Nintendo makes a profit every year, and their favorite console maker is always one mistake away from going under (and in the case of the Xbox division, it should have gone under a long time ago. Thank goodness Microsoft has plenty of money they can bleed away on it).

    • in that case, when you have to add more details in a game you take more time. that is why a game take more time now than old days.
      but the game engine helps a lot with pre configured textures and others effects.

    • Nintedward

      Nintendo is the only true, properly run game company and people can’t accept that. Nintendo will make 10X more money off the 3DS than Sony will off the PS4, Also, Nintendo will make more money off the Wiiu than Sony will off of the Vita. So you tell me who is the industry leader in dedicated gaming,

      Wiiu isn’t as powerful as PS4 or Xbox one, but it’s certainly more powerfull than last gen just like the 3DS is more powerfull than PSP or DS. That’s all that really matters. Games are what are most important.

      • Magnus Eriksson

        Power this power that. Its so fucking boring. Talk about processors, cores, shaders, RAM and DRAM. I have lost faith in gamers. They have become just like PC nerds in the nineties. The main reason for buying a console have always been to play games, on a fixed console with few upgrade abilities so there wont be any need for this discussion.

        Metroid, how will that look on the new machine? Now thats an interesting question. How can Nintendo utilize the pad here? A new Zelda in 1080p is interesting enough, but apart from that – how big will it be? Will they make an even larger Zelda than the 75 hours long TP? Motion controls? Should it get another shot?

        • Andrew Clear

          Yep, you have a good point. Also, a pc bought at the same time the ps3 launched, has to be upgraded in order to run the ports of recently released ps3 games. I love consoles for the fact that they are worth the money, gaming wise, and I don’t need to update them every few years.

        • Rinslowe

          That’s why I typically buy them all. And always have. True fanboysim is a drag. And so is the denial that stems from that as a result.
          Exactly to all of your other points too…

          • oontz

            “True fanboysim is a drag.”

            Y E S!

  • Agent721

    Non story that’s been heard before for every console in existence.

  • Jack5221

    Oh brother… This is the Youtube copyright thing all over again. Someone says this, and then some “anonymous” (Random troll / hater) idiot who can’t read turns his words into something else. And for some reason people believe it! and then the haters go nuts by saying (‘Insert hateful remark here’) NINTENDO IS DOOMED! Blah blah blah… Seriously, whose toes did Iwata step on to stir so much random / pointless hate?

  • Relick

    I wish I could develop for my WiiU the way I can develop for my 360. i.e. XNA + easy to obtain developer’s licence with retail console.

    That will get the indies on board. And I’ll love my WiiU even more!

    • wober2

      I would think the free licence for publishing Unity games would of made a lot of indie devs jump on the wiiu….

  • YogiGRB

    lovin how he explained the difference between pre-release SDK to now. just my 2ct

  • Kevin James McAllister

    The bias of Wii U Daily is evident here. They report on the guy arguing against the “Wii U is hard to develop for” article, but had never reported on the article in the first place. I come here in case I ever find news I don’t elsewhere, and because I love my Wii U, but the bias of this place is obnoxious.

    • YogiGRB

      Finally NOT a report on the bad but the good and immediately it’s bias?? She is reporting on the article (even providing a link to it) and also on a response from a Indie-dev on that say article. I’m not gonna thumb you down but since you say you love your Ultra, why do you hate when there’s an article which points out some good in about it?

      B.T.W. good article Ashley King, you deserve a thumbs up Ash

    • C4

      Almost every negative news is posted. Eurogamer only has an anonymous source that’s like Wii U Daily makes a news of me saying something about Wii U. Also we don’t even know which timeframe he is talking about. 1 year prior to launch every console has its problems, developers complain about Xbox One tools for example, and that’s MS one of the largest software developers. Of course that frustration is understandable, but it seems already a thing of the past years away.

    • Gotallofthem

      Yes perhaps we should all, then just post and say “WiiU” is doomed, and perhaps then we won’t be obnoxious to your eyes?

    • Kevin James McAllister

      You guys are just proving my point by how bias this site is and how fanboy everyone is. I don’t want only the “doom and gloom” stories. I love hearing when there is good news. But to ignore the story until someone refutes it only to post about the refuting and to offer no possibility of legitimacy toward the original article is showing blind enthusiasm.

      I love Nintendo, and that’s why I want it to succeed. But if it’s true that nobody at Nintendo knew how PSN or Xbox Live operated, then it’s evidence of how little Nintendo is paying attention to what others offer and what many people want. I don’t mind that the Wii U is less powerful than the PS4 and XB1, because Nintendo always maximizes use of their hardware well for their own games, and Nintendo games tend to be more fun than any other software company’s games. But their online offerings have been weak at best with their own titles, and it would’ve made sense for Nintendo to look at Live and PSN before trying to offer their own robust service.

      But one thing that bugs me about this site is that the moment somebody critiques any part of Nintendo or the site, everyone jumps on them. I said the lack of reporting on the original article showed bias when they showed this, and you all assume I want the Wii U to fail? The truth is the Wii U is not selling well. Yes, sales have improved, but the truth is that the other new consoles are already close to the sales of Wii U that had a year ahead of them. And yet, whenever anyone talks about the Wii U not doing well, you all jump on them and attack them. Why?

  • Michael DeVore

    Never trust Anonymous sources from non-journalists, and even then Anonymous sources must be saying something that could get them killed to justify being Anonymous. Game Journalists shouldn’t be given the chance to use Anonymous sources. Why would a source want to be Anonymous in regards to gaming? Protecting against NDA violations? At this point unlikely. A chance to hurt Nintendo because of past grevences while preventing Nintendo from publicly responding to specifics? Possibly Nintendo has angered 3rd parties in the past, and many still have an ax to grind. A reporter making up sources based on old rumors to generate clicks? Possible, sites do get paid based on clicks.

    The court of public opinion likes to ignore the rational for someone to be able to confront their own accusers. If a “source” wants to be taken seriously on such trivial matters then they better not be Anonymous. It’s not like Nintendo is going to go after their families, and clearly this “dev” doesn’t want to work with Nintendo at this point so what does it matter?

    • Randall Hellmer

      Because they would probably be fired if their name was attached.

      Funnily enough, employees who publish comments about how hard it is to work with someone their employer regularly does business with is probably not going to be greeted with applause by the higher-ups who have to deal with that someone.

      “A reporter making up sources based on old rumors to generate clicks? Possible, sites do get paid based on clicks.”

      Frankly, I’m tired of this sort of “it’s possible they’re just making it up.” It’s one thing to question the credibility of a site that regularly posts unfounded rumor or spreads blatant misinformation, but I don’t see many people citing Eurogamer as an unreliable news source. And frankly, while sites get paid by the click, reporters, whom you imply would be incentivized to make this stuff up, usually do not.

      • Michael DeVore

        Lets take your own comment that the offending article was written with the perspective of pre-release hardware. Is it appropriate to write a sensational article about the pre-release dev kit when the hardware has been out for over a year? Now salting it with an “anonymous” dev is just to add validity to a clearly invalid point to their story.

        Take the managing editor of the ny times in 2008, and executive editor in 2011.
        “And it is always preferable to have named sources, so readers can evaluate the information, credibility and vantage point of a news source.”

        When is it appropriate to use anonymous sources.
        “In many cases, anonymous sources are people working inside the government, a business or other powerful institution who witness possible abuses of power and talk to journalists in order to hold power accountable.” I’d hardly qualify Nintendo, or EA as a powerful institution. Maybe Microsoft if it was pertaining to participation with the NSA, but not any companies gaming division.

        This isn’t an abuse of power, and no ones life is in jeopardy. At that point I default to the 6th Amendment of the Constitution which expressly forbids any form of judgement with anonymous witnesses. It is a good ethical standard to disregard the story.

        • Randall Hellmer

          Some perspective on your part would not go amiss. Washington/Wall Street reporting operates on an entirely different set of “rules”, and none of those are set in stone.

          At best, what you’re suggesting is idealizing that ignores the realities of reporting in this environment.

          • Michael DeVore

            Yea, the perspective of the ethically challenged Murdoc and his tabloid journalists, or Journalism and the Constitution. Such a hard choice to make. On one hand we have sensational articles, but the facts may have been stretched to sell more papers, and a few phones had to be hacked. What’s the privacy of some noble hasbeens, or peasant murder victims anyways. Otherwise we’d have to check our sources, and not sell as many papers because the truth just isn’t as interesting some times. The ability to use Anonymous testimony to exact revenge, or damage your enemies would be mitigated, and the public wouldn’t be as mislead. Though that does depend on the public being able to determine that Mr. Burns would willfully lie about the solar power plant next door. They certainly have a better chance of determining that if they know it’s Mr. Burns, and not some anon industry insider.

          • Randall Hellmer

            No thanks.

  • linxz

    WiiU is the BEST console in the market right now. period.

  • NkoSekirei

    i agree with him the 3rd party devs need to put games on the wii u to help sell consoles and instead of playing the waiting game it really shows how lazy they are

    • oontz

      And again talking about how lazy developers are. Did you even read the original article? How lazy are you?

      • NkoSekirei

        read the part were he says the 3rd party devs need to move first dumb@$$.

        • oontz

          No the ORIGINAL article…. ha ha ha.
          And you call me a dumbass. Get a life, and stop being LAZY!

  • A lot of Wii U praise seems to come from indie devs. His game doesn’t really push the system though. It doesn’t make his opinion worthless, of course, but you have to factor in that the 3rd parties who are grumbling about the Wii U are having to port much more graphically intensive games.

    • Petri

      And the bashing comes from anonymous developers, pick who to believe to.

      And Hideki Kamiya has something to say as well.

      Same, I think. RT @ErgoKnight: how easy/hard was the wii u to develop for compared to 360/ps3?— 神谷英樹 Hideki Kamiya (@PG_kamiya) January 13, 2014

    • greengecko007

      Exactly. His game Ping 1.5+ is just an updated version of the original. Of course he’s going to have an easier time developing for the Wii U, as opposed to teams making more ambitious games.

      • SalaX13

        Yet Shin’en (an Indie developer) is producing a game for Wii U with ultra realistic graphics. Their using 4k-8k texture resolution and if an indie developer is able to do this than it is EMBARRASSING that the big 3rd party companies can’t. It shows how lazy they really are.

        • greengecko007

          Source? I know Shin’en is developing a game for the Wii U, but I have yet to see these “ultra realistic graphics” with “4k-8k texture resolution”.

  • Squid

    I read this the other day, and I still agree with him.

  • Flawless Victory


  • Randall Hellmer

    The article was written from the perspective of someone using pre-release hardware?

    Huh, it’s almost as if the article didn’t directly mentioned that it was written from the perspective of someone using pre-release hardware. I suppose it was only mentioned about a dozen times, so it could have been made more obvious.

  • Zizo47

    I read this comment on engadget:

    I am a “anonymous developer” Xb one and PS4 are not user friendly and are hard to develop for.

    Guy makes a good point…

    • Randall Hellmer

      Glad to see that some guy is just as credible as a reliable news organization.

      • Zizo47

        That is the world we live in today. This actually reminds me of a genius whom decided to make an example of half-arsed games journalists


        • Randall Hellmer

          The difference is that this isn’t a rumor being reported, but a piece written by the developer published by Eurogamer with the name withheld.

          “In this new series of Digital Foundry articles, it’s game creators themselves who take centre-stage, offering a fresh, unique perspective on the issues of the day, free to write what they want about the subjects that they are passionate about, with a rock-solid assurance from us that their anonymity will be protected.”

    • Gabe Hoffman

      Recently Capcom stated that PS4 and X1 actually require 8 to 10 times more work as PS3 and 360

  • Ben English

    I’m sure porting a game as graphically basic as Ping1.5+ doesn’t produce anywhere near the same challenges as a graphics-intensive AAA title. It’s good to hear that Nintendo’s improved its dev software at the least.

  • leo

    Wii U still needs more 3rd Party’s….

  • Ducked

    I say Wii U gets a much stronger support from 3rd parties this year

  • Sultan 7

    OK, how can Slightly Mad Studios create a game for NEXT GEN systems to include the Wii U, but others are screaming about lack of power…. Conspiracy People!!! IMO Nintendo would kill the competition with proper support. Who would buy madden on any other system lacking dual gamepad support… NO one! Sony, Microsoft, and third parties need each other so they are teaming up to crash the nintendo brand. Nintendo proved they could survive and thrive independently during the N64/gamecube era. Proper third party support would destroy them.

    • oontz

      yep all a big conspiracy…. *rolls eyes*

    • Rinslowe

      This time it likely had more to do with the architecture and feature set for S.M.S’s reasons on keeping Wii U in the picture…
      It was quite obvious they were/ are very proud of their engine and rendering approach with Project Cars. And how Xbox One’s eSRAM could be used more efficiently to hold all of the deferred render targets there, mitigating some of the advantages of PS4’s faster GDDR5 memory…
      I guess Wii U has similar potential due to it’s 32MB of eDRAM.
      That and being able to self publish looked to be another reason.

      • SalaX13

        Yeah that’s true. A lot of people (namely the haters) don’t realize how powerful the Wii U is. The PS4s GDDR5 is a bottleneck. Plus the only reason why the PS4 and Xbox One have 8gb of ram is because they went x86 and alot of coding is required. The Wii U is PowerPC and it doesn’t need more memory. PowerPC is more efficient in a console than x86. Wii U has its own CPU for the OS, its audio CPU, its gamepad has its own CPU it runs on, and its tricore processor for gaming. 1 core of the Wii Us tricore processor = 2 cores of the PS4’s 8 core jaguar (only 6 of those 8 cores are used for gaming from my understanding). What we see with Killzone: SF is basically what we’re going to get in graphics throughout this new generation. The Wii U would be able to put out graphics like the PS4 if it is optimized properly.

        Ps: an INDY developer named Shin’en is working on a Wii U game. They are optimizing the system well that they are actually using 4k-8k texture resolution. An INDY developer that is able to do this would be EMBARRASSING to big 3rd party companies that aren’t able to do it and plus the fact they’ll be exposed for being so lazy.

        So SORRY for such a long post.

        • Rinslowe

          No worries about the long post 🙂 Have my fair share.
          I’m not able to comment on the CPU comparison between Wii U and PS4 as my technical knowledge isn’t enough on those CPU’s… But as far as difference in raw power between the two systems go, certainly PS4 has the clear advantage there overall. I’m not saying that the Wii U’s PPC lineage isn’t an efficient design, many people around and about more in the know than I am consistently praise it in that way, but still…
          Also not to disagree about Shin’en, they know their stuff. But until they show exactly how they’ve utilised such high textures in game, there’s little reason to say too much at this point I think.
          I have no doubt based on first party titles already released and some of the upcoming titles confirmed that Wii U has enough juice to make very nice looking games. But I wouldn’t put it up against PS4 from a purely visual persepctive and value my chances.
          Still it’s all about the experience first… For sure it is capable of more than last gen, feature wise. And pure GFLOPS stopped being the thing to judge a system on some time ago… IMO.

          • SalaX13

            And I respect your opinion. I just hope Shin’en proves everyone wrong just to shut the idiots up but I’m keeping my hopes really low. Project Cars is also being developed for Wii U where as the PS360 versions were canceled and Slightly Mad Studios also said it will show how much potential the Wii U has. Like you said before, we cant say anything until they’re revealed. Only time will tell how graphically games will look like on Wii U. I DO agree about the EXPERIENCE, actually the experience is more important to me than visuals.

  • Sultan 7

    * Them being third party publishers

  • X3Charlie

    Yessss hop in bed…. XD

  • majora :D

    My guess is that most of 3rd parties skip Nintendo because of their strict quality policies. If, say, DICE tried to launch Battlefield 4 in Wii U, Nintendo would say “the hell is this? Don’t mock me, give me something I can actually license” then Sony and Microsoft would step in and say “lol it ok u can fx it wiht dlc”

    • Sultan 7

      LMFAO!!! I agree. Maybe Nintendo’s QUALITY standards for a FULL RETAIL game is too high.

    • Rinslowe

      I know a lot of people may not want to agree with that. But it’s pretty much spot on. Nintendo would never let such a high profile game like BF or any of the Elder Scrolls games for eg (Both of which I personally like a lot) through QC, in the state that they typically have released in…

    • Relias

      Looks at that, and gives you a big wide eyed scared look thinking about Walking Dead, Fast and Furious, and the Planes games. (Not to mention Smurfs 2) I don’t think that actually scares them at all. Then thinks about exactly what your saying.. and remembers what Capcom said about Dungeons and Dragons, then remembers buying it, and it being buggy as hell. Yeah, I don’t think that’s it. I mean it could be a reason for some, but not all.

  • Damian Waga

    That 3rd party comment. I nearly spit out my tea.

  • Graeme Lynch

    I’m sure this has already been highlighted but this is based from what an Indie developer says. True that indie developers are just as capable and knowledgeable as Third parties etc but the fact is most indie games aren’t graphically intensive games therefore are designed differently. I think if we are going to discredit what the original anon says of the WiiU then we have to also take into consideration the above.
    To me it makes sense what the anon source comments on as to why 3rd party developers are so few for WiiU, that and among other things, but it makes more sense than some of the idiotic theories on here of the gaming industry being against Nintendo…

    • oontz

      well said

    • Volfos

      Heh, its easy to think they’re idiotic but then you look at the “healthy third party support” on the 3DS and realize that its healthy for gamers and Nintendo… not so much for the third parties.

      Neither point is “wrong”.

      • Graeme Lynch

        I don’t understand your comment.

        • Volfos

          Sorry, my point was that despite the 3DS having good third party support 22 of its top 30 games in sales are Nintendo published.

          For comparison 7 of the top 30 PS3 games are Sony published and 11 of the 360’s are Microsoft’s. Its far from idiotic to think third-parties would question the wisdom of showing any heavy support for the console’s of a company who would thereafter become a more than slightly intimidating rival. – In short a large segment of the industry is, or at least be if it is “money smart” with a view for the medium-term, out to get Nintendo.

          Just for an overview of my current status within the industry I am an indie-dev (of sorts, lots to learn but I’ve made couple of 3D games on my laptop). I have ideas for how to use the Gamepad intelligently but also have worries about regaining the expenditure for purchasing what I’d need to design for the console. – I am a total Nintendo fanboy and releasing my first big game on their system is something I’d consider a huge honor for me, but that is more about personality glitches than profit sense.

          *Calculations based on a previous reading of VGchartz.

          • Graeme Lynch

            The way I see it is developers would ideally like their games on every console to maximise their profit of said game. As it stands releasing games on the WiiU as a 3rd party developer does not improve their overall sales.
            Your theory doesn’t add up because you state the 3DS has good 3rd party support which suggests developers believe their games will sell on the 3DS therefore meaning developers are not ‘out to get Nintendo’ rather utalise the huge install base to sell their games. You just need to look at the Vita to realise that developers are going where the masses are which is the same case for the WiiU.
            Not only that but as developing on the WiiU largely differs from both Xbox one and PS4 putting the resources into a WiiU port is essentially bad business when the outcome is more likely to be that of poor sale performance.

          • Volfos

            The Vita and 3DS are at entirely different points in the generation cycle to the home consoles.

            The new home-consoles are still at a point where they’re forming their userbases. Gamers are highly unlikely to buy the same game twice for different consoles and if the Wii-U gets ahead (unlikely) then that increases the amount of games you’ll be competing against for sales in a rather threatening way,

            I am not say they can’t make money off Nintendo consoles; I am saying they can make more money on consoles with less first-party titles to compete with. A weaker Nintendo CAN benefit third-parties consoles by minimizing the amount of sales they’ll lose to Nintendo’s games.

            There will always be other reasons for everything, very few intelligent decisions in such a complex systems are based on one reason; but this particular reason is far from a small one from a business perspective.

            Imagine you worked in a small town where you made sandwich fillings. You can send your filling to three sandwhich shops, each in a different town and your healthy filling will make that business grow faster into a business the size of MacDonalds. Would you send it equally to all three or would you maybe treat the two that only use your filling to a little more than the other one?

          • Graeme Lynch

            You are suggesting that 3rd party games are not as good or likely to sell as Nintendo games in the WiiU?
            The reason for developers not releasing games on Nintendo consoles stem back to the N64 where Nintendo decided to do cartridge rather than CD. Of course there are many reasons and I am sure that your point is correct to a degree but if you look at the Wii which had millions and millions of an install base then surely developers would be releasing games on that console. Yet they didn’t and why? Because it would have cost more than its worth.
            Nintendo have isolated themselves and have an arrogance that due to their solid 1st party titles their consoles will survive. I for one believe that without strong 3rd party support any console will die off.
            I guess we shall see.

  • readypembroke

    What I find odd about 4A games: They said that the Wii U CPU had a slow CPU speed (1.2 GHz). They said they would make a PS4 version of Metro Last Light and guess what? The CPU speed isn’t much higher (1.6 GHZ). But however the Wii U CPU has 3 cores while the PS4 allows developers to use 6 cores.

    • oontz

      and your point is?

      • SalaX13

        1 core of the Wii U’s CPU = 2 cores of the PS4’s CPU.

        • oontz

          ha ha ha, really who cares.

          • SalaX13

            You don’t make any sense.

          • oontz

            no the argument makes no sense… there are A LOT more factors than just clock speed when comparing cpus. It’s a pointless debate.

          • SalaX13

            Yeah that’s true. A lot of people don’t realize how powerful the Wii U is. The PS4s GDDR5 is a bottleneck. Plus the only reason why the PS4 and Xbox One have 8gb of ram is because they went x86 and alot of coding is required. The Wii U is PowerPC and it doesn’t need more memory. PowerPC is more efficient in a console than x86. Wii U has its own CPU for the OS, its audio CPU, its gamepad has its own CPU it runs on, and its tricore processor for gaming. 1 core of the Wii Us tricore processor = 2 cores of the PS4’s 8 core jaguar (only 6 of those 8 cores are used for gaming from my understanding). What we see with Killzone: SF is basically what we’re going to get in graphics throughout this new generation. The Wii U would be able to put out graphics like the PS4 if it is optimized properly.Ps: an INDY developer named Shin’en is working on a Wii U game. They are optimizing the system well that they are actually using 4k-8k texture resolution. An INDY developer that is able to do this would be EMBARRASSING to big 3rd party companies that aren’t able to do it and plus the fact they’ll be exposed for being so lazy.So SORRY for such a long post.

          • oontz

            That all doesn’t matter though… bottom line I own a wiiu and a PS4, the wiiu cannot match the visual fidelity, OS speed or online integration of the PS4. As much as I love and enjoy playing my wiiu. It just isn’t on the same level of PS4.

            “What we see with Killzone: SF is basically what we’re going to get in graphics throughout this new generation.”

            Gotta disagree with you on that as well… what we’re already seeing with gameplay previews of exclusive PS4 games coming this year are already visually better than Killzone.

            “The Wii U would be able to put out graphics like the PS4 if it is optimized properly”

            Sorry but it can’t, and it never could. You’re grasping at straws with that one.

            Bottom line NONE OF this means the games and experiences on wiiu aren’t great.

  • Rocky Math

    Too bad his tweets won’t be known to other gamers that only look at eurogamer or other game site that have only negative comments on the Wii u.

  • Rinslowe

    Yep, it was obvious at the time of reading that article the main issues were as he mentioned, due to early SDK’s, lack of supporting documentation. And as Miyamoto said himself a while back – their internal teams wouldn’t have been a ton of help on the issue until they worked out the nuances themselves. Taking that into account together with the slow OS in the early days and it’s obvious Nintendo did in fact bring the Wii U to market a tad early, in order to reach 2012’s holiday sales. But can we really blame them there? It did create a few undeniable issues as far as how to market the system with none of the system sellers available and the software drought that came about as a result of that though…
    Also the difficulty in coding PS3 and Xbox 360 titles respectively to Wii U was again pointed out due to differences in architecture and the reasons above. Nothing remotely related to previous speculation from so called hardware shortcomings. And this sort of thing given the differences was always the obvious reason. IMO.
    Eurogamer is shameless.

  • Josie the Sketcher

    Now he is what we call a honest indie dev. All this negativity towards the Wii U is starting to become ridiculous! There has been no positive news from the media for a while. Nintendo must do something to blow these imbeciles’ out of their skin and show them who’s boss.

  • oontz

    Ashley you may want to write your articles in the correct tense. You should have used “seemed” not “seems” your writing leads the reader to believe that these problems are ongoing when that isn’t the case.

    Reading the original article makes it clear that the developer was speaking about experiences with pre-retail dev kits and that they haven’t made any other wiiu games since. I would hope that a developer working on wiiu NOW has a better experience than one that worked on wiiu in early 2012.

  • Josie the Sketcher

    This anti-Nintendo news MUST STOP!!!!! Never in my 25 years of gaming have i seen so many biased articles. COME ON NINTENDO, DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS!!!!

  • These “anonymous devs” are growing like weed all over the place. It’s like the conspiracy stories. You have no clue who’s telling the truth or just screwing around with you. Use your own judgement. IMHO Wii U rocks and just needs more support.

  • Lil J Moore

    Don’t blame Nintendo for you guys being lazy

  • InterTreble

    Well, it wasn’t diifficult to understand the anonymous dev was something like a troll, he put the feet on it… Too much hating about the old version of the SDK… wow, what a shame… The main issue is that this kind of news feed all the Nintendo haters who are still writing about the article as a proof of all the no sense they are always talking about. When people like Shin’en, Criterion, Slighty Mad, TT Games, Platinum, Cliffy B, Kamiya and so on speak about Wii U, in an enthusiastic way, it would be nice those news have the same attention and evidence in the worldwide media.

  • nexxus6

    Are we all supposed to believe that there was never any stumbling blocks in the development process for any Microsoft or Sony system? Just another article from the likes of EA to drag Nintendo down.

  • TaintedXGamer

    wow, i glad i don’t have a twitch account, if you can’t even put that in to one whole tweet.

  • blindtiger

    new consoles are always “different” which could be seen as “harder.” as ps/xbox move toward pcs… nintendo stands out as “different” even more than before. better graphics requires “more” hardware, more development time and therefore more money. the move of the big 2 console hardwares to a more pc like system is an industry attempt to curb some of the rising development costs by shortening porting time. nintendo always has and maybe always will choose to do things their own way. this is good because at least one system isnt identical to the standard and can bring its own flavor to the industry. it is bad because now they stand completely alone as an outsider to the standard. third parties are now, because of skyrocketing costs, forced to choose to develop a game for 2 popular consoles and pcs OR nintendos, currently, not so popular one. the obvious choice for a tightly budgeted publisher is to spend their limited money to reach as many consumers as possible, which would be the ps/xbox/pc crowd.

    it sucks. i dont like it. as a nintendo only gamer it means i miss out on a lot. but, unlike third party titles, i cant live without nintendo games. third party games are fun games, nintendo games are life. maybe its because im a fanboy or whatever you want to call it. maybe its because ive been playin since the NES. i dont really know or care. i dont hate others for liking something else and id appreciate it if you didnt hate me for it.

    nintendo has had a superiority complex since it saved the industry all those years ago. they do things their way. they sell the hell out of their hardware and software and third parties can try to compete if theyd like but itll be on nintendos terms. and nintendo almost always wins. nintendo fans are usually children (target) or those who grew up on NES (former target). so naturally these consumers only buy first party titles. because they are too young for mature games or grew up in a time before mature games existed in the form that they do today.

    this could all change with a larger wii u install base but sadly i believe nothing will really change unless the base gets HUGE. like more than wii huge, because it is now even more than ever before… nintendo vs. the rest

    sorry if this post is a little scattered in thinking… just random thoughts

  • goa ahsd

    You do know that 3rd party generally doesn’t like Nintendo because Nintendo screwed them over in the past….. Nintendo normally doesn’t partner with 3rd party unless a company goes to Nintendo like Namco did and sell over something. This is why Nintendo publishing Bayoneta is a surpise because Nintendo normally doesn’t do things like that.