May 22nd, 2014


Tons of new information has been revealed lately about Nintendo’s Zelda/Dynasty Warriors crossover Hyrule Warriors, including that it will be playable at E3. Along with a ton of new screenshots, it was revealed in Famitsu that recurring character Impa will be playable in the game’s two player mode.

In this game Impa is the leader of the Elite Guard and fights primarily using a long sword. Famitsu also confirms that a number of other Zelda characters will be playable in the game. Equipping characters with different weapons will change the way they fight. Certain weapons, like one-handed swords, will focus on speed, while heavier weapons will focus more on damage instead. It’s said that the game will also include a weapon upgrade system, and some sort of character progression system.

The two player mode is confirmed to use the Wii U’s unique features, with one player playing on the television screen, while another will use the Wii U GamePad. The game will also be featuring the Legend of Zelda’s classic “Z-targeting” system which will allow the player to both dodge attacks and target enemy weak points. Both the spin attack and bombs, as seen in the trailer, have been confirmed to be in the final game and it’s even been confirmed that bombs will have a use beyond just throwing at enemies.

The game has been confirmed to be over 70% of the way through development and there will be a premium version will come with a clock shaped like the Triforce and codes for 6 special costumes.

What do you think of this? Does any of this new information make you more interested in the game?


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  • Fernando Castor

    It at least looks good.

    • Rinslowe

      Yeah it also reminds me how much I miss buying gaming mags…

  • Zombie_Andrew

    Oh team Ninja I see your work is at hand here. Not that i’m complaining at all. In all seriousness I hope that this is the art direction for Zelda U as it is neither Cartoony Or Realistic

    • Rinslowe

      “I hope that this is the art direction for Zelda U as it is neither Cartoony Or Realistic”
      It’s down right illegal…
      In a good way

    • Santiago

      if this was a picture of a real woman it would already be porn

      • The Clockwork Being

        Dude rule 34 of the internet. If rule 34 does not apply check Rule 35

    • Alexander Kleinwechter

      I like the direction they take with the new zelda, maybe we see future zelda titles being more like this


      This is why I like FE more. They’re female warriors are appropriately dressed for battle. Makes no sense to have your chest area exposed when people have swords and shit

      One stab to the titties and you’re done.

    • lonewolf

      You mean like skyward sword and like twilight princess well for every game except for wind waker (and except those on the handhelds and the first ones).

      • Zombie_Andrew

        SS was more Oil Painting and flat(ish), Twilight Princess had more of a realistic tone, OOT has more of a Mario like quality to it’s style. So, no this art style hasn’t been done yet. I describe this more like a pixar/disneyCG film in colour palette and visuals

        • lonewolf

          Oot looks that way cause of the hardware limitations if you look at the remake its way better and close to this artstyle. Twilight princess is not realistic realistic games are witcher 3 and metal gear solid (they closely resemble real people thats realistic). Maybe they dont look exactly like this game but if you mix them all up they probably would get a look like this.

    • Noah

      what’s with this overly-sexualized piece of trash?

      • Leo

        LMAO!!! Nintendo Porn at its best!!!

  • Nin1986

    I’ve never played a dynasty warriors game but I have kept my eye on them and from reviews and such know how they play. Sooooo, yup I’m very interested in getting in on this when it comes out here in US. Co-p is really what is sealing the deal as I would not have bought it otherwise, no matter how great it could be. I have two kids at home and for the majority of games that will bring me new experiences I definitely look positively on multiplayer experiences.

  • Guest

    “The game will also be featuring the Legend of Zelda’s classic “Z-targeting””

    • Mayoo

      The f*ck is this, stupid disqus … I was logged in all the time and deleted this post because you were taking too much time showing the image and I thought I forgot to include it.

      Anyways, double-post, sorry.

  • Mayoo

    The game will also be featuring the Legend of Zelda’s classic “Z-targeting” system

  • Rinslowe

    It’s sounding better and better.
    Still not quite hyped. I guess I’m really just hanging out to see what the next genuine Zelda title is going to look and play like. Hopefully E3 provides an answer to both of those.
    But being able to see what Hyrule Warriors is really about in demo this June is great news.

    Between E3 and Kart 8 it’s going to be a cracker of a month ahead. Superb.

  • darkcreap

    I am especially hyped about the multiplayer feature.

  • Yousif Alromaithi

    Looks great. Man I hope it runs 1080p and 60 FPS. Man those girls look so hot. If it had good story that matches Zelda Universe, then yeah I would buy it.

  • Ducked

    I predict it will be out August-October

    • I have a feeling it could be early 2015, I really hope I’m incorrect and it comes out at the end of the year.

      • Ducked

        I don’t think so, they already confirmed its coming out in August in Japan. This is a part of helping the wait for the next Zelda game

  • mjnathans

    “…See? I told you we’d meet again.” — Impa

    I have much love for Impa. So glad to see her again.

  • greengecko007

    The character models look really nice, I especially like Impa. I hope that they continue working on the environments though, as they look pretty bland in the screenshots on the pages.

    I’m not exactly holding my breath for this game, but if it ends up being a good game I’ll certainly get it.

  • steveb944

    Multiplayer? Premium version? TAKE. MY. MONEY.

    • WarioForever

      Or better…

  • Santiago

    Im a fool for special editions when it comes to zelda

  • Bob Charlie

    Website for Japan is up!


    I hope they use Skyward Sword’s Empa design. It was the best IMO

  • Nostalgic_Chaos

    Looks decent and I’m sure it will be a lot of fun, especially with the added multi player feature. That’s actually quite cool and unexpected.

    In saying all of that, I’m only going to buy it if it has Online multi player. I don’t have kids, siblings, or anyone local my age who plays video games as much as I do.

    I’ll just wait until Zelda U comes out and buy that. I’ll be fine with Mario Kart 8 for now and any other big games for the Wii U we have coming this summer/fall.

    Not saying that every game has to have Online, but just for the kind of game this is, there’s no reason it shouldn’t. It’s just not something I’m going to sit down and play alone. The older I’m getting, the busier I’m getting, so will only put my focus on the +AAA games.

    • lonewolf

      This title is “AAA” but not to the taste to everybody.

      • Nostalgic_Chaos

        It’s not AAA. It’s just a small title to tide us over until Zelda U. It was pretty much a last minute project.

        • ben

          Just because you dont like it does not change that this is a big budget game. These games are as big as COD in Japan. To prove my point the $145 dollar edition is now outselling Mariokart on pre-order. It costs 3 times the cost of a normal game!

          • Nostalgic_Chaos

            Did I say I didn’t like it? You’ve taken my comments out of context. READ them again. It’s nothing to do with me liking or NOT liking the game. It’s a SMALLER title to tide us over until Zelda U. Obviouly two big Zelda games wouldn’t come out this quickly between each other, so this is a very small game. It’s not going to be anything big.

            It looks good, but that’s beside the point. I have nothing against it. My point was that, unless it has some kind of online feature, I don’t feel that I need to purchase. I will happily wait until Zelda U. That’s up to me.

          • ben

            The game has no relation with Zelda. It is not even made by Nintendo. The game is one of Nintendo of Japans concepts to increase third party support in Japan. All the recent warrior games have online, even on the wii u. However until it releases I dont know.

            It is a triple A game by Japanese standard.

          • Nostalgic_Chaos

            Yes it does have relation to Zelda. Go onto youtube and watch GameXplains recent analyses of this game. It is said that the game could be cannon to the Zelda series. It’s not just random, so why are you waffling on as if you know what you’re talking about? One of the main Zelda developers is still behind the game.

            It’s a game that is going to be released worldwide, not just in Japan. A true, genuine Triple A game is triple A everywhere, not just in one single country. We are not in Japan.

            Zelda U is going to be the triple A game. Not this.

          • ben

            Owata said this game is not cannon. Fuck what some gossip site said. Do some research.

          • Nostalgic_Chaos

            No, no, no… People misquoted Iwata. GameXplain talk about that as well. You’re the one who needs to do some research. GameXplain are right like %95 of the time, so I have no problem listening to them or taking in their information.

            Now stop waffling on about things you know nothing about.

          • Rinslowe

            I totally get what your getting at in that context having read the replies from others above. So yeah, I agree. But looking at the hype it’s creating in Japan right now – it really does look like it’s going to be a surprise software and maybe even system seller over there…
            Kinda like Mario Party last year. The Japanese have their tastes.

        • lonewolf

          Yup it is their is no indication that this was a last minute game. If you think that way its ok but nintendo would never do last minute game and released it should be in works at least 1 and a half year or two.

        • Arthur Sataine

          AAA isn’t a quality indicator. All it means is that some heavy dough was thrown behind it.

          • Nostalgic_Chaos

            And the heavy dough usually does bring out the quality in the game. For heavy dough to come into it, usually means a lot of money, a lot of money means a big company are behind it, so in turn, all of these things end up meaning quality. Pretty much the same difference, dude. Same point I was making. I’m fully aware of what a AAA game means.

          • Arthur Sataine

            “..usually means..” indicates that is not the case. Not the same difference. Prime example is the Call of Duty franchise. Big money, low quality.

          • Nostalgic_Chaos

            Quality is absolutely subjective. The game mechanics suck in COD, but the quality is still there to an extent. It’s still an AAA franchise. Don’t nit-pick me using the word “usually”. Makes no difference. If there’s heavy “dough” behind it, means there’s a lot of money behind it, backed by a big company.

            Not sure what you’re trying to get at here, but it’s unnecessary and tiring. You’re picking cherries.

          • Arthur Sataine

            I clearly stated it in my first post. AAA does not equate to a topnotch game. It merely indicates money was thrown behind it. Your implication that they are one in the same is what I contest. If you’re tired, go take a nap. It’s all rather simple.

          • Nostalgic_Chaos

            Did I indicate that an AAA game means topnotch? No, I didn’t, so honestly, I have no clue what the hell you’re doing making all of these conversations with me.

            I did not clarify my interpretation of AAA, so you made an assumption. You jumped to a conclusion. There’s your mistake. End of conversation.

            I didn’t say I was tired, I said that you making these unnecessary points is tiring.

          • Arthur Sataine

            It is astounding how you forget your own posts so easily. And so soon.

            “For heavy dough to come into it, usually means a lot of money, a lot of money means a big company are behind it, so in turn, all of these things end up meaning quality. Pretty much the same difference, dude.”

            Considering all of this is relative, the entire conversation from all members on this page is unnecessary. So good job on perpetuating it alongside myself?

          • Nostalgic_Chaos

            Seriously, what the fuck?

            “For heavy dough to come into it, usually means a lot of money, a lot of money means a big company are behind it, so in turn, all of these things end up meaning quality. Pretty much the same difference, dude.”

            How does all of that equal me thinking that a game is topnotch? All of what I described in that paragraph is subjective!! I didn’t say anything was topnotch!!

  • Now we gotta just wait for SR388 Warriors…with all the bounty hunters. online and…wait…that’s MP: Hunters…which NEEDS to be redone in HD and placard’d on the Wii U. And fix Shadow freezing…

    P.S. This would rock with drop in and out online multiplayer gameplay like Trine 2

  • companyoflosers

    time for another dynasty warriors reskin folks! granted they did add in some zelda-esque gameplay mechanics but is that really so hard to do?

  • This game looks a bit what Other M was for the Metroid Series. Maybe not in a storytelling way, but that strange spin-off character that somehow doesn’t really seem to fit. Sure, it’s a action-slasher in green fairy pants, but still, it doesn’t really feel right to me. I don’t care too much about it anyways and hope there’s gonna be something more Zelda-specific at this years E3.

    • J_Joestar

      IIRC they promised to have some details on the main/non-spin off Zelda U title, so hopefully they deliver.

      • 00EpicGamer00

        Lol, Iwata will announce that Zelda U has been cancelled.

        • uPadWatcher

          I smell that you’re BS-in’.

          • 00EpicGamer00

            Yes, I was joking…I thought that was obvious with the “lol.”

      • If they wouldn’t show anything about the upcoming Zelda game, they couldn’t rescue that E3 from being a major disappointment. With the current state of the WiiU, they need to show it. It’s like the only game that hasn’t been announced yet that can really push the WiiU in terms of sales. And they announced to not just show games that are nearly finished but also games in early development stages. Would be waste of publicity to not unveil Zelda.

  • Squid

    Oh my god.

  • I wasn’t to excited on the first announcement of this game (never heard of and never played any dynasty warriors game, so had no clue what to think of it), but this new info has me somewhat excited and make me keep my eyes pointed on this one. We’re watching you Hyrule Warriors… (-_(-_(-_-)_-)_-)


    I need more gameplay footage before I’m convinced to buy. It’s on my radar but it hasn’t sold me on it just yet.

  • domahman

    Wake me up when we get Zelda and metroid on a new system. This milk is spoiled.

  • DC777

    I like it a lot better now. I admit I wasn’t very interested before but now it seems a lot more Zelda-ish.

  • ShortyStock
  • C.S. Bailey

    I would totally buy the premium version just for the clock.

  • Noah

    Gameplay looks ok but the weird witch looking thing belongs in a dude-bro game.

  • Guest

    Here’s the english logo for y’all.

    • uPadWatcher

      Best logo ever!

  • gamingpalooza

    now this looks pretty cool… i’ll definitely buy it.