Nov 27th, 2012

We’ve been getting a lot of questions from readers asking how you can take a screenshot of something happening during gameplay on the Wii U. There was a Wii U screenshot tutorial posted on Wii U Forums, but I wanted to take a moment to make a video that shows you guys exactly how it’s done.

To take a screenshot on the Wii U simply:

  1. Have the desired image displaying on your television and/or Gamepad
  2. Press the Home button on your Gamepad
  3. Press MiiVerse which will take you to the community for that game
  4. Press post in the bottom right hand corner of the Gamepad
  5. Press the “image” icon with the little plus on it in the top right
  6. Select if you’d like to post the television screenshot (top image) or Gamepad screenshot (bottom image)
  7. Add a comment or drawing to your screenshot and hit post

There you go… you’ve just created and posted a screenshot on the Wii U!

Unfortunately, the options for screenshots are very limited. Currently (as of this articles publish date) you can only post your screenshots to MiiVerse and there are no options to save the screenshots or share them on social networks, so your creations are confined to Nintendo. I’m guessing they’ll provide a software update to offer a better screenshot experience, but it’s also possible that they want to keep this functionality in house in order to build the Miiverse community.

Only time will tell, but for now, I hope you enjoy taking your Wii U screenshots and posting them to Miiverse!

[Via WiiUForums]

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  • Thanks Rob. The video was very helpful….gonna try it tonight. Btw I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that you are beating up on the Stealers. I’m hoping for a similar score on Sunday!

  • Nintedward-3DS-WiiU

    Nice video. Nice one for switching to DISQUS. Let the competitive vote hoarding commence!

  • drew42o

    Seriously hope they have some form of image transfer system in a future update, even if it is via SD card to PC.

  • Nintendofreak

    round n sexy comment section

  • Superstick

    I been knew how to do this but thanks? I guess.. It’s helpful to others who don’t have a wii u yet so thats cool.

  • RyuNoHadouken

    Thanks for linking my tutorial post! SN: I posted a screenshot of Talias butt last night when she’s walking Batman down the stairs to the Dragon Trials! LOL (My Mii’s name is Rafrox)

  • Mr. Nidoking

    Go Steelers!!!

  • SoulSilverZero

    Now i can take screenshots of akward or strange glitches on the Wii U

  • That’s cool! However, can we return exactly to our game after posting the screenshot?

    • Linskarmo

      I’m pretty sure it’s just paused, so yes.

  • Linskarmo

    Cool! I might use this a lot! Showing some weird glitch could be funny.

  • The Image button doesn’t show up, and switching to Miiverse kicks me out of Nintendoland