Sep 19th, 2017

Accessory maker Hori has announced a special SNES Mini controller with a whole bunch of extra buttons and special features, such as slow-motion and auto-fire switches.

The controller is called “Fighting Commander”, and is suited for fighting games, hence the title. It has two additional buttons on the front, and a series of selectors, including one for slow motion.

And it’s also wireless, which is a big plus considering the short cable lengths of the regular SNES Mini controller.

So far the controller is only confirmed for Japan (via, where it will be released on October 5th for 5,700 Yen, or about $50. Which is quite a lot, considering that the SNES Mini itself (with two original controllers!) costs just $20 more.

Hori SNES controller

Hori SNES Controller 2

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