Mar 27th, 2013


This week in San Francisco is the Game Developer’s Conference, a yearly event where developers and publishers alike gather to give talks, show new products and innovations, and discuss the future of the industry. During one of these sessions, Q-Games founder Dylan Cuthbert spoke about his time working with Shigeru Miyamoto on the original Star Fox, saying the famous Japanese designer made the British development team throw out all their best ideas.

 “We were very cocky British programmers, thrown into this Japanese environment. We were in awe and in shock at the same time about their process, as we went in intending to make a full 3D shooting game inspired by Starglider 2. But in the process I learned from Miyamoto that ‘No idea must go into a game, even if they are good ideas.'”

While the advice may seem strange for some, Cuthbert re-iterates why it’s the best advice he and his team could have received while working on the project:

“This was very confusing for us, because at the time British games were full of good ideas. We were at the forefront of 3D, even with isometric games back in ’83, but what we did in Britain was just stuff all these ideas in and then sell it. It’d sell, but people would find, like, half a game. Most of the games I bought in the 80s I would never finish.”

Cuthbert goes on to describe how the game that eventually became Star Fox started out as a 3D roaming game that went through several game designs, adding and removing features before Miyamoto decided for the team that the game would be a third-person on-rails shooter. Cuthbert says had the team been in Britain they wouldn’t have stood for the change, but that Miyamoto taught him “you can build ideas and then, by destroying them, find other ideas hiding in the shadows.”

It’s interesting to see a developer speak so candidly about the development process of a much loved franchise and this is precisely why Miyamoto is the inspiration  he is to many in the industry.

[via VG247]

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  • RonaldRayguns


  • Nintenjoe82

    He said ‘no idea must go into a game’

    Sounds a bit like what they’ve done with CoD since Modern Warfare!

    • RonaldRayguns

      Sounds like your saying every COD game since modern warfare has been good… I mean Haha what a good joke you made haha never gets old, good one.

      • Elem187

        Its all been the same game over and over again… You would think they would update it after so many iterations in so little time.

    • AAAkabob

      Probably should be read “no idea MUST go into a game”

  • Miguel Angel Barrueta Hernánde

    star fox for wiiu!

    • DragonSilths


      • dylanbob121


        • DragonSilths

          l…o…l jk

      • Glovechicken

        But… Metroid 😮

        • DragonSilths

          Metroid will come eventually we can wait. Need games to come out through out the next 5-6 years of the Wii U’s life lol. Metroid has been revived by Retro. While I would love them to do Metroid Prime 4, I must say here is what I want Retro to do. Starfox, then F-Zero, then Metroid. But that would take Metroid way to long to get to lol. So just let Nintendo EOD do it lol.

      • Alienfish

        Poor…word…usage…..ruined… … puunchliiine. [dies]
        [cough] [cough] @dylanbob121 [dies again]

      • val berger

        I’m crossing my fingers or DK Country Returns 2 🙂

  • Squid

    Wow, Miyomoto, you’re so inspirational. I had to read that quote a couple of times to realize he was saying that even if a game makes no sense, it can still be great. I love Nintendo… No company takes creativity like that.

    • Easter_egg27

      Who needs mature games?
      What misses in FPS is what is present in almost every nintendo game:

      • Squid


        • dylanbob121

          If they give me a Starfox on Wii u They will be my favorite gaming company ever…not that they already are.

      • sithWiiU

        Bs. Nintendo aren’t the only console with creative games. You Nintendrones sound like the typical American, “Freedom! UsA!”.

        • Easter_egg27

          I didn´t say that the other companies don´t have creative games.
          I am saying that COD and a lot of other FPS don´t have any creativity, just cope and paste.

        • DragonSilths

          And here I am a Canadian…guess Im not welcome or even worth your time to troll lol.

        • Elem187

          Sorry but Dudebro games are not creative. They are ALL the same game over and over and over again… If you have a dudebro60 or a dudebrostation 3, its the same crap over and over and over again. Shooter, slasher, and then sports…. rinse and repeat and you have 95% of the library of dudebro60 and dudebrostation 3.

      • val berger

        That’s also just not true. FPS aren’t FPS anymore. Check out Bioshock or Dishonored. Amazing examples of creative Leveldesign and totally masterful crafted rich worlds. I know what you’re trying to say, as for instance no company seems to be able to create something like Pikmin, which was so innovative in so many ways. Still it isn’t like Nintendo would be the one throwing out creative stuff at us. The sad fact is, that most real creative games like Journey, Fez, Limbo or Braid only work as little Download games. Nintendo seems to be like one of the few companies who are actually investing a huge amount of money in similar gameconcepts so they’re going to be AAA titles. And I just wonder why, as for instance Sony did something similiar with Little Big Planet. They invested real money in a concept, which could have easily also become a very small downloadgame and look what happened, it became a seller.

    • val berger

      I actually don’t agree with the last sentence. There are so many amazingly creative and inspiring brains in the gaming industry today. back in the days of starfox when the market was far smaller, it definitely was totally unique to have someone like miyamoto on board, who actualy was able to really see the big picture. but today I really wouldn’t still say that. especially the indie-gaming community, where money isn’t always the #1 goal of a project, creativity has an amazingly high priority.

      • Easter_egg27

        Yes, but think of all the generic FPS that are out there.
        I think that Battlefield and COD are repetitive, and just copy and paste.
        But games like Bioshock or Far Cry are innovative.
        I hate the guys that call himself gamers just because they play COD and they say bullshit.
        I am against generic FPS! Not all mature games!

        • val berger

          In every big industry there are companies throwing out generic stuff to just make money in first place. And I don’t really think this is just an issue with FPS in video games. Maybe especially FPS as that’s the most popular genre in the western market. Anyway, games like battlefield and cod will always be there and actually that’s a good thing as they show up, what doesn’t work with an innovation-driven audience. If there’d be hundreds of games like that, I wouldn’t mind as it would just motivate creative studios even more to create stuff that stands out. Sometimes, if a market gets flooded by average mainstream stuff, the only chance for some companies is to really innovate. and that’s also a good thing. Imagine, the Gamecube would’ve been a bigger success, Nintendo would have never been forced to come up with something as outstanding as the Wii as the market at that time was just like PS2/XBox/Gamecube which were all following very similar concepts. Nintendo knew that they wouldn’t have success in just going down that path with the following generation again.
          Mainstream stuff will just always be there, smoothing the way for innovators.

          By the way, it’s nice you pointed out Farcry as I was never a fan of the franchise and accidentally came across Farcry 3 which turned out to be one of my favorite gaming experiences of the past 5 years (and together with ZombiU the first time, I actually really enjoy something coming from Ubisoft 🙂 )

      • Squid

        Yeah, when I mean Company, I usually mean main 3 but in that case, I meant Microsoft. 😛 They ruined their chance at it when they ruined RareWare

        • val berger

          I think, Rare was already ruined at that point. Can’t help myself but I didn’t like Star Fox Adventures too much. But of course, it’s still a shame what happened after they where taken over. I’m just not that sure if it’s just microsoft who’s to blame

          • Squid

            Their last game Conkers bad fur day was the last on Nintendo, and the last good one.

  • Seems like even Miyamoto has given up on Star Fox these days though.

    • D.M.T

      Nah…Star Fox will be back. F-Zero too

      • I’m sure it will be back, but the series has been disappointing (at least in my opinion) since Star Fox 64. More than just a new entry, I want to see a return to form. Hopefully @facebook-530960591:disqus is right and Retro or another studio does it justice.

    • DragonSilths

      Miyamoto does, Mario, Zelda, Pikmin, New IP, training new young devs lol he is quite busy lol. Retro Studios will not fail us with Starfox.

  • Suraj Alexander
    • D.M.T

      Dude i’m sorry but you’re being desperate. Developers and publishers don’t care about petitions. If EA doesnt want to bring Battlefield 4 to Wii U then fine whatever. Rockstar Games have never supported Nintendo consoles so GTA 5 won’t come to Wii U. Let’s just enjoy games that are and will be available for Wii U. Fuck Rockstar and EA

      • Johny

        yea we’ve known for a long time bf4 wont be on wii u… and everyone knows EA are assholes…

        • NkoSekirei

          yep their the devil

      • Some do, like Namco.

      • oontz

        Um…. GTA China Town Wars? AMAZING GAME!

    • HeroponLuigi

      Hahaha I honestly do not want either one of those games indeed, yes.

    • DragonSilths

      Wait for the 3rd Party Wii U Nintendo Direct. GTA5 could be there. I have a feeling alot of shockers will be there.

    • I’m sorry but I agree with Nintendawg and Johny, so please stop spamming the desperate requests for petitions, I will not sign them either.

  • WarioForever

    Retro studios, please give us a sequel of Star Fox Assault, but with sharp controlls, 100 missions including on-foot (that’s great idea so you can switch from an arwing to foot and to a landmaster- it’s very fun on multiplayer, even some of you don’t like it…), Peppy saying “Do a barrel roll”, keeping Krystal and having a really good story, music and graphics. Well, I think this kind of Star Fox that I just said will make Assault and 64 fans happy,right? If no, then I really don’t know what do you want.

    • gobrowniesgo

      What about a sequel to Starfox Adv. Dino Planet?

  • DemonRoach

    Show swhy Nintendo is such a joke nowadays.

  • YoG99

    I’ve said it before, when Miyamoto talks, you should listen to the words of wisdom. That’s what everyone should do with a living god !

  • oontz

    Best quote ever!! “you can build ideas and then, by destroying them, find other ideas hiding in the shadows.”

  • great deku tree

    I would love to see a sequel of starfox adventures.

  • Dominic Coradazzi

    Game developers should ALL follow this format

  • Nicolas Dorion

    why is this on wiiudaily