May 21st, 2014


Today, PDP has announced that they will be making a gamecube inspired controller for the Wii and Wii U. They are dubbing it “The Wired Fight Pad”, and it will release around the same time as Smash Bros. Wii U for $25.

This controller will plug into a wii remote and work like a classic controller. Naturally, it will work with both Wii and Wii U titles that are compatible with the classic controller or classic controller pro.

PDP is known for its unique “afterglow” controllers, and the wired fight pad will have a cool design as well. However, instead of lighting up, these controllers will feature famous Nintendo characters, like Mario, Yoshi, or even Princess Peach.

While it’s disappointing that the cool controller below won’t be a reality, it’s nice to know that those who can’t smash without gamecube controllers aren’t forgotten.

gamecube controller wii u

So what do you think? Are you excited about this announcement, or does something about it press your buttons? I know quite a few people will be disappointed that the controller has to plug into a Wii Remote, as opposed to being like the Wii U Pro controller.

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  • I’d spring for the Yoshi one >.>

  • Gabe Hoffman

    25 dollars is a steal. I really need to see what the controller actually looks like before I buy though. Wouldn’t be cool if it had actual analog triggers as well

  • wiiu4life

    Could there be gamecube games incoming?

    • Adrian

      Nintendo isn’t making this. Does that answer your Q?

      • Nintendo Of North Korea

        Yes but it’s licensed and E3 is coming so…

        Please Nintendo! Make an HD Mario Sunshine port! I beg of you!

        • Daniel Carvalho

          I’m more interested in Fire Emblem Path of Radiance and Tales of Symphonia. Also the game I couldn’t play, like Skies of Arcadia and Baten Kaitos.

        • Sam

          But you are Nintendo.

          • That guy

            Not the main Nintendo headquarters. However…

    • Nick Petlock

      If the leaks are real we can expect Super Mario Sunshine, Mario kart Double Dash and Super Smash Bros. Melee next month

      • Pablo LavΓ­n

        I’m sorry, but that 2006 red logo…

        • Nick Petlock

          Oh wow, nice catch πŸ™‚

        • Levi Johansen

          Dag nabbit!

          • Fred

            Hey I love Nabbit

        • Daniel Carvalho

          Let us dream!

          We don’t know how they handle those kinds of things at E3, maybe Nintendo kept using the old logo for this event without changing ever since they first stepped on that stage.

          Sure, it could be fake, but dreaming a little bit doesn’t hurt.

          • Fred

            dreaming a little bit doesn’t hurt, but dreaming this much sets up unrealistic expectations. I mean really…third party support Various.
            Ok really I just can’t believe that much good news. Nintendo isn’t that big of a company to be able to pump out that much all by Christmas.

          • Daniel Carvalho

            Ok, that part is hard to swallow. Unless it is a single game for Wii U and the rest for 3DS, it’s unthinkable “various” 3rd party games will be shown.

            Although that “various” part is regarding the release dates, so if we have three or four it would make sense for it to not specify any, specially if Nintendo isn’t in control of any of those launching dates.

            Anyway, until the E3 comes, we should treat it as fake, but there is a very well amount of plausible info on that chart.

        • That guy who hates Spike

          Plus, I don’t see SMT X Fire Emblem coming out in 3 months. We haven’t even seen footage from the game.

        • SolarShane13

          Yep, because Nintendo didn’t do that on purpose to throw us off. Haven’t heard of controlled leaks, have ya?

      • IwataSucks

        Those release dates are laughable.

      • Zombie_Andrew

        Hyrule Warriors has now been confirmed for August 14th

        • SolarShane13

          Release Dates. Always set in stone………

          • readypembroke

            Ask Ubisoft about that!!

          • SolarShane13

            That’s the point πŸ˜‰

            Release dates are not always “set in stone”, so who knows: maybe HW was releasing on the date on that paper, but the studio in question needed more development time and had it delayed.

      • Jason

        They wouldn’t release five VC games in the same day, and if there was a new Star Fox game coming in 2014, we would have known about it. Also, I think Smash 3D will be an August release.

        • audi lover

          They should tho, got 100 in my account with nothing to spend it on and as i always buy main release games on disc and just stick to v console and indie titles for download i have loads of space left to

          • Fred

            Have you tried CastleStorm? It’s a really fun game. Also if you haven’t already played it Swords and Soldiers if fun (and for $3 can you really turn it down?)

        • SolarShane13

          “wouldn’t five VC same day releases”. Um, November 19, 2006 says “Hi”. I’m pretty sure the original VC launched with more than 5 games.

          “we would have known about it” Umm, Yarn Yoshi says “Hi!”.

          Again: Release Dates. Always set in stone………..

          • Jason

            November 19, 2006 was the launch of the Wii, so of course it had a lot of VC that day, they don’t have 5+ VC games on a random day.

            What do you mean by “Yarn Yoshi says Hi”. We’ve known about Yarn Yoshi since January 2013. We’ve never heard ANYTHING about Star Fox U, so it’s not coming in 2014.

          • SolarShane13

            1) I agree, however, this is the GameCube we’re talking about; and some games may get delayed, who knows. But the GameCube VC rumor lines up with the GameCube-like clone controller for the Wii Remote.

            2) You claim that we would’ve hear something about it is bogus. I guess you want Nintendo to announce EVERYTHING and not have some surprises at E3. E3 is the biggest Nintendo-related event of the year, so of course they’ll want to hide stuff.

            Also, we saw a single trailer about Yoshi and that’s it. So, basically all we know is that the game exists, but we do not know anything about it.

      • RandroidRampage

        Holy crap! If this turns out to be true, X will be released on my birthday!

      • Thiago Gaspar

        It’s obviously fake, take a good look around the text, lots of artefacts

      • Fred

        I REALLY wish I could believe this, but it’s just too good to be true. Sunshine, Double Dash, X coming in Sept, Hyrule Warriors coming in June, Mario Party U by Christmas, Star Fox U by Christmas, and the most unbelievable thing on there…third party games lineup yea right you’ve got to be kidding me

      • Magnus Eriksson

        Lol, this is false. This is what we get: Wii U music.

        and 3DS: Zelda, Mario, Dk3D, Star Fox, Metroid, etc etc

      • Ninty The Rage Kid

        That was so made in Microsoft Word. I can tell by the font.

      • gamingpalooza

        Look very interesting… hope this is real.. if not, a better lineup.

      • Andre R

        are you kidding me, i am getting super mario sunshine..!!!!

    • Daniel Carvalho

      I want an official wireless GCN controller, but if we can use something to play GCN VC titles on Wii U, then I’m all for it.

      Just hope that leak is true and we do have N64 and GCN VC titles coming to Wii U.

      • Fred

        I don’t get how we don’t have N64 games it ridiculous. The Wii U is way more powerful than Wii and we don’t even have N64??? Yes we want both, but N64 it up already.

        • Daniel Carvalho

          Hopefully they’re saving it to launch together with the GCN VC titles, so when they announce it they can shove all the NES, SNES and N64 library from the Wii onto the Wii U together with the upcoming GCN titles, creating a huge library in a matter of days.

          I really want them to do that, because launching a couple of VC titles that we already had on the Wii once per week isn’t the smartest idea they could’ve come up with.

          • Fred

            I really want them to do that too. However, I’ll be very surprised if they actually do do that.

  • swic11

    This is ridiculous. I would rather use my pro controller any day. We live in an age that if it has a wire it’s either charging, or obsolete.

    Will not buy

  • companyoflosers

    i see no problem playing with the pro controller. ive actually wondered before how smash bros would handle with the pro controller but i havent been able to get my pc to interface with it so i used the next best thing with emulation. i used a 360 controller and mapped it similar to how i thought the wii u’s pro controller would be mapped and it seems just as intuitive to me as using the gamecube controller was. i guess some people cant just pick up a controller and adapt like i can. i mean nobody is perfect but i kinda view it as a weakness when a gamer isnt a quick learner and has to take time to learn something new.

    • JG

      This device lets you use the Wii U Pro Controller on PC… and it works great.
      (Although it does it by making it think its an xBox controller):

      • CEObrainz

        Can’t you do the same with a Bluetooth adapter? That’s how I currently use my Pro Controller…

        • JG

          This supports 4 controllers at once… does yours do that?

          • CEObrainz

            I couldn’t give you an accurate answer, but in theory up to 7 devices are supported.

  • Thomas Vienna

    I’ll probably get some, not for me, but for all my friends who refuse to play without the Gamecube set-up. Honestly, I find the Wii remote-nunchuck combo pretty capable now that I’ve gotten used to it, but I can’t convince them.

    • DoctorFart

      Dude Pro Controller is awesome

      • Thomas Vienna

        It is, I can’t wait to try that next. I like trying different control schemes, unlike some people I know.

  • HungryMetroid

    for $25 I’d buy at least one as long as they’re well built

  • IwataSucks

    Mayflash Gamecube to Wii Remote adapter. Boom.

  • Sdudyoy

    The Gamecube controller is my favorite game controller of all time, so I’m game.

  • Virus6

    3rd party controllers… eww…

    I don’t see why anyone would want to use a controller thats pushing 15 years old now. The Pro Controller is better in every way. Besides, having it wired to a Wiimote will just be annoying and battery life will probably suck

    • force of habit, prolly

  • marvin atwell

    I need to get one because I cant play mk64 or super smash bros.

  • condor87z

    I’m always skeptical with 3rd party controllers. They always seem to go bad.

    • Adrian

      Agreed, I never purchase 3rd party hardware. Had too many bad experiences.

  • Nathan C.

    I already have a Mayflash adopter. Let’s just hope Smash 4 supports the Classic Controller…

    • Colt Lokk

      I’d be pissed if it doesn’t….i just bought 2 of those Mayflash adapters for MK8 and Smash

  • DoctorFart

    Why pro Controller is way better

  • Angelo G

    I was hoping nintendo would of made an ‘updated’ version of the gamecube controller. It was a comfortable controller and i liked that the A button was bigger than the rest. I like that they had the had the wii remote and then the gamepad for the wii u, but the should have continued to update and build upon the gamecube controller like playstation and xbox did with their controllers. Now they have the pro controller that is not that comfortable and zl / zr triggers not that good.

    • I was also a fan of the large A button and the layout of the rest of the buttons as they were easily and naturally reachable. Though the majority of games were different back then making the most use out of the joystick and face buttons, but now most games seem to make the most use out of the two joysticks and the shoulder buttons. On the Pro controller, I like that when you hold your thumb over the face buttons it’s easy to touch them all.

  • Rich Garriques

    i dont understand how people complain about not having the gamecube controller option. the pro controller is leaps and bounds better then the classic and gamecube controller. id only get this because its cheaper then the pro but if i got the pro for cheaper i would choose the pro before anything.

    • Nothing wrong with having the choice.

    • Ernie Sanguyo

      people that are used to playing smash bros melee on gc controller that’s one of the reason for sure.

    • Stoo

      The pro controller is nice, but lets not forget the gamecube had pressure sensitive triggers, which the pro doesn’t. This would make it rather hard to play games like sunshine (where water pressure was determined by the trigger press) or racing games where the trigger controls speed, on a pro controller… the triggers on pro controller are either on or off.

    • Levi Johansen

      Only the gamecube and classic controller has push sensitive triggers.

      The gamecube is the most comfortable controller to hold, and it has the best button layout of all.

    • Fruits

      Apparently wanting options is now condemned.

      In other words, people don’t like capitalism.

    • Fred

      I disagree. THe Pro controller is fine, but the GAmecube controller is my all-time favorite controller (yes I like it better than Xbox 360)

  • WiiUPS4

    I just want games..and right now it’s really bare..But at least we have Mario cart 8 to look forward too

  • Noah

    Wow. it looks beautiful!

  • Adrian

    Totally unnecessary given the Pro controller and Wii U Pro Controller. But it’s nice to have more options.

  • TheWichi

    if its a fight pad.. it should be very different to a gamecube controller…

  • Nintendo Of North Korea

    I hate 3rd party controllers but I might make an exception as GameCube has my favourite controller!

  • Rinslowe

    A gamecube inspired controller like the one in that pic would be heaven for my nostalgia reborn…
    In white is so… yup… nice.


    I will expand upon this comment should further interest be shown.

    • wut

      • Ok, so, the title said “GameCube” controller, right? So you read the article, and it’s actually a “GameCube inspired” controller.
        Actually, never mind, I’m logically insane. Carry on.

        • it’s kind of the same thing, really… it’s not necessarily clickbaiting. it’ll look the same, we assume.

  • C.S. Bailey

    I’ve been impressed with the quality of their HDD for the Wii U, so I might look it up when released.

  • Elhijodelrio

    Would be a good thing if you didn’t have to plug it into the Wii Remote I would like something like that like a pro controller by itself not having to plug it in up to anything

  • Geoffrey Tasker

    I am going to buy that so hard

  • Sdudyoy

    If it’s anything like that mock up picture it would be awesome.

  • Nookling

    I think people need to move on. I think that if somebody can’t learn to use a new controller than they are either too lazy or not a very good fighter.

  • Jason

    …or you can use an adapter that lets you plug in your actual GameCube controller into you’re Wiimote.

  • ShortyStock

    I wish it was that controller in the picture… why’s it have to hook up to a Wii Remote? They can’t just make a Pro controller in the form of a Gamecube one?

  • CydeFxt

    I’ve got my Wii U Pro controller, no thanks.

  • Officer Raichu

    Off topic but this is interesting
    Hyrule warriors or the Japanese name Hyrule Unrivaled
    Is launching august 14 in Japan and has skyrocket to number 7 in japs amazon best sellers

  • Relick


  • Kyle

    I can smash with any controller, even with my mind.

  • Jason

    I think people should just learn to use the Pro Controller. Yeah I always played with GC controllers for Melee and Brawl, but the fact that you can’t directly plug one into the WiiU should be a sign to give up on the old controller. Tournaments would be annoying if everyone starts whining if they can’t use their weird ass GC controller mod so they might as well just learn on the standard.

  • looks nice but third party pads are always quite bad when it comes to how they’re processed and their overall quality or the way buttons or stick feel when pushed. As Smash Bros will be optimised for Pro Controller-Gameplay, I don’t really see a point in getting that over Nintendo’s own solution.

    • Sidenote: The Z-Trigger always was one hell of a failed design decision. having two of em doesn’t really make it better …

      • C4

        I really hope they use similar ones to L & R of the Pro Controller. Easy fix for one of the small problems of the Cube Controller. The GC Z-Trigger is impossible to press on the inside…

        • yeah. Nintendo actually designed that Z-Trigger to be something like a ‘Map’ button. Dedicated for additional features, not some Actionbutton or trigger for Shooting games. But in my opinion, that’s just the huge fail here as every button should be able to get trigged somehow, that’s what it’s all about. Maybe Start/Select (or +/-) and Home, as they clearly are dediated for systemfunctionality.

  • firedragonsage88

    This is pretty cool for people that really like the GameCube controller. Though I’m a pretty big fan of the Wii U Pro controller. It’s my favorite Nintendo controller thus far.

  • zoohero
  • Daniel

    I’m looking forward to using the Gamepad to be honest. The fact you have to plug in this gamecube controller into a wiimote like some wanker is beyond frustrating. The only reason a cable should exist on a controller is to save on batteries. So now you get the hassle of buying batteires and having it conjoined to another controller. Great job! I’ll pass.

  • Ducked

    Thank God! I love the GameCube controller, it’s my favorite styled controller. Plus PDP is a good brand, I have three PDP controllers and they work great!

  • insomniac

    personally i like the 80+ hours of game play that i get from my official pro controller

  • Malik Gilbert

    i dont see why ppl just wont use the wii u pro controller ppl need to get over themselves

    • C4

      Eh people use all kind of controller for fighting or racing games. Arcade sticks, Saturn pads (many USB pads run on PS3 without adapter), racing wheels and so on. People – or at least enthusiasts – will always use specialized solutions πŸ˜‰

  • Zonark

    I think the statement “This controller will plug into a wii remote and work like a classic controller. ” is wrong. Why would they have a usb charging port if it did? Im betting its completely wireless for the Wii U

    • A Rod

      thats just an image the author put there( you can find it on google), not the actual controller.

  • Will it have analog triggers? That is the only thing I really do not like about the pro-controller. Nice to have those as I am used to using them for racing games

  • A Rod

    why wont they make it wireless?

    • I think it plugs into the WiiMote.. They probably did not make it wireless on its own to keep the cost down

      • A Rod

        i wouldnt care if the price was the same as the wii u pro controller as long as its wireless and its like a gamecube controller i would happily give my money,kinda dissapointing oh but well guess ill just buy 2 of this controllers and for the other 2 players iΒ΄ll have them use the gamepad and wii u pro.

  • ThisGuy18

    Well that’s great and all for some people who are really just dead set on playing with the GC controller but tbh i really love the pro controller. And besides i think I’d sooner use the Nyko Pro Commander first

  • Sam

    Which means…GCN GAMES ON VIRTUAL CONSOLE!!!!!!

  • Timothy Mercier

    In my opinion there are starting to become to many controllers/ways to play games. I think its overwhelming for the average consumer and could posiibly be a reason why the system hasnt been seeling to many units. I myself have a gamepad, classic controller and wiimote. Why am i gonna spend money on different controllers that basically work the same and are useable on most games? Seems very unpractical to me. That being said i love my wiiu! πŸ™‚

    • ShadyKnights

      Well you don’t spend the money if you don’t want to or are satisfied with what you have and you do if you don’t and are not. Simple as that. More requirements are bad, but more choices are good since you don’t “have” to have it. I think the average consumer will stick with the standard or will look up the cheapest alternative to what they have if they don’t like the standard.

      We really should give the average consumer a little more credit than to say they’re so out of the loop they can’t google.

  • Fred

    Why did you have to show me that picture of the Gamecube Wii U controller? Gamecube is my favorite all time controller (yes I’ve used the Xbox 360 and yes I have 4 Wii U pro controllers) I love the feel on my hands and I love the A B X Y button layout. If only Nintendo had made what you are showing in that picture I would be in heaven.

  • I am Error.

    I have an adapter that already allows me to use 1st party GC controllers with my Wii or Wii U.

  • Poop

    please read the article before commenting. the picture shown isnt the gamepad they have. it looks totally different and kinda ugly

  • C4

    Add 2 proper shoulder buttons on each side, a larger D-Pad, full size second stick, 1st Party build quality, longer cable then the CC Pro and I will buy one to replace my CC Pro.

  • Eric

    It’s silly that it won’t be a stand-alone controller, but I suppose it’ll reduce the cost.

  • candyisgood

    Again with the wired controllers? Well that’s how it goes I suppose with cost and all, can’t imagine I’ll get one of em anyway πŸ™

  • Adam Porter

    i love this

  • Logan Wayman

    Hmm. Looks interesting.

  • MetroidZero

    Nintendo should overhaul the Pro Controller and just re-make it as a Gamecube controller with Wii U functionality.

    • xXFloydianXx

      Yep. If not a complete overhaul, at least give it some analog triggers. It’d be a must if Mario Sunshine HD becomes a reality.

  • MerryBlind .

    Mehh… 3rd party controllers… I don’t understand who actually buy these. They’re always of inferior quality compared to the official ones.

  • Will W

    If it looked like the Wavebird, then yes. I’d be excited…

  • Cyntheta Luis


  • Roaming Pear

    I’d give this a try… but I wanted a GameCube Pro Controller

  • wiiknow

    Gamecube games require pressure sensitive L and R triggers, which neither the Wii U Pro controller or Game pad have, Nintendo wouldn’t release Super Mario Sunshine for example while relying on third-party controllers to have full compatibility with said titles, they’d have to release their own controller, or change the games controls (for the worse)

    I honestly don’t see Gamecube games happening, it would have happened last gen with the Wii shortly after removing the backwards compatibility. It’s all because of that damn controller. Even if they released a wireless Gamecube controller that worked with the Wii U, it would just cause confusion, outrage, and problems for Nintendo because of the few that would buy the games without having the controller and not knowing where to get one even if it was clearly stated beforehand.

    • C4

      Classic Controller (not Pro) does support analog though.

      On the other hand maybe PDP will use digital triggers similar to the Classic Controller Pro. We will see! My ideal pad would have 3 triggers btw. kind of like the Steam pad, 2 digital, 1 analog on each side.

  • Guest

    are you kidding me?? i am getting super mario sunshine!

  • That guy

    Holy crap! I just noticed the ZL button looks backwards!

  • Erick Sitter

    There is an official adapter coming as well.