May 2nd, 2017

One of the things I hate the most about travelling is going through TSA. I think I speak for everyone here when I say it sucks, doubly so if you have any kind of large electronics. And since my job and hobby often (read: always) involves large electronics, I always have a hell of a time.

For those who haven’t flown before, here’s a rundown on TSA: Basically, before you can get to your gate, you need to go through security. This involves putting all of your items – small, carry-on suitcases, bags, or things in your pocket or bags – on a conveyor belt. Then, you step through what’s called a “backscatter x-ray.” The backscatter scans you to make sure you’re not harbouring any dangerous items. Meanwhile, the stuff on the conveyor belt goes through another X-ray machine to make sure there’s nothing harmful in your items. The whole process is a hassle. Fortunately, this isn’t the case when travelling with a Nintendo Switch.

I’ve travelled with PS2s, PS3s, Vitas, laptops, PS4s, and Wiis and none of them have been easier to travel with than a Switch. Heads up: If you ever plan to bring two, large laptops through TSA, don’t. Your sanity is not worth taking all that equipment out of your backpack and holding up the line.

While travelling with my Switch this weekend, I had most everything I needed for a proper Mario Kart party: the Switch, Joy-Cons, dock, and necessary cables. I left my Pro Controller at home because I  didn’t want to take that out too. As I approached the conveyor belt, my heart started racing because I thought I’d have to remove my Switch, dock, and cables from my backpack. I knew doing this would tie up the line and delay me further. Since my flight was boarding in five minutes, I told myself “screw it” and only took out my laptop and Switch before emptying my pockets. Everything else stayed in my backpack.

I cautiously watched as the belt slowly sucked my items through the X-ray, just waiting for the TSA personnel to question why I still had things in my backpack. However, to my surprise, that never happened! My things were deposited on the other side of the belt, without so much as a fuss! Loading my laptop and Switch into my backpack only took a few seconds.

Afterwards, I sprinted to my departure gate. I wouldn’t board for another six minutes. Just my luck. Oh well, at least I had Mario Kart 8  Deluxe to keep me company in the air.

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