Nov 8th, 2013


In a new issue of Retro Gamer, an interview with Phil Tossell–an ex-Rare developer–sheds some light on how Microsoft managed the developer after the purchase from Nintendo and what the company expected from the team. A highlight on NeoGAF shows some of the more interesting points, including the fact that development on Kameo 2 was shelved because Microsoft wanted Rare working on Kinect titles. Fans will remember that before Microsoft purchased Rare, Kameo was slated to be a GameCube title.

Kameo 2 was given the go-ahead and was looking very promising when, after a further three months in production, it was abruptly shelved. The reason? Microsoft decided to focus all of Rare’s attention to its great waving hope, the Kinect.

Tossell also says he believes that Microsoft put the developer in a terrible position, essentially handing them a poisoned chalice in terms of development.

“We were being asked to make the games we’d always made for an audience that didn’t want those sort of games. The reason we did Black Widow, Crackdown and aged up Kameo was because we were trying to bridge that gap but Microsoft wouldn’t let us.”

It’s interesting to see these sorts of things come from someone who works inside the company, as Nintendo fans have known for years that Rare’s talent was being wasted on making Kinect games. What do you think of this development?

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  • Alexander Kleinwechter

    Well well, rareware, have you decided to make wii u games yet πŸ™‚

    • AlienFanatic

      Can’t. Still owned my Microsoft. Frankly, all their talent spread to the four winds. Rare is a name only, not the powerhouse it used to be.

      • Alexander Kleinwechter

        It’s time then nintendo take back whats theirs!

        • boynhisblobs

          It’s like an old girlfriend that used to be pretty, they don’t want ’em back.

      • Mohammad Badir

        i’ve recently learned thatt they can pretty much still make handheld games, hence why there were DKC, Banjo and Diddy Kong Racing on the GBA/DS, i wish they’d just give permission to a company to remake Banjo 1 & 2 for the 3DS OoT style :/

  • Smeagol

    How much I would love to see a new Banjo and/or Conker game on the Wii U. The Rare+Nintendo combination back then was so awesome.

    • Ducked

      I love Conkers!

    • A_7

      U took the words right out of my mouth!
      Conker was my all time favorite </3

      • Gabe Hoffman

        I wanna play that game so bad.

    • Squid

      I’d love Rare to be back, but I’m not sure how well their games will be if they come back to Nintendo. If not I’d love to see retro make a Banjo Kazooie.

      • Nickdawg

        @disqus_HgJTZ1gZvF:disqus , I would love Rare back, too, but I think it’d be best just to get the IP’s back and hand them off to the original developers, scrap Rare as a company (Which I never thought I’d say) and make the games with the original team, but a new company.

        • Jacob D. Taylor

          I hate to say it but I agree. We have IP death which is actually part of the reason as I believe Microsoft bought them (i.e. less so they could use them as it were Nintendo could not) and these titles are just picture frames now. Scrap Rare and bring the IP’s to Nintendo. Someone who could actually do somethi g with it

    • Miguel RodrΓ­guez

      I would to see Jet Force Gemini on wii u, a new one or at least a hd remake! :,(

    • LopsidedPasta

      Most of the people who worked on Banjo Kazooie and Tooie are gone from Rare now. It’s a different company, and may not mix as well with Nintendo as they used to.

      • DragonSilths

        Everyone is gone from the original Rareware team. Not 1 single member is left. Like the guy who created Conker left and made his own Dev Studio called Gory Detail. Rareware is an empty shell these days that only does Kinect.

    • Niknique

      You and me both man. I still replay Banjo and Kazooie even today.

      • Gabrielsen

        At my 6th birthday I got to choose from Rayman 2 the great escape and Banjo Kazooie. I can never forgive myself…

        • Niknique

          While I agree Banjo Kazooie is one of the greatest games of all time, Rayman is now slouch either. Either choice for you was a win/win in my eyes.

    • CMB

      they should buy back banjo and perfect dark. Perfect dark was awesome.

    • Merrfn

      The original Rare team is gone. I think that those games would be a massive disappointment if they were to be made.

  • boynhisblobs

    Am I the only one who feels that Rare never really delivered? They were always so hyped up to be the next great developer, but always fall short. Sure, Killer Instinct was great at the time, but it never really made that jump to home consoles like it was promised. The N64 version of part 2 was worse than the arcade, if that’s even possible.
    They did their best work on the N64 with blast corps and banjo, but havent really felt like anything ever lived up to the hype after that. Crackdown was ok, but not groundbreaking or anything.

    Now they’ve been making Kinect shovel-ware for so long that I don’t think they can make great games anymore. Nintendo brought out the best in them, without that they’re just another typical Microsoft studio.

    • Nate

      Goldeneye and Perfect Dark were two of the best games on the N64. I also loved Kameo on the 360 so it’s really annoying to read this article.

      • C4

        Diddy Kong Racing?

        I agree some of their late N64 titles were… not _that_ good and/or polished (JFG, that Disney racing game, Donkey Kong 3D) but still okay in my opinion. I suppose Nintendo already not supported them as much as before at that time or they were to small for developing 3 or 4 games at the same time…?

  • Miguel Angel Barrueta HernΓ‘nde

    rare now recognices they were better with nintendo

    • Mario


  • Eduardo

    Even the new logo sucks. Just sad. Im sure Nintendo will hire this ex-rare employer.

    • Nate

      Yeah, you’d think the new logo was the old one being it looks so bad.

    • Clel

      I like the logo :3

  • CaesarGood

    What do I think, Rare needs to opt out of contract, sign with Nintendo, and move forward…

  • Ducked

    Nintendo save Rare from Microsoft!

    • Majora’s Mask

      rare doesnt exist anymore its just a logo all its devs are to new studios and some in nintendo

      • mrpikmin3


      • Gabrielsen

        Nintendo still needs to buy it to own the rights to Conker and Banjo tho, so if they ever got the chance i’d say go for it.

        • Majora’s Mask

          its an expensive studio why bother ? they can do better

  • SamusPrime

    I wonder if this article will make the internet rounds. Eveyone knows that is this was Nintendo ariticle, it would be front and center on all of the video game sites.

  • Louie

    Now that the original Rare staff have pretty much disbanded it seems unlikely that we will see Banjo threeie and other classic Rare series as Microsoft wont be willing to sell the IPs to Nintendo.

    However there is still hope as a team of ex Rare staff including composer Grant Kirkhope, artist Steven Hurst and others, are apparently working together on a Banjo Tooie spiritual successor using a twitter account under the name of Mingy Jongo to create interest in the project.

  • SeattleSeahawks001 .
    • DK_Hadouken

      This is the best and should be the only logo/musical intro to Rare. The memories.

      God that horrible new logo: -Insert Kel’s voice here- “WWWWWHHHHHYYYYY?!”

      • Shota

        i thought kenan

        • Arthur Jarret

          Which one liked orange soda again?

          • Shota

            kel likes orange soda
            is it true??
            mhmmmm I DO I DO I DOO-OOO

        • DK_Hadouken

          Wait. Yeah you’re right. Kenan yelled “Why?!” and Kel said “Aw, here it goes.”

    • Ryan House

      Absolutely Love that song. I have the Donkey Kong Country Trilogy Soundtracks. I loved DKC 1 and 2 I beat three but Didn’t like it much the music sucked as well

  • bizzy gie

    Rare made a mistake.

  • Drewtlo

    I’m hoping that if Bungie can break free of their MS shackles that Rare can do the same. Sooner rather than later hopefully.

  • Justagamer

    Well proves when Microsoft gets a hold of a game from nintendo..That is what will happen…a screwed up game

  • Archiq09

    Crackdown is a good game imo… but Im agree to Rare+Nintendo is a 100% better mix.

  • Gabe Hoffman

    This along with how Rare got away with Bad Fur Day shows just how much more creative freedom Rare had when working with Nintendo. BFD may have been M Rated but Nintendo sure didn’t force Rare to can it in favor of Banjo or Donkey Kong. Microsoft should just sell Rare’s old IPs back to Nintendo. All they really care about now is Kinect.

  • 7Down

    Rare’s games, violated by MS… add your favorites, mine? Killer Instinct… STOP RAPING IT ='(

    Jago… NOOOOOOOOOOO!! Glacius… NOOOOOOOO!!!, Sabrewulf… NOOOOOO!!! Sadira… hah, screw that bitch….

    • DK_Hadouken

      I’m still pissed about Jago’s winey little wannabe Ryu/Ken voice when saying: “Endokyuken.” His classic battle cry of the “Endokyuken” was way better.

      • 7Down

        Many people always said Jago is a Ryu copy, but IMO, the new version of him is the copy, the original was more unique in my opinion

        • William Short

          Yeah if Nintendo would buy back killer instinct that would be great. Oh and Conker, Perfect Dark and Banjo and Coozie (hopefully i spelled that right) that would also be great

          • 7Down

            Indeed, but we all know that MS won’t sell them, I believe they basically own whatever franchise Rare took with them when they left Nintendo.

  • Ryan House

    SO glad Rare Employee speaks out. Rare has been stuck making crappy games since being bought by Microsoft. I hope this Ex Employee goes back to making Nintendo games

  • blindtiger

    nintendo never should have sold rare obviously… microsoft stop bein a dick and sell back the ips to the people who need them

    • extremethunder

      Nintendo didn’t have controlling share of Rare (they only owned 49% of the company). Instead of selling rest to Nintendo, Rare sold their controlling share to Microsoft, which ofcourse Nintendo then sold rest of their share.

  • Super Buu

    No offense but Nintendo buying Rare back would NOT do anything for Rare. The people who made Rare great left the company a loooong time ago. Rare isn’t worth it anymore.

    • Mario

      We know. Man, time flies!

      • StefanosGR

        No they will have the rights to remake these games . With Nintendo’s talent of course.

  • 7Down

    Rare is no more, most or all of the original are gone. Aren’t some of them in Retro in these days, wasn’t it found by few original Rare devs?

  • Squid

    Guys, I have a question, what would you do if at E3 before Zelda showed, you just see the screen go black and hear that Banjo Kazooie theme on the Banjo, going into a trailer to Banjo Three-ie?

    • ETeach

      Probably die from shock. Assuming it was on the WiiU of course.

      • ETeach

        btw, I meant that as a good thing, not a trolling comment πŸ˜‰

        • Squid

          Yeah I noticed.

          • ETeach

            Sadly, on this site, it can be hard to tell sometimes.

    • Jacob D. Taylor

      Yeah .y heart would give too… just … pure joy!

  • Ryan House

    The Stamper Bros don’t even make games anymore
    Tim and Chris Stamper they started rare

  • Leo

    Back in 2002 every sane person could see this happening to Rare. It was so obvious that once they signed that damned paper they were doomed forever. R.I.P.

  • Enigma

    So the PS4 and Xbox One are almost out.

    You guys ready for the Wii U to be wiped off the face of the planet?

    • Mr. Berzerk


    • SamusPrime

      Says the guy who said this on another topic.

      “Also, anyone who has this much hate and emotion over video games and throwing all these disgusting insults at other people because of it has serious problems, and needs to have their life evaluated.”

      • Enigma

        But I’m not doing any of that.

        I’m just sayin’.

        You ready?

        • Mario

          Yeah! To win this!!

          • Enigma

            But the numbers are showing the exact opposite.

          • Mario

            That’s what will see!

      • Enigma

        Btw why are you spying on me that’s creepy.

        • SamusPrime

          It’s not hard to see someone’s comments, all you have to do is click on their name, and presto, they are there for you to see.

          The whole point of a message board is to state your opinion, and have people respond to your opinion. It’s not my fault I caught you in a blatant act of hyprocrisy.

          • Enigma

            Actually I do practice what I preach.

            I’m not showing any emotion or hate, or at least very little. You obviously would also have read who I was replying to, to understand the comment.

            I’m just asking a question.You guys are the one who are reacting and even insulting me.

            C’mon now. Jeez.

          • SamusPrime

            The question that you posted, and your quote that I posted are complete opposites. Are you really trying to convice me that you “practice what you preach” with the evidenece that is in front of us?

            If you really wanted to have a serious discussion on the release of the PS4 and the XB1 you should have worded your question something along the lines of “With Nintendo’s competors releasing their new systems shortly, how do you think the WiiU will fare?” However, you chose a more aggressive way of asking the question. Then you suddenly get “thin skinned” and blame us for your choice of words.

            As you said “C’mon now. Jeez”.

    • Will (ishigum)

      Translation: I’m lonely and I want attention…

      • Enigma

        Lol not at all. I have tons of friends.

        • NkoSekirei

          mostly troll friends more like it

        • Jon

          you sure? if you have tons of friends, why did you come to troll instead of doing relevant stuff with them?

          • Enigma

            It was just something to do.


            What’s friends have to do with anything? haha

    • NkoSekirei

      dont even start retarded troll

      • Rinslowe

        Hey NikoSekirei!!!

        You have violated the law that isn’t a law!!!
        (This is your not so final warning)

        “Disclaimer; this image has been used before”

      • Enigma


        Watch the name calling.

    • Enigma

      Hey it’s your guys fault for wasting $300 on a dying console. You don’t have to be so bitter about it.


      • SamusPrime

        Translation – I posted a question on a topic that isn’t even related to the story, then I get taken to school by various posters, and can’t handle the fact that I’ve been exposed as a hyprocrite, even though “I practice what I preach”. So I’ll blame the rest of the board, since I clearly can’t have an adult conversation.

        • Enigma

          Well there was no other topics for me to post it on.

          So I just chose the most recent.

    • Andrew Chambers

      Have fun playing the gimped version of Ghost.

      • Enigma

        Ew CoD.

        I play Battlefield.

        • Andrew Chambers

          I get why some people don’t like you, but that comment doesn’t need to be downvoted. Well I hope you don’t play on PC.

    • mario for life

      thanks for the laugh bit u r kidding ive being playing nintendo for 21 years and i think it will be another 21 years

      • Enigma

        Have fun doing that.

        Meanwhile, everyone else on other consoles will be enjoying a far superior experience.

  • Jack5221

    R.I.P Banjo & Conker… πŸ™ I miss you guys. At least Nintendo kept Donkey Kong.

    • starwars360

      I knew sad face but yeah Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong is lucky because if Microsoft so desperate and bully Nintendo to take DK and DK away from Nintendo than Microsoft would leave them into burned like Conker, Perfect Dark, Jet Force Gemini and Banjo-Kazooie!!!

      Phew DK and DK with family, friends and their enemies is safe from Nintendo. Thank god for it. We also should thanks to Retro Studios who look after DK Country series and they made those great. πŸ™‚

      • extremethunder

        Donkey Kong was a Nintendo IP long before Rare made the Donkey Kong Country series. No amount of bullying would have made Nintendo sell it since the IP never belong to Rare in the first place.

        • starwars360

          Of course I knew but Microsoft had desperate want to have DK too but they knew it is rights to Nintendo. Microsoft seem jealous. πŸ™‚

        • shadus

          Yeah the funny thing is Microsoft didn’t realize that it was Nintendo IP when they finally took over Rare. I would have loved to be at the board meeting when they found out.

    • extremethunder

      Of course Nintendo kept Donkey Kong. Donkey Kong was never a Rare character to begin with.

  • Hulkamania

    well… thats your fault Rare for leaving Nintendo.

  • TheBrainJemin

    Nintendo should buy back the Rare IPs like Banjo Kazooie and Conker, and have retro work on them (since most of the original Rare developers work in Retro now), so we can finally have Banjoo Kazooie Threeie and Conker’s Next Bad Fur Day.

    • JB

      Hell, Microsoft aren’t using them. I approve of this πŸ™‚ lol

  • Guest

    Can’t rare sue Microsoft for mismanagement. It’s like Microsoft wanted rare to be bankrupt.

  • TheMoeses

    Rare: Back to Nintendo… thats the answer… the only one…

    • starwars360


    • Michael Ocampo

      dat profile pic XD / agreed

  • Rich Cole

    Black Widow?, Crackdown?

    Is this revealing something here or a fake constructed rumour with bad information?

    • C4

      Look into the other NeoGAF link in the link that is linked in the news.

      “Above are the most document cancelled games. Through former employees twitter accounts and interviews we also now about a few games that are just known by their initials: (…)
      BW – was realistic (at least futuristic realistic)
      CD2 – most likely Crackdown 2”

      I doubt they have made anything for these games, but that’s not the point. At that time they still had the ressources for a game like that and there were maybe cancelled.

  • HJ 612

    Who’s played Grabbed by the Ghoulies, that was the best game Rare did on a Microsoft console.

    • starwars360

      Hello yeah I had played and I enjoyed it and Conker Bad Fur Day remade on Xbox. It is only both great Xbox game from Rare so rest of all is bored, medicore and not same from original. Also Kameo is good game on Xbox 360

      Perfect Dark Zero
      Banjo-Kazooie Nuts and Bolts
      Viva Pinata series
      Kinect Sports
      Other Kinect titles and help Microsoft for Kinect system

      All Is huge failed from Rare. They shouldn’t done it. Microsoft made horrible moved for Rare business. πŸ™

      Plus new Killer Instincts for downloadable title on Xbox One is made by different developer not Rare. God damned Microsoft and they rip off!!

  • Noah Linderer

    Would it be too violent if I said someone should literally burn down Microsoft’s building and draw Rare Ware Logos everywhere?

    • Rinslowe

      In today’s society?

    • Rinslowe

      God no….


    • Andrew Chambers

      Only if you expect the building to be full of people. It’s not the grunt workers you hate, it’s the higher up employees that run it.

      • Noah Linderer

        Well, we sure know those employees aren’t people. No human could mercilessly rape Banjo like that. πŸ˜›

  • starwars360

    Yeah I agreed. Rare had been wasted by Microsoft. Microsoft ruined many things. Unfair for Rare. If Rare go back to Nintendo and Rare would relax and not having stressful and can easier force some of major of Franchises like Conker, Perfect Dark, Banjo-Kazooie and other classic Franchises from Rare.

    Well I must said Microsoft is stupid with their gimmicky Kinect.

    Rare should go back to Nintendo or join Ubisoft either. I knew both will careful and not pressure on Rare. Microsoft is already horrible pressure on Rare for thick Kinect!!!

  • starwars360

    Hahahahahahahahaha Microsoft lose Donkey Kong and Nintendo won to kept him with Diddy Kong and his family, friends and enemies. I am so relieved when Microsoft not bought Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong because it is rights to Nintendo. πŸ˜€

  • Mario

    Such a waste! Really Microsoft!? Is this how you treat these guys!?

    • starwars360

      Yeah this. I look forward Xbox One still but the fact I hate Microsoft for treat to Rare!!!

  • Earthworm Jim

    ***A New Challenger Approaches***

    Bango and Conker join the battle!

    What a nice Smash Brother’s dream! Conker can puke and piss all over fallen foes as they try to get up!

    • starwars360

      OH MY!!! Yeah only if Microsoft allow Rare put those into Super Smash Bros. But we all knew it wouldn’t happen and maybe Microsoft would bring new IP fighting game in future like Nintendo already with SSB series and Sony did with new IP fighting game from last year but it is not exactly and didn’t very well. Sony is huge failed with it. πŸ™‚

  • Ony

    Buying back Rare is useless. Nintendo should buy the key licences and make games by themselves, THAT would be awesome.

    But Microsoft will never let that happen, ’cause they only care about money, not fans or Real Videogame respect.

    • Rinslowe

      The majority of that original team have moved on anyway. I believe that happened before Nintendo sold to MS.
      It was one of the reasons for Nintendo selling in the first place…

    • Ben Kapferer

      A candidate for future Microsoft CEO, Stephen Elop, said that he was open to selling the Xbox and Bing brands to the highest bidder.

      If he were to become CEO and actually deliver on this offer, perhaps Stephen would offer the IPs to Nintendo to help pay off the Xbox division’s debts.

  • Rinslowe


  • They should go back to Nintendo, then πŸ˜‰

  • mrpikmin3

    fuck you Microsoft how dare you buy the best game making company away from the other best game making company ever Nintendo. I have 1 sentence for you GO TO HELL YOU STUPID ASSHOLES.

    • mrpikmin3

      conkers bad fur day banjo kazooie and many others gone

  • 00EpicGamer00

    That new logo just proves that Microsoft literally lives to suck the creativity out of everything. Why does Microsoft have to be so stupid, seriously? Well….they ARE an American company after all. Just, seriously, think about this. Nintendo and Sony are both Japanese companies, and they, most of the time, make pretty smart decisions. Microsoft is an American company that everything they do is mostly stupid.

    The only thing their semi-good with is computers, but even that is starting to fail. I’ve heard bad reports of Windows 8.

    • Nope.avi

      It’s not America that’s the issue, it’s Steve Ballmer.

  • Nope.avi

    Don’t worry guys, Microsoft itself is mismanaged. Look up stack ranking and the Vogue magazine article. Steve Ballmer basically killed Microsoft, you are only now seeing the effects.

    • readypembroke

      Even Bill Gates doesn’t like what MS is doing, he admitted it.

  • readypembroke

    Does anyone think that the good people that left from Rare should join Nintendo or Retro Studios?

    • Mohammad Badir

      didn’t that guy from Rareware who composed the original DKC games return (pun not intended) to make the DKC Tropical Freeze soundtrack?

      • C4

        Yep. David Wise πŸ™‚

        • Mohammad Badir

          yeah him, i’ve heard that a lot of other people from RareWare joined Retro too.

          • starwars360

            Yes correct. Lots of them!!!

          • starwars360

            Also I think Rare became small than it is usual were but Rare got many new workers there after Microsoft bought Rare.

    • Leo

      The composer of Banjo Kazooie had applied for a job at Retro Studios but they turned him down because their team is already full πŸ™

  • And the world never heard from Phil Tossell again…

    Sorry that was a stupid Tales of … Joke. I knew that their talent was wasted the moment they where assigned to make kinect titles. Really Microsoft? Really? How.could you let such a great company go to waste wth?

    I guess the best choice Phil Tossell ever made was by quitting at rare after Microsoft bought it. Atleast on X-one they are allowed again to make a killer instinct title. That is where their talents should go, I would even buy a Xbox one for that title alone if the Xbox one wasn’t so expensive.

  • Elitepwnsface

    **** motion controls peroid. **** Kinect and mote sensor bull****. Microsoft has become a winy child that cant get over people hating kinect.

  • I hope times have changed….

  • fireheartis1

    This goes to show that going were there’s more money doesn’t always pay off. I never understood why Rare decided to go with Microsoft in the first place. I have always thought it was a bad decision from the beginning.

  • They definitely got a bad deal from the Microsoft purchase and ownership. They did the avatars for Xbox 360 which were mostly pointless, did a bunch of alright games with no Rare spirit embued in them, and were put in the position of Kinect gameshoveler to make the accessory not look like a complete flop.

    Classic case of a new owner ruining an otherwise great studio (as we have seen happen with EA and Activision many times over).

  • TULFich

    Man, if only they could remake the alliance with the big N, the world would become a better place to game on

    • mario for life

      nintendo has retro which is 90% of the old rare they just dont have the ip that came with rare

      • TULFich

        so it is unlikely to have a remastered Conker or a sequel right?

        • starwars360

          Yeah cos Microsoft owned it rights with Perfect Dark, Jet Force Gemini and Banjo-Kazooie so this why Retro Studios and Nintendo can’t do anything after RARE moved on to Microsoft than Microsoft gave RARE bad time and stupid business for Kinect.

          But good thing Retro Studios look after Donkey Kong Country series and Retro Studios made Returns is amazing so Tropical Freeze will be another amazing game. Retro Studios knew what they did with.

          Rare is became low developers and not one of best developers shame on it. Retro Studios is one of best video games developers of all-time. They made amazing Metroid Prime series and DK Country Returns. DK Country: Tropical Freeze is next title from this masterpiece developer team!!!

          • TULFich

            I really really hope is Starfox, or another Metroid installment, or if it is a new IP I believe they woill doi it damn epic!!! πŸ˜€

          • starwars360

            I am sure. Nintendo had said before that they never stop Retro Studios for Metroid games. Nintendo said Retro Studios maybe bring new Metroid in future. But for moment Retro Studios want working hard on new Donkey Kong Country game for Wii U. It is because Nintendo and Retro want gives Donkey Kong Country series more loves after Rare left Nintendo and joined Microsoft so this why Retro Studios want to bought and bring Donkey Kong Country series so Nintendo so pleased with their decided for agreement for DKC series.

            Nice to see Retro Studios care and look after DKC series with Metroid in their business.

            So moment Retro want force on DKC series. Retro said they will love working on new Metroid but for now DKC series is important in their business. Nintendo and Retro said don’t worry to fans that Metroid will always coming in future. πŸ™‚

      • Leo

        I’m sorry but the so called “nintendo has retro which is 90% of the old rare” is a myth. Most of the original Rare team left the company to fund their own companies. In fact very few people of the original Rare team are working at Retro Studios and most of them are not the main responsible for those classic games.

  • nexxus6

    3 words: Jet Force Gemini

  • Wiiluigi

    I don’t understand why Microsoft couldn’t put aNother team on linear and let rare do their thing.

  • Tom Greene

    Rare sucks…even Microsoft doesn’t have faith in the devs talents…hence double helix horrible attempt at re introducing KI back into the market with their free to play bullshit of a fighting game that should have been on 360 years ago in all its 720 glory…what a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • William Short

      I like the fact its free to play but i hate they making us pay real money just to get extra characters

      • C.S. Bailey

        ????? That’s usually the plan with FTP games, you get enough to get you started, then pay more if you want more. FTP is a great idea that just doesn’t work well with certain genres.

  • readypembroke

    This dude right here, me, a Xbox person has a 99.9% chance of moving over to the Playstation consoles. MS totally botched the Xbox release and totally made a lot of people mad. Why would I buy a piece of hardware that is $500 that comes with a sensor that I would barely use at all and is less powerful than a Playstation 4. MS barely have any exclusives that interest me. All that interests me is Halo, I am not a racing fan so I don’t care about the Forza games. I have to admit I love Sony’s exclusives A LOT more than Xbox. Syphon Filter is one of the Sony exclusives I totally love. I own 1, Dark Mirror, The Omega Strain, and Logan’s Shadow. MS had it lucky against the PS3 that contained the Cell processor that was hard to program for. Now Sony means business now with Microsoft. I would believe it if the Xbox One was the last Xbox. MS is starting to go down the toilet with the Windows Phone operating systems that people barely use. Windows 8 had a HUGE backlash from the PC gaming community. If MS expects me to buy a Xbox One, they better lower the price to $350 or $400 to compete with Sony. Last gen I was Wii with Xbox, now it may be Wii U with Playstation.

  • capitalism1023

    Can’t wait to play Tengami on my Wii U and it’s pretty cool David Wise is composing the soundtrack for Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze. Nintendo just needs to invest in their company, nyamyam, and bring them back as a second party developer. They know the talent is there. One can dream….

  • NatT96β„’

    Rare knew it was a bad decision to part from Nintendo.

  • Arthur Jarret

    Looking at the sales figures of rare’s kinect games… well, they’re still a high-selling studio. Good for them.

    Those kinect games don’t interest me in the slightest, but they sure seem to sell well.
    Most of the talent had left Rare before or around the time of star fox adventures anyway… Nintendo could have bought it for a ridiculous low price around that time – but they didn’t
    Microsoft’s ‘mismanagement’ probably saved Rare.

    If you want quality games: follow the lead designers and the developers themselves: not the company names!

    • GmailIsDown

      Rare only made 2 Kinect games but they are the most important ones for kinect and are equivalent to wii sports for wii.

  • The last Chozo

    Thing I find kind weird is that thier is an article about how Microsoft treats one of thier developers on a site called wii u daily. I know the link between rare and Nintendo but it seems out of place here.

  • crocodileman94

    The most interesting part is that if this happened Nintendo, it would be headline news on every gaming site out there.

  • Trirulian

    Honestly I’m pretty amazed that the Microsoft corporation limited them that much. Rare has always known what it was doing, even in new territory it could make an amazing game and set the bar for future games, no matter what genre it is or what platform it was on.

  • Opapanax

    Should’ve mentioned how they FUBAR’D Killer Instinct too…

  • nexxus6

    Funny how IGN never mentioned this on their website.

  • Your money

    Microsoft has indeed wasted not only Rare’s talent, but also their own money. If they actually utilized Rare’s franchises, (cough cough Nuts and Bolts) they could have at least have some profit.

  • Gabrielsen