Aug 26th, 2014


While print media may slowly be going extinct, you may want to seek out the next issue of Edge Magazine. A small teaser image posted online shows the cover for the October issue of Edge, which features Miyamoto holding a white Wii U GamePad. The magazine will have a huge spread dedicated to its interview with the legendary designer, but several other Nintendo games will be seeing a huge feature as well, including Bayonetta 2, Hyrule Warriors, Splatoon, Super Smash Bros., and the upcoming Zelda game.

This issue will go on sale next month, so if you want to get your hands on the issue, be sure to keep your eye on grocery store shelves if you don’t already have a subscription to Edge.

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  • Sdudyoy

    Hmm, I don’t read magazines, but this one would be interesting.

  • CEObrainz

    More info about Zelda U…..I’m certainly interested now.

    • MewtwoWillBeBack

      Still region locking… I might read that because: Heck yeah “Female” Link U

  • Thomas Vienna

    I’ll get it just for that charming cover. When does it get released?

  • ActivesiN

    closest thing we will get to a Nintendo power in a long time lol

    • Ducked

      Those were the best!

    • Dáibhí wotshissurname

      I would not say that a multiplat gaming mag is closer to Nintendo Power than the still-running OfficialNintendo Magazine…

  • C4

    That’s an… interesting way to hold the GamePad.

    • paulthevgking

      we have all been using it wrong. That’s why the Wii U is failing

      • Milky Bacons


      • MewtwoWillBeBack

        lol good one xD

    • Ducked

      What? I hold mine like that all the time!

    • gerb1977

      Like a great guitar player……..Miyamoto doesn’t need to look at the controller to play it………..although the photo of him playing it behind his head hid his natural beauty and the one of him smashing it……well Nintendo is sensitive to anything that might be considered anti-gamepad……..

  • simkenno

    If it has a ” Pokken Tournament coming globally soon after the timed Japenese arcade release ” I’ll be a happy man.

    Chances are it will cone to wiiU but I want concrete proof. Pretty please 😉

    • MewtwoWillBeBack

      They still didn’t forgot about arcades…. It MIGHT come out to Wii U Console 😛

  • Milky Bacons

    *reads the cover*
    *sees “Zelda’*
    *subscribes to Edge magazine*

  • DoctorWily

    Who already has a subscription to Edge Magazine???

  • Ultrasyd

    They say “Zelda”. I need this magazine !

  • thedeciderU

    miyamoto almost looks like he’s holding a smelly baby away from his face in this cover photo – regardless, i’d love to see the spread and read the interview. maybe i’ll pick it up.

    • Rinslowe

      Haha, true. It does have that diaper look to it…

  • Rinslowe

    Well can’t deny the interest is strong with this one. I’m thinking Zelda U information will be kept to an absolute minimum. But that’s still enough.
    Super Mario 64, that was the most highly perused set of magazines I’ve ever seen or experienced. People pouring over every little detail, every picture imagining what the game would be like, day after day. It might be pure nostalgia but the age of magazines had its magic.

  • FoxMulder900

    Can you order single issues online anywhere?

  • Jon

    I wouldn’t really call him “the king” though. He’s great but his ideas really show he’s aged in this field.

    • Mr Ninty

      he is the king. i dont know any other gamedeveloper who has made so many different game series with such high ratings.

      • Jon

        During his time he was. Now, his ideas have aged and it is showing a lot. Take a look at his two new IPS for Wii U, look at what he did to Paper Mario Sticker Star. He’s changed Mario Cannon. Yeah, he WAS great, no so much any more. His time to retire is soon if not now.

        • C.S. Bailey

          During his time? Tell me what studio that wouldn’t take him if he said he wanted to leave Nintendo.

  • MewtwoWillBeBack

    That sucks that i can’t get this magazine… (I live in another country) :/

  • matt

    Wow can’t wait..

  • Wooopigsooie

    STARFOX?!?!?!?! Please? Maybe just some small teaser/info but I’ve gotta have something!

  • purple

    Why is holding a white game pad?

    • Des

      Cause he was too cheap to buy the deluxe model. 😉

  • Hopefully it’s a smidge of news on Starfox.

  • Korv13

    On mynintendonews, it was said that Xenoblade Chronicles X will be FIVE TIMES BIGGER (in termes of space) than Xenoblade Chronicles…
    Looks like the astronomic number of sidequests will keep us busy until the release of Zelda…

    • majora :D

      Hope the sidequests are better too, it was the weakest point of Xenoblade

      • Korv13

        In terms on quality, yes I agree. Some quests where too much simple and repetitive, « go kill x creature x times », « go found x items x times » are good examples…

        As for the quantity, I have nothing to complain. I never played a game with so much sidequests…

  • perpetualentropy

    im gonna touch myself to the pictures

  • Prizm

    Isn’t the 32gb version white in Japan? I prefer white. Black makes me feel like I’m stuck in 2003.

    • NatT96™

      I miss 2003

  • GregoryTheRainMaker

    Oh, nice.

  • NatT96™
  • FutureFox

    Looking forward to it but I can’t imagine any big reveals. Perhaps an elaboration on what was presented at E3 and of course his perspective and approach on game development, especially with the Wii u gamepad.

  • William Cole


  • Yeah! please go appeal to the more hardcore audience! and I hope when they do that, the other people at my school would shut up about people not caring about the wii u and that it should be off of stores.