Jun 11th, 2014

Citizens of Earth started as a Kickstarter project before moving on the being picked up by ATLUS, who is now publishing the title and expects to have it ready for multiple platforms in October of 2014. We got a hands-on look of the game at E3 this year, starting with the quick intro and some of the combat.

As you can see you play as the Vice President of Earth, who still lives at home with his mom and brother. You can recruit various citizens throughout the game to help you with your tasks and each of their recruitment requirements are a bit different. Some of them require assistance, like the crazy cat lady who wants all of her kittens back, while your mother will join your party and nag your enemies to death.

Of course, being a dirty politician you never actually do any of the fighting yourself, but instead command your citizens around the map. The demo available at E3 was pretty brief, but as you can see the combat and top-down view is very much inspired by Earthbound. For those of you who are Earthbound fans, the humor and art direction of the game should be pretty pleasing.

The game is scheduled to release on Wii U in October.

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  • DoctorFart

    Everything is coming in October

  • Magnus Eriksson

    That game looks like some educational computer stuff. Kind of outdated style too.

  • Madmagican

    Wait, when did Atlus pick up development?

  • Santiago

    the jokes are cool. Moonbucks. And “now you’re speaking my language”
    Its cool to see this comes from a kickstarter project

  • Jon

    How is the news for the new IP for 3DS not up yet? They showed screens and talked all about it,,,,

    • Poopsy

      Isn’t THIS the new IP? Obviously it is, otherwise WiiUDaily would not have posted it. AND they posted just BEFORE the IP announcement… so they got it FIRST. For anyone who says WiiUDaily has been asleep at the wheel all E3 long, let THIS be the PROOF of the FALLACY of that viewpoint.

      THANK YOU WiiUDaily for sending your reporters to the showroom floor! It is paying off in dividends with a flood of first hand, first to report info – like this! We have been thrilled by the coverage, and will always consider WiiUDaily as our go to spot for Nintendo news. This E3 has been a huge WIN for WiiUDaily!!!

      • Jon

        I am talking about Project S.T.E.A.M (or now given a real name “Codename S.T.E.A.M.”) you moron. They had a press conference last night about it. EVERYWHERE ELSE has it and yet Wii u daily is left straggling behind…. again.

        Also, this IS NOT Nintendo’s IP. Atlas does not belong to to Nintendo and if you read the article, you’d see that.

        • Poopsy

          I haven’t heard anything about this Steam thing here. Are you sure this isn’t just a rumor??? I’m going to wait right here until your nonsense is verified or denied by WiiUDaily. We’ll see who the MORON is!

          • Jon

            There as a whole press conference on it yesterday, no videos but it was a live blog and then screenshots were shown after on Nintendo’s facebook page…


            then here are some other news sites about it.




          • Poopsy

            No videos. Text only. Ha! Clearly this is a fake. I hate to break it to you Jon, but at E3 stuff like this flies all around. You must be a noob.

            Seriously, IF this news was real, it would be so HUGE; that IF WiiUDaily did not report it yet, they would be the WORST NEWS SITE in history. We would all be the MORONS for ever reading this site again. The site owners would be MORONS for having their staff to go to E3 just to report things days late. That would make NO SENSE at all. It is IMPOSSIBLE because CLEARLY WiiUDaily could not be THAT MORONIC. As they say, if you think the whole world is crazy, best you look in the mirror at yourself, Jon.

          • Jon

            so I guess pictures from Nintendo itself are fake too… right…

          • Poopsy

            What pictures? Why don’t I see anything posted here? HERE on WiiUDaily???

            I don’t know what fake Nintendo sources you are trusting, but use a little logic, put 2 and 2 together, if it ain’t here, you’ve clearly been scammed my friend. Seriously, how could WiiUDaily stay in business if they were 100% completely asleep during the most important gaming event all year? Answer me that, Einstein! It’s much more probable that YOU, a single person are wrong, then an ENTIRE organization.

          • David

            Are you serious? The treehouse event showed,”S.T.E.A.M”
            Both, nintendolife and Ign have more info up and were quicker about it as well.
            I come here out of habit.
            Here’s another great article with a game I’m looking forward to-http://www.polygon.com/2014/6/11/5802400/shin-megami-tensei-x-fire-emblem-right-on-schedule
            Edit: I just saw that Magnus posted it down below,lol!

  • Rich Garriques

    k this game is just weird , why not just make a quality rpg not this election crap.

  • chris

    You sneaky bastids

  • MujuraNoKamen

    Am I the only one who’s noticed, where the hell is Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem?
    It was in development nearly 2 years ago and we’ve seen and heard nothing on it since 🙁

    • Magnus Eriksson
      • MujuraNoKamen

        :right on schedule” could have fooled me 18 months without any info of any sort, surely they have something to show. Oh well the Hyrule Warriors news has impressed me so far so I’ll wait for another Direct for SMT.

        • Jessey

          Hey man, at least you’re not waiting for The Last Guardian.

          • MujuraNoKamen

            Yeah 😀 And everyone complains at Nintendo for delays lol

        • It may be a long wait but to be fair, Nintendo and Atlus always make good quality games and the polish them as much as they can before release. Personally, i can’t wait for this game because i love both IPs.

          • MujuraNoKamen

            Good to know we can all rely on a top-quality game but still a trailer or something would have been nice. I hope they announce/release it soon.

          • I know what you mean, how the game is going to play is really interesting. I’m sure they’ll show something at an event such as Tokyo Game Show. I believe Nintendo have 1 or 2 surprises left that they didn’t share at E3.

          • MujuraNoKamen

            I hope so. Oh yeah, flipnote 3D that’s another one they’re keeping under wraps 😉

  • AlienFanatic

    While I appreciate any Earthbound-like games, the voice work in this game is atrocious. I hope you can turn them off. If not, this is one of those times I’d rather play with the volume off.