Jul 30th, 2014


Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker was a delightful surprise at this year’s E3 presentation, but Europeans will have to wait until next year in order to play it. Nintendo of Europe announced today that the game will arrive in January 2015 for Europeans, where as other regions still have a Winter 2014 release date for the title.

No reason was given for the delay, as it was layered in Nintendo’s fiscal report that released earlier today. Despite Mario Kart 8 performing well and selling nearly 3 million copies, Nintendo still posted an operating loss for the previous quarter.

  • Zanzama

    I’m used to this shit… but damn… *sigh*


    • Milky Bacons

      I know how you feel…

  • Zach

    How can I get in contact with Ashley King or someone at Wii U Daily? I know this has nothing to do with the article.

      • Zach

        Thanks! I have contacted them this way awhile ago, but I never got a reply.

        • yeah, they aren’t really into reading those mails. they are quite frequent disqus-users though, so if you catch one of them here, you’ll get an answer most of the time.

          • Zach

            Thanks for the tip, hopefully I can talk to them soon.

          • What did you want to tell Ashley? As a writer I do keep in semi-frequent contact with her, I could deliver your message for you.

          • Zach

            It doesn’t necessarily have to be Ashley King, I guess who ever is in charge of Wii U Daily. I want to create video content for the Wii U Daily YouTube channel. Please let me know if Wii U Daily is interested in that. My email is zjwerre@gmail.com. Thanks A lot for doing this Colin!

  • It’s just toad runnin through some stuff. How hard can it be?

    • what’s really bugging me is, how this came isn’t a download title. sure, they may wanna serve the ones who aren’t into buying stuff online, still, it’s a perfect game for online distribution, if you’re asking me.

      actually I’m wondering why this isn’t just a DLC mode for Mario 3D World, but making it a full retail game and now even delaying it feels kinda strange. especially as Nintendo can’t be working for too long on this game, as they claimed they would look further into creating an own Cpt. Toad game, if those levels are getting popular after 3D World got released. Maybe they were already working on that title at that point and just joking around like they sometimes do. but if not, then this would mean that game wasn’t for more than half a year in development, which, again, makes it a strange contender for a retail-release.

      • Fred

        My guess is Super Luigi U sold better as a retail disc than as DLC even though the DLC was much cheaper so they’ve decided to go this way.

        • Yeah, good guess … I guess.

        • Justin Carlson

          I got the retail box for $15 on a good sale. So to me retail was cheaper. And I can sell it after I’m sick of it and recoup some of that too. So digital would be way more in the long run.

      • Thomas Vienna

        I’m pretty sure you can still download the game if you want. I don’t see why it shouldn’t be retail. I don’t think it really matters how long they’ve been working on it, as long as there is content and they charge it at a high enough price to cover material and shipping costs. I don’t know why you’d prefer it to be Super Mario 3D World DLC. The only good that does is requiring you to buy the Mario game first. This way, they can sell the game to people who don’t own the Mario game, just like they did with Luigi U.

        • I wouldn’t say it ‘shouldn’t be retail’ I would just say that this game shouldn’t be more expensive than 15 bucks as a digital download. Like stuff like Guacamelee and other bigger yet still little games. Sure, like LuigiU, they can just make the retail-version more expensive, still it feels odd. Like having Pushmo as a retail game.

          • Thomas Vienna

            I wouldn’t mind buying Pushmo at the store at a higher price if they fleshed it out a bit. Besides, toad is a major character, and it’s not surprising that he has a big game of his own, now. It all depends on how much we’re willing to pay for it, of course, but that depends on how much time you’ll spend playing it, and how diverse the experience is. You can spend hours playing Pushmo, but all of the puzzles are the same, and in the same park with the same atmosphere, and only 2 or 3 tracks of music. Therefore, you may not want to play it as much as you could. Captain Toad, however, is going to have boss modes, as well as much more interesting level designs, and different music, puzzle mechanics, clever secrets, and extra collectibles for the completionists. These are all things a $10 game like Pushmo lacks. Plus, people will pay more for Toad than a chibi sumo-wrestler.

      • yeah, when I first saw it, it looked more like DLC. This better have something special in it

  • Sdudyoy

    I thought this game wasn’t coming till 2015 in the first place, but that stinks.

  • Only in Europe, so it’s okay.

    • Milky Bacons

      It’s so sad seeing the European’s reactions.

      Glad I’m not there now.

  • greengecko007

    I wonder what the reason is behind the delay. I don’t see this being a difficult game to localize, but I’ve heard it can be difficult for games to get licensed in Europe. Shovel Knight was delayed there too.

  • Andrew Clear

    Probably was more of Nintendo of Europe changing the date, for a chance at better sales. They might think that it is more strategic to move it to January.

  • Jeffrey Debris

    I’m a sad toad πŸ™

  • Yihaa another game delayed in Europe. We Europeans seem to go back to the 90’s games get a year or more later if they come at all welcome SNES Era all over again. Personally I’m not worried as this title doesn’t have my interest much but a ton of fellow Europeans won’t be happy about this Delay. All I hope is that Bayo1+2 are still on scedule for October just planned a long weekend today to play these. And hopefully SSB is also still on scedule for December (Winter 2014 only has a few weeks in 2014 so yeah I boldly state Holiday Season 2014)

    K dinner shortly then back to MK8.

    Sylux signing off.

  • bistricky

    This may explain why …. NES REMIX PACK was announced …. to fill the void of Captain Toad’s game being delayed …..

    • Craig Russell

      But NES Remix Pack hasn’t been confirmed for Europe!

      • bistricky

        Good point Craig, I forgot about that …. without NES REMIX Pack and Captain Toad, it really limits the new Wii U titles coming to Europe this fall and winter. πŸ™

  • Lily AJ Page

    Well, this is disappointing. but why only Europe? Don’t tell me Germany found something offensive again so they have to take the time to censor half the game.

  • shoeses47

    Game didn’t need to be a retail release. :/

  • anthony optimo

    40 bucks and change? I’m getting this.

  • Andre R

    this is bullshit

  • Joel

    Am I the only one who knows how sad it is that this is a retail game?

    • Fred

      How can you possibly say that? You have NO IDEA how large and developed this game is! With what little we know, it could be a $5 game or it could easily be worth $60 WE JUST DON’T KNOW

      • greengecko007

        Kmart is putting the price at $40, and saying that those that preorder will be able to buy the game at the price even if the price turns out being higher.


      • Joel

        I don’t know. Those levels are fun, but if you’re going to expand them Release DLC, or make it a downloadable only title. But an actual retail game?

        It amazes me just how forgiving Nintendo fans are.

        • Fred

          Don’t talk until you know more about it. You might be right, but you might be dead wrong.

          It amazes me how willing people are to stake claims on something they don’t know about.

  • Nathan C.

    Europeans should just get the American version. It’s nearly the same thing (Of course they would need an American Wii U first πŸ˜‰ ).

  • HJ 612

    Does this also mean that Australia will have to wait in January 2015?

  • 2Макс2

    it’s better to think that USA get the game a little earlier (lucky b*rds). And Europe will get it in time.

  • messiasliveofficial

    Nintendo nintendo… Again the same mistake!

  • NOOOOooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!………

  • Prizm

    When’s it due in the US, December maybe? A one month delay into January really isn’t that bad.

  • Blake Good

    I live in NA so I hope I get get this game for Christmas.

  • Elijah Lewis

    geeez… i feel like everything 2014 is gonna be delayed to 2015, and all those 2015 games pushed to 2016. The ONLY thing that can save the Wii U is GAMES, and by having releases so few and far between with no 3rd party support, just keeps Nintendo and the U in dire straits. there’s virtually NOTHING to play now for the rest of the year besides Bayonetta, and Im sure SMASH will get delayed too now. will ps4 and xb get tons and tons of the games gamers are flocking to buy and preorder. To defend nintendo now, is just to expose yourself as a loyalist with no ability to use discernment